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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  May 2, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight, question ronnie ma iea, the code the president heard meaning mission accomplished. a day after we heard that osama bin laden is down and out. we all reacted to the news in our own way. a local mom rejoiced even though her son wasn't there to rejoice with her. the story the world is talking about tonight, abc 2 news at 11:00 starts right now. now, abc 2 news at 11:00. >> an all new at 11:00 just for you tonight, life-saving surgery that will have you talking. you're not gonna believe what is responsible for keeping a local woman alive tonight. but how have the last 24 hours been for you, as historic as we have seen in recent memory. >> one day removed from the news that osama bin laden was really tea dead our focus shifted to what comes next. and the question we have been asking since we heard the news.
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can really say that bin laden is gone. >> yes and no. >> he has issued travel advisories around the world and they are beefing up security. experts say now is not the time for america to let its guard down. officials also continue to stress that al queda is a network, not a unified group so while bin la den's death is a victory for the u.s. they say it's a largely symbolic one and at home and abroad terrorism looms large. >> to lose someone at war, christian schaefer with a mother whose son fought and died for a night like tonight. >> there's some debate whether to celebrate the death of another person even if it is osama bin laden. jessie melton iii died in afghanistan in 2008, there is no debate in her home. the gold star in the front window of her home in owings mills isn't going anywhere. >> he did something a lot of
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people wasn't willing to do so i want people to not forget that, to not to forget he shed his blood on behalf of this nation. >> reporter: her son jessie melton iii was killed by a road side bomb in afghanistan back in september of 2008. he was 29 years old. sunday night janice was watching a movie with her husband when she got a phone call. the man behind the attacks that led her son to afghanistan was dead. >> we both kind of looked at each other and i just said to god give the glory for things he has done. >> reporter: she praised the work of the navy seals who executed the attack along with the civilian and military leadership. the pain will never go away but the sound of his death is comforting to her. >> i thought about my son, i thought you know, this is further evidence that my son's death was not in vain. >> reporter: jessie melton had served in the marine corps for 11 years, he has been training
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recruits for afghanistan's national army when he was killed. she is a member of the american gold star mother's organization. since her son's death she has been helping other parents who have lost a loved one in battle after her own heartbreaking loss and a stunning success she says that work will continue. >> it was just a delight to hear that it was that chapter at least was closed. we still have much more to do. . >> captain milton was buried at arlington national cemetery. she also has a cousin killed in iraq back in 2003. her daughter is still in the u.s. army. christian schaefer, abc 2 news. you know that picture of the dead osama bin laden is eventually going to make it's way to your tv. we're told sit gruesome. you could turn the tv off. now with the nature of media it's much more different so we asked a child expert tonight how would he explain to a child about what happened? >> what he did 10 years ago
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hurt a lot of people really badly and the people we see celebrating are those people who are really badly hurt. so they are as much relieved that this bad man is gone and that he can't do more bad things as -- and it looks like celebration. >> now doctor willie says we tend to protect our kids at times like these but he also said that our children are much more capable of understanding than we actually give him credit for. well kelly, you might agree with the good doctor we have never seen our country power on on to the streets to cheer the death of a dead man, and some of the crowd at the white house are from american university. they are 20 and 21-year-olds who were just 9 and 10 and 11 years old when 9/11 happened. doctor willie says all they have known in the world is chaos and that this is a release hoping that the world will now be in a better place. but the doctor hopes to see an end to wild celebrations like this off beaver avenue at penn state and hopes we can express
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our relief and turn our eyes towards it. >> the tractor attacks hit baltimore hard, we're right in the middle of the pentagon and shanksville, pennsylvania, and new york city. pieces of the world trade center have been taken across the country and setup as memorials to those who lost loved ones on september 11th. as we see there's one here in baltimore county. >> there you go. that's it. that's the 10th, 10-foot piece. >> a broken and twisted section of steel that once towered gracefully over the new york skyline, it was brought down in the tractor attacks on september 11th and now rest here at the providence fire company in towson. gary czar was among those who made the journey to bring the quarter-ton piece of steel to baltimore county. >> i hope it lasts for -- stays for years and lasts for years and that it reminds people when they enter the station exactly what we do day in and day out and what dangers we face. it's our intention to put it in
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this area right here. >> reporter: right here is their walk of memory, a patio and garden to honor fallen heroes. >> when we have a class for firefighting or rescue or whatever the members will be in there and they can look out and this beam will be here. >> the death of bin laden brings extra for the members of this fire company. >> the timing of all this, the fact we were able to go through the process a year ago, have it come to fruition on the ten- year anniversary is really neat. but now to have it so that the person who was ultimately responsible for all of this isn't going to be around makes it even better. >> reporter: there's many factors that make this 9/11 memorial important. one of the significant ones is that future generations will understand the sacrifice that the new york firefighters gave that day. in towson, i'm don harrison for abc 2 news. in the memorial at the providence fire company will be
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dedicated september 11th, exactly 10 years after those deadly attacks. after nearly 10 years many people of scrutinized one religious community because of osama bin laden's faith. muslim leaders hopes this marks the being depending of a new understanding. they hope it can lead to a dialogue about islam and muslims here in america. >> we and muslim leaders have declared very clearly that islam is, and will never be, at war with america. that's how peace is forged. other moderate muslim voices have to do their piece. i'm sure they are but i think they have to do it a bit more clearly so everybody knows where our loyalties lie when such incidents happen. >> the doctor also says the muslim community is like every other religious community, proud to be american. >> well senator barbara mikulski sits right there on the senate select committee on intelligence, you can bet she felt a bit of pride when she learned our eye intelligence
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had allowed our navy seals to complete this megs. she was excited about the news buttery iterated what we have been saying, that one man's death does not say it's done. >> we must be braced against a retaliatory attack, we must be vigilant something could happen over the next set of hours, days, or even weeks. >> muck call ski made her remarks while endorsing stephanie rollins blake. we're getting more video seemingly like every minute. >> stay with abc 2 after the news for a special 1 hour edition of night line. here is karen month moran with a state official. how navy seals took out osama bin laden from exclusive footage to inside his hide out to white knuckle moments in the white house till that message came "we've got him." >> stay with us for complete coverage of this ever developing story. we'll keep the updates coming
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online at and we've got a special section dedicated to the death of osama bin laden. we will also have any overnight developments, tune into "good morning america" right here at abc 2. quiet day of weather out there although sunshine was a little tough to come by, we warmed things up today, warmed things up. crystal clear tonight, temperature-wise we're still warm out there. still sitting around 70 degrees in downtown baltimore and d.c. just a little cooler on the eastern shore, closer to 60 degrees. tomorrow a rapid warm up, even warmer, 8 2 degrees. but that will be the beginning of a big change on the way. we'll talk about the threat for storms and much cooler air all coming up back to you guys. >> tonight, two baltimore city police officers have reportedly been cleared of kidnapping charges, two 15-year-old boys claimed the officers picked them up in a van in 2009. the officers claim they were on a crime sue possession detail. they were cleared of kidnapping
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charges but the baltimore jury found them guilty of a a miss demon or conduct. they have completed the investigation of a shooting that left an officer dead. women tor bet was shot to death outside the select lounge on pack a street. shawn gamble was also killed in that shooting. all along police have said that officer tor bet responded to a fight at the club in plainclothes and that when uniformed police arrived they did see tor bet, of course, firing his gun, but didn't realize that he was a police officer as well, so they fired. now the police have wrapped up their investigation. the findings will be reviewed by both the state's attorney, gregg bernstein, and by an independent review board appointed by the mayor and the police commissioner. another concern, rising floodwaters are threatening the midwest forcing engineers to take some drastic action. coming up in 1 minute what is at risk if they don't blow up parts of the system that is
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supposed to keep the water contained. >> charlie sheen is taking steps to improve his image tonight. is it enough? you can decide. here is is a story you had to see to believe it. you thought using leaves in medical procedures were strange, wait until you see what some people have to swallow to save their lives. these stories and more 60 seconds away.
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new developments to tell you about out of missouri. listen to this. the army corps of engineers is going to blow up a levee in an effort to save a illinois town from rising waters. without this x police heavy flooding would destroy the town of cairo located with the ohio and mississippi rivers meet. after charlie sheen and one of his goddesses got a firsthand look at tuscaloosa, alabama, it's one of the hardest hit areas hit by tornado. he talked with volunteers and first responders, he said it was a twittering message from a
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college student that actually brought him to the area. he is working to organize a benefit fit to wipe out the representatives. gabrielle giffords is back in houston, she had been at cape kennedy to watch the launch. today's launch was postponed for at least a week due to what is a power problem. giffords who was shot in the head says she will be back in florida when her husband leads endeavor on its last mission. to be the a story that you have to see to be. an area woman is crediting a very uncommon procedure for saving her life. >> ellen blackwell says it's a medical breakthrough allowing her to live a normal life. but the procedure that cures what ails her may leave some of you feeling a little squeamish. how someone else's poop saved her life. >> poop, it's a stinky subject. you flush it down the toilet without thinking twice but what actually comes out the other end is no stinking matter.
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>> they do wonderful things. >> reporter: things that can cure our bodies from super bugs. there are hundreds of different kinds of good bacteria in our bowel, the same type of bacteria or probiotics you find in yogurt. but would you be willing to take someone else's human waste and put it in your body. for ellen blackwell it was a no- brainer. >> it saved my life. i was dying. >> reporter: she was so sick she couldn't eat for almost a year. all she could stomach was crackers and water. she had a life-threatening form of bacteria called c dividend, similar to mrsa and largely resistant to antibiotics. >> i was taking $7,000 a month in antibiotics. i wasn't able to eat at all. i lost a significant amount of weight, i was very, very sick. >> there is a group of patients where, really, nothing works and these patients have diarrhoea which is absolutely
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relentless. >> reporter: treatment options are slim. either remove your colon or risk death. but doctor suzuki here at sinai hospital was willing to try something radical. something that was never done. a fecal transplant. >> the only thing is the hangup about stool. dealing with stool has never been a pleasant thing, nobody wants to talk about it, nobody wants to look at it. >> reporter: but results can be life-saving. >> it really makes a difference in the lives of these patients. >> reporter: the only thing ellen needed was a donor. >> reporter: the >> 2 people who can donate the stool sample are generally children or tosses. it can be brother/sister or it can be somebody who you know. >> reporter: that's where catherine, ellen astuter stepped in. >> i'm thinking this is a really good idea, we have all these bacteria in our colon, it's like a super pro by oughtic, pretty cool. yeah, everything was dependant on when i could show up with sample to the lab.
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it was a simple endoscope. >> reporter: they prepared the stool sample at the lab. all she needed was a simple kitchen appliance. >> we blended it in a blenders that was purchased from target. >> reporter: the stool was then poured through coffee filters to purify it. nurse belinda mason adifferentiate s.i.s.t.ed the doctor in the surgery room. >> it's poop and it smells like poop and you're actually produce introducing it into the patient so we had to go through the fámouth and put it in the t of the small intestine and go through the colon and run it through the whole colon. >> we literally sprayed the walls of the gi tract. >> for ellen it was magic. >> i wanted to eat food. within 24 hours i was normal again. catherine is just happy to spend time in the kitchen with her mom and enjoy a meal
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together these two now share much more than your typical mother and daughter. >> catherine and i now have babbling tier ya in our guts that matches like a physiotherapist. >> reporter: a perfect match, proving from an unlikely source. >> i'm just happy to be able to eat. >> in columbia, linda some, abc 2 news. >> what a story. since ellen's procedure they performed a second fecal transplant. the procedure is common in canada and in europe but it hasn't been in the u.s. put because it hasn't gone through rigorous testing. we're going to be bringing you a new cold case every tuesday. that's tomorrow night. coming up, she was in the prime of her life. 24-year-old janice potter was newly married with a baby on the way. but on a rainy need night in april 1996 it was all taken away for her. now her family is vowing to continue to fight for justice. we'll have the story right here
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on abc 2 news at 11:00. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. still a mild night out there. temperatures 65 out at bwi, warmer in the city, humidity 80% rights now, above 80%, we're talking about a mild night for early may. what a warmup it was for the day today. we had actually a mix of sun and clouds but for the most part kind of overcast in places like annapolis, the naval academy, ellicott city here, kind of murky through the day. a few peaks of sunshine late in the afternoon but not a lot of sunshine to be found. look at some of the temperatures here at some of our weather friends night. a warm 77 in centreville, westminster up to about 75. state-wide the numbers warm all across the state all the way west out toward deet rick lake and oakland 72, 69 in ocean city. tonight we see temperatures cooling off very slowly, even north and west, still in the
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mid-and upper 60s toward frederick, 61 down cambridge way. let's take you into tomorrow's forecast. taneytown close to 80. the showers and storms set to arrive will come in from the north and west. a better chance for a little earlier arrival maybe a little cooler but 80 or beyond a good bet. including denton where i think you quit at 84, that northwest wind picking up over the chesapeake. it may bring your temperatures down a little bit. much more active north and west. pretty quiet around maryland, cloud cover coming in, you do see a huge swath of precipitation extending all the way from detroit back down through northeast texas. this line of showers and storms not particularly potent right now, actually behind the front over running precipitation but the whole boundary will slowly push in, into tomorrow and the next day, and it's a slow mover here and this is what we started to see in may and june.
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the slow moving fronts don't roar in like they did in the wintertime. the chance of showers begins to increase by 2:00, scattered afternoon showers and storms, but the better chance coming in overnight tomorrow night. there is the slight chance for a couple storms to be here in the afternoon and evening, they will begin to stay here about 2:00 in the afternoon, but we could see a rainy day wednesday and certainly the rubble of thunder on and off through the day. thursday looks dry, we clear things out after wednesday afternoon. overnight, a few clouds not as chilly, tomorrow guarantee we're going to bump it up, 82 degrees, partly cloudy, late- day thundershowers. tomorrow night we go to 55 and scattered storms going to be likely. lasting into at least the first half of the day wednesday if not wednesday afternoon. a cooler day on wednesday as we look ahead here. in fact i think it's going to be a slow climb back to 70 towards early this weekend. but i do note that good news,
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sink oh de mayo, coming up thursday, a good holiday for a lot of marylanders and going to be a dry one, looks nice. 66 degrees there. back to you guys. thanks a lot wyatt. the mccormick unsung heroes award wrapped up a little bit. >> we have the charles mccormick preparing dinner. to honor high school athletes who are unselfish and will do anything it takes to help their team. you look at 107 winners tonight in an mc job. scott garceau, on the side, rice from eastern tech. on the girls side we have ah leash a davis with her never- quit attitude. >> from center all the way down so number 1 point guard it was difficult but i kept a positive municipality knowing if i didn't do it, i could count on my teammates, felt good. >> feels good. we had money to pay for college at all, to tell you the truth, they didn't expect me nothing
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at all. >> davis and wright walk away with scholarships totaling $36,000, michael says without this night he didn't have any money to go to college. >> what a great story. >> a great surprise. the orioles going for a sweep. the chisox still ahead. is professional wrestling really a sport? not really. we'll tell i what happened when life and athletic entertainment went head to head. ñwñ[=
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here is the "press box sports report." in a word from meet love loaf, three out of four ain't bad, that's with inflation built in of course.
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orioles off to kansas city after losing three of the four game series it was paul konerco's night. jeremy guthrie gave up four runs on five hits, berlin gave up eight hits, atam jones had three hits in the loss. you know, fans at live wrestling events cheer like they are at a baseball game. they cheer, boo as loudly as the clouds, football game sunday, as the world learned the news last night john tina was celebrating a wwt championship. moments later he made this announcement to the cloud. >> i walk out here with his will, loyalty, respect on my sleeve. that is the credo i have adopted for the men and women who defend the freedom of this country. [ cheering and applause ] we have caught and compromised to a permanent end osama bin
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laden. >> tonight, monday night raw opened with the national anthem, wwe hasn't done that since its first show after the 9/11 attacks. >> wow. kind of hard to top that, huh. >> yeah, wow. way to go john. >> we just got word that they started blowing up those levees in missouri trying to stop that small down from flooding. >> incredible run off into the levee system, hoping it will work out. flooding a lot of farmland to do that. >> temperatures in the 60s tonight, even close to 70 in places, so a mild night, keep the windows open. no new cool air gets in here until tomorrow night late. a warm day tomorrow and the chance for rain comes around in the afternoon. >> back after the break. this is the aircraft logbook.
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night line follows us, they are gonna be on for a full hour. >> "good morning maryland" at 4:30 with all the latest developments overnight. >> good night. see you tomorrow.
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