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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  May 2, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and the sights and the sounds we will always remember as the twin towers fell in new york city after two planes crashed into them nearly a decade ago. and as flight 93 crashed into this field in shanksville, pennsylvania, brave passengers struggled with terrorists onboard. and also at the pentagon tonight many people who lost loved ones in that tragedy gained some satisfaction. the mastermind of it all has been brought to justice. u.s. leaders got a tip from a guantanamo bay detainee. last august officials discovered $1 million compound in pakistan. last week the president says he determined leaders had enough evidence to take action. one of the gutsy exist moves since the bay of pigs. navy seals dropped down on the roof on ropes, secured the
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building and got into a firefight. bin laden was ordered to give it up but he refused so he was shot and killed. so we went into pakistan, shot him twice, took a blood sample, wrapped him in a sheet, had a muslim burial, plopped him into the sea. >> reporter: well, jamie, certainly there is plenty of celebration, but you won't find it here. the death of osama bin laden has brought back a lot of painful memories of not only the 9/11 terrorist attack here, but also for those who lost their lives. the death of osama bin laden prompted this eighth grade field trip to make a detour to the pentagon memorial where students prayed for the 184 people who died when flight 77 smashed into the defense department's headquarters on 9/11. >> they think of it as almost
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as in shadows, you know. they're scared of the event. that's why it's a nice way to put some closure to it, saying the mastermind behind this is now gone. >> reporter: for others like brian ball, the news brought relief. >> relief and hoping he can rest now. >> reporter: ball's friend daniel cablero died in the attack . along with signs of stepped up security at the pentagon, police put up a show of force outside the white house. investigating suspicious behavior and even posting a swat vehicle outside the northgate. retaliation for bin laden's death is on the minds of many. >> i have to get on a plane tomorrow and i am kind of concerned about that. but i know, you know, that we're safe. we'll be safe, you know. the government and the military, i'm not worried with that.
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they're always on top of it. >> reporter: the mood on pennsylvania avenue was one of celebration, drawing a pair of women from virginia who said they dropped everything to come here to display the american flag with the families of the 9/11 victims in mind. >> oh, they're getting a lot of justice today. we happen to know that we never stopped thinking about them ever. they are in our prayers and this is definitely something positive for them. >> reporter: a decade after the terrorist attacks there seems to be a widespread sense of relief today that the united states finally caught up with the man responsible for them. reporting live from the pentagon, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> to this day we can all remember, can't we, not a puff of light in the blue sky, a beautiful day and it all changed at 8:46 on a tuesday morning. we lost friends, we lost relatives. but just like that day, on that tuesday we remember a sunday night, may 1, 2011. and today with the mastermind
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behind that day dead, people are reflecting on what bin laden's death means. roosevelt leftwich with the news that made us jump out of bed last night and this morning. >> reporter: jamie, people are flying the flag all over the area. they are hoping this is some sort of a turning point. they hope bin laden's death means one of two things. one, hopefully it ends the wars in afghanistan and iraq. and also they hope it ushers in a time of understanding. the dogwood is in bloom in centennial park in columbia. it's peaceful with a light breeze and the honk. canada geese disturbing the air. what matters now that osama bin laden is dead is this. four names, four people with families and loved ones who died in the attack from the pentagon and the world trade center. that's what rich and judy think about on a day like this. the lives lost and the lives changed. >> those grandkids lost their
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friends, people in new york lost their dad, their moms who were working in the building. >> reporter: the twisted girders from ground zero are a memorial to those lives as well. a small pot of flowers marked this day as the thought of lives lost is on everyone's mind. instead of celebrating, people are remembering. down the road a veterannary clinic has an electronic flag. >> it's nice that this country is pulling together. i heard what is going on this d.c. and new york city and how, you know, this is something that we have been trying for so long and our troops over there have been working so hard, working on al-qaeda and the terrorists. and so we have made a big accomplishment here, i think, for the country. >> reporter: for others they hope this day marks the beginning of a new you understanding in this country, that bin laden's death will allow people to see that there needs to be a dialogue about islam and muslims in this
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country and that the muslim community, like every other religious community in this country, is proud to be american and need to speak out to see this day as a day of justice being served. >> as our president said, don't think he was a muslim leader. he was a mass murderer of muslims. it's a part of your faith to look for absolute justice. and then justice is served, and you be very straight and very clear about that. on the other hand, as an american it's a moment of pride that our country's resolve has prevailed after a decade. >> reporter: now, he says he is also hoping that other moderate muslim voices will also speak out against radical ones. he says that's a good way to start a positive dialogue here in this country. >> let me ask you, it sounds like the tone has toned down a little bit from the whooping it up last night. today it's more of a reflection. is that what you are finding? >> reporter: exactly, because a lot of people say you know, the thing is like a lot of it is excitement about the news, you
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have to think about all the thousands of people that died in the world trade center, the pentagon and up in shanksville. when you add up all those lives, the taking of this one life, you know, for many people, although it gives them some sense of closure in this, you have to think about all the people that died in all this and all the other lives that have been lost throughout this ten-year period. they are hoping this will start some positive dialogue now that the mastermind of the 9/11 attack is dead. well, tonight people everywhere with family members. overseas they are taking time to reflect on the developments of pakistan. we stopped at a 24-hour super laundry in aberdeen. several people say they have family in the military. sandra johnson reflects on her grandson's service and importance of a unified country. >> our country showed a good example of how good we stick together when we go through things like that, when we had
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that 9/11 attack. >> we hope this brings the violence to an end. but tonight there is heightened security at military bases around the world. here we are at fort detrick at frederick. there is no specific threat, but military installations across the country are on heightened alert. visitors may have to undergo more thorough vehicle severance, may need to have id. now, we're going to bring you more on the latest developments tonight at 11. don't forget to log on to our website for up to the minute updates about osama bin laden and what this could mean for us. >> and on the weather front today we have had a quiet one across maryland. some cloud cover rolling in at times today. rain stale well north of us. as we take a look the satellite pictures you see some clear skies toward the beaches. lower eastern shores some sunshine in southern maryland.
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at times we have had sun around here. we got five sweeps in action, finding nothing out here with the exception of one renegade shower up north sneer harrisburg. for most of us nice and dry. mid 70s out there. low 70s toward annapolis and cambridge. the rest of us we continue to fall to the 60s. tomorrow a warmer afternoon but the chance for storms arriving into the afternoon. we will talk about an unsettled stretch of weather and when that ends coming up, jamie. this was a moment of silence today in baltimore county as county executive kevin caminintz took a moment to honor those who lost their lives. thin it was on to business. baltimore introduced new engines for the fire department and they are custom built for the areas that they are going to be serving.
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tony marcella was there for the ribbon cutting. thisser 'really going to help the damage suffered by the dundalk fire department for that fire happening last year. >> reporter: shiny chrome and fresh paint is nice to look at. it's what they can do with these trucks that is exciting. >> it's rewarding when the people that are doing the work have some say in designing it. >> reporter: you heard right. firefighters, emts all had input as to what equipment to get. which means an engine 15 is design for east view. engine 57 for spare owes point. >> in particular here at sparrows point we have a ladder tower that can gain access to some of the higher buildings. hopefully mitigate an incident a little bit sooner. >> reporter: with some of the latest technology at firefighters' fingertips, the $1.8 million of equipment is worth every penny.
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>> the money we spent for this equipment and the millions of dollars, but it's well worth it because we're going to use it to save lives. >> reporter: the new ambulance are going to dundalk to help heal an old wound. >> coming out of the near 2010 , watching ours go down literally in flames, you know, that's hurtful. that was a lot to deal with. we were there. and then for it to be replaced, it's a good feeling. >> reporter: that bad night came on a day she could never forget. >> yeah, it was my birthday. so we were asleep. we got woke up by the alarms. by that time the fire was up to the roof. >> reporter: and after months of waiting engines 57, 6 and 15 and medic 106 are in service. tony marsala, abc2 news. we have new developments to tell you about in the case of about 150 neglected horses now in the hands of the gene ann
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county state attorney's office. we first brought you the story on friday morning. county and national authorities seized 146 neglected horses from the cantor berry farm in centreville. six more had to be put down because they were too far gone. the owners of the farm may face several animal neglect charges. it's being determined right now by the county's state attorney. the horses that survived are being rehabilitated throughout five different farms in the state. authorities say this is the worst case of horse neglect in state's history. tonight slow down as you drive through howard county. tonight the city council is expected to decide whether or not allow cameras in school zones. if the measure is okayed drivers will be hit with a fine for going over the speed limit. it has to do with injury sony playstation. this is no game. your personal information is up for grabs.
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how to protect yourself from possible phishing scams now coming your way. people think bin laden is hiding in the hindu curb, but did you know every day from 4 to 5 he hosts a show on cspan? >> more from the white house correspondence dinner. >> 74 out of bwi today. we guaranteed you 72 last night. deb price from baltimore, congrats. you get an abc2 storm umbrella. and you may need it. we will talk about when the rain arrives right after this. @ ,@
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abc2 is working for you tonight. we are not playing around with this one. millions are people are at risk after hackers gain access to the network that controls something your kids probably play with. sony playstation. how to protect yourself as scammers prepare to pounce in this week's scam alert. >> reporter: to many it's child's play. but what has happened to sony playstation users is no game. the company's network has been hacked leaving players open to potential identity theft and scams. according to sony, names, e- mails addresses and passwords have been compromised. there is a chance credit card information has also been hacked. as a result experts say you may want to put down the controller and call your credit card number and ask for new account numbers. and change your passwords the next time you log on to play. also keep an eye and ear out for letters or phone calls that ask for personal information. the company will never ask in
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any way for personal information. and to be safe you can also consider asking the three credit reporting agencies for a fraud alert. that way no one can open cards in your name. otherwise you may risk losing a lot more than just a video game. >> congress is asking for a specific information from sony about this breach, and the playstation network will come back online in the next week in a staggered region by region recovery. users will receive about 30 days of a free downloads as part of a welcome back program. and if you want more information about how to protect yourself, we have got you covered. go to our website right now, abc2 new year' you will find never you need to know in the consumer's section. >> l we got our harbor cam shot
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up for you now. it's a cloudy scenario this afternoon. i think we are going to stay stri dry. looking good as you head out on a monday night. it will be nice and mild out there for you. look at the airful temp. 72. winds east-southeast at 5 and humidity at 66%. it's certainly a marked warm-up from those morning low temperatures that we had and really i think tomorrow you are going to add about 10 degrees to that number. i want to take a quick look, show you annapolis through the day. sunshine at times and the clouds rolled in. also want to take you to roland park here tree pollen count still very, very high. how about a look at manchester? again, murky at times but that sun breaking through. kind of a mixed day. we stay dry at least. again any limited rain that we see in the region is way up in carlisle, pa towards harris burg, and that is very, very light and minimal even up that
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way. light breezes right now generally out of the south- southwest. it's a warm breeze coming up pushing the temperatures up. tomorrow you see culpeper 81. a mild day on tap. changing weather into the afternoon. in fact, showers and storms set to push out of the north and west and we think they arrive mid afternoon, late afternoon at the latest. that might hold your temps into the upper 70s. on the eastern shore warmer day. you may make mid 80s. cooler with a northwest breeze off the bay in queenstown. a later arrival of any kind of storm activity so our satellite and radar pictures quiet right now. a couple of renegade showers. not much. the big kahuna, so to speak, the main weather maker out west. arkansas getting pounded with showers and thunderstorms. northern alabama getting a little bit of storm action. something they don't like to see right about now. our overall weather pattern is
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getting more active into tomorrow night. especially tomorrow night into wednesday as that next boundary pushes out of the west. timing wise our futurecast shows basically, you know, just some increasing clouds tomorrow during the day. the front itself arriving first in places like frederick, carroll county. then it pushes through baltimore itself overnight into wednesday morning. so overnight 59 with a few clouds, but tomorrow a dry start, partly cloudy, late day thunder showers arriving north and west first. scattered storms likely overnight tomorrow night. seven day forecast, you do see the trend here for cooler weather. 20 degrees cooler wednesday, but dry for cinco de mayo on thursday. jamie. just the other day matt damon, i love matt damon. i love the guy. matt damon said he was disappointed in my performance. well, matt, i just saw the
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adjustment bureau. so right back at you, buddy. >> that was a good one. smiles at the white house correspondence dinner over the weekend with a lot of roast, laughs, jokes. donald trump. but the irony of it all, seth meyers made a joke about osama bin laden. he was mocking c-span's low ratings when he said this. >> people think bin laden is hiding in the hindu kush but did you know every day from 4 to 5 he hosts a show on cspan. look at the president. you have the president grinning broadly to the joke. that came hours before we had the news. we are out there on the belt way right now at providence road. we are going over the providence road fire company right now because they have a piece of metal from the world trade center that came from new york. we'll show you tonight at 11.
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warming up. >> warming up tomorrow. how about low 80s? i think we are dry the early part of the day. but the chance for showers definitely by late into the average into tomorrow night. enjoy it while we have it with the warm weather. world news is next with the
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great brian ross. night line is expanded tonight right after us after 11. we will see you back here at 11. that's going to go right in your glove. ohhh. oh. see that? great job. ok, now let's get ready for the ball... here it comes... here you go. good catch. perfect! alright now for the best part. let's see your pour. ohhh...let's get those in the bowl. these are way too good to waste, right? oh, yeah. let's go for it... around the bowl and... [ male announcer ] share what you love...
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