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tv   News  ABC  May 3, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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winters mill high school a hint of fog in some portions of the area. overall, we are watching the ray he dar that shows activity west of maryland -- radar that shows activity west of maryland. look at a taste of some of that. as we will have a mix of clouds and sun and a warmer day at 82. and showers and storms could erupt through the evening. more on the rain and cooldown coming up. right now the roads with kim brown. >> reporter: justin, we have a couple accidents reported this morning. fortunately none along 895 or the 95 corridor. traveling to and from the tunnels, you will find things all open. looking live at 895 at the o'donnell street exit. north and southbound lanes moving well. know major congestion as you make your way towards the fort mchenry tunnel. looking at the maps, we have an accident in anne arundel county. 50 westbound approaching davidsonville road, no word of lanes being blocked and edgewood emmerton at pulaski crash activity still remains there as we. expect minor delays.
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charley, back to you. >> kim, justin, thanks a lot. this morning, the america's finest took out the number one target. the president will visit the world trade center and the white house are revealing steps leading up to the raid and how osama bin laden was taken out. emily schmidt has latest. >> reporter: three words from president obama, it's a go. launch the mission that took out number one target. the plan was in plans for the months. navy seals headed into a pakistani compound. >> they were able to hit, arguably, one of the most hidden and perhaps even sewer furiously protected men on the planet and 40 minutes later, they were gone. >> reporter: the white house released these photos of the president and his team following the operation as it happened. >> the minutes passed like days. >> reporter: this he can collusive rido obtained by abc news shows the aftermath. u.s. security officials believe retaliation for what happened
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in the rooms is likely. >> bin laden disciples would like nothing better than to avenge his death by another attack. >> reporter: it's a shared belief among the intelligence community but celebration is also shared. it happened in white house dinner for bipartisan congressional leaders last night. >> americans learned that the united states had carried out anoperation that resulted in the capture and death of oam sai -- osama bin laden. >> reporter: the dinner was scheduled for weeks before anyone knew there would be this reason to applaud my think the president made the right decision. >> reporter: thursday the president will travel to new york city to visit ground zero and mark the death of the most wanted man. emily schmidt, abc news washington. okay. so the president says bin laden is dead and there's dna evidence and facial recognition software that all say the al- qaeda leader is gone. however, some still have to see it to believe it. the government is considering whether or not to release the
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photo of bin laden's body so we are asking you, on the wm-ar facebook fan page this morning, what do you think? do you need to see the picture of bin laden's corpse or is the president's word good enough? officials have warned the photo is quite gruesome and be aware there rae fakes out there. -- there's some fakes out there so some want to avoid seeing it. but is seeing really believe in this case? go to the facebook fan page and let us know what you think. well a middle schoolteacher did something he hadn't done for ten years after hearing osama bin laden was dead. that teacher shaved. gary started growing a beard on september 11th 2001 and pledged not to shave until bin laden was brought to justice. he assumed whoa have to wait 6 months and never thought he -- he assumed he would have to wait six months and never thought he would wait a decade. >> i thought i may have to be buried with it. >> news that stunned the world
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e didn't believe it and. >> i spent about three minutes crying. i went and tied it off to save it and took scissors and started hacking away. >> now the beard started nearly 10 years ago. and on the day of the tragedy,it has gone to a day of excitement for the teacher gary. it has been a year since the death of yard lee love of the -- yeardley love. she attended notre dame prep school in towson where we will find sherrie johnson because they are planning a day and scholarship honoring one of their own. sherrie. >> reporter: yeardley love meant so much to so many and today on the one year anniversary of her death, the school plans to remember her with three special projects. she was a standout lacrosse player at the school taking the skills on to the university of virginia. the 22-year-old lacrosse player was found dead in her off
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campus apartment at the university of virginia. her ex-boyfriend is charged with the murder. the school wants to keep love's memory alive by awarding the first yeardley love scholarshipship to an 8thgrader at mother seton academy. she is honored to receive the scholarship and they plan to remember love with an event called bringing out the yeardley in everyone. students and faculity can play a kindness forward in honor of love. everyone is invited to wear love t-shirts and the varsity lacrosse players will wear the number one that was her number. there he a fund raising drive to -- there's a fund raising drive to build a love field. they are remembering the day they lost her and look to the future to keep her memory alive. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. thanks. news time 6:35. six boy scouts and two scout leaders are stuck in
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southwestern arkansas on a hiking trail. swollen streams are preventing emergency responders from getting to the eight people. crews are waiting at each of the trail's five entrance hoping the group will reach one of them. last june, 20 people were killed when flash floods hit a camp ground in that exact same area. [ screams ] >> the terrifying moments in oklahoma city monday when a convicted murderer attacked a prosecutor of a of after his conviction. it happened short -- after his conviction. it happened shortly after a conviction came back. mitchell got up and lunged at the da. the situation quickly turned chaotic and people standing around the courtroom they scrambled out. it took several deputies to get mitchell under control. the prosecutor suffered a bloody nose but there were no other significant injuries. coming up, a consumer alert
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now "good morning maryland." and welcome back. a california based company is announcing a major recall of grape tomatoes. the officials with taylor farms specific incorporated say the veg tables may contain salmonella applying to 29 kind -- vegetable may contain salmonella including 29 kind. the potentially tainted
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products has an expiration day between april 27th and may 9th. 13 states are affect by the recall most out west. consumeers were questions are adsight -- adviced to contact fda. from toe nateos to lemons -- toe nato to lemons. you may want to take a trip to the dealer. bloom reports hoppedda is expanding -- report honda is expanding the recalls. 130 more,000 vehicles model years 01 through 03 should be inspected. last year they recalled more than 437,000 cars because of the air bag concerns then as well. officials say faulty components can cause the air bags to deploy too forcefully and posting a major injury threat. the company will start sending out notifications to the car owners before the end of the month. anyone driving a volt doesn't have to worry much about rise gas prices. gm says the car averages a
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thousand miles 1,000 miles on each tank full of gas. or about 111 miles per gallon. but, those drivers do have to consider the cost of electricity, so it may be a wash altogether. news time is 6:42. gas prices are making travel in any vehicle tough be it a plane train or automobile. it's going to be more expensive. the sticker shock applying overseas you never will believe how much you could be paying in extra fees to fly to london or paris. and the verdict is in on two baltimore city police office are accused of taking two teens and dropping them off. we will tell you about that and prince william married on friday, but is back to business for his dad. why prince charles is visiting the u.s. details coming up when "good morning maryland" returns. ♪
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and good morning. i am charley crowson. megan has day o this is your abc 2 news to g let's kick it off -- go. let's kick it off with
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meteorologist justin webbing. >> fies -- berk. >> fies start to a tuesday here -- nice start to the tuesday here. the sun is peeking up and we are starting to disburse the clouds. you will see sun this morning at 6:45. let's switch over to annapolis. u.s. naval academy always showing us a pretty view regardless of the weather. but you will start with sunshineas well. temperatures near by edgewater at 63. 61 in columbia and up toward westminster, 60. some cloud mixed n we will talk about the chance of thunderstorms rolling in to town coming up next. here kim with traffic. >> reporter: thanks. we are starting to see volume build up around the area as we look live here at 895. as you head into the harbor tunnel, traffic is moving still at a nice pace. we are seeing volume slow things down but no major accidents on 95, 695, 895, 795 looks good. 50 westbound approaching davidsonville road, an earlier accident cleared out of the travel lanes but it's still
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leaving some lingering he debris blocking right lane. and we are working a crash cleanup out in edgewood emmerton road at pulaski highway. now back to you. >> reporter: thanks -- >> thanks. it's 6:46. this morning we are learning how america's military took out number one target. the obama administration is revealing the steps leading up to the raid on osama bin laden's compound and how he was taken down. the plan was in the works for months and sunday navy seals headed into the pakistani compound. >> they were able to hit, arguably, one of the most hidden and perhaps even furiously protected men on the planet. and 40 minutes later, they were gone. >> thursday the president will travel to new york city to mark the death of america's most wanted man and advice the world trade center. the president says osama bin laden is dead. and there's dna evidence and
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facial recognition software that says he is now gone. but some people simply have to see it to believe it. the government is now considering whether or not to release a photograph of bin laden's pos telephone i -- positivelyism ded body. -- positively ided body. official warned the photographs are gruesome so others may want to avoid seeing it for that reason. what do you think? whoa want to know and we have the avenue for you to voice your opinion. head to wmar official facebook fan page. well people every where with families members overseas are reflecting on the developments out of pakistan. we stopped at 24 hour sire laundry on route 40 in aberdeen yesterday and ran into several people who say they had family in the military. sandra johnson reflects on her grandson's service and the importance of a unified country. >> our country showed a good
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example of how good we stick together when we have -- when we go through things like that. when we had the 9 shsh 11 attack. >> many said they hope this brings an ento the violence. and there is heightened secured security at bases around the world. visitors at fort dietrich can expect tighter security and there's no threat but military installations are on height nd alert. visitors may have to go morethorough vehicle searches and need id to get into the gym or ecomony seare. police say that drugs were discovered on a man found dead in jessup but they didn't know if it contributed to the man's death. the 26-year-old was found on the 8700 block of mary lane. detectives say that he was last seen tuesday night at a relative's home following a domestic dispute. officers were called to the home wednesday for a broken window. they searched the home but
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didn't find anything. the body of the man's young son were found when the home owner stopped by on saturday. two baltimore city police officers have reportedly been cleared of all kidnapping charges. the detectives tyrone francis and milton smith were accuse of picking up two 15-year-old boys on two incidents and dropping them off. now one was in east baltimore and the other in howard county. the officers claim they were on a crime suppression detail and while cleared of the kidnapping charges, the jury did find them guilt every misdemeanor misconduct. the case was first tried by greg bernstein, the first since take office in january. a -- taking office in january. a baltimore denied a request to try a 15 year ol girl -- old girl as a juvenile. she shot two men after they laughed at her because she was so young.
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the man was hit in the head and he died a week later. the other man suffered a grazing gunshot wound and holt was 14 at the time. her defense argued monday she needs the treatment and nurturing she could get in a juvenile system and she hassion she can do well in structured situations. so you thinking of yeting -- jetting off to loppedon or paris? -- london or paris? think again. travelers are getting hit with an extra fee and surcharge for hopping overseas for the spring. you can get up to $500 more prices -- price hikes per round. airlines are spending billions of dollars a year on jet fuel for international flights and the costs are getting passed directly onto you. well southwest merger with air tran is a done deal but yo are not going see real difference yet. however travelers may be happy to see the prices drop when the merger between the two budget airlines goes into effect. that's expected to be in about a year and a half. maryland's michelle sher is honored at the white house
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ceremony for being the 2011 national teacher of the year. she taught for sh years in the -- 14 years in the maryland public school system. she was also fluent in the american sign language and taught at maryland school for the deaf. congratulations to you. today the governor of alabama will make a televised address to the state legislature. aides say he will discuss thedestruction caused by the tornadoes and the state's response. federal engineers detonated explosives along the mississippi river. it is part of a 3-stage effort to save the small illinois town from massive flooding. also today, senator enzyme of nevada will resign from office. he had admitted to an affair with the wife of a top former aide. shuttle endeavour will not set sail before next tuesday may 10th at the earliest at
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kennedy space center as they work to repair an electrical problem that scrubbed last friday's lawnp attempt -- launch attempt. ate and later, the white house is preparing for a -- and later today, the white house is preparing for a royal visit. prince charles will be in the u.s. through thursday and is scheduled to make a speech at georgetown university. this month, we are bringing you a cold case every tuesday at len. and tonight, she was in the prime of her life, 24-year-old janice potter was newly married and had a baby on the way. but on a rainy night in april 1996 it was taken from her. now her family is vowing to continue their fight for justice. linda so has that story tonight right here on abc2 news time set for 11:00. now maryland most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. 6:53. we wake up upper 50s and lower 60s. a mild morning. the sun is breaking out. some of you have a little fog,
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but i think that will burn off as well. we will wind up with mostly nice day. but we will introduce more clouds and then this afternoon some showers maybe a thunderstorm popping up. keep it here to distant thunder. 82 the two degree guaranteed high. but later on we build in better chance of showers. we will drop back down to 55. wind and look at the temperatures. as we go from the 50s and 60s on the east coast, 40s and 30s on the other side of the frontal bondry and where you have the temperature contrast, right in between is where we are breaking out the rain. that's our front. heavy rain ohio southern indiana kentucky and tennessee there's my geography quiz and that is slowly bidding off towards the east and once that hops acruets mountains, it looks like it may stay here for a little bit longer which means wednesday may turn out to be wet, not just a morning event. we break out with morning sun but the clouds make a return. as we are close to the frontal bondry it will be hard-pressed to shake the cloud like yesterday afternoon. but the future radar highlights showers trying to break out and
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especially west of town as we head into the afternoon. heavier rains across central pa is where the thunderstorm threat will be and another round coming in with the frontal boundary overnight. this is 3 a.m. timeline. heavy rain and thunderstorms to the west. and yes, we could have rumbles of thunder early tomorrow morning. and that frontal bondry stays with us with occasional steady light to moderate rain during the day and we bring in drier air. clouds may linger thursday morning but they will disburse and we will get into a little cooldown. today, 82. tomorrow, 60. and then we step it back to 66 with sunshine on thursday. and after we can shake the wet pattern. we will bring it back with another round of showers late on friday with 67. push 70 to start the weekend. and unfortunately yet another sunday with another chance of rain. kim. >> reporter: we have bright sunshine streaming across the area. sun glare could slow you down a little bit as you make your way east but fortunately no major traffic incidents or any major problems along the area
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roadways. 's was -- as we look at the roadway volume is picking up not slowing down too much but you will find minor delays just for volume as we take a peek at our drive times. they are going to be in the green. no problems west side from 795 to 70 an 8-minute ride across the top side of the beltway on the outer loop from bel air to providence, 7 minutes this morning and looking at the maps, we have that lingering crash in edgewood. emmerton road at pulaski, an accident on the beltway on the on ramp to northbound route 702 in essex and fire activity in kingville karen drive at longview drive you could see lanes blocked. charley. >> all right. four minutes until 7. our facebook question for the day, your two cents. should the military release a pos testify i -- positive id of osama bin laden. justin your thoughts. >> i am not going to answer that. don't put me on the spot. >> kim. >> reporter: i am all for it. more evidence the better. >> i say we lease it if he feels like it. question is how did the rock
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know before everybody else. >> i got kids i don't want to see that. it could show up in front of them. >> valid point. >> let us know what you think. off to new york.
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