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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 2, 2011 2:05am-4:00am EDT

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but there are pros and cons to both. i only do the standard regimen. because you think it's a better treatment? no, because she practices here, and the--the--the trial's in boston. you know what? why don't i give you the research? you can take it home, read it over and then you can discuss your options. okay? but, um, i have to stress, kitty, that the sooner you make a decision, the better. okay. okay. thank you. travis, i don't care that you work for governor kern. you know the protocol. the senator's the ranking official when it comes to greeting international guests. (travis) nice try, but the governor of california is gonna be at the bottom of those stairs when the prince of wales sets his pretty royal toe on california soil. really? well, then i'd hate to see your face when his royal highness walks straight past her and says hi to the senator because they played golf
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together in scotland. (clicks mouse) (baby crying) i didn't know you had a baby. you know, maybe--maybe we can, uh, you know, set up... (increases volume) something with the prince at the hotel, like a photo-op. do i need to call 9-1-1? i think he's hungry. or maybe he's just wet. (screaming continues) scotty! uh, it's-- it's not a baby. yeah, well, whatever it is, deal with it. look, i'm glad we settled this issue. (beep) uh, you know what? we didn't settle any... (crying stops) what are you doing? that was important. you keep insisting we can manage a baby with two careers, so i thought we'd have a little dress rehearsal. well, you know what? your timing sucks. i have this visit and two press releases to get out today. yeah, well, you know what? i have tonight's menu to prepare. and that crying baby? someone needs to change his diaper. uh-oh. it's--it's a poopy one. you made your point. we'll talk about this later. (keys jangle) yeah, well, it's always later, kevin. that's the problem. (sighs) (piano music playing) nice balance. fruit forward. a little smoke in the finish, huh? (woman) all done? thank you so much. you're very welcome. thank you.
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so tell me something-- that's what we're bidding on? mm. 10,000 gallons, if the price stays under $5.25 a gallon. oh! $5.25? nobody's gonna bid $5.25 for that swill. trust me. you take that swill and you add it to our grapes, and you will get a nice bottle of wine. oh, holly, that's short-term thinking. i don't care how cheaply you're gonna sell it. in the long run, it's gonna ruin our brand. (scoffs) you know, how many times do i have to tell you, saul, that we are gonna market under a different label? (music continues) what, old flame? no, just a business acquaintance. saul? i heard a rumor your family had expanded into the wine business. yeah, well, how about that? what about you? how's the cattle business, hmm? it runs itself, saul. this is my new hobby now. great. you know, at our age, it's good to keep, uh, your mind fresh. yeah. oh, sorry. this is holly harper. she's the president of ojai foods. hi. and this gentleman is dennis york. a woman in charge.
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(chuckles) well, well. william certainly would have approved. sorry to hear of his passing, by the way. it's a terrible loss. your concern is touching, dennis. (electronic bell chiming) well, good luck with the bidding. nice to meet you, holly harper. let's do it. wow. this is inspiring. there is a whole community of people that have been through this, and they're all really positive. listen, there's a debbiefeelwell from florida, and she says the r-chop was "very doable." she was diagnosed with stage iv lymphoma, and now she's n.e.d.-- no evidence of disease. (gasps) oh, wow. look at this. what? look at this. that's a wedding dress. can you imagine how good that would look on rebecca? honey, i thought we were-- we were researching treatment options, kitty. well, we were, but now i'm researching wedding dresses. oh, my god. oh, my god. look at this one. look at that.
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i mean, that almost makes me want to get married again. it's really beaut-- honey, you heard the doctor. you have to make a decision now. i will, but--but, um, we're going shopping, and i need to help rebecca find a wedding dress. all right. all right. well, are you gonna tell her what's going on? yes. yes, of course, right when she's zipping up her carolina herrera. i know you don't want anyone to know about this yet, kitty, but everyone here talks about how important it is to have a strong support system. mom, you need to get offline. i will figure this out. i-i will make the right decision, and i promise you, i will be n.e.d. no evidence of disease. yes, never enough doughnuts, never enough dresses, never... i love you. mm. (keys jangle) (hums) ha ha! she went shopping? yes. look, i-i understand she--she needs a distraction, but, robert, there really isn't time for that.
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do you know what her prognosis is? 55%. yeah, with r-chop, but i just got off the phone with the head researcher in boston, and he says his treatment will give her an extra 5% chance. yes, i read the study, but the-- but the sample population was only a few hundred patients. that's really not enough to tell, and the side effects, there's heart damage-- that was a woman who was 65 years old with a history of diabetes and smoked. kitty's young and healthy. blood clots, it can devastate her immune system. now if the r-chop doesn't work or--or she has a relapse-- i'm not waiting for a relapse. and i don't care what the side effects are as long as she lives. i just don't think this is right for her at this time, and she'd be 3,000 miles away. well, i'd go with her, obviously. oh, and--and when would you be there, exactly? you're running for governor. who would take care of evan? her family is here. i am here. but if the best treatment is there, then that's where she needs to be. if i thought that were true, i would be helping her pack right now. i don't think it's right for her. look, she is my wife. (scoffs) okay? we're gonna do whatever's best for both of us.
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oh, no, no. what, are you gonna play the husband card, robert? i don't even know what that means. up until recently, you have been completely m.i.a. what, you're gonna swoop in now and save the day? is that it? i just want her well. listen to me, robert. i don't care if you're senator or governor or the king of siam. you've not shown me that her life is safe in your hands. you don't get to call the shots. well, i'm sorry you feel that way. but you are right about one thing-- the only person that's gonna be calling the shots is kitty. yes. she is. (door opens) (door closes) today we're going to surprise people with the taste of activia. that's good. wow. this is really good. great flavor! it's really creamy, it's really tasty. ooh! wow! jamie lee curtis! it's activia! it's delicious. i am shocked. it's hard to believe it's that good for you. it's so good. try the fabulous taste of activia today.
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or you simply can't handle the pressure. (whispers) wow. inspirational, isn't he? there are three people who will determine your fate in this class-- one of them is me, the other, your cadaver, and the third is your lab partner. now in this class, as in life, you don't get to choose your coworkers. you might not like them, so you have to find a way to work with them. okay? so the next time we'll begin with the upper limb. be familiar with it. (clears throat) so i've drawn up a study schedule for the first half of the year. oh, great. it's, uh, it's color-coded. by body part. you've already acquainted yourself with the upper limb, right? yeah, uh, the, uh, bones and muscles, i'm good to go. it's the, uh, tendons and ligaments i'm a little uneasy-- wait, wait. what? the majority of arm injuries-- lateral epicondylitis,
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adhesive capsulitis, inflammatory impingement-- all are tendon-related. but we--we weren't supposed to know those for today, though, right? no. you see, i volunteered in an orthopedic lab to help patent a synthetic bone paste. i mean, you can't expect to know everything i'm gonna know, but you will need to keep up with the basics. i-i'm sorry. how old are you? 16, graduated with honors, and yes, my social maturity has been tested. i was gonna get mine tested tomorrow. look, i have us going over the musculature of the torso by early next week. is that gonna be a problem? uh, no. no, no. i'll, uh, i'll--i'll catch up. you better, because you heard what he said-- our fates are tied, and i will be acing this class. and no doogie howser jokes. no. (mouths words) oh, my gosh. this is definitely the best one so far. what--what do you think, monique? she looks good in everything.
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(chuckles) i don't know about that. how do you feel about feathers? like they belong on birds. monique. yeah. the symphony gown with the ostrich skirt--i got it. are you serious? (laughs) kitty, i can't wear a feathered dress. i'm gonna feel like big bird. come on. you h--you have to at least try it on. rebecca, you are the bride. you have got to embrace your inner princess. i don't have an inner princess. (liquid pours) (sets bottle down) you are gonna have to get one. you are--you are young, and you are beautiful. (chuckling) are you drunk? no. no, i am not drunk. i am... i'm... excited. well, can i remind you that when you were getting married, i couldn't get you to even try on one dress? well, i was stupid and i was an idiot. i mean, look at us, rebecca. we are surrounded by tulle and lace and feathers. i mean, we have to enjoy this. you never know what's gonna happen tomorrow. we could all get hit by a bus. we're not gonna get hit by a bus. you don't know that. things can change in a blink of an eye. are you sure you're okay?
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mm-hmm. i am drinking champagne, and i am watching my beautiful future sister-in-law try on the most gorgeous dresses i have ever seen in my life. i mean, i am more than okay. i'm--i'm great. (chuckles) i never want to leave. i mean, i-i love you, and i-i honestly--i could stay in this store forever. (laughs) okay, fine. i will try on the feathers. good idea. okay, be careful. be careful. okay. oh. (chuckles) hmm. (bell dings) our next lot up for bid is 10,000 gallons of a 2008 cabernet from vittarelli estates. we'll start the bidding today, $2 a gallon. do i have 2$? $2 right here. looking for $2.25. thank you. $2.25. do i have $2.50? $2.50. looking for $2.75. $2.75. do i have $3? $2.75. do i have $3? $2.75 going once, going twice... (dennis) $6. $6. going once at $6.
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(crowd murmuring) $6 going twice... (lowered voice) we can't go that high. sold at $6. up next, we have a 2006 cabernet... who is he and what the hell is he doing? (man) $1.25. looking for $1.50. (bell on door dings) hey. i already called the state department, told them the senator will be meeting the plane, so you can save your breath. no, i'm here about kitty. i'm sorry, by the way. uh, when are you doing the press conference? what are you talking about? look, we know. uh, we're telling everyone on the campaign hands off, leave it alone completely. and if you give us a day, we can have the governor cancel any appearances she has, out of respect. out of respect for what? look, i'm in this thing to win, but even i wouldn't use a wife's cancer to score points. are you... oh. you didn't know? (knock on door)
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it's kev. oh, hey. you are not gonna believe what travis tried to do to me today. he tried to tell me that you have-- that you're sick, but i mean, like, really sick. that's--that's insane, right? i mean, come on. tell me that's insane. yeah, he's gonna try to spin this into a reason that robert can't run for governor. kitty. you're gonna have to get on top of this. kit. what? i'm--i'm sorry. is--is--is this true? oh, god. oh, god. oh, god. i'm--i'm--i'm... i-i'm gonna have to figure this out. um... um... uh... kit, it's me. it's your little brother. you can... please talk to me. yeah, yeah. please... tell me. tell me. what--what-- what--what do you have?
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where is it? i mean, how--how long have you known? it's lymphoma, and, kevin, i-i am so sorry that you had to find out this way. no, no, no. that's okay. oh, god. i'm gonna have to tell everybody now. no. no, you don't. you absolutely don't. look, i c--i can keep this a secret as long as you want. i know you don't think i can. i-i will. i promise. no. no, you know what? i think it's actually better if i just tell everybody at once, you know, just to-- just to get it out there. y-y-you know what-- you know what i can do? is i can call mom, and i'll-- i'll just have her arrange one of her--one of her dinners, but--but it's like... (sighs) kev. kev, it's okay. it's gonna be okay.
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$?$? . uh, i'll leave as soon as i can. okay, dear. bye. so that guy that just stole 10,000 gallons of wine right out from under us? well, it turns out he was indicted on felony charges years ago for price fixing at voley foods. didn't william work at voley back then? so what are you getting at? (chuckles) come on, saul. don't be cagey with me. this guy just sabotaged a major component of my business plan. right. he knew william, he's undermining us. so what are we dealing with here, hmm? what do you know? yes, they worked together at voley foods. they started together, they shared accounts.
2:24 am
obviously, they were very good at it and decided they wanted to be on their own, and they needed capital. let me guess-- they stole from the company. there was an investigation. maybe william kept his hands clean, maybe he saw it coming. i don't know. but he ended up testifying, and dennis ended up doing five years. (scoffs) why does this not surprise me? that's all i know, and right now i have to be somewhere. where are you going? i mean, if this is some ancient grudge match, then we've gotta talk about this. that can wait. this can't. (groans and taps table) (sighs) maybe this is about sarah. okay, everyone, here she is. hey. hi, guys. i'm, um, i'm so sorry to--to keep you waiting. what's going on? oh, no. are you guys getting a divorce? no, no. no, no, no, no. no, look, i'm so sorry. i-i have gross anatomy class tomorrow morning, and my lab partner has a patent, so... well, um, it-it's--it's about me.
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(crying) oh, god. (whispers) kevin. kevin, are you crying? (normal voice) oh, kevin, don't. (sobs) (crying) saul. saul? saul, why are-- why are you crying? i had to tell someone. well, somebody better tell us. i'm starting to panic here. uh, yeah. it's okay. it's--it's--it's-- i-i... i have cancer. it's, uh, it's lymphoma. it's in--it's in stage iii, which--which isn't the worst. (whispers) kitty. um, it just--it just means that it--it's spread a little bit. but it's not in her bone marrow. no, and--and my oncologist is-- is very positive about the prognosis. it's just a matter now of deciding what treatment to do. chemo or radiation? well, r-chop probably, which is chemo. it's the standard of care. well, maybe. i-- she's also been accepted into a clinical trial in boston. i have? yeah, i made a call. robert, i asked you not to make that call. (rebecca) you may be going to boston? wh--no. i-i--well, i may-- i don't know. i don't-- i don't know what i'm gonna do. mom, can you please sit down? (whispers) i'm sorry.
2:26 am
i'm--i'm just gonna take some time and--and, uh, figure out what to do. um, but, you know, l-let's just have a normal night. yeah. right. yeah. it's gonna be-- it's gonna be fine, and--and mom made some turkey meat loaf, and... yeah. come on. let's--let's all sit down and eat. um, robert, i could, uh, use your help in the kitchen. i can't believe you made that call. i asked you not to start throwing your weight around. hey, i'm gonna keep our options open. they are kitty's options to decide. you just told everybody she was doing r-chop. i did not. i said probably. crap. nora, look, she wasn't accepted into this trial because i made a call. she-- you don't know that. you would only know that had you not made the call. she was accepted because they think it's gonna save her life. well, of course they would say that. they're the ones running the study. look, i started a cancer center. i happen to know the politics of clinical trials. and i know the politics of this family, and you don't want her in boston
2:27 am
because you want her here with you. oh, god, do you think i would jeopardize the health of my daughter for geography? jeez! (basket clatters) don't touch those buns. so how's the, uh, surrogacy going? well, you know... coming along. mm. good. i've got garlic rolls. a few of them fell on the ground... mmm. but 10-second rule. they'll be fine. they'll be fine. oh, no, thanks. thanks, mom. oh, so you're reading it, huh? see? i better go into the kitchen and see what's going on. i think she needs some help. (robert) ...she practically threw up the lining of her stomach. (nora) well, that's a hell of a lot better than what might happen to her if she decides to be a lab rat. guys... rolls. (nora speaking indistinctly) stage iii-- h-how bad is that? i mean, will she have to be hospitalized? i know nothing about oncology. you're a med student. in basic anatomy. oh, god. i dragged her dress shopping today. you know what she kept talking about? how we could all be hit by a bus tomorrow. (sighs) i mean, she was right. we all have been.
2:28 am
(sighs) your poor mom. oh, my mom. look, uh, why don't we go help her with dinner, okay? yeah. blood clots in the lungs and heart failure or nausea and hair loss-- pick one. i-i can't pick one, nora. it's impossible to-- pick one, saul. pick one. saul. saul. saul, the study we're talking about increases her chances of beating this, period. she can beat it with r-chop without jeopardizing her health any further. and besides that, her family is here. her support system is here. right. right. i agree with nora on this, robert. of course you do, because it's always a package deal with you guys... what? that's crazy, robert. everybody together, no matter what. but this isn't thanksgiving that we're talking about. don't you dare to talk to me like--don't patronize me. all right, all right-- i'm not patronizing you. there is an agenda... i'm not talking about thanksgiving. we're talking-- (robert and nora arguing indistinctly) you know what i just thought of? i mean, i-i could cook for you. i could leave a big cooler outside your door with fresh meals in it every day, and you wouldn't have to worry about that. that's really sweet, scotty, but you know what? i'm not gonna be an invalid. i'm gonna be able to cook.
2:29 am
but i-i have, um, i have the answer for you guys-- live-in nanny. i'm sorry, i can't do this. look, i know you want to talk about meat loaf and babies, but i-i can't sit here and pretend everything's normal. i'm so sorry. (door opens) (door closes) i'm sorry. i-i feel like i should talk to him. yeah, it's okay. i-i understand. y-you should go get him. okay. look, mom's right. that's all they talk about in rehab, is your support system. (robert) kitty doesn't have an addiction. (scotty) you know what? kitty's alone out there. you know, robert, if it is such a good treatment, why is it not the standard of care? (saul) that's right. and--and tell me, why hasn't the american cancer association come out and supported it or the f.d.a. approved it? why? because the f.d.a. won't update its protocols and streamline their approvals. oh, for goodness sakes. you have no idea how many drugs that could save people's lives are just stuck in bureaucratic red tape. you don't know which one is which. but what about a.z.t.? they approved that in seven days. (nora) exactly. exactly. after huge political pressure. no one's marching on capitol hill for lymphoma. (robert) thank you, kevin.
2:30 am
(kevin) she should have the most aggressive treatment possible. kevin, aggressive could kill her. no, no, cancer could kill her. aggressive could kill-- (justin) mom. mom. guys. what? wh-- oh, kitty. i'm sorry. i'm--i'm so sorry. i mean, i know--i know this was just such a-a-a shock, but, you know, all this-- all this fighting is--is--is not gonna help me, and it's--it's not gonna help anything. you know, i just, um, i just really wanted to have a-a normal dinner, you know? and it was so--it was so crazy of me to think that we could just eat and talk and--and be normal, because, of course, y-you're right. you're right, kev. there's--there's nothing normal about... are you all right? yeah. yeah. i just... oh, god. i'm tired. i'm gonna get your things. yeah, i think i-- i think i need to-- i need to go home. and, mom, i'm so sorry. this was just such a bad idea.
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that's wildly inappropriate? if it has anything to do with death, dying or cancer, i don't think i can take it. actually, it's about the opposite. okay. let's have a baby. (sighs) i warned you it was inappropriate. i'm touched that you want to do this for me, but having a baby, it... it's just not gonna help. i'm not trying to help.
2:37 am
you know, ever since this surrogacy idea came up, i've been obsessed with what a huge obligation a baby would be, and all the precious time i'd lose. and then tonight... i don't want to wait until the "right time" to have a baby. there is no right time. but there is a wrong time. all i can do right now is think about kitty, and that wouldn't be fair to a... to a baby or to you. maybe in a couple of months? now you sound like me. i'm sorry. no. we'll wait. i love you. i love you, too.
2:38 am
(gregory alan isakov) ♪ well, it's 3 a.m. again wow. those textbooks must be really boring. all right, so what are we gonna go with? are you gonna go with, uh, are you gonna go with strapless or... oh, what's this one called? this one? halter. halter. you don't have to do this. listen to me. there is nothing more that i want in this world than to walk down that aisle with you, but the thought of kitty forcing herself to celebrate... she wouldn't be forcing herself. then everyone else would be. justin, you didn't want to elope because you wanted our entire families to be there to celebrate. but it's not a celebration, not if kitty's sick. ♪ now you're talking in my room ♪ i mean, halter or strapless, whatever, it just... doesn't feel right, does it?
2:39 am
♪ burnin' through the gears no. i know that at our engagement party i said... i wanted our wedding to be a priority. ♪ ...background radio but right now i think that kitty should be the priority. so i was thinkin'... maybe we should postpone. ♪ i was the same (mouths words) (whispers) come here. (knock on door) i would have called, but i think you would have hung up on me. robert, it's late. i'm not here to argue. i think we need to get on the same page. i don't know that we'll ever be on the same page. well, we both love kitty. i don't think we'd be fighting as much if we didn't. come in. have you talked to, um, tommy or sarah?
2:40 am
no. i've left messages for both of them. i haven't heard back. (pours liquid) but that's not why you're here, robert. kitty's mad. she's mad at me. she's mad at you. yes. and we've both been making this about ourselves, and it's not fair to her. she needs to know that we're gonna support her-- whatever decision she makes-- both of us. she knows i'll support her. no. no, she knows you want her here with you. well, if she decides to go to boston, i'll go with her there. well, then tell her. nora, she... she needs you in... a lot of ways more than she needs me. look, you said that you didn't feel her life was safe in my hands. robert-- no, it's okay. i mean, i know you've been angry.
2:41 am
i've been angry. i'm angry at everything. and kitty and i were just beginning to try to rebuild our marriage, and now this. oh. robert, kitty's right. you--you can't stop living just because she's sick, and you certainly can't stop working on your relationship. as a matter of fact, it's a very good time to start. what if there's not enough time? stop. don't do that. kitty's going to be fine. i'm sorry. i-i just can't imagine what it would be like if it were one of my kids. well, you would probably fight like hell with their spouse, too. (whispers) i don't want to fight. good. because i think we're gonna need each other. (sighs) john frieda's expertise in salon colour now available at home. new precision foam colour only from john frieda.
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yes? let's begin. (blows air) okay, what's his name? "douglas, 47, died of pancreatic cancer." you want the honors? you all right? um, i'm-a--i'm-a be right back. carter, you-- (instruments clatter) i-i think he actually forgot his glasses somewhere. excuse me. what, is this your first dead body? can you just... can you just give me a moment, please? no, i can't. look, i was really intimidated by you, but right now, you're the one in the fetal position. yeah, you're making that real easy. thanks. (whispers) all right, look...
2:46 am
(normal voice) i know how to do this. okay? i've been to war, and i've seen dead bodies. and let me tell you something-- patients are a lot scarier. all right? douglas in there-- he--he can't cry, he can't scream in pain, he can't die. so you're telling me you're not freaked out at all? oh, no, i'm freaked out. i'm freaked out by the index card in there that says he died of pancreatic cancer at age 47. you see, my sister, who's a little younger than that, was just diagnosed with lymphoma, okay? and i bet that it's some boy genius like you who's gonna find a cure. all right, you're terrified of douglas? i'm terrified i'm not gonna learn what i need to learn in order to be a doctor. and i know you know the tendons like your a-b-c's, but last night i was busy, so i didn't get a chance to review. i need this, and i'm not gonna let you screw this up. so let's get in there and dissect the upper limb. come on.
2:47 am
hey. will you do the cutting? yeah. you bet. here, look. put these on. makes you look older. come on. um, listen. i've been going over my research, and i find that there's some very compelling arguments toward doing the clinical trial. oh, god, mom. i... i'm just saying... whatever you decide, i--i'm with you, 150%--500%. robert and i both are. did he talk to you? he didn't tell you? (chuckles) well, he showed up on my doorstep last night. he did? yes, and, kitty, i'm sorry if it seemed like i was pressuring you. and, you know, boston is really not that far away, and it's a wonderful city. there's quincy market and newbury street. mom, it's not like
2:48 am
i would exactly be there to sightsee, okay? no. no, but we could make it work. i would go with you, and i could take care of evan. and who knows? maybe we would go sightseeing. you don't--you don't know how you'd feel. everybody responds differently to chemo. okay. fine. you know what? maybe even rebecca and justin can have their honeymoon there. um, honey... i-i think their wedding plans are kind of in flux right now. well, why? w-w-why? because of me? kitty, everyone needs time to process their own reaction. just--just look at robert and me. first we're gonna kill each other, and then we're having tea together in the middle of the night, which we could do in boston. we could have our own little boston tea party. (mouth full) all right. all right. you know what? sure. we'll see. we'll see. just... thank you. (holly) you're not going to believe who wants to meet me for lunch.
2:49 am
dennis york. tell me you hung up on him. no. i told him i'd meet him at mcdonnelly's at 1:00. better to keep your enemies close. good idea. (matt ellis) ♪ ...we stop today ♪ and take some time to realize ♪ saul. i didn't realize you'd be joining us. ♪ look around okay. uh, what are you drinking? uh, nothing. thank you. i don't have much time. holly's not coming? no, you just get me. so what do you want? i want those five years i spent in prison back. ah. but i'll settle for a good investment. i still know one when i see one. yeah, well, even if william screwed you, he's gone, dennis. yeah, but his company's still alive and kicking. where do you think he got the idea to start one in the first place? are you suggesting that ojai was your idea? i'm not suggesting. whatever proprietary claims you think you have on ojai
2:50 am
ran out a long time ago. then you won't mind a little, uh, healthy competition? keep away from the company... and stay away from my family. see you around, saul. ♪ too many days we never see hey. hey. what are you doing home? uh, i finished my royal duties, and i took the afternoon off. okay, so you went to my mother's in the middle of the night, and now you're home in the middle of the day? who are you, and what have you done with my husband? let's take evan to the zoo. wow. wow. cancer has done wonders for you. it's not the cancer. i know you think it is. i am here because there's nowhere else i'd rather be. okay. i've made a decision.
2:51 am
i'm gonna do r-chop. okay. i've been looking at these web sites, i've spoken with a couple of other doctors, and they all agree that the prognosis is actually better in younger patients, and they all stress the importance of a support system. i'm with you. well, good. good. because i also think that we should stay at my mother's during my treatments. at your mother's? yeah, my--my mother's. i know. i know. but--but you're not gonna be able to have every afternoon off, and this way we'll know that evan is taken care of, and we'll definitely have our meals. okay. really? are--are--are you sure? look, if this is what you want to do, then this is what we are gonna do, period. cancer isn't some magical reset button, and i just want to make sure that we're still working on our marriage,
2:52 am
whether you're sick or not. you know, i remember when you had your heart attack, and you didn't let it define you. i didn't understand it then, but i understand it now, and i am not gonna let this define me.
2:53 am
i want you tonight! [ female announcer ] wish granted. lean cuisine has a fresh new bag. lean cuisine market creations steam meals. like new chicken poblano with tender white meat chicken, crisp veggies, in a savory cheddar sauce. new from lean cuisine.
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2:56 am
and you'll let me help you register. and i-i-i j-- i just can't think that life is--is--is gonna stop now. i mean, does that make any sense? yeah. yeah. uh, it's like the, uh, you know, that camping trip. yeah. remember? and guess what. i was fine. yes, her appendix burst, and it was, like, wednesday, you got your appendectomy, what, sunday, you were, like, fine, pitching a tent, and, you know, spearing fish. yeah, right. so no more-- no more, uh, "in flux." okay? but this-- it's under one condition. kitty, i would really love for you to be my matron of honor. oh, r-rebecca-- no, no, i was gonna ask you anyway. she was, yeah. i was. when you asked me to be your bridesmaid, it made me feel like your sister. and i don't have a sister, so... oh. well, yes. i mean, of course. yeah? yes. thank you. all right. is the wedding back on? uh, yes. so tell them that this is
2:57 am
the most incredible place to get married. where? the zoo. well, justin will fit right in. come on. let's eat. (knock on door) wow. if that's the pizza guy, i'm joining politics. nora. mom. i don't have to stay. mom. i just thought i'd swing by and bring last night's leftovers. oh, pl-please tell me that that is the turkey meat loaf. it's the turkey meat loaf and the mashed potatoes and creamed spinach. and i stopped by-- i got a cheesecake. see? that's why we're gonna stay with her. wait, robert, too? we're like two peas in a pod. (knock on door) wait. i-i can't tell. are they kidding? no, no, no. they--they've already had, like, these nighttime tea parties. (kevin) hi. we were just in your incredibly remote neighborhood... carrying a 4-course meal... so we thought we'd stop by... 'cause that's how we roll. did you rehearse that in the car? yeah, a little bit. hi. hi. i can't believe this. i can't believe you're here. wow. well, thank you. whoa! hold the door! (robert) saul! wow. wow! there's a party. oh, i'm so glad i brought a whole case. (kevin) was that you on the road behind us?
2:58 am
was it me? who else is gonna shine their brights on you-- oh, you guys should have communicated. you should have carpooled. is this too much for you, all of us here? no, no, this is great. i'm--i'm--i'm very happy. let-let's--let's eat. yes, move outside. come on. everybody outside. (michael franti) ♪ and when the sun comes up ♪ you know that i'll be there for you ♪ ♪ don't let it go ♪ oh, no i hope that our wedding is this easy to cater. oh, the best thing about planning a wedding is all the tastings. (kevin) tastings? (nora) yes. (kevin) my husband's the best chef in town. (scotty) oh, kevin. oh, that's why you came today. you're auditioning for the job. scotty, we would love for you to do it. yeah, we just didn't want to assume you'd be... no, no, no. assume away. i would love to. i'm warning you now-- he's not cheap. (all laugh) (nora) okay, where were we? another one? ♪ just have a little faith in me ♪ ♪ uh-huh ♪ i'll have a little faith in you ♪ are you all right? oh, yeah.
2:59 am
yeah. i'm--i'm just-- i'm--i'm happy. (doorbell rings) no, i'll get it. who is that? i'll get it. i'll get it. i'll get it. ♪ don't let it go ♪ just be strong for me what's with the traffic jam in your driveway? (whispers) sarah. oh, kitty. oh! (voice breaks) i'm so happy you're here. ♪ i'll be strong for you ♪ just be strong for me ♪ don't let it go
3:00 am
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right now on "beautiful homes and great escapes" travel to hollywood hills for a tour of
3:02 am
an amazing california masterpiece. this is high above the city hidden from prying eyes but boasting panoramic views. this hide away has been renovated for the 21st century. >> the house is just over 2,800 square feet of living space but another 800 square feet of outside decks attached to it. 13,000 square foot lot with a great poolside to it as well as flat area. it's three bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms with a downstairs area that can be used as a master suite or an entertainment room, as well. >> discover what makes this the perfect property for a glamorous gala. >> this house is hollywood hills living at its best. there is nothing quite like being in the hills above l.a., enjoying the light, the feeling that you're in the middle of everything, but very, very far away from it.
3:03 am
you're surrounded by celebrity homes. you're surrounded by amazing, amazing places. this place is absolutely unique. >> get the inside story from the owner and the top hollywood designer who helped develop this amazing estate as they explain the inspiration behind the eco-friendly and eye-popping decor. >> this came from the architect himself. >> tour a one-of-a-kind tinseltown treasure. it starts right now on "beautiful homes and great estates. "12346789 . " >> concealed in the idyllic surroundings of the hollywood hills, the facade of this home
3:04 am
only hints at the grandeur found within. it's an intriguing structure that also manages to be unassuming in a neighborhood filled with eclectic design. >> this home is on a street called multiview drive off mulholland drive in the hollywood hills in los angeles. it's amazing on this street. it has a number of architecturally signature homes, this house is amazing. it looks out on a beautiful view on universal studios and san fernando valley looking eastward. >> but the views of universal city and the valley beyond are just the beginning. from this hollywood hills perch one can witness the diverse array of neighboring homes. >> it's a really great kind of quirky neighborhood. you've got 10,000 square foot houses next to amazing
3:05 am
architectural houses right next door to this house is a schindler house. you've got a great mixture. you feel up in this area because you've got winding streets, a lot of greenery, you feel a million miles away from the city except the incredible views and the feel the city is all around you, but far enough away. >> this estate has its own hollywood pedigree. >> the former owner of the house was one of the producers/writers of "the mr. magoo show" back in the '50s or '60s. he lived here many, many years. i acquired the house after he passed away. it's got a great, old hollywood history to it. as you walk into the house, you see this amazing atrium with this very, very classic stairway that goes up to the second level of the house. once you enter the house, you're in the expansive first level
3:06 am
which consists primarily of the large living room, dining room, kitchen area. you also have an amazing feel of the view from every room in the house, from the moment that you enter the space. from there you move on. you've got a beautiful art nook for sculptures. then beyond there you have a really nice secluded office that gives you privacy away from the rest of the house, but you feel connected to it and you've got the deck access, as well. my inspiration for the design for this home came from the architect himself. the indoor/outdoor theme, the simplicity, elegance and architecture and surroundings. >> though the style was a practical choice, it provided the basis for novel and adventurous design decisions.
3:07 am
>> the architecture of the home is they were trying to economyize on space and maximize the square footage and views. they were on steel frames which was well engineered allowing the post to carry the weight of the house and allow for much more open space than you see in traditional homes. the artwork was a huge inspiration. the stairway had an art gallery stairway. i was able to handpick through an amazing selection of pop art that showcases very well in this house. >> one of the most appealing aspects of this hollywood hide away is the open-air layout which emphasizes the feeling of
3:08 am
indoor/outdoor living, most notably in the atrium. >> one of the most striking features as you walk into the living space is the fireplace. not only cantilvers throughout the room but provides a real focal point and setting the sty style. >> one of the main goals in the renovation of this estate was to make it as eco-friendly as possible. >> most everything we attached to the home during the model, we tried to use as green material as we can. we used recycled glass throughout the main level. we used cork and 100% biodegradable wool carpeting in the bet rooms. light fixtures have recycled content. the walls are recycled.
3:09 am
all of the windows and glass in the house we replaced with dual-glazed insulated windows and cuts out an noenormous amou of heat. the appliances are high-efficiency energy star appliances. i think the most striking aspect of the kitchen are the cabinets that are set up on the vintage legs. the cabinets with the sliding glass doors that sort of evokes the period of the home. >> even though it projects openness, the home is a totally secluded oasis. >> the noise of the city, the feel of the city, everything else, one of the things that was done by charles and rod that really, to me, accentuate that is the feeling that not only do you have this amazing
3:10 am
architectural space, you also have materials and different design aspects that really take advantage of green technology now, that you wouldn't have been able to do even a few years ago. >> a lot of the fixtures are suspended. the fireplace orb, the light fixtures, the desk in the office. i love suspending things. by getting rid of legs, getting rid of the obstructions, you do get a sense that things are floating. in a post and beam house, it's wonderful to float things because it's all about the outside. it's all about the view. it's all about a sense of spacious interaction. some of the recurring themes in the house are the vintage hair pin legs in the flat metal which is as they used to be. then i juxtaposed that with some of the shinier newer metals. you see the chrome, powdered-coated aluminum. i wanted to update the house
3:11 am
without having it be a striking feature. >> for more of the most beautiful homes and great estates, check out coming up next, tour the luxurious master suite and adjoining deck and discover a design that makes it feel this home is floating above the city. later, tailor made for entertaining. [ male announcer ] this is charlie whose morning flight to london starts with arthritis pain... and a choice. take tylenol now, and maybe up to 8 in a day. or...choose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. enjoy the flight. my old contacts would sometimes move and blur my vision. then my eye doctor told me about acuvue® oasys for astigmatism. he said it's the only lens of its kind
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3:16 am
3:17 am
you've got your own private area. you've got a master bathroom that is incredible and a great, great use of space. you feel very open to the outside and yet completely protected. >> this truly is hollywood living at its finest. >> what makes this a great home is the sexiness, the simplicity, the elegance. >> for more of the most beautiful homes and great estates, check out coming up next, discover some of the areas in this residence tailor made for entertaining. learn design tricks that open up the view line and give the illusion the home is floating above the city. stay with us. 2÷
3:18 am
[shouting] [swords clank] watch out! give me all your treasure! imagine what a little time can do for your family. ah, ha! take that!
3:19 am
3:20 am
3:21 am
this 2800 square foot residence nestled in the hollywood hills is an ideal spot for a party. >> this is one of the greatest entertainment homes i've ever been in. we've got a killer space, beautiful fireplace and you've got an amazing flow for party guests, spaces to converse. we had a couple of parties here that have been amazing. there must be 15 or 20 different small spaces within this large space people can sit and chat, enjoy each other's company. it's amazing the flow this house has and how it can work, especially in a party atmosphere. perhaps the most alluring area is the massive and stylish
3:22 am
balcony. >> this house is an incredible entertainer's house. one of the spaces you notice is when you go off the deck off the main part of the house. a very large space almost like another room. you have the entire city as your view. one of the most remarkable aspects of this house was the railings that were originally designed by beth and henson that give you a sense of the openness of the house. that delineate the sense of space without obstructing the view. >> a favorite spot of mine is the media room. it's the lower level of the house. it's a great hangout party room. >> the deluxe media roam boasts its own private balcony with a special feature. >> the deck off the media room with the jacuzzi, you feel like you're in a fancy spa somewhere. it has a view of the city through the trees and it really feels like a remote place.
3:23 am
>> it is extremely functional for the person who likes entertaining, that has a need for a sense of privacy but the openness of the indoor/outdoor, of the views, being part of nature part of the city from a distance. because of the different levels, being able to entertain or host other people and have a sense of privacy from one level to the other. what i love most about this home is not just the striking architecture from the outside, but the way we designed the indoor/outdoor theme and concealed it from the streets. "l.a. times" once a week will pick out a home for sale that is especially significant either in size, location or in history.
3:24 am
this home was selected about eight months ago for the "l.a. times" home of the week primarily because of some of the history as well as the architectural significance and how beautifully it's been restored. >> for more of the most beautiful homes and great estates, check out stay with us. [ female announcer ] splenda® no calorie sweetener is sweet... and more. if you replace 3 tablespoons of sugar a day with splenda® you'll save 100 calories a day. that could help you lose up to 10 pounds in a year. that's how splenda® is sweet...and more. so, i get claritin clear. non-drowsy claritin relieves my worst symptoms.
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thank you for joining us. until next time when we'll discover more beautiful homes and great estates. -- captions by vitac --
3:30 am
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afghan fighters reported, hearing bin laden's voice over a two-way radio urging his men to fight, then nothing. the search stalled as the war with iraq was heating up.
3:32 am
sending audio and videotaped messages as apparent proof that he was still alive and in control. the manhunt continued. repeatedly the trail ran cold around the remote border areas around pakistan and afghanistan. barack obama won the presidency in 2008, in part, by promising to pull u.s. troops out of iraq and turn the military's attention back towards afghanistan. >> we must take out osama bin laden and his lieutenants if we have them in our sights. >> reporter: in the end, it was a promise president obama was able to keep. t.j. winick, abc news, new york. >> and of course this news spreading around the globe in the last few hours. and thousands of americans are gathering around the nation to share their joy over bin laden's death. this was the scene here at times square here in new york as chanted and waved flags. >> american flags when are so prevalent. at ground zero many were waving those flags and take pictures in the early morning hours. the group broke out into
3:33 am
spontaneous jubilant cheers and song and including renditions of "i'm proud to be an american," the national anthem. this was president obama earlier at the white house. >> tonight i can report to the american people and to the world that the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda, and a terrorist who is responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women, and children. let me say to the families who lost loved ones on 9/11 that we have never forgotten your loss nor wavered in our commitment to see that we do whatever it takes to prevent another attack on our shores. >> now here are the details as far as we have heard that they went down. high-level officials had meetings all day at the white house while waiting for the results of the operation. people inside the situation room describe the wait as incredibly tense. mr. obama first learned of the tentative identification of bin laden's body in midafternoon. >> jake tapper has been at the
3:34 am
white house as the story unfolded. >> they got the lead last august, and president obama said that he had told when he started as president, he told his cia director, leon panetta, that he wanted the capture or killing of osama bin laden to be the number one priority when it came to the fight against al qaeda, and then in august, they got a lead. they followed the thread through. he gave the order. and u.s. troops were told from our reporter on the ground, we're told it was an on the ground operation in this one mansion, this one compound, and it was a successful mission. no civilians were killed. no u.s. troops were killed and the u.s. has bin laden's body. there's jubilation here inside of the white house, outside the white house, tourists and others have gathered outside. they're singing the national anthem, chanting "usa." some of them are singing "na, na, na, na, good-bye" to bin laden. point out, george, that 9/11 was bin laden's most devastating and deadly attack but other attacks
3:35 am
linked to al qaeda including the 1998 bombings of the u.s. embassies in tanzania and kenya, where more than 200 individuals were killed and of course, the bombing of the "uss cole." i think 17 service members were killed in 2000, and those families have got to be experiencing the same thing that the families of the victims of 9/11 are feeling which is a great sense of closure, a great sense of relief, and a real happiness that the u.s. has not taken it's eye off of the ball throughout the bush administration and continues bot obama administration. >> the white house says bin laden's body is being treated in accordance with islamic practice and tradition. the intention is to bury bin laden at sea in order to avoid the creation of a shrine. >> and we're told u.s. officials are now considering showing pictures of bin laden's body in order to prove that the al qaeda leader is really dead. >> and all of this, it is of course important to remember that the u.s. fight against terrorism is nowhere near over.
3:36 am
just because bin laden is no longer here. about 100,000 americans are still fighting in afghanistan. >> and our mike boettcher knows many of them and he joins us now from kabul, afghanistan. and now tell us how the troops are reacting so far. we are to imagine it's very jubilant there. >> reporter: well, peggy, the reaction i've been getting from troops has come online to me. troops are happy to see this happen. they believe their sacrifice means something. and this war that has gone on ten years now. but i have to say that i've just been in contact with a top u.s. officer here who tells me the reaction from afghanistan will be muted. nothing official is planned. after all, a war is still being waged here. and they do not want to ignite any protests from afghans here in this country by showing celebrations of u.s. troops on bases. so they're going to keep it low-key, because this war is going on. as of may 1st, which was yesterday, the taliban announced
3:37 am
that they were beginning their spring offensive. this will take the form most likely of many, many suicide bombers around the country. south of the capital yesterday, there was a report of a 12-year-old boy who detonated a suicide vest. killing several people. that was south of kabul. there had been reports from pakistan and intelligence reports here that 350, at least, suicide bombers had been trained in pakistan to unleash their attacks here against u.s. forces, civilian targets as well, civilians who support the afghan government, u.s.-supported government here. so look for the reaction to remain muted here because we are in high alert for any sort of retaliation. >> sure, understandably. real quick here. we don't want to run out of time. we know that you've been on the front lines there, so many soldiers have, men and women. this has got to be a huge morale
3:38 am
boost for them. as you said, it will be modest but this has got to give them a big boost. >> reporter: absolutely. my son carlos and i have been embedded since september in all sections of afghanistan. two days ago i was on the pakistan border in kunar province. we took a lot of casualties up there, the u.s. troops did a the unit i was covering but they had set the taliban back in this region in that area. and i can tell you, i know how they're reacting. they are leaving the country right now to be replaced by another unit, and i am sure they are incredibly happy about this news. >> absolutely. thank you, mike, for that live report. appreciate that. and again, important to remember here, osama may be killed now but there are still many, many men behind him who want to do harm to this country so this is a big step but it's not over. it's just one chapter that's over. all right when come back. this morning the hunt of osama
3:39 am
bin laden has been spent over many, many years. >> the jubilation upon his death. filling you in on that coming up after this. if your racing thoughts keep you awake... sleep is here, on the wings of lunesta. and if you wake up often in the middle of the night... rest is here, on the wings of lunesta. lunesta helps you fall asleep and stay asleep, so you can wake up feeling rested. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks.
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celebrations at news. for nearly ten years osama bin laden was the most wanted man in the entire world but hunt for him started before the horrible events of september 11th. >> and before this successful mission that killed the al qaeda leader, the u.s. tried many times before to assassinate him. here more is martha raddatz. she has details of what ended up being a ten-year and very painstaking pursuit of this mass murderer. >> reporter: in the three years before september 11th, the u.s. tried repeatedly to kill bin laden. august 1998, the clinton administration sent cruise missiles to attack afghan terrorist training camps two days after two u.s. embassies
3:43 am
were in bombed in africa. but it took the ship-fired missiles hours to strike the training camps. and by the time they did, bin laden had already left. the attack had an unintended side effect. escaping the u.s. onslaught only enhanced bin laden's reputation among terrorists. february 1999, bin laden is sighted at a desert training camp in helmand province, afghanistan. he remained there for more than a week. but there was a hunting camp nearby used by officials of united arab emirates, a u.s. ally. >> policymakers were concerned about the danger that a strike might kill an emirati prince or other senior officials who might be with bin laden or close by. >> reporter: there was another sighting and another missed opportunity that spring. clinton administration officials defended the decision to hold back. >> if we're going to kill
3:44 am
people, innocent people, as well as carrying out this operation, let's be as sure as we can that we've got the right target, the right information and minimize, if we can, killing innocent people. >> reporter: during this period the u.s. repeatedly slipped cia agents and military special operations teams into afghanistan. agents set up electronic surveillance of roads and villages which was still active just days before september 11th. but al qaeda members stayed one step ahead and used technology to their advantage. monitoring internet chat rooms and anonymous e-mails became part of an ongoing, highly sensitive intelligence operation. >> what we have to strive is to be as innovative and as creative as the terrorists are. almost to think out of the box. >> reporter: the hunt for bin laden became america's top priority the day after 9/11. >> there is an old poster out west, as i recall, that said "wanted, dead or alive." >> reporter: u.s.-led forces
3:45 am
began months of withering air and ground assaults at al qaeda's strongholds in afghanistan. special forces spread throughout the country, acting on realtime intelligence. osama bin laden was a man on the run. mid-december, tora bora, afghan fighters reported hearing bin laden's voice over a two-way radio. urging his men to fight. the u.s. seemed certain that bin laden was cornered. but when u.s., afghan, and british troops finally fought their way to the caves of tora bora, they'd found loads of ammunition, bags of al qaeda documents, but they did not find bin laden. u.s. intelligence officials said bin laden and his top people were allowed to slip away by many of the same warlords the u.s. was paying to kill him. bin laden was apparently paying
3:46 am
more. >> i mean, people have been bribing people in afghanistan for centuries. >> reporter: march 2002, gardez, afghanistan. american special forces moved in on what they believed would be a small pocket of al qaeda fighters. they were met with an ambush. the battle became the fiercest resistance the u.s. forces faced during the war. when it was over, no bin laden. in the years since, he's believed to have moved back and forth over the remote border between afghanistan and pakistan. the u.s. dropped leaflets to make sure local villagers knew about the $25 million reward, but bin laden was hiding among friends. >> osama, if he's there, would be there as a guest. and the code of the people there is that if a guest is living with them, they will protect him with their lives.
3:47 am
>> reporter: even with today's news, the war on terrorism is not over. the terrorist organization bin laden created is designed to survive even if he does not. martha raddatz, abc news. >> and someone out there may be asking how do we know that this is osama bin laden here. fascinating tidbit here, his sister was in a boston hospital suffering from cancer. when she died they subpoenaed her brain and that's what they used to check the dna to make sure that it was really osama bin laden. >> because the dna has been checked and confirmed that this is in fact him and talk and saying we want to see the proof. >> very interesting right now. we want to take a look at ground zero. we'll be talking about that coming up in a moment. this is a place where many people are celebrating now. take a look at this. just moments ago. people have scaled this light post with the american flag. a very prevalent sign all around ground zero after 9/11.
3:48 am
>> absolutely, absolutely. a scene of just utter despair almost ten years ago. and now tonight a spot let's turn over this log. yeah! both: whoa! i like the big black ones. i like the brown wiggly ones. mmm. i like the green crunchy ones myself. whoa. explore nature. there are surprises everywhere. go to
3:49 am
since 9/11, the area where those twin towers once stood became known of course as ground zero. a memorial to almost 3,000 lives lost on that day. >> and when the news broke that osama bin laden had been killed, that solemn memorial became the center of celebration. chris cuomo was there this morning. >> reporter: the cars have
3:50 am
disheveled the streets down here. kind of surrendering to the moment. the local police are telling me it's not worth trying to clear people out. they need to have this moment. there are now about 3,000, 4,000 people that are filling the streets down here at church and vc. one of the most famous corners of the old world trade center. and you're seeing the whole range here. there are victims' families who are come down, people who are on the phone, they're crying. they're calling people to come down here and gather. you're hearing things like "we're all family" tonight. yes, you are hearing that reserved hostility towards osama bin laden and a lot of the ugliness that goes along with that. that feeling that there has been justice but there is not nearly not as much of that as the celebration. right now i'm look at a dozen flags waving. it's not unlike -- it's as one distant family told me.
3:51 am
everything become anew because of this. that said it's still early. all of these people seem to be on the phone telling people to come here. the question is, what if he comes later on? but right now, there's a lot of love. everybody feels like they were a victim of 9/11. everybody knows somebody who was lost and i'm running into people here in the crowd who i know. and we share people in common who we lost and people like that, this was the moment that has been very long in the coming. >> and that's chris cuomo saying there most everybody feels like they are a victim of 9/11. really, every time you go through the airport checkpoint you feel like a victim but to kind of put it into numbers. the number of people who lost a spouse or partner in the attack, 1,600 in '09. the estimated number of children who loss's a parent, 3,051. >> it's amazing to see that celebration. at times square and also ground zero as well.
3:52 am
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well, finally there's n we, finally there's well, finally there's no question nat death of osama bin laden gives closure to the friends and family of the almost 3,000 people killed on 9/11. >> deborah burlingame is the sister of charles burlingame. he was the pilot of the hijacked american airlines flight 77. that was flown into the pentagon. and as you can imagine, she has been waiting for this day for ten years. and here's what she told abc news after she learned of bin laden's death. >> i got the call from my brother brad, who was the person who called me on the morning of 9/11, to tell me that our brother chick had been killed in his airplane crashing into the pentagon. and so it was very fitting that i get this call from brad tonight. and i -- i have a million questions. because you know for the families, this has been -- this man and his minions have haunted for almost the last ten years, and so this -- it's true,
3:56 am
this is a close of a very big chapter but we are worried going forward. we worry because al qaeda has metastasized and so many al qaeda affiliates. tonight the way i rooted for the president on that day because we are one country and i think that our military deserves -- deserve the credit that he gave them tonight. i was very happy to hear him say that. because these guys have wanted him so bad. i mean, i'm talking about bin laden. and so i was thrilled that they could do an up close and personal attack rather than getting him from the skies with a predator. the american people have been magnificent through this. they've been very, very supportive. they've never forgotten 9/11. and so i wish i were there with them. >> usa! usa! usa! usa! usa!
3:57 am
usa! usa! usa! usa! >> pretty much dominated my life. all of these national security issues. and we're not out of the woods but this is really big. because one of my brothers called me tonight. i have two other brothers. and he said, deborah, you know i told you i wasn't going to take my american flag down until they caught osama bin laden. and i said, mark, leave it up. don't take it down until every last american servicemen and woman has come home. >> nothing will ever bring their loved ones back but certainly this is such a pivotal point whatever you're going through, we're here to listen... to provide help and hope when you need it most. visit your life your voice dot org for e-mail and live chat, or call anytime 1-800-448-3000 (tdd#1-800-448-1433). it's your life. it's your voice. use it.
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