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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  May 6, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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his 22 years not only raised the stature of the basketball program, but the level of our state university. >> we are also here to celebrate somebody who represents the heart and soul of this university, who represents thebest of the terrapin character. >> reporter: in a-- an appreciation that the camera finds him brought coach to tears. normally seen stoic or crazy on the sidelines, today, gary william cried e cried for his players, the students and his state and his alma mater. knowing his many professional accomplishments are a hardware of what most will regard as legendary impact. the decision to hang it up came out of nowhere but as the x's and o's coach he is, he kept this play close to the vest. >> this is my decision, but
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it's not a quick decision. it's been a decision i thought about for a while. and i just would like to thank first of all -- [ applause ] better hold that that might not be the last time that happens. so, i would like to thank the students. [ applause ] >> reporter: unbelievable we will never seem him come out of tunnel again. unbelievable and indelible mark he made on the university and our state. proof that while a game may not be the most important thing in our lives, some figures transcend sports. in baltimore, brian kuebler,abc2 news. and you might not see gary
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williams screaming at the refs but you will certainly see him around college park. he will be an assistant athletic director and the search for his replacement is officially on. not even a week after osama bin laden's death we are learning more about a new terror threat. materials reveal a possible al- qaeda plot on the nation rail system to mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. and investigators say the plans were in the early stages but that al-qaeda members were talking in february of last year about the derailing of trains and put be obstacles over bridges. today dutch ruppeers berger spoke to seniors giving them -- ruppersberger spoke to seniors giving them the inside on the raid. he was at oak crest village retirement community. the congressman is a member of the house intelligence committee so he got regular briefings on the operations and the implications that operation had on national security. >> not only did we got him but
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we got the data and computers and information. and believe me, that is something that is going to be so valuable. >> he says killing bin laden is a start but we are still not in the clear as country when it comes to homeland security. you can get the latest on the fallout from the death of osama bin laden on world news with diane sawyer immediately after abc2 news at 6 and then tonight at 10. don't miss a special edition of 20/20 kill shot the story behind bin laden's death which will take the most in-depth look at operation that took down the most wanted terrorist tonight at ten here on abc2 followed by abc2 news at 11. back in april, cell phone video sur vasted that showed chrissy being attacked inside the restaurant. abc2 news christian schaver is talking to crissy for the first time and we will have the story tonight on abc2 news at 11.
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a baltimore county woman will have to pay back 10,000 dollars she scamed out of a ravens player. lisa ho cohen was accused of faking terminal cancer to get 10,000 dollars out of mike flin. she apologized to flin and his family in court and paid 2 grand in cash. she has been sentenced to repay the rest of the money by the end of the 3p year supervised probation sentence. cohen was hit with a suspend five year pries opt sentence. and the -- prison cents. and the man accused of kidnapping and kill a girl became a victim. he's ate lunch on sunday, 31- year-old thomas leggs was slashed in the head hand and neck by another inmate using a homemade weapon. leggs was not seriously hurt and treated at the prisonp he was sent ened to life in prison after plead -- sentenced to life in prison. tomorrow friends, family will say bye to phylicia barnes for the last time.
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the funeral for phylicia happens tomorrow in georgia but the church plans to stream the service live on the website. locally a. memorial service will be held next saturday at mount pleasant church in baltimore. barnes' body was found in the susquehanna river two weeks ago. earlier, police ruled the death a homicide and say they do know how she died but they haven't released that information for fear it might compromise the investigation. tomorrow's funeral service where phylicia barnes starts at one. the church will stream the service live and we will have a link at our website all right. it was a gorgeous day. hope you got out and enjoyed it because maryland's most powerful radar is showing something different. we are starting to see showers and thunderstorms trying to roll into the picture. here's the big view here. we can see most of the action back towards the west trying to enter into carroll county as it moves into frederick county. zooming in on the storm cells we can see to the south of
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taneytown, embedded thunderstorms in some of the rain. so if you going to be out and about, have the rain gear. but these have lightning so you want to stay in while it passes. thunderstorms there as we slide a little further to the south here and around levitsville and hillsboro and east of you and leesburg and virginia, if you are going that way, you are going to be running into showers and thunderstorms. as we work our way into the evening time frame, we could be seeing isolated showers and also scattered thunderstorms as well. right now, though we have a temperature coming in at 73 degrees at the inner harbor. quite warm out there many feeling good. but now we are looking at the upper 60s into dc and york even into over in hagerston by-- but by the evening upper 60s to around 70. breezy and we still have the chance for thunderstorms in the forecast. i will have the seven-day coming up but now back to joce. if you live in baltimore city, you will get a shot to weigh in on the upcoming budget for city schools.
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the second of two public meetings about the 2012 budget takes place tomorrow morning at 10 at the administration building on north avenue. and tonight a big return to public life for a baltimore legend. we got our first chance to talk to brooks robinson since he was rushed to the hospital back in march. he was at the monaco hotel for the debut of a new vodka. brooks says it feels great to be back on his feet and that he is exer sizing every day. -- exercising every day. and he was touched by the outpouring of support and got hundreds of e-mails and cards from around the country while he was in the hospital. >> the response i got was just very heart warming and it was a wonderful feeling. and undoubtedly it spurred me on. i tell you that. and i am happy i've got my health and things are getting better all the time. >> good stuff. brooks had plenty more to say and you can get an extended look tonight on abc2 news at 11. in tonight's consumer alert, hope you didn't forget,
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but mother's day is this sunday. if you did, you are in big trouble. we will have to open up our wallets to show how much we love our moms. or how much -- how much are you spending? according to the website online spending is up 50% and predict it will translate into increased spending for mother's day. the national restaurant association says 75 million adults will go out to eat on sunday and americans are spending more on moms overall, people in some states do splurge more than others. according to the figures from last mother's day, maryland residents spent the third most on mother's day. oregon and north da coda were ahead -- can be dakota were ahead of us. and tonight at six, we are working to show you how to do this with that. it's part of the savings at 6 series. tonight a new use for candles. if you have a drawer that keeps getting stuck, try running the candle along the runners instead of pushing and pulling it. the wax will help the drawer
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glide better on the frame and let us know your money saving tips. leave us a note on the facebook page well you want another way to save money? how does free gas sound? starting monday morning, tune into good morning maryland between 4:30 a.m. and 7 a.m. for the daily gas card give away code word. when you see the word, text it to 46988 or e-mail it to gas card at each afternoon we will pick a winner and each day's winner gets a $100 gas card. it starts monday morning and runs through may 25th. good luke with that -- luck with that. you hear us talking about how abc2 news works for you and this story may be the best example yet. last night, at 6 we met a woman a hear-- woman with a heart breaking problem. and in minute you responded in a huge way. and tonight it looks like the story is going to have a very happy ending. and speak of happy endings from
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devastation comes tremendous generosity. people from all over the  country pitch in to help tornado victims have the prom they wanted. that's coming up. sounds good. and you know what else sound good. we had a low of 40 degrees and we tied that set in 1925. we made it up to 72 degrees. and you know, we forecasted 72 and we nailed it. and so we do have a winner. kevin mur at this congratulations of bolt -- murphy of congreat lations of baltimore. -- shall congratulations, of baltimore.
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go tomorrow abc -- tomorrow abc2 is helping you tis pose of your old dock iewlts and get two bags or box of unwanted documents shreded absolutely free. now we have shredders available at two locations on saturday from 9 a.m. to noon. bring your documents to westview branch on baltimore national pike in catonsville and hamilton branch in baltimore. i want too go where mop mommy is and sit where mommy is that's what i want to do after church. that's what i want to hit but i don't have to head here because it's impossible to be able to go. >> talk about working for you. last night at 6, brian kue bler intro deuced us to gaynell who wanted to visit her mother's grave but high gas pricesthreatened to ruin her holiday. she is wheelchair bound and
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drives a f-150 van. she can only afford to fill up the van once a month. when the piece aired jamie costello put out the call if you can help her get her mother's day wish, let us know and you did. within minutes we had phone calls and e-mails from viewers willing to lend a hand. jamie went back to gawne-ll with a big -- gayne-ll with a big surprise. >> my daughter needs me save my life if you can. save my life i want to live. i don't want to die. >> reporter: her mother did the unthinkable. she died. and left gayne-ll with $4 embase. >> when you are crawling on the ground like i am you don't want people look down on you. you want people to pull you up. you don't want a hand out but hand up. >> reporter: all she wanted to do was visit her mother's grave on sunday but can't afford it. the accident paralyzed her. brian went out and did this story for you at 6:00. you started calling and e-mails us --ing us and we went-- e-
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mailing us. this is jammy costello from abc2 how are you. >> pretty good. >> reporter: susan is going to drive up from rock hall to east baltimore to take her to the cemetery for mother's day. >> i will take you you know i have the gas, there and then after that i will take you out to lunch my treat. >> that sound really cool that's great. >> reporter: a complete stranger gives gaynell a reason to put the head on the pillow in peace. >> people are about that. >> that's what people are about. that's what real people do. that's the stuff i would do. >> reporter: she wears her mom's ring nine she gave to her on past mother's day and she was in the hospital in the same hospital room 924 as her mother when she got sick. but it changed with a phone call. >> i don't think i will let this lady out of my life i think this is the beginning of a beautiful new family member. i am so thankful that i reached out to channel 2 and you know you guys cared enough to listen
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to me. and do something about it. i will never be able to thank you enough and susan and for you and for you coming here and you know, just caring about my circumstances it means a lot to me. >> and that was jammy castello reporting -- jamie costello. abc2 news will be there with susan and gayne-ll as they make the trip to the grave. in the last days mama doris put together the book of poetry and didn't live to see it in print and didn't see what's on page 85 in here a leter from gayn-e- ll called a kiss from mommy and you don't want to miss it on sons we go with gaynell to see mama doris on mother's day. now, maryland's most purr foul doppler radar -- most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> let's talk about what we saw earlier today and we saw plenty of sunshine. things look pretty good. nice boat ride. that would be nice for the evening but you know what, we
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are having a few showers, thunderstorms maybe isolated in nature to scattered as we go into time here. but all in all, temperature wise, looking pretty good and feeling good. right now we are coming in at 71. that humidity is at 34%. and the wind out of the south at -- winds out of the south at 7 miles an hour and barometer at 29.82 and falling. as we do have aly disturbance that will work -- a little disturbance that will try to work in here. lots of sunshine today. we did see a few of puffy clouds come through the area and now we are not looking too bad. but, again, we are going to see some showers, thunderstorms possible and you can see what i am talking about as we look at maryland's most powerful radar as of now. most showers and thunderstorms back to the west here trying to enter into carroll county. let's zoom in on some of the thunderstorms now. because the good news is the last time i showed you this they are stronger and they are weakening and pushing through taneytown and more in woodsboro and walkersville you look like you are out of the woods. and we slide further to the south and we do have a strong
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thunderstorm just to the east of levitsville and we are getting lightning strikes so if you are in the area, don't go outside right now. wait until that passes and we see some lighter rain heavier rain into moderate rain. and into purcellville and city east. once once you get in the reds that's when you are dealing with heavier cool things down especially back off toward the west. again, some are rain cooled temperatures especially into oakland and hagerstown in at 67 degrees. we are up in the 60s into wind chester. charlotteville around 61678 this is the scenario for today. not too bad. nice and seasonable. and this is the trend going into tomorrow as well. you will like the forecast because i am not forecasting any type of rain during the day. so you can get out and enjoy your day. 72 in overly. partly cloudy skies and you can see a sun cloud mix going through the day. catonsville 73 and more of the same. satellite and radar pick up -- picking up on cloud cover.
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most of the action off towards the west here making their way to the east. some of the thunderstorms the ones i showed you has a little bit of pea pea sized hail so we are under severe limits, but they are strong thunderstorms. isolated in nature coming through. not everybody is going to be getting wet through the evening time frame. the reason why we will see showers is maybe a couple thunderstorms is that we have this area of low pressure. this trough of low pressure will work in here as we go through the evening and then that is why we could see a few flare-ups. but, the good news is you see that blue h. you know what that means. high pressure is working in here as we go into tomorrow. so we do have the lacrosse game. looks like we will get that in with dry skies. and futurecaster shows a few showers and maybe a couple thunderstorms once again trying to push through the area. and then saturday evening, that's when we have a chance for more showers to move in. scattered in nature because once again not everybody is going to be seeing the wet weather. and that will continue as we go into mother's day. so overnight, that temperature right around 50 degrees. mostly cloudy and scattered
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showers i am talking about tomorrow. looks like it will be a dry day. 73, partly cloudy and by tomorrow night, that temperature coming in at 50 degrees. mostly cloudy again scattered showers possible in the forecast. but as we go into the 7-day forecast, things look good. i like the numbers. we are in the 70s here. and this is pretty much where we should be now for this time year. things look pretty good. the biggest day on the 7-day forecast of course is mother's day. we love the mothers and looks like we could get hit or miss showers. and hopefully we will get more misses than hits. hopefully it doesn't matter. >> hope flay gift for mom is good weather. we told you stories of devastation in the wake of the today nays -- tornadoes but tonight a story of hope. after the death and destruction prom might be a after thought but a school in alabama wanted to give students the prom night they dreamed up. only problem is most of the students lost their dresses in the storms. so the school put out a call for help and just on the first day, they received 300 donated dresses. >> we have had you know people
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contacked us from georgia and texas and all over the united states wanting to know if they can ship dress here. so it's been incredible to see. >> surprising, like, the dresses and shoes and everything, like i never thought somebody would do this for me. it's like amazing. >> and the outpouring of support has not stopped. they collected 1200 dresses and counting. and let's check out how the drive home is going tonight. let's look live at 695 at providence road. looks pretty good. hoping for good weather for mother's day. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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lunge 7 on the forecast. 77. >> and looks like we are in vegas. >> love it. >> you know, we have the orioles playing tonight at 7:05 and a chance for scattered showers maybe a couple thunderstorms many but looks like the game will start without a delay and then by tomorrow, we have lacrosse playing. the last game sals ber bury against -- salisbury against washington. and we should swees that out without no pro-- squeeze that out without a problem. >> that's it for us. thanks for joining us. we will be back here at 11. in the meantime have a great evening and enjoy the great
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weather. it's beautiful out. before the rain gets here, go out and get it in. ú
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