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tv   News  ABC  May 3, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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higher than normal tide today through tomorrow. we will look out for that as we watch 59 degrees this morning in baltimore. york is slipped back to 58. south of the bay bridge in fact 66 patuxent river and 65 in ocean is they. mostly cloudy skies, patchy fog. the rain is not here yet. we may build some of that in during the afternoon. scattered showers and a thunder boomer with a high of 82 our two degree guarantee. more on that coming but let's go to the roads with kim brown. >> reporter: thanks. yeah, the fact we have dry roads this morning always making foranes easier start. looking live here at the bellway, traffic looking pretty -- beltway, traffic looking pretty good from parkville into towson and providence road. traveling on the inner loop lanes, everything is all clear between the 83s and headed towards 95789 no reported incidents or accidents this morning especially -- 95. no reported incidents or accidents this morning.
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harrisburg expressway, hive prints. -- five minutes. on the west side outer loop, 7 minutes between 795 and i-70. they are trying to get the deer carcass cleared out of the roadway south 95 coming through bel air at route 24. that is off to the left lane left shoulder. so stay to the right for that and plus, the overhead height sensors continue -- are not working still inside the harbor tunnel. crews are working to repair that and they have warnings posted on the overhead signs. charley, back to you. >> thanks a lot. new for you this morning, we are learning how america's military took out the number one target when president obama is set to visit the world trade center later this week. the administration is revealing the steps leading up to the raid and the compound which he was killed. emily schmidt has the latest. >> reporter: three words from president obama, it is a go. launch the mission that took out america's number one target. the plan was in the works for months. sunday, navy seals headed into
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a pakistani count. >> they were able to -- compound. >> they were able to hit arguably one of the most hidden and perhaps even furiously protected men on the planet and 40 minutes later, they were gone. >> reporter: the white house released these photos of the president and his team following the operation as it happened. >> the minutes passed like days. >> reporter: this exclusive video object tanned by abc news -- obtained by abc news shows the aftermath. u.s. officials believe retaliation is likely. >> bin laden disciples would like nothing better than to avenge his death by another attack. >> reporter: it is a sharedbelief amonth intelligence community but celebration is also shared. it happened in a white house dinner for bipartisan congressional leaders last night. >> americans learned that the united states had carried out an operation that resulted in the capture and death of osama bin laden. >> reporter: the dinner was scheduled for weeks before anyone knew there would be this reason to applaud the president. >> i think the president made
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the right decision. >> reporter: thursday president obama plans to travel to new york city where he will visit ground zero and mark the death of america's most wanted man. emily schmidt, abc news washington. >> we have new information this morning about just how bin laden was positively identified. we were first told that he was id d about two women inside and the cia used facial recognition and a sis and finally two d -- analysis and two dna samples were used. the samples were from his relatives. well, the hot topic should the u.s. government release a photograph of osama bin laden's body? you can weigh in on this at our fan facebook fan page go to scroll down to the end of the page and see a link to the fan page for abc2. should the government release a positive photograph of the body of osama bin laden. it's 5:33. on this day in 2006, zechariah
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masowy was sentenced to life in prison for his part in the september 11th attacks. the jury deliberated for 41 hours before reaching the final verd october. this day in 2006. it has been a year since cockeysville native yeardley love's brutal death and today she attended in towson will commend the day for a special memorial. sherrieionson is with us live in -- -- sherrie johnson is live at noter dam prep. >> reporter: she meant so much to the people here and today on the one year anniversary of her death, the school that is three special projects to share with her memory. she stood out here and that experience and knowledge on the lacrosse field took her to the university of virginia. the 22-year-old lacrosse player was found dead in her off campus apartment at the university. her ex-boyfriend george hughley charged with her murder. the school wants to keep love's
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memory alive by awarding the first yeardley love scholarship to an 8th grader who is honored to receive the 4-year full tuition scholarship. the campus plans to remember love with an event called bringing out the yeardley in everyone. the day will start with a prayer and students and faculity will pay it forward in honor of yeardley love. they are asking students to wear a love t-shirt. now the varsity school members can wear the number one which was yeardley's number a lot going on here today all to remember yeardley love. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thank you. this morning, the u.s. secret service is investigating a letter sent to president obama. the head of the richmond county sheriff's office in georgia says the bomb squad blew the letter up. deputies were called after u.s. postal service worker found it in a drop box. suspicious writing on the return address is what ultimately caught their
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attention. [ screams ] >> it was chaos in oklahoma city. a convicted murderer attacked a prosecutor in the case after the crier came back with a guilty verd beingd -- after the jury came back with a guilty veric. witnesses say mitchell got -- verdict. witnesses say the mitchell got up and lunged at the da. the prosecutor suffered a bloody nose but no other reports of serious injuries. as heavy rains continue to pound parts of mississippi, a tough decision had to be made to save the town from flooding. plus, the endeavour still on the ground. what's causing them the day this and will it launch or how soon? details coming up when "good morning maryland" returns on this tuesday, may 3rd.
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and welcome back. engineers detonated he can plowss at a levey a-- explosives at a levey near the mississippi river. u.s. army corps of engineers says they diverted 4 feet of
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water off the river. however, critics say the move will ultimately flood about 100 homes in missouri and destroy more than 100,000 acres of rich and profitable farmland. flooding is still going to be the big story across the midwest and south as well as the tornadoes across the southern states of mississippi and alabama. but justin you had video of another tornado in the land down under. >> yeah. down in new zealand. it was impressive rolling through the heart of the city. two fatalities. and we will rerack video and play it again. we don't rerack stuff anymore we hate button on the computer. it's hard drive based. >> or dials. >> yeah dials and big old three inch film we don't talk about anymore. that's the for the old-timers he. heart and sent wert frontal bondry. a heavy rain pushing out of northern mississippi through tennessee and ken tucky and indianan ohio slowly moving in our direction. check it out as we are looking at glen burnie. a mild 61. haze and glaze out there.
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some patchy fog doesn't look to be too widespread. there's towson 58 cogreece. we are getting a little morning brightness. and we will have ourselves a mostly cloudy sky. you are lucky to get a break or two of sun and we will have mostly cloudy -- a mostly cloudy day. >> reporter: we are noticing a light uptick in volume around the beltway. and 95 as well. it's not really a whole lot to slow drivers down this morning. everything is moving at speed as we look live at the beltway 695 at providence road. both the inner and outer loop flowing nicely. no reported incidents or accidents this morning which is always a good thing. as we check the drive times everything is on the green. the top side of the outer loop from bel air to providence, a 6- minute trip. from 795 to 70, seven minutes and white marsh to the belt heway a 6-minute ride. looking at the maps, we are dealing with the same couple of incidents with debris in the roadways affecting the far left lane on the southbound lanes of
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95 traveling through bel air right there at the exit for route 24. that's a deer carcass so keep an eye out for that. and the overhead height sensors not working. crews are work on that. and they have signs posted so keep that in mind. charley, back to you. >> thanks a lot. word this morning that nasa willnot launch endeavour before may 10th. officials say they need more time to replace and test a fuse box. congresswoman gabrielle giffords has returned since to houston where she is treated for a gunshot wound from back in january. however, she says she is planning to watch her husband command that shuttle's final mission and she has every intention of going back to florida. well, it's 5:42. the news came late sunday night, osama bin laden is dead. but how did it happen so fast? up next, how the obama administration went with carrying out mission to take down the-- out the mission to take down the terrorist mission. hear what local lawmaker has to say about the death of osama
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bin laden. we will hear from barbara -- barbara mikulski. we are the first and only starting at 4:30 every morning.
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news time is 5:45.
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welcome back on this tuesday morning. we are learning how america's military took on the number one target. soa bin laden. the -- osama bin laden. thate administration is leading -- revealing the steps leading up to the raid and the plan was in works for months and sunday navy seals head to the pakistani compound. >> they were able to hit arguably, one of the most hidden men perhaps even furiously protected men on the planet and 40 minutes later, they were gone. >> that's what they do. thursday, president obama plans to travel to new york city where elvis it the world trade center and mark the death of america's most wanted man. maryland senator mikulski is speaking out about the death of osama bin laden saying one man's death doesn't mean the threat of terrorism dies as well. listen. >> we must be braised against the retaliatory attack. we must be vigilant that
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something could happen over the next set of hours, days oreen even weeks. but at the same-- or even weeks but at same time. >> she sits on the senate select committee on intelligence. the president says he is dead but some have to see it to believe it. what wee want to know what you thinkp do you you think a picture of of osma bin lad -- osama bin laden or do you trust the white house. see the comments in one of our newscast we will monitor them throughout the day. and we will let you know what you think later this morning. visitors to fort dietrich can expect tighter security. that he no threat but the base points to reports that military installations across the u.s. are now on height nd alert. visitors may have to undergo more thorough vehicle searches while that is such a heightened threat. news time is 5:47. and two baltimore silty police officers have been cleared of
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kidnapping charges. two, 15-year-old boys say the officers picked them up in a van in may 2009. the officers claim they were on a crime suppression detail and while they were cleared of kidnapping a jury found them guilty of a misdemeanor which was misconduct. baltimore city police say they have completed the investigation of a shooting that left an officer dead. the fightings -- findings will be turned over to the states attorney. in january officer william torbet was shot to death and 22- year-old sean gamble was also killed in that shooting. all along, police said officer tor bet responded to a fight in plain clothes when uniformed officers arrive. they say they saw torbet fire his weapon and didn't realize who he was and returned fire. well this month we will bring you a new cold case every tuesday night. she was in the prime of her life, newly married, a baby on the way but on a rainy night in
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april 1996, it was taken from her. now her family is vowing to continue their fight for justice. linda so has that story tonight right here on abc2 news time set for 11:00. well, today you may notice a funny odor in annapolis. bge installed natural gas lines for the naval academy and today between 9 a.m. and 3 in the afternoon, crews are going to place natural gas into the pipe and the existing air will be purged. now if you have any questions or you sense any problems, write the number down. 410-685-0123. and give them a call if you have problems. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> we had a nice day yesterday. high temperatures 70s in the baltimore area. 74 in baltimore. look at 80s towards the south. that's where the warm air is but at least we broke out of the clouds. we had ourselves the sunshine
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and temperatures with the clouds overnight staying relatively mild. we have got a low of 59 degrees around central maryland. some 60s to be found even patchy fog. we are looking in the hour by hour forecast and it will take us into the afternoon with scattered showers and thunderstorms popping up. 82 degrees. where does that compare for normal? 70. we are at a above normal pace and we will slip back into the other direction for the second half of the workweek. enjoy what we have now. that's where we belong and we could be cooler for the second part of the week. sun up at 6:06 and down at 8 0 cl -- 8:01. a small chance of a thunderstorms most of the day will end up rather dry. but a better chance of showers trying to sneak in here overnight. the frontal boundary to the west is a slow mover. once it gets here, it may stick around for a while. maybe breezy as well. and that will hold tomorrow'stemperatures down with the line of rain extending across the ohio valley. dumping more wet stuff on places that don't need it with
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extensive flooding in loot of the places and that will actually slide in our direction. not so much i think in terms of flooding, although we have an advisory for the coastal areas, the chesapeake bay, for minor flooding because of abnormal high tides. because of the waves piling up the water. scattered showers during afternoon. our future radar highlighting the heavier activity with the afternoon batch across central pa. most of our day will be dry. there may be a distant rumble of thunder or something that passes through and dumps a heavy shot of rain. and a break for a few hours. but overnight through tomorrow, there's the shot of rain. and that begins to sneak in here during the wee hours of the morning and then going through the day itself it lingers. and it will probably produce another round of thunderstorms depending on when we can get the front swinging through. maybe midday to early afternoon. than we get into the cool weather and drier weather that swings in behind it. so tomorrow's temperatures below normal splitting
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difference at 606789 showers and storms could linger. and we stay in the 60s to dry it out thursday and friday back to near 70 on saturday. >> reporter: this morning traffic is still looking very good as you make your way out of the door. still no reported accidents or major delays especially as you travel around the beltway. we are starting to see volume kick up a little bit but still it's not a lot to slow you down look live at liberty road on the west side. outer loop lanes on the left hand side of the screening moving at nice pace. inner loop clear up past 795. and towards the 83s. we are dealing with debris in the roadway affecting the southbound lanes of 95. through harford county and bel air at route 24. partially blocking the left lane but aside from that we are very quiet. now back to you. >> thanks a will the. 8 minutes until 6. -- thanks a lot. 8 minutes before 6. he was supposed to testify before the senate ethics committee. up next, why a long-term senator had to resign and give
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up that job. last week, big weddings, and today another big event for prince charles who he is scheduled to meet while on a trip to the u.s. that's coming straight up on "good morning maryland." we are back in a bit. your favorites, in pieces.
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a few minutes before 6. five things to know before heading out the door. today senate select committee on intelligence chairperson diane feinstein will talk about the operation resulting in death of osama bin laden. today the governor of alabama makes a televised address to the state. aides says he will discuss the destruction caused by the tornadoes and the state's response to it. today, a nevada lawmakers will resign after aid admismitting to an affair with one of his top aides. a visit with the u.s. supreme court from prince charles and he will make the trip to an area farm. the envelope please, the tony awards nomination they are going to be announced. this year's ceremony will take place june 12th at the beacon
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theater in new york. it's 5:56. and the search is on for a scout troop trapped in an area that has high rising flood waters. in the next hour, the fears and worries search teams may have to face as they look for the flooded camp grounds where students were lost in arkansas. how the size of your waistline could affect the chances of getting heart disease. and the tornadoes down south destroyed so many homes and lives. hear from one couple who thought they lost it all coming up in the second hour of "good morning maryland" and it starts in two minutes. [ dog barking ] mom! breakfast? in this house? in the morning i can use all the help i can get. that's why i love nutella, a delicious hazelnut spread that's perfect on multigrain toast
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now "good morning maryland." his order changed america and the world. the actions two dozen navy seals took in pakistan. what they did to bring down public enemy number one. and the debate is already raging this morning. 48 hours


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