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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  June 7, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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to the hospital. they say she's expected to be okay. there's no word yet on the cause of this fire. all right. the cooldown. we've already issued a code red heat alert. last week's heat wave is already being blamed on the first heat related deaths of the year. two senior citizens, one from cecil county, one from anne arundel, both with -- with under lying medical conditions deed from the heat. wyatt everhart is watching the latest heat wave. how hot is it going to be? >> today in the low 90s. tomorrow mid to upper 90s. with the humidity it will feel hotter. here it; the beginning of the heat wave. today was an exceptable level. skies clearing out there this
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evening. that's good. heat advisory up noon through 8:00. that's not so good. i expect same thing, if not a heat warning for thursday. we push up into the mid-nos knots -- mid-90s. we'll talk more about when the heat wave breaks straight ahead. >> all right. log on to you can also download applications to your smartphone. >> all right. right now crews are on the scene of a three-alarm fire going on in northwest baltimore. when they got to the scene they found three story vacant apartment building on fire. no word on the cause. because of the intensity, crews had to be called out on garrison boulevard. we have a crew on the scene. we'll get more information on the hatfields and the
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mccoys. they bat tell out. a river, the only thing that separates them. more than 100 years later two harford county neighbors are doing battle over a simple patch of grass. >> reporter: toll gate vaj in -- village sits just belined the more established bel air acres, a neighborhood that's been quietly tucked away off route one for years. the two are separated by this three-foot piece of land but these neighborhoods may be worlds apart. why do measure -- she's leading the charge to keep the neighbors. the feud is over the last patch of land to create a gated and locked emergency road between
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the two neighborhoods. the newer toll gate village only has one way in, one way out. the county wants the ac serks the fire department, added fire hydrants and protection if needed but ma tear fears it could become much more and she said she won't let this happen. >> if we scan put a boundary finance and nothing else, it's a public or private highway. it's either private for the use of the toll gate village or public for harford county. either way, i have a deed restriction saying we wasn't put this there. >> reporter: you digit white, who lives on the other side of this argument, doesn't quite understand. the emergency road is paveed all the way up to the fence and for he is and her flabs, -- she and her neighbors. >> they think it will be a run
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away through. that's only in the case of an emergency. thrapples going to be -- there's going to be a locked gate. >> reporter: so the lines are drawn. overgrass dividing the two, pitting neighbor against neighbor. >> brian tells us both sides will be heard tonight on the topic. that will start at 7:00. you've seen them out there on the roads, aggressive drivers. but this week law enforcement is putting on the brakes on the tailgaters, lane changers and speeders as part of the smooth operator program. maryland is trying to save lives. >> immediately three traffic violations to charge someone with aggressive. it really isn't that hard because everybody is speeding.
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you got people who are passing, following too close, unsafe lane changing. >> aggressive driving can cost you five points off your license and it also plays a role there one out of three crashes and two out of three deaths on our roads. opponents of the dream act cleared a hurd until the referendum. they validated the more than 18,000 signatures that opponents needed. the dream act aluses undocumented students to meet certain requirements to pay instate tuition. the casinos cashed in more than $9 million in may, a decline since ay. officials said the drop isn't a cause for concern but they're focusing on long-term trends. prince william and kate will come to baltimore in two weeks
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but prince edwards will be in baltimore. he will talk about the young americans challenge much the prince, along with miss america will be here to build confidence, motivation and self-worth. a new store is moving into town and they're looking to hire. a career open house is and for the specialty grocery store fresh market. it will start at 8:00 in the morning and run until 7:00 at night. the new fresh market will open right across from the towson town center on dulaney valley road. the farmers market kicks off tomorrow. it feature has variety of fresh fruits and it will be held every wednesday at the maryland estate grounds in timonium. a second chance balloon in columbia. a woman walks in and use as
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quick closed handed fist to hit another woman. we find out who is the woman. >> a private party among friends, things are winding down until this. >> never had a bar fight in the two and a half years i've been here. >> reporter: he's one of the owner. and said this was a first. >> police were everwhere and very uncharacteristic for us, very, very surprised. we're a family place. things like this don't happen. >> reporter: the assault took place in the doorway. the video camera is over my shoulder. people are happy they had the surveillance camera. sor the police. you can see the brew tlt of the attack. the attacker catches the victim off guard with a smack to her head knocks her off her feet and grabs her pumplets -- purse. >> this is unusual because of
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the nature of it and this happened inside an establishment it. looks like the suspect is actually waiting and looking at the front door waiting for people to come. while we don't believe she knew the woman, we believe she was targeted because she was female or because of her size. >> reporter: woods talked to the victim shortly after the attack. >> i think scared to death. i don't think she realized what happened. >> reporter: because of the violent nature of the am bush, the people at the second chance saloon don't believe the attacker should get a second chance. >> i guess process cuted to the full extent of the law. >> reporter: don harrison reporting. >> here's a look at the attacker. somebody has got to recognize her. take a close look anyone with information call 410-313-7867.
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it's took at night, you are wired. not because of coffee but you are wired. some are wireless. you're hooked to tweeting, talking, texting. you're not counting sheep anymore, just gig ga bets. >> you see the plane? now it's out in west virginia. >> check it out. 90 at bwi. so we have a two-degree weather winner. we'll make another attempt and it will be a hotter number. those details coming up.
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from the ball field to the battlefield, the orioles are teaming up to help our wounded warriors. kelly swoope as more. >> they stopped by to help put together wounded warrior back pabltion. they're filled with wounded warriors gear and been -- will be handed out to injured service
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members. >> allowing us to live and have our freedom in this country. it's the least we can do. >> i have a friend that's everseas. i try top interact with hem as much as can. if you don't have a family member or friend in the military, you don't understand what it's like to deal with what they have to and come back home. >> now you can help give a wounded warrior backpack to an injured soldier. log on to underarmour's backpack. on the website they have some really great information. their theme is protect this house. you see they have the ned to pro-- need to protect our military. you can help out. you can get involved. it will then be distributed to a hero in need. kelly swoope, abc2 news.
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>> hey, listen, we all love hour smartphones and east pads but thr -- ipads but they're robbing us of a good night's sleep. >> reporter: it's how we stay connected, twitter, facebook, email, texting, but that glow from our cell phones and ipads can rob us of a good night sleep. >> it's disrupting the see creation of that nighttime -- secretion of a nighttime hormone. >> reporter: it's melatonin. >> it's a hormone of darkness, secreted in the gland in the brain that initiates our whole process of sleep. it's an entrance to a good night's sleep. >> reporter: when we use the gadgets before bed, it interrupts the process. we should unplug from our phones and computers one hour before going to bed.
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>> within one hour slough the targeted bedtime -- of the targeted bedtime there should not be any of these stimulations that will interfere with their ability to fall asleep. >> reporter: putting your phone on vibrate is not the solution. >> whether your cell phone is making a sound or vibration and enough to cause an awakening it's going to result in the person needing to reinitiate sleep. if it happens through the night with several disruptions, it will have dramatic impacts. >> reporter: especially for kids who like to text and play video games late at night. >> they will not be learning as well, have problems with their social interactions and get sick more time. >> reporter: a good reason to power down. towson, linda so. >> dr. boner -- bonner said it's
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important to turn off cell phones one hour before bedtime. new x rated text messages went publiced into a series of dirty text messages. weiner wrote to a vegas blackjack dealer for more than a year. nancy pelosi filed the paperwork to get an ethics investigation up and going. then the beltway and if the united airlines flight 1549 can make a splash landing in the hudson, then it can certainly use the the beltway. and the miracle on the hudson plane will rest tonight before heading to the finalling spot in
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charlotte, north carolina. all right. cool peck churp sent in -- picture sent in, looking over the bay towards the route 50 bridge. sunny hot day down at the beach. give us your shots. we want to give them on air. google them, facebook. take a look. 88 at bwi. you know, that's warm but it's really not excessive, at least not yet. that southwest wind has kicked in. that's going to bring in more hot and humid conditions, chesapeake through the day a hot sunny scenario. also, want to show you this, robert w. coleman wants this. within more weather shot.
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ellicott city, hot but the humidity will come on. nothing on maryland's most powerful radar. by thursday, a pop-up storm. temperatures are heating up. heat advisory bang at noon including -- beginning at noon, the philadelphia area has an excessive heat warning. watch out for poor air quality, central maryland and delmarva. keep that in mind has that peek heating happens. the ozone starts to sore. highs today low 90s, upper 90s. humidity level in the that bad and afternoon cloud cover saved us a couple degrees of heat. i don't know in that will be the case. we'll see a complex drift by the main theme is this, a couple areas of high pressure surging heat. it will take several days for this pattern to change. so in the meantime we look for
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more hot, humid conditions. our futurecaster a chance of a pop-up storm wednesday. as we go into thursday, generally clear conditions early on. again, i want to mention we could see pop-up thunderstorms thursday as temperatures will push close to 100. a now clouds. it will be balmy but not that bad. tomorrow 96. cope in mind with the humidity this will -- keep in mind with the humidity, it will feel like over 100. your seven-day forecast, a couple scorchers. optimistic our air mass will change. we'll get cooler hair saturday, sunday -- air saturday, sunday and into monday. we want to start doing it every day. take a cool picture.
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what's coming up tonight at 11? here's kelly swoope. a second dog shooting in a neighborhood. this time a man is facing charges. we want to know what you think about it. plus, the woman said she was accidentally evicted when the movers went after the wrong apartment. we looked into how something like this could happen. those stories, plus wyatt's forecast after the game. pick a number between 50 and 97. let's take a look. not bad. we'll be right back. @
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we're dog a -- doing a big benefit downtown and it as for a great cause. some people at the station will make fools of themselves.
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it's actually a contest, different teams, different stations and we'll see what we can do. >> cam cameron will be there. he's got team raven. >> derek mason. hey, take a look. our highs today up around 90. we'll add that, maybe five degrees. mid-80s right now. we've already cooled off some. that's good. as we look tomorrow, i think we're not mid-90s. the humidity will start creeping up. that steam bath, just do what you can, stay cool and hydrated in that peak heat. coming up next diane sawyer and we'll see you right after the nba finals. have a great night.
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