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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 5, 2011 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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you realize that 49 million americans struggle with hunger? that's one out of every 6 americans. these people are around us every day. they're our friends, they're our coworkers, their kids go to school with our kids. sometimes we're not even aware that they're struggling. this problem is closer than you think, but so is the solution. announcer: play a role in ending hunger.
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this river might be overrun by fishermen. but montana's yellowstone river is flanked by nearly 200 cleanup workers. >> we understand this is a very serious event. we sflnd that we need to get our full arms around where the exposure areas are. >> reporter: an estimated 42,000 gallons gushed into the river this weekend. an early theory is that powerful waters flooding this community and running at four times the normal rate may have damaged the pipeline, which was shut down within six minutes of a huge flux in pressure readings. >> when you build a pipeline through a river you expect floods. a river like yellowstone floods all the time. we can't expect our pipelines to break every time a flood happens. >> reporter: local photographers have captured images of birds sitting in oil. but officials say they have no widespread reports of damaged wildlife. exxonmobil believes the oil has been contained to a 15-mile
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stretch. but after early criticism from montana's governor, officials promised to scour every inch of river to ensure nothing is missed. on what should be a relaxing holiday, people here are praying this spill can be cleaned up before more damage is done. neal karlinsky, abc news. and the mexican navy is still searching for seven missing u.s. tourists whose fishing boat capsized off the coast. those lucky enough to survive the 10 are describing the harrowing hours before they were rescued or made it to shore. one passenger said he was afloat for 12 hours. another survivor, michael ng, told his wife he held on to a cooler. >> they had life jackets on. and they actually didn't have time to put on life jackets, so that's a good thing. he's a strong swimmer. >> crew members, we don't know how many crew members have been rescued and their locations. >> at least one american tourist died in this accident but mexican officials say they didn't have any information about that victim. a north carolina woman is trying to figure out how a letter from her high school
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sweetheart wound up getting sold by a sports memorabilia house. here's the catch. the letter was from 18-year-old soon to be basketball legend michaell jordan. wtvd's lena ciao reports from north carolina. >> i see my letter. i'm thinking, what in the world? >> reporter: it was a letter la quote that robinson says her high school sweetheart michael jordan wrote to her nearly 30 years ago. a letter she thought she had in her possession. >> that was between him and me, not anyone else. it wasast for anyone else to have knowledge of. that's something he wrote to me at that time out of his heart. >> reporter: so you can imagine her surprise when she saw the two-page document on tv friday. her romance with a teenaged jordan out in the open in a letter available for everyone to read. >> first i was in shock. i mean, i was trying to figure out where it came from. >> reporter: according to, a sports auction house, the love note and a picture of robinson and jordan dressed up for prom is now in the hands of someone else.
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someone who paid thousands of dollars for the items in december of 2004. robinson says she never knew the letter was missing. now she fears there could be more items that are unaccounted for. robinson suspects a family member took the letter and sold it to the auction house. >> for them to take something that belonged to me and to capital it's off of it without my knowledge, without my permission, it really upsets me. >> reporter: that's why she's vowing to take legal action against the person who stole the items. but first she wants to set the record straight with jordan. >> more than anything, i wouldn't want michael to think that i did it. because i wouldn't want him to think i would betray him in this way. >> that reports from wtvd's lena ochado. probablyly explains his successn basketball. >> who wasn't doing that in chemistry class? it's better than sitting going, what is going on? he mentions his father taking the school basketball team to eat on his birthday.
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she didn't sell the letter. >> right. she wasn't trying to profit from it at all. >> hopefully she gets it back. here's a look at your weather. south florida could see afternoon thunderstorms. severe weather is boss nibble des moines, omaha, and rapid city with 80-mile-an-hour winds and golf ball-sized hail if you can believe it. flash floods could threaten the desert of southern california. >> it will be warmer than usual across most of the country. new york will hit about 90. but without much humidity. washington, d.c. is about 5 degrees above average. seattle near 80. that's a big day. and also anchorage comes in at 65. >> that's a scorcher in seattle. it's time for your morning -- ready -- aww! >> these are cute. check out these newborn tiger cubs making their very first public appearance at the zoo in budapest where they were born last month. nothing cuter than a tiger cub until they get bigger than your car. >> boat of these three male siberians is a big deal, by the way. zookeepers are proud to point out they are part of an endinged species with only a few minute
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remaining in the wild. their names are virgil, thrax and manning. cute, cuter and cutest. >> mom carries them around in her mouth. >> just like a cat with their kittens. >> carry them around. i think that's impressive. we'll be right back with more "world news now." you go next if you had a hoveround power chair? the statue of liberty? the grand canyon? it's all possible ith a hoveround., tom: hi i'm tom kruse, inventor rand founder of hoveround., when we say you're free to see the world, we mean it. call today and get a free overound information kit, that includes a video and full color brochure. dennis celorie: "it's by far the best chair i've ever owned." terri: "last year, 9 out of 10 people got their hoveround for "little or no money."
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♪ just own the night like the fourth of july ♪ ♪ baby you're a firework
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>> that is incredible. >> spectacular one might say. >> i love that song, katy perry. i sing that song in my car. i feel like i sound good. washington, d.c. has to be one of the best backdrops as you saw for the fourth of july fireworks. thousands of people were there for this year's show and it capped a day that included reading of the declaration of independence, a parade down constitution avenue, also a star-studded concert at the capitol with one of my favorites steve martin. >> playing his banjo. we're going to transition to this story. one of the best places to watch the capitol fireworks is across the potomac river at the pentagon. that's one of the many benefits of working there. >> well done. the pentagon may be the headquarters of the fierce u.s. military, but it's actually got a real warm and fuzzy side too. abc's john henenen has the inside story. >> reporter: it's a fortress city unto itself. >> we like to think of ourselves as a small economy within a small city. >> reporter: the pentagon is the
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world's largestlow-rise office building. one the nation's military leaders never have to leave. for dinner, dry cleaning, many anything. patrick tate works for the pentagon mayor's office which oversees everything from the drugstore to the barbershop. >> short, cropped, military-style cuts. >> reporter: here at the pentagon there are 1 million doughnuts sold every year. with a little under 25,000 employees, that means each one of them has to eat 40 of these. i'm getting a start now. there's a best buy, several clothing shops, and a post office. there's even a virginia dmv. the best part about it? no lines. but you've got to have one of these to get in. the troops can nosh on fast food or linger over fine dining. then there's the notorious bistro in the center courtyarar it's been called the most dangerous hot dog stand in the world. that's because up until the 1980s, rumor had it when the russians set their missiles for
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the pentagon, they set their coordinates right there. choose from two credit unions and a bank. >> there's money here somewhere. >> reporter: caught flowerless on valentine's day, soldier? no problem. if your wife and your husband works in the pentagon, there is no squuls? >> none at all. >> reporter: it's hardly compensation for repeat tours in iraq. if you return to duty here, membership does have its privileges. john hendren, abc newsws the pentagon. >> by the way, not so secret after all. they do give tours. more than 100,000 visitors take the 60-miniature every year. >> it's really one of the super-secret places. now we had the inside peek. >> we'll be right back. omanra y i
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oman yr wa atoe.skip omanra y and e docr y.omanrar nawao the there is a new exdre exdreamunderwater pastime, it's called free diving and it's making quite a splash. >> it's part blood sport, part
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zen, and something like snorkeling on steroids. abc's matt gutman took the plunge. >> reporter: they go places humans shouldn't go. 60 feet under water, no oxygen. it's man at the speed of shark. meet the first generation of human torpedos, hurling through the subaquatic race course, clinging to these three-foot, 50-pound scooters. >> it's basically where free diving meets formula one meets "top gun." >> three, two, one, go! >> reporter: this new sport takes free diving -- diving as deep as you can on one breath -- and turbo charges it. kirk crock, a free diving guru and the sport's founder, calls it formula three free diving. you're taking your body where it seriously doesn't want to go to the point where everything is contracting in your body. why do people -- >> why? >> yeah. >> i guess it's, you know, what can you do? what are we capable of as a species? that's the draw for a lot of
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people. >> reporter: many push it all the way to blackout, causisi drowning in great enough numbers to make free diving among the most dangerous sports in the world. but before becoming a man fish you've got to become a guinea pig first. >> catch your breath. we'll do one last one. >> reporter: now he's going to teach me how to hold my breath longer than i ever thought possible. those jerking contractions you see, my body is demanding to breathth he trains you to ignore it. after an hour of instruction -- >> breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe. >> good job, man. >> whoo! >> all right. >> good, solid five minutes on the dot. >> nice job. >> that's a good, good solid time. i mean, for someone who's a free diver already. so that's great t me. that's an amazing time. >> reporter: under water with divers scooting by, i learn that this sport, you can get a little too close to the action. but there's a tranquility down there.
2:51 am
no cheering, no hot dogs. just the thump, thuch of your heart and the whir of propellers as these human fish scoot by. how many hours do you think you've spent under water? >> in three years, over 230 hours free diving. >> you're a man fish. >> sure. merman. >> reporter: and for a few blissful moments, i got to play merman as well. matt gutman, abc news, the cayman islands. >> that is remarkable. >> apparently he did five minutes. we'd love to see the raw tape. >> that's what we're being told. i think the very long flippers have something to do with it, perhaps. >> fins? >> or flippers. we both scuba dive and it's true that it's very peaceful and quiet. >> tranquil. if you free dive you don't even hear yourself wreathing. that is not a photoshop photo. >> this is you, where were you? >> near the bahamas. there are reef sharks very close by. >> i don't believe it.
2:52 am
in fact, it looks like a pool in yonkers. >> it might be. >> scuba dive, there's a whole other world down there. ♪ ooh baby, (what) can i do for you today? ♪ [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. only align has bifantis, a patented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. try align to help retain a balanced digestive system. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align.
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"world news now"deliversyour "morning papers." >> daniel, you're on. >> oh, i'm sorry, i was busy checking out the wnnfans cebook page. because it relates to the top story we're talking about. >> you're a facebooked a dict. >> about facebook addicts. 4 of 5 parents fear their children will become facebook addicts. >> not field goal addicts! >> this is something related to a book i wrote by the way. this study has taken place in the uk. about 1,000 parents. the flip side of this is that there are obviously benefits to do with social networking, you can connect with people around the world. this concern from parents that in this day and age their kids are going to grow up and be book
2:56 am
addicts. this c ces in light of field goal tomorrow making some sort of "awesome" announcement predict to be skype partnering with facebook video chat. >> stop! >> let's move on. another reason you're going to get addicted to facebook. >> there's worse things your kids can be addicted to than facebook. something that's terrible to be addicted to. we're talking about the american flag being used as garb that you wear as clothing. it's bad every time. exhibit "a." >> look away. >> we just got this into the news room. >> we need a warning for kids at home. >> my personal humble opinion, i think that the male nylon short-shorts in the american flag are the worst. >> right. >> you've seen those. also like the -- pour the sugar on me bikini you see in the '80s videos. >> not a good idea. apparently does violate the united states flag code. >> you're not supposed to use the flag style in apparel, bedding or draperies. >> or bikinis. man-kinis. >> the nylon man short-shorts.
2:57 am
just don't do it. >> evidently in massachusetts, or in manchester we should say, this student, 14 years old, she had some fake eyelashes on. and the teacher said, nuh-uh, those are too long. there's a dress code. we're going to snip them off. >> can you imagine? >> she didn't use skis soars like this, they were rounded scissors. >> and that story to continue. because you probably don't want anybody taking scissors to your teen's lashes. >> parents got to be upset about that. >> she was just trying to express herself. remember i doncocoa, the gorillt was sweet, had the littltl kitten, actually could do poems in sign language. cocoa is turning 40. >> can you believe that? >> cocoa is turning 40. this is what cocoa's going to do. she as lovely lady. she's going to enjoy her some birthday cake. >> of course. >> her handler mentions it's not the kind of cake that humans enjoy, however, cocoa does enjoy tringing sparkling apple cider. >> she turned 40 yesterday by the way.
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we almost share the same birthday. >> you and cocoa. >> i'll be 40 soon. got sick. she wasn't able take care of me. my dad wasn't there to take care of me, so i needed a way to take careof myso and better my career choices. my guidance counselor ld me about the federal student aid program andshe's thd me fill out the apication and find all the informatn that i needed. accepted, it was a feeling of relief, it s awas feeling of i don't have to contin to look for a way to go to school i would have never beeable to gradte at 16 and goto college we federal ent aid program. my name is jennifer, and this is my story. federal studenaid has more than 150 billion dollarto help youpay for colleg.
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n tv: he scores!d has more than 150 billion we're going into overtime. [loud feedback] man on tv: i'll tell you, duckett has been great in the clutch all-- [playing electric guitar] [guitar stops] [boy singing indistinctly, drums and guitar playing] announcer: the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child's life.
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this morning on "world news now," legal challenge. the jury in the casey anthony murder case begin their first full day of deliberations. >> and the prosecutors did their best to portray the accused murderer as a pathological liar before the jury could get to work. it's tuesday, july 5th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm daniel sieberg. rob nelson is on assignment. >> i'm peggy bunker. the jurors got to see more pictures of 2-year-old little ee a ahony befeforher death. the prosecutor did their very beststo convince a jury caylee's death was no accident. >> now of course the jury has this first full day of deliberations.s. they only had a few hours yesterday to talk about this case.
3:01 am
we don't really know how much detail they had time to get into. but gosh, very high-profile case, a lot of folks watching. >> everybody will be waiting for the verdict, absolutely, as they get back to work. we'll continue to keep you posted on that. also this half hour, the holiday weekend tragedy off of baja, california. there was a freak accident involving a chartered fishing boat. the search will continue at daybreak for several americans missing at sea. this is really horrifying. it was a regular trip these folks took. >> that's right, not all of them wearing life jackets either which is obviously a problem when you're facing that kind of dire situation. many of them rushed to hospital and still continuing that search for some folks. later on, some remarkable technology to make your next camping adventure a little easier. we're not talking about black and white tv here. roughing it should not be so rough so our giz wiz will show us tents you can put up with the burn of a button. that is not the experience i typically have when putting up a tent, i don't know about you. >> i was going to say, that's what the note always says before you buy it at rei are whatever. >> the directions are all wet. >> that's how it works.
3:02 am
>> then you just go to the hotel. >> right. we begin with jurors in the casey anthony murder who will begin their first full day of deliberations today. >> after receiving final instructions from the judge they met for a few hours yesterday without reaching a verdict. abc's diana alvear is joining us this morning from orlando with more. >> reporter: six hours. that's how long the jury spent in deliberations on their first day. they have a lot on to consider. the prosecution did their best to leave a lasting and devastating impression of casey anthony. after 45 days of arguments, evidence, and outbursts both in and out of court, it's now the jury's turn to weigh in. is casey anthony guilty of murder? >> members of the jury, i would like to thank you for your attention during the trial. >> reporter: the jury got the case monday at noon. after watching home video of a giggling 2-year-old caylee and hearing from the defendant herself one last time. an angry casey ranting in a recorded phone call from jail. >> i just want cayleeback.
3:03 am
that's all they're worried about right now. >> what do guilty people do? they lie. they avoid. they run. te miss-lead. not just their family but the police. they divert attention away from themselves. and they act like nothing is wrong. >> reporter: whose life was better without caylee? they answered it by showing jurors a picture of a tattoo casey got after the toddler disappeared. the translated from italian says "the beautiful life." along with a picture of casey dancing with friends. the defense claims the prosecution's case is purely circumstantial. and does not meet the rigorous standards required toonvict on the capital murder charge. the real-life court drama has riveted the nation, prompting many to push for a front-row seat. >> everyone loves a mystery. you just want to kind of witness it and be a part of it. >> reporter: and bear in mind that it's not just a first degree murder charge. there's also six other counts to consider.
3:04 am
the jury will be back at work at 8:30 a.m. and this time there will be no time limit on how long they're allowed to deliberate. peggy, daniel? all right, this question of whether casey anthony is guilty or innocent is our question of the day at >> we certainly have a jury of folks on letting us know what they think about this. ththe will be a 30-minute warning before actually the verdict comes down. >> right. >> so that people can sort of gather and get ready for what the news is. right now the news is coming from our viewers and this is what you're saying. >> dozens of comments already. by and large the folks on the site here, guilty. >> a lot of the people, that's sort of their sentiment right now. but once again, that will remain to be seen by the jury. major developments today, another high-profile case. there aree reports sex assault charges against deposit neek strauss-kahn in new york could soon be dropped. no longer credible. but in france a new accuser is stepping forward. a novelist will file a criminal complaint today in paris accusing strauss-kahn of trying to rape her.
3:05 am
the mexican navy said late last night it will extend the search area for seven u.s. tourists missing after their fishing boat cap sized. officials say with the warm weather and water temperature it's still possible that others are still alive. leslie miller of our los angeles station kabc has more. >> reporter: this is a picture of the boat off the website of san diego-based baja sport fishing, incorporated. according to the site the "erik" has been thrilling thousands of guests on the sea of cortez since 1989. it's a vessel george ruble of fallbrook, pictured here, has chattered for more than a decade. these photos are from a fishing trip just last month. he says the 115-foot boat is about 40 years old but is still in good condition. >> the boat's always seemed rather stable to me. i certainly wouldn't have taken any people on a trip if i didn't feel the boat was safe to begin with. i've been on that boat in the past with some pretty rocky weather and never experienced anything more serious than maybe
3:06 am
waves breaking over the bow, and you'd get wet. >> reporter: the mexican navy says the boat was carrying 43 people, including 27 american tourists, and 16 mexican crew members, when it sank. >> crew members, we don't know how many crew members have been rescued and their locations. >> reporter: the "erik" left san felipe on the sea of cortez saturday afternoon on a six-day fishing trip. an unexpected thunderstorm and strong winds capsized the boat about two miles from shore. ya ng's husband michael from belmont, california, is a seasoned fisherman. he survived the ordeal by swimming to shore.e. she spoke to him a short time later. >> they had life jackets on. and they actually didn't have time to put on life jackets. so that's a good thing. >> reporter: a coast guard helicopter took off from san diego to help with the search. once many of the survivors made it to shore on their own they had to hike to find help. >> some of the people on the water made it to shore by swimming. and walked to town. and that's how they alerted the
3:07 am
mexican navy in the first place. >> reporter: this is leslie miller reporting for abc news. here's a story that bill make you want to sleep with your boots on. a tennessee man is home from the hospital where he spent several days after a rodent chewed off three of his toes while he was sleeping. josh schneider has spina bifida so he can't actually feel his foot. his wife was understandably shocked by the nighttime attack. >> for something like this to happen to him, it seems very unfair. because, i mean, you're looking at him and you're like, well, hasn't he been through enough? you know? i mean, to struggle through life since you were born from the day you were born on, for5 years. >> what can you say or do? you know, just move on. >> they had left a window open because they had didn't have air conditioning. they suspect that's how the offending rodent comes in. because he wants revenge. and who can blame him. exxonmobil now admdms that the yellowstone river oil leak extends far beyond its original estimate of ten miles.
3:08 am
and the company is promising to do whatever is necessary to clean up the test of thousands of gallons spilling into the river since friday night. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the pipeline to rupture in the first place. >> at this time, we do not know the root cause. this is a very unusual event. obviously we had a large amount of oil enter the water very quickly. >> from what i'm looking at there's oil all over the topsoil. and i don't -- you know, i don't want my animals eating that. >> federal and state officials say thee damage has already spread across dozens of miles. the environmental protection agency says it's still taking air and water sampleses to determine the potential health risks. you've got to be concerned about the long-term effects of something like that too. >> we've already seen a lot of the animals with tell-tale signs, coated in oil, very tough to see. taking a look at your weather for this tuesday, day after the fourth of july, severe storms could threaten a broad area from denver to green bay. the desert southwest can expect thunderstorms with the possibility of flash flooding in las vegas.
3:09 am
>> it's a warm july day for most of the nation with boise topping 90 degrees. new orleans and atlanta are right around 90. dallas will swelter with temperatures 10 degrees warmer than usual with high humidity. as you can imagine, the fourth of july went out with a bang or whole bunch of them over the nation's capital. huge crowds watched the 17-minute fireworks display. it came at the end of a capital 4th, the annnnl concert hosted on the lawn. >> included the national symphony orchestra playing "1812." little richards, steve martin with his banjo and jordan sparks were among the other performers. did you watch a little bit of it? >> i didn't. the work schedule. >> sleeping? >> you can't exactly kick back. >> i caught it with one eye open. >> i did see fireworks over manhattan which was nice. >> spectacular. >> hope you had a lovely fourth. we'll be right back with more "world news now" right after this.
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summer is the season to be outdoors but that doesn't mean you have to live like a primitive. the giz wiz dick debartolo is here with gadgets to give even your next camping trip some of the comforts of being right at home. we're not talking about roughing it with blacac and white tv her, this stuff's pretty cool. >> not only is the stuff cool, the tent we're going to talk about -- >> instant tent. >> it's from coleman. it's not instant like in a minute. but two people here are setting it up in about 30 seconds.s. now, they september me an actual tent so i could see.
3:15 am
everything is attached. all the poles are attached, all the nylon is a actived, and it takes two people. you pull it open, you telescope the posos, your tent is finished, you move in. >> in my experience tents generally aren't instant so that definitely saves time. >> it does. >> it takes many, many minutes or hours to put it up. >> a couple of minutes for the novice. once it's up we have stuff for inside. >> okay. >> this is from ergizer. this is their little -- it keeps falling down here -- their l.e.d. light. in the first position, l.e.d. lights, both sides -- >> definitely illuminate a tent. >> a tent, yeah. too bright? put it in the low position. want a reading light? straight down. or use it as a flashlight. it's pretty neat. comes in a bunch of colors. >> portable, obviously you can just take that with you. >> absolutely. really easy. about 20 bucks. and it comes with -- >> batteries. let's move on to the next one here from eden which makes a number of cool outdoor-type products. >> absolutely. big in solar panels.
3:16 am
this is an eton solar panel, 1,500 milliamp battery in here. am/fm weather wade i don't. noaa weather alert just in case. this one has a built-in flashlight. it has a usb phone charger. has audio in if you want to play through its speaker. has a little clip for hanging in the tent or on your belt. antenna. and finally, in case you forget it at home, the little bolgts bottle opener. >> for opening your -- soda. >> yeah, yeah. >> soda, exactly. now these days a lot of devices have a compass built into them. if you don't -- >> if you don't, exactly right. this is from celestron. a little electronic compass there. i'm going to hit the next button. you're not going to see much because we have not taken this anywhere. >> just like its name suggests, you can retrace your steps. >> even where you left your car. you can put in up to 20 places
3:17 am
and then locate what it is and follow that arrow and down at the bottom it will tell you how many miles, feet, contractors you are from your destination. >> digital bread crumbs. >> excellent, i like that. i like that a lot. >> speaking of gps, not every device these days -- >> no, some of the ipods do not have gps. but they all have blue tooth. >> right. >> so this is a neat way to do it. i'm going to go here to my notes. it's from duel, the people who used to make turntables. it's the universal gps blue tooth device. this is the actual device device. its own battery. this little device is for the dashboard on your car. comes with an arm band. and once you pair it with your non-gps device, you have gps -- >> you can use a bunch of apps with it too. >> it includes apps that when you actually make them, a little icon will come up and say, do you want to download the apps that go with this? >> less man a minute here. you talked about solar earlier.
3:18 am
this one for charging all your gadgets. >> exactly, from think geek, under 50 bucks, little light tells you how much power's in there. >> it's working even indoors. >> the little red light tells us it's picking up power from the lights. a way to charge your camera battery using this device. >> finally, if you're out and in a pinch, you need some food while you're camping. >> i tried one before. here's a piece of freeze dried a's cream sandwich for you. it's from mountain house. next month i'm doing -- it's not bad, is it? >> it's not bad. >> the chocolate part is good. >> you're right. you know, could use a little work. but it's tough to talk with your mouth full. dick debartolo, the giz wiz. thank you for joining us at always. you're watching wor"world news " you're watching wor"world news " now." you realize that 49 million americans struggle with hunger? that's one out of every 6 americans. these people are around us every day. they're our friends, they're our coworkers,
3:19 am
their kids go to school with our kids. sometimes we're not even aware that they're struggling. this problem is closer than you think, but so is the solution. announcer: play a role in ending hunger. ♪ it was an itsy bitsy teenie
3:20 am
weenie yellow polka dot pick keno ♪ ♪ that she wore for the first time today. >> it's very hard to dance in a chair. >> and wearing a bikini which clearly i am. >> technically yours would be a man-kini. >> well-said. >> we're talking about this because? >> today we celebrate an article of clothing, the bikini, that has an impact far beyond its tiny size. >> this is the most outrageous item you can own in your wardrobe. >> for guys? >> most women have to fork over all this money for this four inches of fabric which doesn't make you look good anyway. we're talking about the three triangle bathing suit. it turns 65 years old todada it debuted on july 5th, 1946. >> this is the slightly updated version of the bikini. this is the cover of the 2011 "sports illustrated" which you can see there. >> no one's complaining about that. thisiss what it used to look look like. it used to cover your body. >> imagine. >> that's outrageous.
3:21 am
i find that completely shocking as well. it was named after the pacific -- >> >> atoll where the hydrogen bomb was first tested. presuming it would be just as explosive. >> isn't it interesting too, you see how much women's figures have changed. you see the women in the '40s, they had hips and boobs and arms and that sort of thing. >> sort of filled out a little bit. >> now it's waif-like. >> one critic described the bikini, it revealed everything of the girl apart from her mother's maiden name. >> 1955, british actress diana dorsh wore a mink bikini. you can't get that wet. >> you don't want to go in the water with that one. >> that's sort of gross too. she wore it to the venice film festival. why wear a dress when you can wear a mink bikini? >> a paris fashion show, this is actually where it debuted, and speaking of bikinis, you know, peggy, i know that -- >> for crying out loud. >> you did decide to wear one. >> really? >> you went with the modest bikini look.
3:22 am
>> you put me in the most unattractive burlap thing. the last bathing suit i bought was a maternity swimsuit, let me tell you, it was not attractive. nor was i for that matter. >> i might wear that tomorrow. [ elevator bell dings ] ugh,h,reat. you may be going up, but those roots are bringing you down! no time, running to a meeting. tut, tut, tut. they can wait 10 minutes. whoa! try root touch-up by nice 'n easy. extend the life of your color. what if it doesn't match? nuh uh uh. nice 'n easy has 50% more shades than anyone else. so you can find your seamless match. guaranteed! now go meet and greet!
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3:25 am
so finally, sometimes it's hard to hang on to the meaning of the spar spangled banner, the lyrics. what does "o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming" mean? i'm a canadian converted to an american citizen. >> i know what it means. i sometimes cry when i hear the national anthem played in the
3:26 am
right -- >> pitch? >> yes, it can bring tears to we heard this version this fourth of july, sung by some folks who made it all make sense. it's our favorite story of the day. maybe it will be yours too. ♪ o say can youou see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? ♪ ♪ and the rockets' red glare the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the nighgh that our flag
3:27 am
was still there ♪ ♪ oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ ♪ and the home of the brave? ♪ ♪ >> that is so cool. >> better than i could have ever hoped to have sung it. those were sung by u.s. troops serving in iraq, by wait. >> which gives you goosebumps, really. >> it does, you're right. >> some have good voices, some have b b voices and it doesn't really matter. francis scott key at his finest.
3:28 am
>> we'll leave you with last night's fireworks along chicago's lakefront. we used to talk about everything. you were my mom. my best friend. now, do you even know who my friends are? remember that time we used to spend together? laughing - having fun.
3:29 am
i know i barely ever talk to you guys, but with the stuff that i have to deal with, sometimes i don't know how. i still need you. now, more than ever.
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," sea search. a chartered fishing boat capsizes in a freak storm in mexico's sea of cortez. >> several americans are missing. why crews are still holding out hope that they will be found alive. it's tuesday, july 5th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, i'm daniel sieberg. rob nelson is on assignment. >> i'm peggy bunker. a fourth of july weekend fishing trip turned tragic when a boat full of american passengers ran into a very unusual storm. some people on board had to swim for 12 hours before being rescued. the search for those still missing will resume at daybreak. apparently people from northern california, one of the tourist grgrps that was on board this boat. already we have one confirmed fatality and details are still
3:31 am
coming in. >> very scary for those folks. and some questions lingering about what happened, exactly, how this very sea-worthy fishing vessel could have psized like that. later this half hour, eye-opening medical rerearch aimed at mothers. could some common prescription medications taken by women be linked to autism in their babies? so many parents worry about autism and being misdiagnosed. and just what could possibly lead to it. here's yet another worry for those folks. >> with increasing numbers of kids being diagnosed with autism, everybody's looking for the smoking gun, what is causing these increases in numbers. whenever you hear a story like this, definitely raises alarm. also ahead, just months after their royal wedding could will and kate be planning their parenthood? it's the biggest headline this morning from their latest stop in canada. >> they're up in the northwest territories where you can imagine they get a lot of daylight. >> yes. >> so much daylight, almost 24 hours of daylight once you get that far north. as you say, there's questions about parenthood. you've got to wonder the pressure on these two.
3:32 am
>> i think there is, definitely. it would be exciting. new developments in the search for the seven u.s. tourists still missingngff the coast of mexico. the mexican navy says it's extending the search area in hopes of finding survivors. >> officials say with warm temperatures and a warm and calm sea it is possible the missing are still alive. abbie boudreau reports near the baja california coast. >> reporter: these are the lucky ones. their tour boat capsized in the middle of the night, carrying 44 passengers and crew. the mexican navyvyays there was no mayday call so for more than 12 hours, no one was aware they were in trouble. the rescue operation finally began when a local fisherman spotted three survivors at sea. michael ng was one of two dozen americans on board. he and several companions managed to swim to safety, clinging to a cooler. >> they had life jackets on and they didn't have time to put on life jackets so that's a good thing. he's a strong swimmer so i'm really glad. >> reporter: also among the rescued, american lee ikagami, on a fishing trip with his buddies. we reached his wife by
3:33 am
telephone. >> somewhere around 10-ish last night my husband called and said his boat was capsized, that he is fine. i was in shock. >> reporter: 27 americans were on board the 100-foot boat the "erik." mexican officials say say at least one american is dead and at least six a a among the missing. the boat left san felipe saturday for a seven-day fishing trip. early sunday morning about 60 miles south of san felipe it hit what's described as a freakish storm. off the baja california peninsula. according to the navy, two giant waves hit the boat which caused it to capsize near islas san luis, mexico. the fishing vessel sank. u.s. coast guard and mexican navy are scouring the sea of core tets by boat and helicopter for the missing. lee ikagami spoke to his wife from a hotel where they were taking the rescued. >> really all i know is at that time, he was not in contact with
3:34 am
any of his friends and didn't know how they were. he said that he was at one end of the boat, the boat flipped over, and he was thrown into the sea. >> reporter: ikagami says he still has no idea what happened to his friends. abbie boudreau, abc news, baja, california, mexico. california, mexico. a french novelist is set to file a criminal complaint against dominique strauss-kahn today in paris. ththwoman accuses the former head of the imf of trying to rape her during a 2002 book interview. here in the u.s. there are reports that the sex assault charges against strauss-kahn prprecutors reportedly fear that the hotel maid who made the accusations now has no credibility. now to the other high-profile case we've been watching. jurors in n e casey anthony trial begin their first full day of deliberations in just a few hours. abc's yunji de nies reports on the courtroom drama from orlando. >> reporter: casey anthony sat stone-faced as prosecutors one last time cast her as a selfish, murderous mom. >> there's nothing that's wrong
3:35 am
with casey anthony that can't be explained using two words. pathological liar. >> members of the jury -- >> reporter: now the seven women and five men deliberate on the same courthouse floor where they've spent the last six weeks. they've listened to 91 witnesses and viewed well over 300 pieces of evidence. if they believe the prosecution, casey planned the murder. googling how to make chloroform, drugging little caylee, then covering her nose and mouth with duct tape, suffocating her, hiding the body in her trunk before taking it to a nearby swamp. >> any way you slice it, casey anthony is guilty of murder in the first degree. >> reporter: her motives, obvious in the days after her daughter disappeared as she partied and even got a tattoo celebrating bella vita, the good life. >> whose life was better without caylee? there's your answer. >> reporter: if jurors are to
3:36 am
side with the defense, they must believe this was an accident that spiraled out of control. caylee able to open the heavy sliding doors, wandered into the pool and drowned. casey panicked and didn't report the accident. the defense saying caylee's grandfather tried to cover it up, taking the body to the swamp. they reminded the jury there is no physical evidence, no dna actually connecting casey to caylee's death. >> not a single link. but yet they want to create things because it's about winning. win at all costs. >> reporter: one interesting note, the jury is deliberating on the 23rd floor of that building behind me. at the same time, casey anthony is also in that building, waiting for them to decide her fate. yunji de nies, abc news, orlando. this is our facebook question of the day. make sure you stop by and weigh in on what you what you think will happen. nasa's ready to begin its final countdown for space shuttle "atlantis."
3:37 am
the shuttle begins its last countdown today. with plans to lift off on friday. 1 million people are expected to watch the shuttle take off on a 12-day mission to the international space station. the other space shuttles have already gone into retirement. >> could be an emotional experience for some folks. britain's royal couple is in yellow knife this morning. the capital of canada's northwest territories. william and kate's arrival there capped off a busy day on prince edward island where they raced each other in dragon boats and kate started major buzz answering one little question. abc's bob woodruff has details. >> reporter: william may be a prince. but he's also a royal air force search and rescue pilot. today he showed off a difficult technique needed in case an engine fails. he sets down, engines forward, then takes off when or if the engines recover. he did that more than half a dozen times. >> the best i've ever seen. can yoyoimagine landing g water? >> reporter: kate got to show off too. when she raced against her own husband in the dragon boat race.
3:38 am
>> love princess kate! >> reporter: it looked like the duchess might beat the duke. >> yay! >> reporter: but in the end, he won. so we called it a tie. the question of babies came up again on this trip. william talked about that on their engagement day. >> we want a family. so, you know, we'll have to start thinking about that. >> reporter: when these two little girls handed kate flowers, their father asked kate if she wanted a baby. she said, "yes, i hope to." >> of all the weddings i've done they get pregnant pretty quickly afterwards. you know, it's -- there's nothing wrong with that, bob. we've got to keep the monarchy going for another thousand years. unless we get started now. we've got to keep the line going. we've got to keep ititifferent from america. >> reporter: if will and kate do have a son, he will be third in line for the throne. now there's a movement to change the law, so that that first child, whether boy or girl, will be third in line to become the keen king or queen of england.
3:39 am
bob woodruff, abc news. >> everybody's focused on the fashion, really. >> it tends to happen that way. >> let's face it. kate has had many different outfits. this was -- i hate to say it, this was my least favorite. >> you've been pretty vocal about your opinion on some of these outfits. is that the same outfit she was wearing in that previous picture? i think it is, yes. >> yes. >> that's a thumbs down. >> it was the sleeves, i don't like it. some people did. i heard from some people who really dug it. i thought this was great. really canadian. >> maple leaf. >> a canadian, showed the white and red, that happens to be canada's colors, daniel. >> i did not know that. >> just letting you know. >> this was a different -- what would you call that color there? >> aubergine. >> aubergine, okay. >> this is a nice little outfit. you know what else i like about this side note? let's keep going. we'll keep looking. i like how she does buy off the rack. she's getting a lot of criticism for that. >> really? >> i think it makes her really approachable. >> they look fairly modern, too. >> modern, hip. she's also gotten criticized for wearing above the knee, which that one dress was -- oh, work. >> very risk day. >> nobody talks about will's suits. i think he looks pretty cool.
3:40 am
>> she has three to four outfit changes a day, almost as many as you. >> i'm on my fourth one right now. >> how about this casual. >> she's got to be sporty too. who helps carry all her stuff? >> she's got assistants. she's only traveling -- she's not traveling with a stylist, just a hair person. >> oh, okay. >> she still looks great. >> we'll get a stylist in here very soon. i need some help. >> l.a.'s next so she's got to have a whole different trunk for that. here's a look at your styling weather. not so styling. severe storms are a threat in the northern plains with a possibility of golf ball-sized hail. winds up to 80 miles an hour and isolated tornados. geez. flash flooding is possible in the deserts of southern california and nevada. >> golf ball-sized hail. most of the temperatures on the map are warmer than usual for this time of year. dallas enters day ten of readings above 100 degrees. new york can expect about 90 but with low humidity. boston and miami both coming in at 88. >> the humidity is what kills me. >> always, yeah. it's almost become as much a
3:41 am
part of the fourth of july tradition as fireworks. except it's a tad gross. we hope you've digested whatever was in your stomach before watching this. >> i know. we're talking about the nathan's annual hot dog-eating contest. it happens on coney island. there's the guy who wins all the time. for the first time, though, the contest was broken down into men's and women's divisions so that there would be a chance for somebody to beat this joey chestnut fellow. >> the defending champ joey chestnut scarfed down 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes. i think it was 10,000 calories. sonya thomas, known as "the black widow" of competitive eating, took the women's top spot downing 40 dogs. >> she's's whisper of a thing, i don't know where she puts it. >> i don't know how they do this. it's all about your stomach size. i have two or three hot dogs and i'm pretty to pass out. >> i've seen it, it's not pretty. we'll be back with more "world news now." let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
3:42 am
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we have some staggering medical news for all of our new moms who are up watching right now. a widely used class of drugs, also a growing problem among children, could they be linked? >> a new study suggests that women who take antidepressants may be more likely to have a child with autism. abc's senior medical contributor dr. timothy johnson has all the details now. >> reporter:r:ut of 4 million children born each year in the u.s., about 36,500 will be diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. for an article in the archives of "general psychiatry," the authors reviewed the medical records of over 1,600 children and their mothers in california. 298 of the kids had been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. the authors found that 6.7% of those children's mothers had taken a class of drugs called
3:46 am
ssri antidepressants in the year before they had their babies. by contrast, 3.3% of mothers with non-asd children had taken the same drugs. a pregnant woman's use of ssri antidepressants was associated with a two-fold increase in the risk of autism spectrum disorder in her child. still, the authors say less than 3% of asd cases might be attributed to antidepressants, and they say these findings clearly should be considered preliminary pending more research and that pregnant women should not stop taking antidepressants without their doctor's advice. i'm dr. timothy johnson. >> this is definitely going to get a lot of attention because you think of the huge scandal that surrounded immunizations, about having maybe some possible link to autism, which has been proved again and again that it does not link. but also terrifying that this is about women who took this drug in the year before they were
3:47 am
pregnant. most women really pay attention to what they're eating or ingesting when they are pregnant. this is saying a year before you got pregnant, this could have an effect. >> so many things to worry about. obviously check with your doctor before you consider any of these things. coming up, the harry potter star who admits a bit of a problem with booze. >> how about that. also, a scandal involving actress salma hayek and her husband. don't miss "the skinny."
3:48 am
3:49 am
all right, a little bit of baby daddy news to get "the skinny" rolling this morning. >> of the scandalous variety. >> of the scandalous variety. we're talking about francois-henri pinault. he's french. >> that's funny, he sounded greek. >> he's french. he is married to salma hayek. in fact, they were engaged to be married, they called off the wedding, then they ended up getting married a little bit later, they got back together, they reconciled. they ended up -- they had a daughter, valentina, born in september of 2007. however, turns out also born october of 2006, linda
3:50 am
evangelista's son, who apparently also is the baby of francois-henri. people are saying, do the math on this one. valentina, born 2006, salma hayek's baby -- no, 2007. >> evidently salma hayek, they're okay? the two of them are okay? >> they're okay. they say perhaps this child was conceived on a quick break. > see. he is a mega millionaire so he can afford child support. >> let's move on to daniel radcliffe, the "harry potter" star, said in the latest issue of "gq" that he decided to quit drinking back in august of 2010 because he was getting a little too caught up in the partying lifestyle. that he was having a few tool whiskeys. that was his drink of choice. not butter beer for all of you muggles wondering what he was consuming. evidently he has just turned 21 and he's decided to go sober. >> i think that's an excellent choice. he's in the spotlight, there's a lot of pressure there, people can find be a escape in alcohol. >> it's a slippery slope. >> it dodon't work for him,
3:51 am
it's a good thing he quit now. more details from kate moss' weweing. she just got hitched. remember she was dating that guy for the longest time. >> pete dougherty. >> obviously it was the most unhealthy relationship. both of them severe drug issues. she has gotten married and she looks beautiful. look at that. there is a bride for you right there. >> very happy. >> she married this fellow, his name's jamam hince. shocker, he's a rocker. she tends to like the rock 'n' roll types. we wish them the best of luck. >> now we move on to maria river, who's very sought-after in the literary world, apparently being offered as much as $15 million as an advance for a tell-all book. >> i doubt she'll do it. >> you have to wonder if she's going to agree to this. she recently filed for divorce from her husband arnold schwarzenegger. $15 million, that was a little bit more than i was offered for a book advance. >> for "digital diet"? >> yeah, "digital diet." got to sneak that in there. i believe that would set a record as the most offered. >> bill clinton got a hefty sum. any books they think are going to sell you're going to get a good check. but the question is she's sort
3:52 am
of not the kiss and tell kind of person. she did file for spousal support. she is looking for support from arnie. will she take that book? doesn't seem like her style. >> we'll have to wait and see. we're having mexican tonight, so another pill then? unless we eat later, then pill later? if i get a snack now, pill now? skip the snack, pill later... late dinner, pill now? aghh i've got heartburn in my head. [ male announcer ] stop the madness of treating frequent heartburn. it's simple with prilosec otc. one pill a day. twenty-four hours. zero heartburn. no heartburn in the first place. great.
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here some are stories to watch today on abc news. the short holiday congressional recess comes to close today with members of the senate returning to work. they're resuming talks about the federal debt crisis. members of the house go back to capitol hill tomorrow. montana's governor plans to tour areas damaged by an exxonmobil oil spill today. hundreds of epa personnel are being sent to the yellowstone river where at least 42,000 gallons of oil spilled over the weekend. christine lagarde begins her job with the international netary fund today. she's taking over as managing director. dominique strauss-kahn left that job after his arrest here in new york on sex assault charges. finally to peggy's favorite story of the day. peggy's just back from some
3:56 am
cos play on the west coast. where more than 100,000 fans of japanese animation spent at least part of their holiday weekend dressing up as their favorite character and visiting the 20th annual anime festival in los angeles. >> apparently this is another geek alert. we need a siren or a stamp for this. this is one of the strangest conventions anywhere. and kabc reporter alex michaelson dropped by dressed as himself. >> reporter: all aspects of japanese animation are celebrated at this convention, where you simply go by your character's name. >> solti is an irish fairy who has lost her head. >> i'm supposed to be a cat but i forgot my ears. >> it's breathable and movable and when you eat a lot you really cannot tell. >> i kind of blend in here. but outside i do get stares. >> reporter: conventiongoers often walk up to complete strangers, take photos, and ask them to pose as their character. >> very nice, and that's your rock star pose? >> that's my i'm going to get you pose. >> reporter: there's big business in all of these costumes. this is the second biggest convention in all of los angeles, only after the car
3:57 am
show. >> anime and japanese pop culture is really growing in america. as you can see from 120,000 people this weekend. >> reporter: inside 200 companies are represented. and more than 400 artists. that artwork is on everything, from cards to cars. >> we have people from all walks of life coming here. old, young, kids. people from all different ethnicities. that's what's cool is that it's a really accepting culture. >> reporter: and no one was more accepting to us than our self-proclaimed specialist in geek culture, melinda gray. ♪ you are so beautiful to me >> wow. wow. >> how's that? >> that was amazing. >> alex michaelson, he was pretty caught up in that moment. it's easy to poke fun at these people. i understand. it looks a little bit freakish and geekish. they are very passionate about these characters and they love to do it. cos playing, by the way, you dress up as your favorite character, it's like costume-playing. exactly like that. >> have you ever done this? do you wear that just to scucub dive? >> i wear that to bed at night.
3:58 am
3:59 am
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