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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  March 4, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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billboards featuring the sketches of the suspect are running where the attacks occurred. the police set up a website about the case as well. for more on the story, go to you can also sign up for breaking news and e-mail alerts. baltimore county police arrested three illegal immigrants on charges they ran an auto burglary ring. jeff hager has more. >> reporter: police say they shopped the streets as if they were strolling through the aisles of an auto part's store. they weren't going to pay for anything. >> they were known to steal anything that could be sold to a body shop to be used later. >> reporter: the trio illuded
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the police for months before a victim caught them in the act stripping down a car inside the garage. the police arrested a 24-year- old. a pair of illegal immigrants were also arrested. the burglaries appeared to be anything but random. >> one of the main players would receive orders from people he knew that needed certain parts. he would go out and search the region and search for the parts. >> reporter: the alleged ring leader is released on $35,000 bail. the county police turned his accomplices over to federal immigration authorities until the investigators can sort through the scores of victims that lost thousands of dollars worth of equipment from their cars. the police say that a
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search of the suspect's homes turned up a wealth of stolen equipment. well, new tonight, the police arrest a 15-year-old -- arrested a 15-year-old and two others are on the loose. the police say that three forced their way into a home on liberty road yesterday afternoon. the homeowner fought off the suspect and was able to escape. he flagged down a police officer. anyone with information, call the baltimore county police. police in anne arundel county arrested a suspect who assaulted and robbed a 61-year- old wok at the marlly station mall. the police say the man attacked the 61-year-old wednesday. she was found unconscious outside of macey's.
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>> it's disturbing, it's vicious and unprovoked. the citizen was walking and assaulted and suffered a head injury. it's a heinous crime. >> he's charged with robbery, assault and theft. an 85-year-old woman was attacked and robs in glenn bernie. she was attacked in the wal- mart. she was pushed to the ground and a man stole her fanny pack and got away. the man was in a white minivan with older style plates. call the northern district if you have information. now, to the continuing coverage tonight on the debate of marriage for same sex couples. the house voted to pass the bill sending it to the house of delegates house is going to take up
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debate next week. tiffany olston walked out on the vote this week. she voted against it. the committee chairman saved the legislation by voting to send it to the house. olston tried to amend the bill to vote for civil unions. the other hold out voted for the bill. it's carried a lot of emotion this session. >> i think it's said in the committee, we're a divided people. we're entitled to that. everyone is for the bill or against the bill. i think everyone deserves just duty. people feel they were representing who they were representing. >> the governor will sign the bill. a dog helped stave a pam -- save a family of four at 2:30 this morning.
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investigators say that a fire started on the second floor of a family home that was an apartment for their son. the son's dog woke him up and he got everyone else out of the house. the fire started in either the living room or the kitchen. not a bad day today. we were close to 50 in most spots clouds worked their way in. let's look at the satellite view over the state right now. we're finding no rain until you get in the northern part of the west virginia. we have the clouds across the west. we have partly cloudy skies back across the delmarva. how about a look at the temperatures. 48 at the inner harbor and 44 in annapolis and 50 in frederick for the temperatures right now. these are pretty much what we expect to see in early march. down into the 40s this evening.
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we'll have a light, south east breeze. we'll talk about how things shape up for the forecast. we'll have a little bit of everything coming at us. the state will end the state crab buy back program next week. many aren't used. the state started the program, offering more than $2300 for each license. it's aimed at managing the crab population that's on the rebound. well, a consumer alert. the mazda 6 sedan is recalled. spiders like to build their nests in the fuel system and clogs it up. it's unclear why the creatures like the vehicle. letters will be mailed at the end of the month. now, on to the economy. the nation's employers are hire
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at a pace that's not been seen in almost a year. that's helped bring the unemployment rate down. it's been the lowest in two years. the economy added several jobs last month. airfares at major u.s. airlines are climbing again. this is the 6th hike this year. this time, it's to cover the highier jet fuel prices. leisure traveler and corporate flyers may have to stay home. none of the low fair airlines have raised prices yet, they say. good news for retailers. they had strong sales last month. however, there are concerns that rising gas, food and clothing pricing will reverse the trend in the coming months. a community in michigan is grieving after the death of a star basketball player.
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coming up, what happened to the 16-year-old who made a game winning layup to cap the team's perfect season. and a warning about children's jewelry. we'll have the results coming up. plus, it's not is the pat -- it's not st. patrick's day, but it's st. baldwin's day. if i were a customer,
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you don't got any more stuff. [ laughter ]
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now, to a developing story. a michigan high school star basketball player collapsed and later died after making a game winning layup. the student died last night. the cause of death isn't determined. he's the second athlete to die in 14 months at that school. a wrestler died after suffering
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a seizure at home following a wrestling match. that's -- last night, we told you about a basketball player violating a code. the state of the unions must live a chaste life and he admitted to having sex with his girlfriend. >> there are a lot of comments coming in. we asked, was this the right decision. nia rights, rules are rules. he knew that was in violation of the honor code. melanie writes, why should it matter as long as he's an honorable student. rules are rules, period, one writes. you have the choice whether you go there or not. we want to know where you want to go. post your opinion on the
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facebook fan page at already, let's look at maryland's most powerful radar. five sweeps are scanning the skies and finding nothing out there. we'll stay dry and we're dry into the, well, into the bulk of saturday. we'll see rain moving into the state. that could produce flooding in spots. we don't think a lot of flooding. temperatures are 46 degrees, winds south east at 12 and barometer at 30.51 and holding steady. baltimore throughout the day, nice sunshine and milder out there today. temperatures near 50 degrees. we had nice early march sunshine at annapolis looking out on the severn river.
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one last stop at laurel high school. there's a nice looking field there. that's drying things out a little bit. some of the rain may not produce a tremendous amount of flooding. we've had several days in a row to dry things out since the last precipitation event. 46 in baltimore and 44 in ocean city and 48 in easton. we'll have a report out of oakland. it's a chillier night, especially at points west of the city outside of the hagerstown area. we'll look for colder temperatures in that direction. we're not getting near bwi. that's not bad. d.c., very close to 50. tomorrow, temperatures will be cooler in spots. we'll look for the clouds to increase and actually, i should have updated this. the temperature will be closer to 60 tomorrow. we'll have a milder day on tap. also, we'll look for the clouds to thicken up tomorrow and we'll have the rain pushing in
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out of the north and west. the satellite and radar trend is getting active to the west. developing, really, two lines of precipitation here. one in ohio and indiana and one up in northern missouri. both of these systems will be tracking east slowly. it's one thing we'll see in march. we're blogging about it on the weather pattern slows down at times in march. not the kind of weather we'll see in the summer. the system will take time getting in here friday night and saturday. clouds increase throughout the day. we're getting closer to 60 in spots and upper 50s for most of us. line of rain is moving in slowly late saturday and early sunday. not to say we won't see an afternoon shower sunday. depending on the rain, we could get up to an inch total. it should be spread out.
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35 tonight and clouds increase. we'll go 58 tomorrow. that's the accurate 2-degree guarantee. tomorrow night, we'll have a chance of showers to move in. the main rain is coming in sunday. let's break it down for you here. gettysburg, heading into salisbury for the lacrosse game. we're on the shore. we'll get that in on a dry note. many spots will hit 60 saturday. sunday, we're talking about wet weather. whatever you're doing outside, do it tonight and tomorrow, wet weather sunday and early next week looks mild, too. >> a ton of rain is coming and a little bit of flooding. >> there will be some. the good news is, it will be a relatively long -- the rain will be spread out. >> well, that's good. >> cool! well, learning is starting to come to life through art.
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a mural ruse unveil -- a mural was unveiled. the students took the mayor on a tour of learning. it's hosted by arts for learning. they explained the process behind the mural. >> yes, the students have this wonderful art experience, they actually use the mural to teach about the science and language arts content they were covering in the classroom. that was a dual purpose. >> the unveiling of the mural and tour is part of the access for all initiative. it sparked expanding acts of arts in the school. new tonight, parents let their rowdy children act out and cameras caught the seen. here's a preview. while these devil children seem uncontrollable. they're all actors and we told them to behave at their worst.
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one after another, entire tables of people flee to the other side of the diner. >> we want food! >> now, father, son and grandson -- >> coffee, coffee! >> and a look of bemusement as the action unfolds. it takes less than two minutes for this dine tore -- diner to speak up. >> meanwhile three generations watch as the bad behavior continues. and if you thought it couldn't get worse, the nerf darts start flying. this father had enough and calls over the manager. >> what do you want me to do? >> we want to be moved. >> mom! >> it's okay. >> no, it's not okay. they're shooting at us, they're
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going to hit someone. >> i mean, is something wrong? >> are you offended, you're closer? >> yeah, they're rude. >> finally, as a last resort. >> i'm going to have to ask you to leave. >> not fair. >> is everyone happy now? >> yes! [ cheers and applause ] >> one of my nightmares. you can watch the whole episode tonight at 9:00. well, cheap jewelry is aimed at your children. it may be hazardous to your health also. how you can keep jewelry laced with cadmium out of your child's hand. we'll have more coming up at 5:30. that's coming up soon.
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>> in tonight's health alert. have you noticed inexpensive jewelry for children? it could be hazardous to your child's health. >> reporter: some of that cheap children's jewelry could be contaminated with a metal that's toxic if ingested. it can cause kidney, bone, lung and liver disease. a university study measured the amount of the cadmium in inexpensive jewelry.
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if placed in the mouth of swallowed, some could release 100 times the recommended maximum limit. the findings present the dangers in children's jewelry, especially those made in china. children can be safe by choosing cadmium free jewelry, made in america. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. well, are you feeling rested? if not, you may be one of the millions that's not getting enough sleep. a new survey finds out that one out of every three adults are averaging fewer than seven hours of sleep per night. doctors say that most need seven or eight hours. more than a 1/4 of those at mid- ed not getting enough sleep. too little sleep can lead to delayed response time while driving. a new york woman goes on a
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rampage inside of a liquor store. we'll tell you what set her off. and the movie about the oklahoma city bombing is in the works. we'll have more, coming up at 5:30. it starts in just a bit.
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the thought of children having to go through cancer treatments broke my heart. >> he recognized the need to bring this organization to baltimore. >> they fund cancer research stud dis. >> this sunday is the third annual event. it will be all of the buzz at martin's east in middle river. >> so far, we have 104 shavee's. 104 men, women and children are willing to go bald. with six chairs at the reed, his goal is within reach.
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>> hey, could you do a cute face. her story brought them even closer to understanding the need. >> since we got involved, my daughter was diagnosed and she had to get a bone marrow transplant at johns hopkins. we got to meet a lot of kids, several which have passed away. >> i don't think people are aware of how many were effected. between this disease and cancer, we've known 50 children to die in the last two years. >> today, she's healthy and ready to help. >> we need to do all we can. >> it's important to do something for the kids now and for the kid's kids and everyone in the future. >> in baltimore county, abc2 news.


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