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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  February 11, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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tim rutherford has more. >> reporter: the story of his life is the story of baseball and baltimore. when the birds moved to baltimore in 1954. he has a part-time usher's job. he took on the role that would make him a institution. he began his career as an umpire's attendant. for the next 48 years, he did something each of us do every day, he showed up for work. >> it was a couple of graduations. >> reporter: he was a blue colored guy. he wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty. before every game, he rubbed the game balls with mud. >> he explained the process to the visitors. it was neat to watch him. >> reporter: for several games, he was there, he watched young
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kids lead the o's to championships. in 2007, his streak came to an end. cal asked him and earnie couldn't say no. >> when i got the call, he said it was about a 30 second delay. i was so overwhelmed i couldn't get my mouth open. i side said, sure, i would be delight. he'll be missed. like the oriole way, the tiler way is strong. his sons headed to camden yards for every home game. in baltimore, tim rutherford abc2 news. >> he's survived by his wife of 64 years and their 11 children. meantime, funeral arrangements have been
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announced, i should say. viewings sunday and monday in forest hill, they'll go from 3:00 to 5:00 and 7:00 to 9:00. a mass is at tuesday morning at 10:30. well, it's finally happened. egypt's president stepped down, giving the protestors what they've demanded for weeks. tonight, reaction on the day. we have the latest. >> it's historic. >> reporter: on the 18th day of upheaval. the demonstrators got what they wanted. >> he's decided to step down. >> reporter: the crowds went island, they chanted egypt is free. egypt is free. >> it's an historic day. this is a pivotal moment in history. it's a pivotal moment in
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mideast history, but in history. >> reporter: the demonstrators spread from the square to state tv and the presidential palace. president mubarak is not there, a government official tells abc that he and his wife have left the capitol. >> where is he? agree or not, agree or not? we agree or not! [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: protestors were motivated by anger and bitterness after he refused to step down last night. >> they're replacing him with three men. our objective is to change the regime. >> we intimidate the regime. >> reporter: outside, demonstrators were peaceful, celebratory and determined.
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>> that was cheryl conner reporting. >> twin brothers are going to be retried on animal cruelty charges. the first trial ended in a mistrial this week. the jurors couldn't agree on a verdict. the man convicted of killing chandra levy will be spending 60 years in jail. he was convicted of first degree murder in her 2001 disappearance and death despite a lack of witnesses and no evidence linking him to the crime. and an early morning fire in east baltimore had a family of five running for their lives. it started before 4:00, the crews we respond to the 2 alarm fire. flames burned the single story
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home and shoot through the room. five lived in the home and made it out safely. two pets died in the fire. no word on a cause. i-83 northbound at fayette street reopened after an oil spill. firefighters say oil from a truck spilled on to the roadway, no one was seriously hurt. weatherwise today, you know, big improvements out there. sunshine and temperatures warming up after a cold night last night. we'll expect this to be the beginning of a major warm up. we're scanning the skies and finding little to nothing out there. you have to get down to virginia beach to find any precipitation. this is a storm that we expect to continue to track off show. bottom line, we don't think it will affect the weather in any big way. we're still close to 40 at the
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inner harbor. we have 40 degrees plus from d.c. and south west. 30s and light south west breeze. we'll break it down for you coming up. the hollywood casino is already paying. the town which shares the name, perryville is waiting for its share of the profits. jeff hager has more on the hold up. well, now in the 5th month of the operation, the casino brought in $35 million. perryville hasn't received a dime of it. the state is getting its money, cecil county is guaranteed 5 1/2% of the take. when it comes to the town, so far, it's received nothing. >> as to when we'll start getting it, there was no set time line or anything like that. we're, well, the county's receiving it.
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that's once we get, well, the plan approved. we're hoping it will be a monthly basis. >> perryville was guaranteed 35% of the money. it's estimated that will go to 1 million a half dollars by the end of june. they're hoping to revitalize downtown's area also. anne arundel county has stopped construction at the planned site of a slots mall. the inspection stopped the work. it comes a day after they filed an appeal to allow them to begin working. it's time for seniors to get a feel for the job market. there's an encouraging new report out about how much students can expect to earn.
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this year's starting salaries are averaging over $50,000. that's not bad to start out! the hiring of a new grad is expected to increase by 13%. those with the job already, 2011 can bring in more money as well. they could see a raise up to 3%. three are dead and three are hurt and a suspect is on the loose. we'll take a closer look at an attack in virginia and why violence could be to blame here. the recent spike in suicides has people wondering, who's causing the trouble. more on the study that shows bullying is a status ranking. day isn't sweet. we'll tell you how to solve conflict with your special someone. yep. great selection. no hidden fees.
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bumly -- bullying is so common place, 6 million youths are affected each year, the suspects aren't your typical troublemakers.
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>> reporter: a new study published shows a possible corelation between aggression and popularity. bullying is a factor of where the student ranks on the social ladder. the authors conducted a three year study of high school students in north carolina. the majority of the students showed no aggression towards anyone. aggression being the number of classmates that a student victimized. however, they found that bullying increased with popularity among girls and boys. there were variations in whether it was physical and nonphysical and whether it was directed in the same and opposite sex. interestingly, the 2% of the students at the top and the bottom of the social hierarchy showed the least amount of aggression. authors suggested that those at the bottom lacked power and
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influence needed to be aggressive. the most popular have more at stake to lose. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. the researchers caution about the limited scope in the study, evaluating a specific population. tonight, the world health organization says that 2.5 million people are dying from alcohol ause. the main cause of the related deaths are injuries occurred when drink and heart disease and stroke. it's the season of love. it's a great opportunity to build a stronger relationship by learning how to handle conflicts. the key is to learn to fight fair. if you bring up an aya -- area,
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bring it up gently. regroup and bring it up later. don't yell! >> i've never seen anyone get yelled into agreement. it never happens. >> who does these things. saying i'm sorry can go a long way. remember that, wives! no yelling, i'm going to remember that. >> unless you're celebrating. the weather is going to be something to celebrate. we're up to 40 at bwi. it's not bad. humidity, 44%. the pressure is on the rise. more good weather on tap throughout the weekend. take a look throughout the day, baltimore, beautiful blue skies. not a cloud in the skies. it was a frigid start.
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it took a while to get above 40. we'll show you maryland's most powerful radar. we're finding nothing out there now. just with the weather service radar, it's up. across the state, we're at 40, 42 in dulles and 46 in charlottesville. atlantic city, 38 degrees. current winds are light and generally out of the north, we'll have a light breeze. we'll show you why this is in a second. in the meantime, today was a nice improvement over the chilly 30s. and topping out at 34 at bwi and 45 from dover today. we topped out closer to 40. your neighborhood to neighborhood forecast. federal hill, 45. we'll see sunshine again. a little bit warmer. temperatures are really begining to shoot up northward into the day sunday.
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weatherwise, it's crystal clear across the mid-atlantic. one coastal disturbance bringing rain to virginia beach. most of us won't see impact from -- this. this could skirt the beaches with a little bit of cloud cover. this is going to track offshore. problem is, with the low pressure circulation offshore, high pressure to the west, they're wrapping in a little bit of a chilly north wind tonight and tomorrow. we won't get the big warm up going into the second part of the weekend. future castor shows the storm offshore. we'll have more well north. temperatures are well above 40 tomorrow. into sunday, we'll have a few more clouds this way. we'll have more active weather into new england. here, just a few more clouds and a great looking day once again. overnight, here it is, 25, partly cloudy and it won't be
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as cold out. it will be chilly. tomorrow, a few degrees warmer. not the surge of air we'll see sunday and throughout next week. that's a big shift in the weather pattern then. 27 tonight and the clouds thickening up a bit. here's how things shape up for us. we're looking at 50 or so monday. monday, valentine's day, 52 and temperatures will begin to warm up wednesday and friday of next week. we'll have a chance of 60 in fact towards friday. so, again, improving weather. that's going to be the scenario here into the end of next week. >> folks can take a nice stroll with their honey. >> the good weather is coming in time for all of their sweet hearts. are you taking yours out? >> yeah. maybe i'll have one by then. >> well, he's available. >> thank you, wyatt. now, let's check on the head lines around the nation. >> a pair of attacks left three
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dead and three others hurt in virginia. two were shot and two others were hurt. 20 minutes later, another was hurt and killed. a family member of the victims says her aunt was a victim of domestic violence. a water main break caused this mess in philly today in downtown. the philadelphia water department responded to the scene. one car was flooded. there's no word on what caused the break or how much damage is done. well, it's not something you really want to see as you drive under a bridge. gigantic icicles in oklahoma city. you can see how close the tractor trailers are to scraping the ice. a pipe on the bridge broke and leaked pipe is fixed and the ice is gingerly being removed. and a florida gymnast does
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a flip that lands terribly wrong! oh! >> i'm up in the air and i remember feeling like fire. >> this 20-year-old dislocated his neck and herniated his spinal cord. doctors in miami were able to operate and realign his neck, thank goodness. he's walking again and back home continuing his recovery. a wrong turn in a blizzard leaves a family to desperate measures. we'll have a preview of a "20/20" exclusive. ♪
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what are you doing on day. on the official wmar facebook page, we asked you with a loved one or with friends and what you're doing to celebrate. she says, i'm all by myself, i bought a new phone. yeah, me. according to p.j., it's a nonevent as a single event. remember the single people you love and honor also. terry p. says it's a work day, after work, my hubby will bring home a pizza. we want to know what you're day. go to people in the baltimore area continue to fight to get a dangerous bridge replaced.
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more on a continued debate on how that work will get down. air traffic controller mistakes have doubled and the numbers have people scratching their heads. we'll have those stories and the forecast ahead at 5:30.
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a baltimore bring -- bridge is old, frail and dangerous. son, we'll go from frigid temperatures to april showers and may flowers. first, it's the second most dangerous bridge in baltimore city and it has to be replaced. it needs replacing, but several are battling the department of transportation on how it needs to be done. the residents lost the
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argument, but gained promises. >> reporter: tear down the bridge at once and residents say you cut off an artery for travel and with the closest fire station on the other side of the bridge, safety, too. >> most of the people are disappointed. >> reporter: he's part of the civic association. he hoped instead for a phased prompt that would leave a lane open. it's a hope dashed last night when the department of transportation said that the bridge had to be torn down at once. >> it's fair to say it's deteriorated for so long, it leaves me with no other choice. >> we're in need to repair the bridge. >> it's 100 years old and decaying quickly. >> the city will keep a pedestrian bridge open. >> reporter: they'll place a fire truck on the other side of the bridge.
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everything else has to go the back way on key highway east and across two railroad crossings. that will begin this summer. >> it will take a year. we'll begin construction in august. keep it in mind, we're not going to entirely close that bridge until we're ready to begin work. >> until then, the clock starts to tick. >> oh, absolutely. we'll monitor how long it takes. it's going to take nine to ten months before the traffic's opened up again. we're going to make sure it takes that time. >> reporter: it's not just a hassle, but a hazard. now, the bridge is part of a bigger bridge repair and replacement program that will replace 25 bridges in the city throughout the year of 2017. a machine is behind bars after he robbed


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