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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  January 21, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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block of north bend in south west baltimore. this house is vacant, but the house shed drew the attention of law enforcement. >> there was lots of them, everywhere. every fire department and every fbi and cops and everything. >> it was all roped off over here. >> it was all the way around the street. >> reporter: they were focusing on a well inside the shed. it was a deep one. the police received a tip that lead them here. >> we drained the well and put water in there and it was determined it was unfounded. >> reporter: it was the latest of a string of dead end cases. the police have searched and at this point, every tip is viable until it's proven otherwise. the team of city police and the
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feds and national center for missing children are doing that. either through a tip line or more importantly, interrogation and investigators continue to gather tips and exhaust them. >> we're focusing on the time line. we're making sure that every second of her where abilities is a-- where abouts are accounted for. >> reporter: and the search continues. in the meantime,the police set all tip line for the case. if you have information, call that line. now, the latest on the volunteer firefighter who died wednesday in the line of duty. he'll receive the baltimore county firefighters medal of honor and a purple heart. he died wednesday night during a rescue operation at an apartment complex fire. he was searching the upper
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floors of the building and a flashover occurred and he was injured. he leaves behind a wife and two children. governor o'malley ordered the maryland state flag to be at half staff until monday, the day of his funeral. schools and government buildings all lowered the flag today. where he was stationed, black and purple bunting was draped over the station. viewing for mark will be held saturday and sunday. that's from 2:00 to 4:00 and then 6:00 to 8:00 at rural armory. his funeral will be 11:00 monday morning and he'll bebe -- be at dulaney county gardens. there's a memorial set up for his children.
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today, governor o'malley unveiled the plans for a balancened budget. it could have a widespread effect on services. he's cutting $264 million for hospitals and medicaid. at a time when he's encouraging job creation, the private sector -- he wants to cut a thousand state jobs. state workers would have to pay more to salvage their benefits as well. >> one of the things we have to tackle this year, that's to take difficult steps and necessary steps to save the pension system, to be fiscally responsible and to make sure it's sustainable. >> reporter: he prop poses hiking tuitions at schools by 3%. that was the same amount it was
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hiked last year. all right, weatherwise, we woke up to a frosty coating, light accumulations and now, the cold winds are pouring out of the north. i mean, that was frigid stuff. we'll look at the actual air temperatures into the 20s now, low 20s in frederick and 19 in hagerstown. the winds are around 20 and 25 now. look at the factors, feeling like 13 above, that's it. a dangerous 11 above windchill. in frederick, 4 above and it's cold out. 20s the rest of the evening windchills will be down to the teens and single digits and not much of a warmup whatsoever around the weekend. a water main break on york road is causing huge problems for nearby businesses
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12-inch break half happened in the southbound lane. it's effecting nine businesses at 2080 york road. drivers are advised to avoid the area. one lane ask shut down. if you plan on going to the area, call ahead first. you can expect your bge bill to go up this month. the reason is that the month of december was colder. last december was the 8th coldest since the 50s. the customers with heat puffers will -- pumps will see the highest bills. they're reminding people to set their thermostats at 68 degrees or lower to save. marylanders won't be charged on air conditioners and washers and furnaces during the shop maryland weekend. close dryers are also part of
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the program. since energy star doesn't rate them, you won't find one that qualifies. if you find one on the shelf, it's tax free. well, a winter storm hits several states and it's a cold front moving to the northwest. here's the latest. >> reporter: here in the north east, it's the 5th storm in less than a month. >> it's enough is enough. >> even before the latest walloping, new york city was hit by 32 inches of snow, more than the average and there's still two months of winter left. it could break the all time record. it's the cold that's the real story. eight states are under a windchill advisory. there's a rare extreme cold warning issued for northern
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minnesota where this morning, there was an air temperature of minus 46 degrees. that's creating problems across the country. in the mid-south, the storm has left roads icy and dangerous. in memphis, i-40 was shutdown after an accident. in nashville and arkansas, cars are spinning off of the road. in western new york, a school bus slamed into a snowplow leaving two in serious condition. >> i'm sure they were shaken up. the boss of the buses is basically trapped and hurt and there are little kids. >> reporter: the extreme cold is forecasted to move into the north east tonight with temperatures into the single digits. tomorrow night, windchills will be below 0. abc news, new york. well, this is cool!
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check it out. it's a snow bulance. it's designed to get to people in snowy places. you can see how it's enclosed and it has skis. wheels can also be put on the bottom. dane county has two. the sheriff is convinced it will be a life saving tool. they were donated to the sheriff's office. don't forget, go to and track the weather in your own neighborhood with our interactive radar map. twelve days ago, gabrielle giffords was shot in the head, she's gone from a grim prognosis to a rehab center and we'll tell you what's next. we've been talking about her all week, she tripped and fell in a fountain and yesterday, she decided to sue.
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plus, a clerk fighting back a gunman and hear from her and the moments caught on tape.
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our look around the nation starts in north carolina. a clerk being pushed around took matters into her own hands. you're looking at the video from a store west of charlotte. you can see the gunman wearing a sweatshirt. he walked into the store and grabs the clerk. he forces her on the food aisle. she was able to take the gun away from the guy. the victim says she'll never forget the threats he made.
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>> i'm going to kill you, i know you have families, you have to give me money. you have to save life for your family and stuff like that. >> very, very tough lady. the gun was a bb gun. new details about shirts found with a bomb along a martin luther king jr. parade. one was near a high school away from spokane. a second was near a play at another high school. it had a detonator and was found and defused. it rattled the nerves of many. check this out. this is a car with flames. it slammed into a hooters restaurant. two people in a stolen car smashed into it sending it straight into hooters. the suspects got out and ran.
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the authorities caught up with them quickly. no one was injured. new details tonight about the woman caught on tape falling into the mall fountain. there it is, bam! she has legal problems of her own. she appeared on "good morning america." she said she was filing a lawsuit because security was too busy laughing at her than to help her out. she was in a court for charges of identity theft. she used a coworker's credit card to purchase items worth of $5000. we're not a hundred% certain how she got a hold of the credit card. she did acknowledge she stole the card. >> it gets worse, four previous criminal convictions were also
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on her record. this is rare footage off of the coast of south west japan. one of these dolphins has dived and another supporting its friend on the fin while nudging it along. it's almost like he's grieving and trying to take care of the friend. the caring dolphin pressed down its friend when a ship approached. it's going to be cold. >> cold is coming. yeah, not a lot of snow last night, rosie. well, man, i tell you, the blast, the gates are opening up again. the gaits -- the gating of the arctic. >> yeah, it did.
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>> you get a tell connection with the polar air. you can get a straight shot down the pike. we'll get that into sunday. i think we'll maybe make it into 30 degrees. >> yeah, bikini time. >> well, for you. >> that would be a terrible thing. >> yeah, man, ratings, man. the radar's all clear, that will hold up into monday night and tuesday. not any new weather coming in. that's good. we have the wind coming in. that's for sure! the flag's flapping and we have a steady wind at 15. the windchill is colder than that. beautiful shots around the state. in annapolis, the colds are rolling in. look at the winds there. definitely one of those, well, one of those harsh afternoons when the wind picked up. towson, trees shaking in the
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wind here. you can see the snow stacked up. we'll average an inch to an inch and a half. a little more towards the pa line last night. a winter scene in mount airy. very thin coating, coating, none the less. all right, let's show you the temperatures. in the teens already. what's really of note, the steady winds of 10 and the windchills in the single digits and the gusts are highier. we've seen the gusts highier than 20 today. gusting to 30 and beyond. right now, the temperatures statewide, mid-20s. look at the west. steep creek late, it's frozen solid. 7 in oakland, the winds are approaching 25, still. gusts at 31 there and nearly 30 towards ocean city. it's getting colder throughout the evening.
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we'll see widespread single digit windshields. highs today only in the mid- 30s. that came early in the day. temperatures still falling and our satellite trend, clouds from the west. the closest snow has gone around the new england coast and behind it, we're left with the cold winds that will keep blowing tonight and in the early part of tomorrow. the cold blast settles in and it will be cold with the lows dropping into the teens and we'll have less of a windchill factor tomorrow night. we'll be sunny tomorrow and a few passing clouds. sunday, maybe morning clouds and we'll bring out the sunshine again. sunday, a chance to get above 30 again. so, overnight 13, frigid. it will be dangerously cold. i would really layer up.
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tomorrow, 2-degree guarantee. 24, a sun/cloud mix and we'll be dropping into the teens again. another brutal night on the way. the out look is for more colder weather. we'll get a shot of 30 on sunday. we'll get another shot on monday. our next storm is due tuesday, we'll keep an eye on it. well, there's a restaurant you may have been meaning to try and couldn't afford it. now's the time, baltimore restaurant week kicked off today. this week, get a three course meal for $34 lunch for $20. restaurants are participating in this, the deal runs into next friday. baltimore county's is next week and ends thursday. we have a link on check out the restaurants participating and reserve a
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table. it's official! sports clip hair cuts in nottingham is in the guinness world book of words. that's a lot of hair. well, do you need a hug? it's national hugging day. give someone a squeeze. according to hugging these were the most hugable people of the last year, the chilean miners. they were met with hugs and they kept on hugging. they hugged everyone in the turn. have an suv you want to trade in soon. do it sooner rather than later because of the gas price. we'll have the details so you don't waste your money. speaking of money, bills are going up in cell phone bills.
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and in health alert, we're look at kudzu. there's a surprising use for it. we'll tell you about it tonight in the medical minute. >> reporter: the extract of the root was known to be helpful in treating alcohol abuse. now a study in the journal, alcoholism and clinical research suggests that it can be used to decrease bing drinking. twelve men were given the extract for nine days and a set amount of alcohol to drink. those who had taken the kudzo
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extract had elevated blood levels and they reported greater levels of dizziness than those who took the placebo. they don't know why it happened but they find out why people drink less after take it. they feel the affects of the alcohol quickly. getting drunk faster may reduce how much you drink. it's a conclusion that's counter intuitive. still, the extract could help manage bing drinking and help withdrawals and other treatments. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. well, it's a story that has folks on facebook talking. co-sleeping, that's coming up at 5:30.
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less than two weeks after being shot in the head, gabrielle giffords is leaving her hospital bead and -- bed and she's headed to tucson's rehabilitation center. here's the latest from houston. >> reporter: as she left tucson friday morning, she was met by clouds cheering and applauding. less than two weeks after being shot in the head, she continues to make remarkable progress. >> she's begining to stand with assistance and she's scrolling through an ipad. these are inadvancements forward.
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i want to caution everyone, she's got a long road ahead of her. >> reporter: she'll go through the physical training needed. >> this is not usually the gunshot wound that determines the duration of rehab, it's what the person needs. some need to be with us a few weeks and some, months. >> reporter: houston is also home to the space center where her husband works. >> i'll be there by her side as much as possible. >> reporter: doctors say that the recovery time depends on the damage done and her own determination. >> the individual out comes are a little unclear, she's done well in tucson. we expect that to continue. >> reporter: as soon as she's able, she'll continue months of rehabilitation. doctors want to know if she can speak and ask for things.


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