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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  February 7, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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voted in december to allow bge to collect more by raising the customer's annual bill by $16. gas customers saw a 10-dollar hike. bge's parent company says they want to reduce the regulatory rag and drive and prove earnings for bge. bge wants to spend $3 billion for reliability. the customers we talked to weren't so pleased. >> well, the electricity is a necessity. >> the bills have gone up, again and again and again. all of the fees, also. they're going up. i think it's outrageous. >> nobody likes to get the bills. >> reporter: it's been 17 years since the last increase. this man says that this is going to allow for a more
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gradual increase in rates and enable the company to keep pace with costs. the december rate increase is up for an appeal and further increases will have to be approved. and the request for a new rate increase has not been made to the public service commission yet. that takes the commission about 210 days to process. well, day three of deliberations in the trial of two brothers accused of setting a dog on fire. the jury is dead locked, but the jury is ordered to continue the deliberation. >> reporter: this hasn't produced results. the twin brothers are accused of setting a young pitbull on fire in an alley in 2009. the dog, later named phoenix died. the police arrested the
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brothers. while they have the videotaped evidence of the teens with the dog before the fire, the quality of the video is bad, they're claiming. now, the judge gave the struggling jury an alan charge. they're to put aside their individual views. we'll continue to follow the case as the details change. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. there was a crash outside of the whitemarsh mall this morning on honey-go, boulevard. it crashed into a car with two i woulderly people inside. they were -- with two elderly people inside. they were taken to the hospital. baltimore county police just told us they arrested a man in towson after a suspicious package. a toilet was found with a cell
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phone attached to it. the toilet decorated with the collages was found on the sidewalk of the county executive buildings. they were arranged to look like explosives. the police haven't identified the man they've arrested. a baltimore family barely escaped a fire in their home. it started in north east baltimore. linda snow has more on the story. >> reporter: it's the call that no one wants to make, it's a house on fire and people are inside. >> as i was talking to the dispatcher, the house blew up. >> reporter: the flames destroyed this home. amanda called 911, she was driving by as the fire broke out and saw the owner on the
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front porch. >> she explained to us she had to go back in and get the other children. >> reporter: the other children were her daughter -- there in the black jacket and two grand kids. >> we told her no, don't go back in, but she did. >> the children was with her. >> i looked outside, everything was lit up. >> reporter: she lives around the corner and couldn't believe it. >> i thought someone was shooting. i guess you can imagine the windows and the glass. >> reporter: take a look and see how intense the fire was. everyone here knows it could have been worse. >> it was bad enough it could have been a fire. we didn't want anyone else to get hurt. >> the investigators are working on a cause tonight. the national museum of history reopened today.
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a building detached from the museum caught fire. it started while a contractor was working in the mechanical building. no smoke entered the main building. no one was hurt. weatherwise today, we had a twist in the weather. the clouds thickened up today and we're looking at precipitation overnight. we're looking at what we're seeing now on the radar. we're scanning the skies and finding precipitations out in the western part of the state. here's the satellite, radar unit. here's the clouds and the radar. we pick up a light wintry mix. this is in garrett county and deep creek lake. this is edging into hagerstown. this is going to be touching the ground as rain. we're in the mid-to upper 40s out there in most spots.
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even in hagerstown, we're 7 degrees above freezing. as the precipitation comes in, it's likely that will be liquid. 40s this evening and showers moving in late. we'll look at the next storm later on. well, nick and his wife, grace were buried today side by side in baltimore. they were raised here and they raised a business and a councilman for the city. here's jamie costello with more. >> reporter: well, he was born on style street and she on bradford street. they married 61 years ago and today, they were buried side by side in gardenville. quite a turn out. a few miles where they made a living. this place sold us everything and today, we had everyone here from government and businessmen and lawyers and union workers and family and friends.
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both passed away last week. he at night, she in the morning. their son, a retiring city councilman was broken up for the loss. you heard him last week wondering if he had done all he could to make them proud. the out pooing proves what kind of family they are. the city is very proud. jamie costello, abc2 news. tonight, you have time to learn more and voice your opinion about the redistricting plan in harford county. there's a meeting at 7:00 at bel air's auditorium. every elementary school would either gain or lose students. the board is expected to vote later on. we'll have a full report tonight on abc2 news at 11:00.
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well, in tonight's consumer alert, you've heard about food prices on the rise, believe it or not, a few things will cost less. elect strong medtronics -- electronics are falling in price. kindle readers are down to $130 could be down more. gps units are also 45 bucks. if you would like to see more, just log on to click on the money tab, you'll find the story with six things getting cheaper in 2011. everyone loves cheaper. well, it's the 14th day of civil unrest in egypt. how people are struggling to resume the daily life. plus, these housing crunches are tearing families
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apart. and a potentially deadly side effect to winter weather. falling sheets of ice and snow are threatening people everywhere they go.
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in egypt, there's a human chain, on the otherside, the army's watching, not confronting the protestors. the dead lock kept the building closed. in liberation square, antigovernment protestors erected a tent city. for most, they're dug in. they're selling tea and snacks and too afraid to go home. this is violence they believed they would suffer. this journalist was detained for nine house. he saw how the government responded to the hatching. ---- to the happenings. >> others, not journalists were slapped, beaten, kicked. >> there was an unprecedented
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meeting with young activists -- the government made concessions including creating a committee to review the constitution and opposition figures say that the government didn't go far enough. abc news, cairo. and the u.s. continues to fine tune the message of what it wants to occur in egypt. the president is calling for a clear time line. in an interview with fox news, obama said that the egyptian president needs to transition to democracy and then leave. >> is he going to leave soon? >> he only knows what he'll do. here's what we know. egypt won't go back to what it was. >> we can say that the time is now for you to start making a change in that -- >> it's unclear if he'll remain in office until september. secretary of state hillary
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clinton said he needs to lay out a time line that leads towards free and fair elections. well, tonight, firefighters are battling brush fires in western australia. the flames destroyed 59 homes officials declared the fire a natural disaster. the investigators determined that the fire was started accidentally from sparked by a power tool. snow and ice proved to be too much for the indianapolis international airport. a section of the parking garage canopy collapsed. three sections of the canopy covering the atrium closed. three cars were damaged and luckily, no one was in the garage during the collapse. falling sheets of snow and ice are a problem in massachusetts. in charleston, there's a dense
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chunk of ice that smashed into the windshield. it was two cars below. this woman came to get her car and her hood was smashed. this is the second time that her car is crushed by falling snow on the same street. >> it's frustrating. this keeps happening and you know, you don't know -- well, there's not much of a solution now. >> as the temperatures continue to rise and snow melts, falling ice is continuing to be a problem there. that's a problem everywhere, not just massachusetts. we haven't had that problem, but the melting. >> well, you look at the video of before the super bowl. those were big sheets of ice. you have to be careful with that, especially in the suburbs from the roofs.
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today, we're in the upper 40s. that could get the melting going. overnight, we'll get rain. we'll get a brief winter mix in the morning. it's enough to make a headache of a commute. >> but no accumulation. >> that's good news. >> the next storm is on wednesday night. we'll keep an eye on that. >> we'll look outside, we have cloudy skies. we had sunshine early on today. it was nice out there. 44degrees at bwi. humidity at 67%. winds light and out of the south east. i'm not seeing ground reports of precipitation. the radar's getting more active. baltimore, we saw the sun changing to cloudy skies. annapolis, beautiful sunshine early on. clouds kind of thickening up over here. we'll take you one more stop. talk about a snow pack that's gotten thinner. you see these -- well, i
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believe those are corn stalks peeking their heads out of the west. we're seeing spring melting around here. the radar's active. we have it on the high activity setting. this is a light return. we're not seeing anything touching the ground. hagerstown, westward, as you go to the high terrain out there, there's probably a little bit of snow mixing in. we done expect that around here. overnight, we'll see rain showers turning to rain mixes. 39 in hagerstown and colder than here. the beach is at 42, again, 44 degrees and well above the freezing mark. the highs are beautiful. d.c. to 50 and almost 50, even as far as frederick, that helped the places like middletown. we have wintry weather up in western pennsylvania.
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the main storm is centered down here. that's over the central part of kentucky and tennessee. it will make its move from west to east. we've looked for rain to come in about midnight. that may hold off until 2:00 a.m. as far as the rain coming down. this is 3:00 a.m. we picked up a little burst here. because it's overnight, temperatures will have dropped close to the freezing mark at 32. we'll get a brief mixing in the morning. that's the worst possible time at 5:00 to 6:00 a.m.. we'll get a thin coat of that on the road. i would expect the extra traffic in the morning and the possibility of it. and then, we go to wednesday. the sunshine's back. it will be cold tonight and windy behind the rainmaker. cloudy, 32, the rain could mix to snow. i'm telling you, this a.m. mix is brief. by 10:00 a.m., it's out of
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here. we're talking about a blustery cold day. this is going to feel like winter again. the out look here -- we'll bounce back. we have another potential storm here wednesday and thursday. it will come close passing south of us. look at the out look into saturday and sunday. it's pushing 50 degrees. are you kidding me? maybe the groundhog was right, kelly. well, the deadline is tonight if you want to get your kid's free tickets to see justin bieber's new movie. we're offering one lucky winner to see the movie before it opens. moms and dads, go to up load a photo of your child and explain why your child is
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the biggest fan. the premiere is wednesday, february 9th. the movie starts at 6:00. again, we'll close out the contest tonight and open it up for voting after midnight. the person with the picture with the most votes by 5:30 tomorrow night wins the tickets. that will make you parents of the year. well, the sun may be the light at the end of the tunnel for multiple sclerosis research. a closer look at the new study that connects ms with vitamin d. also, there's a new study on childhood obesity. [ female announcer ] think a thick cream is the only way to firm skin?
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tonight's health alert is about multiple sclerosis. it's a chronic ill ..-- illness. there's new research about ms and sunlight. >> reporter: previous studies have shown that multiple sclerosis is less common in those who live closer to the equator and in those with highier levels of vitamin d. a new study evalwaited 216 adults 18-56 showing early symptoms of ms and not yet diagnosed and 395 with no history of the disease. they reported their previous sun exposier. researchers measured their skin damage and vitamin d levels.
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people with more sun exposier were 60% less likely to get ms. the vitamin d exposier didn't make a difference. but both statuses may have a role in the risk of developing it. the length between sunlight and skin cancer is well established. continue, therefore to limit your exposier to the sun. also, those suffering from ms have shown in benefits from sun exposier. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. you can read more on you can also sign up for a local ms walk. start raising now. the walks come around in april. there's a new study tonight on childhood obesity. it find that is the number of years that a working mom spends on the job -- and the number of
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years you miss your children growing up. there's a slight co-lation between a body mass index and their mother's employment. for every five months that a mother works, a 3rd grade child's weight increased. >> i hate leaving my kids, but i say, in the grand scheme of things, i'm more available because of the lifestyle i've chosen. >> a resent survey showed that 71% of women with children are employed. well, the big day is almost here. that means there's little time for the hottest stars to lobby for votes for an oscar. we'll have more, just ahead at 5:30.
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