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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  May 3, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america," coming up next. . this is further evidence that my son's death was not in vain. >> a sense of closure after the death of osama bin laden. the debate some are having following news of his death. and we will likely know about the navy seals team that killed him but we know a special forces team effort was efficient and impressive and decisive. also it's powerful wide and packing a mighty punch. the threat the mississippi river swelling is bringing. two factors that could be disaster for thousands living near the banks. that and much more coming up on this tuesday may 3rd. good morning i am charley crowson. megan is on assignment.
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let's check your forecast on this tuesday with meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning. it's early and mild but let's recap yesterday. before we talk about today, and let's check out annapolis. we started out with clouds and you know every once in a while we get lucky and we blow the clouds out. we wound up with rain free skies and in fact a lot of sunshine for a good chunk of the afternoon by the severn. a good looking day with clouds rolling in late. yesterday, the first time that we had the sunsetting at 8 in the county and it will stay past 8 with daylight until august 17th. we start off at 60 degrees up towards stephenson 62. arnold 64. in stevensville. mostly cloudy skies and no rain but a little patchy fog. we have rain on the way. we will have the forecast on your way in a moment. right now let's get the first look at traffic with the great kim brown. >> reporter: thanks, justin. good morning. well, we are off to a really nice and quiet start for the roadways right now on your tuesday morning commute. a handful of major overnight
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construction projects that will probably get picked up in the 5:00 hour. looking at 695 at providence. light volume and no major issues on the outer loop at charles street you are going to find the outer loop lanes closed for construction. also, a lot of that traffic being detoured on toward charles street. northbound in the fort mchenry tunnel. two-way traffic in the harbor tunnel and we have a project on the outer loop approaching the jfx that has one lane opened this morning. but, again, this is picked up by five. here's charley back to you. >> news time is 4:32. when one of osama obin laden picked up the phone he led the pursuers to the doorstep of the most wanted terror. that monitored call ended a year long search. it was the key break in the manhunt. inside the cia team hunting bin laden, it was clear his null verbal was through his couriers
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-- vulnerability was through his couriers and aides. amember of the -- a member of the navally seals fired the shot that killed osama bin laden monday on the terrorist hideout. the plan was to repel from the helicopters but one of the blackhawks stalled forking a hard landing outside the k30u7bd. it took -- outside compound. he was killed in the final 5 to 10 minutes of the operation. some 23 children and 9 women were inside the compound. pakistani authorities took control of the survivors. the gun fight left one of bin laden's son two facilitators and a woman reported to be bin laden's wife dead. u.s. forces captured material from the site from documents to electronic hardware. there's some debate over how and whether to celebrate the death of another person even osama bin laden. there's no debate in one family's home who lost their
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marine son in afghanistan in 2008. listen. >> i said to dpod be the glory for great things he has done. we have been waiting a long time. >> her son died in afghanistan back in 2008. she is a member of the american gold star mothers organization. since her son's death she has helped other parents who lost hooved ones in battle. -- loved ones in battle. the coverage and how to better understand what's happened. now it's much more difficult so we scad child expert how whoa explain to a child what exactlyhappened. >> what he did ten years ago hurt a lot of people -- people really badly and the people celebrating are some of the people really badly hurt. and so, they are as much relieved that this bad man is gone and he can't do more bad things as and it lock like
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celebration. -- it looks likes celebration. >> we protect our children but he said our children are capable of understanding sometimes more than we give them credit for. our hot topic is going to be this morning about should the government release the photograph of the body of osama bin laden after he was killed? weigh in this morning on the fan page. you can fined it at a -- find it at and you will see a link to the fan page for abc2. also keep it tuned to abc2 news on the air and online. read the latest information on our website again that's abc2 we have new video and information about osama bin laden's death but we have stories of how that death has affected you here in maryland. in other news a little closer to home there might be a funny odor in the air in annapolis. bge installed a natural gas line between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. today bg. crews will place natural gas into the pipe and the existing
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air will be purged. if you live along king street, from college to randall streets you may smell the gas. but you don't need to be alarmed. if you have questions, call 410- 685-0123. again, 410-685-0123 if you experience problems. news time is 4:36. they don't call it the mighty mississippi for no reason at all. flooding is serious and the issue has been for the past two weeks. the situation that will get worse and factors adding to it. ♪ stand beside her and guide her >> the bagpipeers who use their voices instead of instruments for a impromptu celebration. that's coming up in moment. a live look at our white house. the lights are coming on on what's going to be a very busy tuesday morning. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. we are back in a bit.
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welcome back. news time 4:38. a severe weather alert takes to us memphis where they are seeing some of the worst flooding since the 1930s. people have been sandbagging for the past two weeks. flooding in the midwest caused the mississippi river to swell and snow in the midwest has been melting causing more flooding. the river is expected to crest later this week. memphis in may and anual event drawing thousands, well, that has been canceled justin. >> this time last year nashville tennessee has floods that flooded the grand old opry. we are watching this swath of moisture work its way through the east and central sections of kentucky through ten see. nashville -- tennessee. nashville will get in on this action and heavy rains will edge in our direction.
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maryland's most powerful doppler radar five sweeps across the chesapeake and we are dry. 59 in baltimore. holding at 60 up towards york, pa and to the south 65 in ocean city. well, this morning we will be near 60. patchy fog and mostly cloudy skies and scattered showers and maybe a thunderstorm this afternoon. we will push a mild high of 82. more on our forecast in just a moment. right now, here's kim brown with traffic. >> reporter: thanks, well, we had two-way traffic operations inside the harbor tunnel this morning. but that has been lifted. so now traffic is operating normally within 895 as we look live at the o'donnell street exit. light volume. no reported delays and no accidents this morning. however, we still have the major construction project on the outer loop. all the outer loop lanes closed at charles street. traffic is being detoured on toward charles street this morning. also northbound in the fort mchenry tunnel, the left tube is closed for overnight roadwork. all that should be reopened within the 5:00 hour. back to you.
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god bless america ♪ land that i love. >> people across the u.s. are continuing to celebrate this morning. last night, bagpipeers gathered at ground zero to sing god bless america due to the death of osama bin laden. but some are upsit set it goes too far -- upset it goes too far saying we shouldn't celebrate someone's death in this manner no matter who it is. a dire situation flooding causing state officials to use different manners other than sandbagging. that explosion levee and the efforts to keep hundreds of people from losing their homes. and a baltimore county lacrosse player found murdered a year ago, today how the school she attended will honor her memory and legacy. news time is 4:41. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. ñwñ[=
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news time 4:43. five things to know before you head out door. senate select committee on intelligence resulting in the death of osama bin laden. the report will begin today. alabama governor bently will discuss the tornado damage and the state's response during a televised address to the state legislature tonight. more than 340 people have died during last week's storms. dozens more are still missing. and senator of nevada willresign from office. he is resigning amid the admission of an affair with a wife of one of his former top aides. had he not resigned whoa have been forced to go through public ethics hearings about the the affair and his conduct. and president obama will meet with members of the hispanic caucus. according to the latest data,
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hispanics and latinos is the biggest minority in american cities. and five bucks won't get you much at gas pump if you live in indianapolis. drivers are payingupward of $4.29 for a gallon of regular unleaded the national average is at 3.59. -- 3.95. happening now investigates over-- developments overnight, engineers exploded a large section of the mississippi river due to flooding impacting thousands. this is happening in case row two hours -- cairo. look at video we received overnight of the army corpse of engineers exploding the levee's long the riverbed. the corps says the break would help i did voter up to -- divert up to four feet of water off the river. pressure was create on the flood walk protecting the town. the blast will likely unleave
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muddy opportunities into the empty farm fields. area video shows later today it should be effective and we will see how great the blast worked out. tonight at 11, she was in the prime of her life. 24-year-old janice potter was hairied and had a baby but on a rainy night it was all taken away from her. now her family is vowing to continue the fight for justice. tonight here on abc2 news time at 11:00. a 15-year-old will be tried as an adult after officers say she shot and killed a man because he laughed at her. a judge made the decision yesterday that artesia holt will be tried as an adot dolt. she fired a -- adult. she fired shots at a man last summer because they made fun of how young she was. holt was 14 at the time of the shooting. one man died and the second man was wounded. baltimore city police say they completed their investigation of a shooting
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that left an officer dead. back in january, officer william torbet was shot outside the select lounge. sean gamble was also killed. the officer responded to a fight in plain clothes and when uniformed officers arrived they saw him firing his weapon but didn't realize he was an officer and they returned fire. authorities took nearly 100 horses in after they were neglected at a farm in centreville. six more were youth eyed. the owner of the farm may face animal neglect charges. the horses that survived are being rehabilitated throughout the state of maryland. consumer alert this morning, the recall is growing this morning for honda over the possible air bag defects. honda officials expanded the recall so it can check the air bags on more than 800,000 vehicles for a possible defect. some of the vehicles being
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added in the recall include the 2001 and 02 accord as well as the civic, 02 odyssey and 2002 and 03crv, acura 32tl and 2003 acura 32cl model. we have them listed as well as new for you this morning, you might want to ease off theaccelerator in howard county. the county council passed a foil allow speed cameras in -- bill to allow speed cameras in school zones. speeders will get hit with a 40 dollar ticket for going 12 miles over the speed limit. today marks the one-year anniversary of the lacrosse player murdered and it's all the idea yeardley loved will be honored. a page vigil will kick off had morning a field is being built in her honor. the university of virginia
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men's lacrosse player who was love's ex-boyfriend will go on trial next year being a-- accused of her murder. ken kamenetz will sign a trash treaty to keep the back river clean. the 70,000 dollar grant will be given to the back riverrestoration commenty for the next five years they will remove crash, junk and debris from the mud flaps of back river. we are getting you back to work. if you need jobs, state officials say they are coming inpart of b. are. -- brac. there will be a brac job 101 on annapolis street from 7 p.m. to 8:30 scheduled for tonight. anne arundel and howard county officials will help run the presentation. news time is #:49. -- 4:49. paul konerko scored twice to
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help the white sox win over baltimore. orioles starter gutherie allowed 4 runs. he struck out 4 and walked 2 remaining winless since opening day. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> good morning. and 4:50. some of you are tuning in to see some of the incredible video that we have got in overnight from new zealand as tornado tore through the area. we want to talk about local weather. the animal -- almanac typically we expect a high of 07 wiewb -- but we should shoot high above that mark. 91 on the high end in 1913 and a few years ago we hit 34 degrees. hey, by the way, the sun up at 6:06 and down at 8:01. we are deep into the 8:00 sunlight that should last through august the 17th. we will be seeing the sun.
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that's the question. most lidley cloudy skies showers and thunderstorms erupt in the afternoon and evening. but first part of the day looks dry and we are looking for early fog but it's overnight and we have a better chance of showers that come in with the added win of-- wind of 55. wide view highlighting the rain across the ohio mississippi river valleys and yes we have been talking about tennessee which unfortunately will be dealing with more flooding. in fact indiana getting heavy rain rolling through tenkentucky and-- kentucky and tennessee. our future radar highlights showers that will erupt and move through as we headin through tomorrow and off the coast by tomorrow evening and we should see an improvement with cooler temperatures for the end of the week. again, tomorrow we are looking for a better chance of showers and storms and a cooler day with high only 606789 and let's -- 60. and let's stretch this out. after 60 tomorrow, we will get back to 66. below normal but trying to get the sun out at thursday. lows chilly in the 40s.
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scattered showers and pushing it in towards the weekend. squeeze out a decent saturday but can't hold off the showers for long. back to 72 with more rain on sunday. kim. >> reporter: justin, we are off to a very good looking start on the roadways. no reports of accidents. but we are dealing with a water main break in severna park aing the northbound lanes. look live at anne arundel county 58 and 97 looks good in both directions westbound from the bay bridge toll plaza. you will not entercounter problems. 50 west looks good heading towards 495. 50 east pound no problems crossing -- eastbound no problems over the severn river bridge. no accidents both works inside the area tunnels mchenry and harbor has been cleared but we are looking at construction project affecting the top side of the outer loop. outer loop lanes of the jfx two left lanes taken away.
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at charles street, lanes closed and traffic is detoured towards charles street and all this should be wrapped up by five. now back to you. >> thanks. emotions can run high in and out of the courtroom except this time a family memoirs not the target. -- a memoirs not the -- member was not the tacialght. the victim of a -- target. the victim of the assault. six boy scouts and two leaders stranded in the forest. they became lost and how they hope to find them today. you are watching good morning maryland first and only at 4:30.
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now "good morning maryland." news time 4:56. around the nation attack in a courtroom during a high-profile murder trial. listen. >> [ screaming ] >> emanual mitchell attacked the prosecutor one of two men convicted after the murder in a deadly pharmacy robbery. the prosecutor was bloodied after the attack. a georgia sheriff department blew up a letter after targeting the president. suspicious writing on the return address caught authority's attention and the attention of the u.s. poiftal service -- postal service work here found it. agents were called in to the scene and they are
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investigating the source of that letter. well, authorities are scaling back search efforts for a group looking for a louisiana boy scout group believed to be stranded in a forest. a helicopter will try to resoup the search this morning. if the weather remains decent. search crews overnight patrolled roadways but no one will be sent into the wood on foot. no one has heard from the 8 mit missing campers since they arrived on thursday. the remote area has little cell phone coverage and they believe they were cut off by the rising water levels. the latest wild fire in texas destroyed about 40 homes in the western part of that state. dry conditions and high winds have been fueling most of the fires. visibility dropped yesterday and the west texas mountains as winds flung in around 300 acres of ash into the town. the cold front helped the firefighters trying to get the fires under control. now "good morning maryland." new information this
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morning following the successful assault and targeting of public enemy number one. how the elet special forces carried out -- elite special forces carried out the historic directive. >> reporter: a towson school comes together to remember yeardley love a year after her death. and parts of the southern u.s. will be at the mercy of the mighty mississippi. the country's largest river on the verge of swelling its banks. that could endanger thousands. that and much more coming up on this tuesday may 3rd. it's 4:58. good morning. i am charley crowson. megan is on assignment. let's kick things off with meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning. i can't wait to show you the tornado video from new zealand of all places. just getting to the newsroom overnight. let's show you what's happening locally. we have a look at temperatures of 59 degrees. bel air and hearford -- hereford, and we are looking at temperatures mid-60s around the bay. 67 degrees holding tight in rock hall. we have mild numbers this
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morning and maybe patchy fog a lot of cloud to be found but while we are looking at the radar composit with the satellite, you will see more rain back towards the west. not here yet, it will take its time to sneak in, but we have have the chance of showers developing this afternoon. we got lucky yesterday with the front edging closer to us. and as we pump it up into the low 80s. there will be the possibility of breaking out showers and thunderstorms. we will talk more about that and the big cooldown behind the system in few minutes. right now, let's go back to the roads with kim brown. >> reporter: justin, an easy ride out the door. traveling towards the washington area you will find all lanes open on 95 southbound through laurel toward the capital beltway. and you are not going a find problems here at 695 at wilkins. traffic moving well and light volume. no reported major incidents and as we take a peek at the maps our overnight construction projects those have been cleared away from the outer loop at the jfx, york road and charles street. you will find all lanes open. charley, back to you.


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