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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  May 6, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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from now abc2 news at 5:30. a 14-year-old girl kills herself because she was bullied. but instead of focusing on sadness her family is spreading a message against bullying. from unspeakable heart break to a mission of helping others. cheryl conner sits down with a father who lost his son in a crash how joey d entremont's dad is keeping his loving spirit alive. flooding reaches near record levels in eight states but first family and friends are mourning the death of a york county pennsylvania teen. 14-year-old am bringel bowen took her life because she was bullied. we sat down with family members who hope other families can learn from the painful experience. >> she was great friend and always smiling and always in a
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grade mood and nice and friendly. >> reporter: on the surface she seemed like any other 14-year- old but she lived in fear about a month ago she was at the park across the street from her home when another teen in the neighborhood beat her up. >> she had two black eyes, broken nose, swollen hand and contusion on the head. >> reporter: the family pressed charges and the bruised heeled but she continued to be bullied. monday she hang herself in her bedroom. >> anybody who knows her would not think she do it. i thought it was accident and maybe she was playing around and. >> reporter: she says her daughter didn't leave a note but she did write potery in this journal. >> i pray every night -- poetryin this journal. >> i pray after i am dead i will come up to you. >> reporter: words tough for her to read but insties stead of foe-- instead of focusing on sadness she wants to spread a
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message. >> first you -- dish want people -- i want people to know everyone, the bullies and people being bullied that it's got to stop. >> reporter: already richards has received letters from her classmates notes like i know how you feel. it reminds me of what happened to me. >> every parent needs to get involved more and talk to their children more every day and just find out how they are feeling. >> bullies need help, too they are hurting inside too you think they are the meanest person in the world and they may be, but they are hurting as well which is why they are a bully. >> the family -- >> reporter: the family planned a candlelight vigil tonight. and we are work for you to show outred flags to look for especially to determine if your child is being the bully. experts say be an, ample and a good question to ask are there signs of bullying in your home that may encourage this type of behavior. also, when you see acts of aggression, step in and explain why it's wrong. show bullying is unacceptable and establish appropriate consequence for bad behavior.
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you should praise good act while punishing the bad ones and if it is necessary don't be afraid to ask for help from a counselor or pediatrician. maryland's emergency management agency is asking you to be on alert tonight after dozens of envelopes with white podder were mailed to schools in d -- powder were mailed to schools in dc. they have not proven to be dangerous. regardless, though, they want to make sure you are prepared. so if you get a let yoir think is sus d -- you think is suspicious isolate it wash your hands and call 911. they usually have a lot of misspellings no return address and way too much tape. it's one of the worst flooding in memory. the mississippi river is overflowing. now people in dozens of cities have to decide what to do next. abc's tj winick explains. >> reporter: to stay or not to stay? that's the question. >> bring it on is all i can say. >> reporter: james parker says he won't budge from the
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property in mississippi. only time will tell if he made the right call. further north in memphis, katy is pack up and getting out. >> it is a hard situation to deal with, but sometimes you got to buck up and do it. >> reporter: the floods have closed highways up and down the river known as the big money. think of it as wall of water moving slowly down the mississippi. it is forecasted to peak in memphis wednesday morning with 48 feet of water. half a foot shorter than the 1937 record. tommy who lived here since 1969, he is preparing to lose his home. >> you live with it. you live with it. that's all you can do. >> reporter: it breaks your heart. >> there's better days coming. >> reporter: in missouri, the army corpse of engineers detonated levees to protect small populated towns from mississippi river flooding sacrificing over 130,000 acres of farmland in the process. further south, north of new
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orleans, they will over the spillway to divert the water. >> no one is ordering evacuations today, but it's not too soon for people to think about what materials they might bring with them if they were required to evac rate. >> reporter: the floods are the -- evacuate. >> reporter: the floods are a result of rain and melt from near record snow. those that live along the mississippi know they are experiencing history but prefer to did it from dry ground. tj winick, abc news, new york. eight tornadoes touched down in maryland during last week's storms. that's according to the national weather service. the most powerful twister hit last thursday in stay mary's county with -- st. mary's county with 90-mile-per-hour winds. two of them hit closer to home. the day we saw tornadoes in westminster and hampstead. no one was hurt in any of those storms. it was a good friday. we saw a lot of sunshine earlier today. we are see a few clouds move in but still we are pretty much dry out there. but don't count on it to last
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too much longer because we do have showers now popping up on maryland most powerful radar. let me show you what i am talking about. you can see them to the south of hagerstown. and i am going to zoom in on this. you can see right around moving into woodsboro at this time and walkersville and also heading into frederick at this time as well. still crossing over i-70 and boonsboro was in on the action but you are dry. that's good news. we are looking at some more showers as we head further to the south here around hillsboro. and a nice thunderstorm just to the north of ground hill so if you in the areas, be prepared for what's happening because again all this is pushing off towards the east and we can get some popup showers thunderstorms as we go through. the overnight later into the evening. speaking of this evening, this is what we have in store. temperatures in the 70s upper60s and it's going to be breezy but the wind out of the south southwest at about 10 to 15 miles an hour. gusts up to 25 miles an hour. isolated thunderstorms possible. and then by tomorrow, things look much better in the day.
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we will see a high around 7 3. i will talk about more showers in the forecast coming up. joce. >> thanks lynette. his life may have been cut short but there's no shortage of memories for the family of a local boy. how joey family are honoring his memory. trying to find a recipe for diner? weep we have an app for that. some are tossing cookbooks into the trash and turning to technology. 3q
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if you are scrounging in the kif hen for a recipe -- kitchen for a recipe save yourself counter space. tablets are a hot tool in the kipen and developers are -- kitchen and developers are happy to saturday fie the appetite for growing apps. >> reporter: in the busy can i have kitchen here coowner and chef says one of his favorite ingredients is an appel. the ipad to be precise. the tablet a slimmer substitute for bulky cookbooks. >> we have a case of bird duck and you go on the internet and google it and start seeing
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recipes and it gives you an idea of how people are using it and you can get a direction to go in. >> reporter: chef armstrong uses his tablet to keep up with the business side of his multiple restaurants inventory to invoices and some customer relations firing off recipes when diners ask. >> to be able to write a recipe and not go upstairs and sit down in the office to be sable to -- able to stay in the kitchen and work without interruption is like so much time saving. >> reporter: the average at home kitchenista can do the same thing. from apps that do kitchen math like the conversions for cooking app or substitution app when you need something in a pinch. plus cookbooks from celebrity chefs, tablets are taking the place on the kitchen counter. keep yours away from the batter. karin caifa and you are clicked in. admit it you have been cruising the aisles of the grocery store when you are a starving. and you get one grape from the
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produce aisle but is it stealing or grazing? we will see what people think when they catch someone doing it. and it's a special mother's day for a florida wildlife park. see how much the baby weighed on the weigh in to the world. 88xh
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he lived 14 years but left a lifetime of memories. joey died nearly 8 month ago shocking the fallston community. his family created a scholarship foundation to ensure his spirit never dies. cheryl conner was invited into the piano room where joey's father created a shrine in the boy's memory. [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: the voice of joey
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will never be silenced. his music continues to captivate family and friends who is still this piano room with joey's memory. >> he was a very deep young man and the stuff he wrote was -- he was beyond his years. >> reporter: caught me by surprise it was written by a middle schoolgirl friend when he was 11. now his home is full of memories. his football cleats and jerseys and favorite shirts and one of the favorite girls pictures from his travels, and his passports. >> certainly parts of life ace mob on i am going wond -- as i move on, i wonder what it's going to be like without him here. >> reporter: and there are cards everywhere you turn. words that helped the grieving family when joey never came home. those words dropped in a mailbox and left at the scene of the accident are now his family's song. kala wrote you were such a great friend and love everyone.
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the poster boards were brought back from the intersection of route 24 and red pump road in bel air. back in september, state police say joey made a mistake trying to cross the road too quickly not seeing the car that hit him. >> i have times, you know. i have my moments every day. every day. every day. >> reporter: the pain not many parents will understand, joe came up with the way to cope e started a foundation -- he started a foundation and raised 10,000 dollar the goal is $100,000 by 2014 the year joey would have graduated so some of his classmates can be awarded a scholarship in his honor. >> it has been rough, like,. >> reporter: rhea taylor dedicated saturday to another project in joey's memory. friends and family have teamed with a nun who uses her home on lorraine avenue in baltimore city as a collection site for those in need.
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>> thank you. >> reporter: anthony chambers benefits from the donations. >> what they are doing now is really came to me like to help me out like when it's nothing. i mean, they really came and gave me something. they gave me hope that really -- to really want to move forward. >> reporter: giving was always part of joey's life need god's love in his heart and wants to share it. and i know he is using us, you know to do that for people. >> reporter: there's no cot his -- no doubt his death impacted thousands. he had 900 facebook friends before the accident and now it's close to 3500. messages were left on september 17th and still on march 17th friends miss him as much. joey left a lasting birthday wish for his father weeks before he died. >> me and my brothers probably wouldn't be half as strong as we are now but i wanted to wish you a happy birthday and i love you. [ music ] ♪
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>> reporter: joey died too young but how he lived is not gone. anthony chambers will tell you and years from now, so will college bound seniors. >> if anything that comes out of this i. want something good to come out of my loss ♪ we had to say good-bye ♪ >> reporter: the next big fund raising convenient is june 26th at ripkin stadium. 2 hundred of joey's friends will be at the iron bird's game and the money will go to the scholarship foundation. if you want to learn more about joey -- want to learn more about his fund we have a link on the website. cheryl conner abc2 news. now maryland most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good evening everyone. and we are looking at a beautiful shot here. you know, it was a fabulous day. maybe to go on a boat ride and you know we saw lots of sunshine and i hope you did get
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out and enjoy it because we are starting to see a few clouds move in the picture. but all in all, temperature wise, feeling pretty good. coming in around 70 and humidity is not too bad at 35%. the winds out of the south at about 7 miles an hour. and that barometer is falling at 29.82. we have a storm system that is going to be approaching the area. so mount airy rather not looking too bad for today. again a few clouds trying tomove in across the area. but all in all we did see a nice day out there. but, maryland's most powerful radar is picking up on few showers and thunderstorms. back towards the west entering trying to move into carroll county back into frederick county and you can see it moving in frederick now. again you can see some of the lightning strikes and some heavier rain and westminster is in for it as we head through the next several minutes or so. and this is going to continue to push off towards the east as we go through the evening. so we have the chance for the showers and thunderstorms to pop up as we go through the evening. right now, temperature wise, upper 60s into dulles and upper
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50s in charlottesville and 66 right now in york and 55 degrees in oakland. so we have a range of temperatures here. some of these are some rain cooled temperatures. highs today came into the low 70s into baltimore. 70 in dc and culpepper 72. low 70s in winchester as well. york coming in at around 70 degrees. so for tomorrow, still more of the same. nice and seasonable. we should be right around 71 for this time of the year. and this is what we are get as we go into tomorrow. overly right around 72. 73 in catonsville. and we will get the sun cloud mix throughout day. i am calling it partly cloudy. so during the day, things -- cloudy. so during the day, things look good. but into the evening, we will see the fact we do have a chance for more scattered showers. satellite and radar not picking up on a lot. most of the action is off to the west of us scooting in our direction. we do have this trough of hoe pressure working in here. but, the good news is behind that, we will have high pressure moving in as well.
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so saturday looks pretty good for the lacrosse game, the last one of the season. and then by sunday, mother's day, we have a chance for a few spotty showers in the picture and a few scattered thunderstorms. 50 overnight by tomorrow. and temperatures at 73. and by tomorrow night, once again we will hit 50 mostly cloudy with scattered showers possible in the forecast. 7-day forecast, joce was happy and likes all the 70s across the board here. i like that forecast, too even though we have a chance for scattered showers in the forecast going later noof the week. monday and -- later into the week. mother's day, biggest one on there. we have a chance of maybe showers hit or miss. that doesn't mean we will have a washout by any means. >> you figure inside. >> exactly. you have to do mother's day. no excuse. >> that's a woman who has been burned before. you learn the right way. my mother demands a card and doesn't want a phone call. new tonight is grazing at the supermarket sampling or germs spreading theft? you know they have caught you. here's a preview of what would
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you do. >> reporter: so we went to yonkers, new york. a supermarket empire built on principle that the customer is always right. >> okay, my gosh. >> reporter: except this guy. he is dead wrong we should know. we hired this actor to eat at the produce aisle. >> i almost ate the whole box. >> reporter: and we told him don't be shy. remember the supermarket scene in universal soldier? it was not long before we started getting the same looks as some shoppers couldn't believe their eyes. this kid sits trance fixed before mom hustles him away. others are more vocal. >> why would you do that? >> what? >> you eat it and put it back. >> i didn't like them that much. [audio not understandable] >> you are spreading terrible germs. >> reporter: woman is beside herself watching the grazer in
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disbelief and she storms off we think we have seen the last of her. here she is again reporting the grazer to a store employee who points to one of our hidden cameras. she thinks it's a security camera. >> you can see the rest of what would you do tonight at 9 p.m. but first shark tank at 8 p.m. and you will see 20/20 at 10 and abc2 news at 11. coming up all new at 6, mother's day is two days away. so if you haven't gotten your card and flowers, you better hurry. how much will you spend on mom? we will let you know where maryland ranks in mother's day spending. plus after massive tornadoes wiped out entire towns that left hundreds dead and thousands more homeless, high school proms may have seemed like an afterthought. but stewed antia school will get the chance to sell -- students at one school will get a chance to celebrate thanks to a outpouring of generosity. those stories and much more at six. ,@
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if animals celebrate holidays this owes this mom a humongous mother's day gift. it may a debut. it's a southern white rhino weighing in at 50 pounds. but she will end up bigger. her breed is the third largest land animal alive. so cute. and historic chapter in terrapin history as maryland head coach hangs it up. we will look at legacy of gary williams. abc2 news at six starts right now.
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it's story that will warm your heart. we met a local woman who wanted to visit her mother's grave but couldn't afford the gas. we asked for your help and tonight you stepped up in a huge way. and as you pick up the last- minute gifts, how much do you plan to spend? where maryland rates for mother's day spending. out of the death and destruction young tornado victims will get the prom of their dreams thanks to an incredible outpouring of generosity. but first tonight, it's officially the end of an era. gary williams has delivered the last iconic fist pulp at comcast center because for the first time in 22 years he is no longer head coach of maryland basketball -- longer the head coach maryland basketball. brian kuebler has more. >> and now, ladies and gentlemen, your head coach gary williams. >> reporter: today it was about a head


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