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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  May 3, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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now "good morning maryland" at nine. and good morning. it's tuesday may 3rd. i am charley crowson. megan is on assignment and will be back on thursday. we have a full show for you. great ways to cook smoked salmon. that's one of the universal sea foods we enjoy. a lot easier and more versatile than you may think. also coming up, a day honoring the fallen men and women whoer is of the police force and fire departments. that day is coming up shortly. we will tell you all about that. and a great way to dine out in baltimore and have a great cause along the way. that is straight ahead on "good morning maryland. it's 9:00 and we are learning more and more about the operation that killed osama bin
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laden and what else they found in the pakistani compound. -- compoundch as news of the death sets in, many very many families are calling the realization bitter sweet. sandra endo has the latest from the turn of event. >> reporter: on a bustle lower manhattan you can see behind me on the yellow fence, fresh flowers, pictures and candles all in memory of the lives lost on 9/11. also, though, the backdrop is the construction of the freedom tower and a memorial that willremember those lives lost. that tragic day. and here in new york and across the country, people are still saferring the moment of redemption ♪ god bless america my home sweet home. >> reporter: shanksville pennsylvania and ground zero
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once where many went to grieve and now they are fluking to rejoice and reflect -- flocking to rejoice and reflect. >> it's good see a evil person to receive justice but bitter to realize so many good people met a broughtal and needless death. >> reporter: this is amateur video of the pakistani compoundcompound where osama bin laden was killed. newly released images show the president and top officials waiting to hear a single word geronimo. code that the world's most notorious and most wanted terrorists was either captured or dead. >> the minutes passed like days and the president was concerned about the security of our personnel. >> reporter: the military team took out not only bin laden but took computer equipment in the raise. u.s. intelligence personnel are analyzing the materials to learn more about the network. monday night president obama received a standing ovation and a dinner attended by the
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congressional leadership. >> we are reminded again that there's a pride in what this nation stands for. >> reporter: president obama will see the progress of rebuilding the site for himself when he comes here to visit with 9/11 victims family members on thursday. reporting from ground zero, sandra endough for abc -- endo for abc 2 news. >> it may be an inevitability that photograph of osama bin laden dead making its way to your television screen or maybe a website. we are told it's gruesome and the old days you can turn off the television and when your 5th grader walked in you never had to to explain it. but now with media so readily available it's must more difficult so we asked a childhood expert how would he explain it to a child as this continues to unfold. >> what he did ten years ago hurt a lot of people really badly. and the people whoa see
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celebrateings are those badly hurt and so, they are as m relieved that this badman is gone and he can't do more bad things. as and it locks like celebration. >> the doctor says we protect our kids at times like these but he goes onto add children are capable of understanding sometimes much more than we give them credit for. back to that photograph of osama bin laden should it surface or do we need to see it? the question for the day is should the government release a pos telephone ided photograph of his corpse. weigh in on the facebook fan page and many have been doing so throughout the morning. charles rights in -- writes in saying why not we have seen enough pictures of innocent he killed and lovely says the government should wait a while and release the photographs just so it doesn't trigger violence from his followers while emotions will be running high.if you want to weigh in on
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this hot topic, your two centsappreciated here. go to the facebook fan page and leave your comment and we will share them throughout the course of the show this morning. it's 9:04. in every corner of the country there's reaction to news of the death of osama bin laden. and preston mitchum headed to see how people are reacting with the news of osama bin laden. >> reporter: the city of aberdeen is a close-knit community where folks know their neighbors have a military connection. >> i have an uncle and cousin in the military. >> i have a grandson a marine in the marines. >> reporter: at the 24 hour super laundry on route 40, sandra johnson reflects on her grandson's service ants importance of a unified country. >> our country showed how good we stick together when we go through things like that when we have that 9/11 attack. >> reporter: from meat ball subs to steak salad town pub
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and executive was watching. >> when we saw people chanting, we didn't get it and on the news came the ticker that said that bin laden was killed and we were all just dumfound. >> reporter: with a 21-year-old daughter enlisted in the navy she understands the hard sheps of war but gratified justice has been served. >> i thought when i heard the news that they buried him at sea in how appropriate because he can live in a lost world forever. >> i am sure that if anything happens, we will do it again we will come together again and pray and we will defeat the enemy again. >> reporter: in aber dean, preston mitchum. >> more information on the mission that killed osama bin laden and the latest how it could affect each and everyone of us now and into the future. go to and we are can have constantly updating the site with the latest photographs, video and reactions all day long and likely for days to come. look for the link of the
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special section and you will find it at the top of the home page. 9:06. coming up, we hope you can help another maryland cold case get solved. it's the case of nancy schmidt who lived in remington show was murdered three years ago and the. >> iers all we need is one person to remember the slight of the detail and that can make all the difference for police. also, it is a day to honor those killed in the line of duty. next we talk to the widow of mark faulkenhan why this day is special for those left behind. and we hear from a local fire company why 911 is special and what it means to hear so am -- osama bin laden has been killed but furs -- first a. check of your forecast request justin berk. >> good morning. happy birthday tasha bartlett. one of our loyal viewers. we got the sun out. and maryland's most powerful doppler radar five sweeps across the chesapeake and we are in good shape.
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manchester with haze and patchy fog in carroll county. but watch the sun come up and we are looking at a hazy sky. milky white shade and high thin clouds and don't stair too long the southbound in annapolis, we have some high glare off the water of the severn by the u.s. naval academy. we are looking across the area with mid to upper 60s. a 70 spot now in bel air. and we have ourselves a look at rain on back towards the west. now there will be showers that pump up with the heat ahead of it. that's why we are getting the mix of clouds but the solid band of rain trying to break up a little bit. and it will reenergize and produce localized flooding and across the appalachians but what does the rain mean for us? we will have the forecast extend through the weekend coming up. stay tuned. there's much more"good morning maryland" in moment.
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#. about ten minutes after 9 on this tuesday. back to your two cents on the hot topic for the day. on the official wm-ar facebook fan page we are asking you, should the u.s. government release a confirmed photograph of osama bin laden's body and we say confirmed because there's a false photograph right now that has been debunked but should the government reheys it gayle says i think it would be good to have photographive proof as
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long as the pic was recognizably him. that's another thing we are learning. the photograph is allegedly pretty gruesome. terry says they showed the pictures of saddam why not bin laden? i would be -- it would be disturbing sure but after seeing some of the images of war and pictures of death and terrorists, that would be nothing new. if you want to share your two cents, or any of the discussion topics we have every day, go to the official wmar facebook fan page and heave a comment here on the other discussion topics we have. always monitoring them to know what you think what's going on in the world. news time is 9:12 and baltimore county introduced new engines for the fire department. and they are custom built for areas they will serve. tony marcella was there with the ripon cutting to fuel the damage suffered by the dundalk fire department from a late night fire from last year. >> reporter: sheeny chrome and fresh paint is nice, but it's what they do with the trucks that has the crews excited. >> it's rewarding when the
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people that are doing the work have some say in designing it and that's something we are proud of here in baltimore county. >> reporter: you heard right, firefighters emts and instructors of the training facility had an input of what equipment to get. eastview is designed for eastview and sparrows point sparrows point. >> we have a ladder tower that can gain access to some of the higher buildings in and hopefully mitigate an incident sooner. >> reporter: with some of the latest technology at firefighters fingertips, the 1.8 million dollars worth of equipment is worth every penny the county executive ken kamenetz. >> the money of dollars spent for the equipment is well worth it because we are going to use it to save life. >> reporter: the ambulance medic 106 and engine 6 are going to dundalk to heal an old wound. >> coming out of the fire in
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2010, watching ours go down literally in flames you know, that is hurtful and that was a lot to deal with. we were there and then for it to be replaced it is a real good feeling. >> reporter: for ginger, that bad night came on a day she could never forget. >> my birthday. so we were asleep. we were woke up by the alarms and fire was up to the roof by that time. >> 3, 2, 1. >> reporter: after months of waiting, engines 56, 6 and 15 medic 106 are in service. tony marcella, abc2 news. >> all right tony thanks a lot. may 6th is fallen heros day honoring the men and women who have served and perished in the line of duty as members of the law enforcement or fire department. celebration will be held at dulaney valley memorial gardens may 6th and this morning bonnie is the chaplain for the arbutus volunteer fire department and window of mark faulkenhan joins to us talk about this special
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time here in the state of maryland as we pay tribute to the men and women. thanks for being here today.bonnie, talking about this, the significance of this day, it is felt year-round to know that these men and women are gone but not forgotten. >> absolutely true. this is my 26th year to sing at fallen heros day, and we this year have five fallen police officers and also mark, one for fighter, who died in the line of dutiy. aid great opportunity for folks to come out and pay respects and tribute and thank the fire service and the police officers for what they do for us every day. >> and you are talking about your late husband, this is something that happened a few months ago but something the city and the state and the community have responded to so well, haven't they? >> yes, they have been wonderful, the support that our family has been shown from everyone, the fire department and secret service and just the
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citizens. >> did you expect this time -- type of response? i speced the brotherhood to come -- expected the brotherhood to come together but was in the aware of how overwhelming it would be it's a huge support moo you talk about it being a brotherhood. this is something i am sure you see on a daily basis? >> absolutely. as a matter of fact, steven gower our vice president of arbutus went to school with gladis and it's wonderful we are a family. i am the 5th child and all my brothers and sisters except for one sister passed away and i found a wonderful family in the arbutus community and especially in the fire service. >> now gladys when we talked about it and covered the story of your husband's passing, did it surprise you to know how many fellow firefighters and servicemen and police force and law enforcement he impacked as a firefighter but also as paramedic as well? >> i knew there were a lot but
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it's no idea how many people he touched. >> so amazing when you think about that. that's the fingerprint he left for so many people to carry on that tradition. and in turn they give back to you and your family at this time. >> yeah. it's amazing. >> now the advantage coming up due lanny valley memorial gardens on may 6th. i've written two songs you sing and you perform there. that has to be a special time for you. >> it is. every year i am so honored when i get the phone call to come back because you know how the music industry is. many times i mean, you do something one year and the next year you know they pick something else. but 26 years ago, officer vincent passed away at my parish and i wrote the song for his millionry and for the police officers that passed away, and mr. armonyer was there and asked me to sing and i wrote one for firefighters because one of our firefighters was in my dwyer and he said
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what about the shiller fire and i wrote a song never knowing where it would you know be sung. and it was sung at first one and it has been sung ever since for 26 years. >> unreal. you know when you talk about how helpful and how supportive ever heyone has been, you -- everyone has been you can't go to each individual person and say thank you. this morning would you like to extend the thanks. >> my family and i would love to thank the fire department, the secret service and the citizens not just of this state but of across the country and the cards and letters and notes just would like to thank everyone for fg they have done for us. >> all right. bonnie as well as gladies thanks so much for your time. again, that is may 6th. it's going to be at dulaney valley memorial gardens and the information is on the screen. 26th annual fallen heros day hoporring police and for fighters killed in the line of duty at one in timonium.
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for more information the number on the screen. 410-666-0490. ladies, again, thank. you thanks you once again. off to a break now. it was quiet neighborhood in baltimore but three years ago, all of that changed. coming up, how the death of one much loved woman has gone cold and why police are now hoping you can help them solve it even with just the slightest tip. that story is coming up in bit. you are watching good morning maryland at 9. it's 9:19. $?$?t
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time is 9:21. back to our ongoing effort to solve cold cases. today's cold case comes from a quiet section of baltimore city. and if you need help, nancy schmidt was always the one you could go to. to on a raw airplane morning her screams pierced the heart of the community and joce sterman tells house the murder has gone cold. >> reporter: in the community of remington in north baltimore people take care of their neighbors. 74-year-old nancy schmidt was no exception. >> she was sweet perp and would give you anything you had if you needed a ride she would give you a ride. and if you need food she would
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give you food and she is there for everybody. >> reporter: the morning of april 21st, 2008 was rainy, cold and quiet. until a woman screams pierced the early morning sice silence. >> the neighbors said heard someone screaming. >> reporter: when officers arrive at nancy's home on west 31st street they found a back door open inside it was dark and quiet. they searched the basement and the first floor first and then they went upstairs. nancy's bedroom door was open. and they period inside and found her lying in a pool of blood and she was stabbed 12 times. >> shock. you know. >> reporter: lisa, a family friend was off work and she found out about nancy on the 12:00 news. >> i can't believe someone would do that to anyone. you know, she is laying there helpless. she is not going to do nothing you know. if you wanted to go in and rob her, take what you want and leave. you know, don't hurt an elderly person. >> reporter: nancy's case
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rattled the neighborhood and police. she was a sweet, elderly lady brutally murdered while sleeping and to be stabbed 12 times police thought for sure her killer what specific goal in mind. >> it was an overkill. they wanted to make sure she was deceased. >> reporter: lisa wanted to do something to help. so she contacted joan floyd president of the remington community association. >> she called and wanted to do something and we ended up putting together the vigil and started to collect money for reward fund. >> reporter: hundreds showed up for the vigil. friend and strangers. they held hand and prayed together looking for answers and justice. >> the community was in total shock i mean i. still have people now if i am at the grocery store come up to me and it happened the other door and the gentleman asked if they caught anyone, and he said some people are on pins and needles some of the elderly people around the street she livedoned on.
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>> reporter: they he posted flyers. wan few days they collected 1600 dollars in donations to create a reward fund. so. >> you feel so helpless because you can't do anything to help her. all we can do for her now is to try to get the answers. >> reporter: it's been three years and still no answers. but lisa and joan continue to hope that someone will hear nancy's story and give police the information they need to close her case. >> you know what i want? i want more than anything i want to touch the conscious of someone who knows something about this. >> please come forward. you know, not everybody -- let everybody's mind be at ease and let there be justice for nancy. >> reporter: joce sterman, abc2 news. >> and if you have information about nancy's murder, call police. you can reach baltimore city detectives at the number on the screen 410-396-2100 and if you would rather leave the tp
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anonnow isly call metro company -- tip anonnow isly you can call -- metro stoppers. and a more information, and more on the case or any of the cold cases we have covered, head to cases. coming up tonight, the series continues and she was beautiful, young and pregnant with her first child. 25 years later, the murder of janise potter remains a mystery. coming tonight, abc2's linda so has the story at 11 on abc2 news along with how you can help people solve the case. it's that time 9:26 and when it comes to remembering what happened on september 11th, all you have to do is head to providence in towson. coming up, how one local volunteer fire company remembers 9/11 every day with
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their pieceof the world trade center. and women are fighting breast cancer every day and one local group is trying to support them and beat cancer. how to help by heading out to dinner and you can do it this week. justin. all right. 9:27. brendan has been watching on and off all morning. he is homesick with fever. when i wished him well the channel was off. if you are watching now, i hope you feel better. sunshine this morning at 68. we will jump to 82. a warm afternoon and there will be thunderstorms that could get strong later on in the day. we will watch that and watching a big time cooldown for the second part of the week. we will talk about that and much more on "good morning maryland" so please don't turn the channel. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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now "good morning maryland" at nine. the other day, matt damon i love matt damon love the guy. matt damon said was disappointed in my performance. well, matt i saw the adjustment bureau, so -- right back at you buddy.
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>> yeah. lots of smiles the white house correspondence dinner during the weekend. there were lots of roasts and laughs and jokes and the irony is seth myers e made a joke about so -- he made a joke about osama bin laden and mocked c span's low ratings when he said this. >> people think bin laden is in the hindu curb but every day from 4 to 5 he shows the -- host the show on c span. >> all right keep this in mind. you can see president obama grinning broadly right there at the joke. and that came hours before the u.s. force took bin laden out and that was on saturday night. president obama put the order forth on friday afternoon he knew something we didn't know. the terror attacks hit the baltimore area very hard and were in the middle of the pentagon and new york city. pieces at world trade center had been taken across the country set up for memorials for those who lost their lives since september 11th and don harrison says if there's one
9:32 am
here in baltimore county at a volunteer fire department. take a look. >> reporter: there you go. >> that's it. that's the 10-foot piece. >> reporter: a broken and twisted section of steel that once towered gracefully over the new york skyline it was brought down in the terror attacks on september 11th. and now rest here at providence fire company in towson. gary was among those who made the journey just a few weeks ago to bring the quarterton piece of steel to baltimore county. >> i hope it last for and stays for years and last for years and that it reminds people when they enter the station we what we do day in and day out and what dangers we face. it's our intention to put it here. >> reporter: right here is the walk of memory a patio and guarden to honor fallen heros. >> when woo avenue class for a -- when we have a class for a firefighters and rescues, the members will be in there and can look out and this beam will be here.
9:33 am
>> reporter: the death brings extra meaning for the memorial for members at the fire company. >> the timing of all this, the fact that we were able to go through the process a year ago, have it come to fruition on the 10th year anniversary is neat. but now to have it so that the person who was ultimately responsible for all this is not going to be around, makes it better. >> reporter: there's many factors that make the 9/11 memorial important. they say one of the most significant ones is that future generations will understand the sacrifice the new york firefighters gave that day. in towson, don harrison for abc2 news. >> the memorial at the providence fire company will be dedicated on september 11th exactly 10 years after the deadly attacks. it's 9:33. let's go back to the hot topic for today. your two cents on the official wmar facebook fan page, your thoughts should the u.s. government release a confirmed photograph of the body of so amia-- osama bin laden as proof
9:34 am
that he is in fact dead? michelle writes in saying absolutely. don't think he should have been buried at sea. islamic law or not who are about our dead soldiers as they hung their bodies up from the bridges and janet writes releasing the photos may allow a sense of closure but those murdered at hands of thismadman if you want to continue to weigh in, your two cents is always appreciated here at abc2. weigh in on this or other hot topics in discussion topics at the official wmar facebook fan page we will continue to share the thoughts throughout the course of the day. well may 1st through the 7th is a great opportunity for you to get out and enjoy wonderful food in the baltimore area and help a great cause along the way. dining out for a cause series is in support of the red devils and breast cancer research. debbie bell the coowner and
9:35 am
pastery chef is here to tell you how to get involved. aren't you. [audio not understandable] >> yes. >> how do you get all these wonderful titles first and foremost. >> wine and food. >> you love food? >> absolutely. love the combination and we are excited to come on board with this project. >> and it's a great project and a weeklong event. we are in may 3rd so people have five days to get involved and enjoy great cuisine. >> many restaurants participating which is fabulous. and everyone is donating a portion of all their sales back to the grass roots. >> before we talk about who is involved with this and the great restaurants taking part, explain how this is helping out. >>edth red devils is just -- the red devils is so grass roots. these people come in to pool's homes and they take them to keep mow, they buy gifts consider be chemo, they buy --
9:36 am
they take them to chemo and buy gifts for their family. it goes back to the nonprofit organization out helping all families. >> and talking about the red devils, acts -- and the people you are serving, many women when diagnosed do you find they feel helpless like they are on their own on an island. >> one of the things that it's aroller coaster ride. people don't want to talk about it. you are afraid of the stigma with it. family is going to denial and when you hear cancer, everybody goes oh, you are going to die or, how is this going to affect me? and there's just a lot of help out there. >> and a lot of things people don't understand is so much has been made in terms of advancement in cancer research but so much needs to be done. >> absolutely. and this is a great cause and really great team of people that come on board to support emotionally and financially and whatever has to happen for the families. >> now in addition to your rest rant being involved who are names we may know and some we
9:37 am
may not. >> you have to visit hamp done my cafe at -- hamp don and -- hampden and cafe hon and we have chops and. [audio not understandable] the green turtle and you can go to the website and find out all the wonderful restaurants, something that's close and local to you. you don't have to dine one night. you can come for several to sport great cause. >> let's look at that. devilish dinners through may #th not very many days remaining percentage of your check is going to be donated to the red devils supporting breast cancer families. for a full list of restaurants as debbie mentioned, this wraps up on may 7th. thanks for the time. off to a break now. coming up next, with mother's day around the corner some moms might want to consider moving
9:38 am
to another country. another country. no. u.s. isn't that bad but it is not in the top five places to best be a mom. we will have details coming up. and a lot has changed in our lives with the tear or attacks from 9/11. why the changes didn't matter sunday night. we will explain but first, justin.
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hey we are 20ments away from 10 and it's birthday time. allison wheeler turns 28 years old today. want to wish hear happy birthday. great photographs there with the orioles birth. if you have a birthday or photograph or anything you want to us show on the air maybe a city scape and pets or anniversaries whatnot. morning show at chu all pertinent fact so we can get the information straight when we get it on the air for you as the photos come in. my apologies. amy sent this in yesterday. cruisers university the latest creation of the u.s. yacht show. u.s. ys another run for may 1th through the 15th for baltimore inner harbor. the information is on the screen. and united states yacht show 12th through the 15th. for more information go to the
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website, u.s. university all the information. it would be a great time to enjoy and ticket prices are on the website. if you have an event you want to us share, feel free to e- mail those to us at m pringle c crowson or morning show at include the information we needso we can get it straight when we share the event with the rest of the state. for some locks and bagels are a treat. my mom and my wife love locks and bagels so they will be happy. coming up next, they you know some of them know what locks are. a lesson not only in locks but great smoke salmon idea that is can change not only the way you make dinner but breakfast and lunch. also coming up, things changed 10 years ago since 9/11. what has changed and why for one day we can come back together once again. justin. looking as the almanac today and normally we are up at 70. many of us are there. we are pump ming in more heat
9:43 am
and admoisture -- pumping in more heat and added moisture and the wind will tell if we have a threat of the storms that could turn severe. we will have the complete forecastments away.
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you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at nine. about a a quarter to 10.
9:46 am
and it's wegmans tuesday and produce manager is going to join with us great ideas for a seafood staple smoked salmon. and he brought a array of ways to prepare it. but one of the recipes we will have this morning is going to be smoked salmon tore teeas. wet -- tortillas we will get to that in a second but that is versatile seafood and people like it different ways. >> you can use it in not only just your bagel and cream cheese but pastas and quiches and it's a versatile item. we have some cream cheese and your locks but if coy step back and talk about the smoking process, smoking is actually something that we have done for thousands of years. >> this is important because a lot of people don't like fishy tasting fish. >> yeah. >> you hear that a lot and the spoking -- smoking process kills that. >> it takes more flavor. so there are two different tiles of smoking. there's a cold smoke and
9:47 am
there's a hot smoke typically no nova refers to novembera scotia salmon -- nova scotia is cold smoked and that's put in a room at temperatures from 70 to 90 degrees fahrenheit. and. >> how long? >> a few hours. a few hours. >> so 70 to 09 for a few hours -- 90 for a few hours cold smoked. >> the hot smoke is generally the scottish styles. and that is cooked in temperatures from 100 to 120 degrees fahrenheit. >> how long are we in there in. >> that can be done on a grill or on top of the stove in your house. that as far as that is usually a couple hours. >> if someone doesn't want to go through that process and wants to buy it ready to go you have it to locks in box. >> yes. it's actually not a smoked version. that's actually assaulted or cured. >> okay. >> so, it's sleetly different and a slightly different flavor than what you get out of your
9:48 am
smoked versions generally the smoked version the cold smoke has a lighter taste and is not strong as the drier hot smoked versions. >> >> on top of the recipes we have the different varieties of wild smoked sik o which is a common version. this is a flavored version and you have the scottish versions which are usually smoked with a different variety of wood to giving it that hot smoked flavor. so, typically scottish was one of the best known flavored hot smoked salmon but nowadays we have duck trap which has great
9:49 am
varieties and we have this neat little pinwheel which would be great for an appetizer at a party. >> and we have coacher. >> and coacher as -- kosher here. >> and cosh as well. >> if someone -- kosher as well. >> if someone is new to salmon you tell them to taste test is this. >> yes. exactly. some of the lox can be too salty. but, the nova is great with cream cheese and can be used in potatoes. >> shane thanks very much. >> thank you. >> wegmans tuesday the recipe on our website and there you go smoked salmon and today's segment great job as always. love having the folks around. off to a break now. we will be back in a few moments. before we do we are going to two cents? two cents getting the thumbs up. official wmar facebook fan page. your thoughts should the u.s. government release pictures of osama bin laden's confilled,
9:50 am
identified body? ivy says i think the picture should be released. people don't want to see them, than they don't have to look. but, it's going to help bring closure for some people that need to see them to make sure he is in fact dead. janet says there were enough survivors of the attack that if the operation was a fake, they would have spoken out to the foreign media and said the u.s. is lying. there is no good reason to release that photograph. that's out there as well some say yes, some say no. continue weighing in on this throughout the morning at the official wa bc. -- abc2 news facebook fan page. it has been set off since the day in september 2001 how every thing changed on 9/11. we were not the same nation on september 1th and people would attest to that. if we lost something that day, but did we reclaim something sunday night john donovan takes a look and may pose an answer. >> reporter: it started with new york city skyline and yes,
9:51 am
he changed that in to this. and then into this which is forever. but what did he change about who we are and how we live because remember who we were before 9/11. last man standing after a long cold war that we won. a country delighting in amenities as a stock market and this new internet thing. where one of the most pressing political questions was, how to use the budget surplus. >> the national debt will be completely eliminated. >> reporter: and where most americans didn't have much of an opinion about the muslims who lived among them all of which changed because of bin laden. because first he went into afghanistan to get him. and then came the war in iraq. and sacrifices we didn't want to have to make never theless had to be made. decisions, too, like where to put the prisoners. and where to try the terrorists. and laws we never imagined having to write. >> the patriot act you know it was necessary to protect the country. >> reporter: were written and passed. and scandals erupted that had
9:52 am
to be investigated, and even while it seemed at times the walls were closing in on us, both for long timers and for the youngest among us whose futures might seem to have fear built in forever, white grownups argued about the wars. >> end the war. >> reporter: and about religion. >> the protests this nonreligious mosque. >> reporter: even in all the ways that he cost us maybe changed us, he still didn't get what he wanted. what he used to predict in the stapes he put out that the u.s. would dissolve under the pressure. it has not. and the military that has more respect at home than half a century because of the war bin laden started when they got him, it put all of us americans on the same page of hitly -- history again for this moment. just as we were on that morning that he changed the skyline. john donovan abc news, washington. >> we will be right back.
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now maryland most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate.
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classic cold front. this is top of the hour. we are pushing 70 in many spots. 40s and 30s back here. and you can blame the below normal temperatures more than anything else for the flare-up of for tad -- tornadoes a slight risk of severe weather and behind this system cold enough air there may be snow in pennsylvania and this time tomorrow. right now, western pa rain. moderate to heavy rain west of pittsburgh down to the deep south. a little closer and we have to watch that rain band sneak in here but we have to watch the wind direction as southeast wind enhances off the bay goes up slope and that could enhance any threat of storms. if the wind turning more southwest, that actual i -- actually diminishes the risk turning severe. but there's a risk. showers and thunderstorms as we go through the afternoon. more tonight and rain extending through tomorrow. and they expect to have that rain trying to get out of here by tomorrow afternoon or evening. but it may linger longer after 82. we go 60 tomorrow and 66 drier on thursday but again, slight risk some of the storms could
9:57 am
be severe with large hail damaging winds later today. >> all right. very good. as we wrap up, mother's day is around the corn and a new studyfrom save the list the best places to be a mom. so here's the top five. number 5, denmark. number 4 sweden. >> number 3, towson no. >> there you go. see. >> iceland. austria tied for number two and three. >> and the number one place, norway. if you were curious the u.s. finished 31st and afghanistan was last finished at 164. >> we have to go to save the to find out why they put it so low. >> why the -- what the criteriais and why we are so low. >> see you. have a good day.
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