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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  May 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. the way in which they found her, i'm not surprised. >> tonight the family of felicia barnes reacts after her death is ruled a homicide. and picking between career and family. the results of a new survey. >> the heros are my teachers and students. >> and turning around a high school may have seemed superhuman. how dedication and team work helped make a big difference. the news starts right now. >> now, abc 2news at 11. >> new, bp has been sued for a lot of things related to the gulf oil spill. now they are being sued because of high gas prices. why some say they are causing you to pay more at pump. tonight we know that felicia barnes was murdered. the autopsy report was released
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today. cheryl connor. >> reporter: tonight police aren't willing to say how she died. i talked to her brother who wasn't surprised to learn his younger sister was murdered. we are learning more about how barnes died. the autopsy results determined there was no accident. >> she was murdered. someone killed her, someone caused her death and killed her. >> reporter: who killed her and how she died are still unanswered. the north carolina teen visiting her sister in northwest baltimore disappeared in december. her body was found two weeks ago in the river about 50 miles from the city. a man's body was found four miles away but police believe there is no connection between them. her brother is not surprised his sister was murdered. >> i'm pretty sure someone did something to her.
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everybody is a suspect, everybody who ever came in contact with her, everybody in the area, everybody who travels in the area. it could be anybody. >> reporter: during the investigation no suspects have been named. investigators aren't saying how close they are to an arrest but with a body and autopsy report they are one step closer to finding who killed the 16-year- old honor student who wanted to attend townsend university. >> little bit of closure. i just really pray the police can use whatever evidence they found to find out what happened and who took part in it. >> reporter: the autopsy results come the same day we learn funeral arrangements. a private service for saturday in georgia. it can be viewed online and a memorial service will be held may 14th at mount pleasant church here in baltimore. cheryl connor. >> all right.
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thank you. two brothers accused of setting a dog on fire will stand trial in july. after a mistrial they were expected to go on trial today. in 2009 police say they set a dog on fire who was later named phoenix. the two are charged with animal cruelty. since his injuries were so bad phoenix eventually had to be put down. a crossing guard recovering after being hit by a school bus. vicki whitehead was hit near point pleasant elementary this morning. she is listed in stable but serious condition at shock trauma tonight. known else was hurt. the accident is under investigation. traffic is still snarled in townsend as crews continue to work on a broken water main. this was the scene earlier tonight along the road. it affected the center for arts and technology as well as 15
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other businesses. both southbound lanes closed so crews are temporarily reversing one northbound lane. no word on when everything will reopen. >> weather wise, you know, kind of murky, like late march maybe but we are going to quickly rebound tomorrow temperature wise. skies clearing out tonight after a couple renegade showers. there is still a little bit of rain that could creep into places like carol. most of us will stay dry. everybody dry now, temperatures around 50, cooling off in to the 40s but look at this tomorrow. up to 67 for the 5th of may. pretty good-looking day. the weekend not bad but there is a another chance for rain. >> new, we get a firsthand look at the amount of drugs collected during the second national drug take back day. sacks of bags with old and unused pills ready to be burned. we were allowed inside in
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downtown baltimore before the medications were burned. over the weekend 4700 pounds were collected in maryland alone. about every six months they collect the medication hoping to avoid an accidental poisoning and abuse. starting tomorrow baltimore police will step up patrols as townsend university's tiger fest weekend kicks off. they are using grant money to step up patrols and encourage students to attend social events at the stadium. these patrols will start tomorrow at seven and run until three sunday. police say they will look for loud parties, underage drinking, drunk driving, illegal drugs and more. also tomorrow. a big military career field will take place. and the noncommissioned officers association are sponsoring it. dozens of companies will be on
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hand at the hotel. the expo starts at ten and runs until two. new tonight we are learned the last known combat veteran of world war i has died. claude charles died in a nursing home in australia. . he was 110. he joined the british navy has a teen and served on a battleship. he served 40 years in the military. according to a service that tracks veterans the only other survivor from world war i is florence green. she served as a waitress in the women's royal air force. the president said he will not release the photographs of bin laden. some argue they will give americans proof that the most wanted man in the world is really dead. the president said the graphic photographs are to likely to
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incite violence against americans. white house press secretary said they do not want to treat the pictures as trophies. >> there are going to be some who deny it. the fact is you will not see him walking on the earth again. >> reporter: we have learned that bin laden was ready to flee the compound with barely any notice and had 500euroa in his clothes. the massive flooding in the midwest is hitting historic levels as the mississippi continues to rise. tonight the army corp. of engineers is deciding if they should destroy more levi es. some are working to put up sandbags and others have realized they just have to leave home and deal with the damage when they get back. the repair on the shuttle will take longer than expected. nasa officials said a switch
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box removed from the shuttle has blown a circuit. friday's launch was delayed after fuel line heaters didn't turn on. it'll be tuesday before they try again. in consumer news, the fight to bring down gas prices. by some of the people who own gas stations. they are suing bp claiming they are forcing them to buy gas when prices are high, driving up the rates that you pay at the pump. bp said it's not true and that no congressional investigation in recent years has proven price fixing by oil companies. sony in damage control now that congress is involved. officials sent a letter to the house commerce committee saying they are the victim of carefully planned, very professional, cyber attacks. the company admitted hackers may have taken credit card numbers and other personal data from more than 75 million users of the playstation network.
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early this week they said its computer based online gaming service had also been compromised. turning around an under preforming pool is not easy and it takes a village. tonight we take to you the village that helped raise a local high school and bring hope to everybody in the community. >> incredible he walked this far. >> a mentally challenged teen is beaten to an inch of his life and left for death. that is not the worst part. and police officers find themselves under fire during a traffic stop and it's all caught on tape. those storeys and more when we return in just 60 seconds. whet announces a new nonstop. [ pilot #2 ] we like to look out the window and see new places. we love to fly. and we really love to fly to new destinations. [ male announcer ] starting june 5th, fly southwest airlines' new nonstop service
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. dash camera void yes. a man firing at officers who pulled him over for a traffic violation. police fired back as the man tried to get back in his truck but they kept firing and the man was later found dead inside the truck. an officer was hit but he is expected to be okay. a louisiana state trooper also expected to survive after he was shot in the head during a traffic stop last night. investigators say the suspect shot the trooper and was ready to fire again but deputies were able to shoot him just in time. the suspect is in critical condition. the trooper is already home from the hospital. police say a mentally challenged teen is lucky to be alive after being assaulted. the 18-year-old was jumped outside a friend's house, shocked in the genitals with a stun gun and had the word rapist tattooed on his head. the suspect also tattooed i
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like little boys on johnson's chest. four suspects in custody after confessing to the attack. in these hard times many working moms finding themselves with a problem, do they take the money or the moments? according to a new survey nearly one third of working moms say they would take a lower paying job if they could spend more time with their kids. that's leading more and more to give them increased flexible when it comes to cutting back hours or working from home. >> i think a lot of employers are looking at ways they can help keep those employees happy and productive and i think you will see that trend continue especially as the economy continues to venten. what's driving working moms to think about cutting back their work load? the survey found a quarter of them spend less than two hours a day with their kids and about
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24% say they bring their work home at least once a week. tonight the story of a baltimore county principal making a difference in young lives. there is a change in the air, before students didn't believe they could do well, now they are. we introduce you to the principal and his plan that is making a difference. >> reporter: here there is a new sense of pride in the hall its, a few years ago the school was on the right track. the principal arrived three years ago and things started to change. . >> teachers were isolated, departments were isolated, the school was really lacking in the pride it had in previous years. so what we really wanted to do
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was focus on helping the school get back, getting rid of the isolated feeling, changing the culture of the school to that students would become and the community would be proud of the school. >> reporter: in the past the school failed to meet progress expectations. there was a culture of low expectations and community apathy, a feeling that students count do better. the principal revamped the staff. >> i'm very proud of the work of the students and teachers. we were not at 100% and i want every student to be as creative and as ready to graduate and move on as possible and that's the goal. we want that 100% or as close as possible. >> reporter: as a result of those changes the graduation rate improved, jumping from 62% to 78%. as for the high school
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assessment a 40% improvement in reading scores, 13% increase in math, 19% improvement in biology, 74% of the graduates head to a two or four year college, up from 52% in 2009. the culture has changed and everybody feels it. >> everybody wants to work harder because they know they want to be proud in their high school and when i first came to -- sometimes they didn't have the best name or people would say okay and kind of give me that look. i think hats accomplishing more and students just want to do their best. >> reporter: christian plans to attend college and be a marriage counselor. she said her education here has prepared her for higher learning. >> i don't feel likely have to -- i'm the only student working so hard. i know others are going through
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the same thing. when i feel a little frustrated because i have so much work to do i know others are doing it too and that it just makes me want to work harder. >> reporter: james reed is interested in heading to college to be an accountant and join the family business. he said the change put him on the right path. >> i think it's great for anybody. when there is a competition in learning students are more likely to want to get better grades. >> reporter: with so many positive things going on during the principal's reign he doesn't consider himself responsible. he said it's a team effort. >> embracing because i'm not that person. the real heroes in this build recognize my teachers and my students. >> reporter: and the principal's heros are excited about their futures. abc 2news. >> and besides improving academicly there is construction of the new
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facility which will open in 2013. some unspeakable heart break to a mission of helping others. the family and friends of joey have held their heads high since the 14-year-old was killed in an accident just days after starting a new school. in the eight months since his death a scholarship foundation was created for his classmates who have help going onto college. donations collected in joey's memory to help. >> he had a great personality and he knew how to be friends and he was known for his hugs, just a big hug. >> reporter: tomorrow night his dad talks to cheryl from his piano room about the effort to keep his son's spirit alive. >> now, maryland's most powerful radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate.
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>> all right. kind of a quiet night out there after -- at times rain today, also murky and really never warming up that much. we made the low 60s. 48 at pwi. pressure falling and you know throughout the afternoon we saw generally a cloudy sky. there was late day clearing to be found in annapolis, actually a postcard finish to the day here, nice looking evening on the river and frederick out at the earth and science laboratory finding a clouds giving way to clear skies, townsend similar story in this direction where skies are finally clearing out. the radar right now, we are clear in the central part of the state. couple showers up north and east of the town toward white marsh, now a new batch much showers, just north of cumberland, north of hancock, these are also weakening. i don't expect to see much additional rain other than the showers we had earlier today.
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i think we are just about done for now. 48 at the moment. north and west in the states, deep creek in the mid-30s right now. down at the beach still 53. it'll be a chilly night and a chilly start during the day tomorrow. winds right now have been relatively light and you can he so highs today depending where you were, from annapolis south and eastward, closer to 70, that cooler area lived quickly in the places like frederick and tomorrow i think we are back close to 70 or so. this is federal hill, about 70 tomorrow, hampton maybe 68, and little further south and west, howard county, woodstock, 68 in the afternoon. on the whole weather quieting down with a little bit of rain diminishing to the north and west. ill about the high pressure, dry air and clear skies over ohio, kentucky, tennessee, eventually we will see the
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skies clearing out as the high pressure cell makes its way in. big bubble of sinking air. to bad it won't hold up much longer than tomorrow into early friday. we will show you that, future cast, clouds diminishing, clearing and then the sunny situation for the 5th of may, looks good. maybe you are heading out in the afternoon, looks nice but into friday clouds start to roll in earlier in -- i would say about early in the afternoon, midday or so, chance for rain about 6:00 from west to east. we could see scattered rain friday night. factor that into the friday night plans. we think most of the weekend will be dry. showers around and some of the them friday night. overnight 40 or so with clearing skies, 5th of may thursday. 67, the sun returning, breezy, warmer, good-looking day. weather holds up though it'll be cool again overnight and the
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seven day forecast as we look ahead you see the trend for mildler conditions all weekend. i really think for the most part the weekend will be dry, there will be that chance for a hit or miss shower, better chances next week but pretty good stuff. the big question tomorrow is standard or strawberry on the -- so --. >> have one more me. >> all right. >> that's right. chances are you aren't even thinking about college basketball but terp fans you will want to hear this. maryland star player making a big decision about his future. that's next. first a look at night line. >> hello and thank you. coming up on night line did navy seals use a secret weapon to take the compound? and a year after his split
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with sandra, jesse james talks about starting over.
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. here is press box sports report. the orioles and royals went to extra innings but kansas protected the home turw winning 6-5. that dropped the orioles to 0-3 in extra innings games. tonight jake gave up one run on just three hits to go with eight strike outs and a good sign for a struggling nick markakis. rbi single, got them on the
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board. he later -- winning home run, his first in nearly a month. the orioles tied with a 3-2 win. the rubber game is tomorrow. rashard trying to clean up his twitter mess. the steelers running back explained and apologizing for his tweets in the wake of bin laden's death. he said he wasn't questioning if bin laden was evil but commenting on what he considered americans saying they were horrified to see people celebrating after 9/11 but then we celebrated for bin laden being killed. he apologized for his timing but said he was trying to generate conversation. tonight gary williams has to think about life without jordon williams, he has signed with an agent after he declared
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early. signing meanings he can't return to the terps even if he isn't drafted. he was named the first team all acc and third team all america last season. he led them in rebounding and recorded 25 double doubles. all right. a last look at the weather. >> yeah. out there a few passing clouds but just a few scattered showers north of hagerstown. i don't think they will make it down. tomorrow a good-looking day for everybody to enjoy, a great thursday, temperatures close to 7o probably not quite there and we will look for a slightly warmer temperature into the weekend. >> all right. check this out. jamie summer she is not but you can call her the bionic girl. she may have a the first
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. tomorrow is the day you have been waiting for. >> you know i like it that -- big mexican national holiday and all our friends here that celebrate it, it's a fun one. c good weather for it. >> sounds great. that's it for us tonight. don't forget about good morning maryland starting at 4:30.
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have a great night.
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