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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  May 2, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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high school seniors in tuscaloosa, alabama, from graduating on time. new details about the mission that killed osama bin laden surfaced throughout the day. the white house says the team that navy seals that went after him were initially told to take him alive if given the chance. but he fought back and was killed. for ten years millions of americans have waited the news of bin laden's capture and late last night they got it and they spilled into the streets of the white house and ground zero. >> reporter: good evening. ever since late last night crowds have been des sending here on ground zero, sampling some of that national pride americans across the country have been feeling since word came down that the world's most wanted man is wanted no more. >> this is a good day for
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america. >> reporter: according to the commander in chief, justice has been served. >> the world is safer. it is a better place because of the death of osama bin laden. >> reporter: we are learning more details about the navy seal operation in which the terror mastermind was fatally shot in the head. there are reports bin laden's youngest wife was killed and was acting as a human shield. the white house is deciding whether to release the graphic photographs of bin laden's corpse. today dna tests proved with 99.9% certainty they got their man. the body was quickly buried at sea. the news triggered an outpouring of emotions, particularly at ground zero where 2800 lives were lost on september 11, 2011. tar a henwood's brother was working in tower number one and never made it out. >> seeing everybody, you know,
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all of the young people coming down to ground zero, come and run down here, you know, and celebrate. >> reporter: while those celebrations continue, law enforcement around the country and here in new york city are reminded to remain vigilant. >> we certainly are not taking any chances. our assumption is that bin laden's dissipeles would like nothing better than to avenge his death by another attack in new york. >> reporter: thousands from around the country and indeed from around the world continue to pour down here to ground zero. they are waving flags, chanting, taking pictures, and of course paying tribute to the victims of 9/11. reporting live in new york city, t.j. winnik, action news, now back to you. excitement at this point as the death of osama bin laden.
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you could not stop these cadets from cheering into the early hours of the morning. now we take you to the naval academy at annapolis. tyler mcdermott who took these pictures says this is a celebration in every way possible. to the nation's capitol now and the site of another target on 9/11, the pentagon. just like in new york city people in d.c. and northern virginia turned out to celebrate the death of osama bin laden and remember those who died because of the terror mastermind. jeff hager is live outside the pentagon tonight with more on how people there reflected on the news of the terrorist's death. jeff. >> reporter: well, kelly, the news was very somber as friends, family members and co- workers brought flowers and prayers for the victims of the 9/11 attack here. >> we have been hoping he can rest. >> reporter: outside the pentagon osama bin laden's
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death prompted brian ball to return to a bench memorializing navy petty officer daniel cab layero. >> he was a friend of mine. we were both over in the barracks. he worked here. i worked over there. >> weighs among the 184 victims who died at the pentagon when american flight 77 flew into the defense department's headquarters 51 minutes after the first plane hit the world trade center. visitors here say bin laden's death represents justice for the victims' family. >> closure for them. i think that's important. you can't bring him back, but it definitely brings some closure. >> reporter: meanwhile, reaction to the death of the alleged mastermind of the 9/11 attacks turned into a celebration outside the white house. >> every day i'm proud to be an american. today i want to bust a gut. >> i think the world is
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happier. >> reporter: here at the pentagon and throughout the nation's capitol today we saw various signs of heightened security. obviously, there is concern about retaliation after bin laden's death. we will have more on that story coming up at 6:00. reporting live at the pentagon, jeff hager, abc2 news. well, as news of bin laden' death traveled around world, hundreds rallied outside the white house chanting and cheering. now, crowds also flocked to the site in shanksville where flight 93 crashed but they couldn't get in because the gates were locked. >> i was willing to come out here and honor these people. you know, even though i get a couple of hours of sleep before my doctor's appointment, i don't care. we're disappointed that the gates are locked. everybody is celebrating in washington, new york. everywhere around and we're at
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flight 93 and the gates are locked. >> now, today officials with the national park service opened the flight 93 memorial near shanksville to allow family and friends to pay their respects. well, the news about osama bin laden brought celebration for some. but it's also like a reminder of loss for others. how the local families are handling this development. >> reporter: joey mackey was on flight 93 when it crashed into the pennsylvania countryside. so the news about bin laden feels especially personal for his family. ken mackey is a baltimore county police officer. he says he found out about all of this hours before the rest of us, getting a phone call during a family dinner. he says he was shocked but he didn't share the news with the rest of his family until it was confirmed, saying he didn't want to add another wave to the emotional roller coaster they had been on since joey was killed. for genosomia's death brings mixed emotions.
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it stirs up old pain. >> it takes you back to what we've lost and what i have missed, you know what i mean? i lost my older brother almost ten years ago. you know what i mean? and it brings you back to that moment. so you are overwhelmed with the sadness of, you know, what had happened. >> reporter: mackey says he felt a pole to go to shanksville after he learned about bin laden. he goes there several times a year to see how the memorial for flight 93 is progressing. he wants to make sure his brother and other heroes on that flight are honored in the right way. visitors to fort detrick can expect tighter security in the wake of bin laden's death. there is no specific threat, but the base reports military installations around the country are on heightened alert. vehicles may have to undergo thorough inspections. fort detrick is home to the biological warfare defense
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program. coming up all new at 5:30 tonight, we will head to another military town in our area. aberdeen. what some of the people living there found and what they're saying about the death of osama bin laden. then at 5:45 we will sit down with a professor from the university of maryland school of social work and discuss how parents can talk to their children about yesterday's events. we have plenty more on the store whichry ot our website at that's all on abc2 weather-wise, quiet on the range today. radar showing all clear. take a quick look at it and you see not a thing. and that will likely be the case through most of the night i think. different story coming tomorrow. for now just some passing cloud cover and a couple of showers firing up in the areas north of the state line. central pennsylvania getting
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some rain right now, but fun of it here in maryland. mid 70s after starting off on a relatively cool note out there. rest of the evening the 60s. mostly sunny, though. just kind of a mild, breezy evening on the way. much more active weather we think by tomorrow evening and lasting into wednesday. we break that down for you in just a couple of minutes. kelly. >> thanks a lot, wyatt. our continuing coverage of the death of osama bin laden continues at 5:30. around the area people are flying flags for different reasons, including pride in our troops overseas. how they hope this day will be remembered. plus the latest on the 150 neglected horses seized from a queen anne family farm. more on their conditions and the charges the owner of that farm now faces. plus baltimore public schools teams up with a private school to help kids with learning disabilities. how that is helping children with dyslexia learn how to read. i'm your biggest fan. you know that.
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now the latest on that case of about 150 neglected horses. it is now in the hands of the queen anne county state's attorney. county and national authorities seized 146 neglected, polish arabian horses from the canterbury farm in centreville on friday. six more had to be euthanized because they were already too far gone. the owner of the farm may face several animal neglect charges. that is being determined right now by the county state's attorney. the horses that survived are being rehabilitated at five different farms throughout the state. authorities say this is the worst case of horse neglect in the state's history. tonight we have more details about that domestic shooting in randallstown that ended in a fatal shooting. police responded yesterday to the shooting. according to police a man shot his wife and then turned the gun on himself. we have confirmed it was an
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attempted murder-suicide. melissa brown was injured. her husband, niel ivan brown, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. they initially thought he had barricaded himself inside the home. when they entered they found him deadly storms inside. there are no details on his wife's continue. the parking meters in annapolis could be the key to helping the homeless. two meters installed downtown have netted norman $1,900. that change is to help the homeless, the lighthouse shelter. tonight a look at how area educators are making a difference helping different with dyslexia learn how to read. the schools have teamed up for the literacy academy to put kids on the right track. >> reporter: here in elizabeth dorothy's first grade class in cherryhill students are learning the beginning steps in read. they are working on an
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assignment that involves blending words, sounds and segmenting letters. >> it's just so important to really, if what you are doing in the class and teacher, if they still aren't getting it it's important to be able to stop and rewind and go back, which literacy one gave me the foundation to be able to do and really focus on skills that they need help with to help them become the readers they need to be. >> reporter: the school teamed up with baltimore city public schools to train teachers on free reading schools for students. the school educates students with dyslexia or other language based learning difficulties. with nearly 40 years of experience, the school is the premiere source to train other teachers. it focuses on teaching phone logical awareness, laying the groundwork and teaching to read. >> we are experts in teaching reading for children who have
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risk for reading. we have many method ologies we have developed over the years. >> this is designed to help children before they begin to experience difficulties. >> reporter: over 250 teachers have been trained as part of the partnership. teachers attend the literacy academy for several hours on saturdays. baltimore city teachers admit the training is making a difference. >> some many of the activities that they told us are so much of just the background that they went over. a lot of the research that they went over. it was all so great to be able to then take that back it my baltimore city school and use that in my classroom. >> reporter: so thanks to this partnership some inner city students can get a taste of learning from an independent school. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> now, the literacy academy one focused on teaching prekinder garth, kindergarten,
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first and second grade teachers. they offer training it a select group of teachers who provide ongoing support for teachers in city schools. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> all right. decent looking day out there today. we had some sunshine. temperatures warming up nicely. 73 at bwi this afternoon and humidity comfortable at 64%. winds southeast at 7. show you a little bit of weather through the day out there. it was not bad in most spots. annapolis sunshine early in the day and then some clearing through part of the afternoon. but also some increasing cloud cover late into the afternoon. i will show you towson today. a mix of son and clouds. a little breezy but not particularly windy today. again kind of a mixed sky with the blue skies at times within this high thin clouds rolling in at other times this afternoon. radar has stayed clear. a little bit of precipitation
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well north up toward carlisle pa. but none of that around here. wind 7-12 here. show you some of the current temperatures. 74 in the city, 77 in frederick, we have 70 at the state capitol in annapolis and georgetown delaware 77. one of the warmer spots on the map. tomorrow we will take you to carroll county. we think our next round of showers should arrive here first. going to take longer for baltimore and eastern shore, but you see new windsor a warmer day in the 70s. the central part of the state could get above 80 tomorrow. fair weather cloud cover edging in. one cluster toward carlisle and more rain brewing out over the central part of the country. you see it here. cool frontal boundary draped everywhere from western upstate new york through tennessee and
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kentucky extending into east texas. behind this thing we have some overrunning moisture here. some showers and storms flaring up. and the whole ball of wax set to make its move southward as we go into tomorrow and arrive in our area. it still looks to be a slow mover. as we check out our in house computer model here -- actually, we just skipped past that. bottom line is that line will come thoroughfarely slowly. and i think the best chance for rain will be probably late tomorrow evening and extending well into the day on wednesday. so overnight tonight 59. a few clouds. not quite as chilly out there. your guarantee tomorrow, we are going 82 balmy degrees. that will be nice. maybe some sun early in the morning then breezy with late day thunderstorms especially? points west the city. carroll county and further west than that. but tomorrow night all of us getting in on the scattered showers and storm action i think, and it will stay kind of windy tomorrow night as that cool front pushes through. boy, it changes our
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temperatures around here. look at that. 62 on wednesday representing about a 20-degree cooloff. and then as we work into thursday, the all important cinco day my owe, we look for 66 there and a dry, sunny day. best weather thursday warming up toward the weekend. and it looks like it would start off on a relatively dry note at the moment. i will keep an eye on that. right now a couple more active days starting tomorrow afternoon. >> so shoot up tomorrow, then shoot back down? >> temperature-wise, yeah. >> all right. thanks a lot, wyatt. well, a continued pledge tonight for support to help those impact bid last week's deadly storms that swept through six states. tus kaloosa, alabama, is the hardest hit area. several schools were damaged and high school seek areas who were ready to graduate are not able to get back to class to take the necessary classes. in all 18 schools in alabama
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were damaged in last week's storms. and in tennessee people living in millington are remembering the one-year anniversary of flooding while bracing for more. last year millington was taken over by water. residents had to be rescued and they came back home to nothing. so far this time the waters are staying back, but people have packed up their belongings just to be safe. well, it seems every day we have severe weather to tell you about. so i guess the question is where is the safest place to be when it comes to dealing with those national disasters? you don't want to go to dallas. according to a report, the dallas area has the highest risk for disasters in the country. the safest places are washington state and oregon. catching a few winks on the job used to be frowned upon, but that's now changing. and who are you eating
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dinner with tonight? sitting down at the family dinner table will help your kids lead healthier lifestyles.
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tonight's health alert, with fewer service members in harm's way, identifying early signs of post-traumatic stress disorder. people suffering from this disorder may have frightening memories or dreams of the event. service members who have signs of ptsd before deployment were five times more likely to develop the disorder after deployment. sleeping on the job is usually something that is frowned upon. now some companies are allowing
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employees to catch up on their z's to enhance their performance. this sleep spa is an oasis during a busy work day. once a week duck away for some shut eye at $17 for 20 minutes. these sleep spas are seeing a boost in business. companies with on-site nap rooms have increased last year from five to six percent. for sleep deprived people, she says she will continue to invest in that nap. >> at the end of the year i think to myself, i really spent money on napping. but on the other hand, it works. >> sleep experts say taking naps is really a good strategy. of course, eight hours sleep is ideal. well, it seems the family that eats together is happy together. a new study finds families who
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share family meals three or more times a week seem to be healthier. kids whose fam lies ate together were less likely to be overweight, they had a 20% less chance of eating unhealthy food and less likely to develop eating disorders. from flags to flowers, people are finding a way to reflect on the last 24 hours. how some hope the death of osama bin laden will lead to a new sense of unity in this country. and in the tight knit community of aberdeen everyone has a military connection. how some learned the news of osama bin laden's death. also, we will talk about how you can talk to your children coming up at 5:30. ñwñ[=
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