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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  May 5, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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now "good morning maryland" at nine. good thursday morning. and thanks so much for joining us on "good morning maryland" at nine i am megan pringle. first thing we will talk about is something that's hard, child abuse but we have to balk it's a serious -- because it's a serious issue so adam with the baltimore child abuse center is here to talk about that and great programs going on and educational information that might help to passe long. and spending -- pass along. and speak of education lifelong reading habits how to keep them and an exciting event may 7th this weekend and how to get involved and help out kids. plus, it's cinco de mayo
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and since we consider the make -- can't make margaritas we will make margarita cupcakes. she brought along a recipe for us. so we will get more information on that as well. >> every thursday dr. fioramonti comes in and takes your calls and gibbs advice. if you have -- gives advice. he is here to talk about obedience. that and more but first as always we want to get started with today's hot topic. and this is one we can relate to. we are talking about gas prices. as prices continue to rise at the pump, the demand for gas is falling. government industry groups saythat drivers are cutting back on the amount of gas they are putting in the cars. that could show signs of trouble for the ecomony since americans cut back on other items before cutting down on driving. as for the price at the pump, according to aaa a price for a gallon of regular gat is 3.97
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up 34 cents in a month. nationally, the price is 3.98 up 32 cents in a month. 13 states plus washington, d.c. now have averages of over 4 dollars gallon and in hawaii it's the most expensive dhar 4.56. and with all this going on. some of those who own gas stations are now fighting to bring the prices down. owners are suing bp claiming that the oil giant is forcing them to buy gas when prices are high. driving up the rate you pay at the pump. bp says it's not true and no congressional investigations in recent years has proven price fixing but oil companies but that brings us to the hot topic and we want your two cents. rising price of gas and what seems to be less anger over the prices we ask are you angry or are people complacent about the
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situation because feel they can't do anything. ginger writes and says, why get angry it isn't going to get anywhere but stressed out. stay closer to home bike ride or take nice walks. and theodore writes in oh, you are mistaken. livid here watching the gas prices and the gas executives milk us every day. head to the wmar facebook fan page and leave your two cents and we will share the comments throughout the show. so keep them coming. in other news switching gears, springtime means the end of the school and graduation is very near. which means a lot of new adventures for some people. the paths can vary. one students who faced many challenges and overcame all of them. take a look. >> reporter: marie jean faced
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struggles17 different fosters homes, and if that was not a big enough hurdle she was in a car accident and had 38 surgeries. she had to relearn how to read and write. evidently she learned well. >> a remarkable woman. >> reporter: a remarkable woman and model student. >> she is the most enthusiastic student i met and is very, very bright. and she shared pieces of her life with me made me realize how remarkable she is to be here. >> reporter: and soon marie jean accomplished a goal so big she couldn't even dream it. she will graduate from howard community col weg not one not -- college with not one or two but three degrees. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: this is the beginning of the celebration. today she received an award for outstanding being a dem being achievement and now -- academic achievement and now her three degrees days away. she reveals her secret to
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success. >> a lot of it is just making sure that i use my time wisely. i try to get the work out of the way that i know i have control over instead of waiting until the last-minute to get the assignments continue to get them done ahead of time. >> reporter: she plans to go to law schools school and become a -- school and become a federal judge. howard community college, don harrison for abc2 news. >> and on top of it all she is a single mother of three girls. two 12-year-old twins and 16- year-old daughter. she says they have inspired her to work hard. well, speak of amazing people, he is only 15 years old and already a hero. yesterday, baltimore county honored charlie knisley as a hero e got a hero pin for helping his grandmother and younger brother escape a burning home on dorsey avenue
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in essex last month. >>i yelled for my grandparents to get from upstairs and my grand pop went to get a fire extinguish. by the time he came back up, it just went up and it's to get my little brother and grandma out and my little brother jump off the roof and i caught him. >> when fire crews arrived they say the home was completely on fire. officials say without charley's quick action and smart thinking, that fire could have been deadly. from unspeakable heartache to helping others. family and friends of joey have held their heads high and the 14-year-old fallston freshman they want to honor him he was killed days after start agnew school year. in the 8 months since he died a. scholarship foundation was created so his classmates and 24 teams will have help going to college and donations are
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being taken. >> he had a great personality and he knew how to be friends. and he was known for his hugs, you know. just big hugs. >> tonight joey's dad talks to cheryl conner from his piano row room. he was passionate about keeping his is on the's -- son's spert alive. your kids love to read no doubt about it. it's a patter of how you teach them and approach it. we will talk about how to boost your young scholar's literacy as soon as they are born. also ahead, just in time for cinco de mayo, we have a fiesta in the suito -- studio involving cupcake margaritas. we will find out when we get decorating techniques ahead. and if you've had one too many cupcakes. they he could be the next stop it's the number one small business in america and it's here in our backyard. we have a look inside the growing company but first,
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before we go anywhere, we are going over to justin to look at the weather that's happening this morning. hey, justin. >> hey, 9:07, here inspiration for decorating skills. rainbow sprinkles maybe? >> i like it. >> a great picture. this is from a shower that hit falls church virginia yesterday afternoon late in the afternoon about 5:30, 6. jason sent this in by tweet and it hit and exploded across the mobile flat platform. when you see a double rain bro the primary has the red on the outside and the secondary always in reverse order of colors. a beautiful scene yesterday. their morning clear skies and clean sweep and we have blue skies to show the sunrise in the corner currently at 52. overall, it's a chilly start this morning. we will have a look at temperatures below normal. mixing in included and lot of
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sunshine should dominate for most of us. 67 our two degree guaranteed high. mother's day forecast and more of "good morning maryland" so please stick around.
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you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at nine. thanks for joining us this morning. most of of us have them around
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the house. old books, maybe your kids have grown out of them or maybe you have been keeping them in a box and don't know what to do with they will. nothing could be better than donating the old books to kids who could get excited about reading. that's why shirley, ceo of baltimore reads joins us always a pleasure to have you. >> great to be here. this is our spring cleaning activity for everybody in baltimore. clean out your attic or closets and bring us your books. children's books will be redistribute to free for kids in school to need them and the adult books go into the book bank and you can come down and pick out some for free if you would like. >> we are looking at last year's. this has been a huge success. can you describe the environment what it's like when the kid come in and are so excited about the books. >> where you see the fun is many of the children come in volunteer for us. so this little red wagon was one of the prizes for volunteers. so, it's easy to do and fun. people drive into the
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polywestern parking lot and you will see tents set up and lots and lots of people will come up to your car and say what books do you have for us today and they will unload them and you get a wonderful tax receipt and all the volunteers sort the books into different categories like a book for a child would go into a box for a young child. if you brought. >> a little older of a child. >> yes. that's what we do. aid t of excitement and fun. and the people who volunteer love it and we love them. >> these are all children's books correct? we take all books for the book bank because we go to the baltimore book festival where adults like to pick up books when they bring the kid into the book bank. >> we were talking earlier about getting kids excited to read. because there's a lot of competition with the tv and video games and everything else. what's some of the quick tips and best things to say to a parent about getting kids excited? >> well you know, families and caregivers are a child's first teacher. all of us have probably had the
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experience of singing a silly song or telling a rhyme to a young child even a baby and seeing their face light up. that's the beginning of teaching them to read and to learn to love to read. so our first teachers are caregivers and parents. get books for your kids. come to the book bank and go to the local library. have a special place for your child to store their own books. so they understand their books can -- they are theirs and they can go with them. read to them not just bedtime but the day. >> if they see you reading that's how they can get excited. >> absolutely. we know that parents who don't read and can't read raise children to don't and can't read. that connection between reading as a family sharing your joy and love of reading with your child and e and nephew whoever is so critical to their learning. kid learn better when they like to read. >> everybody has the old books hanging around the house. this weekend this is the time to do it. >> this is the time we would love to see you come out.
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if you can't make it on saturday the baltimore reads book bank is also a place to drop off the books and you can find that on the website baltimore >> if we can put it back up there it flashed up quickly but it has the information so there it is if you are hitting at home. book for kids day it's a great event. and it's on the 7th so go do it. there's number to call and you can go to books for kids thanks so much for coming n normally, we are here talking about adult literacy. it's exciting to talk about kids and getting them started early. >> a strong connection between teaching kids to read so we don't have to when they are adults teach them how to read again. >> all right. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming in. baltimore reads is a great way to volunteer. now back to your two cents on today's hot topic. rising price of gas and what seems like less anger over the prices. on the wm-ar facebook fan page we asked are you angry about the prices or are people complacent about the whole
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situation. so frank writes in, no need to get angry right now the because it's going to keep on raising prices and melody writes in, she says i am live it's but what does it matter? it makes me feel helpless. she also says that she can't afford much else besides gas right now. so if you want to share your two cents on today's hot topic we would love to know what you think. tell us. so head to the wmar facebook fan page and keep the comments coming because we will keep them coming throughout the show. all right. just ahead, according to forbes magazine the number one small company in america right now right here in maryland. and they say it's growing by leaps and bounds. jeff gives us a rare glimpse inside a weight loss company medifast at the plant in owings mills. >> reporter: stripped down to the basics, each packet includes a mix of protein, vitamins and minerals with 100
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calories or less. but turning it into a meal sets this company apart. >> we duplicate this in every product. so if you take this soup that took years to put out product. >> reporter: once limited to 20 selections available only in doctor's office, they offer more than 70 meals including pancakes, brownies and soft serve ice cream that helped more than 3/4 of a million people lose weight. the customers loss has been the kust mare gain growing at sales by 90 million dollars last year alone. but board chairman mcdonald says keeping the company in maryland has come with its own cost. >> wall street beat me up with this. they said the plant should go someplace else and i felt the baltimore county being the uniquely baltimore company because of the historical roots associated with hopkins and stephenson and mccormick's place the flavoring capital of the world we have great partner shies and as result of that the
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capital is higher here than in the united states but you have to pay a premium. >> reporter: they provide jobs to 350 people at the head quart and plant drawing praise from county leaders for being one of the fastest growing corporate sit accidents. >> that is -- citizens. >> it's a success story and it's baltimore county company that appreciates the roots in baltimore county and wants to stay here. despite temptations to go other places. >> reporter: in owings mills, jeff hager abc2 news. >> right now medifast has no international business but the chairman says within the next decade they could become one of maryland's billion dollar companies. i guess we will have to wait and see. no better way to segueway from that into cupcakes but let's admit it we love them. but is it a matter of being hard to make them look as good as they taste? just ahead, we will find out how to make those cupcakes looking good so you can have the partyfor cinco de mayo.
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margarita cupcakes. $?$?
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thanks for joining us. who doesn't love cupcakes or cinco by a. >> he -- cinco de mayo and who better to show us than caroline
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jones than caroline's cupcakeery. these are beautiful. >> thanks. >> and clever. >> actually they are easy to do. >> okay. >> so, the first one we have is our death by chocolate, one of the best sellers a chocolate chocolate cupcake. this is a vanilla cupcake that looks like a bass because we are going into the summertime. it's perfect to have at backyard parties. >> brown sugar on one side and frosting. >> on frosting underneath brown sugar and the mint is the life preserver. >> cute. >> yeah. >> and this one it has to be-- i have to be honest look at this pink one i would think it's so much easier to buy and eat than make at home but it's not impossible night not. if you get piping backs that you can get at michael's you can do it. i think you should try. you want to try? >> it's not going to be pretty. >> i will do one and you try one. the most important thing is make sure you've wider base
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because you want it to be coned on top. so start on the outside. >> all right. >> and go around in a circle. >> i think that looks easy. >> yes. >> let's try it. while we do this, you guys. >> swees harder. >> you have been open for a year now today. >> exactly one year ago today. >> happy anniversary. >> thank you very much. >> you are doing a great job. >> you squeeze it at the very end and it takes a while to learn but it's small canvass so if you don't like how it turned out scrape it off and start again. >> yeah. if you don't mind, show us a couple more and you brought in great piece of advice. if you do this, have a little inspiration before getting started. what you mean? >> you want a picture. not necessarily a picture of a cupcake but of whether it be a basket of flowers or you know a. little picture of the beach and you know the waves you are trying to accomplish and that's what i did with this one right
9:24 am
there. >> got you. >> so what i am making is a basket of flowers. and my mother was florist for 15 years and owned rowan park florist so i get my creativity from her. >> you have a neat story because you were in sales correct. >> yes i did medical device sales for many years. pharmaceutical sales before that. and just decided i wanted to own my business and be my own boss and i started doing this. >> all right. >> yeah. >> all right. good. and this is sort of a hot thing right now. >> absolutely. >> aid cupcake at my wedding and that's what people are doing. do you do that in. >> absolutely. we do weddings and everything. and we have a party space upstair so is you can host your own party and we do weddings and birthday parties and anything you name it. we have a build your own cupcake bar we do. we announce it on the facebook page as well as on the website and what we will do is have cupcakes like this sitting up front and you can bring your kid in and choose the icing and i will decorate it in front of
9:25 am
them and they can put anything they want on top. so, from skid skitels to m&m's and it's fun. >> absolutely. tell everybody where you are located. >> at 1433 east ford avenue down the street from fort mchenry in the heart of low kust point -- locus point. >> thanks so much for coming in. >> thanks for having us. >> your stuff is beautiful i am amazed. >> thanks. and we will have the margarita cupcakes all day today for srchgo day myo and the cupcakes at the store are $2 to celebrate the second year. >> you were kind enough to give us that recipe. if you want to try it, do that. we will go and find out whose are better thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. coming next, we all know gas prices are sky-high and some people will go to great lengths to keep their engines
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running. coming up, how crooks are trying to steal gas right from your car. we have details on that ahead. plus, keeping your children safe. what parents should know about sexual abuse. a tough toic to to talk about but we have -- toic to talk about, but we have to -- topic to talk about but we have to. >> a wide suppress of conditions as low as 34 in 1966. in the 1930s, 92. sun is up at 8:03. we will see it most of the day throughch the question is mother's day. we have got that outlook coming up. stick around there's more "good morning maryland" after this.
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now "good morning maryland" at nine. gas prices are at their highest levels in nearly 3 years. causing some people to turn to really desperate measures to keep the engines running. we are talking about thieves stealing gas out of your car. >> reporter: with gas predicted
9:30 am
to hit $6 a gallon this summer, law enforcement says thieves are targeting anything that holds fuel. including your gas tank. >> most common thefts are in residential areas during the dark time during the night hours where suspects will drill out the bottom of the gas tank and steal the gas. >> reporter: they say they have had 20 cases of gas thefts in the last month. and just yesterday, two customers brought their cars to the automotive technical services after thieves drilled into the gas tanks. >> somebody who would drill a hole in a gas tank with a power drill has death wish. >> reporter: it could explode. >> an electric drill is an electric motor and they ark and there are open sparks and flame around a drill. >> reporter: which can ignite with fumes from within the tank. less fuel in the tank, the higher the risk. >> you can die. >> reporter: not only is it dangerous to the thief and
9:31 am
those around, but also the owner of the car. >> if they drill a hole and you come out and are not aware you are leaking fuel from the gas stank. >> reporter: and you start driving, then your car becomes a rolling time bomb. even if your car doesn't blow up, that whole in -- can be hole in your tank will put a bigger hole in your wallet. >> they are polyethylene fuel tanks and not repairable. >> reporter: the owner can spend 300 to a thousand dollars to replace their gas tanks. >> and that brings us to today's hot topic, the rising price of gas and what seems like less anger over prices. so on the facebook fan page we asked you are you angry about gas prices or do you feel people are complacent about the situation? kimberly writes in saying angry no. too tired trying to make ends meet to waste energy on anger. and folks should start walking more and use less gas and get healthier and a win-win. so if you want to share your
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two cents we would love to know what you think. tell us, head to the facebook fan page and leave a comment and we will share the comments throughout the show. abc2 news is work for you trying to keep your personal information safe. and that's why we have teamed up to shred the document. this weekend you can get the first two bags or box of unwanted documents shred for free right this on-site. so the shred event takes place this saturday from 9 in the morning until noon. two different location on the screen. they are locations is the westview brash on baltimore national pike and the other the hal i am -- hamilton on east northern parkway in baltimore. it's on the screen and on the website. we will switch gears and talk about something no one wants to talk about, child sexual abuse. it's awful to think about but we have to think about it. that's why a city agency wants
9:33 am
you to know about programs that -- and it's edcational tools tohelp you. adam is the executive director of the baltimore child abuse center and it's wonderful to have you. >> aappreciate the opportunity to talk biement it need to be more than once a year conversation but something we can talk to our kids about on a regular basis. >> i am shocked by the stats. you provided information that says one in four girls and one in six boys nationally are sexually abused and that number is unbelievable to me. >> yeah. it's shocking. i think one of the reasons it is shocking because no one wants to talk about this. the real shocker is that 90% of the kids both national will be ahere in baltimore -- and here in baltimore know who abused them. it's the people who we are leaving our kids with and people in our households and lives. we need to do a better job protecting our kids. >> how do we do that? >> there's a lot of different ways. and one is having dialogue and talking with children and beginning to learn not only who they are but when they start to
9:34 am
respond differently and listening and ask questions. they need to feel comfortable with us and know what they should do and who they should ask us about. and we have done a couple neat things. one of the things is having prevention programming available for individuals for families for you and something called the safe kid club we adopted so that it's an easy guide to be able to. >> this is really cool. >> that is manual we have been work with and go to the school and it has easy coloring pages and you have a couple graphics on your site. so, go through activities so it is something that you can work with with your family. >> looks like a coloring book. >> that's right. and there's something my kids jumped on it. when they saw it. kid love to color. and it gives you as a parent the opportunity to be able to have simple tips and it's not just about sexual abuse but safety and personal safety and family safety taking not taking any short cuts, kids using the buddy system so kid shouldn't go to the bathroom by themselves. they should go with somebody
9:35 am
else. when girls go in pairs you know it's for safety measures and it's important. >> so there's tips in there and there's piece of advice if somebody thought i would love to get my hands on that to show their kids how can they get it. >> baltimore child abuse and click from the home page and we will come to the school or church or girl scout troop and do a presentation or order it online. >> why are we so reluctant to talk about child sex abuse. no one wants this to happen. but a lot of people are reluctant to talk about. >> you know, it's a root cause for all the problems we are dealing with. child sexual abuse left unfeathered and untaken care of leads to obesity and future and future domestic violence and zek yule assault and i think we are scared of it and dealing with all the other issues down the road and if we deal with this, people don't want to because it's personal. it changes a lot of our thinking and norms as to the way we are doing things. it makes us come out of our
9:36 am
comfort zone. it's our responsibility to be able to say that doesn't look right and to pick up the phone and dial 9 len or say yoshouldn't be doing that with this child or you shouldn't be there and it takes a community to do that together. we can't let kid do that by themselves. >> spring festival is coming up. tell people what it is all about. >> it's going to be fun. on may 15th at quarry on green spring avenue we will do our spring festival so we want families to come out for day of live music with milk shake. >> i love milk shake. >> and they are great here in baltimore and three of a kind soho cal acoustic trio for the older kids and there will be games and rides and arts and crafts and an opportunity to take some of the material home so you can learn how to continue the conversation and you can learn more about that at baltimore child abuse >> i want you to come back. you have so much important tough to -- stuff to talk about. >> and it's one of the constant conversation we need to be having to keep your kids safe. >> give everybody the web
9:37 am
address. >> baltimore child abuse or >> thanks for coming in. you are a busy guy but we will have you back. >> worth taking time to talk about child safety. >> thanks for coming in. stay with us this morning. a man tries to get a crowd pumped up and it backfires in his face. >> usa, usa, usa, usa. >> we heard the chants all week. how a man's mission failed. we have more on the chants that never was.
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it's cinco de mayo the 5th of may. happy birthday to you celebrating. a very special happy birthday to the handsome fella on your screen celebrating his 6th birth day. hope it was a great birthday. plus a happy birthday to samantha turning 14 years oldtoday. her mother sent in this great picture of her. so i hope your birthday is wonderful. and remember, if you have a birthday or and srsry or interesting picture, send it to us so we can share it with everybody else. and you can send in a cute picture of your pooch. we will make it the picture of the day. send it to morning show at and provide all the important information and facts behind the picture so we can
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pass it along. this is a time when we share community events that you e-mail to us. and charley is not here and i will give you mine. i got a e-mail about a event in cecil county. it's the spring fling festival on may 14th, 10 a.m. perryville middle school a 5k run and 1 mile walk and a website if you want more information. but they say come out and celebrate spring and have a great time and it's may 14th. check out the website if you want more information. and if you have an event you want to us mention, e-mail us. e-mail me personally or charley or morning show at the addresss are there. we would love to hear from you. let us know what's happening so we can tell everybody what's going on in your community. well it's thursday which means two things. there's a cute animal in the studio, and a fabulous veterinarian. dr. fioramonti is here with the dog that's up for adoption and he is going to take your call. so if you have a question for dr. fioramonti call 410-377-
9:42 am
8100. write it down and call and we will be right back. you know what? >> what? >> he's fabulous veterinarian. >> he is. >> not only that, but he takes every week he comes in here and knows i have a new puzy in the house for a couple months. >> the kids and the weather and the same old conversation. 54 in baltimore and easton. 56 ocean city. and we have got a lot of activities coming. what kind of weather can we expect? we will go to the extended outlook coming up. please, stick around. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at nine. all right. thanks for joining thus morning. dr. fioramonti and oliver are here. are you kidding me with this dog in. >> isn't this the cutest guy you've seen. >> he is adorable. >> he is a year and half old chihuahua that's at the spca look for a home. we thought we should have him on the air to see if we can find him home. he is a lover. he comes up and kisses you and wants attention. >> he is really friendly. i was going to say he is not hyperand seems very laid back. >> he may be hyper. we haven't tested that but he loves to kiss you and loves you. look at that. haven't seen a mean thing on
9:46 am
him e came over and said -- he came over and said hi knees the the -- hi. >> he is at maryland spca. >> yes. >> you are getting a home today and so stinking cute. so what are the best things to do bringing great pets up for adoption but also advice. we had sheena call in she had a question about the cat. apparently the cat keeps crashing sores. >> her cat is licking and chewing and having source and show -- sores and you want to remember there's a couple common problems. first it can be allergies and even though this is not high allergy time of the year, if your cat hasfood allergies they can be chewing and crashing at the skin and causing irritation. also, cats have other kinds of diseases feline irritation on the skin where they are constantly pick and chewing at that area and cause probable -- causing problems. if your cats are having that
9:47 am
have the vet look at cat over and see if he can evaluate if it's an allergy. there's medicine that can be used and if you are not using that, the cat will continue to make things worse and worse. >> probably one of the things you want to treat rather than wait. >> yes the longer you wait the more the sores and the long earth treatment has to be. >> before we go outbrought -- you brought in collars -- you brought in collars. >> it's a friend i talked with yesterday and he said his son was working with their dog and the dog got loose and they couldn't find it for a while. and it reminded me it's important to remember to keep your pet under control. if he is in the house, you don't have to worry. if he is in a fenced in yard but if you take your pet out for a walk, make sure to have a proper leash or collar so they can't get loose and hit by a car or into a fight with another dog. if they are in the house or if they are out where you are not sure whether they are going to be safe or not, make sure to have your pet trained to come when you cot call it.
9:48 am
rattle a candy bottle or something with treats so the pet will come running over when you call it. so that you can keep it away from danger and injuries. >> all right. dr. fioramonti tell everybody where you are in case they have questions. >> towson veterinary hospital. give us a call 410-825-8880. and we will be glad to talk to you. >> don't foreget about oliver who needs a home and he is so sweet. he is up for adoption at the maryland spca and if he is not there they have so many great dogs and cats so give them a call. thanks for coming in. >> you are welcome. >> now we want to take one more look at today's hot topics. the rising price of gas and what seems to be less anger over the prices. so on the wmar facebook fan page we asked, what you think about this. are the gas prices are you angry about them or do people just seem complacent about the situation? so we asked you what you think and you guys are writing in. so, we heard from robin who writes in saying i am angry
9:49 am
with a few exclamation points. i feel up my tank when it is half cool and cost 30 bucks too much. daron says people are losing their jobs and homes and businesses are closing their doors. but exxon shows profits in the billions. no i am not angry, appalled is more like it. so if you want to share your two cents, we would want to know what you think. tell us head to the wmar facebook fan page and leave a comment and we want to hear from you. when you hear americans chanting and shouting usa, usually you want to join in or maybe you could on the out of a public display of patriotism. but the question aboard a subway the other night it was asked. take a look at this jeanne moos has the store iest chant that failed. -- story of the chant that failed. >> reporter: since osama bin laden was killed we have beenhearing. >> usa, usa, usa. >> reporter: million then.
9:50 am
>> new yorkers, this is is not appropriate but it is today so anybody with a. [audio not understandable] join me usa, come on usa bin laden is dead. >> reporter: but the subway car remained in a united state of silence. >> for crying out loud if this was a day to be proud of the military and country. >> reporter: despite the waiter's best efforts, all he got was one finger salute. >> usa. anybody give a usa usa >> reporter: chants in the subway new yorkers don't have icon tack in the subway and they hate it when you point a camera at them. divided we stand, and sit junkettage had been at ground deer -- jonathan was at ground zero over the rainbow about bin laden biting the dust. >> you are welcome to the military. everyone who protects you while you sleep. >> it took me while to realize i was obnoxious and crazy guy i
9:51 am
might have ignored if that happened so i forgive everyone. >> reporter: when he posted his video to youtube he got comments like, cheering death is bad carma. then what's this? west virginia on his atv with a flag tied to a fishing rod. >> usa usa. >> reporter: and firing off a 9 millimeter in a 350 -- and a 357 magnum he was called every dumb redneck in the book what do you say people writing nasty things about you being a hill billy hick. >> hilarious. >> reporter: heys a chef andcooked this up as over the top display of patriotism. sort of performance art. >> the way you are going -- >> reporter: the way you were going in and out of frame wasfunny. all of this inspired by osama bin laden's demise.
9:52 am
>> the new food at the-- fish food at the bottom of the arabian sea. >> reporter: but blind patriotism beats shooting blind. jeanne moos,. >> usa, usa. >> reporter: cnn new york. >> all right. stay with us this morning. still ahead, in honor of mere day, the world's richest moms. we will be right back. t
9:53 am
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now "maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. colder than normal no doubt. cool air spilling down atlanta georgia and 50 right now. we are warmer than them at 54. typically cool airdrops to the south and then pops over the mountains. we got ourselves a little bit of a battle because of the northwesterly flow. and this cool dry air slides in our direction. and ahead of the next weather system. bringing it back closer we will have mostly sunny skies. maybe a few clouds popping up with the northwesterly wind. and heat of the day. but the cloud -- heating of the day. we will try to show off showers and thunderstorms in the mountains for the daylight but maybe in the evening they will be in.
9:56 am
out of here by the morning showers on saturday. the pick of the day afterafternoon. 72 friday and we will be in the 70s and drop after a mostly dry saturday. sunday could have scattered showers. that's more's day and i might be in trouble. we are back in the 60s and warming up early next week a50- 50 weekend not horrible or a washout before if you you plan anything outside you could get a little wet from time to time on mother's day. >> put on a rain jacket and take the umbrella. >> patience and blame me. >> if you are a mother you have the patience. mother's day is this weekend so we have the list of the u.s. richest moms. according to forbes. >> the homes that -- moms that don't need a gift. blair perry who is apparently mother of two inherited a 25% stake in the moda company worth 6.7 billion. she is the heir to the cox enterprise. >> moms all moms need a gift and they get finger paintings. >> exactly. which they probably love as
9:57 am
much. >> jaqueline mars third generationa. heir to the candy maker mars. her father invented m&m's and my favorite peanut m&m's. 71-year-old divorced mother of three worth $10 billion. >> number 3 abigail johnson 49- year-old mother of two controls the country's largest mutual fund if i dealt why her father her net worth is 11 billion. >> i got a stomachic aann cox chambers the aunt of our number -- she inhaired 15 billion dollar cox enterfrom her father 91 divorced mother of 3 worth 13 billion. >> all right. the richest mom in the united states christie walton worth 26 1/2 billion dollars. she is the mother of one who inherited the fortune back in 2005 after her late husband john walton died. he is the son of the wal-mart founder. >> on that note, mom. >> happy mother's day.
9:58 am
you all feel rich because you are a mom.
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