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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  February 21, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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we're in the bull's eye in this particular storm system. we expect to see winter weather coming in later on tonight. as we look at the radar, you can see the rain showers are sneaking across the state line. right now, the sleet line is up north of the pennsylvania line. more a. a true snow is falling towards pennsylvania. in the wider radar trend, you can see heavier bands near pennsylvania. the whole system is wrapping uptighter and taking a dive north and west. the temperatures are still too warm to produce wintry weather. york at 32 and hagerstown 30 and frederick, 2 above freezing. that is going to overspread the entire area into the evening. we'll have a wide swath of precipitation.
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we'll go from rain to sleet to snow. we could see around 4 inches around the city and points south and west. we could see less towards d.c.. we'll have more coming up in a few minutes. we have you covered on the weather. we have the latest updates on the closings and conditions. good morning maryland will be on early in the morning starting at 4:30 a.m. well, a lash of car marries in -- burglaries placed customers on alert. as we report tonight, the criminals were targeting the parking lots of the big box stores and the neighborhood gyms. >> reporter: they come to tighten up their abs and build up their muscles. in the last month, outside of bali, burglaries jacked them up. they also ripped off items from
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their car. >> i'm out for my health, not to get killed. >> reporter: this officer stepped up the patrols after a gunman opened fire on a customer last week. >> one or two shots were fired. they retrieved items and they were approached by two suspects that attempted to rob him. >> in most cases, the burglars stole items they could turn for a quick buck. >> we encourage people to take valuables with them. >> reporter: this finds some taking stock of their own practices. >> do you come out at night? >> yes, i do. yeah, that's a concern. we're coming out and when it's
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dark in the morning. >> the police say that the shooting is still under investigation. they don't believe it was random. a man convicted of killing his girlfriend's baby is going to spend the next 30 years in jail. he was convicted of child abuse. he was baby sitting in november of 2009 when the beating occurred. the child later died of severe internal injuries and heavy bruceing -- -- bruising. now, the latest from wisconsin. protestors camping out in the capitol and legislators hiding out. it's day seven of wisconsin's statewide stand off. neither side is blinking. tens of thousands are camped out inside the capital. the protestors are willing to negotiate the cuts.
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the governor needs to balance the budget. they say. >> we're willing to negotiate. >> we're trying to balance the budget. there's no word to negotiate. we're broke. >> reporter: the democratic senators said they'll stay out until the governor will negotiate. teachers have been calling in sick to protest. they're asked to go back to school tomorrow. some hit the streets in baltimore. the rally was held today at the maryland state office building at the corner of mlk boulevard. the standing was all public workers and students and the community. >> there are similar attacks coming towards people in maryland. the budget cuts will push up the class sizes. that's bad for the students.
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they're pushing us to pay more for the pensions. they're pushing the second class pension plan for new hires. there's just a general attack on unions going on on teachers and public schools. >> they hope that this is going to start a grass roots rally among workers. well, it was the site of the first student sit in the country. reed's drugstore is a landmark that needs to be preserved, that's what the activists are hoping will happen. we'll be joined live with more. >> reporter: well, a lot of folks are going to meet here to find out a way to save a landmark in downtown baltimore. they're hoping this is going to get a movement of its own started. it could set the tone for the
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civil right's movement in the 60s. >> reporter: if you went here in the 60s, you had to go through a lot to get there. you took northwood and walked a mile to campus. on each corner, there was a reed's drugstore, if you were black, you had to stay out. >> other stores, you could go in and buy things. reed's would occasionally let you buy something. they didn't want you in there. >> reporter: this was helena, she was a 21-year-old senior and she went to morgan. one day, she and seven others got tired of the fact that no matter what, they couldn't go in the store. with a protest, they went into reed's and sat down and started a form of protest that helped define the civil right's movement. >> they needed to know, we were
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people. we had just as much right to come in as anyone else. it didn't -- well, it was totally illogical that we could go down the street and be welcomed in, so to speak. at least we weren't told to get out. we could go two blocks to lexington market and the store was around there and we could eat. segregation doesn't make sense. >> reporter: the former home of reed's are riding away. it's scheduled to be the new corner of a development project. so much of the black history has been bulldozed away and what it meant to the nation, to tear it down and not preserve it would be a tragedy. >> we don't have anything in the city. this city had the largest freed black population in the country
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has nothing left of its history. we don't have anything. they've not preserved one thing. >> now, interesting enough, out of the protest at reeds, two members were from greens burro, north carolina. that was one of the first nationally known student protests that occurred at a -- wool worths there. the meeting is at 6:00 and all are welcome. we'll have more on the story at 6:00. abc2 news. thank you, and it sounds like they're revitalizing the movement. how did washington become a popular name.
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well, before emancipation, many enslaved black people chose their surname to establish their identity. large numbers chose the number washington in the process of asserting their freedom. well, a mother who's son committed suicide lashes out at his former judge. it's a scandal, we have the latest on this case. and a memorial service turns violent. it's all caught on tape. plus, the midwest is hit with wintry weather and this storm is causing major problems. details are coming up.
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wintry weather is canceling hundreds of flights. it's been a traveling nightmare.
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jamie costello is live. >> yeah, we're in the news business, we like to tell you what's coming. take a look, it looks like locust point. it looks like 36th street. i'll tell you what, this is wisconsin, milwaukee, wisconsin. this is what they've gotten. a car was lining the highway in wisconsin. they've been digging out -- this is from wisn. the fast moving storm dumped snow at the rate of 3 inches an hour. it's coming our way. crews spotted more than 211 accidents in minneapolis. this car lost control on the roads. in michigan, a massive pile up involving 50 cars. white out conditions made it impossible to drive. >> the car in front of us would
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go in and out of focus. >> so, remember to log on to the website. that's go there for all of the weather conditions and closings. we'll be on bright and early at 4:30 in the morning. kelly? all right, take a look at it. winter warning's up for the entire state of maryland. the advisories are north and west and south and east. we're in a sweet spot for the bulk of the snowstorm. we can see high totals 5 to 8, north and west of the city. closer to 4 to 5 inches around the city. that's a 4 to 7-inch range. i couldn't get the numbers to come up. the lighter shade of blue around d.c.. this is more like a 2 to 4-inch
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swath. baltimore and points up north and west -- this is going to cut off towards harrisburg, in that direction, they'll have a lack of moisture eventually throughout the overnight hours. we'll have the moisture and the colder air. right now, we don't have it. you can see the winter mix around chambers burg and stateline area. you can see the wet flakes here and this is rain indicated from westminster back into the mediate baltimore area. these are wet rain showers now. this is likely to change into the evening. . 39degrees at bwi. the winds are from the north at 12 miles per hour. i want to show you a time lapse today from baltimore. the clouds are thickening up. as we work into the evening, rain drops are flying. we have the liquid precipitation changing over
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after sunset. frederick, cloudy. no snow is on the ground. we may see less here. that's not until daybreak tomorrow. for much of the area, we're talking 4 inches plus here. we want to show you the temperatures here. how fast does this change over. this is going to affect the totals. this is already beblow freezing from hagerstown and york. winds are from the northwest bringing in colder air. highs today, we topped out warmer in d.c.. easton, 50. this is going to be similar, it's interesting, the color and the temperature band below 50. this is going to be the area that gets highier totals and further north, highier from the state line and north of there. you can see the storm system punishing ohio and western pennsylvania and decent snow
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bands are coming through now. the whole ball of wax is taking a dip south and east here. the whole system is going from west to east, that's nothing unusual. the way that the storm is kinging across the area of the cold front. it's kinging the storm and it's moving along it. it's to east. that's going to keep this north of us. it will be a movement from northwest to south east. that will put the snow over baltimore and especially points north of baltimore. let's look at it. 9:00tonight, picking up and rain in southern maryland. it will go to all snow at 2:00 a.m. we'll get the main accumulations from midnight to 5:00 a.m. in the morning. we'll have flurries by 8:00. you can see the messy roads. it will be sloppy. we'll recover temperaturewise. there's a 4 to 7-inch range.
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we have totals towards the state line. most of us will have 4 to 5 inches by daybreak. snow is ending early in the morning. tomorrow night, down to 16. seven-day forecast, yes, winter is making a brief come back. it doesn't really hold. we'll be back to 50 degrees by thursday. cloudy friday and into saturday. i mean, bottom line is, kelly, because this is coming in overnight tonight, that's why we think we can get the highier totals and that will move to the south. sloppy roads in the morning. prepare for that and headaches on the roads. >> i don't mind the winter is coming back, but 6 inches of snow? >> i know, just enough to make you have to shovel. >> don't blame the messenger. thank you, wyatt. you need to be!
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do you remember me? do you remember my son! >> wow! this mother's range and furry greeted a former judge as he exited the court friday. he sent her son to juvenile detention for possession of drug paraphernalia. the prosecutors say he was in a kid for cash scandal, accused of taking a million dollars in exchange for putting juveniles into private detention centers. he says he denies it. >> i never took a dime -- if that was the case, that would have been in the trial. >> now, in 2009, the pennsylvania supreme court dismissed 4000 cases he handled. he was found guilty of 12 of 39 charges. he remains free at this time. he's expected to get a minimum sentence of 12 years behind
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bars. while mourners were not happy to see cameras at the scene of a murder. first, the exchange is verbal and then the reporter is punched. neither were hurt, a crew from another station captured it all on camera. take a look at this. an suv slams into a massachusetts liquor store. the man behind the wheel was drunk. he tries to reach through the broken window to grab a drink. when he couldn't reach the beer, he got back in and drove away. an update on the four americans taken hostage by somali pirates. the ambush took place 300 miles off of the somali coast.
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the pirates targeted the yacht quest. they has been -- hay had been sailing the world to distribute bibles. a warship is tracking them and shadowing the yacht as it neared somalia. >> they think they're americans and can pay anything they're asked to for ransom. >> the pirates hold at least 646 hostages now. a new study is reaching oral sex to cancer. also, if your child has a runtured appendix -- a ruptured appendix, which treatment works best. ♪
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in your health news, oral sex carries the same risk of cancer as intercourse. over the weekend, researchers found new findings. hpv can cause cervical cancer. it may be overtaking tobacco as well. tonight, a medical emergency, many parents face this with their children. what's the best thing to do for your child has appendicitis. >> reporter: of all of the intensal problems requiring
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urgent surgery, appendicitis is the most common in this country. in about 30% of cases, the appendix is already ruptured. the doctors can operate within 24 hours of hospitalization or they can wait 6 to 8 weeks after the diagnosis. a new study compares the two treatments in children. of 131 patients, half got the early surgery, the other half the later. those who got the early surgery got back to normal activities five days ere iier than the others and had a 30% lower rate of infections and unplanned readmissions. the study found no differences in how long the operations took and in the number of complications during the surgery. one expert says this could put an end to the debate over which
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treatment is better. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. hundreds killed, thousands hurt after government security forces opened fire on demonstrators. we'll have the latest on the turmoil in the middle east and the wintry forecast, coming up.
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>> an elderly man was stabbed and left for dead. four months later, the family and police search for answers. and an unhappy ending for some who got the first time home buyer's tax credit and why their home sweet home is leaving them sour. now, let's take a


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