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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  May 1, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> mike: ray allen trying to get the celtics back into it. they trail by is the. now an eight-point game, after an 8-0 run. still 4:18 remaining here in the fourth. >> jeff: what two-guard play we've seen today. dwyane wade has played outstanding defense. well, then, how does ray allen have 25 points, you say? i have no idea. because he is being defended extremely well. you look at how he's chasing off screens, driving through screens. tremendous. and then up just see transition defense. this isn't great defense, but i don't see how you hit that three-point shot. james jones wouldn't have made that shot, even though i proclaimed him the best shooter in the nba earlier. that's a ray allen special. >> mike: allen a foul, as they
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bring the ball up the floor. that's his third, team's third. most importantly right now for the celtics on this 8-0 run, they did it in less than a minute. 57 seconds. >> mik >> jeff: that's the power of the three-point shot, too. i'm very interesting with ray allen guarding chalmers now and rondo on wade. >> mike: chalmers, bosh, james jones, wade and lebron james. bosh wide open. knocks it down! james setting up his teammate and it's back to ten. chris bosh hasn't shot well here today but an important boss ket right there. rondo, back to allen. steps back, another three. o'neal trying to tip it -- and knocks it out of bones. let's listen to a doc rivers huddle before the recent run. >> in my opinion, all we're doing is talking.
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bad flagrant. we got to play to win. looking at each other, looking at them every time they touch you. what did you think, they ain't going to touch you? you got to play in you want to win. >> mike: and they did, going on that 8-0 run. now the heat trying to answer. wade misses. rondo, his seventh rebound. rondo looking. stolen by james. wade racing down the other end of the floor for the finish! time-out, boston. the heat defense does it again. i'm your biggest fan. you know that.
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>> mark: talk about spectacular plays being made. defensively, lebron james says, give me that. how about this? pin-point pass to dwyane wade in transition. and as my man clyde says, so nice, you see it twice. take note, cam newton. that's playing the quarterback position and hitting your receiver. >> jeff: and you know what? i have a new top ten. the fundamental top ten. once a week, in every sport, just fundamental plays like that that the kids can watch at home.
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i think it would be a heck of an addition to "sportscenter." >> mike: they turn it over again. wade to the basket -- and draws the foul. chest pass -- >> jeff: 75 feet. perfectly thrown over the top of the defense -- >> mike: of a seven footer. >> jeff: that would be play number one in my top ten fundamental. >> mark: the problem is, it shouldn't be number one. that should just be play number one. we've gotten away from acknowledging that as a great highlight reel play. >> jeff: unfortunately, the fan base gets bored by seeing chest passes. they want to see monster dunks all the time, so, keep that in the other top ten. i'm trying to create my own signature top ten, bringing the fundamentals back. >> mark: this is in the jvg
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world. >> mike: the key, you have to come up with a sponsor. >> jeff: i'll get a sponsor. >> mike: under three minutes remaining here in the fourth. lead back up to 14. now with breathing room again. green on the drive. finish, and a foul. good, hard drive from jeff green. and green with now nine points. bosh picks up his fourth. >> mark: this is what jeff green has got to do for this celtic team, with or without paul pierce. he's got to be more aggressive on the offensive end. >> mike: he showed a little bit at the end of the knicks series. not an easy situation for a player, coming in after the trade of one of the most popular players in recent years for the celtics, kendrick perkins. popular with the fans and in the locker room. just over 2:30 remaining, 12-point game. wade and the heat will take time much the clock.
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extra pass. chalmers on the drive. tried to jam it in there. rondo with the steal. gets it to green. back to garnett -- and it's back to ten, with 2:19 remaining. >> mark: celtics here going into a two-two-one. >> jeff: do you think they just made this up? i think they just put it in. i don't think the celtics have this in. >> mike: we haven't seen this. brand new. slowing down the pace of the game. wade. good defense. gets it to bosh. bosh, blocked by garnett. oh, terrific rejection from kevin garnett. rondo. inside. deflected. james got a piece of that one. wade's not going to be able to chase that one down. he goes diving into the crowd. and hopefully he landed on people to break his fall from the chairs there.
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and apparently okay. walking a little gingerly. wow. wade appears okay. the extra effort all afternoon for the miami heat. it's me. i'm coming home. when? ♪
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♪ surprise!!! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> mike: so many are officially addicted to abc's new show called "happy endings." tv's funniest all new comedy, all new wednesday at its regular time at 10:00/9:00 central. heat trying to put the finishing touches on a game-one victory. they are extending themselves. all-out hustle. >> jeff: look at the fans. who are you kidding? you got to hold wade up! coward one, coward two, diving
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out of the way, save the franchise! i am so disappointed. oh, you are disappointing. you in the beard. >> mark: and pops with the glasses. you're better than that. i thought we were in this together. >> jeff: that's right. what happened to that team? hey, if you have to take it on the nose and get bloodied a little bit, that's okay. save the franchise. >> mike: garnett lost it. garnett and wade getting entangled. and celtics turn it over for the 14th time. the 14 turnovers have led to many points. the heat with the clock on their side. james, 22 points, six boards, five assists. chalmers, blocked by garnett. they have five to shoot as garnett gets his second
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rejection. >> jeff: that was great effort by kevin garnett to come from guarding the pick and roll all the way to rotate back, block the shot. >> mike: jones, another three. rondo again looking to push. celtics trying to get one more run. but they're running out of time. rondo, the drive. scoop layup, back to eight. with 55 seconds remaining. too early to start fouling? >> jeff: no. >> mark: the celtics have to force the issue and try to foul, try to steal the basketball. >> mike: and rondo deflected it. but it hit the sideline. heat will inbound with 49.4 remaining. leading by eight. >> mark: if i'm eric spoelstra, i can't ask dwyane wade to do anything tomorrow. i mean, the energy that he has exerted in this ball game on
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both ends of the floor is absolutely incredible. >> mike: game two is tuesday night. as lebron james calls a time-out. back here at the american airlines arena. right now, the heat trying to close out the celtics in game one. >> mike: a brilliant performance this afternoon in game one from dwyane wade.
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37 points, as wade struggled against the celtics in the regular season, doing a little bit of everything. playing with such tenacity on the defensive end. his usual force on the offensive end. and the number one reason why the heat have an eight-point lead with 49 seconds remaining. west and green converge, knock it away. and a foul called on west. wade is 7 of 7 from the free-throw line. again, some of those games against celtics during the regular season, it was opening night, he hadn't played in the preseason. the next one was like a week later. but they did too a good job of him while he was chasing around ray allen. he's chased allen around today, but not had a problem. >> mark: he didn't make any excuses coming in. he said, hey, i played bad against the celtics. the numbers tell you that and i'll tell you that. the bottom line is, he came ready today and he's been the best player on the floor. >> jeff: last year, he
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absolutely dominated the celtics in that playoff series they lost. >> mike: he averaged 33 a game and shot 56%. well, we've seen how he's been, just turn it up several notches. when they won the championship here in 2006. now he's got an excellent supporting cast. and a reach-in foul. so, west will shoot free throws. not what erik spoelstra wanted with 37.5 seconds remaining. they lost the first three during the regular season, but pounded the celtics in the final regular season meeting between the two, a couple of days before it ended. that one basically clinched the number two spot in the east and allowed them to have home court advantage in this series. miami finished number two in the east behind chicago, and boston number three.
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having to play without paul pierce for the final seven minutes. west hits the free throw. 97-90. get it to jones. jones throws it ahead to james. they need to foul. playing keep away. now they get it to james jones. jones has had the best playoff game of his career. 23 points, knocking down so many three-point shots. 5 of 7 from downtown. >> jeff: and they had a chance to foul lebron james and they should have taken that foul. >> mike: espn's coverage of baseball continues tonight and tomorrow night. sunday night baseball, mets and phillies. monday night baseball, yanks at tigers. final half minute.
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nine-point lead for the heat. rondo. kicks it out. they won't the three. west puts it up. that won't go. rebound tipped. still loose. and that will do it. the miami heat draw first blood of this much anticipated series. as they hand the celtics their first loss of the 2011 playoffs. dwyane wade brilliant, 38 points. but he had help. and the heat win game one, 99-90. they had five tough games in the first round against philadelphia. now, against these celtics, the former champions, they perform beautifully all afternoon. dwyane wade right now with doris. >> doris: you made no excuses about your regular season performance against the celtics. why was today so different? >> you know, just, it was a big game.
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game one, at home, we got to take care of home court. these guys expect this from me. i wasn't giving it to them in the series in the regular season versus now. i was going to be a lead eer today. >> doris: you have handled the celtics in back-to-back games. why? >> well, we just playing to win. offensively, this is a good team. i think our energy and our effort the last two times have made up for any mistakes. we executed well. and today our shot makers made shots and that was the story. so, this team right here is never going to quit. every game is going to two like this and we look forward to the challenge. >> doris: congratulations. mike? >> mike: all right, doris. they're now 4-0 at home in these 2011 playoffs, as they take game one with game two coming up on tuesday night right back here. so, memphis wins on the road to start their western semis. miami wins at home to start their eastern semis. more games tomorrow night on tnt to begin those series.
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a terrific performance from dwyane wade, lebron james and the miami heat. james jones, 25 big points off the bench. final score in game one, the heat, 99, and the celtics, 90. for mark jackson, jeff van gundy, doris burke, producer tim corrigan and our crew, this is mike breen saying so long from miami. thanks for watching abc, home of the nba finals. after these messages, we'll join stuart scott back in our studio.
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♪ >> welcome to nba sunday. the miami heat take game one in their conference semiagainst the boston celtics.
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stuart scott,. >> mike: michael wilbon, jon barry. hello, my name is dwyane wade. what happened to d-wade, how did he get going so effectively, guys? >> when he comes out three-plus hours early to shoot and work up a sweat. not just shoot to be out there. but he clearly decided that the 12.4 points, five turnover guy was not going to be the wade that was going to start this series. and everybody on that team knew they needed to win game one more than boston did. they had to win game one. wade started to set the tone for it. >> check this out. here's the graphic comparing game one d-wade against the celtics regular season. check out the field goal percentage. 66% to 28%. now, you said he decided. j.b., is that just a matter of he decided it or did spoelstra and the heat and the team decide? >> i think it's dwyane wade.
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when you're that great a player, arguably one of the top three or five players in the game, in my opinion, that's what happens. i mean, you're not going to keep a great player down, and he decided today it wasn't going to happen. i know ray allen had a great game, he made great shots, but he chased him around. you heard mark jackson, jeff van gundy, talking about it. this guy was everywhere, diving into the stands, which we both cringe, saying, please don't do that, at the end of a ball game. >> fourth quarter, no chance for boston to come back. and seriously, that visual was incredible. diving into a sea of people. who didn't catch him. >> catch him! >> it's like -- ah -- >> if you get a boo boo and go to work tomorrow, so what? >> one of the key points in the game in the fourth quarter, paul pierce, who had just gotten one technical in a double technical foul situation, got another one right here. d-wade on a pick. it looks like d-wade kind of lowered his shoulder a little bit. they called double technical, pierce ejected.
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why do you think he was ejected? >> we don't know what was said. obvious lly he said something t wade. the official is right there. he just had a double technical with james jones earlier. again, we can't speculate on what was said. obviously he got into a jawing match with dwyane wade and he decided to give him a quick double technical foul. seven minutes to go, it was still a ball game. obviously, very huge nor the celtics. paul pierce just started playing well. they cut this lead, we saw it numerous times, down to eight. but paul pierce has to keep his cool. >> it was a quick t-up. so, something was said. think about the worst thing that could have been said. bad enough to get that technical knowing that you got ejected? >> no, no, no. and you know he just had a technical, i don't care what's said between the celtics and the heat. not only that, we're not talking about somebody picking on somebody. these are guys of like size. these are two big stars in the
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nba. you let them play. there's no foul to be called. wade tried to run through a screen. let him. it's playoff basketball. if the league is going to nitpick, if it issued orders to guys that you are to start blowing the whistle every time they run into somebody, they're going to ruin the rest of the playoffs. let that go. >> so, you don't think that dwyane wade ran into him and pierce said, pardon me, fine sir. >> there is literally nothing at this stage of their careers, they've earned the right to jaw at each other. that paul pierce could say to dwyane wade or vice versa that could get them kicked out in a playoff game. am i wrong? >> no, i think you're right. and they didn't make dinner plans at prime 112, i don't think. >> not tonight. >> james jones, 25 points off the bench. we, you all, been saying, all year, if they can get production from somebody else, somebody off the bench, there might not be any stopping this team. how much truth is there to that? >> i think it's the key.
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the big three are not going to combine for 70, 80 points like we saw in the regular season, as we saw against philly a couple of times. one of those guys is going to get taken out. seven points today for bosh. >> going against garnett. >> what happens? one guy steps up and it's james jones. and, let's give him a lot of credit. he knocked down a lot of wide open shots. but the celtics play poor defense. this guy should not get that many open looks. he's a spot-up shooter. he never putting the ball on the floor. he should never be that open. >> can defense be rusty, after a week off? we think of timing affecting offense. but can the celtics, with their calling card being their defense, be rusty? >> sure. you didn't know dwyane wade was going to go off like this. there are things that aren't part of the game plan. you have to adjust. maybe they didn't adjust quick enough as they needed to. but again, they'll play better defense. i think they did enough today to feel pretty good about some
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things going into game two. >> real quickly, can boston be effective in game two in changing whatever they may need to change to get one in south beach? >> rondo is the guy. rondo's got to play well. he was not there today. three quick fouls early, he was not the same guy. five turnovers, seven assists. when he plays great, like he did early in the season, and he did to the end against the knicks, the boston celtics are still the best team in the east. >> i expect boston to make the changes they need to make quickly. doesn't mean they'll win, but i expect them to make changes and for rondo to look like the all-star in game two. >> how underrated is doc rivers as a coach? >> very underrated. he knows what to do. >> he knows what buttons to push. you heard him in the time-out saying, hey, guys, it's not about talking. we have to play to win. play the game. and i think they will in game two. >> james jones, i told you, 25 points, off the bench, his 25 off the bench is a miami heat record for player in a playoff
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game, points off the ben. ch, coming up next, abc "world news." óóñç
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