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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  May 6, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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division and he met with the navy seals that cared out the raid. >> reporter: president obama desend on fort campbell in private toic that the seals who brought obama bin -- ocam bin laden's -- osama bin lad ann reign of terror to an end. >> thanks to the -- osama bin laden's reign of terror to an end. >> thanks to the courageous the terrorist leaders who struck or nation will never threaten america again. >> reporter: hours earlier a surprising source al-qaeda confirmed bin laden's death warning of stepped up attacks and an upcoming audio message. bin laden's last. u.s. officials say evidence from bin laden's compound confirms he was exploring derailing an american train. >> if a train were to tee rail off a -- derail off a bridge, hundreds of people could be killed. which would have the same effect as blowing up an
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airport. >> reporter: in-- airplane. >> reporter: intelligence analyst wanted writing samples from bin laden. the white house released this rare extraordinary behind the scenes view inside the west wing. >> good job. >> reporter: with vice president joe biden calling congressional leaders with the news. >> i am calling to tell you that we killed. >> reporter: president obama congratulating his team. >> good john national security team -- job, national security team. proud of you. you did a great job. >> reporter: and the president's cabinet giving him a standing ovation. >> let's get back to work. >> reporter: intelligence official say documents found in the raid reveal the al-qaeda playbook with plans to poison water supplies and bring down planes and trains. and there's a bonus, the names of top al-qaeda officials and locations about safe houses around the world. john hennedrin abc news, white house. and our coverage of the death of bin laden continues
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tonight locally. congressman dutch ruppersberger is offering insight into the raid that captivated the nation. he visited oak crest retirement community giving the people who live there an idea of what led to that raid. >> you want to come kill americans, we will find you and bring you to justice. >> reporter: that was the message as congressman dutch ruppersberger met with dozens of people at oak crest retirement community in baltimore county. >> he gave greater details to some degree. >> this were bobbed wire in the walls. where did he live? there's people who live within this compound. >> reporter: as a ranking member of the house intelligence committee, congressman ruppersberger was at forefront of the operation. even getting the head up before the navy seals raided the command. he shared insides on the raid. >> he answered all the questions that were on my mind about the raid. >> i was very interested -- i i am honor.
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>> reporter: he applauded the decision to bury him at sea. >> i thought it was a great decision and whoever came up with that decision because now there's not a shrine there. >> especially when i heard about the burial at sea, and his explaining kept it to be from being a shrine made to him was a good expolice. >> reporter: he also supported the -- explanation. >> reporter: he also supported the decision not to show the picture. >> it's not in the american's best interest to see somebody that's been shot and had a head shot. we don't need to do that right now. >> i think the pictures were gruesome. >> i was pleased first that he came and felt there was a need to let us know. >> >> reporter: this is one of the most significant moments in the war on terror he believes it's the tip of the iceberg. >> not only did we get bin laden but we got the data and commuters and information and believe me, -- computers and
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information and thea's believe me, that's going to be -- andbelieve me, that's going to be invaluable. we have a special section on for the latest information on the death of osama bin laden including video photos and lock at how the death of bin -- look at how the death of bin ladlen affect the ecomony laden will affect the ecomony. he is serving time for killing an 11-year-old girl but thomas leggs junior is a victim of a crime. the 31-year-old was attacked by another inmate during lunch on sunday at the western correctional institution in cumberland. he was slashed in the head, hand and neglect but -- neck but not sears youly hurt. he is serving time for the kidnapping and murder of sarah foxwell. now the latest on the woman accuseded of scamming 10,000 dollars from a former baltimore rain. 41-year-old lisa cohen has to repay the money to mike flin as wan givened a suspend five-year sentence. prosecutors says she told people she had terminal cancer and needed to pay for medical
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treatment. cohen blamed the behavior on alcohol, pills and cocaine. all right. we had a lovely day today. lots of sunshine and the clouds started to move in ace speak right now. you know what -- as i speak right now. and we have a couple isolated thunderstorms that might try to move in. let's show you what's going on on maryland's most powerful radar. you can see the basically everything is dry but as you look back towards the west, there, we are looking at an isolated thunderstorm that is trying to move in here. you can see it around boonesboro and i-70 and the south of shepards town. this is crossing into washington county into frederick county and it's going make its way off towards the east. definitely, i am going to be watching this as it goes into time again. we could be seeing scattered showers in the picture as well. right now, though, basically every where else is dry. temperature at the inner harbor, 75 degrees. 69 degrees into annapolis, dc more of the same. culpepper low 70s and more the same in frederick. but the storm can cool things down. we will stay in the 70s for the
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most part. it is going to be breezy. isolated thunderstorms possible and by tomorrow check this out, much better partly cloudy skies and we should stay dry throughout the day. i will have more coming up. joce. >> all right. thanks. now to the ecomony. today marks one year since the flash crash nearly sent world financial markets into a panic. you remember this. the dow jones industrial average plunged nearly a thousand points in just 20 minutes. it turned out to be caused by a trade here accidently tried to issue a large security sale and that set off a computer chain reaction. following the crash, the s-ec expanded the use of circuit breakers to to straying when a -- that will stop trading when a stock or index falls in a short period of time. americans are not feeling tooed about about the ecomony. a cnn opinion research poll finds # out of 10 americans believe the ecomony is in bad shape. 44% say conditions are somewhat poor and 38% call the situation very poor. so you probably wonder who's to blame or who do we think? by a 2-1 ratio those polled say
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former president george w. bush is at fault rather than president obama. america's job markets seems to be pick up speed with 244,000 jobs add last month. but the unemployment raid rate rose from 8.8 to 9% in april ending 4 months of decline. >> that's a good sign, but, we have not seen some things that we would like to see in the strengthening recovery. >> still many economists view the uptick in the unemployment rate as good news and that means a lot of people are reentering the work force. retailers education and health care and even construction companies all added jobs last month. gas prices are surging and we know it's hitting you hard. a new study shows american households spend an average of 368 dollars on gas last month. that's nearly 9% of our total income and double what we spent last year. now states were average incomes are lower were hit hard by this. gas prices have risen 30%th in
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and the nation average is shy of 4 dollars a gallon mark starting to affect consumer decisions and more americans are cutting back on the amount they drive. some drivers along florida's gulf coast are getting cheap fills thanks to two gas stations engaged in a price war to. celebrate the grand opening the murphy express promised the cheapest gas in town. tom thumb decide not to let that happen. every time murphy dropped prices, tom thumb does the same thing. and at one point, tom thumb employee was heading out to change the numbers saw a murphy express lose lowered the price and they had to get -- lowered the price and had to get new numbers. the grand opened lasted until midnight on saturday so the low prices are expected to stick around until then. we know you want cheap or free gas. we are working to help you save money watching "good morning maryland starting at 4:30
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starting on monday, you can wayne $100 gas card. text the code word to 46988 or enter online at the contest runs through may 25th. for complete rules go to and if you are look for cheap gas prices in the area, head to the and click on traffic and gas prices. we have got an interactive map. put in your zip code and find the cheapest gas in your area all right there on maryland basketball coach gary williams stepped into retirement with tears in his eyes today. williams said bye before family, friends and thousands of terps fans during an emotional ceremony at the comcast center today. the crowd chanted his name at points during the announcement. the 66-year-old explains that while he still feels like he can coach, he wanted to try something else. williams coached college ball for 33 years the last 22 at his alma mater.
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>> i think the one thing, and i don't want it to sound self- serving but the one thing we can hang our hat on with my coaches and players and whatever, in the last 12 years, in conference play in other words just in acc games, we have the second most wins behind duke going into the past season. >> a tough day for the fans. but he guided maryland to the ncaa championship in 2002 and won more games than any basketball coach in school history. new tonight, at 11, tonight we get the first chance to talk to brooks robinson since the legend was rushed back to the hospital in march. he was at the monaco hotel for the debut of a new vodka. he says it feels great to be back on his feet and says he is exer sizing every day. brooks says he was touched by the outpouring of support he received while in the hospital. he got hundreds of e-mails and cards from around the country. he has plenty more to say and get an extended look tonight on
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abc2 news at 11. friends and family are at a loss tonight after a 14-year- old girl commits suicide because she was bullied. how the family is dealing with this tragedy and how they are hoping it will help other families. what you can do if you think your child is being bullied too. plus it's mothers' day weekend. and if you want quality time, take her to flower mart. we will show you what they have to offer. and forget buying the world a coke, how about sending them a pepsi. we will tell you how the soda giant is giving outchance to send drinks to your friends.
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historic mount vernon is home to add history as city flower mart celebrates the 100th anniversary. abc2 news bill fink brings the color and character of the unique rite of spring. >> reporter: shy of a royal wed
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i go dare you to find an event with more beauty, general tillity and hats, hats, hats. >> 3, 2, 1. happy flower mart. >> reporter: you can almost turn back time to the very first flower mart in 18911. -- 1911. this dance with the girls from bren mar is one of special activities plapped for the fairest of fair nos we have everything. it will have something for everyone and i guarantee it. ♪ wonderful world >> reporter: from song to dance, to contests and parades. the flower mart is mainly about flowers. >> >> oh, i like this. these are beautiful. >> reporter: betty reid comes every year. >> i like the variety. there's so much to see down here and we always buy flowers. >> reporter: that's exactly what caitlin wants to hear. >> i think it's going to be a great year. we were worried about the weather today. but it turn out to be a
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gorgeous day. and it is mother's day weaning. and i think a lot of people are coming out buying plants for the mother for this weekend. >> beautiful flowers. the cheap prices. >> reporter: and for some sellers like the guys from loyola, there's an added benefit. many schools are selling plants to raise funds. >> it's for financial assistance at the school. so. >> help girls that can't pay and get more people here. >> reporter: don't miss out on the lemon sticks. >> i like them. sugar and spicey and tangy. >> reporter: so much to see and do. don't miss out on the uniquely baltimore celebration of spring. in downtown bill fink, abc2 news. >> bill didn't bring back samples. anyway the flower mart surround the washington monument downtown and goes until 8:00 tonight and11 a.m. to 8 p.m. tomorrow. now, maryland middle east powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. i wouldn't mind a lemon it
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can myself now i am thinking about it. butit weather and you have the weather as well. check it out. it is gorgeous. we saw lots of sunshine and the only thing we are dealing with is breezy conditions making it feel cooler. and the clouds are moving in a little bit. but all in all, it was a nice day. right now, the temperature coming in right around 70 degrees. that humidity is at 35%. and not too bad. the wind out of the south now at about 7 miles an hour. and that barometer saturday 39.82 and it is fall because we are going to see a little storm system try to roll in here. this is what i want to show you right now. check it out. lots of blue skies, through baltimore and we see clouds roll n and that is what is happening right now. so we can't rule out maybe an isolated shower or maybe even a thunderstorm to pop into the picture. maryland's most powerful radar is picking up on what i am talking b it's a way ace way from the baltimore area but moving in through washington and frederick county as of now, heading towards walkersville and frederick, you can see it passing boonsboro but traveling
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along i-70 be on the lookout for that as it makes its way to the east. right now, temperatures at 70 into baltimore. upper 70 -- 6s 0s in dullas. -- 60s in dulles. as we go into time, things are going to get better but the highs today i think you like these. you like when you see the 70s. nice and seasonable and we will stay that way through the next several days. frederick around 73. hagerstown made it up to 68 for today. for tomorrow, i am forecasting more of the same. minus the showers and thunderstorms thought the day. the mix of sun and clouds so partly cloudy. satellite and radar, not picking up on a whole who. we are seeing the clouds move in and we can see a few spotty showers and thunderstorms possible as well going through the rest of the evening. so if you going to be heading out and about, take that rain gear especially if you heading to the o's game. as we zoom out a little
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further, you can see behind this high pressure is going to build in. that's what we will get in here as we go through tomorrow. this is what i promise to show you. we are going get showers maybe a couple thunderstorms as we go through the evening is that we do have the trough of low pressure that's going to make its way in and that is why we will see that. but then you have the high pressure behind it. that's going to be building in here as we go into tomorrow. so tomorrow lacrosse looks pretty good. as we put in the futurecaster we will look at what's going on. showers possible going through the overnight and then by tomorrow, and into sunday, we do have the chance for scattered showers at nighttime tomorrow. and then maybe off and on during the day on mother's day. 50 degrees mostly cloudy and scattered showers through the overnight. nice and seasonable and by tomorrow night, 50 degrees more of the same and we have the chance for showers and again, some thunderstorms possible in the forecast. but, all in all, not too bad here. you are looking at the seven- day forecast and everybody's eyes are on mom's day. and mother's day, we have have the cloud moving in hit or miss
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showers hopefully we will get more misses than hits as we head into mother's day joce. >> i love the seven-day forecast is all 70s. >> 70s. >> that looks so good a relief to see it. >> we will keep our fingers dross croced for mother's day. oil prices dropped below $100. so why do prices at the pump keep going up? and another big data breach at a giant craft store. john matter ease explains how to -- matter ease matter reesemeter ease explains how to protect yourself. >> reporter: has the oil bubble burst that's what people are wondering after drop in oil prices. crude oil is down more than 10% since the death of bin laden. oil prices have dipped below 100 dollars a barrel for the first time in several weeks. now oil, gold and silver are all down more than 10% this week. the reason, news that high gas prices are beginning to slow
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the fragile ecomony along with the death of bin laden. but where is the relief at the gas pump? we are seeing very little gas price should be down about 20 cents. we are not seeing that yet. i say doesn't that stink? another day another data breach. michael's stores the giant craft shop has announced the credit card data base has suffered a security breach. michael's believes a chicago area hacker gained access to customer credit card numbers. now it's it doesn't know if only chicago area customers are affected or customers across the entire country. at this point, michael's urges all customers to watch the credit and debit card for unusual activity. and contact your bank if you find something suspicious. for more go to click on the money tab and if you -- so you don't wait your money. >> it was another soda giant that sang the song about buying the world a coke by pepies found a way to do it first -- but pepsi found a way to do it
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first and helping you to share a soda with a friend thousands of miles away. they unveiled a feature that lets users send drinks to friends. and customers use a touch screen to enter the name and cell number and a message. your friend gets a text with a code and they find out how to redeem it on another machine. you can personalize the gift by recording a video to go along with it. pepsi plans to try out social vending machines later on this year. abc2 is working for you to keep your personal information safe. you heard john talking about the data breach. that's why we teamed with up nicu to shred your dock iewssments tomorrow get the first two bags or boxes shreded for free. the shred events take place tomorrow from 9 a.m. to noon at 2 location both nicu branches. westview branch on baltimore national pike and hamilton on east northern parkway in baltimore. heart attacks claim lives of 2- - heart attacks claims the
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lives of several americans. coming up, why survival rates are sot business compared to -are higher at some businesscompared to others. [ male announcer ] this year, get the most out of your lawn with the fertilizer that gives you the most for your money. scotts turf builder. unlike bargain brands, which have up to 40% sand, sawdust, even gravel, turf builder has no filler. it's 100% food, for a deep feeding you can see, feel, and enjoy. for a lawn that can't be beat, get a fertilizer that can't be copied. scotts turf builder. now is the time to feed and kill dandelions.
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use scotts turf builder plus 2.
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in tonight's health alert, hundreds of thousands of americans die every year of sudden cardiac arrest. having an automate external defibrillator could mean the difference between life and death. many public places i am sure you've seen like airports and gyms have the potentially life saving device and in a recent study seattle researchers found half the people who suffered a heart attack in a gym a dance studio or bowling alley
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survived. that's compared to 36% survival rate at other indoor location. heart attacks occurred in dance studios and nearly 9% of the cases about 4% of those heart attacks happened in bowling alleys. having sex and drink coffee and work out gets your blood flowing and it can cause blood pressure to spike and may briefly raise the risk of a burst in aneurysm a study says 2% of the population is believed to have an aneurysm and they are too small to cause symptoms or problems but if they grow large they can burst and cause a stroke leading to permanent brain damage or death. the overall risk of ruptured is small but brief activities that raise blood pressure can temporarily bluest the risk. -- boost the risk. put await cookbook. ful out the i-pad. coming, all new at 5:30. how much tablets and why they are becoming a hot tool in the kitchen. plus, you spot someone nibbling on produce in the grocery store, do you say something or ignore them? a preview of abc's what would
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you do.
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