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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  January 21, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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plan includes closing a $2 billion shortfall and we will have more on this ahead on this friday morning. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charlie crowson. we expected winter weather this morning. and we certainly got it. what could be on the backside of this is some very cold weather. some of the temperatures this morning across the midwest justin are in single digit. is that what's heading our way. >> i know you want this clicker. i know how much you love weather. i bet if i have walked over right now, whoa do his shot at the wall and do a good job. >> i like to be well versed. >> he knows his stuff. >> a full spectrum. >> the storm underperformed. and some of you are disappoint and there are school delays, hang tight for a few minutes i went to a school yesterday where i started a fund-raiser and the kid overperformed. way until you hear how much we raised yesterday. >> show off. >> all right. that may smooth things out a
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little bit. track over maryland, it delayed the arctic air and ended earlier with less snow. most roads were west but it's a pretty scene. but it's a little crusty in spots. winter weather advisory canceled. but we have got delays watch the bottom of the screen. cecil county has a little more snow. this snow results generally expecting four inches northern delaware and cecil county. waiting for the results. two to three har forecounty and 1 1/2 in towson and much less an inch or less to our south. deno in green haven says he will build a no man this morning to no plow. flurries off to the e . temperatures now in the 20s so anything wet could refreeze. bel air 28, 29 in rifters hetown. here's kim to talk about the traffic. >> reporter: hey, already the slick roads are causing
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problems all around the area. but primarily in the city and in the county. looking live here at the harrisburg expressway, no problems southbound but if you take 895 in the harbor tunnel, avorred it because we have a crash that is now -- avoid it because we have a crash that is blocking all lanes. delays are building as far back as the 95 split. fort mchenry tunnel might be your best bet. we have a crash in baltimore they city. north and east of the beltway dealing with a problem in joppa town at magnolia and fort hoyleroad. reported to be a water main break. expect icy conditions incockeysville police are on the scene at york road this morning. now back to you. >> ten minutes after six. when everyone else was scrambling to get out, mark faulkenhan was inside look for people to help. those who knew him say that's not a surprise. he was committed firefighter
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who dedicated his life to saving others. sherrie johnson is live at the apartment building that will be a sad reminder for many people in baltimore county. sherrie. >> reporter: good morning, megan. we are learning more and more information about what exactly happened inside of this building at towson crossing apartment complex that killed a volunteer firefighter. now 43-year-old mark faulkenhan got trapped on the third floor when he went inside to rescue people who lived here. he saved the life of at least one woman. and when the fire flashed over, he was trapped on the third floor balcony. rescue crews took him to st. joseph's medical center where he died. >> through the end, mark was calling on the radio advising of the conditions, calling for additional resources. and, again, doing the task which he was assigned, searching above the fire for potential rescues. >> reporter: now two other people were hurt in this fire. a man was taken to sinai hospital and a woman to the
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burn center at johns hop kens bayview where she is listed in critical condition. authorities are not released their names and in memory of faulkenhan the governor ordered the state and u.s. flags flown at half-staff until sunset on monday, the day of his funeral. and, of course, many of the people here coming up at 6:30, we will hear from a woman who says he saved her life. final arrangements are in place for mark faulkenhan. viewings will be held tomorrow and sunday from two to four and seven to nine p.m. at the armory. funeral service will be held at 11 monday morning at the cathedral of mary our queens he will be buried at due lanny valley memorial gardens. the search continues for a missing 16-year-old girl last seen three weeks ago. police combed the woods behind the southwest baltimore apartment hoping to find something that would lead them to phylicia barnes. they concentrated on a well on
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the property at the 400 block of north bend road. they drained the well but last night said they came up with nothing. barn sees from north carolina and was visiting her half sister for the holidays when she reportedly disappeared. a teenage hit by an unmarked police car in 200 # has been awarded $13,000 -- 113,000 by a jury etch was on a dirt bark when the car hit him and knocked him to the ground. before the crash, johnson had been training as a boxer and hoped to compete in the 2012 olympics. a police spokesman says he could not say whether the officers were disciplineed by the department as a result of that incident because it's a personnel matter. prosecutors dismid a felony a-- dismissed a felony assault charge. being acowsed of attacking a black teen he face misdemeanor charges. prosecutors say the former israeli special forces soldier approach the teen while he was standing at the 3300 block of
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fall staff road. according to charging document, the victim said another man threw him to the ground while he was struck in the head with his radio. his attorney says he no longer participates in the patrol. if convicted, he face a sentence -- face as sentence up to ten years. baltimore county police need your help tracking down this man. john jarboe is accused of a hit- and-run. police say he ran into three people in a park lot of thehead fish head cantina and drove off. >> police made numerous attempts to speak with the suspect and he failed to corporate with us. we obtained an arrest warrant for him for obstruction and hindering. we are currently looking for the suspect. to police say he is driving a -- police a. -- >> police say he is driving a gray nissan altima it's 4efk94 is the tag number. if you see him, police want to hear from you.
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the victims were treated at shock trauma. time 6:06. an arizona congresswoman leaves arizona today and is going to be moved a hospital and rehab center in texas for the next stage of her recovery. emily schmidt has the latest on giffords progress since the tucson shooting rampage less than two weeks ago. >> reporter: for the first time, since congresswoman gabrielle giffords was shot, doctors wheeled her outside to feel sunshine and they say she smiled when they did. >> she is a strong person, a fighter. she is a fighter like you know nobody else that i know. so, i am extremely confident that she is going to be back here and back at work soon. >> reporter: giffords husband mark kelly says expects a full recovery for the representative from arizona. but that means leaving arizona. today, she will be discharged from university hospital in tucson and flown to a houston
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rehabilitation center. >> it's not usually the gunshot wound that determines the duration of rehab. it will be what the person needs. we have people with gunshot wound who need to be with us for only a couple weeks. and there are others who need to be with us for months. >> reporter: giffords tucson doctor says she moves her lips, stands with help and scrolls through an ipad. but they don't yet know if she can talk or see. >> i do want to caution everyone she has a long road ahead of her. >> reporter: houston is hope to the rehabilitation center and johnson space center where mark kelly is an astro gnaw. he -- astro gnaw e says -- astronaut. he says he could return to work and see his wife every day. >> it will let me be there by her side as much as possible. >> reporter: doctors sea congresswoman giffords is the last of the shooting victims to leave the tucson hospital. emily schmidt, abc news washington. eight minutes after six. today governor o'malley will release his budget plan. his chief of staff says some
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state facilities will be closed. he wouldn't elaborate more on the budget cuts but just said "no one is going to be happy" e says the state has not been in the position to keep anything off the table. the budget will be filling a $1.6 billion shortfall. the spokesperson says that voluntary buyouts of state employees will make up the highon share of job reductions. they have-- there are about 1500 applicants for buyouts. the teens accused of setting a pit bull puppy on fire and causing the death will stand trial today. the 18-year-old twins will be in court on animal cruelty charges. the boys are accused of dousing the pit bull with gasoline and then setting her on fire. she was nicknamed phoenix while people tried to rescue her. the dog later had to be euthanized. and even the animal abuse task force was formed to study the city's response to a such incidents and the group found
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it needed to take more of an active approach to the cases. time is 6:09. family members say he was taken out of his grand more's arms. >> and -- grand more's arms. >> and -- grandmother's arms. >> the search is on for this 4- year-old. osteoporosis affects your bone. what the federal government is doing to hp detech the disease. and george clooney. >> oh, lord. >> is up and about after a health square. we will tell you about that. but first new york with a look at late of the business news happening right now. >> reporter: good morning. we begin with president obama restructuring his economic advisory board. board is shifting the focus from the financial meltdown to job creation and competitiveness. general electric ceo has been tasked to head the group. a major shakeup at google. eric schmidt is stepping down and will be replaced by cofounder larry paige. paige hopes to make the company run like a startup. google says the earnings jumped 30% last quarter.
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home sales ended 2010 on a high note selling at a annual pace above 5 million homes for first time since the tax incentives endeded in june. those numbers are providing hope the market may stabilize this year. and sas tops the annual list of best companies could work for. boston is sieged and wegmans google and data storage firm and that's your money scope report. iment i am vinita nair.
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now, maryland most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. 6:13 this morning. i want to show you wint to a school yesterday in elk ridge. this was the first installment of my fund-raiser win for change where the kids are sponsored to see how fast they
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can blow the wind in a and henned -- and held anemometer. amongst them, we helped raise $454 dollars. 454 dollars and it's going to the cool kids campaign for a learning center right here in baltimore county. i want to give outtop raisers. actually -- you the top raisers. valerie raised 84 and katy 27- mile-per-hour wind leading the chart. the girls won but everybody won out and they appreciated my advice i -- visitch the snow -- visit. the snow totals, 2 1/2 to the north of baltimore. i have not heard the amounts. i will look online but harford and cecil county and edgewood a inch and a half and two inches. noting ham same eldersburg. snow depart sneak showers stuck in the mount toint west. the cold air filters n we are down to freezing and it's 20s north and west. and still above freezing on
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eastern shore. and the cold winds will knock it down. teens to the north. you will feel the wind picking up. it looks snowy in the north side. just not a lot and watch for falling temperatures throughout the day. so we have seen our high for the day. now we just watched the stride and we feel the -- slide and feeled slide and hope any you won't slide and glide. we are looking at temperatures to drop into the 20s as we head into the afternoon. a partly sunny sky. maybe flurries in carroll and southern pa but nothing that will amount to much. this part of the forecast is pretty certain it's getting colder. how about this, what happened with the storm? looked like a direct hit i wrote about this in the block early in the week. yeah, we got hit with a -- blog early in the week. yeah, we got hit with a storm. i am keeping my hand in place to let you note storm passed 150 miles to the north. that took the snow 150 miles to the north and kept temperatures from bwi and i am sorry
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annapolis, mostly rain in the underdeveloped snowflakes. but they got more snow to the north and they got that cold air to the west spilling in. ten in cincinnati. 2 below in chicago. that'sed cold air and 14 overnight -- that's the cold air spilling in. and 14 overnight. highs mid 20s and wind chills will be hurting the to be outside. watch for the the coastal storm and a within theory mix monday night and tuesday. kim. >> reporter: about 13 minutes ago, we had the crash cleared southbound 895 past the o'donnell street exit. look live, the delays are gone towards the harbor tunnel. the roads are still slick. they are causing issues around the area. in the city, we have police on the scene of an accident at east fayette street. but the major problem we are dealing with is coming through lutherville southbound york road is closed at timonium because of a water main break affecting all the southbound lanes. traffic gets by in the left turn lane, but that's going to be a bottle necking problem as the morning commute wears on.
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also in joppa town a. crash at magnolia and fort hoyle road. cockeysville police on the scene of a crash by the hunt valley town center. now back to you. >> thanks. health news, focusing on our bones, they hold us together, so how do we keep the disease from breaking it apart. we are talking talking about osteoporosis. the u.s. preventive services task force has updated screening recommendations for that disease. it robs us of our strong bones. dr. timothy johnson has more. >> reporter: osteoporosis is the disease that reduces the mineral density in bones. which also increases the risk they can break. osteoporosis is most common in women after menopause. now the federal government has updated guidelines for detecting the ailment. expanding the screening of women in the so-called gray zone between the onset of menopause and age 65.
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after a review of medical studies in the last eight years, the new standards say that as before, all women 65 and older should be routinely screened for osteoporosis. women under 65 should also be screened if the risk of bone fracture is as high or greater than 65-year-old white women who have higher rates of the disease than other ethnic groups. the task force made no recommendation for the frequency of screenings citing a lack of evidence and for the same reason, no guidelines were set for osteoporosis screening in men. with this medical minute, i am dr. timothy johnson. hey, wal-mart now cutting back on the fat. the large of the retailer is trimming salts and sugars and fats from the packageed foods. they say it's part of a five- year plan to help people get on the healthy track. the initiative came out of talks with first lady michelle obama who is centered her
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agenda by reducing childhood obesity. january 21st, today is your birthday, happy birthday. we have several people to say happy birthday to but their birthday is tomorrow. >> the song is copy writen and we can't sing it to you. we have to pay royalties. >> so first off, peg grew up in college park and now lives in baltimore and she will celebrate the fabulous 50th birthday. i hope it's wonderful. sharing a birthday with peg, lana tomson who will be 2789 her mother sent that picture of her. and george of elkton will be be turning 86 tomorrow. his daughter debbie says george and his wife louise have five kids, 11 grandchildren, and fivegreat grandchildren. i hope your birthday wonderful. and we have a anniversary charlie and chrisa will celebrate tomorrow as well. charlie and carissa are from harford county but we don't know what year of the marriage they are celebrating but looks like a beautiful couple.
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congratulations to the two of you. and charlie, thanks for your service to our great country. if you've birthday and anniversary or interesting picture you want to share, it could be your child or pet or whatever it is. send it to us and we can share it whereby else and send it to morning show at -- share it with everybody else. send it to morning show at and include the facts along with a picture. he called himself the most hated man in america for breaking sandra bullock's heart. it appears he may be moving on with his love life with a new life and a new wife. all right. well, iceies roads tend to really be a hassle. but take a look at this. the driver of the jeep, we will tell you what happened. lysol believes kids shouldn't miss school
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home performance with energy star. get started at 6:23. entertainment news this morning. a lot of people would probably volunteer to nurse him back to health. george clooney recovering from abolt with malaria. >> really? >> it's true. >> the nursing part. >> i bet you people would.
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the actor told cnn pierce morgan he contracted the disease when he was in sudan last month. and he was helping with a project. >> look at goatee. >> to hontor a historic election meaning independence for southern sudan. well sandra bullock's ex- husband jesse james is back at it again. the motorcycle man is engaged to tattoo artist cat von de this is not the woman he allegedly had the affair with but it's not alleged. >> not alleged e said they had an affair. >> all right. well, the pair had been together since last summer. shortly after james marriage to bullock collapsed. so if he was cheating with the other woman was he cheating with her with -- it's hollywood. katy perry is coming to baltimore county. how about that? she is going to be performing at mary weather post pavilion on june 15th. hits from her latest album include california girl, and we
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have to apologize we know merry weather is not in baltimore county. tickets go on sale if you are more interested you can find it on line about all the information and general public next saturday. it will be tickets will go on sale starting at 10 in the morning. so is her husband russell brand coming? >>i hope so. >> i would hang out with that guy and have a cold beer with him. he is funny. no word on whether or not snoo k or lady gaga will join katy perry here in baltimore. >> one can only hope. >> yeah. some of us, one, you. we love the happy reunion story. you and i were reunited. >> welcome back. >> and it feels so good. listen, we will share a great reunion story. one that has to do with a family smiling this morning because after three years, the cat returned. where did he go for three years? we will find out all about that and how he found his way home. >> did the cat tell where he was? >> tell all. >> he looks incredible. [ male announcer ] your mouth is amazing.
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now, "good morning, maryland." his family and friends are beside themselves with grief. but they take some solice in knowing that he died while saving another. a pit bull set on fire later had to be put to sleep. the teenagers accused of the
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hajous crime will be standing -- heinous crime will be standing trial today. how do you begin closing a more than a billion and a half dollar budget gap? well maryland's mayor martin o'malley, lets us know later today on this friday, january 21st. good morgue, maryland, i am -- morning, maryland" i am charlie crowson. >> grade to -- great to have you back. >> it's training going on in florida. 75 and sunny not a cloud in the sky. beautiful at least it looked that way from inside the building we were in. >> you feel smarter. >> a bit. >> all right. justin. help me. >> you know on that theme note, charlie a. lot of people in baltimore and carroll and harford county either looks like snow. so if you didn't stick a ruler in it, you would never know the difference right? >> absolutely. >> sure. >> we will go down with the snowfall totals. know is out of here. instead of ending around 6 it end around 3 or 4.


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