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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  May 4, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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now "good morning maryland" at nine. it's wednesday may 4th. good morning maryland. megan is on assignment and will be back coming up thus thursday. so we have a full day. we want to get to it. we will do a lot of running because we are talking about the fiesta 5k helping out als research and we will tell you how to be a part of that. also, extreme brick over 4. we have been doing this every wednesday on "good morning maryland" and today we meed meet two more competitors telling you -- meet two more competitors telling you were they chose thelifestyle change and another blueman 5k and we will tell you what great organization you will help out
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there as well. news time is 9:00 on the number 48 degrees. let's get to our hot topic for the day. talk about a revolutionary approach towedcation. and it's-- to education. and it's just beginning to take root. the focus on standardized testing is a small part of mesh yowrg what kids know. some are calling it a education revolution. >> look. >> reporter: victimor perez and dolce are 11. ask what grade they are in and you won't get a traditional answer. >> 7. >> and you? >> 6. >> you? >> 7. >> and you 7. >> reporter: at hodgekins elementary school outside denver, three no grades -- dlsh are no grades. they are grouped not by age but what they know. >> we are talking about. [audio not understandable] >> reporter: the literacy class is made up of kids 8 to 10 with
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four different reading levels. >> it's so individualized. we are filling in the gaps so they can move on. >> reporter: it's known as standard based learning modeled every child learns in their own way. >> every student in every class is learning exactly the spot they are supposed to. >> reporter: the principal held helped put the system in place two years ago. >> for the first time, every child is getting what they need when they need it and how they need it. >> noron one moves to the next level without testing. >> you got 100. >> reporter: at the equivalent of a c or higher. >> how many of you have gone up a level this year? wow? >> reporter: the-tire school district has been on a -- the entire school district has been on a academic watch list. veggie marshall helped parents to convince them to try them. >> how are you going to assign a grate grade point average. >> reporter: but changing
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course is not easy. educators estimate it takes 3 to 5 queers for test test scores 20 go -- test scores to go up. 300 tried it. half couldn't stick with it. wind -- windy says without strong leadership and community support it won't work. >> it's hard. superintendents last 2, # 1/2 years on average. it's hard to lead change. >> reporter: and those state test scores here are not gone up. principal gould is on board. why? she says discipline problems dropped 76% since the change. and students now are more motivated than ever. cnn westminster, colorado. >> that's hard to think when we have been raised on a grading system how this could work. but it seems to be taking root and we will see how it progresses through the coming months and years. now, we wanted your two cents on this. so bewe posted it at official
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wmar facebook fan page. the question, do you think removing the pressure of grades and grade levels can in fact improve a child's education. noria says no. people have been trying to dumb down children for years. if you are a certain classes or minorities, you are encouraged to excell. now if you are creative and have a certain income level and not protected minority people try to force you into giving up creativity. if you want to weigh in, leave a comment and we will share them with you throughout the course of the morning. news time is 9:04. developing now is this morning out of anne arundel county. police are looking into what caused a school bus driver to hit a crossing guard. here's a map of where it happened. police received a call after 7:30 about a bus that hit someone near point pleasant elementary school number one.
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police in that area have shut down streets in the area while they are investigating what led to the incident and medics have taken up crossing guards in area -- to an area hospitals where they say that that person was "in pretty bad shape. we have a crew on the way and we have a report later this morning. and, of course, on another topic that is certainly going to be getting people talking on the facebook fan peage is the twins who will -- page is the twins who will be retried starting today accused of setting a dog on fire. the original case gained national attention but travers and tremayne's case were declared a mistrial. they were 17 at the time of the incident and are accused of setting this pit bull on fire. a officer tried to use her sweater to put out the fleams but the injuries were so severe phoenix had to be euthanized. so several of you are sowning off on that. jamie says -- sounding off on this.
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jammy says it's about time for the -- jamie says it's about time for this to be taken seriously. linda says, hard corps boot camp is what i say. weigh in on this and other topics, the face bock fan page and scroll to the bottom and see a link to the facebook fan page. it's 9:06. they are talking about the county council's decision recently to allow limited hunting in the county parks and here's why. it's not open to just anyone trained sharpshooters who will help thin out the deer population that's causing a lot of problems. each year, agriculture in baltimore county loses hundreds of thousands of dollars to the deer overpopulation and that problem. roosevelt leftwich says the parks are now losing the beauty. >> reporter: everyone should know that plastic doesn't grow on trees and is
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not a natural occurring phrase. trees grow in plastic they have to if this one can grow up in a rich park because of these. deer. the herds are so big in some parts of baltimore county they are literally in eating themselves out of house and home to the point this are some herds that are starving to death. >> reporter: northern baltimore county delegate who have is the one who -- hoff is the one who brought the bill to the table and got ice passed and says you don't see -- got it passed. he says you don't see vegetation and the damage to the new trees and ground cover is just a part of it. each year hundreds hit deer in the cars and many are injured. >> it's a huge cost factor 1500 to $3 you this on average per car when they hit a deer. this, to me, is the most humane way to take and control the deer hurts. >> reporter: -- herds. >> reporter: it would be carried out by game managers and held at night when the
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parks are relatively empty. many folks would use the parks have mixed feelings about this. they don't like the idea of hunters in the park but the deer are out of control. >> a little undecided about that. i think they, in a way, have a right to hive like we do to live and survive on this plot of land. but i've hit a couple in the road and at that point, you wish they weren't around. >> reporter: >> that was roosevelt leftwich reporting this morning. hoff says once the measure becomes law in 30 dates days the county will sit down the -- days, they will figure out how to proceed. and he hopes the first hunts could happen as soon as this fall. the bill has amendments to explore the ideals of sterilation and birth control and other ways to control the population. we are off to a break. coming up, a great weekend in ahead but what better way to
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enjoy it than a fun run? we will tell you about the first one posta 5k benefiting als research underway at johns hopkins and a baltimore rainchairing the event. and later, how educators at a area school are helping those with dyslexia achieve more. a tough decision some children have to make. when to take await keys from their parents to help other drivers. first a. look at your forecast with meteorologist justin berk. >> wet wednesday. we are looking at the u.s. naval academy. always pretty scene on an ugly day and the clouds are dominating with the resurgence of some moisture and we will take it up ritchie to glen burnie and they have had wet weather across the -- across the morning. wind as high as 28 miles per
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hour. the front that passed through earlier this morning. annapolis has a chunk of rain and eases up towards severna park. glen burnie picking up and we have expect to have more rain coming up from the south so we have another wave of moderate rain. weil we have called this a morning rain -- we have called this a morning rain event because it should be be sliding through the region. we have to deal with this chunk and the afternoon mostly cloudy. leftover showers as most of the rain pushes off toward the eastern shore. most of us in the west side of the bay by 2 to 4 should be done. maybe a few peeks of sun and a struggle to get back to 56. cool, wet day today. how about a warmup by mother's day? we will talk about the forecast and more. please, stick around.
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you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at nine. time about 9:15. come up this weekend, a great annual fund-raiser benefiting als research at johns hopkin. this morning dr. jeff ro sstein joins us this morning to talk about the 5th annual fiesta 5k and fun run. good morning. >> good morning. >> you are not only the director but the founder. this is something you took on ten years ago. >> i did. there was a great need to
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advance als research. it had been moving slowly and we put this together about ten years ago. and it is a model where we bring researchers from all over the world. we cherry pick the best researchers to work together as a team and we are pretty harsh about it. we uselessons learned from industry. if they don't work together as a team they don't produce we take their money away and kick them out. >> is that a new approach? >> yes. this hasn't been done before. the traditional way of funding research for als and most diseases is the government hand out money and it takes a long time to get it. typically one to three years and every so often you report how you are doing. we can give out money within two weeks and you must report monthly on how you are doing. >> now for those who are not aware, als is lou gehrig's disease one of the first and foremost personality and names to be diagnosed with als. why has research been so slow because the case was mid-20s
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century. >> not to be too defensive medical has sped up from the 1990s, 1980s until now. it takes a long time to find drugs. that's not unique to als. it takes ten years to get an fda approval on a drug and usually about a billion dollars to get a new drug to market. so that's one certainly one challenge. >> people don't put the common person is not aware of. >> it's difficult and more challenging to get drugs for neurodiseases and it's easy if you have a cancer or skin disease. enough challenge but your brain and spinal cord where als occurs is a challenging environment to find drugs for. >> someone familiar to baltimore is oj who is the honorary chairexplain his situation because we know him from the sporting world but may not know what he and his family are battling. >> he came to me a number years
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ago and has been die knowing -- diagnosed with alsa what a courageous -- and what courageous man. exathletic and fine athlete. and now has lost the very essence of what it is to be an athlete, the muscles necessary to carry out normal functions. he has championed the cause locally for us and nationally and helped us with the run and other events. >> getting ready for the fun run again coming up this weekend, the 5k and the 5k and the fun run again, benefiting the research at johns hopkins. what do people need to know to get involved? >> we willite will take place this saturday early in the morning. it's best to come early. the race begins at 8 but it's better to get there by 7 or so for registration. this was online registration i think it's closed, we have more recommendation straints than ever for the race. and we have raised before the race starts more money than we have raised before. >> information is on the screen and we can confirm onine
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registration has been suspended -- online registration has been suspended. power plant live 6:30 on saturday morning for registration as the doctor said the race begins at 8:00. get out and support this. they have had more registrants than ever before. continued success for you. thanks so much, sir. back to our two cents and the hot topic talking about the revolution to education as resulting in gradeless schools on the official wmar facebook fan page. we are asking do you think removing the quantified grading system does it help with the educational process and the ability for your children? bethany says of course not. why bring down students who excell because others don't? kathy says for years i considered a program where by students progress at their pace and fast or slow, and possibly a much better system. you want to weigh in? go to the official wm-ar facebook fan page and go to the
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hot topic and weigh in on this or other discussions that we have set up there for you today. we will continue to share your thoughts throughout the course of the morning. now is time is 9:17. now to making a difference in how an area educator are trying to help children with dyslexia help them learn to read. the yet. emicy -- the jemicy school has teamed up to put them on the right track. sherrie johnson has more. >> reporter: here in eliz he beth's first frayed class in charry hill they are learning the beginning steps offing -- first grade class in cherry hill, they are learning the beginning steps of reading. >> it's just so important to really -- if what you are doing as a teacher if they are not getting it's important to be able to stop and rewind and go back which literacy one gave meet foundation to do and
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really focus on kills that they node help with to help them before the-- become the readers they need to be. >> reporter: they teamed up with public schools to train teachers on prereading skills. part of the literacy academy one program. the school educates those with dyslexia or other language based learning difficulties. with nearly 40 years ofexperience they are the premier source to help other teachers. they focus on teaching awareness and laying the groundwork in learning to read. >> and we are experts in teaching reading for children that have at-risk for reading. and we have methods to develop -- that we developed that really get students reading. >> this is not a special education initiative. but, rather, one that is designed to work with young children before they begin to experience difficulties. that's critical. >> reporter: over 250 teachers have been trained as part of
9:20 am
the partnership. they attend the literacy academy for several hours on saturdays. baltimore city teachers admit the training is making a difference. >> so many of the activities that they told us are so much of just the background they went over. a lot of the research they went over. it was all so great to be able to then take that back to my baltimore city school and use that in my classroom. >> reporter: so, thanks to this partnership, some inner city students get a taste of learning from an independence school. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> they focused on teaching preconcerned garden kinder garden and first and second grade -- kindergarten and first and second great stewed dplentsit's tough call we don't want to -- students. it's a tough call we don't want to make. a program designed to help make decision for you and your loved one a little easier should that
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health news now. there's nothing harder to do in life than take the car keys away from your mother or your father. you are not just taking away the car but you are stripping
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them of the last ounce of independence. this morning, abc2's linda he so tells us about a program that is making it easier -- linda so is tell us about a program that is make it easier. >> reporter: katherine can't imagine giving up the keys. >> without my car, i am lost. >> reporter: it has been her life line to getting around. but the fast days are slowing down. >> i am going to element myself. i am not going to do nascar driving. >> reporter: what she started to lose feeling in her feet because of old aiming, she thought her days -- old age she thought her days on the road were over. >> i can't feel the brakes. if you can't feel the brakes you can't drive. >> reporter: this 85-year-old got good news from her doctor. she can come here to this good samaritan hospital. they have a program to help patient drive again. if she passed the test she could hit the road. >> okay. >> reporter: turns out she could drive. using hand controls. >> breakdown drive up. >> reporter: carol is a
9:25 am
teacher. >> keep your hand on this. >> yes. >> we do the evaluation in the first half is a clip cal assessment where we look at a person's basic skills for driving and the second step is to do the on road test. >> very smooth. >> reporter: carol says talk to your aging parents about driving. and look for chances to get in the car with them to see how they do. >> see if there are times when the person perhaps is not paying ateption to traffic as much as they should. or perhaps they may miss a stop sign or do they have other drivers that are honking at them. >>i don't know how many years god had give me but whatever it is irk want to be able to do what i want to do when i want to do it. >> ready. >> reporter: in northeast baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. no about the program on the good samaritan hospital, give them a call at the number on the screen 443-444-4601. it's 9:25 on this wednesday morning. and they are committed to losing weight and changing
9:26 am
their lives. we continue this morning with the look at extreme brick over 4. this morning, a recap of the weigh in and meet kevin and roslyn. learn why they have dedicated to making a change and living a healthier life. and another 5k set to go. we will tell you how to get ready for the blooming 5k in baltimore county. how your generosity can go a long way towards saving someone's life. and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. the heavy rain up 95 around the east sight and 895 up white marsh looking pretty heavy. this is passing through and we will have heavy rains on and off throughout the morning. and we will improve. look at the thunderstorms erupting by ocean city. that's the cold front and stay on the chilly side but looking for a warmup for all you moms and your woke end. we will talk about that when "good morning maryland" returns.
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and well col back to "good
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morning maryland" -- welcome back to "good morning merrill." a -- consider maryland." a rest-- maryland" a resolution in education. we are asking you do you think remusket pressure of quantifiable grades and grade levels can improve a child's education? pg says as a teacher the hardest thing in the world is to assign a number to a student's product. however, it is easy. she continues to say it's harder to work with a child and write a narrative how they did or how they can improve. a grade is easy. i always wondered why people settled for them. if you want to weight in be -- weigh in, go to the official abc2 now is facebook fan page and leave your comments on any of the discussion topics for the day because we are always monitoring them. we want to know when you think as we work for you and some of the thoughts we will share it throughout the morning. hey, it's 9:30. and another week and more weight is coming off contestants. all 6 teams continue to work
9:31 am
hard and they are still dropping the pounds and it's clearly beginning to show and so far, more than 3 08 pounds have been lost by all 12 contestants. this week john and malena in the lead losing another 13 pound and kevin and roslyn were not far behind dropping 10 and you will meet the two in a second. in all, 37 pounds were shed just this week alone by those teams. we continue to this morning's showcasing the competitors working to drop the weight and change their lives. today, you get to meet kevin and roslyn. kevin williams and roslyn andrews. learn about the path that brought them to extreme brick over 4. take a look. >> how we doing. >> reporter: inspiration comes from anywhere and at any time. >> how we start our day? >> reporter: for kevin and roslyn, competitors in extreme brick over 4 their inspiration is from different generations. pushing them to achieve their best noid challenging and --
9:32 am
best. it's. it's very challenging and causes you to find strngt you didn't know you had. >> reporter: for kevin, the rewards are from weight loss and lifestyle change. >> i was overweight and tired all the time. it's medications for my high blood pressure. >> come on. >> my goal is maintenance and to be there and see my grand baby grow up and my daughter finish college and see all the things that a person wants to see and not have to have a fear of health issues as i get older. >> reporter: roslyn wears the inspiration of her grandmother edith andrews on her shirt every time she comes to brick body. it's the motivation she carries in her heart every day since her grandmother died two years ago. >> and that was the most devastating thing i ever had to encounter. >> turn it up. >> reporter: it's helped her drop more than 100 pounds before the competition ever began. >> i maybe discouraged, but i
9:33 am
think back to my grandmother and all of the encouraging words. it gives meet strength to push on. >> reporter: also helping out is kevin's and roslyn's trainer andy. a specialist in weight loss and management. >> they continue to see good progress that they have to understand it's lifestyle change. for me to get them a understand that, it's basically how they feel. good job. >> reporter: and kevin and roslyn remember, it's all about the journey in the lifestyle and the destination will take care of itself. >> it's a 8-week contest but the only time i am thinking i have to make it a lifestyle change something for the rest of my life. >> i want individuals to be able to look at me and say okay she was once 400 pounds and she is getting up with her trainer and her partner every morning and committing to changing her life i want them to realize that if they just believe in themself, that they too can make the difference and see
9:34 am
results. >> let me introduce you to kevin and roslyn and the commitment they made along with andy this morning. our two competitors finished second in the overall total weight loss. how has it going? >> good. it's hard. it's a good challenge and i am enjoying it. >> we talked about this with you. you have dropped 100 pounds before the competition began. and what people may not realize is you participate in 5ks. >> i have completed 2, 5ks one was susan komen breast cure cancer a 5k in october of last year and i did another one the end of october of last year on the jillian michael fitness cruise in the middle of the ocean. >> out at the deep blue sea. >> yes, it was. >> so how has it been in what's the biggest challenge for you so far? >> i guess the biggest challenge for me is expecting
9:35 am
bigger numbers. you know, i really-- i am very hard on myself and i push my self very hard. sometimes if the scale doesn't say what eye -- what i wan it to say i get discouraged but for a moment. it becomes more of a motivation to me to push that much further. >> i will bring in the train are for you guys and you have a personal story of weight loss and this is one of your areas of expertise. you dropped 60 mounds and you are competing -- pounds and you are competing in body building competition. when you hear someone like roslyn to say they spec the results faster what is your -- how do you reign them in and say it's a process and not something that happens overnight? >> well, i have to basically let them know that you have to as the old saying goes you have to walk before you run. so basically i make sure they are able to walk first and take baby steps before we can increase the intensity little
9:36 am
by little to the point i know i can get them to the point where i can psh them above and beyond their -- push them above and beyond their limits and make them push harder. that way when you get the extra 10% from the next workout, they feel like oh, wow, this is a little easier. >> springboards them forward. >> yes. >> you are the director for a youth football league and getting out there working with the kids is difficult because you have trouble keeping up. >> that's right. >> when program began and are you going to be able to keep up this time. >> practice begins in june and we have a free mini camp and we start practicing indown and do drills and skills and you have to be able to get out there and do the drills and fundmentals and show the kid and they want to say coach, are you able to do this? can you show us how? this year i will be able to do it. >> and that's the motivation for you work with the kid and seeing your family grow up. >> i know with you, as we said in the story moment ago, you wear your motivation on your
9:37 am
chest. >> yes. yes. my grandmother edith andrews is my motivation. my grandmother passed away two years ago from a stroke. and i just want to honor her memory and just give back some of the love that she has given me. i wear her. she is in my heart always and i must add this friday is her 90th birthday. >> all right. so. again, i honor my grandmother. so when i feel like i am getting weary or tired, i just think about the encouraging words that my grandmother would say to me and it keeps me motivated and coops me going. >> all right. guys, thanks so much. continue success andy keep them going. >> absolutely. >> all right. guys, thanks a lot. it's the extreme brick over 4- week showcase every wednesday here on good morning maryland at 9. next week we meet two more competitors. coming next, they danced
9:38 am
and theyup ped and they skipped. the -- jumped and they skip. the judges decide who is off "dancing with the stars" we will introduce you to them and we are on the cusp of the summer movie season. the top five film on the must see list. straight ahead when good morning maryland at nine returns.
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welcome back. birthday time donald p brown junior lives in waverly in baltimore city and turns 29 today. he is an adjunct professor with the university of baltimore and masters program student at towson. we want to wish him a happy birthday. make it a great one sir. if you are having a birthday or want to share photograph with us, pets, anniversaries, city scapes what have you. morning show at and make sure you include all the pertinent facts so we can get it straight when whoa share the photograph with all of -- when we share the photograph with all of maryland. a out of this world toys an exhibit opened at may 1st and continues until the end of the year. you want to check this out on camden street in baltimore. 21202 jeffy mow
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science fiction and how it capture the imagine for generation. larry, were you a sci-fi fan when you were a kid? buck rodgers star wars and star trek. that exhibit will run through the end of the year. novelty toys from the 50s and 60s. check it out. jeepy's museum.o-rg for a great look at the sci-fi was over the course of generations. if you have an event you want to us share, e-mail us m pringle c crowson or morning show at get the information in so we can get it on the air and share it with all of maryland. justins. >> you want to see something -- justin. >> you want to see something cool? we are tracking a thunderstorm over ocean city 240 strikes in the last 20 minutes. that's actually well-off towards the east. right here, we are dealing with that rain and it backs up west of dc and towards frederick. we have a couple more hours to go but the rain will taper off
9:43 am
this afternoon. still, paps of heavy rain on the north side of the city stretching from towson through timonium and cockeysville and westminster and it's about to get heavier. and we will track this and we have the outlook through mother's day weekend. stick around that's coming next. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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get the network that delivers more. get fios. a network ahead.
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two dancers were just as much to overcome to stay on the show and today abc talked to all significance contestant chug the one that was sent packing. >> kendra and louie. >> reporter: the reality star kendra wilkinson's dancing days are done. she lasted on dancing with the stars for 7 weeks. underperformances were get can be -- her performances were getting better but she feels she leaves on a high note. >> we ended on my best ballroom dance ever i felt amazing and great and pet pretty. felt i -- pretty. and i felt i did the best i could but it's the way it goes. >> reporter: her partner believes she takes away something besides just knowing
9:47 am
how to dance. >> we accomplished what we wanted to to do and that's not just create dances but the opportunity to feel good about who you are within. >> reporter: her husband saw all the hard work over the past several weeks and hear's -- here's what he told me when it was all over -- when he told me when it is all over. >> not too many people can be around her all day every day and i said he has his hand full. >> no manager how long the day she came home and wanted to play with hank and be around mere. that's what i am most proud of. >> okay okay. >> reporter: with her silenced five remain already looking ahead to what's next. >> the competition has begun you know. two solo dances and the pressure is on but i am excited. >> it's going to be a wallets that has never been done that way before. >> i know what my strong suits are and i know what my weak suits are and i need to be consistent and that i need to deliver for the fans. >> i feel this is our chance to show the world that we are here
9:48 am
and we are going to make magic.>> reporter: your approval rating is up? >> yeah. >> the level of stress and how much we are cramming in and how much pain we are in and no one wants to leave. >> reporter: get ready for a burst of energy the final 5 plans to rev it up for monday night. in los angeles, for abc news. back to your two cents on the hot topic. a revolution in education that could result in gradeless schools at the official wm-ar facebook fan page. do you think removing the pressure of grades and grade levels can improve education? gayle says i like to emphasize -- the emphasis on learning it would be like the dumb kids and the smart kids. sherry says i think it's an interesting idea that has some parte. -- merit. logistics would be hard sound like great model for a charter school if they wanted to take
9:49 am
it up. continue weighing in on this topic and others go to and scroll down to the bottom and find a link. news time is 9:48. and hundreds will walk and run to more than just their health in baltimore cony. money will be used to support the state of -- the state of the art cancer facility. director is here to tell us all about it. neal good morning. >> good morning. >> this has been going on for a while and in baltimore county. and for this cancer facility. why a 5k? >> several years ago the chiefterstown -- rift -- reisterstown wanted to give back something to the community in the health care field and we saw we toured the infusion centers over at the cancer institute and they just go over
9:50 am
and above the job they do for their patients. we saw they were on the front line of fighting cancer. and that's a cause we thought was worthy. >> this facility will be fare varying strains and diagnosis will be treated because there's so many types. >> well, it's an outpatient chemotherapy center. so they treating all kind but the people there that we met just go above and beyond for their patients and we felt like giving them our support was way to fight cancer in our little way. >> what's the response so far? i am sure everyone is thrilled? >> absolutely. the life bridge has been great to work with. they follow untier and help us with the run on that day and the people in the community have had a good response. >> i see a badge or sticker on your shirt. if we can get a tight on this, it says i want my cv what is
9:51 am
that represent? >> well, mcv a motorcycle club i am a part of. one of our guest at the run they are also doing a fund raiser to fight cancer, the part of the comban for maryland project this year with ride across maryland. so we have invited them as guest to be at the run with us and help raise awareness for their cause as well. >> all right. we see images from the 5k run and walk this saturday at owings mills may 7th, starting at 8:30 but you want people to get there early. >> yes. it's busy early. at 7 we start doing registration on the day of the run. last year we had almost a hundred people show up on that day. so, try to get this early. we are expecting good weather this weekend. and expect a lot of people out there. >> as the-- there's the information may 7th owings
9:52 am
mills hundreds of participating let's get above hundred. >> we had 400 last year of the we are shooting for 5 this year. >> registration starts at 7. the walk starts after runners take off. 400 last year let's get to 500 this year. thanks so much for your time. continued success. >> thank you. off to a break. black buster movie season is around the corner. but what movies should you make sure you see? what are the must-see block busters coming up our top five list of the big movies set to debut that might be considered the ones you have got to check out? that's coming up when we return. a lot of running across roof tops there.
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now maryland most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate byweatherate. officially the day is going to do down with highs in the 60s. that was at midnight. it has been rain locked in at 45. look at westminster. just shaking that camera around. and we still got leftover rain and mist and it's not a pleasant day. in fact, you will need the intermittent white blades and in towson we have a soggy one. half inch of rain and little
9:56 am
more with 21-mile-per-hour wind gusts and we are stuck at 46. here's the rain. look west of westminster. looks like they are getting rocked east of frederick. ijamsville and westminster. more towards rockville spreading towards the east and front slowly moves through, we may get one last surge and burst of rain and then things should settle down. we will watch that to enhance the eastern shore. you the upper-level low comes through i think we will see more clouds during the day tomorrow. but at least we will get a chance to dry out. 57 today and if we are lucky to get back there. we have seen the high. the rain this morning showers this afternoon. and tonight cooling back down into the 40s. tomorrow starts off with sun andturning partly to mostly cloudy. 65, 69 friday. and the weekend mother's day weekend into the 70s. not a washout but maybe a thunderstorm late saturday sunday could see scattered showers but again, most of the day should be dry. >> all right. with the weather being as it it is, it would be a great day to
9:57 am
catch a movie. so the top five movies you got to see this summer according to the movie examiner. we have to disclose this. we have not seen this top five list so anything we say we cannot be held accountable for. >> haven't seen the movies yet. that's out this weekend. >> the hangover part 2. i fear they are going to reck a good thing. >> i hope not. >> the hangover was good. number 4 cars 2 i am sure your son will enjoy that. >> yeah there's another hopefully the second part will careity first and not get ruined. captain america. >> building on ironman in the ironman franchise there. one more, number 2,. >> we know where that went. >> well. you know what, not so much. now here's number one obviously harry potter and the deathly hollows part 2. part one was released at the end of 2010 and second one comes out this summer. hope it's good. >> only wednesday. >> see you tomorrow at 4:30.
9:58 am
have a great day. $?$?
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