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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  January 25, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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naval academy. this morning, annapolis 27, we will talk about the numbers and forecast in a moment. now, let's say good morning to kim brown and talk about the traffic. >> reporter: nod much traffic to talk about right now -- not much traffic to talk about right now. no problems on the 95, 295 looks good look live in howard county. this is route 100 eastbound at route 1 near laurel and elk ridge. we don't have accidents. no delays and no problems to let you know about right now. megan and charlie, back to you. >> thanks. they are asking for an explanation and the city is asking for patience. the state's attorney took office this month and some are calling gregg bernstein and police commissioner enemies of the people. sherrie johnson is here to explane why. >> reporter: community activists groups say the misdemeanor charges brought in a case involving members of a park heights community watch group accused of beating a black teen are a slap in the face for the black community there. were two protests. one involving the black media group calling for the city
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state's attorney to explane why the charges were reduced against one of the accused and that his brother was charged with the same reduced assault charges. the other protest called for bernstein to step down accusing him of playing favorites in this case. >> i think what they are doing is they are dropping it to a point of misdemeanor. obviously he can keep it in district court and they can plead it out to a pbj. at the end of the day that's a slap on the risk when this man has to suffer that for the rest of his life from that attack that took place. >> prosecute the crimes for what they are. prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. we don't need a double standard of justice. >> reporter: now in a statement released bernstein says the charges are consistent with the fact of the case of the law. he he says "no factors beyond the facts and the law were considered nor will any factor outside the fact of the law ever be considered in maybe charges decision in any future
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cases. he also said it's not appropriate to make any further public statements in the case before it goes to trial. so, what do you think about all this? is this a racial bias? or is the criticism unfair? we asked you to share your thoughts on facebook fan page and take a look here. we have a couple comments right here. joe says that the guy was arrested multiple times, meanwhile murders and deaths were buried for this circus. jason said when i was in the same park heights neighborhood but in the black section, i was told to get out because they don't want my type around here. so, we would like to hear what your comment is about the situation. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thank you. time 5:02. these are some of the comments on the facebook page. if you want to weigh in on this and other stories, go to the abc2 news facebook fan page and leave your comments and we will
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share them throughout the morning. in other news, mark fail faulkenhan spent his life helping ours. firefighters from as far away from new york, virginia, and pennsylvania came to honor him. three thousand came to say bye to the man who friend say could engage anyone with a smile. the life of one man who was a fear fighter, paramedic, -- firefighter, paramedics and father of two sons was remembered. >> he trained a lot of different people. and we will learn a lot from this incident. we will take every positive aspect we can from the incident and learn from it. >> the flag at his coffin was given to his wife and his sons were begin their dad's helmet. he had 25 years of fire service and trained firefighters, recruits and federal agents who now carry on his legacy. a judge sentenced a
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catonsville dentist for selling thousands of objectiony codone pills. according to his guilty plea, riley sold hydro codeon from his dental office, home and commercial locations in baltimore county. it's been a few weeks since the scares that we had at government buildings in our state. the word suspicious package have emergency responders extracautious. last night in industrial park in laurel was swarmed when a report of a suspicious package came in before six. crews were called out to thearea that distribute auto parts lubricants. the call went out to the industrial park. some buildings were evacuated. at one point, the bomb squad went in and came out with a few packages. no word on any injuries or whether the packages were in fact dangerous. we will keep you posted when we
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learn more. tonight, president obama will deliver his third state of the union address. in that president's first speech since congressional powers split since the 2010 midterm. he is expected to call for targeted spending to boost the ecomony but for budget cutting. linda so joins us with what we can expect to hear tonight. welcome back and good morning. >> reporter: no secret we want to see more jobs and a better ecomonych the president plans to tackle the issues and will focus on the future on how to become competitive. his plan will outline five pillars. inveighs, education, infrastructure and reducing the federal debt. tonight's speech comes at time when the president faces a divide congress and will address that issue, promising to reach across the aisle, something he admitted he failed to do in the first two years. as you watch the speech, you will see something different. dozens of democrat and republican law makers agreed to sit together in the spirit of cooperation.
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>> my principle focus, my number one focus is going to be making sure that we are competitive, that we are growing and we are creating jobs not just now, but well into the future. >> reporter: the president will deliver the state of the union tonight at nine. you can watch it right here on abc2. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks. it's 6 minutes after 5 right now. and in a couple short weeks, cars will race through downtown baltimore. >> a preview of what fans will be able to see when they line the streets over the labor day weekend. plus, we will go up north where the frigid temperatures turned a simple fountain into a mayne attract. time for a check of trains and buses for this tuesday, january 25th and for that, we turn things over to mark jones. good morning, sir. >> reporter: well, good morning. aid pretty good commute for the light on light rain and metro subways. mark train look -- marc train look good. on the buses, a heavy volume of
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passengers. and the number 30 bus is work diversion at edmonton and swan. for the mta transit team i am mark jones.
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it's nine minutes after fivep good morning. look at this. pretty cool pictures to show you and i mean cool. how cold is it in the forth east? that says it all. bryant park, new york city, the frigid temperatures turned a water fountain into an ice sculpture. visitors whipped out cell phones and cameras to take pictures of the handy work. pretty cool looking. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> good morning. it's 5:10. teachers, parents, kids waking up early. those that want to hear about snow and fearing what could come with the winter storm, i could have a half-hour to explain everything. i would probably need more time. it could be a complicatedsituation, but we will be in store for something and we will all have problems with travel thursday morning even after the storm departs. this morning, look at this. 27 degrees is warmer than we were all day on sunday.
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that's an improvement. 28 in easton, 26 in york. we have cloud and snow flurries up toward the north. no major issue this morning. not a travel issue. in fact, this is a sign of the warmer push of air. flurries to the north and mid to upper 20s. mostly cloudy skies, but there will be some peeks of sun getting us up to 42. that's going to feel like a heat wave. kim brown is shaking her hands and the jacket is tossed aside. >> reporter: it's going to feel balmy outside. i will be happy to take the dog to the park. looking at the traffic, we don't have any issues. looking live at 95, heading southbound past white marsh boulevard, no problems or delays toward the beltway and toward tunnels. the bridges are checking in clear. checking the maps, we don't have accidents. we have a water main break. park heights northbound between 7 mile -- seven mile lane and fall staff that blocks the right lane but traffic is getting by. now back to you. >> thanks. first, we would like to
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wish deis on thee craig a happy birthday e turned 5-year-old yesterday. hope your 5th birthday was great. he is a active boy who loves to learn and loves being the big brother and big sifter tooshe is a sophomore in high school and is celebrating. >> we want to know all about your birthday, send us an e- mail with an attached feet of yourself he or a friend or family member. try to get nem in -- them in a day in advance so we can get the graphics made up. the he season for the ravens is all over. but we are celebrating the hard work. >> we are. up next, a look at team members now part of the celebrated group of champions. names you will recognize coming up. an oprah introduced us to the latest edition of her family. the one family member she didn't know about. [ male announcer ] it's 2011 and everything is different.
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and welcome back. it's 5:15.
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okay. so we are not headed to the superbowl. but we have some so much to be proud of. four ravens have been singled out for a honor. in addition to the pro bowl berths thrs have been named to the all pro team. ed reed makes it and athe best kicker in the nfl and ray lewis didn't make the first team, but was chosen as a second team linebacker. coming to our town in eight months a cross between the afc championship, prenecessary neck final -- prenicks final four and we are talking about indy car racing. scramy costello has -- jammy costello has -- jamie costello has details. >> reporter: madam mayor, start our engines. >> keep it going. >> reporter: you are now in the driver's seat. this is exclusive video of a test run for the indy run here in baltimore. 180 miles an hour where you spin your life in the rain of
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red light green light. a festival of speed on labor day weekend jay davidson, how many are coming? >> 100,000 people over three days. think we will blow through the number. >> reporter: don't blow past the pit where the mayor makes sure you are in the winner's lane. they will know what it's like soon. >> when i did my first endy car race last year, they were driving against daro and all the people that it's been washing -- watching on tv and to be racing against them, it's a little intimidating. >> reporter: this is world class racing it will be from 8 to 1000 laps and take two hours to finers. one sponsor who wants thcheckered flag is a energy team. >> it's a safe form of producing electricity and answer issues and needs our country needs and that's why we decided to be a part of this. >> reporter: and this is something we don't get to see, so consider this, in a car like
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this, it would take you under an hour to get to ocean city. and that's taking in the bay brimming and tolls. speed is coming to baltimore. that's worthy of a standing o. >> i love the idea of getting to ocean city in an hour. if you want ticket information and more details on indy racing on the series, coming to baltimore, go to now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by l.a.ate. >>::by weatherate. >> we are dry and cloudy -- by weatherate. >> we are dry and cloudy. we are in the upper 20s. that's a sign of the transition. this is our brief warmup which just makes everything that much more complex heading into the storm. why not right? should anything be easy? 30 in ocean city. 27 up towards philly. and look at that. it's warmer in pittsburgh.
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they are 34 degrees. then slightly warmer temperatures a breakdown of light snow and flurries to the north. not really travel issue unless you are heading towards the poconos but they can handle a inch or two. we are dry and we look for a little sunshine mixed in. one of the highlights is the storm complex. check this out. we can see the flare-up of really intense rain across the deep south. along the gulf coast is where we are watching the storm develop. so this system and the cold air moves out, we will watch this storm slide up in our direction. whether it takes a track directly over atlanta, south of atlanta and up of coast, regardless of that, we guarantee here is a mess. that mess is going to come in the form of a lot of transition. maybe starting as wintery mix, going to rain, and then back to a heavy burst of snow. all of us will get that heavy burst of snow on the backside of the storm. let's do today. mostly cloudy, a few peeks of sun. 42 will feel mild.
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wear the jacket because it is cold. but this is actually where webelong and this is much milder than the 20s we have had. so it will feel much more comfortable. it's all relative. and relative tonight, back down to 28. when the. >> steve: arrives, within a few hours of daybreak tomorrow, this time tomorrow, we will see on the radar and see a mixture of snow and sleet and rain across central maryland. it could be a little icy at the start. but we will drag in some warm temperatures out ahead of it. while we are in the 20s, look at 40s and 50s with the storm. wanted to highlight the storm that comes back into maryland. check out the time line. we watched that wintery mix around daybreak at five on wednesday morning. rain annapolis southbound including most of the eastern shore. then watch what happens during the day. midday, rain snow line pushes through baltimore and perhaps the hereford zone. westminster, we are looking southern pa and york and adams county. wet road and watch the cold air come back in at eight or nine. we turn the rain back to snow and this pocket here we are
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looking at maybe four to six hours of snow. it could drop quite a few inches of snow. and we will talk about totals in the next half-hour. but plan for the fact it will be a mess in the morning and rain in the city during the day and turning back to that within theory mix in the evening. here's kim with traffic. >> reporter: thanks, justin. if you are traveling toward the dc montgomery or prince george's county area, all lanes reopened on the inner loop side of 495 at central avenue after yesterday's water main headache. no problems on the baltimore beltway. traffic is moving well. 695 at liberty road, we have one incident a water main break park heights northbound beeen sen mile and fall staff. the right lane is taken away. now back to you. >> thanks so much. it's 5:21. entertainment news this morning, the queen of talk drops a huge bombshell. >> yeah. during yesterday's show, an emotional oprah winfrey revealed she has a half sister. the woman who was given up for adoption 47 years ago by whine fry's mother. they were reunited during
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thanks gsh -- ago by whine fry's mother. they were re-- winfrey's mother. they were reunited during thanksgiving. the cang speech and the social network are front- runners for the biggest fries. the 83rd academy awards will be on february 27th. >> you've seen the social network. >> i have not. i've seen a lot of movies. >> true grit and black swan. >> yes. >> you have to see social network and king's speech. >> time to go to the movies. are your children getting enough sleep? if not, that could put them at a big health risk. >> how to get your children to stay healthier by encouraging them to get more z's. plus, coupons are designed to help us save money. so, why aren't shoppers in baltimore doing more clipping? we will explain next.
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but my allergies put me in a fog. so now, i'm claritin clear! claritin works great on all my allergies like dust, mold, pollen, or pets without making me drowsy, cause i want to be alert around this big guy. live claritin clear. indoors and out. in health newsings studies show a connection possibly linking obese children to less
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sleep. abc's dr. timothy johnson tells us the problems it may cause. >> reporter: a study publish in the journal pediatrics followed308 children in louisville, kentucky, ranging from four to ten. they wore activity meters on the wrists for one week. so scientist could determine their sleep patterns. they found the children of all weights, averageed eight hours of sleep. that is significantly less than the recommended sleep time for school ageed children. but when the authors look at sleep duration on weekend, they found obese children got an average 15 to 20 minutes less sleep than children who were healthy weight or just overweight. that means these obese kids got less catchup sleep than the nonobese peers. getting less sleep was associated with changes in cholesterol and insulin levels which might mean children getting the least amount of sleep could be at increased health risk. the authors conclude encouraging children to get
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more catchup sleep on weekend might help stem rising obesity rates in the young. with this medical minute, i am dr. timothy johnson. >> this week, the government updates the u.s. dietary guidelines in honor of the occasion the library of congress did research on the issue and found some americans obsession with losing weight is nothing new. it goes back at least 150 years. get this. there were low carb diets in 1863. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> grandma adkins. good morning to you. we got ourselves a lot of extra cloud cover for today. we have warmer temperatures pushing in. let's do the breakdown and stick around and we will talk about snow amounts. my first call of snow potential. but today, 42. a few breaks of sun and back
5:28 am
into the upper 20s overnight. within a few hours of daybreak tomorrow, it could be from three to 7 a.m. we start with the mix coming up with snow and sleet and rain. probably near and south of annapolis and turning over to rain along the i-95 corridor during the day including baltimore, bel air and ease ill -- cecil county eastern shore. north and west may stay as wet snow and have wet road during the day because we will be close to freezing. we will go back below freezing during the evening. tomorrow night, at least a 4 to 6 hour stretch of moderate snow. and that could lead quite a few inches of accumulation and icy roads. but the snow will be out of here by then. a mix at the end of the weekend. now up to new york to check out this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites google adds a new tool to the web browser to -- browse -- web browser. use kers down load a browser plug-in that blocks advertisers from collecting information. google is developing tools to work automatically once they turn on the privacy feature.
5:29 am
little big planet two game is packed with levels and obstacles but c net's dan being aerman says the fun is creating your own levels. >> in order to get the most out of the game, you have to spend sometime thinking about what you want to create and figure out physics of the levels and there's help built into the game. but it's up to you. if you crr creative and feel like it's too passive, it's away to bring creative energy into the game. >> reporter: it's available for the play station 3. those are your tech bites. i am rob nelson.


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