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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  May 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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i didn't look at her different, i looked at her as human. >> the victim of a brutal beating breaks her silence and so does the woman that tried to help her. the reunion you will only see here. >> we are customer having a seizure here. >> and on the same day a victim and her protecter come together for the first time we hear the 911 calls from inside the restaurant. plus planning a vacation? the money saving secrets hotels don't want you to know. the news starts right now. >> now abc 2news at 11. >> this healing more or less than -- more than anything else. getting my strength back and moving around more and i'm doing well. >> brooks robinson is back in the spotlight after being in the hospital with an infection. he sat down with us. that is coming up later on the
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news at 11. >> stop! . >> the victim of a brutal beating meets the woman who tried to step in and help. the story made headlines around the country and world. a transgender woman beaten inside a mcdonalds while employees stood by and watched. one worker reported that video and at one point you see another woman stepping in to try it help the victim. christ schaffer was there was the two women met again. >> reporter: the victim is doing better but still trying to deal with the effects of the beating. she had not met the woman who tried to save her until today. before the hug. >> thank you for coming to my rescue girl. thank you so much. it meant a lot to me. >> don't cry. you're going to make me cry. >> reporter: they went to lunch and did it outside of rosedale
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where christy said last month's videotaped attack at the mcdonalds brought her far more notice than she ever wanted. >> i don't like to go outside, i don't. i have a lot of people -- like my gosh, i know you,, you're that girl and i don't want to be recognized for that. >> stop! >> reporter: she said they cries when she sees the video that shows two teens, an 18- year-old and a 14-year-old beating her relentlessly. vicki toms the only one who tried to help. >> they would have dragged me out and who know what they would have done. >> reporter: toms had just come in to the restaurant. >> i couldn't understand why he was standing there watching and not helping. >> reporter: she said the teens attacked her because she is transgendered and she considers the beating a hate crime.
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>> i am a woman now. i am. yes, i have always been [inaudible] since i day i was born. >> reporter: the state's attorney has not yet made a determination on whether hate crime charges should apply. vicki toms just saw someone in trouble. >> i looked at her as human, not different. >> reporter: christy said since the attack happened she has had a hard time finding work. the two plan to stay in touch now that they have me >> hello, we are customer having a seizure. >> new tonight the 911 call from the night of the now famous beating at that mcdonalds. someone who called herself kim called the police to report someone was having a seizure. it took prodding to get what was really going on. >> he moving, he need help.
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>> he is a wake? >> yes. >> -- like the girls beat him up. >> he was assaulted? >> yes. >> tonight an 18-year-old is charged with first and second degree assault in the attack. a 14-year-old is also charged as a juvenile. a man who stabbed his pregnant wife to death has been sentenced to life. he is convicted of killing her in 2008. prosecutors say he attacked her outside a courthouse on north avenue after she received a restraining order against him. today a baltimore court decided he should spend the rest of his life in jail. tomorrow family and friends will say good-bye to felicia barnes. the funeral for her happens tomorrow in georgia but the church plans to stream it live on the web. locally a memorial will be held
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next saturday at mount pleasant. barnes's body was found in a river two weeks ago. earlier this week police ruled her death a homicide and say they do know how she died but they aren't releasing that for fear it could compromise the investigation. tomorrow's funeral service starts at 1:00 in the afternoon. the service -- the church will stream it live and we will have a link on our website. new, the baltimore city sheriff's department has ruined the holiday weekend for 22 deadbeat parents. deputies conducted a two day warrant sweep for child support offenders. they took in 22, all told their bills total more than 32 5,000 dollars. the sweep was appropriately code named operation mother's day. it turned out to be a nice friday. we saw a lot of sun and then in to the evening a couple showers
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and thunderstorms pop up across the area. the radar looks dry. this is just ground clutter you are seeing around the washington area and across the eastern shore. the bulk off into delaware up into new jersey at this time. things are drying out so we like to see that. as we check out what will happen now in terms of temperatures we have cooled off, basically rain cooled air that you are dealing with as you head out and about. you may need that jacket on but you can leave the rain gear at home because you won't need that. don't put it faraway because we will see more showers. overnight that temperature right around 50 degrees, decreasing clouds and we will start to dry out, let's send it back to josie. >> tonight the one and only brooks robinson opens up about the emotional response he got after being in the hospital back in march. he was admitted because of an infection but just like anything else it didn't keep him down. he was at a hotel for the debut
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of a new vodka and as we report he has an important message for his fans. >> reporter: there was a place here once where you could see magic happen. they called it memorial stadium. today it's a place where kids make their own magic by playing sports like lacrosse and baseball. if you stand still and listen when the wind blows you can still hear some of that old, old magic. >> back back back of the wall and good-bye home run! >> reporter: for 23 years nobody stood out more than number five. brooks robinson. >> i practically seen every orioles would ever put on a uniform with the exception of four or five who ever played. >> reporter: he is a legend. a legend is a traditional story about a hero character who does good deeds. >> i don't know how many i run
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into who say you came to see my father in the hospital or you came to my little league dinner, everybody has a story which is wonderful and i love that. >> reporter: in march number five's fans had a chance to give back. brooks was rushed to the hospital for an infection. while there he was surprised to receive so many e-mails, letters and cards telling him the difference he made in so many lives. >> over 500 e-mails people, everywhere, the response i got was just very heart warming and it was a wonderful feeling and i mean it spurred me on. i'm just happy i have my health and things are getting better. >> reporter: if you get a chance look once more for that miracle on 33ered 33rd street.
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>> and brooks will be back out later this month, may 21st at the dug out zone. with a final fist pump and tears gary williams stepped down as head coach. words many of us never thought we would hear but tonight the post barry era has started. he hung it up during a press conference today. while you won't see him patrolling the sidelines screaming at referees his legacy will likely never leave the floor. officials want the court renamed in his honor. they say they got emotional when he talked. >> its been a decision i have thought about for a while. i just like to thank first of all --. >> reporter: he will stay on at
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maryland as the assistant athletic director. they have the admiration of americans and today a pat on the back from the president as he sat down with the navy seals who carried out the mission to capture and kill bin laden. they heard the firsthand word of what happened. the president gave great praise to all service members. >> amazing, i'm in aw, e of the job you do. >> they deserve credit for one of the greatest operations in our nation's history. every person who wears the uniform. >> he is committed to bringing people more troops by this summer. >> it's vacation season and with as much as we will be
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paying to drive this summer it makes sense to look for savings somewhere else and the best place might be in your hotel. we will clue you in on top secret savings, the chaining don't want you to know about. and a story that proved kids never listen to their parents. he just couldn't say no when his mom's life was on the line. why pay for beer when you can bring a few dozen friends and take it for free? that and more when we return in just 60 seconds.
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. here is a question for a friday night. how badly do you want free beer? watch this mob robbery. a few people distract the clerk while dozens get away with cases of beer, some of them come back for seconds. there wasn't much the clerk
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could do but call police. police think it was teens, they got about $600 of beer. what mother doesn't drop everything when their baby cries out to them? this mom bear worked for hours to try to free two cubs being stuck in a tree near pittsburgh. officers think she probably sent them up the tree sensing danger but then they got stuck. as the crowd grew she eventually got them free. the game commission told the crowd to leave so the bears could leave. this weekend you will get to see how we are working for you. we put out the call to help a woman visit her mom's grave on mother's day and our viewers stepped up. yesterday the woman said she couldn't afford the gas to drive to the cemetery where her mother is buried. she is wheelchair bound and has to drive a big ford f250 van. after her story aired we got
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calls from viewer who wanted to help including susan who will drive from the eastern shore to east baltimore on sunday to take her to visit mom's grave and then take her out to lunch. >> i'm so thankful that i reached out to channel 2 and that you cared enough to listen to me and do something about it. i know -- i can't thank you all enough for susan and you and for coming here and -- just caring about my circumstances and it means a lot to me. >> reporter: we will be there for their trip to see mom. you don't want to miss that. it's coming up sunday night on abc 2news. she is certainly getting a great gift this mother's day but one man gave his mom a gift that will last a lifetime. mike was one race away from getting his goal of finishing a triathlon in every continent. before he could make the trek his mom went into kidney
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failure. she needed a donor to stay alive and her son didn't hesitate. >> he said it wasn't my choice. he wanted to save my life. >> after all she gave life to me. it's rare a child has the chance to give life to a parent and i feel very blessed to have been able to do that. >> reporter: they are both doing well. mike plead it to africa and finished his case. he to battle dehydration along the way. many of us are starting to think about summer vacations and and that means booking a hotel. you could leave savings on the table without realizing it. secrets the hotels don't want you to know. >> reporter: this is the time of year many of us plan vacations. with this year's gas prices we want the best deal we can find. when you are booking that room turns out there are several
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money saving secrets the hotel is not telling you. these days many travelers use websites for a good rate on hotels. frequent traveler steve hail likes price line. >> i can get a three star hotel for about $60. >> reporter: you may get a nice rate but don't expect any perks. a new report lists things hotels won't tell you. topping their list, you need to book to the hotel itself, not third party websites to get room upgrades or extras like gift cards. katie uses the price comparison website kayak to find rock bottom prices. >> there is an app that you can use. >> reporter: smart money said an easier way is to follow your favorite chain on facebook and twitter. they will tell you about deals. another secret, your room won't look like the one on the
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website. the website posts real user photographs next to hotel photographs and the real scene can be a surprise. hate paying for a room phone or pay per view? another secret is many will often waive those fees if you ask in advance. >> i just haggle, call and say what do you have and what can i do to get a better rate? >> reporter: another thing, you can build up reward points without staying there. just sign up for a hotel branded credit card and earn points when you use it. finally smart money said the one thing they won't say is if they can't do much about bed bugs. it suggests checks bed bug before you book. you should still check the bed when you arrive and if you find something demand more than just a replacement room.
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>> well if high gas prices have you down and they probably do you are going to want to set your alarm for bright and early the next few weeks. starting on monday morning tune into good morning maryland between 4:30 and 7:00 a.m. for the code word to give away gas cards. text it or e-mail it when you see it. each afternoon we will pick a winner and each day's winner gets a 100-dollar gas card. the give away starts monday morning and running through may 25th. and also tomorrow abc2 is working for you to help you dispose of old documents. come on out to the shred event and get two bags or boxes of unwanted documents shredded for free. we have them available at two locations from nine to noon. you can bring the documents to the west view branch on national pike and the hamilton
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branch. >> now the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> so it was a nice friday and then as we moved into the evening we saw showers, thunderstorms, not everywhere but a few places did get it. we are drying out nicely and you know temperatures have really dropped off because of that rain. coming in about 53 degrees, it's on the chilly side, that humidity picked up to around 96% and the wind's have comed down. the pressure holding steady as of now. baltimore today, you see the sun out there and then the clouds rolled in and then from the clouds yes the rain definitely fell across the area. this is what it looks like now in terms of the winds. it was on the breezy side especially if you were wrapped up in a thunderstorm, the winds out of the southwest about five to 15 miles an hour with gusts up to 25 miles an hour and the thunderstorms up to about 50. the current sustained winds nice and light into winchester,
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zero into baltimore so nice and calm there, easton in around nine miles an hour. so check out the chillier temperatures. oakland 46 degrees right now, 53 from york to hagerstown, winchester around 55 degrees, easton at 63 and that's going to start to fall as well. our highs today they were nice and pleasant. 72 degrees into baltimore, 70dc, 73 frederick and 71 winchester, we will call it nice and seasonable. this is where we should be for this time of year. for tomorrow we will do it over in terms of we will see sun, we will see a few clouds and i will call it partly cloudy and you will like the temperatures, as we go into the evening time, it'll look like it can today where you can do all your activity and then -- about 6, 8:00 you can see the showers,
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isolated to scattered, not everybody will get wet tomorrow. satellite and radar not picking up on a lot. satellite picks up on the cloud cover and you can see we are clearing out nicely so the clouds are decreasing. the radar picking up on the rain. the showers and thunderstorms working in to new jersey and into delaware. we are pretty much out of the rain for right now. that weather pattern looks good. that disturbance starting to slide off. you can see the dotted line working out to sea and then we will start to have high pressure build in through the rest of tonight and also into tomorrow. future caster picking up on this nicely as we see the rain pushing out of here. by saturday evening again we have the chance for showers, not everybody getting wet, maybe a thunderstorm but mainly showers in the forecast and then by sunday mother's day we will do it over, scattered showers and thunderstorms possible in the forecast. here we go, the overnight that temperature in around 50 degrees and again the decreasing cloud cover across the area, 73 partly cloudy into
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tomorrow and then by tomorrow night that temperature around 50 degrees and looking good as we head into sunday because it's mother's day. hit or miss showers across the area but it doesn't matter. takey your mom out, it'll be a good day. >> and hopefully the gift will be good weather. ? the orioles had a buzz saw against the royals. they were happy to get back to camden but found themselves on the wrong side of one ray's historic night. first a look at night line. >> coming up, breaking news as the united states goes after another top terrorist leader. and new details on the spy operation that got bin laden. plus a rare visit with wild polar bear cubs. that's right after you.
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. here is your press box sports report. the orioles dropped two of three in kansas but were hoping a trip back to baltimore and an appearance by the rising star pitcher would get them back on track. james shields and the rays had other ideas. shields was great going seven and a third inning just three hits and one run and his offense backed him up. brandon with a two run home run. the first of his big league career. the orioles dropped a series opener 6-2. jeremy guthrie taking the mound for the birds at 1:10. now it's getting serious.
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ethier singled in the first against the met mets. mets. a last look at the forecast for the weekend. it's a big one. everybody wants to get out for mother's day. >> i think it'll be okay, especially tomorrow we will be dry in to the evening. mother's day could be hit or miss. check out the game day forecast. this is a last game of the season. we have washington at 1:00 p.m. that temperature at 73 degrees. partly cloudy, nice outside, that rain will hold off and mother's day hit or miss, not to bad and then through the week we have a chance of showers or thunderstorms. don't go away. we will be right back.
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. that's it for all of us. happy mother's day. happy mother's day. >> don't forget you can always get the latest online. have a great night and we will see you on sunday. enjoy that weather. this is the aircraft logbook.
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we have to write down everything about every flight. with so many new southwest flights, that's a lot of ink. i filled up three of these this month already. kinda like the little black book... of all the cities we've dated. [ male announcer ] starting june 5th, fly southwest airlines' new nonstop service from bwi airport to new york newark for just $69 one way. is "camera crew" two words or one word? [ laughs ] you should know. you're the camera man.
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