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a lot of warm air mixing in. if it had arrived a day sooner it would be all snow. here, we will get a lot of rain on the front end tomorrow, a winter mix west of baltimore through the day. then all changes over tomorrow night . how much do we get? there's almost more questions than answers. we're going to take a stab at it anyway. >> good luck. >> winter storm watch. what the national weather service has up for us so far -- you'll note that sussex county, delaware and lower eastern shore are not in this watch. why would that be? we're expecting primarily rain, down on the beaches. then where we may see several inches on the central part of the eastern source of southern maryland there's a watch. higher totals expected from baltimore west. we'll try to break that down in a second. man, i'm telling you, this is a tricky call. 39, the current air temperature. that is 7 degrees above freezing at the airport now. after a day in the 40s. that helps thaw things out.
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the ground a little less frozen than it was. baltimore this afternoon, mostly cloudy. annapolis, we'll time lapse the annapolis sky cam and you'll see clearing at times. just high thin clouds, an indicator of some approaching weather. we do look for that to move in as we go in through the morning hours tomorrow. maryland's most powerful doppler radar now, just rain. rain showers down toward talbot county. easton, st. michaels. a now areas south of dc but temperatures too warm to produce anything other than liquid right now. 44 at dulles. in fact there's warmer air that will kind of continue to work in through the evening hours here despite sunset. it's going to take a while tonight to drop below freezing. as we go that cold it will be very brief. look at the highs today. really setting the stage for a mix -- a mixed bag of precipitation tomorrow. satellite and radar trend, getting more active. it's all rain now down over virginia, north carolina. a little bit of a changeover occurring way on the back edge
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of this thing. out toward missouri where cold air is beginning to wrap into this thing but it will take all the way through tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening, i think for us to see a big changeover tomorrow. just too much mild air ahead of this approaching storm. even as we get a wet snow change over maybe tomorrow early afternoon especially west of baltimore, a lot of that wet snow won't stick real well initially because of the two days that are above the freezing mark. futurecast timing, look at this, noon tomorrow, more of a snow. well west of baltimore. baltimore itself, eastern shore, indicating rain. by 5:00 that changeover occurring. colder air wrapping in. through the day you think this is not a big deal but then come 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 tomorrow evening it will be a big deal as we get a good burst of snow in. it's short-lived, maybe six hours tomorrow evening but we can get six inches of accumulation, especially as we get past sunset and the cold air works in. i'm not positive this is 100% right but three inches on the
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low end, four, five on the high end for baltimore depending on how fast we see the changeover. five inches plus out toward frederick. maybe just two to four for the eastern shore. just a mix down towards the beaches where they don't even have a watch. wide stretch of accumulation. 30 tonight, chance of rain. that mix tomorrow but more rain early in the day, but well north and west could change over a little more quickly. tomorrow night 27, changing to all snow but a huge rain, 2004 two to six -- two to six inches, depending if you're east and south or north and west. after that storm blows out tomorrow, looking at just blustery and cold weather thursday and friday. >> thank you. how many friends you have? the power of your punch? or will blue blood reign supreme at the academy awards. diana has more from hollywood. >> "the king's speech." >> "the king's speech." >> "the king's speech." >> reporter: long live "the king's speech" with 12 nominations including best director, best picture and best
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actorred no for front runner colin firth. >> you can't sit there. get up? >> it's a chair. >> "true grit" shut out of the golden globes, the western received 10 nominations. also among best picture nominees, "black swan," "inception," "toy story 3", and "the fighter." the boxing drama's flexing its appeal with best actress nods and favor to win for best supporting actor christian bale. it's a two-woman race for best actress. natalie portman's poretured balance ballerina in "black swan" and annette bening in "the kids are all right." oscar host james franco may also be an oscar winner, nominated for best actor in "127 hours." as always, there were some surprises. and this year it was mainly who was not nominated. julian moore in "the kids are all right." mark wahlberg as mickey ward
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and ryan gosling in "blue valentine." finally, the darling of the golden globes may prove big winner for best director. david fincher of "the social network" leads that category. another surprise. javier bardem. friends and fans lobbied heavily on his behalf for the spanish drama. diana alvear, abc news, hollywood. >> you can watch the academy awards february 27th here on abc2. while those movies are considered the best of there's also an award for the worst. the razzie nominees were announced. the last airbender and "twilight" saga eclipse topped the list with only 10 categories in the awards ceremony those two summed up nine nominations each. the worst picture category, "airbender" and "eclipse" joined by "the bounty hunter."
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"sex and the city" ii" and the "twilight" spoof "vampires suck." heart disease can run in the family. now scientists found a number of other factors that increase your risk of heart disease. begging the question, is family history really a good predictor? and some folks have a beef with taco bell tonight saying what is in your taco? isn't all meat. the lawsuit that has been filed and how taco bell is firing back. çó
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in tonight's "health alert" -- it's long been known that family history of heart disease is a risk factor for a heart attack. but scientists have identified a number of genes and factors
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of environment and behavior that increase your risk of heart disease. so the big question now, is family history still a useful predictor? here's dr. timothy johnson. >> reporter: the international research compared over 15,000 patients who survived a heart attack to people who never had one. the result is called the interheart study published in "the journal of the american college of cardiology." the question, if one or both of your parents had heart attacks does that affect your risk of having one even after accounting for other genetic and behavioral risks? such as smoking and drinking alcohol. the answer, having a parental history of heart attack increases your risk by an average of 74%. if one parent had a heart attack over 50 years of age your risk goes up 67%. under 50, your risk increases by 136%. if both your parents had heart attacks over age 50, that puts you at 190% greater risk and if
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they both had heart attacks under 50, your risk soars by a whopping 226%. the study's conclusion, a parental history of heart attacks is a significant independent predictor of heart attack. with this "medical minute," i'm dr. timothy johnson. we all see it at the pump. was -- gas prices continue to rise. coming up at 5:30 -- tips on how to save cash at the pump.
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