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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  May 6, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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i am megan pringle and charley is off but we have lots of guests to keep you entertained. we have a great program a woman in cecil county that started this mission getting kids that are sick and in the hospital around the world teddy bears. she start a teddy bear drives and we have the details on that. plus if you have your charity or nonprofit organization, she brought a guest to explain how to do better for your community. we will tell you more about that. also, mothers' day is on sunday. hopefully you have plans but if
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you make mom something, why not rockfish. we have a chef who will give us a great recipe that we will put online nan leave it to the maryland spca to bring in a great cat that's up for adoption who is so cute but also the cat we are talking about that is francesca but they've awesome program. they are so creative at the maryland spca so it's basically great deal if you are looking for a cat. we will hear from the director over there aileen gabbey who will et us know about it. stay tuned for that. but first, our hot topic is a story that's going to make you feel warm this morning. if you want to wake up and know we care about each other in this community, this story is for you. it is how abc2 works for you and how we work for each other. here's jamie costello. >> my daughter needs me. save my life if you can. save my life i want to live i
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don't want to die. >> reporter: her mother did the unthinkable and died. and she left gaynell with $4 gas so when you -- >> when you crawl on the ground you don't want people look down on you. you want people to pull you up. you don't want a hand out but a hand up. >> reporter: all she wanted was to visit her mother's grave on sunday but can't afford it. the accident paralyzed her. brian kuebler did the story at six. you started to call and e-mail and hours ago we went back to her place. this is jamie costello how you doing? >> pretty good how. about you. >> reporter: susan a compete stranger is going to drive up from rock hall -- a complete strangeer is going to drive upfrom rock hall to take her to the cemetery. >> i will take you -- i have the gas, is there and after that i will take you out to lunch my treat. >> that sounds really cool. >> reporter: a stranger gabs
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hear reason to put her head on the pillow in peace tonight. >> it's. >> reporter: that's when people are about. >> that's what people are about. that's what real people do. that's the stuff i would do. >> reporter: she wears her mom's rings, nine she gave to her on past mother's days and she was in the hospital a few weeks ago in the same hospital room 924 as her mother when she got sick. it changed tonight with a phone call. >> i don't think i will let this lady out of my life i think this is the beginning of a family member and i am so thankful i reached out and you cared enough to do something about it. i will never be able to thank you enough for susan and you and you coming here and you knowjust caring about my circumstances means a lot to me. >> that was jammy costello reporting -- jamie costello reporting. we will be gaynell and sues san and we will bring outdid --
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susan and we will bring outstory mama doris wrote a book she never saw and on page 85 there's a poem called a kiss for mommy. so we went through it and it reads, my worst time, a kiss from you would make my day. and susan if you are watching, we hope you know that you made gaynell's day in a way she will never forget. right after our original story aired, last night at 6:00 we immediately got calls from viewers offering to lend gaynell a helping hand. go to and see the original story and the story we aired and you can learn more about it. it's on you can leave us a note on the facebook page. that brings us to today's hot topic. we want your two cents on the wmar facebook fan page. mother's day is coming up. the story has to make you feel good. what would you like to say to your mom? terry writes in my mother has been deceased for 34 years. as the youngest of 12 sisters,
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my sisters stepped up and became my rock i want to thank my sisters loretta green, carolyn harris janet berry and gwen berry and wish them a helpy mother's day. if you want to share your two cents, this is what it's all about. we want to hear from you. tell us and head to the wmar facebook fan page and leave a comment and we will keep the comments coming throughout the morning's show. but first, the story of a real life desperate housewife amount northern california woman serving time for having sex with two teenage boys including her daughter's 14- year-old boyfriend. christine was known as the hummer mom for driving teensaround in the suv and doing more in the vehicle. we have the exclusive interview with the woman leading a secret life. >> reporter: from the outside they appear to have the perfect life. met at brigham young and got
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married at the mormon temple. 4600 home and cabin at lake tahoe and fancy cars. >> out of 22ees of marriage, 20 years were --22 years of marriage 20 years were good. >> don't drink or do anything. >> reporter: rough times started when she was 40 got involved with two 14-year-old boys. her daughters' boyfriend at middle school and later with his best friend. >> i have to take responsibility, but i don't want to be portrayed as predator or someone that went out and forced this on anyone. it was not the case at all. >> reporter: how were you not a predator. >> well, i knew this boy for a long time. >> reporter: she is hoping this interview will improve her image. but after i contacted the families of her two young victims, they asked police to share the case file with me. i don't -- >> i don't think she realized
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talking to you now i am going to talk about it. >> reporter: she groomed her vice presidents by showering them with gifts. >> big screen tv, two phones, two i pods. >> reporter: a game sis people in x-box and play station. >> reporter: she spent tens of thousands of dollars. >> it's like christmas every day when christine came by because she will give you cash. >> reporter: she took her daughter boyfriend on family vacations. a trip to the cabin in tahoe after christmas 2008 is where it turned sexual. christine fell asleep with the two daughters and the boy in the same queen sized bed. >> i was exhausted and i just i don't know what happened i doesn't know how i broke down or let it happen. >> reporter: but when you say you let it happen that takes responsibility away from you. >> i didn't start it and touch anything back. it was him and he started it. >> reporter: she claims she was concerned her kids would wake
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up so she walked the 14-year- old to another room. >> i wanted him to get out and asked him to go in another room and he didn't. he pulled me and i just went with him i don't know why. >> reporter: and what happened in the other room? >> then we had a sexual encounter. >> reporter: police say that's not how it happened. she was the aggressor from the start. and the boy was asleep alone in a bedroom at the cabin. >> and he woke up into the middle of the night and christine walking in with just a coat on and completely naked. >> reporter: hubs admits the sex continued in hotel a spare bedroom at the family home and in the back of christine's hummer. this one with the license plates. after month the boy finally pulled away. >> that's where boy number two came in. his best friend. she used his best friend to make him jealous. >> reporter: she admits it was physical with the second boy after giving him a ride home from a party. they parked at little league ball field. >> and it happened.
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i just. >> reporter: what happened? >> so we just had sex in the back of the car. >> reporter: in the back of the hummer. >> yeah. >> reporter: christine sent the boys thousands of text messages. >> you are mine, mine, mine tell the other girls to f off i miss your touch. >> reporter: many are very sexually explicit. and it was her texting that finally got her arrested. >> i found out that there was communication going on. >> reporter: her husband tim heard rumors about her relationship with the first boy. one night he caught christine texting him. tim asked the boy's mother to check his phone. she found a photo of a woman's naked breasts and called tim to come see it. >> well, i was first of all, shocked, but. >> reporter: was there any doubt it was christine? >> no i knew it was my wife. >> reporter: the mother called police. and she was charged with 67 counts. she pled guilty to four. unlawful sexual intercase,
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person under 16 and two counts lewd act upon a child. last month christine received a 5-year prison sentence. >> [audio not understandable] that's when i should be home making dinner and getting the homework together and getting them ready for the next day and i am here. >> reporter: he says his family is all starting therapy. despite the damage christine caused, he wants to stay married. >> i still love her. and so, i know she loves me. and we have our children and so i -- and when i got married to her it was for eternity and through our religion and that's what i want to make sure that iwould like to stay together if we can work everything out. >> ten minutes after 9. we will take a break but when we come
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back we will turning heartache into heroism a grieving father takes his loss and uses it to help his son's classmates and community. his spirit is very much alive. your chance to give back andhelp a sick child and it's easy. a woman on a mission in the studio will tell us how to help kids in the hospital around the world have something to cuddle. and, forget the joy of cooking cookbooks. would you be willing to trade in the old cookbooks for a old ipad? some are doing it. we will look at it but first meteorologist justin berk. 9:11. we have on the video screen good look images that show off our fine looking friday. this is annapolis after sunrise on the severn. we have got ourselves a look at that sun glare in towson. that would be nice to take the screen and you can see that. a nice detail we have on the ac cam. highlighting the fact that it's good visibility and low
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humidity and high clouds back to the west will creep in next couple hours. no big deal but we may lose the sun during the afternoon. and temperatures are pushing 60. and we will aim for 72, the two degree guaranteed high and a chance of thundershowers by this evening. we will talk about that mother's day outlook forecast and more "good morning maryland" coming up. so please, stick around.
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you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at nine. thanks for joining us on this friday morning. he lived 14 years but left a lifetime of membersry joey d' entremont died and the family created a scholarship foundation to make sure his pelory doesn't die. ♪ -- his millionry doesn't die. >> reporter: the voice of -- his memory doesn't die. >> reporter: his music continues to captivate family and friends who filled this piano room with his memory. >> he was a very deep young man. and the stuff he wrote was -- he was beyond his years. >> reporter: caught me by surprise was written by a
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middle schoolgirl friend when he was 11. now his home is filled with memories. his injuriesies and a favorite girl picture from travels and passport. >> certainly types of life ace move on i will wonder you know what is it going to be like without him being here. >> reporter: and there are cards everywhere you turn. word that help the grieving family when joey never came home. those words dropped in the mailbox and left at the scene of the accident are his family's song. you were such a great friend and you loved everyone. the poster boards were brought back from route 24 and read pump road in bel air. back in september, state police say joey made a mistake trying to cross the road too quickly not seeing the car that hit him. >> i have my moments, you know
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every day. every day. every day. >> reporter: with the pain not many parents will ever understand, joe came up with a way to cope. he started a foundation and raised 10,000 dollars so far. the goal 100,000 dollars by 2014 and the year joey would have graduated from high school. some of his class -- so his classmates can be awarded a scholarship in his honor. >> it's rough, like,. >> reporter: rhea taylor dedicated this saturday to another project in joey's memberry. friends and family have teamed with a nun who use her home in baltimore city as a collection site for those in need.anthony benefits from the donations. >> what they are doing there really came to me like to help me out when it's nothing. they really came and gave me something. they gave me hope to keep move forward. >> reporter: giving was part of joey's life, too. >> he had god's love in his heart and he wants to share it
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and i know he is using us, you know to do that for people. >> reporter: there's no doubt his death impacted thousands of people. joey had 900 facebook friends before the accident. now it's close to 3500. messages left on september 17th and still on march 17th, friends missed him as much. joey left a lasting birthday witch for-- wish for his father weeks before he died. [audio not understandable] >> i want to wish you a happy birthday and i love you. [ music ] >> reporter: he died too young but how he lived is not gone. anthony chambers will tell you and years from now, so will college bound seniors. >> i hope something good can come out of my loss.
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>> reporter: the next big fund raising event is june 26th at ripkin stadium. 200 of his friends will be at iron bird game and money goes to the scholarship foundation. if you want to learn more about the fund we have a link on the website cheryl conner, abc2 news. >> wednesday was teddy bear day. that sounds cute and it is but there's a serious meaning behind all this. two local groups are asking you to pay it ford and give all you can do. help a child by giving a teddy bear and you can donate to teddy bears to kids defense team, pam from the kids defense team as well as ryan, they join us. ryan is from wish upon a hero thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having us. >> that is neat storey. this is the first time you've met but you've had a lot of chats. want to get to that. but we will start with you. this is something you started and are's passionate about. how does it work?
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>> we give teddy bears to kids that are chronic illness orterminal illness and i do it by get on ryan's site wish upon a hero and look for kids that might have an illness or-- and say do you have a teddy bear and send it off and give it to them. and they ask for a teddy bear on my website and i send it. >> you brought some in. these are not huge things you are asking people to donate. >> no. no. just a simple teddy bear that a child can hug and make them feel comfortable when going to the hospital. >> how many years you been doing this to. >> this one since december but i've had kids defense team is in effect since 2003. >> what kind of reaction do you see from children who get a teddy bear? what kind of things do you see and what kind of things do you hear from them? >> i hear they are -- they are happy, it helps when going to
9:21 am
the hospital and it helps them be more comfortable. it just all in all, it just is apositive effect when they are going into the transition of staying there for a long period of time. >> yeah. ryan you are from wish a upon a hero how did you get involved and how did it happen when you two working together. >> she is one of our charities on our website and she helps out kids not just in our local area but through the network. so we have heros like pam who live in various regions throughout the country and the world. we help -- they help out people in need. and she grants a lot of wishes. she is one of our super hero charities. >> what does that mean wish upon a hero? what does it mean for those not familiar. >> it's at world's largest social helping website where people who are in need of a wish, can post a wish online. and heros are just regular people who help grant the wishesin the 2 1/2 short years we have granted over 77,000
9:22 am
wishes. >> wow. >> all types of wishes. kid wishes, pet wishes. you know, military wishes you name it. we granted it. >> we were talking about kid wishes today. and when you give them teddy bears, this seems simple but you have to collect the bears and get the money to ship them out. what kind of help do you need? >> teddy bear, monday tarry donations to where i -- it costs a lot to ship them i shipped an-- it cost me almost $40 to ship to a girl in new zealand because she was going in for a brain operation. for one teddy bear to send to new zealand. i sent a family of teddy bears to australia and it can get a little intense. >> sure. you have to feel great. >> oh, yeah. i love it. i love it. >> if people want to learn more or get involved there a number to call? or website? >> number on the website kids
9:23 am
defense >> and what about you ryan if people want to wish upon a hero like pam. >> wish upon a is our website. and we one of the other reasons why pam is here is she takes advantage of one of our online fund raising solution to help out charities to help out schools and to help out fund raising groups. so, we have that available. it's on the website too. >> great. you met for the first time today? >> yes. >> was it fun? >> yes. >> she she is a great person. >> we talked on the phone and through em-mails and for the first time. >> thanks so much for coming in. and don't forget they need your help. we will put this information not only on your screen but on our website, thank for -- thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having us. >> any time. time 9:23 we want to go back to your two cents on the hot topic on the official wmar facebook fan page. mother's day is coming up.
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with mother's day around corner what do you want to say to your mond. lond says i want to say mommy i wish god could give you back to us. we miss you that's from your four kids. and julie writes in, i am an orphan and i want to thank her for doing a fabulous job raising my sister and i and she made many sacrifices and loved being a grandmother. we love the sort things. so keep them coming. we would love to here you -- hear from you. tell us and head to the wmar facebook fan page and leave a comment and we will share them throughout the show. it's friday, yesterday it was srchgo day myo. it's searchingo de gato we are celebrating cats and there is a real great discount going on if you want to adopt a cat hike francesca who is here as nice as can be. we will introduce you to our pet of the week and tell you about it when we come back.
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thank you for joining thus morning. look at your screen that's about the scutest thing i've seen. this is -- cutest thing i've seen. s in francesca in the arms of aileen gabbey. she is so nice. >> she is. she is very nice francesca is actually a mom. >> happy mother's day.
9:28 am
>> we are talking about her kittens have been adopted. she is up for adoption. she is pretty mild mannered. beautiful very, very soft. and house broken. she is a great kitty. >> i know with cats they seem they can get wild but she has been calm and tameed. >> so far. she is mild mannered which is why we thought we would bring her in and show her. that's why we are doing our cinco de mayo what is cinco de gato. >> the adult cats get passed over but we want to make sure they get some attention. so through the weekend, through sunday, adult cats ray veil for $5 adoption fee -- cats are available for a $5 adoption fee. cats are about $80 which is a bargain. >> it's a huge bargain, yeah. >> they have all the shots but it's a special fun way to promote their adoptions in the regular process is fine but we want to get a couple more adult
9:29 am
cats gone. >> you have a lot cats. >> we do. it's typically that time of year as well. and we want them to find homes. and it's been really nice. we have a special program called fostering and francesca was in a foster home with a foster mom herself and that person took care of her and her babies until they were old enough to be adopted. so now she needs a home. >> you mentioned that francesca is a mom and mother's day is coming. might be a not be a great idea to surprise mom with a dog but maybe a donation in her name. >> that's a lovely gift because sometimes people are at a loss what can i get my mom, flowers don't last. but a gift in her honor to a charity she likes and maryland spca is a nice charity, and we have had people express an interest in doing family volunteering. so,. >> that would be a great thing especially for the summer. >> yeah and for the foster moms a lot of times they will have
9:30 am
kids get involved in caring for the animals and it's good for the animals and teaches the kids a lot, too. >> how long does the cinco de gato goes on. >> through sunday. >> okay. >> through the weekend we extended the celebration. and francesca will be available. >> she is one cute cat and needs a home and the maryland spca has lots of pets that are look for loving families. give them a call or head to the website and a $5 cat you can't beat that. that's a great deal. thanks for coming in. she was well behaved. >> bye. >> all right. stay with us, your smartphone is smarter thanks to a new app. it's a new invention that can save you a trip to the doctor. we will explain. >> and you can put away the cookbooks, there's a new tool in the kitchen. how technology can satisfy your appetite. 9:30. we look at temperatures right now and we are showing an
9:31 am
approach to 60. it's 59 at the top of the hour. 61, though, in easton. 65 ocean city. and very proud of them. they got spring fest going on and they have pretty good weather to show off. what do we expect this part of the season? 71 typical high the 6th of may and we will be close this afternoon getting cooler for the second half of the weekend as rain tries to move in for parts of mother's day. i say try and parts. we will give outdetails on the weekend weather outlook and more "good morning maryland" at nine. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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now "good morning maryland" at nine. we say we want to work for you and we do. so we want to help you this weekend keep your personal information safe. that's why we have teamed up with nicu again to shred the important documents. this weekend, you can get the first two bags or boxes of unwanted documents shreded for free. the shred events takes place on saturday from 9 in the morning until 6 at two locations.
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the westview branch on baltimore national pike in catonsville and hamilton on east northern parkway in baltimore. all right. how do you feel about this? your eyesight may be going but you don't want to go to the doctor. it turns out, there's an app for that. the smart phone app allows patients to administer different eye test such as a reading, digital eye chart or is that a high resolution image of each eye and the results can be sent to your doctors through e-mail. experts applaud the app saying it's a useful screening tool. however, others caution the exam are no substitute for a thorough eye exam with your doctor. and speak of technology, -- speak of technology. what -- speaking of technology what do you think about putting away the cookbooks to save computer books. tablets are a hot tool in the kitchen right now and as karin caifa tells us, developers are
9:36 am
happy to saturdays fight appetite. >> reporter: in the busy kitchen, coowner and chef says one of his favorite ingredients is an apple. his ipad. the tablet is a slimmer substitute for cookbooks. >> no one had any idea what to do so wept on the internet and googleed it and you can get a direction to go with the dish. >> reporter: he also uses his tablet to keep up with the business side of his multiple restaurants. inventory to invoices and customer relations firing off recipes when diners act. >> to be able to write a recipe and not go upstairs in the office and stay in the kitchen without interruption is so much time saving. >> reporter: the average at home kitchenista can do the
9:37 am
same thing. from apps that do kitchen maps like conversion for cook apps or substitution apps when you need an ingredient in a pinch. a array of cookbooks from celebrity chefs they are taking a place on the counter trying to keep yours away from the batter. karin caifa and you are now clicked in. justin, i can seeous eu -- see you useing that but i like my cookbook. back to your two cents. the wmar facebook fan page we asked with mother's day approach, what do you want to say to your mom? kimberly says i would love to say thank you for giving me life, my mom passed away when i was 18 months old. so i would love to tell her so much more and that sums it up. shelly writes she would ask mom when you got to heaven, did you get a chance to dance with frank sinatra. and i love it. keep the comments coming. go to the wmar facebook fan page and we want to know what you would say on mother's day
9:38 am
is sunday and we will keep the comments coming throughout the show. here on "good morning maryland" at mine we want to keep you posted. the arrival of spring has something that is an annual tradition. flower-mart. it kicked off back in 1911 when it first started. and it takes over mount vernon today and tomorrow with 11 peppermint sticks and pet parade and all the forgeous flowers there. there's plenty to do and lots of information regarding plants and gardening items and tasty treats. flower mart kicks off today less than two hours and, of course, it runs until tomorrow. since we are talking about great things going on this weekend, here's one for you if you don't have plans. wine, dine and design at the home show going on may 7th and 8th starting at 11 in the morning at five in the evening. if you wonder what this whole spread is, this is an example of what you will see. i am not drinking wine at 9:30.
9:39 am
they have 100 elegant designs style and homes and yes over 50 fine wines and beers and spirits and they have gourmet foods we are told chocolate and gourmet sauces and all this happening at the baltimore convention center. the design and home exhibit mother's day a complimentary lounge, gourmet food tasting and fine wine. beer and spirits tasting. if you want more information, i will give you a website to go to. it's wine dine design home and look at your screen because this has all the information. and to tell you, they have the design and home exhibit, the mother's day lounge, and all the food tasting and spirits tasting. so again more information at wine, dine, design home shows. and again, all sorts of gourmet treatse. so if you are look pour something luxurious and wonderful, give it a try. speaking of good tasting things, you can smell our
9:40 am
studio next door. and it smells pretty good. coming up, the chef is going to show us how to make rockfish a main course this more's day i believe he has all sorts of different recipes including liche. we will be right back.
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thanks for joining us.
9:43 am
okay. time for the featured events. charley is not here. but that is important one. jamie costello and i will host this and we would love it if you would join us. next weekend benefits the family of fallen firefighter mark faulkenhan friday the 13th starting at 7 and goes until midnight. it will be great time. live music and they will have food and tickets are $45 and again it benefits the family of mark faulkenhan in mark he lost his life saving people from an apartment fire. it's a great cause and will be a good time and we hope you join us. jamie and i will be there. visit the website on the screen if you want more information. and if you have something happening in your community and want us to mention it, we would be happy to. tell us. you can e-mail us personal any my address charley's or morning show at or on the screen. let us know what's happening. speaking of what's happening, abc2 programming reminder. it's going to be all things
9:44 am
osama bin laden on sunday square off that starts at 10 in the morning with richard sher. he joins us here in the studio. good morning. >> good morning miss megan. obama gets osama but the world will not see the death pictures. and skeptics are not pleased at all. sunday at 10 a.m. we will square off on the body pictures and fear of retaliation. the role of the pakistan government. the future of al-qaeda and role of president obama in the end of bin laden. here's your panel sunday bob sher and lisa and trey and tom and meg abthe free weekend in atlantic city contest is running out. we have had hundreds of entriesand details are coming sunday at 10 a.m. this is on abc2's square off and we will see you then. all right? meg. >> all right. atlantic city. not bad. all that to watch and scare off at 10 a.m. on abc2. we have an idea for a main course this more's day. cook your mom something and why
9:45 am
not rockfish. the chef is here in studio b and will show us how to make an amazing meal. stick with us. we will be cooking up a storm. that's good. >> yes. we will keep the storms away and my mother-in-law will not be in ocean city so the weather will hold up nice. that's a quote from her. rich and hang on 68 friday. and that's this afternoon. 70 tomorrow. and 65 mother's day there will be showers and not a washout. temperatures are chilly to go in there unless you've wet suit. but spring fest ocean city. bring it on. summer is around the corner. our weather in a moment. [ male announcer ] baltimore.
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a city that's been inspiring ideas and innovation since 1729. at bank of america, we live, work and help serve the community here through hundreds of branches and atms. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from supporting the university of maryland medical center... to the restoration of the hippodrome theater and american brewery building. because when you're giving, lending and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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it's time to dine on this friday morning. i wish you could smell the kitchen. it smells so good. he is making rockfish good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you in. >> very good i am not complaining one bit. what's going on? >> well, we will start today -- the star is rockfish. what i have here is 8 ounce farm raised rockfish fillet. >> okay. >> seasoned with salt and pepper and kaian and paprika. >> that's it? >> that's it. we are going. [audio not understandable] we are making a different
9:49 am
salad. >> when we are finished, that's what it going to look like. this one of your favorite ways to prepare it? >> you know irk love rockfish anyway. >> what do you like so much about it? >> it lends itself to a lot of flavors whatever you season it with, is what it is good for. >> seems like you can make a lot with it. >> you can make what we have right there. we have a raw application with lemon lime and orange juice and extra virginiaen olive oil. >> how do you come up with that because you can do anything with it. >> well, you want to use the fish that i would say is a little on the delicate side and the acids you know will cook easily. >> that looks good. you do that well. >> i try. >> you are a professional. let's get to the salad aspect. >> all right. >> while you are cooking, i wanted to ask. you are doing something exciting partnering with the aquarium. what's that all about. >> that's the fresh start
9:50 am
sustainable seafood and it's my first time doing it. i am excited but if you gois doesn't know what sustainable seafood is, it's basically farm raised or wild card fish or seafood that is done in a way that's not impacting the environment. like, if you wanted to think about a wild application where you are fishing, what they do in florida is stone crab and they don't use the claw. >> why is that? any idea? i never heard of that. >> you don't have to kill a crab and they regenerate the claw. you don't diminish the population. >> how we doing over here. >> we are put -- pretty much done. >> you need to do this before you throw it on your salad so it doesn't wilt? >> you want to drain some of the oil off. >> okay. >> and how do you know how much
9:51 am
oil to use? >> vibration. >> you know what you are doing. you come over to cook mother's day. >> i would love to if i didn't have to work in if you didn't have to work you are open? er. >> going to be open and we will open at noon. >> okay at noon. you have specials going on for mother's day. >> we will have specials. my wheels are turning and we will see what happens on sunday. >> perfect. and fast arse everything goes -- as far as everything goes at the aquarium if someone wants to learn more and maybe see what you are doing, how do they find out more. >> what you can do is go onto and check the information. >> this is something the aquarium is passionate about. they are promoting healthy fish and bet are for the environment -- better for the environment and for you. let's go through this once again everything we have. >> okay. fillet of rockfish. aarugula salad with vinaigrette. we will finish this off with a
9:52 am
little diced red onion. >> you make it look so easy. >> it is. >> well. we will see. all right. what else do we have. >> and we have a fried rockfish sandwich with mayo lettuce and tomato and onion. >> all three which would be your pick of the day. >> the crudeo. >> all right. great. thanks for coming in. tell us where it is. >> 17 heaven north charles street baltimore maryland ajaysent to the charles movie teether. >> thanks for coming in if you want to see this seg men, it will be online. appreciate you coming in. we will be right back.
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now maryland's most 4th of july doppler radar and -- most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> we have a look at the frontal bondry to the west. clear skies means business in terms of cloud cover. not a lot of moisture. a little bit of showers. some moisture could run up ahead of this.
9:56 am
there may be a flare-up out in the mountains that could survive and reach us by this evening. look for the cloud to dim out the sun in the afternoon. officially later on in the afternoon. by this evening we could have a round of a showers and thunderstorms passing through and get out of here and we are set for a good saturday. we will watch showers to the west and north and we will look out for maybe the stuff coming in on more's day. 72 after a sunny start. look for clouds and again our late day or evening shower tomorrow temperatures in the 70s and partly cloudy skies a good day to be in annapolis. have you heard? i am going to annapolis. i said it about 40 times. sunday mother's day hit or miss showers focusing on the miss for the mrs. and mommy. 68 and back in the 70s next week. >> you are taking your woman to annapolis. >> and the two boys they are taking her and i am paying. >> in case other people you are tight on cash for mother's day and looking for businesses offering deals. here you go here's ideas. if food is the way to your mom's heart ikea tcby a free
9:57 am
cup or cone. denny's has coupon for a free and cake sunday day. free public garden admissionavail as the national public gardens day using a pass from better home and gardens. we are talking about moms and they have the 2010 baby name list outch the most popular names for the classic reigning supreme but new parents are finding inspiration from the stars. we are talking twilight. apparently isabella and jacob were number one on the list. so here are the girls names top five. you do boys. top five girls isabella, sophia,emma oh leafa and abea. >> top boy names jacob which is one of the prime character at the end of the lost series. >> yes. >> eitheran michael jaden and william. and william i think is going to maintain it this year, too. >> i know. it's a popular name. all right. happy mother's day to you moms. happy mother's day to your
9:58 am
wife. >> yes. thank you. >> we will see you on monday. >> see you.
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