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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  January 28, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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during the six-hour traffic jam, it's time to pick it upglee worked alongside mark phal faulkenhan for years now we hear from his partner. i am messan pringle. >> i am charlie crowson. let's get a look at the forecast with justin berk. >> good morning to you. 5:58. there's a couple ways to approach this with tough love and say it's january, it's winter. we are getting what we should be getting. another is to look and say there's icy spots. and jeff, my buddy up there in southern pa said, look out for the ice in your driveway. and even though it's wet, it could have refrozen. and because it's clear and shiny, that might help you out. but look out for the icy spots. and look at bottom of the screen for closings and delays. developing light snow. it's not going to be like what we had. but a fresh inch midday through the afternoon with a clipper system coming through. next week's store, you and your housekeeper were so happy with
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the snow. it's going to be another complex storm many that's what keeps us awake in the weather department. look at this happening to the west. a clipper system. looks like the snow was shrinking up when it hits virginia. that's because of the mountains. once it passes over skyline drive. you are seeing that purple shading there near roanoke, that pops over the mountains, starts to pull in more moisture and yes snow will develop. so it look like it is passing to the south. this is a vigorous system. and it we are giving it respect. through midday, we will have ourselves a little push of snow especially south of baltimore. 29 in baltimore. look out for the ice and flurries. it's really late morning after 11 into the mid-afternoon we could see an inch likely. maybe slightly more amounts. here's kim brown with traffic. >> now, the 24-hour traffic authority brought to you by toyota. >> reporter: that's right, justin. icy spots certainly a very -- certainly are possible and likely around the area. with the varied power outages
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around the baltimore metro, several traffic lights will be dark around howard ann aid rundle county and -- anne arundel and harford county. traffic is building a bit. not enough to cause major delays. we have one accident. here's an indication of slick spots up in street at sandy hook road, a vehicle is off the roadway. so take it easy especially around the more curvey roadways and on and off ramps and we have instances of trees hanging low in the roadway affecting visibility in timonium southbound dulaney valley road. now back to you. >> kim, thanks. the snow and ice bad enough. some of you sat in traffic for hours. others of you struggled to find a place to park. now there's a new headache and that's no powerch the outages keep coming and bge expects more outages after the storm and they have been trying very hard to get everybody's lights back on. linda so is live with what you need to know. linda. >> reporter: well, megan, getting the power restored
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repairing downed power lines getting trees out of the way. it's not as easy as perhaps clearing the roadways. that's why it is taking sometime. bge tells us it could be a weekend, maybe saturday and sunday until the lights are back on for everyone. in the meantime, they say this storm was actually worse than last year's blizzard because it was a heavy snow. not the dry fluffy stuff. all that extra weight brought down so many trees and power lines and that's why bge had to deal with a record number of outages at this storm. at the height of the storm, they say more than 200,000 bge customers with kicked off the grid and crews had to wait to hit the street until the storm passed because it was just too dangerous to be out there. now, the crews are back working around the clock getting help from as far as kentucky and tennessee. for those waiting for the power to come back on, it's been a long week. >> a little reminder that sometimes your life is so busy, you take a lot of things for granted, and sometimes it's nice to have a gentel reminder
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that simple things are not so bad sometimes. >> reporter: now let's look at the numbers this morning. here's how it breaks down. more than 12,000 are without power in anne arundel county, 5,000 out in baltimore county and more than a thousand in baltimore city. 180,000 customers have been restored since the storm hit. there are some of you out there that are in the dark. if you need the number to call the power -- to report a power outage, call: 1-877-778-2222. now, we were out and about this morning. the main roads look fine. it's the neighborhood and side streets. take it easy because there's snow covering the areas. we are here in the parking lot of the eddie's store off north charles street. and if you are out today running errands, this is what you want to look out for. this slushy stuff that melted overnight caused black ice like we see. and you can slip and fall. be careful as you are out and about walking around today. but the main roads look fine.
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we are in rogers forge, linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks. four minutes after the hour right now. you see at the bottom of the screen it says 5:58 is in fact 4 minutes after six on this friday morning. but, hey, if you were forced to abandon the car, just to make it home wednesday after the storm, hopefully, you have got it back this morning. about a thousand motorists werestrapped between northern pawkway and balmmore county near the county line -- parkway and baltimore county near the county line. the polywestern high school parking lot, and if you didn't have and don't have to pay to get it picked up. >> i thought it was going to be like $400 charge. and the fact it was free, like it made, you know, made me not -- you know, extremely happy but very happy and relieved. >> if you have to yet to pick up your car, the city may charge. you for more information on where to grab it, call 311. five minutes after six. three people from our area died
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as a result of all the snow. 32-year-old michael harmony was shoveling snow in northern carroll county when he collapsed. two passing drivers stopped to try to help and administered cps -- cpr and rescue crews took him to the hospital. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. neighbors say harmony was a heavy smoker but they don't know of other health problems he may have had. 77-year-old richard olif was killed while walking along mountain road in pasadena when he was hit by the bed of a pickup truck with a snowplow on the front. the driver of the truck they said didn't pull over. they are not sure. maybe he didn't know he struck a person. he spent decades coaching fencing at johns hopkinsuniversity. the third person to passe way from the snowstorm was a taxi driver in baltimore city. his cab caught on fire on a snowy street in northwest baltimore on wednesday night around 11:30. he was not able to get out of his cab. he died at the scene. time is 6:06. we talked a lot the past few days about the headaches and
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heart aches the storm will cause. but not so much complaints from those of us who love it when the white stuff comes down. >> that's for sure. we found a lot of kids having a great time in the snow. on a hill near the board of education along charles street. if you note hill we are talking about, it's famous for sledding. from shreds to little snow boards, snowmen and snowballs, it was good to have a snow story to tell that didn't involve a six-hour commute home on a cold night spent in the dark. it's true. did you see the trees? they looked beautiful. abc2 news always online tracking storms and keeping you updated with the latest forecast along with closings and delays logonto where you can find a link to the facebook fan page and become a friend of ours on facebook and uploads pictures. we will share them as much as possible. earlier, family and friends said bye to a hero mark faulkenhan where he was laid to rest. >> you will hear from a man who worked alongside faulkenhan for years. a new report on
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alzheimer's. how the disease could be defining a generation. >> charlie sheen back in the hospital and possibly back in hot water. the latest story may blow you away, but first new york for a look at the latest business news. >> reporter: good morning. we begin your money scope report with evidence the ecomony is picking up speed. the government is expected to report this morning that the ecomony expanded at a rate of 3 1/2% last quarter. strong consim spending is expected to be the main factor behind the improvement and the reason economist are more optimistic about the year. microsoft earnings beat wall street expectation last quarter despite a weak pc market. sales of the x box connect made up for a dip in sales. general motors says they don't need government money to go green. they are withdrawing the application for more than $14 billion in federal loans to build more fuel efficient cars. the girl scouts are learning a tough lesson in economics.
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councils are testing a plan to sell the most 6 popular varieties of the cookies. and that is your money scope report. i am vinita nair.
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out dealing with the snow dennis fulton still is dealing with what happened last week in an apartment fire in hillendale. >> last week was the partner of mark faulkenhan who died in the father. mark is the hero we lost and dennis is the hero we have. jamie costello has more on the story. >> reporter: you are looking at mark faulkenhan's last ride in the front seat of a fire truck. notice the tear dropping on the side of the door. >> i am glad to be here, but i am sorry there's not two of us
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talking to you about the fire. >> reporter: dennis fulton's eyes never blinked. he could remember everything he did the night of the fire withhis partner mark faulkenhan. >> and we search the second floor and went to the third to search there. >> reporter: and then up on the third floor in a separate bedroom nooks once i got in there is when the fire really escalated. >> reporter: struggling to find a window, dennis jumped three stories high. he slid face first down a ladder and an escape trip taught by mark faulkenhan. >> the fire was close enough that needed a extra-- i needed to extricate myself from the building. that's the way we did it. something i have been taught and we practiced. >> reporter: on the ground bruised and bleeding and not broken, he knew there was one job to do. >> they told me after the fact all i said was where's my het helmet and once i found it, i tried to join another group of people that was going in to do
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additional searching. principally to help mark out. you don't want to leave your partner. >> reporter: into ready. >> reporter: the moment talked to mark's wife, gladys. >> was difficult but she made it easy in that respect because she is very knowledgeable of what goes on in the fire service. and it was good to be able to talk to her. >> reporter: in riding the procession it's dennis fulton paying respects to those but this time it was chestnut ridge. >> wonder who will be in our spot. it's a position that you never want to be in. we wanted to support other people, but never thought we would be in the ones to need that support. >> reporter: and it's support like watson's donating a bench to honor a hero, and to dennis fulton whose uniform is untouched from that night. only he is touched like all of us with this moment where mark's son held his father's flag. dennis knows the bows love trains just like he does.
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>> i thought, i would love to go there with them at some point in time and hope to be a part their life to tell them what a good guy their dad was. >> reporter: and to gladys faulkenhan who is watching the report. know you may have lost your husband, your best friend and a loving father, but you have gained 80 role models who promise to take care of you and your boys forever. >> and that was jamie costello reporting. dennis can't ride for a while as he recovers. but he's been at the firehouse and was there yesterday and will be there again today helping in anyway he can. now, maryland's mostpowerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most being a ret by weatherate. >> 6:14. we are looking at temperatures across the area. we are borderline frees freezing. it's -- borderline freezing. anything that was wet refroze. even if it's not the main roads, and stepping outside on your driveway, and kids going to the bus stop, that's why we
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have the stuff crawling at the bottom of the screen. a lot of power outages. people keep telling me this is pretty bad out there. one of my friends down in crofton isn't me video of some of the trees that crashed down and dangling leftovers of the power lines and power poles. 29 in annapolis. 31 in edgemere. 28 bel air. still cleaning out. you got over a foot of snow still on the ground. even with the packsion. eastern shore has -- compaction. eastern shore has 29. we have flurries, this is a passage of flurries. this is ahead of the clipper. so a few flakes this morning. i wouldn't be alarmed if you are driving around the beltway and towards bel air a. few flakes this morning. we are looking at temperatures that are just below freezing this morning. and we are pushing about 35 as the two degree guarantee midday. and dropping. clipper passes to the south and that's the maximum punch. we will have about an inch of snow maybe more to the south,
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temperatures just above freezing at least central southern maryland which means we have the issue of the road going to be wet or are they going to be white. they have been treated with a lot of stuff and midday getting solar radiation may help but if we get burst of snow, that will actually help to overcome some of the temperatures. there's the almanac normally 41. we are not going to get there. we stay below normal. here's the clipper. a renegade snow shower right now. there's the clipper pushing into the mountain. you see what's happening, this mix near roanoke south virginia, that's what happens as the clipper crosses the mountains and looks like it is drying out. and once it pops over the other side, it's going to start throwing moisture back in. so, this passage to the southeast virginia, richmond, virginia beach, that is a maximum hit here for central maryland for any clipper any time of the year. what happens is as it reaches the coast, it stars to throw moisture back in so the radar will fill in. and that's why we are trying to be more aggressive with an inch. maybe another hit further to the south. we will have more passing to the north with the next system
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riding north of baltimore, midday, tomorrow. plan for and ip of snow today late morning through afternoon. 35. we are back down with a refreeze and dry at 21. light snow tomorrow. that storm tuesday light snow and heavier stuff mixing on wednesday. that is the issue next week. kim. >> you, the 24-7b hour traffic authority. brought to -- 24-hour traffic authority brought to you by toyota. >> reporter: making your way to and from the toll plaza, fortmeek hipry and harbor -- fort mchenry and harbor tunnel. heading towards the beltway, the jfx also looking good from the ruxonton road overpass. we don't have too much in terms of accidents. there's one. the biggest story on the roadways, down in annapolis, downed wires are closing the intersection at carrollton road and harbor drive. the traffic light is out at arnold and route 648 in anne
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arundel county. north and east of the beltway, as you approach sandy hook road, a car slid off the roadway. so take it easy. it's a little slick out there. some easy patches continue. and low hanging trees affecting southbound lanes of due lanny valley road and old bosley road affecting visibility a little bit. you could see that around the area. so keep your eyes open and pay extra attention. megan, back to you. >> thanks, it's 6:18 right now. and this morning,'s health alert, alzheimer's association released the generation alzheimer's report calling the disease the defining disease a baby boom -- of baby boomers. here's dr. timothy johnson. >> reporter: the first of the baby boomer generation this year will turn 65. the age when the risk of developing alzheimer's significantly increases. bringing impending wave of new cases of the disease and new families that will have to cope with the devastating toll this
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disease takes on the victims. it's expected that 10 million baby boomers will develop alzheimer's and of those who reach age 85, nearly 1 in 2 will get it. the report says since there is no way to prerent -- prevent it, cure it or slow the progression, everyone of the 10 million baby boomers will die with or from alzheimer's. in addition to the human toll over the next 40 years, alzheimer's will likely cost the nation an estimated 20 trillion dollars with such a broad ranging impact on patients' families medicare and medicaid, alzheimer's could take a toll on the national ecomony. so unless a cure is found, alzheimer's could become the defining disease of the baby boom generation. with this medical minute i am dr. timothy johnson. >> time is 6:19. and a special happy birthday to
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jay of abington. look at jay. because wendy -- wendy says he is simply old. and kevin turns 30 today. his mom sent in this picture. thanks for that. and happy birthday kevin. tomorrow, trina wanted to wish her sister kimberly, a happy birthday as well. kimberly happy birthday from all of us here and all of maryland. if you've birthday, we want to know about it. tell us who is celebrating, give us an e-mail to tell us the likes and dislikes. send the attached picture to morning show at now our picture of the day. this comes in from debbie in owings mills. she sent a picture of sugar cookie. she calls sugar cookie her fur baby. she adopted the kitten from a rescue center. she says she adds humor anding?els to her life. >> and this is 9 month old olivia enjoying the first snow. riding around in style. hope she had a good day.
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hope if you had a chance to play in the snow, had fun as well. >> she looks gorgeous. happy 16th wedding anniversary to hannibal and michelle. they married in phoenix, arizona and live in elk ridge. they have five beautiful children, alisa, amara, hakeem, and justice. happy and beers -- happy birthday to you. >> if you have interesting photos you want to us share, pets, anniversaries, birthdays and a picture of the day, morning show at include all pertinent information. 6:21. she established herself as teen idol with her little alter eggo. hanna montana. >> but bad choices put miley cyrus in a different category these days. plus, he worked hard shoveling snow for his neighbors only to have someone run off with the cash. now some good samaritans have come to that young boy's
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it's 6:24. and time to check entertainment news. charlie sheen was rushed to a los angeles hospital thursdaya rep for the two and half men star says he he experienced severe abdominal pains. this is sheen's emergency trip to the hospital, the second one in three months n october he was hospitalized in new york. at time, his rep said he was suffering an allergic reaction to medication. sometimes you got to read the fine print of being a teen idol. teen queen mileie cyrus is two for two. for the second year she has been voted the worst celebrity influence by 48% of those who vote. nearly 100,000 teens. yes. people she is influenced voted in that aol poll. you have to be cautious when you drive out in this weather. particularly in areas where theis formed. >> the driver of a car has lived to tale story about a bad experience. >> look at this. >> about driving on the highway. >> wait until you see the
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video. we are back in a bipt. bit. we've
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generate powerful enzymes, which accelerate the waste digestion. use rid-x once a month, and help save yourself from disaster. now, "good morning, maryland." first a traffic and then cleanup and now the storm from wednesday that is brought a whole new set of problems. power theage. >> the development is in the case of phylicia barnes, the
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missing 16-year-old. the father says someone close to the case has hired an attorney. so, you want to jump in the freezing cold water? before you say no way, what if we tell you joe flacco and governor o'malley will join you for a great cause. not today on this friday january 28th, but that's coming up. we have news, weather and traffic as we get you ready for what's a finally friday. >> love the polar bear plunge. thanks for joining us. a reminder, any school closings and delays will be at bottom of the screen. >> and notice the clock is not there. we will keep you update on the time, it's 6:29 as you start your day. >> now over to justin with a check on weather. >> good morning. two things first off. that polar bear plunge came with a surprise 6 inches of snow. a lot of us remember that. this one, we will try to get a handle on. but we get a extra burst. also noticing it's slower traffic than normal online. i think teachers ar


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