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tv   News  ABC  May 5, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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now "good morning maryland ." the president heads to grouped zero. what he is exexpected to see and do -- expected to see and do while there. police confirmed what we suspected but they are not saying how phylicia barnes was killed. and they are watching everything note away. people living along the mississippi river have to
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scramble as flood watters destroy homes and create a huge mess. those toreies are ahead -- stories are ahead on this thursday morning. thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. charley crowson is off but meteorologist justin berk is here with your forecast. >> all right. yeah. good morning. at 5:31. we have a brand new camera site. another hd camera from a different direction off the maryland science center showing federal hill. wanted to show you this. while it was not the prettiest days early tweed interesting cloud shots and the camera is shifted towards the east. you can see harbor east off there in the distance with sunlight reflected off a few buildings. let's switch it back over. you can see 5 off to the left and swinging a little further off to the left. we are looking north northeast at the inner harbor. we had pretty clouds roll through. occasional showers popped up in the afternoon. and they gave us the rainbow views and this morning,
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leftover clouds 44 brooklyn park at towson. 41 up towards hearford. a chilly -- hereford. we will show outforecast through more's day in a moment. here's kim with traffic. >> reporter: roadways look good through carroll county. no reported problems along 32 or route 140 heading towards 795. looking live at the beltway, traffic is off to a very smooth ride here. 695 at providence road across the top side no reported problems along 95. the harrisburg expressway or the jfx. looking at the drive times, south on 83 toward the beltway, only a 5-minute commute. and making your way through white marsh on 95 heading towards 695. that takes six minutes. looking at the maps, we have days abled vehicle affecting the off-ramp from 95 south getting onto caton avenue. you could see the ramp partially blocked. dundalk has an accident northbound north point boulevard at eastern boulevard. a crash involving a motorcycle in the work zone and south on york road near fairmont the
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lanes are cloughed northbound lanes through -- closed northbound lanes holding two- way traffic. president obama visits ground zero today to meet with people who lost loved ones in the september 11th attacks. you are looking at a live picture from ground zero this morning. the progress there has been slow but people's pain is constant. this visit comes just days after u.s. forces killed osama bin laden and this morning, we are learning the white house has no plans to release photos of the slain terrorist leader. tommy and you dress reports. >> did you see the pictures. >> yes. >> reporter: the white house will not release pictures showing a dead osama bin laden. president obama told cbs "60 minutes" there's no doubt he is dead. and releasing the gruesome pictures could be risky. >> it's important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating
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around as an insightment to additional violence, as a propaganda tool, and that's not who we are. >> reporter: even after the decision, some lawmakers are divided. >> it's better to release -- better to release them so everybody knows they did get the man and more importantly it's important for all the terrorists to realize we will hunt him down. >> in my opinion there's no end served by releasing a picture of someone who has been killed. >> reporter: meanwhile, we are learning more about the final moments of bin laden's life. shot in the chest and forehead. he died on the upper floor of this pakistani compound towards the end of the 40-minute raid. while not armed weapons were nearby. >> there were arms directly near the door and my understanding is he was right there and going to get those arms. >> reporter: the navy seal team that took out bin laden is backon american soil and
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president is headed to ground zero. there, he will meet with families of victims and first responders of the 9/11 attacks. tommy andres, abc2 news. >> the last known combat veteran of world war i passed away last night in a nursing home in australia. he was 110 years old. he joined the british navy as a teen and served on a battle ship. when he he moved to australia, he served 40 years in the military. according to service that track veterans, and now he is dead, the only other survivor from the war is florence green who served as waitress on the women's royal air force. turning a tragedy into a mission of helping others. 8 month ago joey, 1 years old a freshman was killed in an accident and -- 14 years old a. freshman, with a filled -- was killed in a accident and a scholarship was named in his name and dough neighs are collected to help a nun assist
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community in baltimore city. -- donations are collected to help a nun assist the community in baltimore city. >> he was known for his hugs. big hugs. >> tonight at 11, joey's dad talks to our sheryl connor about thest to keep -- cheryl connor about -- conner about his effort to keep the loving spirit alive. baltimore county honored charlie knis ley with a hero -- kknisley with a hoareo pin. >> -- knisley with a hero pin. >> by the time my grandfather came back up from the basement, it went up and it's to get my brother and my grandma out. my brother jumped off the roof and i caught him. >> when fire crews arrived to the scene, that home already was fully involved. officials say without charlie's
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quick action, the fire would have been deadly. it's 5:36. flood waters continue to rise and some families are being forced to leave their homes for good. coming up next, a woman comes back to take a look at the place she called home for so many years.
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we have seen the devastationacross the south and midwest as flood waters move across farmlands and neighborhoods there swamping everything in sight. heavy rains are caughter waterways like the mississippi river to swell and spill over. flooding out of homes all over kentucky. rebecca martin looked on her childhood home with a broken heart. earlier she woke up surrounded by water. >> [audio not understandable] it just breaks my heart. and i feel sorry for anybody in this situation because i know how you feel. >> she saved what she could. some clothing and furniture and a few items and certainly plenty that can't rebbe placed. she said -- replaced. she said she wasn't sure where she would go but is happy her
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life has been spared. we have seen so many stories like that just where pool's lives have been destroyed at their homes because of the severe weather. >> it's heart breaking because the water continues to float down through the lower mississippi valley. we are looking forward to at least a couple dry days at least a dry stretch around here. but more rain in the offing. look at the numbers. 44 in baltimore. 37 in pittsburgh. yesterday morning, you missed it but we talked about snow and i have pictures from snowshoe, west virginia, where it stuck on the car. >> snow? >> therein there's -- and there's frost across much of ohio and places that flooded out are under frost advisories. we are trying to clear the clouds out. partly cloudy this morning and mostly sunny into the afternoon. a policant breeze and -- pleasant breeze and up to 67 for the two degree guarantee. warmer into the start of the holiday weekend. here's kim brown with traffic. >> reporter: thanks. well, we are dealing with one
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accident this morning. traffic looking pretty good here southbound on 895 at the o'donnell street exit. we are starting to see building volume. not a lot to slow you down. looking at the maps, traveling through dundalk northbound north point at eastern boulevard, an accident is there in the work zone. some lanes could be partially blocked. southbound 95 off-ramp a disabled vehicle partially blocks the ramp thrment and you will have problems on york road this morning megan has more details. >> reporter: that's right. if you travel on york road it's bit slow. coming up, what crews are doing to help you get around after having to shut down a couple lanes. >> reporter: her disappearance caught all of our attention. latest development in the death of phylicia barnes and how it could help police get closer to an arrest. [ female announcer ] ethan allen introduces a new way of living
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your favorites, in pieces. moms love tulips. any second now, they are going to place me at the center of the table. edible arrangements bouquets beautiful like flowers, but unforgettably delicious, any second now... visit, call or go to now "good mornings maryland." 15ments away from six this -- 15 minutes away from six this morning. phylicia barnes was a standouting at loathe and did well in school and something terrible happened. linda so is here with the latest developments in the case that might have police making
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an arrest hopefully sometime soon. linda. >> reporter: for four months, no one knew what happened to phylicia barnes. and two weeks ago, her body was finally found. police say phylicia was murdered. they are not telling us how because they don't want to compromise the investigation. phylicia barnes disappeared while visiting her sister at her northwest baltimore apartment. her body was discovered near the conowingo dam in the susquehanna. a and's body was found -- a man's body but police don't think the two are connected. police have yet to make an arrest. no suspects have been named during the four-month investigation. the 16 was -- -year-old was getting ready to go to towson university. her brother says he believed all along someone killed his sister. now on. >> i really pray the police can use whatever evidence they found to figure out what exactly happened and who took part in it. >> reporter: we have the latest information on the website at
5:47 am if you go to the main page here, the second story in the slide show, the latest on the investigation surrounding phylicia barnes' death and scrolling down, you will find the information regarding her funeral arrangements. they have been set. a private service is set for saturday in georgia that starts at one. you can view that service online at the springfield baptist church website in georgia. here in baltimore, a memorial service will be held next saturday may 14th at mount pleasant church. we are live in the interactive news center, linda so, abc2 news. a final gift he will never forget. the brother gets a care package from his sister after her death. she worked at lulu lemon at the store in bethesda when her brother, a attorney for the army learned from one of her friends she had planned to send him a care package. once back overseas he checked and found nothing. he remembered he had given his sister an old address in the
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school. sure enough a package was waiting for him where the return address was to his sister. >> i feel surreal to feel that -- to have something arrive from your sister, your late sister. like a sign that says i am here with you. >> and-side he found a card that read i will see you soon. and a lulu lemon running hat no surprise considering he was known for giving at let being apparel as gifts. starting today, baltimore county police will step up patrols as towson university tiger fest kicks off the they are using grant money tone courage students to attend social events that unite a stadium. a special patrol will start tomorrow at 7 and run until 3 a.m. on sunday. police say they are going to be look for loud parties underage drink and drunk driving illegal drugs and more. crews continue to work on a broken water main in towson.
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and we will look at a live picture this morning. officials say that a 10-inch main broke yesterday afternoon. it's affecting the area the carver center for arts and technology and 15 other businesses between bosley and fairmont avenues. the southbound lanes are closed. so crews are temporarily reviving a northbound -- dividing a northbound lane. no word when it will be back open to normal. a military career fair inanne arundel county. and noncommissioned officers association are responsing the career expo helping men and women transition from military to life in the civilian world. dozens will be on hand. the expo starts at 10 in the morning and runs until 2 in the afternoon. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most
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accurate by weatherate. >> yesterday, one of the days that went reverse of fortune. high temperatures officially three minutes after midnight. it was 68. but going down to 61 as a quick drop in temperatures and then we continued to slide into the 40s during the morning and a slow recovery into the afternoon. 44 degrees so far for the morning hours for the low temperatures and that's a little closer to normal. check out the global temperatures down half a degree around the planet. from this time last year. yes, there's been a drop in the earth's temperatures in one year. cinco de mayo showing up normal temperatures in baltimore. 71 would do it in the afternoon. records split 34 in 1966 and 1930, that hot decade continues to prove itself with a lot of high temperature record 92 showing up on this date in baltimore. 6:04 sunrise. 8:03 sunset. a chance to see that today as we take our old storm system when we have to push it off the coast. upper level cold core producing
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a northwesterly flow. still producing some showers across the great lakes. and yes, while we wake with up frosty conditions back across the ohio valley, there are roughly a dozen states back hereunder the influence of frost or freeze warning this morning. after the growing season started the general area along ohio and tennessee and lower mississippi valley dealing with flooding and dealing with really chilly temperatures. needless to say, though, that is the core of the cold air slide on top us today. we get sun here but it looks like we will actually have to battle that cold air mass. we will probably have to battle the northwesterly wind versus clouds trying to develop into the afternoon. but really, the next push of clouds will be during the day tomorrow. so, this afternoon, nice and comfortable, breezy and cool. tomorrow, we try to push in warm air. and then there will be more clouds during the afternoon and showers back to the west trying to sneak in late in the day. looks like we will hold them off until after the morning -- evening commute. and leading on into the weekend, we will try to get the
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showers out of here early saturday morning. could linger early at the beach going into spring prove like the rest of us on saturday and sunday. a different story. 67 today the two degree guaranteed high. today back down into the 40s. check out the weekend forecast and it looks like temperatures are back into the 70s. a chance of a shower, 60s, more's day. >> reporter: right now our earlier accident on north point boulevard near eastern boulevard has been cleared through dundalk. so that's good. also a disabled vehicle from 95 southbound off-ramp to caton also cleared. so as we look live at the beltway, that leaves us light on incidents. it's going to be a little slow ride in through towson because southbound york road closed at fairmont avenue this morning. because of a water main issue. two-way traffic in the northbound side. now back to you. >> thanks so much. the images of smoke billowing from a nuclear power plant from a earthquake in march sent workers and
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residents scrambling to get away. but coming up next, we have new video from inside the damaged nuclear plant. and also ahead this morning, if you drive a chevy cruise we have a consumer alert you need to hear about this morning. we will be right back. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast, i could use all the help i can get. like nutella, a delicious hazelnut spread that's perfect on multigrain toast, even whole-wheat waffles, for a breakfast that my kids love and i feel good about serving. and nutella is made with simple, quality ingredients, like hazelnuts, skim milk, and a hint of cocoa. it's quick, easy and something everyone can agree on. ♪ nutella. breakfast never tasted this good.
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good morning. fourments away from six making headlines look at this. this is new video from inside a reactor at the nuclear plant in fukushima japan a robot that went-side found radiation levels higher than expected. today, president obama will visit ground zero and meet with the family victims from september 11th. george w. bush declined an invitation to join him at the site. and gm recall the cruz compact car this morning. they say they want to check the new models to make sure the steering shafts are properly installed. the the recall involves 150,000, 20-11 -- shall 2011 cruise sedans. coming up in the next hour, four people behind bars this morning after police say they performed a brutal act. we have details on that and how a night of fun almost turned deadly for one mentally
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challenged man. also ahead this morning, if lawmakers get their way, some teens may not be able to get that tan they wanted for prom. plus, 9/11-- or 911 operators this morning. they know him by name because he dialed over and over and over again. we will tell you why when we come back.
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now "good morning maryland." the president visits ground zero this morning. the message he has for family members of september 11th. the family of phylicia barnes suspected this and this morning police confirmed it. the teen was murdered but they are not saying how. plus, he is 15 years old but is braver than most adults. how a local teen is honored for his extraordinary efforts. those stories a just ahead on th


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