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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 25, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning -- breaking news. the hotel maid at the center of the explosive sexual assault accusations breaks her silence. what do you want. >> i want justice. i want him to go to jail. i want him to know that you cannot use your power when you do something like this. >> in our exclusive interview, her fight for justice. >> god is my witness. i'm telling truth. boiling point. the frantic race to make a deal in washington over the debt. what it means for your money. new details about amy winehouse's sudden death. her father speaking out this morning and her heart-wrenching
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last words and katy perry remembers amy winehouse. savage attack. the daring rescue of seven teens in an alaska wilderness school. victims speak out about what really happened. good morning, everyone. look who's back. hope you had a great time. >> we had a fantastic vacation. it's good to be back. coming back to this bombshell interview that you have. the woman who accused dominique strauss-kahn of sexual assault. she spoke out to her. i was riding back into town last night, everyone in town wanted to know, what is she like? >> that's part of the reason she came forward.
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as prosecutors are still weighing whether or not to proceed with this case, the women giving her side for the first time. it's an unusual and risky move. this morning, we're finally meeting the maid that remain quiet. >> he came to me and grabbed my brea breasts. no, you don't have to be sorry. i don't want to lose my job. >> reporter: the woman at the center of the case now reveals herself to the world. her name is nafissatou diallo. nafi for short. a 32-year-old hotel maid and in her first television interview, nafi recalls when she was sexually assaulted by dominique strauss-kahn, at the time the
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head of the imf. >> stop this, stop this. but he kept pushing me and pushing me through the hallway. keep pushing me. i was so afraid. i was so scared. >> had you seen dominique strauss-kahn before that day? >> i had never seen him before. >> when did you realize that he was one of the most powerful woman men in the world? >> he's going to be the next president of france. i said, oh, my god. i was crying. they're going to kill me. i'm going to die. >> why did you think that? >> because that was in my conscience. he's a powerful man like that. >> prosecutors initially believe
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nafi, now the case said that the case has weakened because she's been untrue about her personal relationships. strauss-kahn strongly denies all charges, pleaded guilty and was released from house arrest. naf circumstance not backing down. catching both the defense and prosecution by surprise. what do you want. >> i want justice. i want him to go to jail. i want him to mow that you cannot use your power when you do something like this. >> reporter: in days, her lawyer plans to file a civil suit. going directly after their allegations. >> there's no mystery or hiding the fact. >> reporter: for nafi who has a 15-year-old daughter, it's not just about defending her story but her reputation as well. new york post headlines calling her a "hooker."
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are you a prostitute? >> i am not. i have never been called that since i was born. god is my witness. i'm telling the truth from my heart. god knows that. >> for more now, we bring in christopher dickey, his print interview, exclusive print interview with nafissatou diallo is running today. and gma legal analyst dan abrams. christopher, you had quite a bit of time that you spent with nafi, your overall impressions in. >> my overall impression when she talks about the alleged incident she's very convincing. when she's talking about some aspect of her past, it seems a little vague. fishing around for what to say. but on balance, i found her a convincing witness. >> did she with you continue to say that i didn't want to lose my job? >> absolutely.
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i think you have to see what she's saying in the context of her fear of losing her job. she comes from a poor village in a very poor country. she mangaged to get this job. she's trying to raise her child, her 15-year-old daughter by herself. if she loses that job, everything could collapse. fear of losing the job -- i think the whole incident turns on that. >> dan, this is highly unusual to come forward like this. and dominique strauss-kahn's attorneys aren't pleased whatsoever. they released a statement, ms. diallo is the first accuser. >> i don't know if it would be a fatal blow. but this is a one of a kind
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situation where you have an accuser in a sexual assault case coming forward at the prosecutor making the decision on whether to move forward. the prosecutors made it pretty clear they aren't going to move forward. they believe, according to a letter they sent to defense, that she lied to the grand jury and more importantly to them in the context in the investigation. they're making it clear, we don't intend to move forward with this case. her lawyers may have felt that they had no other choice to keep this case alive, other than put to public pressure on the prosecution to move forward. >> prosecution saying they're not going to comment on a pending case. i saw the letter that was sent to the judge and to the defense attorneys and some of the inconsistencies and part of it what happened or did not happened after the attack,
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christopher, in going back to work as she did. >> two questions in that letter that are raised. things that she did before this incident, tax returns, her asylum request. only one inconsistency they talked about that has to do with the incident itself. in the letter, it said that she went and cleaned another room and then she came back to the room. we know now that she didn't clean that other room. she was picking up her things to take to the room where it happened. >> august 1st is the next court date. >yes. christopher and dan, thank you very much much more on this tomorrow on gma and tomorrow night on "nightline." george? to the latest in standoff in washington over raising the nation's debt limit.
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the latest round of talks to find a solution broke down again over the weekend. democrats and republicans now pursuing their own plans. let's get a reality check from abc's countdown team jake tapper at the white house. john karl on capitol hill. bianna golodryga at the new york stock exchange. there seems to be concern but not panic yet, bianna. >> that's right. wall street seems to be patient with washington. futures are down but not by a landslide. tea party members saying we're not in this time crunch that a lot of people are concerned about. we still need to see the market open. we could see a selloff today. we could see a credit downgrade. what a lot of analysts are concerned about. s&p if we don't see some sustainable to deficit reduction, we could lose that
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triple a status. george? >> jon, they had been hoping on capitol hill to come up with some sort of deal before the markets opened today. the only thing that everyone seems to be accepting that any deal won't include any new tax increase. >> that's the big deal. you have harry reid coming up with a plan for democrats. that he says includes $2.7 trillion in spending cuts over the next ten years and gives the president the debt ceiling increase that takes him all of the way to 2013. republicans are already saying that those -- his plan includes gimmicks and phantom cuts. so the republicans are coming up with their plan, which would include about $1 trillion in cuts now. it would require the president to come back to congress next
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year to ask for another debt ceiling increase. >> that's the huge sticking point for the white house. the president has made it clear time and time again that he won't sign a short-term increase. he squashed it at the meeting last night. >> republicans leaders have said that as well. they didn't want any short-term solution to this problem. they changed their tune on this. white house said that speaker boehner needs to stand up and pursue one of the paths that's out there. lot of those same gimmicks in savings from future wars are in the republican budget, the paul ryan budget. george? >> that decision has to happen fast. we're expecting something from speaker boehner this afternoon. george, to that savage shooting in norway that left so many dead at the youth camp.
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the man who confessed to the massacre that killed 93 people, said he wanted to start a revolution. now he's in court today. miguel marquez is in oslo with the latest right now. >> reporter: robin, anders behring breivik is in court right now. he says he takes no criminal responsibility for it. he said that he'll explain himself in court today. it's a picture of horror. teens barricade themselves in a cabins. their faces frozen in terror. just outside, anders behring breivik, dressed as a cop killing at will. >> it was like going on killing people. >> reporter: the horror went on for more than an hour. some tried swimming for safety. kids hiding by the shoreline
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were shot point blank. >> i could hear his breathing. i could also feel his boots near me. i could feel the warmth from the barrel when he pulled the trigger. >> reporter: incredibly adrian pacon survived by playing dead. others weren't lucky. you could see the shooter taking aim. victim seemingly pleading for mercy. >> he yelled that i'm going to kill you all and he was very accurate on where he was shooting. >> reporter: this yellow tent that's where the ferry comes in and also where the shooter boarded the ferry to take him to the island. one witness we spoke to, that he was so convincing as a cop, even officials from the island came over to the ferry, checked his credentials and let him on. the killer planned meticulously. breivik detonated a bomb in
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central oslo, possibly a distraction. several people killed, dozens injured. the streets became triage center. his main target was utoya island. hours before his murderous ram page, he posted this disturbing and a 1500-page manifesto online. calling on right wingers to embrace martyrdom. we're also hearing incredible stories of bravery as well. a little boy began to anders behring breivik saying i'm only 10 years old and breivik did not pull the trigger. >> all right, miguel, thank you very much. we heard the story of the
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10-year-old, breaks your heart. we're going to turn to josh elliott on other stories developing right now. we begin with america's new ambassadororo afghanistan, now on the job, sworn in just hours ago in kabul, ryan crocker said that there will be no quote rush for the exits as the u.s. prepares to withdraw from afghanistan. a dramatic sight over dallas last night. take a look. an american airlines trailing fuel behind it. a 777. just left dallas for brazil when one of its engines caught fire, the pilot had to make a u-turn, still, though, several tires blew as the plane hit the runway. and hundreds of same-sex couples made it official sunday. tying the knot on the first day that gay marriage became legal.
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football fans may get their wish the four-month or so nfl lockout expected to end this week. players union players committee is expected to vote today to recommend a ten-year labor agreement. the first in a series of votes that could the wheels in motion for training camps by the end of the week. >> we're ready for football. >> thankso much. let's go to sam now. >> perhaps a cooldown would be good news as well. we got these temperatures down a bit. in new england, also across the great lakes, 75 many boston. 79 in new york. a combination of fronts and clouds, not the nicest looking day but those temperatures are down. by the end of the week they'll
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come back up. dallas, again, is 104, more than 20 days. looking at oklahoma city, about 120 as well. we got heat in the southern part of the country. at's the weather around the nation.
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all of that weather was brought to you by kellogg's special l k. seven teenagers were on a wilderness course sunday night. abc's abbie boudreaux joins us from ang roger. >> reporter: the first day they were without an instructor. four teenagers are hospitalized after coming face to face with a grizzly. what began as a like through alaska's back country, ended in a fight for survival. seven students, lined up single file to cross a river. only to face a grizzly bear
7:19 am
protecting her cub. >> as they were doing the crossing, they heard from the front of the line, somebody screamed that there there was a bear and that's when the maulg started. >> reporter: afraid for their lives, they began to run and scattered. but it was too late. the bear attacked four of the seven teenagers. uninjured set up camp and activated their emergency beacon. but it was more than five hours later before they were finally rescued by helicopter. sam gottsegen of denver suffered life-threatening injuries. >> i have a bunch of cuts on my stomach and back.injuries. i have, i guess they said i have two broken ribs and spite marks on my head. >> reporter: his parents relieved their son survived. >> just hearing his voice was a miracle. it was an amazing. the hour that i spent before
7:20 am
that was probably one of the hardest of my life. >> reporter: that in this case yellow stone park, the bear was also protecting its cubs. another group hiking nearby, they had no idea that there had been a bear attack. >> wow, what a terrifying weekend for those kids. coming up -- amy winehouse's father speaks out about his daughter's tragic death. and crucial day for in the appeal for amanda knox. the new forensic findings that could set her free by september. plus, gma exclusive. jaycee dugard's mother speaking out for the first time.
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. good morning. 7:26. we have 78 degrees in baltimore. we are surrounded by 75 in easton hagers tab and up towards york -- hagertowns and up towards york p.a. so we have a very sticky
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morning. and the sun is trying to come out. we're roading await clouds. showers across southern maryland and back into the west virginia and you can see that on the wide screen and there is a little ep hansment that -- enhancement that could spawn thunderstorms by late morning and afternoon and evening. locally heavy downpour and dangerous lightning. 92 and slowly pull back on the humidity next couple days. tonya.>> reporter: it's low from heist reisterstown road to security boulevard. we have slow traffic in both directions. a little more volume on the outer loop to the left of your screen. taking a look at 95 at 395, traffic knoll freely to the right as 95 southbound no problems to report. 395 northbound we have no incidents to report heading into downtown. 95 northbound heading up toward the fort mchenry tunnel no problems there either. now here's megan pringle. >> we have breaking news this
7:28 am
morning out of west baltimore. that 7-month-old baby that went missing from a home was found about an hour ago. found in northeast washington, d.c. police believe that he was with the baby-sitter when he disappeared last fridaych the baby's father says he asked boozer to watch the son for a few minutes so he could get cigarettes down the street. we are told right now the fire department is checking out the baby to make sure he is okay. they are looking for the teenage and as more detail come into the newsroom we will let you know. now back to "good morning america" have a great day. you know when something's bad -- but you do it anyway?
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and this is the zeen live outside of amy winehouse's home in london. so many fans paying tribute to the singer who died saturday. her father's also speaking out this morning and we're learning a lot more about this. >> especially the days leading up to her death. it was quite shooking to the extonight that it had gotten. "good morning america" on this monday morning. the latest on amanda knox. important day for her in court. why new forensic findings will finally set her free. our elizabeth vargas is live in perugia, italy.
7:31 am
also, our gma exclusive. live interview with jaycee dugard's mom. how she coped with her daughter's 18 years in hiding. we begin with the amy winehouse story. still haven't pinpointed the exact cause of death. let's go to abc's nick watt for the latest in london. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, george. amy winehouse saw her doctor on friday. sard, she was found dead at her london home. she was found by her body guard who said that there was no drugs in the building at the time. right now, police are describing the death as unexplained. amy winehouse's distraught
7:32 am
parents just visited this makeshift shrine outside of her home. >> it was about love. family and friends. to you guys as well. we're devastated and i'm speechless. ♪ >> reporter: she was a throwback as well as a pioneer. a bit of jazz, hip hop and something else that's tough to put point a finger on. five-time grammy winner. rehab made famous by. but her talents ran much deeper than that. as far back as 2008, her own mother janis feared for her daughter's survival.
7:33 am
they met 24 hours before amy died. amy was reportedly out of it. winehouse swift descent into addictions was plan to seen. comeback tour, she was incoherent, stumbling and in this youtube clip, the crowd booed, the tour was canceled. she was just aged 27. same age as kurt cobane and janis joplin when they died. russell brand a friend who also struggles with addiction, had this to say -- when you love someone who suffers from adisease of addiction you await the phone call telling you that
7:34 am
it's too late, she's gone. addiction can of course be treated. but the addict must want to quit. amy winehouse was either unwilling or unable to fight it. now, an inquest will open into amy winehouse's death in an hour from now. she had been working on a new album before she died. there are talks that might be released. during her lifetime, she only released two albums? and had such an impact. we just saw russell brand. part of his tribute that he posted over the weekend to amy winehouse and married to katy perry. they had a chance to talk about her friend. >> just really sad. i hope she finds peace.
7:35 am
my husband knew her, i didn't know her. it's very poignant and an interesting piece about how a phone call, when you know somebody who's dealing with addiction, you dread that phone call. sometimes that phone call is that person, i have had enough and i want recovery and that phone call is the unfortunate phone call. >> we'll see the full interview later in the show. we want to talk to a doctor, ceo of promises treatment center in los angeles. thank you for joining us this morning. you know, one of the saddest things about this wasn't a surprise at all. we watched this spiral in public for so long. >> that's absolutely true. there was lots of evidence in attempts to return to her singing career. >> but, explain to us, help us
7:36 am
to understand that everybody knows it, everybody sees it, yet no one can stop it. >> you're dealing with an adult and we don't have involuntary treatment for people with drug and alcohol problems. what you're trying to do is try to get them to see their lives differently. to get them believe, if they stop using drugs their life will be better. >> she tried to go into treatment. why it can work for some individuals and it simply doesn't take with others. >> the reasons are complex. clearly people who have psychiatric problems, eating disorders, have a harder time
7:37 am
overcoming drugs than others that don't have that emotional baggage. current problems in relationships all add to the difficulty people have with treatment. >> and we saw that, you know, according to some reports that this latest spiral was caused by another breakup with a boyfriend. and that she did then try to go into treatment, do you think -- he said, listen, i don't thihi you're ever going to change, anything more those close to her could have done. >> i think those close to her did everything they could have dodo. at promises we see people not effective as parents, are fully onboard, putting all of their efforts trying to get their relatives into treatment as adults. i think their family and friends probably did all they could do.
7:38 am
the fact that she was in rehab, that her life was spiraling out of control. >> this 27 club, kurt cobane, janis joplin, something about this stage in these performers' careers that triggers a down fall like this. >> the number 27 is probably a coincidence. i think what's true, we meet artists on their way up. they're creative, they're in their late teens and early 20s, as they get older, the reality of their addiction becomes clearer and clearer. >> dr. sack, thank you for your insight. >> thank you. now to the weather with sam. >> a shot of lake arlington, texas. the entire state of texas is at
7:39 am
the highest level of drought. crops drying out and lakes drying out. there's no break in this part of the country. 33 days. wichita falls above 100 degrees. consecutive days. with this kind of heat. dallas, there is no break. quick look at the big board. some moisture in the east coast that will break the heat. it will cont >> and all of that weather was brought to you by angie's list. coming up -- new twist in the dramatic trial of amanda knox, she's appealing now.
7:40 am
elizabeth vargas joins us from italy on that new dna finding that could help knox go free. [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane.
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coming up on 7:44 now. big day in the amanda knox case. crucial dna evidence is being re-examined at her appeals trial in italy. she was convicted of her killing her roommate while studying abroad in 2007. but new dna evidence could overturn the ruling. elizabeth vargas joins us live from perugia, italy. good morning, elizabeth. >> reporter: good morning. it was an extraordinary session in court this morning. the two independent experts delivered a critique on how the police in perugia handled the crime scene. at one point laughter of disbelief. those experts said they examined the two crucial pieces of
7:45 am
evidence used to convict knox and they could find no dna. amanda knox arrived in court this morning looking pale and fragile. they argued their examination of the alleged weapon and bra clasp showed no dna evidence. this is critical. because prosecutors never had a clear ruling. >> these experts came forward saying that there is no evidence on the knife. the only evidence on the knife is potato starch. >> reporter: the independent e perts also say that proper testing procedures were not followed. they can't rule out possible n contaminati contamination. but for knox and her family n court today, there is enormous
7:46 am
hope that this case may finally go their way. amanda's mother is in perugia in the summer to support her daughter. since knox's arrest 3 1/2 years ago, a family member has always been here despite travel expe e expenses and legal fees. >> i'm definitely more hopeful that when this is all over, that here in september, that she'll. be coming home with us. absolutely. >> reporter: freedom for amanda knox may just before b around the corner. but for now, she continues to wait. her fate again in the hands of a local perugian judge. >> some think this judge is more likely than other judges to go against the community. >> reporter: the hearing will continue this afternoon. there have been several shouting matches between the prosecutors and two independent experts. i got to tell you, robin, amanda
7:47 am
knox and her family and spotters could only be thrilled by what they have seen this morning. >> you have been staying on top of this from the very beginning. coming up or gma exclusive. live interview with jaycee dugard's mom, terry dealing how she coped with her 18-year search to find her daughter and how jaycee is doing now. onon o car insurance. great! at progressive, you can compare rates side by side, so you get the same coverage, often for less.
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7:55 am
7:56 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. 7:56. what a sticky morning. 80 in joppa. upper 70s on the eastern shore. and 77 mount airy and 79 in columbia. the sun came out but big storms erupting in the mountain to the west. storms holding together in through southern maryland and the delmarva portion of virginia. we are looking at rain that could redevelop as soon as later on this morning. because of the sun and unstable environment, and then becoming more widespread lunchtime through afternoon locally heavy downpours some potential
7:57 am
flooding of a few storms dropping 1 to 2 inches of rain or more so if they are slow moving over your area. 9 # does it as guaranteed high and storms settling back during the evening and overnight hours and if you are lucky to get back to 69 low 70s downtown. tomorrow, back into about 92. much less humid. now about the roads with tonya. >> reporter: slow going top side of the beltway. stop and go traffic on the outer loop from harford to providence road. let's look on the northwest side and see the beltway at liberty road slow going the outer loop to the left. inner loop on the right and it's moving through the construction but we have a lot of volume here. we have a couple accidents that are in the city. one accident reported liberty heights avenue at northern parkway. also the other accident north franklintown road at west franklin street. and it will be slow 59 southbound at the fort mchenry tunnel. 795 southbound will be slow from owings mills boulevard to the beltway. we have the usual volume on 95
7:58 am
south of the city. making your way towards laurel and 95 southbound out of the white marsh volume there as well. let's send it back to new york now to "good morning america."
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ baby, you're a firework [ cheers and applause ] >> we know that music. that is katy perry. more of our exclusive interview coming up in just a little bit. and we're going to get into that big new role for katy perry. she's going to smurfette. i have to say, robin you heard part of this. i called home a couple of minutes ago, told harper that she was going to be on, it was a double dose of delight. >> squealing. i could it over here.
8:01 am
also this morning -- jaycee dugard's mom joins us exclusively for her first live television interview, revealing how her daughter is doing now, telling the world her story and what her mom wants all parents to learn from jaycee's ordeal and her wonderful therapist is here, too. in our show me the money series, very appropriate for what we're going through with this weather. if your power bills are soaring with this weather, we'll show you how to save hundreds of dollars. i love that. new dad and soccer superstar becks. david beckham is going to join us live here. george, you have something in common with that man. >> almost never. you got something. but first, josh elliott with the developing stories we have
8:02 am
this morning. good morning to you. congratulations. more on that. we're going to begin with the hotel maid accusing former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn of sexual assault. she's showing her face for the world to see for the first time in a tv exclusive with robin. nafissatou diallo said that she sinsists that she didn't know wo dominique strauss-kahn was at the time. >> what do you want? >> i want justice. i want him to go to jail. i want limb to know that you can't use your power when you do something like this. >> powerful stuff. much more again tomorrow here on "good morning america." and on a special edition of "nightline" tomorrow night. the man who confessed to the massacre in norway over the weekend. is being arraigned this morning behind the closed doors. the 32-year-old said that he wanted to explain to the court why he plotted the shocking twin
8:03 am
attacks that left 93 people dead, mostly children. his writings included sections copied of the manifesto of the unabomber. more than three months since holdy bobo vanished outside of her tennessee home. every day, her parents and older brother continue to search. her mother told bianna that's foul play. >> as her parents, we would like to see, you know, if there's ten working on it, we would like to see 100 working on it. we would like to see a very, very aggressive process. >> and her family started the holdy bob across the america campaign to distribute her picture nationwide. finally the penguin known as
8:04 am
happy feet is getting closer to his return in the wild. the emperor penguin found far from home eating sand will not be released until they're sure he was ready. i for one, after today's successful saltwater swim, i can finally get a good night's sleep. >> we were worried about you not coming back, george. >> i'm happy to be back. always. hi, lara. welcome back, george. hello to you. another hot day here in new york city. equally hot stories in the pop news heat index. we want to get right to it. all right, starting off this one near and dear to my heart. what's the expensive item ever
8:05 am
to appear on antique roadshow. the answer is these five teacups carved out of rhinceros horns. he was surprised when he was told that he was a millionaire. that's the biggest find in the show's 15-year history. congratulations. a gleeful week for fans of the fox hit show. comic-con, lea michele, colory m monteith are being left back. they graduate from the show but they'll remain on the show in some capacity. all right, life, camera, renovate. new trend in design.
8:06 am
all over the web, using favorite films as inspiration for your home. in wales, middle earth and earth-friendly. the flintstone house. not even bam bam could make a dent in this house in portugal. built between four enormous bowleders. we have one more example of this house in north carolina, the owners have created an exact replica of the house used in the horror film "halloween." we're going to move onn tha note. the other george, this george declared the world's tallest dog. 7 feet long. 252 pounds. george puts marmaduke to shame. george has problems. he's terrified of chihuahuas.
8:07 am
he has 70,000 fans on facebook and counting. now we throw back to our george. >> sam, what do we got for weather today. >> george, in times square, it feels so much better today. these folks are likely they weren't here last week when it was miserable. let's get to the weather. the clouds, a little bit of a combination of fronts here moving through and swinging around today in new york city. wabc, our source for information. all over new york city. let's get to boards. here's what happened here. a combination of fronts, some thunderstorms erupt in the afternoon and evening hours. but it's cooler for just everybody there. quick look of the west coast, another place where it's cooler. by the way, seattle, yesterday, 80 degrees, only the fourth time
8:08 am
this summer. you're back into the 70s today. th it feels so much better in times square. lara. >> sam, good morning to you. here's what it's ahead op on our gma menu. jaycee dugard's mom is joining us live. also ahead more of our exclusive interview with katy perry who's firing up the music
8:09 am
scene. lighting up the big screen. it's time to, come on -- oh, yes, that's right. we'll show you how to lower your utilities even if you're cranking up the air conditioning these days. we don't blame you. that's coming up on "gma." it follows you wherever you go.
8:10 am
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hershey's bliss. [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the cc. and every volkswagen includes scheduled carefree maintenance. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the volkswagen cc sport for just $289 a month. ♪ visit today. a story of mother's enduring hope and a young girl's unbreakable spirit that has touched millions. jaycee dugard's memoir about her 18 years held captive has topped the new york times best-seller list. in just a moment, we're going to speak to jaycee's mother terry
8:14 am
and her therapist. but, first, a quick look back. jaycee dugard was just 11 when she was kidnapped when phillip garrido. law enforcement missing countless opportunities to find her. all the while, her mother just 20 miles away, kept jaycee's bedroom untouched. >> even though she's not here she's still many my heart. >> reporter: a reunion that would finally come 18 years later. >> you're at the office, the phone ring. >> unbelievable. absolutely unbelievable. >> and then it was disbelief. you're joking. don't do this to me. this is not funny. >> i remember you shouting, they found her, my daughter. >> and i was crying. when you're crying, you can't
8:15 am
speak. i remember saying come quick. >> i remember telling you i'm coming. >> reporter: a new beginning for jaycee and her mom. jaycee has written a book that has now come a best-seller. >> the bhunty and the support that she had put around her since she has come out will carry her through whatever bumps in the road she hits. >> reporter: just two years after regaining her freedom, jaycee seems to be so far along. >> is there anything more either of you want to say to him. >> he can't steal anything else. can't steal our live fur each other. couldn't take that away. joining us now with an update jaycee's mom terry probyn and her therapist. how is she doing? >> she's amazing. she is so grateful for all of
8:16 am
the well wishes and the support that she has had. incredible. >> reporter: >> 15 people watched the special. millions are buying the book. you seem a little taken aback, both of you, by how it's being received in this way. rebecca? >> it doesn't surprise me one bit. she's an amazing young woman. and the book is incredible. and really gives a snapshot and perspective, obviously that you can't get from anybody else. it's a wonderful -- >> it's wonderful to see your role in this, too, rebecca. because putting a family back together like this, lot of people want to know, how do you start? >> i had a great team. it's a very clob ra tif effort between my team and the families that come in and how we work is,
8:17 am
we're all about empowering the family in getting through the transition. we see it as an opportunity for growth. which is incredibly important. >> and it's something, also, that she's doing this and telling her story, terry, it's also to bring recognition to a fabulous foundation the jayc foundation. explain what that means. >> it's the jayc foundation. it's just is yourself too care. what we want to do is, give back to the folks that find themselves in these difficult situations. >> whatever they may be. >> yeah. >> a lot has been said and rightfully so about your daughter's courage and resiliency and bravery and her ordeal, but also your faith. in reading the book and watching
8:18 am
diane's special, you had this immense faith that you were going to see your daughter again. >> i did. i had helope. >> how do you do that for 18 years? >> just got to hold on. believe and hold on. >> that helps so many families. >> i had tremendous support, the national center for missing and exploited children were there for me from the very beginning. and having that support of the community of tahoe, helped me to realize that there was hope and by having that all of that support that's what carried me. and i believed. >> as part of your work, rebecca, when something like this happen, it doesn't just happen to the individual, it's the entire community the family, that's part of what your work is
8:19 am
about. >> absolutely. we try to help the family come together because they imabout on one victim has a ripple effect throughout the whole system. some of the work that we do is as simple getting the family together to cook a meal together, to get the vegetables and cook the meal. after you all sit down, you have a chance to look at the interaction, help them to learn the tools, work with their own connection once they leave us. >> there's no more little things, everything is something -- you said picking vegetables or whatever is huge? >> what's fun about this work, also, is there was no book on this. there's there are cases before where people have worked on putting families or individuals back together after situations.
8:20 am
what's been fun, we all, my team, my family therapist the other therapists involved, my horses, the dogs, we all worked with this family to help them empower them to get through this joyous and very difficult transition. >> you don't want to shy away from this. what does jaycee want to do in the future in. >> i think she wants to write more books, she wants to ride horses. she just wants to grow and give back. travelingened being with us. >> thank you. >> she's's making a difference, robin. so many have learned from her story. more of our exclusive interview with katy perry. topping the pop charts with a string of number one singles. leading the pack with mtv video awards. she takes on the big screen
8:21 am
starring as smurfette this weekend. >> george, no doubt about it. katy is one of the busiest people in showbiz today. she's kicked off an arena tour. two multiplatinum record and oh, yeah a new husband. she talked about it all, the highs and lows of fame. ♪ >> reporter: if ever song captured the essence of a singer it's this one. no one is hot or shining quite as bright as katy perry. her last album has sold over 20 million digital songs. with massive hits like "teenage dream." california gurls. ♪
8:22 am
when we caught up with the pop superstar, she was sporting a noticeably different look. you're blonde now a look that matches her latest project the voice of smurfette. in the new "smurfs" movie. it's my favorite cartoon. i feel honored to be talking with you about this right now. you seemed like you had a lot of fun with the movie. what drew you to the character? >> the fact that i wasn't allowed to watch it as i was growing up. you know, it was a chance for me to kind of test the waters in the film world through animation. >> reporter: her first love is still music, though, katy's in
8:23 am
the middle of a massive hot streak. and the worldwide tour that's selling out arenas. if there are those who underestimated the star who gained fame "i kissed a girl" no one is underestimating her now. your first hit, she's the bubble gum pop star -- you keep surprising us with reinventions with new collaborations. with kanye west. >> i have to keep myself interested. i'm always over the place. >> very strict upbringing. it's a bit ironic, a lot of the music that you're performing now that you probably wouldn't be allowed to listen to growing up. >> i'm going to try this because i can. even today, i'm bringing my
8:24 am
whole family to "smurfs". which is exciting. >> with so much going on in her professional life, it's hard to imagine how she finds private time with husband russell brand. >> privacy is important with my husband and i. we cherish it so much. >> as private as perry is, both she and brand publicly took to the internet this weekend to talk about the recent tragedy in the music word. >> have to mention the sad passing. what was your reaction to that? >> my heart felt really sad. my husband who's been clean and sober for almost nine years, i see him working on a program and
8:25 am
working on himself every single day and i see how much work it takes to be clean and sober when you have addiction on your hands. so, i'm just -- it gave me a gratefulness for my husband who got clean when he was 27. and i feel really sad and i just hope that she finds peace. >> some have raised the question of being in the midst of recovery and having to deal with addiction, while under the glare of the media is that much more difficult. >> everything is magnified in this world. whether you're dealing with addiction or you're just trying to date someone, it's magnified 100 times. you have to be prepared and you have to find your footing. >> her footing the past few years has been on a mediocre ride. it's been an incredible three years. an uphill climb that you have seen. what are the next three years
8:26 am
going to be like? >> i think i have to live a little bit after this tour. the living will give me greater material for the next record. >> hard to imagine that she's not even 27. katy began her career as a gospel singer. she me that she still license to gospel music. for her future projects when she gets back into a recording studio, she wants to look back to her natural roots. >> she's going to change her hair color again, she told me. >> bianna, thanks very much when we come back -- how to bill even in a heat wave.ctric time to "show you the money" again.
8:27 am
now moiled's most -- maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. it's 8:27. once again, 81 degrees in baltimore. upper 70s about everywhere else. factoring in the heat index, we are approaching 906789 this is at the top of the hour. imagine now here 25 minutes later we probably got ourselves pushing 90 on heat index threshold especially downtown. all right, sunshine that's helping to steam everything up. and we have big storms back into mountains and we have got showers there in the delmarva but an eastern kink to the wind that will spark storms to develop and just a couple hours i think before noon we will see them. and through the afternoon locally heavy downpours. look out for local flooding as well. let's see what's happening on the roads. >> reporter: outer loop stop and go from har foreto york
8:28 am
road and reisterstown to he hadmondton. let's look at 695 at liberty road. outer loop to the left crawling. inner loop moving a little better. accidents in the city walledder avenue at hill top and liberty heights at northern parkway and north franklinton and west franklin street. 95 southbound slow he at fort mchenry tunnel and 795 from owings mills. and here's charley with the local news. >> thanks. 7-month-old baby and baby- sitter found. reports say the 7-month-old and the 16 -year-old were in northeast early this morning. jonae boozer and the child disappeared and the child is being evaluated. we will bring you more as information is available. ken ullman wants to hear from you to talk directly to lawmakers at public forum this evening. you can offer suggestion and
8:29 am
that begins at #. back to new york -- at 7. now back to new york. have a great monday.
8:30 am
♪ back here in times square this morning. a huge crowd. >> it's all for you. >> thank you. >> you're the only that thinks so. we're going to show them the money. how to save a lot of money, hundreds of dollars even when the heat goes through the roof. >> also, if you look down the line, two soccer superstars. david beckham and thierry henry. >> if that wasn't enough, right down the line, ms. heidi klum
8:31 am
and nina garcia and michael kors. a certain show that we all love, we're going to talk about that and more coming up. >> just look at this. >> i know. does it get better? hall of famer in our midst. let's give it up to our colleague, robin roberts, who after a wonderful career at southeastern louisiana university, as a women's basketball player, she covered the sport during her stay at espn and is now honored. >> a trip down memory lane. >> she'll be going in the women's basketball hall of fame. how does it feel? how does it feel. hall of fame. that resonates. that really means a lot. >> i joke around about a lot of things. i'm truly honored and flattered and just really thrilled. my teammates are giving me a hard time. but, no, it's --
8:32 am
>> were you like a three-pointer? >> any time i was opened. >> also for my contributions as an broadcaster as well. >> we got all of these kids. hi, guys. >> get to sam? we're going to go to elisabeth leamy now. "show me the money" time. el circumstance down in washington. two big strategies to try to save you some money. >> reporter: george, we got one strategy for when you're using your appliances and another one when you're not using them. that's right. so called vampire appliances that suck up energy even when
8:33 am
they're turned off. we found this $25 device called kilowatt that can help you find the worst one. plug this into the wall, plug the testimony that you want to test into this. but first, our other strategy. in nor ma'am, oklahoma, they have to keep their food and customers cool. yep it's expensive for a small business. that's why they jumped at the chance to jump through the hoops and save some money. >> i can tell you that last summer, here at our store, we averaged saving over $2300 on our electric bill. >> they did it by joining oklahoma gas and electric smart meter program. smart meters beam your energy usage to the power company and to you in real time to see how
8:34 am
much power you're using and what it's cost zblg customers know what's driving their energy bill and costs. >> reporter: the second piece of the program is a two-tiered pricing system. where you pay more during peak hours and get a discount during lower usage time. at the market, they tweaked their routine to use less energy at that time. >> we don't open any refrigerators or freezers for large-scale stocking during the hours. >> at my home, the savings are much more impressionive. i saved 48% on mir electric bill at home. >> with strategies like precooling their house by cranking the ac before the 2:00 p.m. feed begins or turning the ac off altogether.
8:35 am
the other thing by running the dishwash dishwasher, washer dryer after 7:00 p.m. >> the feedback we're getting they think it's very cool. >> reporter: smart meters are in a majority of the states. ask for it. >> it gives us control over what we pay for our electricity. >> reporter: the innovations ands especially welcomed in oklahoma. where they have already had 32 days over 100 degrees this summer. now, on to better ways not to use them. turns out, according to this, the boom box is costing me $3.57 a year. and that's just a small one. typical computer will cost you
8:36 am
$40 a year in the off position. stereo receiver another $40. if there was a plasma tv, that would cost me $165 a year. off. a typical american family could spend $120 on these vampire appliances that are in the off position. whether they turning off each component speculaeparately, tur off and walk away. >> eli, great advice. lot more on our website. now, i got to find sam with the weather. >> a thousand soccer fans here. did you check out this group? i don't know. go ahead. no. look at this. rarely do we get this many. let's get to the boards. as you head out your door on your monday.
8:37 am
that's while we got your twitter pictures from this weekend, here's where the heat reforms this week. there's a slight break toward the new england area also around the great lakes. this heat will sit there, bake and form and spread into the rest of the country by tend of the do what you do. >> over here, david. >> that's what they do all day long. all of the stars of "pro
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
[ cheers and applause ] project runway, one of our favorite shows is heading into its ninth season. joining us now is the toughest
8:41 am
judges in the biz. heidi klum, nina garcia and michael kors. so, you're doing 20 designers instead of the norm and you're cutting from day one, correct? >> starting off tough. starting off tough. it's great. it's the first time that all of us get to meet the designers on the first episode. and we do make a few cuts. >> all 20 thought they were already on the show and we said, no, you still have to do one more casting process with us. they had to prove to us why they should be on the show and then we cut four.. >> you guys were telling me off-camera, there's a young lady, just from day one, we meet her, can you give us a sneak
8:42 am
peek on that situation? >> we were a little skeptical when we saw her rack of clothes. they looked so professionally made. michael, tim and i were a little skeptical. >> she's been sewing for four months. >> she's a former beauty queen -- >> she's a beauty queen, miss trinidad. >> the sketches were perfect. as if it was a master craft. >> yes. >> she had such a great sense of style. let's give her a chance. because you never know. >> are we going to find out if she's an impos or the. >> we'll see. >> sometimes the judges don't
8:43 am
agree. >> which is why we love you. >> also, the veryirst chchlenge is pretty humorous. i love the concept. it's also courageous. ll us the audience. >> the first challenge, you know, all of the designers go back to their apartments, they go to bed, 1:00 in the morning, tim gunn knocks on their door, first challenge is right now, you have to make an outfit with your pajamas. the more they had on the better w it was for them with more fabric. >> make sure you wear a lot of clothes at all times. a quiz in front of military audience. >> of course. we're fashion-savvy.
8:44 am
okay, are you ready. everybody, listen up. what is the name of the dog at the mood designer fabric store? >> i didn't know they had a dog to be honest. >> she is correct. heidi, which team has never been seen before on project runway? >> meat. >> michael, anybody, who said that it's like an explosion in the sequin factory >> i think i said that one.e. >> you guys are doing quite well. >> which celebrity has yet to be a guest judge, sarah jessica parker, katy perry, lindsay
8:45 am
lohan? >> katy perry. >> this season, we have the most beautiful judges. really. we have really beautiful, beautiful ladies. they're just really gorgeous. >> we're starting with nina she'll be with our first guest dge. you just have to watch. >> i knew i could get it out of you guys. >> beautiful women. >> beautiful women who love fashions. >> they want to know, they did say, the one that hasn't appeared as a judge is katy perry? >> yes. >> all right, guys, i want to say thank you for playing. you're officially -- >> winners. >> -- winners in our books. see the show thursday on lifetime. "p"pject runway" is back.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
i think it's fair to say that soccer fever remains here after that incredible run by the u.s. women through the recent world cup, ending with that just-close defeat to japan. still, they thrilled the defeat to japan. speaking of thrilling many countries, a couple of the sport's superstars join us. david beckham and thierry henry. guys, of course, it's all-star weekend here. it's going to be wednesday night. manchester united in to play the
8:49 am
mls all-stars. david, i want to ask you about where the sport sits right now in country. it feels like in terms of popularity it's really on the rise here. >> i think it really is. over the last five years, it's growing as a sport, all over the world now. the mls is well recognized league now. all over the world and i think we obviously thierry comes to new york, myself being in los angeles, you know, i think that now those two teams are recognized all around the world and that's a great thing for the league. but the league is constantly growing. there are new franchises coming into the league. the growth of the sport is getting bigger. >> thierry, again, after a run with the french national team that included a world cup title. spain, arsenal. one of the great players. you come here to new york, what has it been for you to relocate here? >> it's been more than great. i wanted to play in new york.
8:50 am
as david said, he has been here for a very long time. i have been more than surprised about it. you have some great players in this league. the fans are great. we have a nice arena. but, you name a team i have played for. the place is just amazing. >> we love watching you both, we were watching a video right there, all-star game we were excited, was the women's world cup excited to watch? >> yes, as soon as england got knocked out, i had one eye on the u.s. team. we see some of the girls around the home depot center. they're such a talented bunch of girls. the passion that they showed. it was great for the country to see. >> it came down to penalty
8:51 am
kicks. it's fitting that you're doing a penalty kick-type competition later on today. in tribute to the mls all-star game. >> we want to say, david, as a father to a young daughter, congratulations. how is it now with four including a bouncing baby girl? >> it's amazing. we have three beautiful boys already. it's incredible. to have a little girl, the boys won't put her down. it's a proud moment. >> i have one daughter. it is amazing. it is. >> daddy's little girl. >> we love the style of you both. we have something from video via twitter. they have a question for you, mr. beckham.
8:52 am
take a look. >> hi, david beckham. i'm wondering does victoria dress you and if she does, what does she put you in? >> she lets me wear whatever i want to wear. i ask her for the tips. that's what she does. she's great at dressing people. she does sometimes. >> thierry, your thoughgh? >> you know, the guy can wear whatever he wants. >> as can you. >> no, not at all. >> we kind of got surrounded all of a sudden. >> guys, we want to let you get here at david and thierry. thank you fofo joining us my pleasure >> thank you for having us. thank you. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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and times square is pabd with future world cuppers here this morning. >> we haven't lost control of the situation. >> sam is somewhere in here. >> tell everyone to have a good day. >> have a good day! >> thanks to david beckham and thierry henry. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> here we go.
8:57 am
it is just thick. you can feel the humidity and the sun beating down with a warmup. 81 chest yourtown and aberdeen. eastern wind coming off the ocean and off the chesapeake is going to enhance any potential thunderstorms that we have today. and once you get away from the bay, look at them cooking up at 84 in columbia and 87 in rockville. so we have the sun this morning. but a cluster of storms diving their way on into west virginia approaching garrett county moving eastbound. that's going to bump into the eastern wind and things will start to flare up over the next couple hours. our computer model indicating that we expect to have ourselves storms trying to get going here before lunchtime. and this maybe widespread but through baltimore out through bel air and northeast and back to westminster this's a shot before noon and through the afternoon hours stretching down the bay the enhancement off the bay and ocean. havey rain producer and if they
8:58 am
are slow movers they could dumb a few inches of rain and lead to local flooding. another shot of showers this evening and we will get drier air in here for tomorrow. 92 the two degree guaranteed high developing downpours and that biggest threat from the storms will be lightning and heavy rain and local flooding. storms ending heading through tonight with dry weather trying to build in. but still a hot day tomorrow. less humid and an isolateed storm back up to 92. we are dropping to 90 with lows in the 60s. that's wednesday the pick of the week because we start to ramp back up mid to upper 90s and more humidity. another oppressive start to another weekend. but it looks like a two-day shot we try to get improvement by sunday and that improvement is only low 90s. you can catch more online with maryland's most powerful doppler radar at
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