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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  May 4, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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to the eastern shore. it's coming up 95, sliding to the chesapeake and back west of hagerstown we have moderate rainfall. we are dealing with the frontal bondry that dropped temperatures down. we still have some bands of moderate to heavy rain. now at 5 # in baltimore -- 54 in baltimore. chilly and damp most of the day. our forecast straight ahead. right now, let's get you on the roads and your commute with kim brown. >> reporter: thanks, you know around here it doesn't take much to slow traffic down and rain isgoing to be one of those inconvenient things as justin said. it could be heavier in places. it's not causing too many problems. as we look live at 95 coming through harford county mountain road southbound lanes look pretty good heading towards white marsh and toward the beltway and past tunnels. no accidents reported but we have two road closures this morning. westbound route 177 in pasadena at long point road. still remains closed because of a pole down. they have managed to reopen the eastbound lanes. also in the garrison owings
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mills area, park heights avenue closed at green spring valley road because of a downed tree. charley. back to you. >> thanks a lot. straight up at five on this wednesday morning. the white house is revising and correcting details about the deadly raid in pakistan that killed osama bin laden. washington says it didn't inform islamabad about the special ops mission and they didn't do it for security reasons. abc's emily schmidt has more from the nation's capital. >> reporter: when the navy seals stormed this pakistani compound sunday, the cia says intelligence was only 60 to 80% sure it was the right place. >> the reality was that we could have gone in there and not found bin laden at all. >> reporter: so those in the white house situation room watched. then waited about 20 minutes while the seals were inside and out of view. in the first public comments from the vice president, he says it was breath taking. >> it was a staggering undertaking and there was no one else i believe other than
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the american group of military warriors who could do it. >> reporter: the white house now says osama bin laden did not have a weapon. but says his wife rushed a u.s. team member. she was shot in the leg and survived. the administration is deciding whether to release photos of bin lad ann body. >> it's fair to -- lad n's body. >> -- laden's body. >> it's fair to say it's a gruesome. >> the photos have to be released to get rid of conspiracy theorist. >> reporter: the seals took computer drives and dvds from bin laden's hideout that are now back in washington for scrutiny. >> the first thing they are looking for is attack plans because we know in the past bin laden personally went over attack plans including the 9/11 plan. >> reporter: the associated press reports the navy seals who killed bin laden are back in washington for debriefing. the success is public their identities remain private.
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emily schmidt, abc news washington. we will get a peek of the 9/11 memorial set to open in baltimore just in time for the 10th anniversary of those attacks. renders are scheduled to be released within two weeks usingwreckage from the world trade center and pentagon. it's going to be incosted into -- incorporated into a memorial that function as a sun dial. twisted beams rest on stone bearings and the names and birth dates of the 63 people who called baltimore home will be inscribed on the memorial. well a second trial is set to get underway today involving two teen boys from baltimore accused of animal abuse. prosecutors are going to try to find a new angle as they attempt to convince a jury that the two set a dog on fire that later died. abc2 sherrie johnson is live at the city courthouse with all new details. sherrie. >> reporter: this was a case that gained national attention. a pit bull set on fire and later had to be euthanized.
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for the second time, two brothers are on trial for thiscrime. that retrial is scheduled to begin this morning at 9:30 a.m. at the mitchell courthouse. the two brothers travers and tremainch -- tremaine. they set the dog on fire and an officer used the sweater to put out the flames but the injuries were too severe. the dog was euthanized at an animal shelter. first trial against the brothers ended in a mistrial. today prosecutors are going for round 2 on charges of animal cruelty and the mutilation and burning of phoenix the pit bull. once again, that trial is expected to start at 9:30 this morning here at mitchell courthouse. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> 5:04. thanks. the latest on the case against the baltimore police officers accused of kidnapping two 15-year-old teens back in 2009. the detective greg helen has been cleared of all charges.
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a jury found two other detectives guilty of misconduct but cleared them of the kidnapping charges. the detectives were accused of picking up the teens in police van in west baltimore during separate incidents and dumping one in east baltimore while dumping the other in howard county. the death of 26-year-old najib abdulla let a new fire in a community. his body was found next to his surviving 5-year-old son in a basement closet of a home on mary lane. a week ago, howard county police say an assault on abdulla's father caused him to run a few blocks away. he broke a window to get into his friend's home. police searched and that turned up nothing. four days later troy wise found abdul' body and his 5-year-old son waiting for help. >> he said that pop pop and my dad got into a fight and my dad was bleeding from the head. my dad went to sleep and he never woke up. he said one more day with him without water and food that you
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know, he probably wouldn't have survived. >> police say there were no signs of trauma to abdulla's body but did say drugs were found near him. you know you may notice a few less deer running around in baltimore county. that's because the county council has voted to allow controlled deer hunts in an effort to reign in the overpopulation. the hunts would take place in county parks, at night and be supervised by the department of natural resources. studies have shown overpopulation of deer is causing a lot of damage in many of our county's parks. straight from the son's wedding to the nation's capital, prince charles visits the u.s. coming up, where you may catch a glimpse of his royal highness and kim brown. >> yes. >> che this -- check this out. who knew the first lady could do the dougy. >> that's information you can only get at "good morning maryland." first lady does not miss a step can you do it. >> reporter: very badly, yes. >> you have to show us when we
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with now "good morning maryland." just days after celebrating the wed of of his son prince charles he is visiting our nation capital. today prince charles is going to go to the white house meeting with president obama. yesterday, the prince attended a reception at the british ambassador's residence. the heir to the british thrown visited with soldiers and a neighborhood farm in a low income area of the district. i want to take you on the eastern shore with heavy rain building in. this is the front so it may seem a little more intense as you knock temperatures from the 60s to the 50s. trapped cambridge where's the duke and duchess of cambridge. heavy rain on the eastern shore. easton up there centreville having a pass through.
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let's swing it back over on this side of the pond if you will. annapolis up through baltimore, we have light to moderate rain. breaks up a little bit in howard county but there's more back to the west. we expect it to linger throughout the day. temperatures from 50 to 48 columbia. and temperatures sliding off and will average near 50 this morning. rain and tapering into showers and going back into the mid to upper 50s this afternoon. more on the extended forecast through mother's day coming up. here kim with traffic. >> reporter: i imagine they are hopping on route 50 and come across the bay bridge and you will find the lanes open through anne arundel county. no problems approaching the i- 97 interchange. looking live at the baltimore beltway, we are looking pretty clear and in terms of traffic it's going to be wet and a little slick, so watching thespeeds is a must but not causing accidents. but we do have two road chosures because of road hazards. still dealing with the westbound lanes of route 177 closed at long point road with a downed pole. this is out in the pasadena
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lake shore area. owings mills, garrison area park heights closed at green spring valley road because of a downed tree. they've detour posted. now back to you. >> still waiting for you to do the dougie for us. >> reporter: it's coming. news time is 5:12. a big honor for chemistry instructor at the urbana high school in frederick. michelle sheirer was named -- sherer did -- sheirer was -- shearer was named the national teacher. >> as teachers, we advocate for students and as teachers of the year we represent our colleagues. there are millions of teachers in america and we could all be pursuing different careers but we choose to use our gifts and talents to benefits students in the classroom. >> the president says she represents all teachers who are committed to improving their skills to better education their students.
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a widespread flooding across the south and midwest. up next, an elderly woman trapped in her car crowneded -- surround i by shalled by run -- surrounded by rushing water r crews able to get her -- water he. were crews able to get her out. which celebrity got the boot on "dancing with the stars." we are first and only at 4:30 for you every morning. achoo! the seasons change,
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check this out. cameras captured a water spout in honolulu. they were taken as at storm moved through. two spouts formed off the coast combining for one larger spout. no damage was reported. also take a look at this. a dramatic rescue caught object camera in missouri. you're seeing two national guardsmen save a 93-year-old woman. she was trapped in that car surrounded by the rushing water. the woman got stuck in the flood waters while trying to drive across the water covered highway. she was not injured. remarkable video there at a
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poplar bluff missouri. she was -- that woman and we are talking about flooding with the mississippi river. you said we had flooding problems. >> upstream. way up there. central and northern pa where they had heavy rain. that water has to drain down and get through the conowingo damns and we will see if they open more gates and if it cause as problem downstream. 82 yesterday. our 82, 5 # pittsburgh. where would you rather be on any day in doesn't matter what the weather is right? we hit the two degree guarantee. 87 in nor forks. -- norfolk. clouds got locked up with the rain and we have a second bonus day with more sun as opposed to the clouds that were expected to dominate. down to 52 this morning. 40s outside the beltway and a chill and contrast to where we have been. you may want to take the jacket
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and maybe turn up the thermostat on the coffee or tea. we have rain also. you want to take patience because that's going to slow a lot of us down. a slow moving frontal bobtry -- bondry that extend to the deep -- boundary that extends to the deep south a slow mover. the upper level system is here that will probably enhance more cloud cover tomorrow i don't think we will -- tomorrow. i don't think we will clear out completely throughout this. but the frontal boundary takes it time regardless of where it sets up. there will be another flare-up of rain near the chesapeake and expect some rain or showers to continue through midday and early afternoon. on the eastern shore you will get it longer because it will take more time to pass through. we expect the rain to hold on to the eastern shore. we get a chance to try to dry out and enter the showers during the afternoon. the clouds try to break up overnight. i think they may regenerate themselves during the day tomorrow with a pocket of cool air and lock like another surge of clouds pulling in here
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heading through friday. it's going to be tough to really squeeze out a couple nice days leading into the more's day weekend. but we will try. 57 not going to happen today. we have hit our high temperature in the low 60s that's been falling. and we will try to recover back to this mark in the afternoon. leftover showers for the first part of the afternoon. sun clears and we are down to 42. with a pocket of cool air, partly to mostly cloudy heading through tomorrow afternoon. we will go 65. 69 on friday. that's the best day but a mix of cloud out there. 70 saturday a mother's day, okay, but not dry. scattered showers and we will push 74. kim. >> reporter: this morning if you are catching the mta buses and trains, running on schedule no reported service interruption for the local bus, metro subway and light rail marc train and commuter bus and mobility services right now. that light rain is causing issues around the area. slowing drivers down. it's not going to be a convenient right but so far
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it's not too messy as we look live at 95, both directions looking pretty good. north and southbound heading towards the capital beltway, no reported issues of the northbound towards the baltimore beltway and baltimore city things look good. closures in place around area including in pasadena and the lake shore area westbound route 177 still closed at long point road because of a downed pole. also in owings mills a downed tree is blocking all lanes at park heights avenue and green spring valley road. charley, back to you. >> all right, thanks a lot. a:-- 5:20. donald p brown junior turns 29. he is a professor at it tech with the university of baltimore and masters program. so donald happy birthday to you. if you have interesting photographs, birthdays, pets, anniversaries or a photo of theday, send them to morning show at and include all necessary facts and figures and information so we can get it right when we get it on the
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air. entertainment news for you now. oprah winfrey is adding another accomplishment to a long list of achievements. she is thisior's inductee into the illinois broadcaster association hall of fame. she first came to the windy cityin 1984 as host of a.m. chicago and soared to unimagineed heights as she launched a daytime talk show career. >> understanding that threat of commonality has been the source of my success, of my empathy and my ability to communicate and connect. >> the show will sign off late they are morning and she launched the television network. >> all right. reality show star has done her final dance. kendra wilkerson was eliminated. now, how being a contestant on the show how has it changed her? >> "caning -- dancing with the stars added another layer.
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it hasn't changed me. i am the same kendra but "dancing with the stars" will be a part of me. >> kirstie and chelsea were in jeopardy. five couples left. the instant dance returns where they learn what song they are dancing to 30 minutes ahead of time. it could be interesting. >> reporter: you want to dougie? >> can we do it on the stage. do it in front of the traffic monitor. could "dancing with the stars" be in her future. michelle obama has moves a group in washington middle schoolstudents urged her to join. shy at first but not at all unlike our kim brown she got into it and didn't miss a step. can we show kim brown doing this? >> reporter: i hope not. oh, gosh. teach me how to dougie.
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teach me how to dougie. don't send this to abc. okay. i am done. >> you are done. >> reporter: i am done. >> thank you. kim brown everyone. kim brown. >> off to a break. it's 5:23. the pain at pump is getting worse. up next what you could expect to pay the next time you pull into a gas station. plus, yeah, one alligator was not too thrilled to see the cops pulling into his territory. and he showed them -- well, he was boss in this area. what led to this when "good morning maryland" returns. t
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come celebrate baconalia! only at denny's. america's diner is always open. and welcome back. no relief in sight from the pain at pump. this week average price of gas for regular unleaded is expected to cross the $4 threshold across the country with for the pirs time since july 200 #. aaa says the nation average -- national average is 3.97 a gallon. now you are going to make
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sure to fill up before you turn into a rental car. if not, you could get socked with $9 or more per gallon. $9 or more per gallon on a rental car. that's according to usa today. the newspaper surveyed prices at 1 major airports arts and that's a number they came up with. abc2 is work for you. go to and click on the traffic and then gas prices and there you can put your zip code in and find the least expensive gas in your area. well nearly half of the men younger than 25 are paying nothing for living in their arrangements. they are living with friends and family. and they are not the only ones doing it. the recession and sluggish recovery put many more people in the category of living with mom and dad and out of financial necessary yitity. interesting path. -- necessity. an interesting fact. up next what the teen did instead of helping a man who laid dying on the side of the
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road. dramatic shooting caught on dash cam. why the police involved in the incident will not face any charges. but first up to new york for this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, be aware of osama bin laden. the fbi is warning computer users against e mails that claim do show photos or videos of the leader. the messages contain a virus that can steal personal information or infect your computer. and if you are looking to get sunglasss you may want to check out ebay's nation app. the wall street journal says the app pairs the latest augmented reality technology with the front facing camera for a customized shopping experience. >> it lets you try on things like sunglasss so you can see how they would look on your face. and you can page through all sorts of brands and styles of
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sunglasss and if you like one, it will send you directly to ebay to bite sunglasss. >> reporter: the app is available for the iphone 4. those are your tech bites and i am rob nelson.


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