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tv   News  ABC  May 4, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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new details vonning the leader's -- surrounding the leader's final moments. the trial against in the case of twin browse accused setting fire to a dog. a teen from essex is getting a hero. what he did to deserve the honor. that and much more coming up. good morning. i am charley. megan is on assignment and will be back tomorrow. we will get to weather in a moment. but you will notice the lower third of the screen a number of school closings today. those are the results of a power outage in anne arundel county. we will monitor that outage and bring you updates as they become available. time for a check of your weather. let's say good morning to justin berk. >> good morning. we have been watching storms roll through. and really heavy rain. let's get to it. pushing through easton and through caroline county and queen ann and down towards denton. this is really heavy stuff enhancing itself over the course of the last half-hour. this is bumping in and that's going to take the temperatures down. fredericksburg is about to get
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heavy and trying to see if we have lightning strikes across the area as we swing over in moment. as we are watching the rain, trying to break up around annapolis, lingering around glen burnie and we can show you on maryland's most powerful doppler radar let's see if we have the lightning strikes to show you across the state on to the eastern shore. there we go. a few lines down towards there. expecting temperatures in the 40s right now. trying to slowly recover. rain goes to scattered showers and we hit our high in the low 60s near mid night. we are trying to get back to 56 geb scattered showers and breaks of sun late in the day. let's check on the traffic with kim brown. >> reporter: thanks. even though it is not raining super hard over the beltway, thewet roads can make the community go south in a hurry. looking at an accident on the outer loop lanes at liberty road, it's of to the left. partially blocking that left lane but as you see we have a vehicle facing the wrong direction. a little bit further up there's a disabled tractor trailer. up in the distance and this
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iscausing heavy problems in terms of volume and time delays. so at least add another 10 to 12 minutes to your commute if this is how you travel. this is our only accident of the morning. right now we have a couple other closures including route 177 mountain road the westbound lanes remain closed at long point road because of a downed pole. police are on the scene directing traffic. also debris taking await left lane northbound route 702 at old eastern avenue expect minor delays there as well. charley, back to you. >> thanks a lot. this morning, the white house is revising and correcting details about the deadly raid inpakistan that killed osama bin laden. they are trying to determine whether or not to release photographs positively iding the al-qaeda leader. the navy seal stormed the compound sunday the cia told intelligence it was 60 to 80% sure that they are going into the right place. >> it was a staggering undertaking and there was no one else i believe that an
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american group of military warriors who could do it. >> the white house now says osama bin laden didn't have a weapon but his wife rushed a u.s. team member. she was shot in the leg and survived. the seals took computer drives and dvds from the hideout. those items are now back in washington for fbi and cia scrutiny. ap reports the seals who killed bin laden have also returned to the nation's capital for a debriefing. news time is 6:33. a second trial convenes involving two teens from baltimore. they are accused of severe animal abuse. prosecutors will try to figure out a new angle as they attempt to convince a jury that the two set a dog on fire in 2009. abc2 sherrie johnson is live at the courthouse with details what have to expect this morning. >> reporter: yes, for the second time, two brothers are on trial accused of setting the dog on fire that had to be
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euthanized. retrial is scheduled for 9:30 here at the courthouse. the two brothers are accused of setting the dogs named phoenix on fire about two years ago. the twin brothers were 17 at the time of the incidents. police say they set the dog on fire and an officer used her sweater to put out the flames but the injuries were too severe. the dog had to be euthanized at an animal shelter. the first trial against the brothers end in a mistrial. today, prosecutors are going for round two on charges of animal cruelty and the mutilation and burning of phoenix, the pit bull. once again, that trial is expected to begin about 9:30 this morning here at the courthouse. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> about 25 until 7. investigators say the shooting of a man who opened fire on police was justified. police released video of last month's shooting and we warn you, this may be a little disturbing this early in the morning. take a look.
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[ gunfire ] >> the man was being chased by officers when he got out of the car and opened fire and they returned fire immediately as you can hear from the video. the officers returned fire and the guy jumped back in the truck to get away. and officers later found him dead in the red pickup. investigators said the officers who shot the man were acting correctly in the decision to return fire. a boy scout troop that disappeared in arkansas after a weekend trip is back home. the camp site was spotted by the national guard helicopters tuesday. chopper crews lifted out the group from the camp in the forest and flew them to the command post. apparently, the troop had become stranded in high water and they were waiting for the river to recede before trying to get across it. no injuries were reported from the scouts as well as the scout leaders. a teenager is behind bars accused of a horrible crime.
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this is going to make you mad this morning when we tell you what happened. investigators say a 58-year-old usher from pnc park was driving home from working a pirates game when he suffered a heart attack while behind the wheel. police say the man pulled over and a 17-year-old walked up to the car, and pulled the driver out. the kid then did was stole the wallet and drove off with the car. the driver died and the suspect is not being charged though as an adult. some bizarre video out of florida. talk about taking a bite out of crime. pretty good. a florida sheriff deputy squad car need repairs. a gate oar tried to chomp down on -- a gator tried to chomp down on it. a deputies responded after the gator wandered into the yard because he can. they weren't too thrilled to see law enforcement officer and the gator crawled on the deputy's car and grabbed it by the bumper with the jaws and clamped down and it was not until the front of the bumper
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popped off the rest of the bumper gave way and he let go. in all, about 2 grand worth of damage. you know teachers are not the ones recognized for hard work in the classroom. but one marylander is going to -- got a top honor and a trip to the white house. and coming up, a major announcement from general motors this morning concerning jobs. that's straight ahead when "good morning maryland" returns on this wednesday morning. [ male announcer ] a chicken coop: the unlikely birthplace of a fundamental idea. it's where ethel percy andrus found a retired teacher living because she could afford nothing else. ethel couldn't ignore the clear need for health and financial security. and it inspired her to found aarp. for over 50 years, we've continued that work, to help all americans pursue their best life. discover more of what we do right here in maryland.
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now "good morning maryland." and welcome back on this wednesday morning. a chemistry tier at urbana high school in frederick is name the 2011 teacher of the year. president obama praised michelle shearer at the white
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house. the president says she represents all teachers who are committed to improving their skills to better educate stewed ep. she talked about her commitment to teaching. >> as teachers, we adso kate for students and -- advocate for students and as teachers of the year we represent colleagues. there are millions of teachers in america and we could all be pursuing different careers but we choose to use gifts and talents to benefit student classroom. >> president obama reiterated his call for congress to make the no child left behind education law more flexible. changes he says could help teachers be more successful. osama bin laden is dead but the debate rages this morning about whether or not to issue photos lend letting us know it's true -- letting us know it'strue. plus, your money is making some big money for the state of maryland and we are not talking about taxes. how much slots revenues and how
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much of that is going up. from a royal wed together supreme court to a neighborhood farm. prince charles is in the nation's capital and what's on his agenda for this wednesday. we will tell you when "good morning maryland" returns.
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time for your abc2 news to g i am charley crowson. megan is on assignment. she will be back tomorrow. you will notice school closures at the bottom of the screen there. a power outage in anne arundel county. we will monitor that. time for a check of the weather forecast with justin berk. >> it's storms road through and we had heavy rain and we were -- roll through and we had heavy rain and we were lucky to get through with just wet. del mar v is getting rocked. heaviest rain is on the eastern shore. we are watching it from about care line county. you got it in denton and centreville and towards the north. looks like chestertown and kent county up towards across the bay through bel air and up towards cecil county getting hit. we have rain but we have got some of that back towards west minimums tarn -- minister and we'll -- westminster.
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and we are looking at rain this morning, 45 to 50. and slowly trying to get back to 56 later on. overall, yeah, we have our look at time-lapse cameras. as we look at 45 degrees westminster and camera is bouncing around and we have leftover light rain and even a little bit of mist and fog with daylight. glen burnie 47. you have a 28-mile-per-hour gust. with pasadena to lake shore we have had 3300 customers without power. and that's why we have school closings at the bottom of the screen. a wet morning means a slow commute. means patients 6:46 and lets talk about traffic with kim. >> reporter: slow is not the word this morning. we are looking at a mess on the beltway right now. we have an accident on the outer loop at liberty road that's blocking the left lane and shoulder. this is at old court road. traffic is pretty much at a standstill. backups stretching to reisterstown road. slow going on 7-- 795. so add an extra 15 to 20 minutes to your commute if this
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is the way you roll. looking at the maps, we have an accident reported in baltimore city also still dealing with a downed poll a-- pole afeeblinging mount i can road -- affecting lanes in on mountain road. now back to you. >> thanks a lot. news time is 6:47. white house is revising and directing details about the raid in pakistan that took out osama bin laden. they are trying to determine whether or not to release a official photograph of the corpse. when the navy seals stormed the count, the cia -- compound, the cia says they were 60 to 08% sure they were going in the right place. >> it was a staggering undertaking and there was no one else, i believe, other than an american group of military warriors who could do it. >> the white house says osama bin laden didn't have a weapon and they say his wife was a
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rushed a team member. rushed a team member. the navy seals who were part of the mission returned to dee department c for a debrief. -- dc for a debrief. in the new trial for two maltmore teens a-- baltimore teens accused of animal cruelty, prosecutors hope a differentreresult. -- result. this morning abc2 sherrie johnson has with what to egg expect later today. -- what to expect later today. >> reporter: a couple hours, the retrial of two twin brothers is expected to begin here at about 9:30 this morning. travers and tremayne are acysted of setting a dog on fire. they were 17 at the time. police say they set the dog on fire and an officers used the sweater to put out the flames but the injuries were too
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severe. the dogs were euthanized at an animal shelter. the first trial in february ended in a mistrial. jurors deliberated for two and a half days but didn't reach a unanimous decision. today, prosecutors are going for round 2 on charges of animal cruelty and the mutilation and burning of little phoenix, the pit bull. once again, that trial is expected to start at about 9:30 this morning here at the courthouse. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> new for you this morning, an 18-year-old may be 40 before he knows what freedom is like again after a jury convicted him of raping a 12-year-old inside a baltimore county skating rink. the rape occurred last august and skate works. he pleaded guilty to the charge of second degree sexual offense. his attorney asked he receive only 13 years, but he could seek the maximum of 20 years -- receive the maximum of 20 years a16-year-old and 25-year-old man are accused of taking part
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in the attack and are set to go to trial in august. the latest on the case against the police officers accused of kidnapping two 15- year-old. detective hellen has been cleared. the decision was made yesterday afternoon. monday a jury found two other detectives guilty of misconduct. but they were cleared of kidnapping. the detectives were accused of picking up the teen in a police van in west baltimore on two incidents dumping one in east baltimore and the other reported to be dumped in howard county. another illegal rockfish net has been found in the chesapeake bay according to the natural resource police. it was found sunday by recreational fishermen in north beach. police say the net was so weighed down with fish it couldn't be hauled aboard a patrol boat that responded to the scene. the commercial rockfish gill net season was shut down february 4th after 10 tons were confiscated from the illegal nets. the season was allowed to
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reopen for the final two days. was your money -- your money is generating big money for the state. the lote says the casinos cashed in 13 1/2 million doars gross revenue last month alone. the lottery says -- dollars gross revenue last month alone. together they raked in 80million dollars for the fiscal year. constellation energy moves forward with a plan to merge with another company. according to the baltimore sun, constellation plans to sell 3 coal fire plants in baltimore and anne arundel counties. 300 people work at the plants and another 450 work in supporting roles. it's unclear what the proposed merger between constellation and the chicago based exelon means for those workers. news time is 6:51. for the first time in 20 years the numbers of homes in the u.s. with a television set has fallen. according to the neilsen ratings, owner hip is down 2%.
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the company says the decline could be attributed to poverty and more young people now using computers to watch the favorite television shows. this afternoon a teen from baltimore county is going to be honored for saving his younger brother and grandparents from a fire. the 15-year-old woke his family when he smelled smoke when it caught fire last monthch the fire occurred on dorsey avenue. firefighters say if not for his quick thinking, the fire could have been deadly. he is going to receive a hero pin from baltimore county executive. today governor o'malleyplant the forest -- will plant the forest brigade 1 million tree. it helps the inmate labor program surpass the goal of a million trees on public land. now in 2009, the governor announced the plans the marylanders plant trees which was to encourage citizens and organizations to partner with the state to plant trees across the state. the tree planting takes place
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on -- at 2 today at the wildlife sanctuary. five things to know before heading out. leon pinetta says a photo will be released of dead osama bin laden. he says when the navy seals fired on him, it was a split second action. bin laden was unarmed but he says he was making threatening moves at that team. today in the capital, the homeland security and government's fares committee will hold a hearing -- affairs committee will hold a hearing to discuss the southwest border security progress. today, the house is scheduled to vote on the no taxpayer funding for the abortion act designed to tighten prohibitions on the use of federal funds for abortions or health insurance plans that cover abortions. today, gm is expected to make a major announcement. the automaker is considering adding 250 jobs to expand the bowling green plant and make a new product line as well.
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today, president obama will meet with prince charles of wales at the white house. the heir to the british thrown is on a 3-day visit to the nation's capital. justin. now, maryland most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. 6:54. we are looking at temperatures dropping to 48 degrees. still 65 ocean city. a frontal boundary and further west you go it's cooler. 36 now in oakland. we have the source of cool air behind the frontal boundary. oddly enough, the front actually showing most of the moisture behind it. typically it's the enhance hadn't ahead of the frontal bondry but most of the heavy rain pushing into delaware and we have it through the northern half of the eastern shore. breaking up a little bit. a little mist around the beltway. but more rain back to the west and the cool air filters in and we can't rule out getting more steel steadier rain as the bansswings through. we have had mountain snow on the radar. a hint of this cold air and as we swing this front through
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again, we could get another enhancement of rain mid to late mornings through lunchtime. and that swings to the eastern shore and delmarva you have a wet afternoon. we should taper it off to showers and gradually break the clouds as cool air spills in. but our future radar highlights a dry sunny day we will build in afternoon clouds and it's hard to hold on to the sunshine when the air is that cold aloft and we will have intermittent cloud but warming up. today 57. we hit the high in the 60s. but we are dropping in the 40s now. we try to get back to 57 this afternoon. it's rain this morning. and it's showers this afternoon. that means more intermittent. tonight clearing down to 42 degrees. and then we go to about 6 5 tomorrow. 69 friday and then we are looking for 70s on the mother's day weekend. and an isolated lay day thundershower saturday. not a whoosh washout but plan for scattered showers on more a day itself. kim. >> reporter: we have two accidents right now. however, one accident on the beltway is causing major problems as we look live at the outer loop at old court road.
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we are looking at tremendous backup coming from reisterstown road this morning because of an accident on the outer loop at liberty road that is continuing to block the left lane. these delays like i said start from reisterstown road. 795 southbound slow from painters mill so allot a lot of extra time make are way out door. looking at drive times outer loop from 795 to 70. 22 minutes. coming across the top side it looks better. bel air to providence only 9 minutes but certainly, the rain and slick conditions slowing things down quite a bit right now. looking at the maps, we are dealing with lane closure in pasadena because of a downed pole. westbound mountain road still closed at long point road. and we have another accident to report in baltimore city east baltimore street at south chester. charley. >> be careful out there. road are slick. our hot topic for the day, schools are now going gradeless in the public school system. weigh in on the facebook page
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