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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  June 28, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. now abc 2 news at 11:00. >> it doesn't matter what happens, she is gone. how can you carry someone's child. >> a pregnant woman and her young daughter for found dead. this case has a few twistings. we want them to remember and not forget. is showing someone the finger a right protected in the constitution? we're going start right now with continuing coverage. baltimore county police say the woman found dead in a towson apartment was expected to testify in a criminal case in baltimore city. but county police say the city never informed them that the witness was relocated to the apartment complex. sharon connor has more. >> reporter: that's right.
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police were called to the welcome inn apartments in the 8700 block of loch bend drive around 4:00 p.m. monday and found the bodies of the woman and young girl inside a unit. >> this little girl was just 4 years old and she was playing in my yard just the other day. >> reporter: the family remembers the last time she was running around with her cousins. the 4 -year-old visited her in his north baltimore home every weekend but now her big personality is gone. >> she wants to talk and she wants to play and she wants to do everything, touch everything, see everything. the victims have been identified as alicia avery, 25, and her four-year-old daughter dariel parker. the bodies have been taken to the office of the medical examiner in baltimore for autopsies.
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>> reporter: she was living with the father of her unborn child and that they were having problems. >> all i know is that he kept harassing her all night long and telling her she needed to get the f home and stuff like that. she said i am not coming home right now because i want to spend time with with my sister. >> she was put into her apartment by city police because she was a witness in an upcoming trial. the grieving families hope the case doesn't go unsolved. >> it doesn't matter what happens, she's gone. how can you kill someone's child? >> we're still waiting to hear how she and her child were killed. the bodies were taken to the medical examiner's office for an autopsy. no word on the suspects. share connor, abc 2 news. we have breaking news
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update. the delivery driver shot on urban avenue has died. adelivery driver was shot several times here in urban avenue and you can see the bullets riddling the white box truck he was driving around in. police believe this was a robbery but they don't have any suspects. in gardendale, a gunman went into a doctor's office and robs patients and steals money from the receptionist. tonight, they were coming together in memory of a teen who disappeared in baltimore and they were calling for change. december 28, exactly 6 months ago, that ms. barnes disappeared christian schafer reports friends and family members want the case solved and that's not all. >> reporter: that's right. six months and still no arrest. members say they are trying to
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change the way police in this city and country look for missing children. [music playing]. >> it's been six months but for barnes' family, every day has been a challenge. >> we are just trying to make it through day by day and just be there for each other and talk or hug or cry or pray. >> reporter: that's what 50 family members and friends did in front of the city hall. >> she is gone but not forgotten and we're not giving up. we're going to keep moving forward and we're going to keep doing it until had case is resolved. >> she disappeared from her sister's apartment back in december. and then in april, her body was found in the river. we know the city and the state are doing what they can we
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want and we want to make sure they don't forget and look for answers and clues. >> don has been working with the family since the disappearance. he says the case shows him that law enforcement agencies need to focus more attention and resources on missing kids. >> compare your average division with the missing division task force and you can see what i am talking about. >> others hope it will spark someone's conscience who knows what happens. >> my opinion as a volunteer, i think there's too many people here in baltimore, community leaders, residents, who keep their eyes closed when things like this happen in our city. >> investigators have determined that she was murdered and they know how she died but they have not released that information. no suspects at this point. abc 2 news works for you tonight in up state. a scam alert about federal
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officials arresting tommy clock, wanted in three states for alledgedly being a shady contractor. police say they had two cases where they suspected the scamming. he's also wanted in florida. you can check out the scam alerts at go to the money tab and click on the scam alerts link. it's all right there for you at tomorrow we will find out how the students faired on the assessment test. it will be online o at noontime. we learned that two schools in baltimore apartmently cheated on the test. dr. andreas says it happened at an elementary school. there are now new procedures if place to prevent such a thing from happening again.
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when you do something wrong in school, you go to the principal's office but tonight the assistant principal is in trouble. baltimore city police took an assistant high school principal out of the building in handcuffs tuesday morning. city school spokesperson, edie house, says leonard hart of antioch diploma plus high school is on administrative leave, pending the outcome of an investigation. she won't say why he's being investigated. house says an internal investigation is also underway. sources say hart stole ipads from the school district. police picked him up on an arrest warrant shortly after 11:00 a.m. the warrant is for felony theft. felony theft indicates the value of the property is between $1,000-$10,000. i talked to some homeowners in jackson jacksonville area a few hours ago. they have been anxious for the last five years, when they learned an underground gasoline leak of 28,000-gallons at the exon station, and 150 homes would fit on paper mill and pikesville and get their water from wells. they have been in court with
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exon over a half a year. they won their case. they hold in their hand the number they will be awarded for the exon accident. the50 million was given to about 90 families back in march 2009. that still needs to be settled. and now we're watching the radar right now but most of the storm activity has been remained south of baltimore. you can see most of the action and southern maryland and pretty big stops moving in and south of ocean city and the beaches here, but back here in the central part the state, things are relatively quiet. 83 at the hartford. muggy steamy night. there's relief on the way. tomorrow, mid 80s and much less
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humid and great looking day for us. a good stretch this week. but there's changes for the 4th of july weekend. we talk about those coming up. we want to remind you again that nasa will be conducting low flying missions for the next couple of weeks. they are testing the air quality over the baltimore washington area. today we got an inside look at the planes designed for the military originally to search for submarines and they are used to determine pollution levels here. it will take place between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 at night. we have sent thousands into the water by naval academy and others. there's a business downtown and you notice the water coming out of the faucet is discolored. they are refilling the jefferson place water tank right off of west street and that's the reason for the discolor ration. we're told the water should be clear by early tomorrow
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morning. abc 2 works for you to want with another recall involving johnson and johnson, extra strength tylenol cap lets. it's the musty smell that's in the johnson and johnson boxes. this is the late recall from the company, which included several types of medicine. all right. it's an effort to protect if you parents and it's illegal to sell drop side crib in the entire united states. they're one of the most important things you buy before you bring home a new baby. and now new rules are in place to make sure cribs are safe when you lay down your little one. the new rules were implemented by the consumer product safety commission, which actually approved the stronger standards back in december. the biggest change involves drop side cribs, which according to the cpsc, have prompted more than seven million recalls in the last five years as well as 32 deaths. under the new regulations, drop side cribs can no longer be made or sold here in the united states. more rigorous safety testing, improvements in crib hardware durability and strengthening of crib mattresses and slats are also part of the new standards. although retailers and manufacturers must comply with the new rules as of today, places like day cares and hotels get a little more time to come in line. the cpsc has given child care facilities and hotels until december of 2012 to get rid of their old cribs and replace them with new ones that meet the latest requirements. tonight, abc 2 news working
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for you with the additional investment you should make before signing on the dotted line. >> i am not proud but i've shown my displeasure with them blocking the intersection. this man says he shouldn't approximate punished for flipping the bird. what do you think? >> we have a new twitter trend that answers to a new higher power. will you follow him? wait until you hear this story. we're back in 60 seconds.
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. and now the latest tonight on the wild fire in new mexico . the the fire is dangerously close to the desert birth place of the atomic bomb. authorities are monitoring the area around the laboratory for radiation. about 30,000 outdoor drums of contaminated wastes and lab fishes gave assurances that the dangerous materials were safely scored and capable of withstanding such flames.
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the nuclear watchdogs are worried the drums will get so hot they will burst. they have evacuated about 11,000 folks. can you see yourself getting the photo notices in the mail with you extending your middle finger to another driver. steven progress got a ticket for flipping the bird. someone else cut him off at the intersection. a cop pulls him over and gives him a ticket a few blocks later. >> he said i was thinking about going after them until i saw you flip them off. the person that breaks the two laws, walks and the person that is doing their 1st amendment free speech gets the ticket. >> the small print on the ticket says you're not allowed to extend your arm outside the vehicle for any purpose other than to signal. steven says his gesture was a signal. as far as the 1st amendment right, he will fight for his
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finger of speech in court. we're going to show you somebody taking a tremendous fall but i want to let you know the 18 -year-old is okay tonight. take a look at this. 20 feet, down he goes, off the escalator, and on the concrete below. shana mali admits he was drunk at the time and it was all his fault. he escaped with just a fractured elbow and a broken ego. he doesn't even remember falling. lucky kid. wow. when you just want to move or have more space around the house, you may consider renting out part of the house. >> before you move your belongings in, you may want to read the fine print. another expension could be worth the extra dough. >> more and more families these
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days are renting self-storage units to store the extra furniture and clothes and junk. the down side of these storage units is what jennifer collins found out. she said it ruined all of her furniture. they placed their belongings here while preparing to move into a new house. >> my husband came in to get everything and there was water and mold up the wall and everything saturated. >> the mold spots were everywhere. the mold is up the while. the couch is completely covered in mold. actually underneath this, there's growing mold. it's a total loss. when the collins asked management for help, they instead got the certified letter saying you're out of luck. >> the lease states the tenants
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are responsible for damage including mold. they suggest the tenants buy insurance. another owner told me that dampness is a common problem. never move in on a rainy day and make sure the driveway doesn't drain into your garage. >> it goes away from the unit and into the drainage system. >> jennifer understands the contract but the unit leaked and feels the company should help her family out. >> i would never be that way. if i know my company cost their family, i would help them anyway i could. my kids are out of beds and dressers. look close and ask questions before you rent a storm unit. how secure is the security fence around it. most are not responsible for dan. be careful when you you sign up and don't waste your money. you can look at the other investigations on the website,
11:17 pm just click on the money tab and the "don't waste your money link again. it's waiting for you at you or someone you know has had breast cancer, this story will hit home. survivors and a drug maker battling the food and drug administration to keep a certain drug on the market. doctors and patients say this drug is a lifesaver for people whose cancer has spread. last year, the agency voted to revoke the drug's approval as breast cancer treatment with toxic side effects like blood clotting. >> its nothing short of miraculous. >> nearly 100,000 victim have used it. the fda says it neither extended or improves life for
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patients. if it's pulled the doctors can prescribe the drug, but the insurance won't cover it. ayearlong treatment would cost about $100,000. now maryland's most popular doppler radar. >> all right. pretty sultry night out there. no question about that. steamy conditions, you might say. 74 right now and humidity 91%. it's a steam bath out there. we know it all too well. sometimes we expect it more late july than late june. there is relief on the way overnight into the day tomorrow. the showers and storms came through earlier. we had some action around the city but it moved away quickly. the rape is coming down towards cambridge but the heaviest weather is reserved for the lower eastern shore. most of the action will track through southern maryland and
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avoiding the baltimore area. i think we're done with the rain and storm chances for most of the next couple of days actually. take a look at the skies, they are turning stormy here. this is from robert coleman looking north east. you see the storm clouds late in the afternoon and early in the evening and did not provide much rain there. indianapolis we had some late in the afternoon. before the evening ends, there was a brief downpour at the naval academy. temperatures are mid to upper 70s. there's some relief coming in, i promise you that by tomorrow. it will take all night to see the humidity dropping. it's 100%. dover, delaware, 85%. indianapolis, mid 80s. tomorrow, i think we're back in the mid 80s and we will clear the skies and drop the humidity.
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good-looking weather how about carol county, maybe only low 80s. that's nice stuff. as we look at the overall pattern here, beginning to quieten down, much clearer nicer weather in the upper midwest. cool front is marching in. what will happen is there's much dry air moving in and pushing out. incredible plume of humidity inviting the east coast. the first name storm of the atlantic tropical season moving into south of texas and north of mexico. 67 tonight and isolated storms should be pushing out. tomorrow night, down to 58. open the windows again. quite a bit cooler. 7-day forecast, a couple of nice days, wednesday and thursday, and we begin to pour
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the heat back on towards july 1. towards the 4th, i am looking at mid to upper 90s in spots and it will begin to get more humid again. i am just saying, a few more days of low humidity tomorrow, and thursday and late september, we will have low humidity. enjoy the next few days. >> [laughter]. >> good hair day. in that's good. >> you're not going to believe who is on twitter. here's a look at what's next on night line. >> coming up, has the war on drugs failed? we go inside a drug bust and see a secret station. the american twins and tennis double champions may have an unfair advantage. that's coming up after abc 2 news at 11:00.
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. benedict the 16th is trending on twitter. his first get was dinner. no, that's not real. on the site, you can see a picture of the pope using an ipad. that was his historic first tweet. officials many charge of the communications say the site will be a clearinghouse for the news. >> that's pretty cool. if at once you don't succeed, try and try again. that's google as motto for taking on facebook. it's google plus and it's goal is to make online sharing more like real life they can share
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things with smaller groups. and it is easier to find news and contents you're interested in and sharing it with people that also might be interested. it's a feel trial going on by invitation only. no word when it's widely available. well, it's soon going to get more expensive to get the caffeine fix. coca-cola is raising the prices of soft drinks by 3-4% by the end of the month. the blame is because of raw materials raising their prices. tony larussa has not been in baltimore since 995. now he's a -- 1995. now he's a cardinal. there's tony. who needs big albert when you
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have rasmus, who crushes this pitch to right for a homer. matt halladay also added a homer. and zach was 5 and 1 to start the season and now 6 and 6. in the 8th, hardy hits the the 11th home run of the year. o's lose this one and cardinals win, 6-2. same two tomorrow at 7:05. wow. steamy down there at camden yards >> i envy the people who have tickets tomorrow evening. take a look at the maryland storms in the state. they will hit the lore shore the next couple of hours but i think we're clear in the baltimore area. less humid and mid 80s and sunshine. a couple of great days. enjoy it while you have it. all right. we'll be right back after the break. if i were a customer,
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. all right. you know what they think about the droid apps, iphone would own it? >> we will see. >> we will see. >> we will see you tomorrow. >> have a good one. [laughter]. kids came out. they said, "johan, can i see the dairy?
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