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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  May 4, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have is. you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at 4:30. u.s. forces did take out osama bin laden. excuse the obama administration is using how they took down the most wanted terrorists in how city prosecutors will retry the teens accused of the fatal burning of a pit bull. and business leaders are saying casinos would bring money to the state. this morning, the proof they say is helping to improve maryland's ecomony. that and much more coming up on this wednesday may 4th, good morning i am charley crowson. megan is on assignment. let's kick off with a check of the midweek for cast with justin berk. >> cold front swinging through after we ended up with a beautiful day yesterday, it
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held off the cloud. look what we got this morning many all rain. maryland's most powerful doppler radar. light to moderate rain showing up. yellow and oranges and heavier bands of rains swinging through. another batch from west mister through laurel and we will pullthis back wired and being see from annapolis and southern maryland another band of rain and heavier rain towards hagerstown. 47 westminster. and 52 stephenson and arnold. let's see what's happening on the road because we have problems because of the weather. >> reporter: that's right. as you said, the roads are wet so take it easy. visibility is not terrible but the road conditions could slicken up. but we have a couple instances of trees and poles down. 695 at providence road, light volume no major problems or accident to report this morning. as we look at the maps over in pasadena, route 177 is closed in both directions at long point road because of a downed pole. also, a tree down park heights
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at green spring valley road has that closed in both directions so avoid that area this morning. >> today baltimore city prosecutors will try to fined a new angle in the attempt -- find a new angle in an attempt to convince a jury that twin brothers set a dog on fire. they were 17 at the time of the burning in 2009. police say the twins set a dog on fire. a police officer used her sweater to put out the flames. family and friends are worried about a 5-year-old boy after officers say he spent four days with his father's dead body. last night, the friend and family gathered for a vigil in jessup following the death of najib abdullah. last weekend officer says itappeared abdullah broke into a friend's house and hid in a basement closet with a childer with died. troy wise found the victim and the son. the child was next to him waiting for help. >> he he said that andreas
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papandreou and my dad got -- pop pop and my dad got into a fight and my dad was bleedint from the head mie. dad went to sleep and he never -- my dad went to sleep and they have woke up. >> abdullah reves behind three kids including the 5-year-old boy. a white house is evaluating whether to release the feet he photo of bin laden's photos but there's fear it could inflame tension. we have more on the details about the pakistan compound and the people in that house and that historic mission. >> reporter: it turns out the historic raid on osama bin laden didn't go down entirely as described. official say he put up resistance and mow they say this didn't include a weapon -- now they say this didn't include a weapon. that resistance came from bin laden's wife. we were told earlier she was used as human shield. now authorities say she too was unarmed but made a threatening
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move navy seals shot her in the leg. they shot bin laden above his left eye and in his chest. >> the authority was to kill bin laden. and under the rules of engagement if he had thrown up his hands and surrendered and didn't appear to represent a threat, then they were to capture him but they had full authority to kill him. >> reporter: the president is considering whether to release bloody pictures of bin laden, proof he is dead. >> it's fair to say it's a gruesome photograph. >> they have to be released to make sure we get rid of conspiracy thereorist who think we didn't take care of him. >> reporter: defense secretary released a gory pictures of saddam hussein in 2003 after be gunned down in a stand off with troops. not a hard call he said. >> they are now dead. we know that. the iraqi people have been waiting for confirmation of that. >> reporter: analyst at the cia and fbi are combing through the
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hard drives and documents at the impound. what they describe as mother load of al-qaeda secrets. it's #:34. record from the world trade center and pentagon will be incorporated in a memorial that will be a sun dial using the shadow of baltimore's world trade center. twisted steel beams will have the victims who called maryland home. renders will be made public in two weeks. plenty more information on the story at abc # including information on increased security -- includingin information on increased security -- including information on increased security. well business leaders for years have been telling us the slots can bring in money and this morning, they now have the results to prove it. the maryland lottery says the state's two casino cashed in more than 13 1/2 million
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dollars in gross revenue last might. a lottery says the casino together have generated nearly $80 million for the fiscal year. the deer population could start to dwindle. the county council voted to allow controled deer hunts in an effort to reign in the overpopulation. the hunts would take place in county partial at night supervised by the department of natural resources. some in baltimore county worry about the humanity of killing deer but understand that thousands of dollars they can cost when one may possibly hit your car. >> i think they, in a way, have a right to lifelike we do to lib and survive on this -- lib and survive on this -- live and survive on this plot of land and i hit a couple in the road and at that . you wish they weren'taround. >> studies showedo population of deer is causing damage to many with the parks in massive
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flooding is affecting towns and city up and down the mississippi river. we showed you the images yesterday. it is getting worse. the precaution some are taking in one city and the risks they are not willing to take this morning. also, maryland students and parents knew how good of a teacher michelle sher is. the president agreed. the national honor she is proud of getting this morning. it's 4:37. we are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. a live look at the nation's capitol. and we are back in a bit.
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from now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. and welcome back on this wednesday morning. homes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars even more than a million could be flooded for the first time in memphis, tech see-- tennessee, as the mississippi river continues
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toswell. folks started to load up priceless furniture and took it to storage. the mississippi river is at nearly 44 feet and is expected to crest at 50 feet within the next two weeks. and water flows down the mississippi and down the susquehanna which got flood problems through central pa. look at temperatures as we have rain pushing through at least the central portion of the chesapeake. it is 65 in pax river. 68 in ocean city. we are down to 54 and 40s to the northwest. oh, and actually 36 in oakland. back in garrett county. chilly stuff behind the front and this is with us all day. in fact you see that? that's near west virginia with a wintery mix and they could get snow in central pa. we have moderate to heavy rain continuing to flow up from the southwest. there's more reenforcements back here. it's going to take all day long to swing through a reiny morning and showers. temperatures may recover to 56 but a cool damp day.
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>> reporter: it's going to be a damp start to your morning commute this morning. we all know how rain can affect the roadways and affect the ride. fortunately early on it's not causing too much problems. more of a inconvenience to look live at 895. here's the o'donnell street exit. no problems north or southbound. fort mchenry tunnel checking in pretty clear. no accidents or accidents along the 83s or on 95. we do have a pole down in pasadena that has route 177 closed in both directions at long point road. and baltimore county park heights avenue at green spring valley road a tree down is blocking all lanes so try to avoid it. charley, back to you. >> reporter: thanks a lot. 4:41. for parents sending their children to school and they will have something to be proud of. after a teacher receives a national honor. smi shell sheirer was award the national teacher of the yearp
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she keeps teaches ap chemistry. barbara mikulski and ben cardin were there. when she started in 2006, only 11 students took the advance placement class. now, she can say she has 92 students enrolled. in baltimore city, it's not cheep to take a cab and in -- cheap to take a cab and in san francisco there's a bigger fight between cabbies and city leaders. >> you want to make us employees on the other end by tracking every move we make. >> the possibility cab drivers may face goes well beyond not having a pay raise for the next several years. and the storm damage cleanup that's off the chain and a big truck. we will take you there in bit. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. we are back in a moment.
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when i joined the national guard, i never thought i'd be saving lives. it's more than money for college. it's built my character and given me a sense of accomplishment. now i'm on a career path, and i'm the leader of my team. i put on the uniform and i have a whole new outlook on life. country, community, family-- that's what matters most to me. if that matters to you, go to
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it is 15 minutes until five on this may 4 g. time for five things to know before heading out. former president george w. bush decline an invitation from president obama to join him in the observance at new york's ground zero on thursday. the observance follows the killing of osama bin laden. former president says he wants to stay out of the spotlight. homeland security secretary janet napolitano will tackle border security. they will discuss the southwest border and security progress there. today, the house is scheduled to vote on the no taxpayer funding for the abortion act to tightening abortions. and the army corps of engineers is considering
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opening up other damns. the mississippi is expected to rise to the highest level in decade. late this afternoon, president obama will meet with prince charles of wales a few days ago, he was in london celebrating the wedding of prince william and he will be on a 3-day visit to the nation's capital. it's #:46 -- 4:46. the man accused -- accused of taking a sawed-off shotgun firing at deputies will go on trial. his lawyer says he was not competent to stand trial but he is charged with attempted murder. and deputies returned fire and hitting him five times. a judge cleared a baltimore city detective of all charges after prosecutors had accused that greg helen of kidnapping two 15-year-old teens in 2009. monday a jury found that two other detectives were guilty of misconduct but they were cleared of kidnapping. the detectives were accused of picking up the teens in the police van in west baltimore in
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separate incidents and dumping one in east baltimore and other in howard county. the federal government and the annapolis police department are giving those people some hope at solving cold cases. annapolis city police department received a grant of more than $200,000 to deal with cold cases. they can submit old cases for dna analysis which can cost money. annapolis city solved 75% of the homicide during the past decade. that's well above the national average. with the federal monies, they hope to improve on that number even more. the additional money is helping families and saving time for detectives. >> the incoming cases or anything that happens this day, 100% of my focus is on cold cases currently opened in the agency. >> overall crime is down 40% in annapolis and that statistic is based over the recent few years. construction is underway on a new visitor contact station
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in the maryland district of island national sea shore. this is west of ocean city where you can camp on the beach with bonfires and all. the new facility will replace a rup down building that served as the ranger station since the late 1960s. this is the photograph of the beach where you can camp out. the number of lanes leading up to the entrance will be expanded and the new entrance will ease congestion during the summer months. the new station will be largely completed expected to be done by mid-june. in a few hours, baltimore county executive ken kamanetz will look inside one of the best small companies in the country. he will tour the company that makes weight management products. forbes management-- named it the number one small company inamerica. the baltimore county executive will present a 15-year-old an award for saving his family during an overnight hour fire.
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he helped get his younger brother and grandmother out of the house at his grandparents home. this morning, u.s. soldiers conduct a live demonstration of the led free bulletsch the military gave them the round to the u.s. soldiers in afghanistan replacing ammunition used since the early 1980s. live fire demonstration will be held wednesday morning today at the post. soldiers will fire the new and old round as well as a third type to compare the performance of all three as they react on identical targets. hundreds of jobs could be in jeopardy at constellation energy as they move forward with the plan to merge with another company. according to the baltimore sun, constellation plans to sell three coal fire plants in baltimore and anne arundel counties. 300 people work there and 450 work in support roles that assist the plants. it's unclear if the proposed
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merger what it could mean for the workers. new video for you this morning. the louisiana boy scouts who were stranded by high waters in arkansas say they weren't afraid to go camping in a forest where 20 people died in a flash flood last june. the national guard found the 6 boys and two scout masters early yesterday morning, 36 hours after becoming trappeded. -- stranded. one of the parents says one of the boys considered camping but selected arkansas after last week's tornadoes. heavy rain started to fall on day two of that trip. jeff had a tying home run and turned in the winning run as the royals beat the orioles 6-5 in 10 innings. it's the royals 4th straight victory. alex gordon walked on four pitches to let's off -- lead off the 10th. went to third on the single to center and francoeur you saw that's the winning run and o's
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set for game 2 taking place tonight. look at the mess left from the storms that hit north carolina yesterday. they continue to deal with some intense weather over the last let's say five weeks trying to get around was difficulty with trees and power lines covered being road. several trees slammed into homes and cars parked in driveways were covered with trees. but no one was hurt. most of the storms yesterday mainly in the form of wind damage and some hail in north carolina. still dealing with the frontal boundary. cape hatteras 71, but back towards charlotte at 5 #. we are -- 54. we have cooler temperatures in the 40s and 30s now near detroit. spilling in behind the system. a intense look here at basically our frontal boundary. a slow mover and because of the
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slow moving progress of the storm, the reason we ended up with such a beautiful day yesterday and eving out the sunshine throughout the -- eking out the sunshine throughout the afternoon. we got a bit of the rain to take us into the afternoon. there's the upper-level low which will be responsible for bringing in some cool air maybe lingering clouds around. rain moderate to heavy at times this morning. pushes through the eastern shore. we will try to taper it off and swing in cooler air and cloudredeveloping. today 57 the average. low 50s so we will try to come back. steady rain in the morning stayering to showers in the afternoon. and clearing into the low 40s overnight. let's check traffic right now with kim brown. >> reporter: aside from the rain, traffic looks pretty good. not a lot of volume at this early hour. and we still don't have incidents of any reported accidents. if you are traveling toward the dc northern virginia area, you will find all lanes open on the capital beltway. no problems on 95 or the bw parkway coming through harford
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county live at mountain road, that looks good as well. we have a closure inan arund especiallyel county route -- anne arundel county closed because of a downed pole. and in baltimore county pour he -- more so in garrison, park heights closed at green springvalley because of a downed tree. >> it's 4:53. law enforcement put their lives in danger on a dilly basis. no -- daily basis. no officer could have planned what happened when he pulled over a vehicle. listen to this. [ gunfire ] >> the shootout between the driver and deputy and how it was short-lived for the gunman. >> it touched somebody with god's love. >> the volunteers who are not going anywhere after tornadoes left hundreds dead across the south. we will tell you the story when "good morning maryland" returns. we are first and only at 4:30.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. and welcome back at 4:55 on this wednesday morning. investigators in which is consen say a shooting of a man who opened fire on police officers last month was justified. now watch as this newly released video shows the encounter and we want to warn you on this early morning, the video is powerful and may not be suitable for children. take a look. yeah, officers say he started shooting last month at an officer. he was a suspected in a drive by shooting. officers arrived moments before he started to fire. and when he did, police unloaded multiple rounds killing him in the red pickup. one officer who was shot in the incident who did survive. crews, well, they caught a
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mountain lion tuesday that went on the loose in a tulsa neighborhood saturday. kim you lived in tulsa didn't you? did you have a mountain lion. >> reporter: coyotes. >> mountain lions are tougher. i know. the animal was in a 20-foot tree. a man says he found it in the backyard and called police. now officials shot two tranquilizing darts into the animal but it got out of the tree and ran away. now it's a tough mountain lion on top of that. it's not known where the mountain lion came from. probably not native to the area. dozens of volunteers throughout the south are -- south are helping tornado victims recover. a alabama baptist group set up shop to heap group hit the hardest. >> it's wonderful. it's an opportunity to explain the lord i can't explain what it gives me to be able to help and to do what we are doing. it's a way to touch somebody's
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with god love. >> you can't say -- can't say enough about the volunteer efforts. so many people giving of their time and efforts. it's been one week since the tornadoes hit. it may have left more than 340 dead in 6 states. thousands are still remaining homeless this morning. well, imagine not having a raise for several years and then being told there is a new job related expense you have to pay. that's what san francisco cab drivers are now facing. dozens were driving to the city hall in protest. new rules yesterday that require them to offer passengers an option of now paying with credit card. the 5% processing fee is the driver's responsibility, though. now "good morning maryland." new details this morning in that special ops mission that took out the terrorist osama bin laden. what the u.s. government knew and when they chose to tell only a few allies. >> reporter: a retrial is
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scheduled for twin brothers accused of setting a pit bull on fire. i am sherrie johnson. coming up, more on the trial. >> and the mississippi and ohio rivers swollen beyond the banks. what happened to a elderly woman trapped in the rushing waters. that and much more coming up on this wednesday, may 4th. good morning, i am charley crowson. megon is on assignment and will be back tomorrow. let's check the midweek forecast with the meteorologist justin berk. >> charley, good morning. we are checking out maryland's most powerful radar. we have rain this morning. we held it off. good afternoon and good evening. now it's a wet wednesday morning. rain around the beltway and that's going to slow down your commute. we have the yellow and that's a moderate to heavy rainfall stretching in the south side of baltimore through glen burnie. checking out our friend in ann arunde county and take ate -- anne arundel county and take it towards annapolis. a pocket of ran along 50 and 97 split back through columbia. and let's bring that back. you can


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