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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 19, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. it's wednesday, january 19th. and this morning, backpack bomber. a remote-control explosive targets a martin luther king day parade. the bomber on the loose. the fbi on the manhunt. caught on camera. a 50-foot fireball rocks philadelphia. and burns some workers scrambling trying to stop it. helpless at the wheel. one of the most hazardous hills in the northeast, has within car after another crashing to a halt. and a life-saving diet. a breakthrough study reveals how everyone can cut their risk of dying from heart disease by nearly 25%.
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happy wednesday, everyone. welcome back. >> honey and lemon, cures it all. >> hope you're feeling better. good to have you back. it's a big day in washington. president hu jintao of china arrived yesterday, for one of what could be the most important state visit of the obama white house. we have a new poll that shows most see china as an economic threat. a country that's costing american jobs. president obama is expected to press the chinese on that. and we have secretary clinton weighing in on that. and also, the latest on the grandma watch. >> we'll hear what she has to say. also, we're learning more, how the tucson shootings unfolded. new security camera video shows how the shooting unfolded. and also, new signs of jared
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loughner's parents. >> the congresswoman had a premonition she might get shot, too. >> we'll have more with mark kelly, too. we begin with a backpack bomb, in spokane, washington. it was found along the route of monday's martin luther king parade. the fbi is investigating. neal karlinsky is in spokane and has the details for us. good morning, neal. >> reporter: robin, good morning. this could have been very serious. about 1,500 people were getting ready to march by right here, when 3 city workers noticed a backpack sitting on a bench right here. they looked inside, saw wires sticking out and called police. by the time police sent in a robot to inspect the backpack, it was clear something wasn't right. the bomb squad detonated it. by then, the parade had been rerouted by alert police. and bystanders were kept at a distance. >> i saw the robot. when i saw the robot, i told my girls to run. and let's get out of here. >> reporter: the fbi has
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released photos of the backpack that contained the bomb. it was found by three city workers a block south of where the parade was to begin. right where those marching would be turning down main street. investigators describe it as a pipe bomb, ominously with a remote-control trigger. they say it was meant to propel shrapnel in a specific direction, toward the marchers. this part of the country is known to its ties for the white supremacist ariane nation, is not lost on investigators who believe this parade was a target for a reason. >> i think the interaction was inescapable that the device was plantsed and left there to target the marchers or bystanders. >> reporter: this morning, the fbi has put out a bulletin, offering a $20,000 reward for any information. and also, anyone who may have taken pictures or video, in the hours leading up to the parade to come forward, so they can try to identify a suspect. >> neal, thank you.
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we're going to turn to tucson. we're learning more about what happened that morning that jared loughner showed up at congresswoman giffords' event. security camera video is revealing new details about that morning. pierre thomas has more on this. >> reporter: hi, robin. the fbi is reviewing surveillance video that captured the rampage in chilling detail. safeway surveillance tape allegedly shows jared loughner around 10:00 a.m. he moves around the table. and shoots congresswoman giffords in her forehead, above her left eye. at the time the shot is fired, loughner is three feet from giffords. then, according to the officials that have seen the video, loughner turns to his left, facing the crowd. and the shooting continues. the video allegedly shows muzzle flashes as the gun is fired. >> we have at least seven, eight. maybe ten gunshot victims. >> reporter: then, an act of heroism, captured on video.
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the suspect shoots ron borner. judge john roll tried to help barber. barber survived. roll did not. in all, investigators say loughner fired 32 rounds before he was tackled. >> i ran over to him. and i knelt down and put my knee in his back. and pulled out my handcuffs. and cuffed him in place, right there. as far as my recollection goes, he did not struggle at all. >> reporter: the tape may provide additional evidence that the assault was premeditated. loughner reportedly had ear plugs. and was seen on tape, talking calmly to a safeway clerk in the moments before the shooting. sources say loughner's parents, seen here at their home on tuesday, have cooperated with the investigation. and apparently had no idea what their son had been planning. these tapes are described as painful to watch. but don't expect to be seeing them anytime soon. they're in the custody of the fbi. and won't likely be released
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until trial. george? >> okay, pierre. thanks. we're going to stay in washington now. and president obama's high-stakes summit. president hu jintao of china. no single country may be more important to america right now. but our new poll out this morning shows more than six of ten americans see china as an economic threat. jake tapper's at the white house this morning. jake, there's a tricky balancing act here. full white house honors for the chinese. but confrontation on issue after issue. >> reporter: that's exactly right. as president obama hosted an intimate dinner last night at the white house for president hu. and the plan was for president obama to confront the chinese president over several of those thorny issues, especially human rights. especially religious freedoms. and that massive trade imbalance. amidst angry protests. and red carpet treatment. ♪ president hu arrived to a rare, personal greeting by vice president biden. as the two superpowers go
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head-to-head for a serious of tense and high-stakes talks. president obama is challenging china on a number of sensitive issues, including china's currency manipulation. widespread piracy of software and entertainment products in china. and protectionist measures when it comes to trade. also on the table, china's long history of human rights violations. and more recent issues, like nuclear talks with north korea and iran. >> the security of that region of the world and of the entire world are important in the role that the chinese must play as world actors. >> reporter: but the large u.s. debt to china, almost $900 billion worth, is the proverbial elephant in the room. and famously mocked. >> my country does owe the united states a great deal of money. oh, wait. hold on a moment. i believe i have that backwards.
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>> reporter: including this recent spoof video about this week's trip, with president hu flying in on this stealth jet fighter, tested while defense secretary gates was visiting china last week. and, george, later today president obama and president hu will announce a new cooperative venture when it comes to nuclear security. a new jointly-financed nuclear security center in china. george? >> thanks. that new abc news/"washington post" poll showed you that americans are divided on the question of how to characterize china. 47% see china as a friendly nation. while 44% regard it as unfriendly. when i spoke with secretary of state hillary clinton, that's where we began. the white house is rolling out the red carpet for president hu. but i think a lot of americans, especially those who are having a hard time in the job market, are having a hard time on how to think about china. are they friend or foe?
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or ally or aid sar? >> the reason we're rolling out the red carpet and having president hu come for a state visit, is we think we'll be better to answer such a question as we move forward. >> so, we don't know yet? >> well, my hope is we have a normal relationship. a very positive, cooperative, comprehensive relationship, where, in some areas, we're going to compete. there's no doubt about that. but in many areas, we're going to cooperate. >> it's tough competition on the economic front. no doubt about that. your senior senator in new york, chuck schumer, said americans are fed up with the way china is manipulating its currency, closing down its markets. and at time, seeking unfair economic advantage. he's proposed legislation that would sanction them, have tariffs if they don't stop manipulating their currency. do you see a point when the administration would get behind something like that? >> i think americans need to put
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this relationship into perspective. our standard of living is much higher. our innovation, our creativity. all of that is really to america's advantage. they have a huge labor market. they have lower costs. and they are going to be a really tough competitor. and what we're looking for is a competition where nobody's got their thumb or their fist on the scale. >> that's not how it is right now, is it? >> we agree. that's why we continue to raise issues of currency. of the failure to protect intellectual property. i think it's important to realize that we're going to stand up for our values and our interests and our security. they're going to stand up for theirs, as they see it. >> we also have to see on the issue of security, whether they're going to do more to crack down on the north korean nuclear program and stop undermining efforts to stop the iranians from building nuclear weapons. are we seeing any progress there? it doesn't seem like it from the outside. >> i think i see it a little
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differently. on iran, for example, china joined with us in the tough sanctions. the israelis just said, about a week or so ago, that they see a slowdown in the iranian program. we believe that sanctions have had an impact in north korea. they also joined with us on sanctions. >> you don't think they're undermining the sanctions in iran? >> we think there are some entities within china that we have brought to the attention of the chinese leadership that are still not as, shall we say, as in compliance as we would like them to be. and we are pushing very hard on that. and we may be proposing more unilateral sanctions. >> vice president cheney. he gave an interview where he wondered if president obama has absolute commitment to stop a terror attack that he, he said, and president bush had. what do you make of that? >> well, i think that is really unfortunate language.
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i was certainly taken aback by it. i don't know how anyone in the white house before or now could doubt any president's absolute commitment to stopping the terrorists from attacking us. and i think you've seen in the last two years that president obama and our entire team is single-mindedly focused on that. and we've had some successes in preventing terrorists from, you know, wreaking havoc on our own country. and working with our friends and allies around the world. i don't think it's useful to make such a statement. and i certainly reject it completely. >> let me ask you a question coming out of that tragedy in tucson. it's pretty clear that americans are fed up with the tone of our political discourse. we had a poll at abc news showing 82% don't like the tone right now. you've been in the middle of the political fray for so long. i was just wondering if you have any concrete ideas on how we might ratchet down the rhetoric.
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for example, if you were still in the senate, would you sit by republicans for the state of the union? >> absolutely. it may be a symbolic action. but symbolism matters. i think we need to be doing more of that. i also think we have to be very careful about demonizing what our political disagreements, by personalizing the people who hold different views. and i think everybody in politics, as i have been, gets carried away in the heat of the moment, from time to time. and maybe says things about the person, as opposed to the policy, that we would think better of the next day. so, i think we need to continue to hold the opinion. that goes back to the beginning of our great debate in this country. but let's try to keep it on the policy because let's have a legitimate, fact-based debate. >> one, final question. you seem fulfilled on the
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professional front. how are you doing on the grandmother front? >> well, you know, i will only get in trouble however i respond to that. let me just say, i love babies. so, you know, maybe i'll have more in my life someday. >> good luck with that. thank you very much for your time this morning. >> thanks, george. good to talk to you. >> that's going to be one spoiled baby. >> it looks that way. >> i think she thought so, too. we're going to talk about the weather now. across the northeast, nightmarish road conditions for commuters. the mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain. iced-over roads from maine to delaware. jeremy hubbard has more from cheshire, connecticut. >> reporter: good morning, robin. more freezing rain is falling. and across this part of the country, it's proven to be a big danger for drivers. this suv was spinning in circles. barreling out of control, downhill, with just one way to stop. seconds later, it started all over again.
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parked cars were like pinball bumpers for this driver. the brakes, no use. the wild ride continued. a convoy of collisions on this pittsburgh street, even as crash victims, like these children, were escaping the mounting wreckage. in pittsburgh alone, 45 crashes chocked up to ice. at least 70 people treated in the e.r. for slips and falls. the storm packed with sleet and freezing rain moved further northeast to boston, where, instead of sliding, cars were skating. in new haven, connecticut, a backwards approach to the drive home. parking lots and streets looked like ice rinks. >> just stopped. i didn't want to hit this car over here. >> reporter: dropping rain and dropping temperatures, not the only problem for this storm. another ten inches of snow could fall in parts of northern
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new england. and other places are suffering, too. in genesee county, michigan, a dramatic rescue. look closely underneath this semi. there's a car down there. a driver was pinned inside. he spun out. the truck driver tried to avoid him. but they both wound up in the ditch. hard to believe judging from this damage, but somehow the driver escaped, unhurt. back here in connecticut, some 700 emergency calls came pouring in to state police yesterday during the morning rush. robin, they're hoping for a quieter one today. >> look at the background. all the snow still on the trees and piled up high there in cheshire. jeremy, thank you so much. let's get more of the weather. where is sam this morning? >> he's in the south. >> he's in port canaveral, florida. good morning, sam. >> good morning, robin. we're going to start with pictures out of worcester, mass. talking about the same system that jeremy just did. on the coastline or inland, you
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got rain, ice or snow. worcester, parts, got eight. snow today from denver to kansas city, to st. louis. there's a winter storm warning out for kansas city. they could see up to eight inches of snow today. this is the place to look. you see north platte involved in that, a little south of chicagoland there. windchill advisories in the northern areas, from bismarck to chicago. they could be 30 to 40 below zero, all the way into thursday. and on the big board, the warm spots on the board are southern spots. l.a., houston, new orleans, miami. orlando will be a comfortable 75 degrees today.
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and we are live in port canaveral, florida, this morning. i'm not going to say too much about it. but next half hour, i'll show you why we're here. it's called "the disney dream."
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and it is aptly named. >> i can't wait to see that. we're going to remember one of the giants of the last century. sargent shriver passed away tuesday. he became the first director of the peace corps. he founded the special olympics with his wife, younis. and a life that spanned nearly a century, his good works changed millions of lives. >> he was an optimistic public servant. sharp, witty. a walking encyclopedia. his mind, a beautifully-tuned instrument, that left people in awe. for many years, my father, sargent shriver, would come here to the hill himself, to testify before committees like this. he came to get increased funding for his beloved peace corps and for all the war on poverty programs he started, including head start, vista, job corps, and legal services for the poor. >> reporter: sargent shriver lived for public service. he was honored in 1994 with the
7:20 am
presidential medal of freedom for a lifetime of social advocacy. >> i'm going to be the czar of poverty. i'm glad you're all laughing. after all, i know what happened to the czars. i don't want to be a czar. >> reporter: he married younis kennedy, the sister of president john f. kennedy. and they started camp shriverer, the precursor to the special olympics. he stepped in at mcgovern's vice presidential running mate. it was in 2003, he was confronted with his own personal battle. a diagnosis of alzheimer's. >> we struggled, like so many families here, learning about medication and care giving, with issues of our father's diminishing independence. time to tell him what he could no longer do. speeches about public service. >> reporter: shriver found light through spirituality and prayer. >> he still goes to mass every
7:21 am
day. and believe it or not, he still remembers the hail mary. but he doesn't remember me, maria. i'd be lying if i didn't admit that still makes me cry. >> reporter: sargent shriver is survived by a daughter, maria, a champion in the fight of the disease what took her father's life. he was 95. when president clinton gave him the medal of freedom, he said in his lifetime, he had never seen america with a stronger warrior for peace and against poverty. >> he was such a -- it was all about service to others. and a gentle man. and a gentleman. and maria, such a great father. coming up, the long road ahead for gabrielle giffords and her husband keeping watch at her bedside. >> some people say it's a miracle that she survived this type of gunshot wound. sure. absolutely. also, your mother was right. you did need to eat your fruits and vegetables. we'll tell you exactly how much could help save your life.
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delays is some pockets north and west of baltimore near freeing. 30 in frederick and widespread ice. westminster climbing to 33. we have kingsville and bel air at 33. even annapolis in that 33 to 34 range eastern shore about the fog. that's the issue this morning. fog we are pushing in rain and still icy mixed near and north of the pa line traveling in that direction. otherwise, we will see an improvement as we will break with the drying wind and sun. high pushing 42. look out for a refreeze as we are down into the 20s. kim has a look at traffic. >> reporter: we have heavy volume this morning around the outer loop. plus about four minute delays making your way from about bel air road to york road this morning. 95 southbound heavy from white marsh towards the 895 split. one accident that's in baltimore city at south smallwood and frederick avenue. but for the most part, traffic is look good at the bridges. no problems on the jfx. here's megan with your morning news update. >> thanks. good morning to all of you. it's 7:27. a 13 year veteran of the baltimore city police force is
7:28 am
recovering in the hospital this morning after he got into a gun fight with a suspect. it happened a little after nine last night. was walking to his car and in a parking garage at frederick and water street when he encountered a man with a revolver. the officer pulled out his service weapon to protect himself. he was grazed by a bullet on the leg. the suspect did get away. the officer is expected to make a full recovery. police are look at surveillance video from the parking garage to try to identify the suspect. we are out of time. now back to new york for "good morning, america" but another update in a while.
7:29 am
7:30 am
you know them now. congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her husband, commander mark kelly. we're going to hear more from him this morning on the heart wrenching moments right after the shooting. first, he hears reports that his wife was killed. and then, the miraculous news that she was in fact, is in fact, alive. >> such a remarkable story when diane was talking about what they've been through. >> we're going to hear more about the road to recovery this morning. good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> i'm robin roberts. also this morning, a brand-new study that can tell you about cutting the risk of heart
7:31 am
disease by almost 25%. >> dr. richard besser is here with that. plus, a big surprise yesterday. >> i know. >> regis is saying good-bye. this is his last year on "live," after 28 years. >> i know we say this. but it will not be the same without him. we begin, george, though, this half hour, with more from diane's remarkable interview with mark kelly. he opens up about the promising but long road ahead for his wife. and what it's been like to be by her side since the shooting. david muir is in tucson with more on this. good morning, david. >> reporter: robin, great to see you this morning. and astronaut mark kelly described the moments, the last 10, 11 days, in that hospital room next to his wife. he said he reached to her. he tells her he loves her. he did say he has yet to share with her any of the horror of that saturday. he does remember how he learned and what it is he learned in the first few hours. for the first time, we heard about the moment astronaut mark kelly got that call, that his
7:32 am
wife had been shot. giffords' chief of staff, calling him at home in houston. >> and i had a look -- i had to look at my phone to say, did pia really call me? was i imagining this? could this be possible? >> reporter: it was a friend who gave him and the family a ride in a private plane, to get to tucson to his wife. onboard, they turned on the news. >> the congresswoman has been killed. >> respective giffords is dead. >> and i start crying. my mother starts -- she almost screamed. and i just, you know, walked into the bathroom. you know, broke down. >> reporter: he called back that chief of staff who told him, this can't be. that gabrielle giffords' mother had arrived at the hospital. and that giffords was still in the operating room. this morning, mark kelly will begin his 11th day by his wife's side. >> i've been staying in the pediatric icu, with the little babies. a couple nights i'll get a full
7:33 am
night's sleep. i'll go up on the sixth floor and check in on the little infants and see how they all did for the day. >> consoling? >> i'll check with the nurse. how did the kids do today? >> reporter: and he often thinks of another child. that 9-year-old girl who came to meet her congresswoman. >> i was at her funeral the other day. you walk into the church. and you hear "somewhere over the rainbow" playing. ♪ somewhere >> for a 9-year-old girl to day, just because she was interested in democracy. it's just not fair. >> reporter: he told diane he spoke with susan hileman, the neighbor, who brought christina to that safeway. >> i saw susan hileman coming out of the icu last night. i stopped and held her hand. and she offered to take her.
7:34 am
she told me she stood her up there, right in front of her. gabby was talking to one of her other constituents. and she leaned down next to her and said -- said, you know, someday, you know, you could grow up and be like gabrielle giffords. and those were the last words she heard. so, you know. it's just -- you just can't explain it. you know, that's going to be one of the hardest things. how do we explain to gabby that gabe zimmerman has died? how do i explain to her, that there was a 9-year-old girl standing in front of you,
7:35 am
looking up to you. and now, she's gone, too. >> how many more days can you sit by her side, holding her hand? how many more days can you do it? >> as many as it takes. you know? whatever it takes. >> reporter: whatever it takes. and diane did ask the astronaut if he plans to be the commander on that final shuttle mission scheduled for april. he said, he's not sure yet. and we learned all week from diane, those real notes of progress from the hospital room. we learned another major one last night, about the pen. mark kelly said he was in the room with his wife. he said, take the pen. she grabbed the pen. and then, he said, hand the pen back. she handed it back. robin, as you know, every, little sign like that is a concrete sign that this recovery has been truly remarkable. >> that's the truth. david, thank you for your reporting. and with more on what gabrielle giffords and her husband, mark kelly, are going through is steven flanagan. he's the corrector of the
7:36 am
institute of rehabilitative medicine. good morning to you. i saw you watching the report. and you're shaking your head along, with the pen and things like that. sir, we've talked a lot about the condition of the congresswoman. we want to talk more about the caregivers. many families going thaw similar situation of a traumatic injury like that. a rollercoaster of emotions that follow. just describe the toll that it takes on the loved ones, sir. >> you know, so often the case that after traumatic brain injury, just not the person who has been injured that's affected. it's really the entire family and all their loved ones. it's a bit of a rollercoaster. at first, they wonder, will my loved one survive? after that's been somewhat answered, then, what's going to happen? what will the outcome be? how long will it take? will they be the same after the long-term? that's really the type of things they're struggling with right now. >> we heard mark talking with diane, saying that her doctors, gabby's doctors, are saying they're not sure how much she will remember. and mark is saying, he doesn't know how much they want to tell
7:37 am
her and when to tell her. how do you go about determining that? >> you know, we wonder if it's a mixed blessing sometimes that folks don't remember everything. and after a severe traumatic brain injury, it's often the case that folks don't remember the events right before or for a period of time afterwards. but everybody's a little bit different. the decision, ultimately, is one made by the family. they know these folks better than the health care providers. he'll know what's right, when the time comes. >> i would imagine, doctor. don't do the what ifs. that can really take a toll on you. >> exactly right. what's past is past. we can't change that. what we can do is look to the future. and how can we make things better for the families and for the patients after such a traumatic event? >> we heard her doctors talk about this. and i want to get your take on it. the support of loved ones. we don't know how much the patient is hearing. and there's been a lot of speculation with doctors about how much it helps and doesn't help. her doctors have really changed
7:38 am
their view. how do you think of -- what do you think about that? the effectiveness of it? >> i think there's such an important aspect of recovery from any type of illness. specifically a traumatic brain injury, as physicians and rehabilitation specialists, we can do only so much. but it's the love and support of family that i've seen over and over again, in the 20 years of doing this, that makes the big difference. >> it's comforting to hear that. thank you for your perspective. you can go to to watch the full episode of diane's special "the congresswoman & the astronaut." for other stories developing right now, let's go to juju chang at the newsdesk. >> good morning, everyone. we begin in philadelphia, where a deadly gas explosion shook an entire neighborhood. a fireball shot 50 feet into the air. the gas company had been trying to repair a leak when the line exploded. one worker was killed.
7:39 am
five others injured. most in critical condition. police in los angeles say a loaded gun in a high school student's backpack apparently went off by accident tuesday, when the boy dropped his bag. the bullet struck two of his classmates, hitting one girl in the head. she's in critical condition. the boy was arrested. and police are not sure how he got the gun into school. connecticut senator joe lieberman says he will not seek another term next term. although he's been independent, lieberman typically votes with democrats. and another challenge for democrats trying to keep control of the senate in 2012, kent conrad of north dakota is also retiring. and they're digging out in oregon this morning. not from a snowstorm. but a sandstorm. high winds left sand piled to the roofs. look at that. some homes along the coast. it could take weeks to dig out. and unlike snow, this will not melt. george? robin? >> i haven't seen that before. >> i hasn't, either. let's get to sam and the
7:40 am
weather in port canaveral, florida. zoom in on you on the google map. >> you're on top of my head there. let me just show you this. this is incredible. your first look at "the disney dream." it's the newest and the biggest ship in the disney fleet. take the eiffel tower. turn it on its size. and i don't want to hurt anybody's feelings, but, "the disney dream" is bigger. and captain tom forberg is on the bridge. he's been on a cruise with disney, likely you have seen him. he's been captain of all three ships. captain tom, are you up there this morning? can you hear us? >> yes, i can hear you. >> good morning, sir. since you've been on all three, how is this one special? and what's it look like on the bridge this morning? >> all is ship-shape here on the bridge. we are high up. and we have a great view from here.
7:41 am
>> wow. i can see it. it's awesome. it's almost as good as my view from here. i also understand that you can play just about any disney tune that we want on your horns. and i've never heard of that before. could you give me maybe, "wish upon a star"? >> certainly will. ♪ >> with a touch of a button. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning. i think you could drive that thing with a little joystick. i don't know. let's get to the boards. there is a snowstorm brewing from the big area of low pressure that drives through middle of the country. oklahoma city for ice. kansas city, st. louis, maybe louisville, kentucky, comes in with snow, as well. this is the storm system that could deliver snow into ne
7:42 am
and here's what's still ahead on your "good morning america" morning menu. by the way, more veggies, better heart health. there's a brand-new study that may change the way you and i eat in the morning. and no more regis. it can't be true. regis philbin says he wants to leave. but nobody can replace him. valerie bertinelli is live in times square. the trim and lovely valerie bertinelli, live for you. ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ oh, do it ♪ oh, do it ♪ express yourself
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quaker chewy, 25% less sugar than the leading sweet snacks, host: or more on car insurance?entlly was abe lincoln honest? mary: does this dress make my backside look big? abe: perhaps... host: or more on car insurance?entlly host: is having a snowball fight with pitching great randy johnson a bad idea? man: yeah, i'm thinking maybe this was a bad idea. a new study confirms what our mothers have been telling us all along, eat more fruits and vegetables. the study released this morning found that eating more fruits and veg tanls decreases your
7:46 am
risk from dying of heart disease. how much more do you need to eat to see a benefit? dr. richard besser is here with more on that. it's no surprise. we know we're supposed to eat our fruits and vegetables. but this study quantifies how much can help. >> it's really well done. you look at what americans currently eat. it's about three servings of fruits and vegetables a day. they followed 300,000 people for 8 years. the risk of dying of heart disease was low overall. but what they found was, compared to the people that ate just the three, people who ate eight servings of fruits and vegetables, their risk of dying from heart disease dropped 22%. >> and you don't need to eat the eight to get some benefit. >> right. the good news here is for every servings above the three you eat, your risk of dying of heart disease goes down by 5%. going from three to four, you have a 5% difference. >> i heard, i try to eat my
7:47 am
fruits and vegetables. but eight sounded like a lot. i can get up to about five a day, it seems like. >> let me show you how easy it can be to get towards eight. looking at breakfast. if you have a large apple, a large orange or banana, that's two right there. >> that counts as two, not one. okay. >> three ounces of fruit is one serving. and lunch, you have a salad, there's one more serving. you have three and you're halfway through the day. >> and two apples, you're halfway there, as well, then. >> you want to boost that up. if you take a cup of tomatoes and add that to your salad, that's two more servings right there. you're at five. at dinner, if you have a side of green beans or peas or broccoli, that's another serving. and for dessert, a cup of strawberries or blueberries and that's eight. >> it's important to your heart. >> that's important. we talk about obesity. if you're eating this, you're not eating potatoes or high carbs.
7:48 am
cancer, calcium source for your bones. so many reasons to eat fruits and vegetables. here's one more. >> thanks, rich. you're going to be back with information on how to cut the costs of medical tests. all of you at home can follow rich on twitter. coming up, regis after 28 years, why he's leaving right now.
7:49 am
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coming up, the teacher who put her job on the line to protect her students, from a boy she says was bullying her second
7:52 am
graders. did he go too far. plus, valerie bertinelli. joan and melissa rivers. they're all here live in our next hour. you want that little black dress for the million-dollar look. but you're not that you body is perfect for one. [ footsteps approach ] [ male announcer ] there are snacks. and there are better snacks. quaker chewy, 25% less sugar than the leading sweet snacks,
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7:56 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most being a are the by weatherate. we have got fogger use. kim brown will talk about it. this is a sign of wormer moist air moving in on the cold ground. and the delays for icy spots this is carroll county and there are many reports of the okay main roads butted side roads slick and tricky. 32 manchester. 33 westminster east middle and warms up to 36 by eldersberg. cecil county near freezing
7:57 am
conditions. we are warming above freezing and we will continue to do so as we pull the system out of here. still leftover showers mostly rain, light rain, and it will turn mild and break out sun. we want to show outfuture radar. watch the snow swath -- show you the future radar. watch the snow swath. accumulating snow through friday morning. and at least a few inches expect. it will be an impact on friday morning's commute. but we are 42. down to 25 overnight. 30s tomorrow and near freezing again morning snow on friday. kim. >> reporter: we have ten minute delays on west side of the outer loop between 795 approaching the baltimore national pike. looking at anne arundel county, we have fog warnings at the bay bridge. we are socked in pretty good here at 50 and 97. and an accident reported 50 westbound at kate st. clair road a couple incidents to let you know about including one in jessup with route one closed this both directions because of an accident involving a bus that struck a pole. police want you to avoid the
7:58 am
area. a crash northbound 95 at route 216. activity on both shoulders but travel lanes are open. and baltimore city, a crash washington boulevard at de soto road. we are sending you back to new york for more of "good morning, america" 3!
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ she's up on the big screen. >> that's so cool. >> it is cool. >> that is valerie bertinelli. she is a newlywed. star of a hit sitcom, "hot in cleveland." and she's rocking a bikini. >> not today, though. >> there you go, valerie. up on the big screen. she's proud of that. we'll be talking to her, coming up. >> it's pretty cool to preside
8:01 am
over rush hour. it was fun to watch her reaction. we had a good time with betty white yesterday, as well. also, we're going to look at the bullying controversy that's tearing a town apart. did this teacher cross the line when she told parents about a 7-year-old that was bullying her class. did she do the right thing? also, are you ready for this? >> i think. >> the mother/daughter duo, joan and melissa rivers. they will join us live to tell us about their new collaboration, living together. lots of special guests this morning. and we have sam at "the disney dream." he's going to reveal a little surprise. >> that's all ahead. ♪ >> jennifer hudson. how about that, sam? ♪ >> i'm sorry. i think i saw the sun. and they haven't seen it in so long. i was just mesmerized by it. we're going to start, after 28 seasons, regis philbin
8:02 am
announced that he is living "live with regis and kelly" later on this year. not quite sure when that's going to be. he tweeted later today, quote, it's not like i'm dying. i'm just retiring for the show. and by the way, do you have a job for me? that's the humor. here's sharyn alfonsi with more. >> in between our dressing rooms, there is a little peephole. and i want you to stop using it. >> reporter: after a half-century in broadcasting. >> so, i took this viagra. see? >> put it right here. >> that's not where you're supposed to put it. >> reporter: regis proves he can still stun an audience. >> but this will be my last year on the show. >> i wish i could do something to make you change your mind. >> well, now, wait a minute. >> wait a second. >> reporter: last night, he discussed his departure with old friend, david letterman. >> you're telling me now, that, in fact, we will be seeing you again. >> no. i didn't say that, dave. >> would you at least come on my
8:03 am
show. >> once in a while. but not too often, dave. really. >> reporter: his story began humbly in the bronx. friends say he was one-part altar boy, one part cutup. it's not a surprise he left the navy to work on stv shows. he came a sidekick on "the joey bishop show." >> that's his thing. >> i'm glad he finally got it. >> reporter: but that show didn't make it. regis would return to his hometown here, to a little local morning show, that would become "live." >> he understands innately, the golden moment you wait for in live television. >> reporter: after more than 16,000 hours in front of the camera, he won the world record for air time. and the hearts of so many viewers he left laughing each morning. >> not bad. >> reporter: broadcasting giant, still teeming with that boyish charm, of the kid from the
8:04 am
bronx. for "good morning america," sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> no one like reege. >> he brings it every, single morning. >> he's never mean-spirited. but he can be edgy. >> i would love it when he would come on our show. you never knew what was going to happen. >> if you have a regis story, go to our website and share that with us. let's go to the other top stories of the morning and juju. >> good morning, everyone. the fbi is offering a reward this morning for information about a bomb it says was designed to fill at a martin luther king parade in washington state. police in spokane detonated the backpack bomb. no one was hurt. they say it was a pipe bomb with a remote-control trigger. investigators say white supremacist groups with links to the area could be responsible. another example of the belt-tightening under way in cities and towns across the country. texas lawmakers have just proposed $5 billion in cuts to public schools. part of an overall 16% cut in
8:05 am
state spending because of a massive budget shortfall. nearly 10,000 could lose jobs. china's president continues his state visit to washington today. and there's also word on a deal on nuclear security. president obama is announcing today that a nuclear security center will be built in china, financed, in part, by the united states. dramatic rescues to show you from where brazil, where more heavy rain caused this river to overflow. it comes nearly a week after more than 600 people died in floods and landslides. here at home, the northeast is bracing for yet another snowstorm friday. but drivers are still recovering from tuesday's commute. car after car went slipping and sliding out of control on this ice-coated street in pittsburgh. some 140 people ended up in emergency rooms because of the ice. and now, diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> and a good morning to you, juju. tonight, a man who spent his
8:06 am
lifetime on wall street. and then, facing his own death, decided to come forward and tell the secrets of your bank. why? what did he want you to know? the exclusive on "world news" and "nightline." see you then. and that is the news at 8:06. time, now, for the weather with sam champion, who is in florida. good morning to you, sam. >> good morning, juju. how are you? i'm so fortunate to be here. yeah, with a little tropical calypso band here. and jennifer hudson is here. it's so wonderful to see you. >> thank you. >> i mean, you are -- the kristenicris christening of a ship is a 4,000-year-old tradition. you've won every award on the planet. but have you ever christened a ship before? >> never. i get to do this? >> this is something i don't think they know. i didn't know until i was reading it up. you started on a disney cruise ship before "idol." >> i was on a disney wonder cast
8:07 am
seven. >> you remember it? >> i remember it like yesterday. i do. i was watching a little clip. i remember every step. every note. when disney is in you, it's in you. and you never leave. >> it's on you. and you said this is part of your own thing. >> i did not get this here. it was in my closet. i was going to take this and be in the disney way when i get here. >> inside this bottle are a bunch of disney dreams. >> a bunch of disney dreams. and it's about 16 feet tall is the real one. and you're responsible for christening the whole thing and the future of the ship and the voyage. this has to be more pressure than winning the academy award and the grammy. >> it is. it's serious. but it's such an emotional moment for me. i never would have guessed, when i got off of the ship, that i would be here christening a ship. and i was in "dream girls." and back here. dreams take all sorts. now, you have a family of your own.
8:08 am
>> yes. >> i'm so happy for you, though. that is fantastic. >> it's the disney magic. >> we're glad to have you with us this morning. we're going to hear music at some point. maybe not on the show. but on the cruise ship. let's look at the storm systems around the country. we have one, big storm system that drops in cold, arctic air for the northeast. that means you may have a snow system early on friday morning, with temperatures that could support it.
8:09 am
it's a gorgeous thing. beautiful. this is perfect for you. we are still live in port canaveral. but now, it's back to george. jennifer, you want to say good morning? >> good morning. >> you are having fun down there. we're going to switch gears right now with a shocking statistic. one in four kids say they've been bullied at school. but parents and teachers alike are often frustrated in their efforts to stop the bullying. so, how far can a teacher go to protect her students? that is at the heart of a controversy raging in a small, california town. and juju is here with that story. >> george, you know, it's really shocking because it vofs a 7-year-old boy. he's accused of making shocking threats. it's dividing a community, bitting a second grade teacher who said she did everything she could to protect her kids, and the school. and even her fellow teachers who wonder if she overreached. the accusations read like a list of warning signs, for a 7-year-old who needs help.
8:10 am
>> this child has a history of choking, kicking in the groin, pushing off monkey bars, to fall down. >> reporter: elaine brown was the boy's second grade teacher. and she says she saw him hit another second grader at lunchtime. >> to my knowledge, he was never suspended for that. but i don't know if he was talked to about that situation. >> reporter: in class, she asked her students about bullying. and the boy happened to be absent one day. >> one, by, one, they came over to me. and i documented different things. i couldn't write fast enough for what was pouring out of their hearts. >> reporter: elaine says she talked to each child privately. and wrote down their stories of abuse. he spit on me. he threatened a child with a fist. he was going to bring a real gun to school. he told a child he was going to kill him with a gun. the gun threats made elaine truly alarmed for her students' safety. the 15-year teaching veteran brought her concerns to the parents, to the school district, and then the principal.
8:11 am
she said officials failed to act fast enough. two days later, she called the sheriff's department. >> i called law enforcement to see if i could get a restraining order. you cannot get a restraining order from children. the next day i received a letter of reprimand from the principal in my mailbox. >> reporter: elaine was put on leave. should she have gone to the principal first? the school district declined to talk on camera, citing privacy. but in a statement says, we've had an anti-bullying and harassment policy in place for a number of years. and when the steps in this policy are followed correctly, we have been successful in addressing these types of issues. but parents' frustrations flooded out in an open school board meeting. most defending the teacher. terry worthington-peck is a teacher that volunteers on the playground. can these kids be making up or exaggerating?
8:12 am
>> i'm sure that children make up or exaggerate about many things. but when a child is so scared to go to school and a child threatens him with being shot, and two other children confirm that, who makes that up? i'm shour some things are exaggerated. some things are made up. but some things are really true. and the things that are really true are really scary. we want to stop it now. >> reporter: in response, oak hurst held a school-wide bullying assembly. and all the other teachers issued a statement, praising the school and the principal. saying, there are always two sides to a story. and we ask that you seek out the facts before making assumptions. school violence experts say the controversy shouldn't have skewed the fact that schools need to be aggressive on the issue. >> although, i think we can second-guess the teacher, we have to realize she had the best intentions. and really wanted to help her students. and it's important that educators take action to stop bullying immediately.
8:13 am
>> reporter: the 7-year-old was transferred to another class. experts argued strongly, all the kids involved need counseling and early intervention. >> every year, we have younger and younger children with very disturbing issues and the potential for violence. >> reporter: did you actually think the children at that school are in danger? >> if they're not literally in danger of being shot by a gun, they're in active danger of being kicked and choked and hurt. >> now, the boy's father said that some of the allegations have been blown out of proportion. but it brings into stark release, the question of whether all of these threats, a bully should be taken seriously. and how everyone in the community, including the accusedly himself, should have counseling, george. >> weigh in on our shoutout board at when we come back, valerie bertinelli is here live. >> again. ♪
8:14 am
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[ male announcer ] there are snacks. and there are better snacks. quaker chewy, 25% less sugar than the leading sweet snacks, no high fructose corn syrup and the goodness of whole grains. the new year is already shaping up to be a great one for our good friend, valerie
8:18 am
bertinelli. she kicked things off on new year's day, by marrying her long-time love. now, her hit tv show "hot in cleveland," is back tonight for its second season premiere. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, valerie bertinelli to our studio. >> thanks. thanks. >> there's no applause sign. that was from the heart. >> no. >> you are one of our favorites here. >> thanks, robin. >> i mean, long-time. >> i have fun coming here. >> that's great. you look great. you look really good. >> that's why i love coming here. >> you little sneak you. you got married on new year's day. you didn't tell your friends until the last minute and family. how did you pull that off? >> we sent out an evite. my assistant, i said, do you think we could have a party and get married during it? she did it. three weeks. >> why did you want to do that? >> new year's day is our day.
8:19 am
besides super bowl sunday. and super bowl sunday, i'll be watching the game. new year's day is so full of possibility. it feels fresh and clean and beautiful. that's how i wanted to start off our wedding. our marriage. >> a clean slate. >> yeah. >> even eddie, your ex, was there, and his wife. that's so important to you. >> it's very important to me. it was really about a marriage of families. and about the families getting along. and blending -- we're a blended family. and getting us all together and being in the same room. and just enjoying ourselves and partying. we did that. it was a good, good time. >> good for you. the pictures were beautiful. >> thank you. >> so, personally and professionally, you're hitting it out of the park. >> i'm nervous about this. >> why? >> life is really, really good. i feel so grateful and blessed. it's like, whatever i'm doing, lord, just make sure i keep doing it because i really like what's coming my way. that line from "the sound of music." i must have done somewhere in my youth or childhood, i must have done something right. i keep thinking about that.
8:20 am
and i want to keep doing it right. >> you're doing it. i can't believe it's the second season already. >> i know. >> of "hot in cleveland." >> love the show. >> we have a good time. >> it shows. >> when last we left you, betty, her character, was in jail. >> right. and you all came to see her. >> right. >> this is the season premiere. "hot in cleveland." >> listen, there are a ton of things we could do to raise money. we can have a benefit. or have an estate sale. >> in cleveland, they're called garage sales. >> eww. >> well, do it. you girls have to figure out some way to get money. >> oh, bless you, elka. to think of me in this time of need. >> for me, you idiot. i'm in jail. >> i love her. >> you were all together last night for her birthday party. >> betty's 89th. anytime i can celebrate betty
8:21 am
and the three of us, we're right there. look. you have the picture. yeah. she's just a treasure. i just adore her. i want to just keep her safe. i just love her. >> it was fun having her here yesterday. let me ask you this. to get the s.a.g. nomination, these are your peers. these are your fellow actors saying, you get the nod. >> amazing. our show's only aired ten episodes. and for them to honor us in that way, it was -- it's spectacular. i mean, i'm going to ride these girls' coat tails all the way home. >> come on. bonnie franklin, your mother from "one day at a time." she's going to be in an episode this season. >> she plays pete's mother, the cop that i'm dating. and she doesn't like me. it's been great to see her. it's been over 20 years since we worked together. i see her off and on. and i think, there he is, bonnie. too young to be my mother in reality. i was 15. she was 31 when we did the show.
8:22 am
>> a little bit. >> yeah. oh, my goodness. wow. >> that's why we're so excited for you because it seems like we grew up with you. and you have been so wonderful about sharing your transformation. and how you have kept it. and was it more difficult losing the weight? or keeping the weight off? >> definitely losing it. i don't want to gain that weight back again. but maintaining it is a whole different animal. i have good days. i have bad days. when i have a bad day, i call my consultant, kathy. this program, jenny craig has worked for me because of the consultant. and i always thought i could do it on my own. and i didn't do it on my own very well. that was the key, having kathy as my consultant. >> and you have maintained it. i appreciate when i turned 50, a couple months behind you. you helped in the celebration. and it seems, you are 50 and fabulous. >> as are you. >> no, no. i just wait for you to pause. but it does seem like you're in
8:23 am
a really good place right now. >> really, i just don't want to -- pinch me. i feel like i don't want to wake up, actually. it's just a dream. >> well, you have earned it. it's nice to see good things happening to good people. >> thank you. >> all the continued success and blessings. >> thanks. >> looking 19. >> he'll be 20 in a couple months. >> keep it going. keep it going. >> thank you. >> the season premiere of "hot in cleveland," airs tonight on tv land. number one sitcom on cable next year. we have dr. richard besser coming back our next half hour. come on back.
8:24 am
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in case of an audit. which helps me reach my maximum refund, guaranteed. >> try turbotax online now. you don't pay unless you're satisfied with the results. now maryland omost powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. 8:27. one and two hour school delays justifying themselves. we have slowly warmed things up this morning now at 36 in baltimore. we have near freezing temperatures north be a west. icy pockets and holding an ice cube, it takes time for ice to melt even if the temperatures are warmer. look at howard and carroll and york pa is at 33789 and one less band of light rain and drizzle. we have pretty thick fog this morning but we will dry things out. wind will shift and it will be mild in terms of january's standard. wet we will get back to near normal with the high of 42. breaks of sun but look out for a refreeze and temperatures into the 20s.
8:28 am
here kim with traffic. >> reporter: we have got pretty low visibility as you come through annapolis heading on route 50 at 9 7. being expect traffic to be slow down a little bit and the usual delays on 95 and around the beltway. howard county, problems route 1 closed in both directions at waterloo road because of an accident involving a bus that struck a pool and -- pole and route 1 southbound at med row ridge road avoid the area. mealingan. >> thanks -- megan. >> thanks. baltimore police will say bye to one of their own today. 33-year-old officer william torbit was killed last week in a shooting outside select lounge on paca street. his services will be take place at 11 this morning at the cathedral of mary our queen. officer torbit will be laid to rest at arbutus memorial park. the familiar lave marine shot to death at a baltimore nightclub last summer filed a wrongful death lawsuit. the officer is charged with first-degree murder in the death of tyrone brown. the lawsuit names the office he
8:29 am
ever and the mayor and other city officials. suit claims brown had his and in the air and was backed into an alley when he was shot a dozen times. we will see you in a half-hour for "good morning, maryland" at nine. cleaver clear
8:30 am
♪ momma mia lots of adult children live with their parents. but only one of them has joan rivers for a mother. a new reality show. they got here just in the nick of time. it's great to see joan and melissa rivers. we'll talk to them in a couple minutes. >> are you ready for this, george? >> i've been preparing. >> it's all about you, babe. also this morning, a new way to cut your health care costs. ordering your own medical tests. our dr. richard besser is going to be back with some information that could save you money and keep your healthy. okay, robin. what was your hair like in the
8:31 am
1990s. >> i don't want to talk about it. >> i don't want to talk about my hair in the 1990s, either. but jennifer aniston is. every woman was sporting the rachel. that's not the rachel. that is. she's disowning it now. >> do you remember when they mentioned george in "friends"? remember that episode? we might have to pull that out, too. don't mess with me. let's go back down to sam -- he's having a great time down in florida at "the disney dream" cruise ship, with very happy guests. sam? >> i don't know what's going on yet. calypso band that plays at disney animal kingdom. if you like the music, we'll put their cd on twitter. rachel quinn is "the disney dream's" cruise director. good morning. >> good morning. >> if i didn't have this job, i would want your job. >> you should want my job, sam. it's the best job. >> no. you're supposed to volunteer to
8:32 am
swap out or something. >> look at that beautiful ship. i don't want to swap jobs. >> if there's something that i want to interview to be a cruise director, i have to know many different things. i have to say everybody's name. >> you need to generate fun onboard and make sure everybody has the best time they can possibly have. >> you're the person i want to do to do the aqua duck. can you debt me on there? >> i'll see what i can do. >> and behind us, we have all of the winners of the disney dream. i don't know if you know this or not. two of the families with us this morning are going to become our "gma" ambassadors. and you will give us dream diaries on flip cams. and be showing everybody else your family vacation on friday. will the jennifer perongo family. jennifer, step forward. and the debbie murphy family. you're right here. thank you.
8:33 am
you don't have your hands full enough already. debbie murphy, where are you? >> right here. >> i'm so glad you got the flip cam. you guys, we're going to put you to work. the rest of us can enjoy vacation. let's get to the boards. some things we want to talk about before you head out the door. we have a big snow and icemaking system in the middle of the country, that makes you think about warmer weather. that spreads into the northeast. so, we will see a snowmaker for thursday night, into friday again in the northeast. it's unclear how much coastal areas will get and inland areas will get. on the west coast, we're gorgeously warm. l.a. about 71 degrees. joe owe, 64. it's gorgeous in florida this morning. have a little rain this morning. >> it's gone now. >> it's gone now.
8:34 am
♪ all that weather was brought to you by turbotax. robin -- it's a little warm. >> have fun. get a little sun. you know, we're barely above freezing here. thanks, sam. you have earned it, though. enjoy it. let's go to "america's health." most of us wait for a doctor's recommendation before having lab work done. but a growing number of patients are skipping the waiting room and ordering their own tests online. according to the latest figures, it's a $1 million a year business and only getting bigger. our thanks to "the wall street journal" for letting us know about this. who exactly is doing this? >> two groups of people. those people who don't have insurance, who don't want to pay for the doctor visits. those who have insurance but have a big co-pay. don't want to pay for that every
8:35 am
time they get a lab test. then, there's this group of people, baby boomers and others who want to take control of their health. that's a really good thing. i want to know the information. it's my body. they want to do it themselves. >> and these are the groups that are going to continue to grow. >> they are. >> unfortunately, for the uninsured. hopefully that will go away. what are we talking about here? >> things that people are familiar with. the glucose monitoring test, for people with diabetes. the pregnancy test. and then, there's blood pressure monitoring, where you can do it at home, to get more accurate results because you're not worried, like you are when you're at the doctor's office. the new ones are the ones that i really want to talk about today. these are things that people i don't think realize you can do at home. this is hemoglobin a1c. a monitoring test for diabetes. and this is a cholesterol check. this cholesterol check machine costs about 100 bucks to have. but it's something where, say you're on a cholesterol medication. and your doctor is normally
8:36 am
check you every six months. you could do this on your own and not have to pay that bill every time you go into the doctor's. some of the kits that you get, you have to go do a laboratory. there's information online. and they send you to a laboratory. they send the blood in and send the results directly to you. >> right. >> others, you draw your own blood and send that in. >> draw your own blood? >> a finger stick. >> all right. >> like with you do with diabetes checking. >> sure. >> you send that in and the results come to you. there's a number of different ways to do this. >> with anything, there are pros and cons. what are the advantages? >> there are. big pro is cost. a lot of the tests are cheaper. and if it encourages people to get tested, that's a good thing. it's convenient. it's rapid. you get the result very quickly. so, you don't have to worry and wait. and it can be empowering. it can get people possibly to monitor and maintain themselves when they have a disease, in ways they otherwise wouldn't. >> i'm sure you're going to say,
8:37 am
this does not eliminate or replace our doctor visit. >> it doesn't. and that's one of the big disadvantages. you want people to do this in concert with their doctor. you have a medical condition that you need monitoring, talk to your doctor. they'll tell you when you need the tests. you get the results and send it in. that's a really good thing. want to make sure that the products you're using are approved. and approved by the fda. you can go to the fda website to get that information. some kits on the market are not very good. you want to make sure the results are accurate. you may end up spending more money if you're doing unnecessary testing. talking to your doctor to say, do i really need this test? once things are marketed to people, they may be testing too often. >> tell us more about this. i hear our audience buzzing, including my new friends from charleston, about whether it's right for them. give us tips and suggestions on whether we should do it. >> well, i think for a lot of people, this is a really good way. especially when you're talking
8:38 am
about blood pressure monitoring. >> right. >> so many people in this country have high blood pressure. that's a good way to keep track of it. cholesterol monitoring is another great one to keep track of this way. there's some tests out there. things like thyroid function tests. and allergy panels. those types of things, i think you want to stay away from that. you can diagnosis your own infections. stay away from that. these that we're talking about here are a really good way to go. it's something that should not replace your doctor's visit. but it can really empower you to take control of your health and lead a healthier life. >> invaluable information. all right, rich. be sure to follow rich on twitter. that's the second time we've talked about you. >> i am. i will be sending more information about this on twitter. >> tweet him. he's desperate. coming up next, mom's moving in. melissa's freaking out. joan and melissa rivers tell us about their new living arrangement. come on back.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
they have done the red carpet. they've done the documentary. now, they're setting up house. legendary comedienne, joan rivers, is moving in with her daughter, melissa. you can see them on their reality show. robin said you're freaking out. is that true? >> wouldn't you? >> yes. >> i mean, your mother-in-law
8:42 am
moved in with you? >> that would be -- actually, i get along with my mother-in-law. >> how about alexandra on the list. >> we would find out. >> there you go. >> how did this happen? what made you think about this? >> i was working in california. and it was the first time together in 20 years. i missed my grandson growing up. and melissa said it was nice to have a family. >> and you know when you have a relative. you have to do something with them. it felt normal. >> and then, we moved in. and you suddenly knew the guest room sucks. it's so tiny. and it's below ground. >> it's not meant to be a residence. it's a guest room. >> you have to put a canary when you walk in there. i met the chilean miners down there. >> i doubt that. it's a great guest room when you're a guest. >> when you're a guest. >> we really thought that my
8:43 am
mother would find a house much more quickly. >> than she did. >> than she has. >> we have a clip from the show when you first told your friends and neighbors about this. >> i have rented my house out for five years. and i am going to move to california. >> that's a joke. >> it's not a joke. and it's just time. >> i think she's making the biggest mistake she's ever embarked on. >> where are you going to live? >> i'm going to move in with melissa. >> you'll be back. >> i guess they couldn't talk you out of it. >> we're very cozy. we're almost like mother and daughter. i thought it would work. it's a funny blessing. >> i guess it shouldn't be a shock. but one of the first things joan does when she moves to l.a. is look for a plastic surgeon.
8:44 am
>> there's a shocker. the thing about our show is, it's a very interesting dynamic because i think i'm an adult. i have my own house, my own life, my son. and the balance of power has shifted. now, i'm not living at my mom's. my mother has now come and has to live by my rules. >> what's it been like for your 10-year-old? >> he's loved it. he's learned to work the system, the little angel. yeah. >> he's so rich now. >> every time you swear? >> i don't stop. >> he goes, go, grandma. you know? >> all about the money. by christmas, he had $158. >> not bad. >> and we do it in pennies. >> easy come, easy go. he had to contribute to everybody's christmas. >> you're not doing the red carpet show anymore. do you miss it? >> she's doing fashion police, weekly. >> and that's good because you can say what you think. >> plus, our weekly, is great,
8:45 am
too. >> you can't say to somebody's face, you look like an ass. you can't do that. >> my friends. >> you do it to me on the show. >> the next day you can. >> right. >> when you're not there. >> but also, we really sort of broke ground on that live program from the red carpet. you have hosted one of those. it's not an easy gig. and at one point, i'd ask the questions. >> you've done it. >> everyone is doing what we've done. and i would think, to leave on a parting is good. >> we should go to audience questions. go ahead. >> hi, melissa and joan. our question is, have you ever received an angry call from a celebrity for your comments on "fashion police"? >> yes. we've been accused of saying a lot of things that we never actually said. but you have to have -- >> joan's involved, too, now.
8:46 am
>> we've gotten kathy bates. i said, if she hadn't been on the "titanic," it wouldn't have sunk. >> oh. >> and she got upset. >> i can hear the phone ringing. >> she waddled over to me and said -- oh, she should have a sense of humor. most of them laugh about it. >> you know, they're making $20 million a picture. they really don't care about what we think of one dress they wear for one evening. it's not that high on their priority list. >> julia roberts came up and said, say it to my face. and you love them for that. >> the bigger they are, the bigger sense of humor they have. >> joanne? >> my question is for both of you. melissa, is there one item of clothing of your mother's that you would love to throw out? and is there one item of melissa's that you would love to throw out? >> you go first. >> i would throw out all of melissa's wardrobe. she has a sexy, fabulous body.
8:47 am
in the show, they want her to pose nude. and she says no. and i just go insane. >> you want her to do it? >> of course. you're beautiful and young. no. do it for me. this is the best bet birth control there is. i want her to get a very hot wardrobe. >> okay. and? >> oh, gosh. >> i would. i would. >> i think i would like to add something that isn't -- doesn't look like a big, black sweater. >> okay. >> i played football with my son. and we're in los angeles. and my mother is in full, block valentino sweater, black pants and black heels. >> but my friends die. and i want to be prepared. >> always funny. that's all we have time for this morning. melissa and joan, thank you very much. joan and melissa, joan knows best, on january 25th.
8:48 am
when we come back, everyone is naturally satisfying. so select harvest light soups are 80 calories or less, 100% natural. and-oh-so-satisfying. select harvest light from campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ funny how nature just knows how to make things that are good for you. new v8 v-fusion + tea. one combined serving of vegetables and fruit with t g goodness of green tea and powerful antioxidants. refreshingly good.
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8:50 am
that was funny stuff. the look that launched 1,000 hair styles. when jennifer aniston wore the rachel on "friends," women ran to the salon to get it. but now, she says she hates that look. here's andrea canning with more. >> reporter: in 1995, the rachel premiered on "friends." and we're not talking about the character. yes, jennifer aniston's hair style had a name, it was so popular. >> start pulling me around by my hair. >> reporter: but say it ain't so. aniston who is now sporting bangs tells "allure" magazine this month, how do i say this? i think it was the ugliest hair cut that i've ever seen. what i really want to know is
8:51 am
how did that thing have legs? i don't like revisiting that era. but he layered locks have a special place in hair history, alongside greats like the dorothy hamill wedge cut, twiggy's crop, and marilyn monroe's curls. a recent survey of thousands of women voted her style among the most popular of all-time. but it's actually a boy who has the most talked-about flip in the country right now. but did justin bieber copy a former teen idol? >> justin toll my air cut. >> reporter: one thing is for sure, a bad hair day comes and goes. but really good hair can help make a career. or at least get you mentioned on "friends," like our own george stephanopoulos. >> hello? who are we spying on? >> you know, the white house adviser. clinton's campaign guy. the one with the great hair.
8:52 am
sexy smile. really cute butt. >> i love him. >> reporter: for "good morning america," andrea canning, abc news, new york. >> i forgot that's what it was. >> yeah, right. >> that's hysterical. explain that to you daughters. >> the hair styles, through the years. >> i had a poof. in the '90s. there it is. >> let's see more. >> very nice. >> i had a lot of hair. i got sent a loft combs when i was working in the houswhite ho. >> you look like you're in a boy band, george. >> this was college. this is short for me now. age-appropriate. >> when he gets out of the gym, he goes to the gym every day, he gets it mussy. >> turnabout's fair play. let's see some '90s pictures of the ladies here. none? >> we have some of robin. >> oh.
8:53 am
>> forget the '90s. look at that. that was lovely. >> i was vice president of the united states. didn't you know that? i was vice president of my senior high school class. this has just been riveting, hasn't it? do we have one of juju before we go? >> i had a pixie for a long time. there you go. >> there it is. all right. >> almost dorothy hamill hair. >> i wanted the dorothy hamill. my mom said, girl, you got a fro. you cannot have the dorothy hamill. i want it. you can see photos of the rachel, plus lots of other celebrity hair styles from over the years, [ male announcer ] your mouth is amazing. did you know up to 50% of new cavities form between teeth, in places you can't even see? aquafresh iso-active whitening is a breakthrough gel that transforms into an active foam. its active fluoride formula penetrates deep, surrounding and protecting the whole tooth against cavities -- front, back and in-between. for strong, healthy teeth for a lifetime,
8:54 am
try triple protection iso-active whitening from aquafresh. amazing.
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8:56 am
you don't have to worry about your hair when you have lovely hats like this. >> yeah. >> oh, no. come on. >> we're not going to let it go. >> let it go. >> let's say good-bye to sam. see ya, sam.
8:57 am
is is is peaks of sun allowingus to reach 42. a little clearing and clearing and refreeze process overnight but we should be dry. otherwise temperatures back down to 25. and one thing we will talk about in the next hour on "good morning maryland" is the next band of snow looks like a direct hit tomorrow night into friday morning. and that could be more of a travel impact across the region. let's get to the final check on traffic with kim brown. >> reporter: thanks. as you travel through
8:58 am
annapolis, keep in mine the inaugural activity are out there. that's causing delays in that area on top of the fog warnings we have posted at the bay bridge. we are looking live at an accident blocking the left shoulder. this is southbound right at the emof the fort mchenry tunnel causing rubber necking delays. traffic is heavy and slow from keith avenue. going to the maps, a crash in baltimore city at northern parkway and york road. keep in mind charles street is closed between homeland avenue and northern parkway so the funeral of officer torbit an accident on west side in glen oaks at johnnycake and engleside, delays and route 1 remains closed in both directions at waterloo road because of a crash involving a bus that struck a pole. avoid the area this morning. stay with us because good morning maryland is coming back. rye now at nine. -- right now at nine.
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