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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  February 14, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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typical monday on its head. the president spent a list less than an hour visiting a science class, regarding the chesapeake bay water shed. he picked parkville middle because of the emphasis on science, math and technology in the criminal lum, something the -- curriculum, something the said said are big priorities in his budget. for the students and staff at parkville visit, it was not only an honor, it was just fun. >> we got to showcase one of our environmental lessobs. for the president of the united states. and for the secretary of education. and our students were amazing. >> i was nervous because it's the president but then when he walked in, it's like he's another normal person. there's nothing to be nervous about. just somebody else you can talk to. >> reporter: the president along with the secretary of education used the school as a
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backdrop to talk about the budget. as you may recall it was released to congress today and made public today for the first time. very large volume but in it he makes clear he wants to make sure enough money is set aside for educational programs like the one here in parkville. that emphasizes science and technology. things he says will keep the nation competitive in the future. more on this story and the visit coming up at 6:00. reporting live, roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. they may have read about it in a book or newspaper but today saw him in person. he was in parkville along with the u.s. education secretary, they discussed budget priorities as well as education. sherrie johnson was there for all the excitement as students rolledded out the red carpet. >> reporter: you could feel the energy and excitement as parkville middle school, center for technology, as students and parents waited anxiously for
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the arrival of president obama. >> it's a momentous occasion. she'll remember it forever. >> it's exciting they would choose a small school in baltimore county to honor us with a visit. it's exciting and encouraging for the students to meet someone like the president and have something to aspire to. maybe one of our students some day will be president. >> reporter: parkville folkses on science, technology, engineering and math. it was selected by the white house for the president to discuss his priorities. including education. he visited a classroom lab before delivering his remarks. students were happy to show off their school. what do you think of president obama coming to school today? >> cool. it's a big deal. a lot for baltimore. >> reporter: but it was not just students, staff and parents that were excited. many people in the community gathered outside the school with signs anxious for a glimpse of the president. >> to think my children are
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going there now. it was great. >> it was amazing. i consider it an honor and a real privilege to see our first black president. i have never had a chance to see any of our presidents, and i drove 40 miles to get here just to get a glimpse of president obama. i am very proud of what he's doing for our country. >> reporter: while the president discussed his budget plan, a plan that investments in he had -- invests in education and hopefully help these children to be competitive and win in the future. sherrie johnson, parkville, abc2 news. in the state of the union address the president called for new investments to prepare 100,000 new math and science teachers over the next decade. and offering hundreds of teachers an early retirement buyout. a letter sent to 3,200 eligible teachers last friday offers teachers with more than 10
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years of experience 70% of their current salary over five years. at least 350 teachers must accept the buyout for it to take effect. 7500. if they apply they will be selected by seniority. teachers that take the buyouts could still stay on as substitutes. one of those days we had a lot of sunshine, also the winds just whipping us this afternoon. peak wind gusts reported some places around the state, 50 to 60 miles per hour. so high wind advisory is up for the state. first look at some of the wind gusts at the top of the hour. gusting to 43 in frederick. 35 baltimore. gusting to 41 washington. where by the way they hit 70 degrees today down in dc. we hit the upper 60s here but now you see temperatures beginning to fall. on the strong west winds. we'll see temperatures dropping tonight. tomorrow kind of back to reality. highs in the low 40s. skies clear though above.
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a little precipitation up in pennsylvania shouldn't affect us. a decent evening, around 50 degrees but again a wind advisory through 10:00 as temperature continue to fall off. much more on the forecast for the rest of the week, very springlike, coming up. the latest on an alleged scam artist accused of targeting brides and photographers. we told you about it last night. he pleaded not guilty to several charges including theft. several victims launched a web site. here's how the scam works. they say small will show up at photography forums, offer his services at a low cost and ask for the payment up front. victims say he uses different names and has ripped off people from all over the state of maryland. smalls' trial is set for may. another alleged scam artist we've been following for months. customers say a pasadena lockssmith overcharged them by hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars. joce sterman told us about the
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latest action the attorney general is trying to take against him as of last night. the phones ringing off the hook? >> reporter: that's right. last night my phone was ringing like crazy with more people who saw the story about joe horton and said it sounded familiar. from the university of maryland college student charged nearly $900 after a 9090 estimate to a column -- $90 estimate to a columbia woman with a $1,600 bill, we're still hearing from people about this locksmith. joe horton and company are at the center of a civil case brought by the attorney general. we've been following that case with horton for months. and confronting him face-to-face but that doesn't seem to stop him. attorneys with the ag's office even sought two separate orders to get him to stop overcharging customers but he continued to snub his nose at the court until now. the state's consumer protection division is asking a judge to hold horton in contempt. >> if the court does in fact
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finds him in contempt we've asked the court to order mr. horton to return the money he overcharged consumers. if he doesn't he'll go to jail. >> reporter: the ag's office says they've heard from a handful of new victims since our story aired last night. if you feel you've been ripped off by joe horton or his company, contact their office. call their consumer protection hotline, 410-528-8662. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> thank you. former prince george's county executive jack johnson has been indicted on several federal charges including bribery. the 61-year-old is also charged with extortion, conspiracy and evidence-tampering. johnson and wife leslie were arrested last november after the fbi recorded a telephone conversation in which he told her to destroy a $100,000 check from a developer and hide nearly $80,000 in her
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underwear. an important "consumer watch" for parents tonight. the national highway traffic safety administration announced a group is calling nearly 800,000 child safety seats. the harness and lock relief button doesn't always return to its locked position, that can increase the risk of a child being hurt in a class. it involves seats made from may 2008 to april 2009. those seats apparently have a center front adjustor for the harness. these include the infant convertible and booster child restraint seats. if you would like more information call the juvenile group, 1-866-623-3139. tonight family, fans and former players are remembering ernie tyler. he died last week at age 86. as a kid you walked down and could see ernie on the stool behind the plate. 48 years he went without
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missing a game. a viewing is tonight from 7:00 to 9:00 at the evans funeral chapel in forest hill. and a mass will be held in forest hill tomorrow morning at 10:30. a man is arrested after a series of violent attacks over the weekend. a closer look at his deadly rampage on the streets and subways of new york city. plus, a lingerie party for teens? more on the event that has many parents outraged. and more to valentine's day chocolates. ♪
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most bizarre story of the weekend. over the weekend a man on a rampage on the streets and subways of new york city left four dead and several others
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injured. jamie costello has details. >> reporter: an around the clock manhunt ended saturday morning when new york city police pulled 23-year-old maksim gelman out of the subway at times square. >> terrible tragedy. so sad. >> reporter: gelman's stabbing rampage allegedly began 20 hours earlier in brooklyn when police say he killed his stepfather, ex-girlfriend and her mom. in his escape they say he stabbed strangers, hijacked cars and ran over pedestrians. by the time it was all over four were dead and four others hurt. >> go to jail! >> reporter: facing an angry court yesterday he was sent to court. asked about the crime spree he called it bs. >> there are many things i think he wants to discuss about what happened. >> reporter: authorities began closing in on gelman early saturday when subway riders spotted him jumping off one train on to another. he pounded on the conductor's door demanding to be let in. just then two police officers
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entered the car, came after him. he backed off, then set sights on a random subway passenger, joe lozito. >> he was about two or three feet from me and took out a giant knife and just looked at me and said you're going to die, you're going to die. then lucked at -- lunged at me. >> reporter: lozito suffered several stab wounds but this man, who has been a martial arts student since the 1990s -- >> i guess you pick up things by osmosissies. >> reporter: gelman, from the ukraine, has been arrested 10 times in recent years. reportedly had crack-cocaine on him at the time of his arrest. jamie costello, abc2 news. checking other headlines tonight -- on the cusp of valentine's day, police say a husband stabbed his wife with a cake knife on valentine's day, before turning the knife on himself. police say it was an argument
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that spiergd -- spiraled out of control. both are expected to survive. the husband is in jail tonight. an explosion rocks a home. flames and black smoke shot higher than the trees as the huge fire swallowed the home. the homeowners told rescuers he ran from the garage after the initial blast. >> the homeowner noticed there was a fire. he left the residence. then there was an explosion. >> neighbors say they heard two explosions coming from the home. the cause under investigation. five people including a 50-year-old bus driver recovering tonight after being hurt in a crash involving a bus. in orlando. the florida highway patrol says the tractor-trailer and bus crashed near an intersection. it's used to take people to and from the airport. officials say the crash is under investigation and charges are pending. a colorado mom is angry a hooka bar is advising to
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teenaged girls, underaged girls. the bar and lounge called "puff" plans to have a lingerie night for girls 16 and over. admission is free for those who dress up. this mom thinks it's an outrage they are trying to appeal to such young girls. >> just the fact they are trying to gather them in, they are 16, 17. 18 is bad enough. but they are not even young enough -- old enough to buy or use tobacco products. >> reporter: she says her daughters won't be going. under colorado state law someone must be 18 years old to use any type of tobacco product. it's windy out to say the least. high wind advisory through 10:00 tonight, for just about the entire state except for the lower part of the eastern shore here. we're going to see more gusty winds thought the evening here. we may see this advisory go down towards 8:00, 9:00.
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currently 53 now. winds northwest at 22 and barometer 29.71 and rising. not only is the traffic bad on 696, you can see the camera shaking in the wind. all our cameras have been shaking in the wind. look at downtown maryland science center, beautiful sunshine early today. then the clouds come in as the cold front pushes into the area, really bringing up the winds. you see that camera really shake in annapolis. it's a little bit of, you know, like earthquake? no, just a lot of wind on the camera. nice-looking day but again clear skies, have not really prevented the winds from being an issue but the temperature have been so mild, so nice despite these powerhouse wind. we've seen temperatures near 70. , the wind gusts up near 35 to 40. even now. in fact we've gusted to 45 just a few minutes ago in easton. that is the kind of wind that trash cans, anything not lashed down that is susceptible to the wind will employee around.
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right now temperatures in the low 50s. 57 in easton. the beach still nearly 70 in ocean city where that initial shot of cooler air hasn't made it in. look out in western maryland, from the west side of the state, 32. to the beach 68. that is almost a 40-degree spread statewide. so you don't see that a lot but that is what we got going on now. look at the highs today. dc 70. baltimore 66. salisbury 66. 72 in culpeper. yeah, it was a very springlike day even though we're still only in mid-february. clear skies now. there will be passing clouds. we should stay dry next several days. this front generating a lot of wind but not bringing precipitation except for up here in the new england states. still a big area of low pressure well north of us. the problem is big area of pacific high pressure moving in out of the west is not going to drop our temperatures huge but will cool us off tomorrow. and breezy, windy conditions tonight. overnight and into probably at least the first part of our day tomorrow before things calm
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down tomorrow night. our futurecast, just partly cloudy skies, some clear skies tomorrow and again, winds diminishing tomorrow night. on wednesday looking at more sunshine. and a great-looking stretch into the end of the week when we should get back close to 70 we think toward friday. overnight, 30, colder and clear tomorrow. 2-degree guarantee of 44. that will be a drop. you'll notice the 15-degree or so cooloff. tomorrow night talking about 27, clear and cold. 7-day forecast shows you what i'm saying. yes, cools off tomorrow, seasonable. then 10 degrees warmer wednesday. we'll be back in the 60 to 70-degree range saturday in particular. riding the seesaw a little here but overall very mild stretch even in through the weekend. next week you may see more of a return to reality. >> cupid to thank or you? >> i'll take some credit but at the end of the day we're lucking out right now. at this time last year four
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feet of snow on the ground. >> thank you. there is more to that box of chocolates than sweet sentiment from culture to decadent desserts, the lure of chocolate actually dates back centuries. >> reporter: behind each chunk, each sip, there's actually some sweet sign. >> chocolate isderrized from the --der arrived from the seeds of a fruit that grows on a true that is planted - >> reporter: chocolate grows on trees, made in warmer, more tropical planets. this one is at the u.s. botanic garden. this houses the cocoa beans that go through an extensive process to become what is used by pastry chefs.
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>> it's got almost a crucialg to it. we also make it into mooses, ice creams. >> reporter: decadent creations, have roots in the wild with. a little chemistry. there chocolate has cocoa butter in it. that is what basically makes it hard. it's very unstable fat with a we need to do -- what we need to do is basically when we melt it down we're getting the bad crystals out of it. >> reporter: as for that popular rumor that chocolate is an aphrodisiac, science doesn't really bear that out but history might. chocolate had a key role in some romantic rituals in ancient mexico and central and south america. >> people definitely use chocolate to produce beverages that had important uses in ceremonial rituals such as a marriage. >> reporter: across centuries, still a very sweet reward. in washington, i'm karen kafa. what's more romantic than a
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valentine's day wedding? how about one at the empire state building? 14 couples were selected in a nationwide contest. today's the only day of the year one can get married at the landmark building. they have been going on there for the past 17 years. they started 7:00 this morning. a couple from kentucky won first prize. energy drinks have really become a regular staple for many people helping to give you the extra boost and help you get through the day. all of that uplifting could have a downside. how health officials say they could put you at risk. if your kids have allergies, those chewable children's are no longer an option this year.
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in tonight's "health alert" -- looking at energy drinks. the fastest-growing segment of the u.s. beverage market. promising to boost energy, stamina, concentration, most energy drinks packed a punch, with high levels of caffeine. but can it be a problem especially with the young? here's abc's dr. timothy johnson. >> reporter: the authors of a study in the journal "pediatrics" reviewed the medical literature on energy drinks. they found that between 30% and 50% of adolescents and young adults consumed these beverages. while the federal government limits caffeine contents in soft drinks, which are classified as food, no such limits are placed on energy drinks, which are considered dietary supplements. high caffeine content has been linked to serious reactions, especially in children and
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young adults with such underlying problems as diabetes, seizures and mood disorders. of the 5,448 caffeine overdoses reported in 2007, 46% were in those younger than 19. what caused the overdoses was not reported. but the authors conclude since energy drinks have no therapeutic benefit in children and may actually put some of them at risk the drinks need to be better studied and better regulated for these consumers. with this "medical minute" i'm dr. timothy johnson. listen up parents. if your little one has allergies those chewable children's zyrtec no longer an option this year. the medicine has been pulled from store shelves until 2012. that is according to the web site the site reports that the availability is affected because production is being moved from an outside supplier to an inhouse. just to be clear, there's no
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recall, the tablets are not being recalled. zyrtec liquid gels and tablets are still available and safe for ages 6 and older. you called, you asked, we're answering tonight. dozens were worried about the stray cats under the building in south baltimore. we know what is going on. that update coming up. plus, 4,000 pounds of rockfish found in a net. how authorities are cracking down on the poaching. yep. great selection. no hidden fees.
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