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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  February 1, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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through the overnight hours. look at the watch/warning map. you can see now the greatest concerns are going to be points north. winter storm warning in the pink up through central and southern pennsylvania here for heavy icing. ice storm warning for philadelphia. we've got a freezing rain advisory out across most of the state of maryland through the overnight, most of this coming in after 9:00 tonight. at the moment just cloudy, couple patches of light rain to the south into virginia. a lot of this will come down as very light freezing rain in the early evening hours but the main concern is the main storm. massive storm, heavy, blizzard-like conditions towards chicago. thunderstorm, tornado concerns in the deep south. we're going to be right on the rain/snow line as this moves in overnight. as the timing really not great because it does come in well after sunset. we think this starts as freezing rain. we get maybe a quarter-inch or more of ice before we go over to rain and it all begins to
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melt away towards mid-morning and midday tomorrow. more on the approaching icy storm, coming up. kelly? thank you, or kim. we're looking at normal congestion. fortunately nothing falling from the sky. the roads had a chance to dry out just a little. no problems on the harrisburg expressway at shawan. traffic moving well in both directions. we're dealing with incidents in baltimore city, one just reported involving a struck pedestrian at the alameda and st. low drive but accident at east madison and montford. right now the street temperatures are above freezing, that is going to be good news as we really head in towards the evening rush. back to you. >> thank you. if you plan to fly at bwi marshall you're in luck. conditions were pretty normal this morning. a few cancellations, but if if
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you're headed out tonight or tomorrow airport officials recommend you call ahead and check with your airline for the most up to date information. you have to admit, many of us breathed a sigh of relief this morning. we headed out early, giving ourselves plenty of time but thanks to road crews would worked through the night the drive wasn't so bad. abc2 news constitution don harrison shows us how they cleared the roads in anne arundel county. >> reporter: anne arundel county put snow plows and salt trucks in force for the latest round of winter weather. between midnight and 7:00 a.m. a total of 122 vehicles salted and patrol county roads. now word that the county will get $1.5 fromle federal government to help cover last year's massive clean-up from back-to-back blizzards. >> we reimbursed for the 48 hours of the most serious part of the storm. so again, the reimbursements less than 20% but we're grateful for anything fema can do. >> reporter: this year is closer to normal for salt and snow plow spending.
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last night 1,500 tons of de-icing salt was used. >> the roads are very slippery. i urge motorists to exercise extreme caution when traveling on the very icy roads. glek even though many are prepared they had enough of this winter. >> i'm ready for some warm weather. no ice on the ground. too much. >> reporter: to handle the ice and rain, tonight the county crews and contractors will be out to make tomorrow morning's commute as safe as possible. in anne arundel county, i'm don harrison for abc2 news. >> the money from fema represents about 75% of the county's expenditures from last year's clean-up. whenever there is a big storm power outages are always a concern. so before you lose power bge suggests suggests you have a corded phone. if you lose power make sure you call them to tell them about the outage, at 877-778-2222.
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it's an automated reporting system. bge says keep that number in a handy place so you can find it if you lose power. always keep in mind that just because your neighbor says they called in the outage that doesn't mean you're taken care of. the neighbor could be on a separate system. so when they get their power back on may still be in the dark. stay with us for continuing coverage of the winter storm. we'll have the latest forecast and storm preps tonight on abc2 news at 6:00 and 11work. we'll also be on early on "good morning america" starting 4:30 a.m. check out doppler radar along with closings and delays on-line at "good morning maryland." tonight, anne arundel county police say charges are pending against the driver of a plow truck who struck and killed a pasadena man. 77-year-old richard owens was walking along mountain road near the flea market last month when he was hit by a truck. he died at the hospital. the driver was identified as
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21-year-old max brody. a solemn celebration for a frostburg student killed last year. a candlelight vigil will be tonight for brandon carroll. he would have been 21 today. the family is asking people to remember him by performing an act of kindness for a stranger and lighting a candle tonight. he was shot by another student, tyrone hall, who is serving five years for manslaughter. no bail tonight for orioles pitcher alfredo simone, the 29-year-old will stay in jail in the dominican republic on manslaughter charges. police say he fired two shots on new year's eve and when the bullet came back down they killed a 25-year-old man and wounded his 17-year-old brother. the lawyer plans to appeal the judge's decision. tonight our series "maryland's cold cases" continues with the story of carolyn mccomas. she worked as a manager in the
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first national bank branch in havre de grace. october 14, 1986 he serviced the atm kiosk off pulaski highway, like always at 1:30 in the afternoon. this time someone waited for her. >> all the witnesses that saw this go down, that were there on the parking lot were devastated by this homicide. >> you can watch her story tonight on abc2 news at 11:00. in egypt, there's virtually no sign that demonstrators have any intent on slowing down. today, over a million people were called to gather in protest, even though the government cut communications and transportation to keep them from coming. but hundreds of thousands found their way anyway scrambling toward the heart of cairo, remaining committed to the message. here's laura setraian. >> reporter: by far the largest demonstration in egypt to date amore than 250,000
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people flooded into the square today to march on the capitol city. the peaceful but packed crowd united in the message. president hosni mubarak, after 30 years in power must step down. >> we're not going to leave this square until mubarak leaves egypt as soon as possible. >> reporter: the stream of protesters continued all morning despite a government shutdown of all roads and public transportation into cairo. yet once there soldiers at checkpoints did nothing to stop them from entering the square. yesterday the vice president offered to speak with reformers but the message was rebuffed by the people. images of mubarak hanging in effigy and portrayed as hitler. >> i am -- today is a sign of history. >> reporter: just this morning the state department ordered all non-emergency government personnel and their families to leave the country.
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and the weeklong demonstrations in egypt have had an impact in neighboring jordan as king abdullah dissolved his government and vowed to consider substantial political reforms. on tuesday night well after curfew the protesters started to stream out of the square to the road behind me where you can see soldiers guarding the state television building. well over a dozen tanks along the banks of the nile. protesters have been chanting all day and all night, mubarak, out, we have no fear. and they vowed to keep protesting until they get their demands. abc news, cairo. >> that civil unrest in egypt left many americans desperate to find a way out of the country. coming up on abc2 news at 6:00, we'll have the story of 19-year-old sarah blake pictured here. a harford county community college student. and the peril she faced trying to make her way back to columbia. getting a ticket may be annoying. especially when you get it in the mail. but a new study finds that red light cameras are saving
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lives in baltimore and 13 other cities. in 2009 red light running killed 676 people and injured over 100,000. a study by the insurance institute for highway safety found deadly intersection crashes were dramatically reduced with red light cameras. mainly because drivers stopped rather than risking a ticket. >> people are more aware that the law is being enforced and that makes them more likely to stop. >> the institute compared deadly accidents in 14 cities with cameras to those without and the cameras cut deadly red light running crashes by 24%, saving about 159 lives. baltimore had a 14% reduction in deaths. new at 5:00 -- actress zsa zsa gabor is back in the hospital just a week after going home following the amputation of her right leg. her publicist says gabor's husband called for help after she began to spit up blood. garob, turns 95 sunday and spent three weeks at ronald
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reagan ucla medical center last month. her right leg was amputated because of an infection. an all too familiar scene across the nation. bullying caught on tape. a boy dragged, kicked and hung on a fence post by his jacket. what his mother and school are saying about the attack. plus, a brave rescue and now a big honor. why four officers from baltimore police marine unit are being called heroes tonight. and some folks in chicago got upwards of three inches of snow overnight. that is just a preview of the main event. a closer look at the monster storm taking aim at the midwest and moving this way. [ male announcer ] if you think "heroes" are only in movies,
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a monster storm is bearing down on the midwest and heading east threatening to leave large amounts of snow and ice along a 2,000-mile stretch. you've seen the pictures, you've heard about it. tj winick reports from
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chicago, which expects to get hit pretty hard. >> reporter: in chicago call it the appetizer before the main course. one to three inches of snow fell overnight but the wind -- windy city is expecting one to two feet over the next 24 hours. >> this time we may potentially be dealing with a storm of historic proportions. >> reporter: historic as in the biggest snowfall in over 40 years. just a piece of this monster storm grinding across the country. in fact, winter weather alerts extend from new mexico to maine, with blizzard warnings in seven states. >> we're going to have blizzard winds, flying snow, so so your visibility will be gone. not only will you have snow packed roads but you won't be able to see where you're going. >> reporter: these folks in canton, ohio, are stocking up on essentials. >> fruits, vegetables, milk. a few things for the super bowl. >> reporter: the storm already caused dozens of weather-related accidents. in kansas city a bus full of students flipped over on this icy narrow lane. in loveland, colorado,
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several cars lost control and tumbled off the highway. salt truck drivers in indianapolis are working 12-hour shifts. trying to stay ahead of this frozen mess. >> i think we would rather have a couple of feet of snow than a lot of ice with the damage it can do to utility lines, to cell towers, to basic services. >> reporter: if you're planning on flying today you can very well be out of luck. nearly 4,000 flights cancelled, clear skies aren't expected here in chicago until thursday. tj winick, abc news, chicago. >> check this out. great video to share with you. hemplean posted this on our facebook fan page showing how icy it was in harford county today. you can see his son slipping and sliding having a bit of trouble navigating the sidewalk. dear old dad, huh?
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>> all in good fun. it's interesting, i remember as a kid, a little bit of ice can be fun if you don't have to drive in it. >> i was going to say. no laughing matter. >> exactly. we generally don't root for ice. maybe snow, some people, not so much ice. just causes a lot of headaches. this morning, less than 1/10 inch, all it takes. so, widespread concerns tonight. worse as you go north toward the pennsylvania line. and toward the philadelphia area. a true ice storm warning up there. here, freezing rain concerns overnight. we'll make it slick through probably 5:00 a.m. let's first look at our current watch/warning map. this bears explanation. we are right on the borderline of so many different things happening. we think we're going to get freezing rain in here, especially after 9:00 tonight. and these ice warnings vary in expiration times. in other words, the southern counties, say dc, anne arundel county, annapolis, back through the lower eastern shore, easton through 4:00 a.m. a concern for glazed ice on
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the roads. as we go towards 7:00 a.m. we'll still have icing around the baltimore area and across the northern part of the state. then as you head further north it crossed the pennsylvania line, true winter storm warning but not for snow, for ice and sleet. that through 1:00 tomorrow. and then look at this, just ?: north of cecil county, just north of newark, delaware, ice storm warning, pretty much the highest warning you'll get from the national weather service for those north and western philly suburbs. it just looks really rough up there during the day tomorrow. but we will get freezing rain here, too. maryland's most powerful doppler radar right now, five sweeps in motion. we're not seeing much. a couple of light showers surface temperatures just above freezing now. so even if we get a brief shower it will probably just be rain. but toward hagerstown light shower there and there the temperatures are colder. look at our tower cam in baltimore. 33 degrees and humidity high, wind calm. 1 degree above that critical
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freezing mark of 32 and through the day today we had cloudy conditions, morning freezing drizzle. look at the fog rolling in through the middle part of the afternoon here. you talk about an ugly-looking afternoon out there, it's rough-looking. gwynn oak, roads not bad right now but we know that will not be the case come later tonight. in fact, as that main wave comes in toward 9:00, 10:00, several hours after sunset, once temperatures have a chance to drop a little further here, it's really all downhill on the roads. so best to get everything done you have to by say 6:00, 7:00, to be safe. after 8:00, 9:00 we could see freezing rain. highs today only into the mid-30s. had very little melting. in fact, on the back side of this, you only see freezing rain breaking out here across pennsylvania. a little bit of rain into virginia. the main storm, as i take you out further here, still centered out over the arkansas/tennessee area. sending a tremendous amount of moisture up.
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again, encountering this cold mass of air over maryland right now. and it's going to take a while for this to change back to rain. this is towards midnight. the first boround of significant rain coming after 10:00, 11:00. freezing rain, ice. stopping here 5:00 a.m., we by this point warmer air will start to work in. change to all rain from like annapolis to dc but then we could still see more freezing rain in the morning hours. and after midday up to 40 degrees. it will change to rain showers by late tomorrow. 32 tonight, freezing rain. as we go into tomorrow 46. some morning ice. then again, it's just going to be rain and much warmer temperatures. mid-40s. that will melt everything but it's that critical window tonight into the morning. tomorrow night colder and windier. the outlook here for clearer weather toward the end of the week. let's head to kim and see what the roads look like right now. thank you. right now the road conditions
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aren't terrible. as i'm checking a lot of the temperature sensors on some of the area roads, they are all either at or above freezing. so traffic is actually getting off to a pretty good start. the state highway administration, they are preparing for tonight's wintry mix while in the midst of still cleaning up from monday's storm. as we look live in anne arundel county, 97 moving very well in both directions here at benfeld boulevard. no incidents reported on the baltimore beltway now. 95 also moving well from howard into harford county. however, we have problems in baltimore city including an accident involving a struck pedestrian at the alameda and st. lowe drive. a crash reported on reisterstown road and glen avenue. east madison and north montford, reports of an accident there. and north and east of the beltway in jarrettsville, an injury crash at jarrettsville pike and cool woods court. that is south of norris road. in bel air, an injury crash at emmorton road and valiant drive. expect ems and police on scene. back to you. let's look at headlines from around the nation.
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newly released surveillance video of an attack just over a week ago at a detroit police station. four officers and one civilian were talking behind the desk in the lobby of the precinct, when they say this man here, lamar deshea moore calmly walked in and opened fire. the four officers were hit but they all survived. this cell phone video shows a 13-year-old boy being kicked and dragged through the snow, thenhursted into a tree but his alleged attackers. the teen tries to run away but all caught again and finally after several attempts the bullies hang him by his jacket on a tall fence. the teen says he was terrified. his mother in tears. >> it's scary. it's crazy. i mean, there's nothing you can do to protect your own kid. >> what can i do about it? i'm a single person. i got two hands and two feet. i can't fight a whole group. i can't fight a whole school. >> awful.
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video was taken by one of the seven alleged attackers. six were the victims' classmates. they've been arrested. the school superintendent said "please know the safety of every child in this district is of our utmost importance." scary moments for students on a school bus in kansas city, missouri. the bus slid out of control and crashed into a utility pole yesterday morning. then a fire truck responding to the incidents crashed into the bus. two students suffered minor injuries but they are going to be all right. traffic outside new york city is nothing unusual but a plane on a highway is a little out of the ordinary. a small aircraft landed on i-80 in hackensack, new jersey, yesterday. headed for a nearby airport but the pilot reported a loss of fuel pressure. no one was hurt but as you can imagine traffic was backed up for miles. hitting the gym could improve more than your body. researchers say exercise could also boost your brain. why scientists say it could do wonders for the older crowd.
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memory loss has long been associated with growing older. now a new study finds exercise in older adults may be a memory booster. here's abc's dr. timothy johnson. >> reporter: in older adults, without dementia, the area of the brain related to memory gets smaller with time. known as the hippocampus, it shrinks between 1% and 2% a year in this age group. that can lead to impaired memory and raises the risk of
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developing dementia. animal studies have found that exercise can increase the volume of the hippocampus and improve memory but would that work in humans? a study in the proceedings of the national academy of sciences says yes. the authors assigned 120 older adults to either arobbic exercise or a stretching program. the participants took memory tests and brain scans before, during and after the one-year program. the aerobic exercise group that walked for 40 minutes three times a week showed a 2% increase in hippocampus volume and better memory. but the stretching group had a 1.4% volume loss. the authors conclude that aerobic exercise can reverse brain volume loss in late adulthood, thereby improving memory function. with this "medical minute," i'm dr. timothy johnson.
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you can get ready for another icy, dicey commute to work in the morning. wyett everhart has the forecast.
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