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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  May 5, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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we do -- we are getting reports of our first accident of the morning. it is in dundalk. i will let you know where but first a live look at cameras and see how the roadways are looking. not too bad on 95 through baltimore county. looking good in both directions. no issues southbound towards the capital beltway. northbound lanes clear towards 695 towards baltimore city. in dundalk, an accident involving a mock affecting the northbound lanes -- a motorcycle affecting the northbound lanes. it happened in a construction zone and there could be lanes blocked there. a water main break has york road southbound closed at fairmont avenue. alternating traffic gets by in the northbound lands. lanes. president o-- lanes. president obama will traveled to ground zero to honor those who died in the september 11th attacks. the visit comes after the u.s. forces killed osama bin laden. emily schmidt has latest. >> reporter: president obama's
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visit will mark the death of osama bin laden and the pakistani compound in the way the president decide no picture of his body will. mr. obama told 60 minutes he will not release those photos. >> it's important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of someone shot in the head are not floating around as an insightment to additional violence as propaganda tool. >> reporter: the white house says the decision matched the opinions of secretary of defense robert gates and hillary clinton. even though earlier in the week, cia director leon pinetta predicted a release to silence critics. >> i think we have to reveal to the rest of the world the fact that we were able to get him and kill him. >> reporter: roist reuters news agency released photos that they say showed three other men killed in the raid on the hideout. rudy giuliani says he disagrees with the president's decision. >> the pictures will get out
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eventually. why not put them out and satisfy at least the rational people that have questions about it, about the identity of bin laden. >> reporter: giuliani and family members of 9/11 victims will meet with president obama today. >> we have been heart broken for ten years and this is the first bit of good news the murder was brought to justice. >> reporter: more details about the death. he had 500euros and phone numbers in his clothing possible signs he thought he could escape capture. we have a special section on and it's the latest on the death of osama bin laden including videos, photos and the look at how the death of osama bin laden will affect the u.s. ecomony. find all of that information on two minutes after five right now. her disappearance parked a did -- sparked a search. four months later she was dead in the susquehanna river. linda so with the latest on the
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investigation into phylicia barnes death. >> reporter: police say the 16- year-old was murder. but they aren't releasing details how she died because they don't want to compromise the investigation. now that they have the new piece of evidence, it could be crucial in helping police finally make an arrest. she disappeared last december while visiting her sister at her northwest baltimore apartment. her body discovered near the conowingo dam in the susquehanna. a man's body was found nearby but police don't think that the two are corrected -- connected. police have yet to make an arrest in the death. no suspects have been named during the four-month investigation. phylicia was a star athlete and honor student getting ready to go to towson university. her brother believed always along -- all along someone killed his sister. >> i believe police can find whatever evidence they found to find out what happened and who took part in it. >> reporter: we have the latest
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information on right here on the slide show, the second storey. if you click on that, it will bring you to this page. we have the latest video and story and if you scroll down, we have information on her funeral services. a private service will be held saturday in georgia that starts at one. but you can do it online at the website at the springfield baptist church in georgia. also a memorial service here in baltimore will be held next saturday on may 14th at mount pleasant church. we are live in the interactive news center, linda so. a retrial is set for july for two brothers accused of setting a pit bull on fire. after a mistrial back in february, travers and tremayne johnson were expected to go on trial yesterday. they downsed a dog with gas hen and set her on fire. she was named phoenix by animal rescue workers. they are charged with mutilation of an animal and
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animal cruelty. since the injuries were so se fear, -- severe, dog had to be put down. a crossing guard is recovering after being hit by a school bus. police say that vikki whitehead was hit near point pleasant elementary yesterday in glen burnie and is listed in stable but serious condition. no one else was hurt. the accident is under investigation. crews continue to work on a broken water main in towson. this was the scene yesterday evening along the 900 block of york road. officials say a 10-inch main broke and affected the carver center for arts and technology as well as 15 businesses between bosley and fairmont avenues. southbound lanes are closed so clues crews -- crews are reversing one northbound lane. no word when everything will be back to normal. starting today, baltimore county police will step up patrols at towson university. it's the annual tiger fest weekend that kicks off and police say they are using grant money to step up patrols and
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encourage stewed don't attend social events that unite a stadium. the special patrols will start at 7 tomorrow and run until 3 in the morning on sunday. police say they are going to be look for loud parties under age- - underage drink and illegal drugs and more. also today a. big military career fair. it's going to take place in anne arundel county. and the noncommissioned officers association are sponsoring the career expo designed to help servicemen and women transition from the military careers to life in the civilian working world. dozens of companies will be on hand at four points sheraton motel. that expo starts at ten this morning and runs until 2 in the afternoon. six minutes after five right now. residents along some of the midwest and southern states are working very aggressively to keep flood waters back. coming up, what the army corps of engineers is doing to help keep water level down in some areas.
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and if you have a teething baby, we have a consumer alert regarding over-the-counter medications. we will be right back.
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the dangerous situation this morning along the mississippi. look at this. thousands of people are packing up their belongings and fleeing the area. the river and the tributaries are rising. the army corps of engineers are deciding if they should bust down more levees to protect more homes. ten minutes after five right now the. we have not seen anything like that, but we have had pretty wild weather lately. hopefully, we can have a break especially for cinco de mayo. here's justin berk. >> oh for no other reason than cinco de mayo. some people celebrating won't care about the weather by the time they are through the celebrations. let's go outside. 44 in baltimore. 44 york, pa. ocean city, 49 degrees. we had some spectacular scenery around the region with some showers and double rainbows. i will try to load up the images and share them shortly. this morning, it's about cloudy skies trying to break up.
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showers pushing out of here and as we break up on some of the cloud early this morning, we will call it partly cloudy to mostly sunny. we are aiming for 67 our two degree guaranteed high. a little bit below normal. but needless to say it will be a nice afternoon and we go on into the holiday weekend, and we got a couple question marks and tha we will spell out as well. -- that we will spell out as well. spring fest in ocean city. 5:11. let's see what's happening on the road. here kim brown. >> reporter: thanks. heading to or from ocean city, you will find all lanes open on the bay bridge. no problems reported on route 50. and as we look live at the beltway, 695 at liberty road, the roadways are off to a calm start. traffic wise, no major reported problems on any of the big interstates. we are dealing with an accident involving a motorcycle. this is in dundalk. north point lanes of north point boulevard at eastern boulevard a crash there is in the construction zone. could see lanes block and could take you a while to get through
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the scene. water main break affecting the southbound lanes at fairmont avenue. two-way traffic alternates in the northbound lanes. now back to you. >> thanks. a consumer alert to tell you about for parents of babies teething. the fda issued a warning about a numbing medication that is normally used in a jell and liquid for overthe counters like baby oragel has but it has been linked to a rare condition that the blood oxygen that doesn't move through the body. in the worst case scenarios it can be deadly. the fda is advising parents not to use the products with benzicane on kid unless' viceed by a doctor. the deamount has been working -- dea has been working to get expired drugs out of homes. what they plan to do with more than 4700 pounds of drugs they
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collected. she gave birth to a son and daughter last weekend. but mariah carey and nick cannon, what they are calling their new bundles of joy.
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today crews will be burning drugs collected during the second national drug take back day. stacks of bags containing old and unused pills are ready for the incinerateor. our camera was allowed inside the dea's office in downtown baltimore. before the med are burned that's happening this morning. over the weekend 4700 pounds were collected in maryland alone. about every six months the dea collects the medication hoping to avoid accidental poisoning and abuse. an effort to curb drinking and driving as people get out to celebrate tonight on cinco de mayo. aaa and mid atlantic and maryland department of transportation and yellow cab are offering free cab rides. testimoniesy taxi program runs from -- tipsy taxi program runs from 4p.m. today to 4 a.m. you have to be 21 and have to have been drinking at a restaurant or bar in baltimore
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city. the rides are free. those wishing to use the service can call the number on the screen. we will pass it along it's 877- 963-taxi. now maryland's most powerfuldoppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. 5:17. we want to go back in time. yesterday, we will start off with the view from annapolis. and we will say good morning to kathy at cape st. clair who is up watching this morning. she may have seen this. they posted this on facebook. this image i am about to show you, not the time-lapse but we are looking at cloudy start to the day a few breaks of sun and scattered showers that popped up to your north. look at this. you can see the wind shift. see the cloud shifting direction once we get that brand new air mass in here. well, we have seen beautiful scenery from the naval academy but have you seen this. look up right now. >> oh. a double rainbow.
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>> double rainbow. all the way. >> oh, wow. >> wow. >> what does it mean? jason got this at falls church, virginia. it hit twitter and then just exploded all over the internet yesterday evening. what a gorgeous view. i want to point out and i've done this before, but the primary rainbow, brighter one on the bottom has the outside colors red. the secondary rainbow in the reverse order. being see the red on the bottom and going in the other direction. beautiful pictures. thanks for sharing that. put smiles on our face and now sharing in the chilly blue back towards the west. widespread 30s. we talked about frost across the ohio valley and some of the places are cleaning out, from their flooding and some of the tornadoes that ravaged the nation the last couple weeks, we got calm weather with the frosty conditions. high pressure is in control. we have ourselves a northwesterly flow and while we are not frosty here in central
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maryland, we get a taste of that cool air that battles that may sunshine and that's why temperatures are below normal for today. next weather system racing in from the west and looks like it will sneak in here tomorrow. we have ourselves a little split. tomorrow the cloud come back in. after a sunny afternoon today, and tomorrow the reverse of fortunes with showers possible during the afternoon. mainly during the evening hours. i think we escape most of tomorrow's daylight dry showers overnight trying to sneak out and maybe if you are going to ocean city for spring fest, the morning shower gets out for a good looking saturday. for today, 67. the any leftover clouds gives a chilly start to the day tomorrow. tomorrow's temperatures recovering to the 70s but late clouds and evening showers. we will go for a dry saturday now. maybe an evening shower and on and off showers possible on mother's day. i am trying to be as optimistic as possible. 67 a cool day and back in the 70s more showers next week. kim. >> reporter: this morning
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traffic looks good. especially if you are traveling on the harrisburg expressway. all lanes open heading southbound between mount carlel -- carmel road and lookon the west side of the 695 stretch no problems past liberty road on either loop. 795 looking very good between owings mills boulevard and 695. we still have that one problem in dundalk an accident involving a motorcycle affecting the northbound lanes of north point boulevard near eastern boulevard. the crash reported to be in the construction zone and keep your it out for police. water main breaks southbound york road through towson closed two -- towson closed. catching the mta this morning, no reported service delays with your local bus, metro subway light rail commuter bus or mobility services. now back to you. >> thanks. 20 minutes after five. time to say happy birthday to all you celebrating on this cinco de mayo and a special
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happy birthday to camire celebrating the 6th birthday. happy birthday. and now remember, if you have an interesting photo that you want to air, pets, anniversaries, birthdays, picture of the day, send it to us and we will put it on the air, morning show at give us the information behind the picture so we can share it with everybody else. time for entertainment news this morning. mariah carey and her husband nick cannon have unveiled the names of their twins born on saturday. babies a boy and a girl are named marockan scott cannon and monroe cannon. baby monroe named after mariah's inspiration marylin monroe and baby morroccan received his name from the morroccan groom in her apartment where he he proposed. gentleman gentleman gabor is in the hospital -- zsa zsa gabor is back in the hospital and was taken to ronald reagan ucla medical center after
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having trouble breathing. she suffered major health problems recently including a hip replacement surgery and leg amputation. the youngest actor to be nominated for an oscar has passed away. jackie cooper died yesterday at a nursing facility in santa monica, california. cooper receive an oscar nod at the age of 9 for the lead roll for skepy which took a comic strip character to the big screen. he was known as the daily planet editor in the superman movies. cooper was 88 years old. 5:22 right now. with the ecomony as tough as it is, the cost of a funeral can be a huge burden on a family. coming up, an alternative to burial that is could end up becoming an educational gift. plus, how some employees are trying to help working moms balance their time between home and the job. we have details and we will be right back. [ male announcer ] this year, get the most out of your lawn
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the sluggish ecomony is
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leading to body donation. the financial burden of a traditional funeral can be so overwhelming. so some people are looking for cheaper alternatives. and one of the options is educational body donation. >> yes, there are people who are going to do this because of economic conditions and that's fine. but a large number of them it's because of altruistic reasons. >> the desire to make a difference in death making donation more of a gift than the results of a finances strain. and in the tough times, many women working moms are finding themselves in a huge dilemma. do they take the money or the moment? according to a new survey by career builder, nearly 1/3 of working moms say they would take a lower paying job if it meant spending more time with their kids. that's leading more and more employers to give working moms increased flexibility when it comes to cutting back on hours or working from home. >> i that i lot of employers are looking at ways to help
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keep those employees happy and productive both at work and at home. and i think you will see that trend continue especially as the ecomony strengthens. >> you might wonder what's driving work moms to think about cutting back the workload in favor of time with the family? the survey found a quarter he of moms spend less than two hours a day with their kids in an average week. and about 24% say that they bring the work home at least once a week. 5:27 right now. gas prices in 13 states average over 4 dollars a gallon. and price continue to rise at the pump, drivers are cutting back on gas. according to aaa, the price of a gallon of regular gas in the baltimore area is 3.97 up 34 cents in a month. nationally, the average is 3.98. hawaii has the most expensive gas out there. they are paying 4.56 a gallon. when the crews arrived in a home on dorsey avenue, the
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house was completely covered in flames. but everybody had made it out okay. coming up, how the community is paying tribute to a teenage here put himself at risk to save a life -- the lives of his entire family. >> she mailed a gift and was brutally murdered. the surprise one brother got when he returned to his job overseas after burying his sister. details on that story but first 5:28. we will head up to new york for this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites a significant development in computer chip design. intel unveiled a 3 dimensional chip with a vertical thin like structure allowing more computing power but using less battery power. it could mean faster smart phones and lighter lap tops anda new generation of super computers. if you plan a family vacation, you will likely pat lots of devices from smart phones and tablets to ereaders and portable gaming system and along with those, they recommend you bring the usb power stick as well.
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>> it's about the size of a usb thumb drive and has attachable connectors so instead of having to carry the different charging cable for other devices you carry this one thing and it works with all of our devices and it's the size of a pack of gunnel. >> the power stick retails for $25. and those are your -- gum. >> the power stick retails for about $25. those are your tech bites, i am rob nelson.


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