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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  May 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> god sent me to angels. both of them with big hearts. >> she never that she would make it to her mother's grave because she could not afford gas. >> if you are riding the rails tomorrow, you'll want to hear the latest on the effort to protect are trained to. >> you do not need exercise, diet, or surgery. >> it started with a phone call. she was upset that she could not afford gas. >> it was time for the next
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thing up. at zion baptist, rolling up the sidewalk is gaynell. she meets a stranger and for an hour they were talk. sara says her mother taught her to help and volunteer at food pantries and homeless shelters. >> nothing should keep you from your mother on mother's day especially something like gas. >> so sara hands gaynell a $100 gift card for gas. as she was leaving for the cemetery, sara had something to say. >> all of these people that pass by as people we have a lot of people driving. none of them are helping. >> and benefit cemetery gaynell
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reached her mother's grave -- and then at the cemetery gaynell reached her mother's grave and told her about sara. she wanted to story to be a message to others. >> we have been paralyzed by the gas prices. it not been able to move preview cannot go to church -- and not being able to move. you cannot go to church. the woman who is going to drive gaynell couldn't because she needs a kidney transplant. >> i am hoping we can pay it forward. >> three people who 24 hours ago knew nothing about one another. >> this is a love story. this is a story about
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compassion and about love. a lot of caring. >> it has been quite a story could we want to think sara for helping and now our concern is trying to get susan better. >> a great story. >> the next time you tap off, the price of gas may be a little bit lower. cheryl conner is live with more. >> reporter: encouraging news for those who drive for a living. if you are tired for stopping for gas and paying for the philip, go along with a driver
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from season's pizza. andrew picked up another job since the price of gas is driving him in the red. on top of his hourly rate, he gets $1 for every delivery plus tips. he has a family of four to feed. we took the 12-mile round trip. >> that means you're not making anything? >> reporter: 12 minus costs about $2 when gas is $4 a gallon, the whole prices will drop. >> it will hopefully dropped $0.20 here in the next 12 days. >> reporter: crewed oil has dropped below $100 a barrel in the last few days due to a drop
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in demand. americans now drive less. about 5% less. they still ordered pizza which cost the owner to pump up the cost of delivery by $0.25. he says he is losing at least $30 a night. >> the only reason i come home is to work. it is not even out. >> reporter: it could take as long as two weeks for a drop in crude oil. this is common. gas prices typically peak in the spring and fall in the summertime. >> we are working to help you pay less. all you have to do is go to our website, could we have it mapped out neighborhood by neighborhood. at costco i paid board $04 for
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premium. -- $4.04 for premium. all you have to do is put in your zip code. there is an interactive map where you can find just how much you will pay. a great tool. >> now maryland's most powerful radar. >> it was an absolutely fabulous day out there. i hope you had a good one. let me show you what is going on right now. you know what, maryland's most powerful radar, we are not dealing with anything. we had a couple of showers across anne arundel county. it will stay this way as we go to the next several days. looking at the satellite radar. trying to stream in here from
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the north and south. partly cloudy to mostly clear. things definitely looking pretty good. temperatures coming in at 67 degrees. we are in the mid-50s around cambridge. 53 into york, pennsylvania. temperatures will drop down into the 50s overnight. once again, we will be partly cloudy. i will have your seven day forecast coming up. about one dozen people are recovering after a car ran into the back of an mta bus on philadelphia road. officials say that the bus was stopped when it was hits. 12 people were taken to the hospital including chelsea senate's 3-year-old son. >> i have to take my son to the
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hospital. >> we heard that everybody was taken to the hospital and is going to be okay. the driver who hit two johns hopkins students is in custody. the driver was impaired and is now awaiting charges. a 20-year-old man and 18-year- old female were walking across 33rd street when they were hit by the car. the male victim is in critical but stable condition. a crash happened this morning at the intersection of interstates 195 and 295. they have not released the details on the escort assignment. right now police are working to identify a body that was found in spa creek near the 300 block of burnside street. still no word on how long the
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body may have been in the water. family and friends of phylicia barnes came together to remember the north carolina teen. barnes was 16 when she went missing in baltimore just days after christmas. a funeral service was held in georgia and a memorial service is set for may 14 at mount pleasant church in baltimore. thousands came under motorcycles to pay tribute to fallen police officers in the nation's capital today. it is the 16th annual law ride and it kicks off national police week. one man wrote 1300 miles and through two rainstorms to be able to lay a wreath at the memorial. >> when one of her fellow officers baltimore line of duty, a shows you how moral you
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are. the families are grieving payday have to face reality. >> many credit today's event with helping to keep memories alive and provide a support system. day after day, call after call, volunteer firefighters are there for us. our fire department provides service. baltimore waited chris carr presented a check to the fire company. >> it feels great to be out in the community and looking at the faces of people out there saving lives. they are really doing a lot of things for the community. >> the volunteer fire company says they will split the money
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with three other companies that were honored this weekend. >> it was one week ago tonight that we were reporting on the death of osama bin laden. one senator thinks we should have a "do not ride list." >> plus, allergy season is here. >> your eyes may pop out over this story if you are fighting a losing battle with facts, how about freezing it? a story you do not want to miss
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>> you are looking at the high waters of the mississippi river, affecting as many as 4 million people. we are talking about a flood zone that stretches 1000 miles. and mendes the river is 2 feet above flood stage -- in memphis the river is 2 feet above flood
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stage. >> officials are underway to make our rails stayed for two nights. lawmakers are calling for a "do not ride list" for amtrak, similar to the no-fly list. with 4000 passengers and very little security, it is a vulnerable area. >> targeting the infrastructure itself is a much smarter move. >> reporter: while they are inspecting the tracks from dc to new york, more than 40% of the rail lines have no automatic monitoring system. her son said she knew she was down to the final hours peachey had been stranded for seven weeks. she thought if she was not rescued on friday she would not
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have made it to today. hunters spotted her van on national forest road peter husband is still -- her husband is still missing. column levels are reaching record highs and the heavy winter snores and early spring rains are to blame. >> there are a lot of patients calling us describing severe symptoms of. >> it is causing people to sneeze and sniffle earlier and longer. >> and tonight, linda soe looks
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at technology that freezes the fat. >> reporter: if you can still pinch 8q inches-- pinch a few inches, this dermatologist offers this fat freezing procedures. >> close to ideal weight with a few bulges that they do not like. >> i have one trouble area. >> the patient wanted her tummy tightened up. >> reporter: dr. alexander's staff helps demonstrate. >> this part will be a little pinchy. it will tug on your skin. >> it cools the whole area down to 40 degrees while protecting your skin and the fat cells
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freeze. >> reporter: the body begins fleshing out the frozen fat cells. when we saw the before and after pictures, they were only halfway through the four-month process. samantha was thrilled with the results. >> my skinny jeans that were always really tight were very loose so it was very exciting. >> reporter: dr. alexander says cool sculpting is not to replace liposuction and. >> we feel like this is the wave of the future. hopefully down the road we will
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be doing larger areas. >> reporter: this was all due to research that showed that fat cells at the disappear when frozen. linda so, abc 2 news. >> now maryland's most powerful radar. >> it was a lovely day. it is a lovely night as well. we are cooling off and the winds are calm. talking about today, check it out. i know mom was loving it. you know, if for some reason you are not able to get out today you will be able to get out tomorrow and the next day. plan accordingly and get everything out of it. right now the temperature coming into the upper 50s.
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easton right around 63 degrees. we are seeing more of the same into atlantic city. oakland coming in right around 52. are highs today, they were stellar. 75 degrees. we should be right around 71 degrees for this time of year. 74 into dc and culpepper. as we go to tomorrow we will be seeing more of the same. if you like today, you will like tomorrow. clarksville coming in around 72 degrees. mixing maybe with a few clouds out there as well. as we check out the satellite radar, not a lot going on. things have died down. you can see the flow in the atmosphere from north to south.
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a few clouds into the evening and overnight but all will be good. the reason why is we will have high pressure coming in here. it will be dry and nice outside. we are looking for that to come into thursday. forget thursday right now. things are going to be looking nice and dry out there. overnight temperatures are heading into their 50s. we should be right around 49 degrees. pretty seasonable as we go into the overnight. plenty of sunshine in the forecast. it is going to be nice and pleasant out there. tomorrow night, coming in right around 47 degrees. breezy and cool or because we will not have many clouds out there.
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the clouds act like a blanket and we will not be dealing with that. we definitely liked the 70s. what did you say about the 70s? >> i do not like the 80s as much. >> i know you are leading the 70s. we will have dry weather into thursday and then friday and saturday, a few showers in the forecast. >> picture-perfect. >> that is nice. a rough weekend. the orioles get swept by tampa bay. this tampa bay ballclub is pretty darn good. orioles batting at six hits total. they dropped five games under 500 are in last place. seattle is next on tuesday.
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all over the country today was a special day set aside to honor moms. tonight we hear about this special day. plus a special story involving an 8-year-old man falling out of the side of the plane.
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>> abc 2 is working to help you from identity theft. we have teamed up with mecu to
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get rid of your paper records. >> it can totally destroy peoples lives. we want people to understand that protecting their identity is something they need to do every day. >> look at the line here. those with more than two boxes of papers were asked to make a donation. we are celebrating moms. >> just how important are you? abc went to search and ask the experts. >> reporter: a trip to central park to find giant mother's day messages in the tiniest of people. littlejohn just four in front of our camera. we asked, did you do something special for your mother today? >> yes. >> reporter: what did you do? >> i made her a card. >> reporter: miko was short of shy. i love her, he said.
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sophia is in 1st grade. she said is actually her mother that gives her gifts. then we met kyle -- >> i let her sleep in. >> reporter: it was christopher who turned out to be the most poetic. if you had to tell people, what would you tell them? >> she looks like an angel. >> reporter: your mom? she is going to love dads. but when we asked, have you told her that? >> i was going to tell her. >> reporter: you did not tell her yet? >> now she knows. >> no matter what you did
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today, i doubt it will top this story. >> and 85-year-old man flying high in the sky. we will show you how he jumped out of the plane. ♪ [ alarm buzzing ] another victim of frequent flyer red tape. [ tires screech ] seat restrictions got him stuck in a vicious circle. it's just not right! i keep earning miles, but it seems like i can never use them. the all-new rapid rewards doesn't have any of that nasty red tape. here he comes again. let's set him free! [ male announcer ] join rapid rewards and enjoy unlimited reward seats, no blackout dates, and no red tape. ♪
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>> what a way to celebrate a birthday. bob connor turned 85 years old this weekend. he marked the day by jumping out of a plane. he has wanted to skydive since 1942 when he tried to join the
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paratroopers that they told him he was not old enough. >> he is now. >> good times. happy mother's day. >> thank you. thank you. >> i feel like tony the tiger, "grrreat!" as we head into next week. make sure you guys enjoy it. >> i feel a sick day coming up. >> have a great night. thanks for joining us. >> bye-bye.
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