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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  May 4, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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took us three years to develop this product. >> reporter: only available in doctor's officees they offer 70 meals including pancakes brownies and soft serve ice cream that have helped three quartss of a million people lose weight. growing by sales by $90 million last year alone. bradley mcdonald says keeping the company in maryland has come with its own cost. >> wall street by the way beat me up with there. they always said this plant should go someplace else i felt that baltimore county this being a uniquely baltimore company because of the historical routes associated with hopkins. >> reporter: hopkins, stevenson we have great partnerships here. the intellectal capital is higher. it. >> reporter: it employs 350
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people. >> this is a great success story. it's not only good product but it's a well run company and it's a baltimore county company. it wants to stay here. >> reporter: in owings mills jeff hager abc2 news. >> medi fast is in its infancy stages with no international business but its chairman says within the next decade it could become one of maryland's billion dollar companies. several hundred jobs could be up in the air as constellation energy moves forward with the plan to merge with another company. constill ace plans to sell 3 coal fired power plants in baltimore and anne arundel counties. people work at the plants and another 450 work in support roles that assist those plants that employ 300 people. it's unclear what the proposed merger between constellation and chicago based epsilon means for the 750 workers.
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nearly a week after a deadly tornado ripped through parts of the south we're getting a first look at some of the damage left behind in bledsoe county, tennessee. the twister destroyed dozens of homes and buildings and killed four people. residents say they have not received any help from the government. piles and piles of wood and rubble sit where homes once stood. people who lost everything are living in tents or churches and they say they need help. >> everybody has just been helping and doing whatever needed to be done. they have come together and worked hard day and night. >> bledsoe county has not been declared a disaster area yet but people in the mountains say if you see the aftermath like right here you know they need it. >> reporter: a dramatic rescue caught on camera. you're seeing two missouri national guards men save a 93- year-old woman. she was trapped surrounding by
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rushing water. she got stuck while trying to drive across a water covered highway. the team used a safety line to rescue her. once she was on dry land emts evaluated her and she was just fine. one lucky lady. looking at 695 and liberty road no rain, traffic moving smoothly but those clouds look pretty dark. >> it's been murky all day kelly tough to get rid of the cloud cover tough to find more sunshine we will see more sun out there tomorrow. you can see bottom line it does not look like a lot of activity but a closer look revealing there are say few downpours. this pretty heavy shower here along the state line just west of germantown and gaithersburg west of the i-270 corridor headed for potomac falls. couple of hit and miss showers toward union bridge another one over toward manchester. a brief hit or miss shower will be possible the rest of the
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evening as clouds continue to stream out of the north and west. temperatures continuing to cool down. we are down in the 50s out there statewide from goldsboro back to harpers ferry. plenty of clouds. i think a drier day tomorrow. we'll talk about a wild card weekend of weather all coming up. thanks a lot wyatt. here's a look at tonight's top stories. it looks like we will never see photos of the osama bin laden's body. president barack obama says they could pose a national security risk to the u. s. so he'll keep them under wraps. an anne arundel crossing guard is in the hospital after being hit by a school bus in glen burnie. vicki whitehead was hit early this morning at furnace avenue and sunny brook drive near point pleasant elementary school. she's in serious but stable condition tonight. bus driver and students were not hurt. the cause of the accident is still being investigated tonight. selling your home in this tough economy could be as easy
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as getting your home a facelift. how to spruce up your home without breaking the bank. plus if you like to spends a lot of time on google or facebook you may be able to blame that for eating up the nation's power. it's the little things in life that make me smile.
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. all right. a lot of red on that board. stocks down all across the board. dow jones down almost 84 the nasdaq down a little over 13 and the s & s & p 500 down nine and a third. in tonight's consumer alert for some people your unlimited web surfing days may be history. at&t is putting a cap on its internet delivery service for broad band and u-verse customers. u-verse will be limited to 250 gig bites a month. customers who exceed their limits will have to pay $10 for an additional 50 50 gigabytes. unplug your computer to save power unfortunately you can't unplug the internet. it is the second biggest user
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of any american industry. experts say the demand isn't anything the system can't stand, and although greenpeace isn't happy about it, electric companies are loving it. the income home usage is down all along the economy. the recession could also be the blame for a drop in the number of american homes with a television set. neilson says tv ownership is down. a direction it hasn't seen in two decades. the economy is a factor but experts also believe the decline is due in part to youthful users who are now watching a lot of tv shows on their computers and some on their phones. if you want to sell your home in this economy it has to be priced right and has to la good. but you don't have to break did bank to spruce it up. style designer and author of no place like home offers some advice. >> there are simple things that create that mental
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illusion for people coming in as a prospective buyer to say i could see myself living in this home, and that's really key. >> experts say something as small and simple as paint color can really make a difference. a couple hundred dollars and you can redo the whole first floor or just paint the foyer depending on what she can afford. a series of strange calls an open sliding door and a brutal murder. detectives try to crack the case of a baltimore county woman strangled and left for dead in her home. and another celeb is booted off of dancing with the stars. more on last night's emotional elimination. ñwñ[=
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. linda and her sister january is dreamed of raising their children together. linda had a little baby girl and 24-year-old january is was pregnant with her first child. on a rainy night in april in 1986 all that was taken away from linda when her little sister was murdered. >> reporter: she was in the prime of her life. new marriage, new house, new car and a brandt flu baby on the way. >> it was like the perfect time in their life. >> reporter: linda remembers her sister january is. >> we kind of had that thing going on like twins do. one time we went to different shopping malls she went to golden ring i went to hunt valley. we came back and we bought the exact same dress. it was always that way for us. >> reporter: on april 15th, 1986 linda and january is had another shopping trip planned to buy maternity clothes.
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as grew through the area. she called and canceled their plans. > if i hadn't gone go out shopping with her that night she would have been home. >> reporter: january is settled in to watch television in her home. she asked her husband to crack only the sliding glass door complaining the wood burning fire was making the room too warm. then he left for his night class in college park. when he returned a few hours later, his wife was dead stabbed and strangled. >> so much to live for and it was all taken from a from her. >> reporter: the crime scene and circumstances leading up to january is's murder were sustainment there were jewelry stolen from the home but most of the valuable pieces were left behind. there was also no sign anyone broke into the house. police assumed the killer came in through the sliding glass door but no footprints were left behind. >> torrential downpour i don't see how they can come through the back door on to a cream carpet and not have any dirt,
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any wet print, any mess at all. >> reporter: january is had been receiving strange calls at work. co-workers said they will be going on for sometime. no one knew where they were coming from. >> police detectives told us she had even received one of these phone calls the day she was murdered. >> reporter: in many cases the first person police look at when a married woman is murdered is her husband. police were able to verify he was in class, but they also found out he was late. he told police he got stuck in traffic and was about 5 to 10 minutes late. a classmate later told police they thought he was much later, about 45 minutes. but they couldn't be sure. so her husband was cleared. >> we had always been very close to them having witnessed their relationship you wouldn't suspect them. >> reporter: the family took the murder hard. the siblings spent countless
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hours working with detectives. the one who took january is's death the hardest was her father. >> for the next 15 years he went to the cemetery every single day and put fresh flowers on her grave. >> reporter: it's been 25 years. january is's parents are now gone and police are still no closer finding the killer. now linda and her daughter kimberly work together doing what they can to breathe new life into this old case. >> somebody knows something, and as insignificant as they think that something is they need to come forward. >> reporter: they vow to stop at nothing doing whatever it takes to find the killer. >> god forbid this case isn't solved in my lifetime, i want my children some day to fight for her. i want this to go done to the line until that's. we have an answer. >> reporter: vowing to fight for a life that was cut too short taken from the family that will never be the same. >> when you love somebody that much, you don't just go on with
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your life. you know, she deserved to be here. she's now been gone longer than she was on this earth. we need resolution. she deserves that and the family deserves that. >> reporter: in rosedale lynn a today sew abc2 news. >> anyone with information please called the cold case squad. 410-887-3943. you can contact metro crimestoppers anonymously. that information is on your screen as well as well as on our web site at cases. and you can watchful length interviews and read more about this case again on next week we're going to tackle the cold case of phyllis boley. 23-year-old fill was the apple her father's eye 37 years ago he lost his baby girl after she
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was brutally murdereded in her home. the family is fighting for ans. you can catch this story next tuesday on abc2 news at 11:00. blan. that is weather service issuing a statement saying at least 27 tornadoes confirmed. this is one week ago tonight when alabama had that horrible tornado outbreak. talking about the 11 in and around our state at right now at the inner harbor we've got 60 degrees. and humidity 44%. winds northwest 15. much cooler day out there, no question about that. and as we take a look at some of the weather throughout the afternoon you see that basically the sky is staying relatively murky. a few blades of sunshine get through at times toward frederick this afternoon. we're beginning to see a little bit of clearing. deep creek lake the skies
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cleared earlier. we're talking temperatures in the 30 newscast western maryland as we speak. frost out there overnight. annapolis again mostly cloudy, but a little bit of late day clearing. boy, that's a nice postcard shot right there at the end of the day. couple of renegade showers, some of this might not even be touching the ground northern baltimore county a few isolated showers have passed through the westminster area in the last hour or so most of us sitting pretty clear the radar pretty quiet. it's been breezy with chilly winds blowing in out of the north and west 20 to 30 miles per hour at times. you see the temperatures subpoenaing contrasting the highs earlier today the cold every air had not arrived earlier this morning it was near 70 down toward the beach. north and west highs never got out of the 50s toward hager town and york. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast 68 or so and i think 70 at federal hill. want to take you over to woodstock, 68 tomorrow afternoon. laurel about 69.
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a mix of clouds and sun. i think a good looking day overall and it will be a little bit warmer into the afternoon hours. again right now widely scattered light showers across maryland, most of the heavy weather offshore and also looking at a cluster of heavier downpours in the west virginia tracking south of us. i don't think we'll have to deal with that. see this little disturbance should push just south of maryland through the next couple of hours. >> cooler drier weather set to move in tonight and tomorrow. this area of low pressure will arrive through the day tomorrow. should clear the skies off. for the most part there will be a few clouds around but a good looking day a day where temperatures should rebound into the upper 60s. future caster cloudy tonight and then into the day tomorrow just a few passing clouds as that area of drier weather settles in. things change again of course as we go into friday. sunny early, clouds in the afternoon, and here we go another rainmaker, scattered showers at least. a move through friday night and
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early saturday. right now the weekend looks relatively dry but overnight friday night a different deal. overnight tonight 40 clearing skies and much cooler. how about your cinco de mayo plans tomorrow. festivities, kelly swoope's going to get her shakeers and going to be shaking. 67 degrees sun returns. 7-day forecast as we look ahead again 70 or so on friday, and we're talking about again a relatively dry weekend, but a hit or miss shower will be possible. saturday warm shore lacrosse. good looking weather for that too. kelly. thanks a lot wyatt. another elimination last night on dancing with the stars. two dances was just too much to overcome to stay on the show. >> reporter: reality star
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kendra wilkinson got a dose of reality monday night. her dancing days done she lasted for 7 weeks and her performances did get notice noticeably better. she feels she leaves on a high note. >> we ended on my best ballroom dance ever. i felt i could do the best i could. but you know it's the way it goes. >> reporter: kendra's partner believes she takes away something besides just knowing how to dance. >> we accomplished exactly what we wanted to do and that's not just create dances, but it's really opportunity to feel did about who you are within. >> reporter: kendra's husband saw all the hard work over the past several weeks and here's what he told me once it was all over. >> not too many people can be around kendra all day every day. i told him he had his hands full. >> i'm glad it came out of your mouth. >> no matter how long her day was she still came home wanted
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to play with little hank and be around mere. she me. >> reporter: 5 stars and their partners remain. >> the competition has begun right now. two solo dances. i'm exciting about it. >> it's going to be a waltz that's never been done that way before. >> i know my strong points and weak points i need to deliver for the fans. >> it's our chance to show the world hey we're here and we're going to make some magic. >> your approval rating is up. >> the level of stress and how much we're craming in how much pain we're all in and nobody wants to leave. we're having such a good time. >> reporter: get ready for a burst of energy the final five plans to ref rev it up monday night. coming up new at 6:00 a heated debate is being played
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out in baltimore billboards should animals be used in medical research to save human lives. plus it's the patch users say melts away 20 pounds in 3 weeks. but it's where you put the patch is raising concerns it's sewn on to the tongue.
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. north carolina zoo delivers some exciting news. one of its gorillas is expecting. zoo officials say the gorilla is 5 months pregnant. it was confirmed with a regular over the counter pregnancy test
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and sonogram. the baby is due in july or august and the pregnancy is a real big deal for the zoo. >> for the first time in 22 years only the second time in the zoo's history that the zoo is expecting a baby gorilla. >> the first baby gorilla born at the zoo was in march of 1989. he was transferred to chicago's lincoln park zoo in 1998 for breeding purposes. i didn't know you could use a home pregnancy test on a gorilla. coming up at 6:00 a baltimore county teen is being honored for being a hero forest cueing its family from a burning home. that story and much more coming your way on abc 2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. tonight we're learning more about how the death of a north carolina teen felicia barns. >> the work we're doing to save people around the


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