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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  February 4, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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flammable liquid and set it on fire in a west baltimore alleyway. a pair of twins were responsible. during the trial their attorney exposed a number of problems police had in collecting and preserving the evidence. >> in this case, unfortunately, i -- i think it's just at the police end of things, i think the prosecution has done a wonderful job with what they have. but i -- i hope that the police department will take these cases more seriously and set them up as koreans crime scenes in the future. the jury has been deliberating for two days. it is very likely they will have difficulty arriving at a verdict. jeff hager, abc 2 news. another case of animal cruelty, this time in charles county. a world champion horse was shot last month on a maryland normal. bender was shot weeks before he
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would be named the 2010 horse of the year. his injuries were so severe that doctors had to put him done. bender's owners say the horse was waiting for breakfast on january 21 at a farm when he was shot. charles county police and the department of natural resources are investigating the case. new at 5:00 tonight, a super bowl safety committee official says five people have been hurt by falling ice at cowboys stadium. the ice fell this afternoon. one person had critically injured and taken to the hospital. no word on why those injured were at the stadium. all right. we saw temperatures back up to near 40 degrees in most spots today. that was something of an improvement. we are tracking some precipitation. mainly to the south of the city right now. rain plaguing parts of eastern virginia, richmond south virginia. also rain in the carolina area. we will also talk about potential for some of that rain to come in here tonight and
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tell them they could come down as light freezing rain. we have a freezing rain advisory for the national weather service. baltimore westward and northward. not annapolis but a light freezing rain, 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. it will be possible. a little bigger concerns towards kelly for ice and snow in that direction. but again, here, mostly rain. 40degrees right now. that's going to mean even the early rain will really not freeze as it begins to come down. overnight will be a slight chance of a icy mix. we will talk more about this coming up. pennsylvania police have arrested and charged two men for a rash of car fires including one here in baltimore county. investigators called them the playing card arsonists because they leave playing card at the scene of the crime. >> reporter: rosie, it was last march when we first reported on a car fire up in park view maryland. part of a rash of car fires in
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northern baltimore county and southern pennsylvania. tonight police caught the two men they believe sit the fires and left the calling card at each scene. alexander rob and michael knowles were arrested early this morning. a task force comprised of the atf, pennsylvania and baltimore county authorities worked for a year to develop leads in the case. right now the two suspects are only charged with fire set in pennsylvania. but soon, baltimore county will have its turn. >> at some point, once it has been verified that, in fact, these suspects are the ones responsible for the fire, or fires, in our jurisdiction, they will be charged. >> each man is being held on $500,000 bail. a howard county grand jurys had do it manned who was arrested when authorities found marijuana plants in his home after a car crashed right into it. richard marriott is facing several charges including possession of marijuana and
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possession with intent to distribute. the crash happened on december 10 when a man crashed into marriott's house. harper county is taking on bullying in the schools, by installing surveillance cameras in 11 school buses. according to published reports the cameras were approved by the school system as part of a pilot program. the cameras will be installed in four county and seven contractor buses for the school system. hundreds of thousands of people in egypt call for hosni mubarak to leave. organizers want demonstrators to fill every square in cairo after days in street battles with pro government protesters. obama administration is in talks about the possible resignation of mubarak and the formation of an interim government. >> reporter: democracy protesters in egypt are calling this a day of departure. a day they want hosni mubarak
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to leave town immediately. >> leave now. not tomorrow. what you want from people now. hosni mubarak? it is now, if you really love this country, please leave this country. >> reporter: all morning people have been streaming into the -- liberation square. the area was transformed from a battle ground to a holy ground. roughly 100,000 people took part in noon prayers. friday is the muslim holy day. once over, the square erupted with chants of defiance. tahrir square is the focal point in the fight. today's rally is seen as a chance for some to regain momentum and they say they will keep it up until mubarak steps down. the army is out in force, arresting people entering the square while mubarak's supporters are nowhere to be
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seen. soldiers using tanks and barbed wire blocked access to the area. the defense minister made an unexpected visit to liberation square pleading with protesters that what they are doing is quote, not good for egypt. but vice president omar suliman promised christiane amanpour that they won't try to force the protesters to leave. >> we will not use violence against the protesters but we will ask them to go forth. it is one of those things heard around the world. millions are in an uproar in cairo. rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online. about an hour later kol tweeted we weren't intending to make light of the situation. we understand the sensitivity of this historic moment. and a national guard unit is heading to egypt to keep the peace. the delta company will be
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deployed to a more peaceful peninsula next month. gabrielle giffords rehab is going well enough for her astronaut husband to fly to the international space station. nasa says mark kelley will command the shuttle "endeavour." he will resume can training monday and go into quarantine with his five crew mates a week before the april 19 launch. and state officials confiscate more than 10-tons of illegally caught rockfish in just three days. the drastic action they are taking to make sure it doesn't happen any more. plus, a scam alert for fake coats being cold as the redeal. you may think that online price is fantastic. but it could be too good to be true. and, of course, we in the news business stay out of texas weather while telling you to stay home but it doesn't always work out for folks like this. see what happened to one crew out in the field when the falling ice rolled in and well rolled over them.
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well, it is national wear red day to help support the fight against heart disease in women. tonight on abc, barbara walters has a primetime special. this time it is very personal for her. a barbara walters special, a matter of life and death looks at heart disease with others who like her have had open heart surgery. here is a preview. >> the surgery lasted four hours. during which, the president claims, he had a vision. >> i saw pictures of people i loved, like hillary and chelsea, and people who had been my friends in my life, coming in a circle of light and sort of flashing off into the distance. they were just kind of presence in the universe. it was an amazing experience, and i remembered it very clearly when i woke up.
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>> some people get depressed. did you get depressed? >> i know what depression is. depression is a black hole. that is not what i experienced. there has to be a release because the assault on your system, mentally, emotionally and physically is amazing. it's horrendous. and i
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inspect. [temporarily lost connection ] set yourself up to be tested as a possible bone marrow driver at community church 2907 mountain road in bellaire. tonight on abc2 news at 11:00 we will have much more on young harry and how he and his family are dealing with this struggle.
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well, first it was the freezing temperatures. now a winter storm is spreading all across the south. people in houston woke up to that. a big surprise. snow and ice everywhere. schools are canceled all across the texas gulf coast. big trucks don't necessarily mean you can drive in it. a gal -- in galveston the city manager says they haven't had to prepare like this since the last major hurricane hit the city. >> this is the first, first thing since ike we have had as far as an emergency that has shut down our operations. >> meantime up in oklahoma, icy roads proved to be deadly. three people were killed when this pickup slid off a snow- covered interstate and plunged into the river. in chicago, drivers are slowly reclaiming about a thousand cars that were abandoned on lake shore drive. and the winter storm not made for treacherous driving conditions. an ohio tv news crew found out after their live truck got stuck in the ice. bryan hambrick and his photographer headed to indiana in the thick of the storm.
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>> reporter: this is union, indiana, and as you can see, the roads are pretty slippery. difficult to walk on, even tougher to drive on. it would be easy to drive off and into a corn field, really easy. and that brings us to our next problem. failure is not an option. >> i think they have to pay for tenantly. finally a local farmer came to their rescue with his tractor pulling their truck out of the ditch. well, hopefully, we won't get that kind of ice up here. >> i don't think so, rosie. we do have a window of time overnight tonight, where we could see some icing and in particular, going west to baltimore, like i-70 west, i- forty west and going up north towards the pennsylvania line. but it is a tight window. talking 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. is our main icing window around
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here. >> okay. >> and not even so much even then when you're talking annapolis south, so another one of those narrow windows. early saturday morning drivers headed north or west, extra caution advised. don't end up like our friends in the news truck. >> it has happened to me. >> i just was trying not to freak out when the truck goes sliding off. that was years ago in ohio. >> you were screaming failure is not an option. >> no that is kind of goofy. pretty quiet night on the range. we have 40 degrees now rosie said. you know, we don't have any rain on the radar yet but if we did have, it is impossible that it would stick. we're well above the freezing mark as we have been all day long. i want to show you through the daytime lapse, this is photography out of baltimore. you can see, you know, not a lot of sun until late in the day. we got a few sunny peaks breaking through the cruz. that was nice. annapolis, a good-looking day on the whole. temperatures moderating as we
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climb to the 40-degree range. plenty of spots around the area still with that snow on the ground. and, you know, the little more icy weather, due in tonight before we see mainly rain tomorrow. maryland's radar, all clear. nothing out here to speak of in terms of precipitation. should stay like this until we get into the late overnight towards daybreak tomorrow. freezing rain advisory in the national weather service. this tight window. 1:00to 6:00 a.m. baltimore north, baltimore west does not include d.c., annapolis, calvary county or the lower eastern shore. more winter weather though expected towards the wilmington, delaware area. even now, temperatures hoffing above the freezing mark, -- above -- hovering above the freezing mark. neighborhood by neighborhood tomorrow, a generally cloudy day with on and off rain showers. again, after that early morning window. a mix of clouds and sun, maybe late in the day but we will see
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rain showers and mostly cloudy skies. it won't be a lot of sun to be had. perryman about 38. rain down to the tide water of virginia right now. could be just a little bit of sleet in some of that but most of it will be liquid. the main storm system and most of the cold air -- west and southwest of us. you can see snow churning down in arkansas and northern minneapolis. and memphis, tennessee, set to get snow this evening. our future cast, bottom line, cloudy, rain showers on and off this evening. and some of that could be briefly in the form of a freezing rain, again, before daybreak tomorrow. but by 5:00, the pure rain showers that will happen during the day tomorrow, should be clearing out of here. and other than the far western edge of the state like out orders wisp, i don't think we will see any snow. overnight, 32, clouds on the increase. light rain with ice mixing in overnight. a bit icy on your morning
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commute, especially west and north of the city. but other than that it is all rain during the day tomorrow. tomorrow night we're talking 29 or so, as clouds thin out. just a little breezy. seven-day forecast, couple things going on here. number one, we have got that ice to rain tomorrow. then on sunday, 40, warm and sunshine. right now, monday night to tuesday, looking like mostly rain and then next storm which could be a winter weather maker coming in on thursday, we'll be tracking that closely. rosie? well, medication isn't necessary for all children diagnosed with adhd. new research shows it maybe caused by something they are eating. but not necessarily the same thing with each child. a test that has been shown to eliminate the symptoms. we will tell you about that. and a restaurant that is charging a tax to customers who don't speak english. is it fair or not? can you decide.
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in tonight's health alert, attention deficit hyper activity disorder is the most common psychiatric disorder in children and there is controversy tonight over the widening use of drugs to treat its symptoms among the young. abc's timothy johnson tells us about an alternative approach. >> attention deficit and hyper activity disorder known as adhd is a common diagnose among children today. the foremost symptoms are inattention, overactivity, and impulsive behavior. the cause or causes are unknown. but a new study published in the british journal lancet suggests that in some cases, adhd may at least be triggered by certain foods. so it may respond to what's called a restricted elimination diet. that means removing foods one
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by one from a patient's diet until the food, or foods causing symptoms is discovered. of the 50 children with adhd who had five weeks of a restricted diet, 32 showed improvement in symptoms compared to no improvement in 50 other children, not placed on the diet. when certain foods were reintroduced to the 30 children who had responded to the diet therapy, 19 had a relapse of symptoms. the authors' conclude that diet modification should be considered as one of the possible treatments for kids with adhd. with this medical minute, i am dr. timothy johnson. well, a new study shows that obesity world wide almost doubled in the decades between 1980 and 2008. in 2008 about 10% of men and 14% of women, more than half a billion adults were found to be obese. the study shows that obesity is no longer an affliction in the
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richer developed nations only but is fast spreading to low and middle income nations as well. bmi rose fastest in the u.s. during the entire 28 year period of the study. in 200868% of americans were found to be overweight while close to 34% were obese. a lamborghini slams into the roof much -- of an auto repair shop but is not what it seems. that story and your weekend weather forecast coming up at 5:30 in just two minutes. @
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the maryland commercial rockfish season is over. shut down after only three days. the maryland department of natural resources police confiscated more than 20,000 pounds of illegally caught striped bass since tuesday. the largest haul in 25 years.
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and the impact has forced a shutdown. >> reporter: anchored gill nets to catch rock fish have been illegal for years but what maryland natural resources police discovered this week has taken everyone by surprise. almost 10-tons of striped bass caught in almost two miles of illegal netting, with a rockfish quota in place, maryland officials were forced to suspend fishing. >> the bottom line is that fish, why they are caught illegally or legally, count towards the quota. we have hit that quota on a monthly basis early. >> the sheer volume of the illegal catch has shocked the fishermen. >> last yearity was two to three thousand pounds of fish. this year, we're -- we have already gone over 20,000 pounds of fish. >> reporter: the impact. suspended season on maryland watermen is ta


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