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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 4, 2011 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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three decades now faces the death penalty. he's accused of corruption and accomplicety in the deaths of almost 900 protesters. the height of the 18-day revolution saw his thugs attacking protest eers in tahri square. i categorically deny all the charges, mubarak told the court. during the uprising, mohammad's 18-year-old son mustafa was shot dead. you deserve to be executed, he says to mubarak. you killed our sons. as we saw in violent clashes, mubarak still has strong supporters. >> i'm with mubarak, pro-mubarak. >> reporter: pro, anti-both sides can agrere they never believed this day would come.
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if turkey burgers are going to be on the grill this weekend make sure they are well-done. the big meat producer cargill is recalling 36 million pounds of ground turkey tainted with a fatal salmonella strain. the possible source is a plant in arkansas. the meat was sold froro march through this week under several brand names. at least one death and dozens of illnesses are blamed on the outbreak. if furky is cooked to 165 degrees, it should be okay. president obama is calling the current partial shut-down of the faa a "lose-lose-lose situation." and he's now urging congress to return from vacation and resolve the problem. lawmakers left town for that vacation without funding the agency which oversees airline safety. and because of that, thousands of workers have lost their jobs, construction projects across the nation are on hold, and important runway inspections are now not being done. tropical storm emily is taking aim at haiti this morning, posing a deadly threat to hundreds of thousands of
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people already rafr vaged by last year's earthquake. emily could turn up to 20 inches of rain on the impoverished nation, triggering potentially deadly flooding in those flimsy tent cities. emily is also menacing the dominican republic. it's on track to hit the eastern tip of cuba tonight and the bahamas tomorrow morning. forecasters say emily could strengthen to a hurricane but it's no longer expected to hit florida or the carolinas before turning back out to sea. and the southeast may dodge that storm but it can't escape the stifling heat. record highs are expected today in many cities including raleigh and atlanta. as abbie boudreau tells us the heat is claiming more and more lives. >> reporter: heat this intense sends 6,000 people a year to emergency rooms across the country. young people are especially at risk. the cdc calling heat illness during practice and competitions a leading cause of death and disability among high school athletes. just this week two football
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players in georgia died from excessive heat exposure including 16-year-old forrest jones. he collapsed moments after practice and hit his head. >> such a great kid. >> reporter: the problem is there are few, if any, real guidelines about how hot is too hot. >> the most important thing is to get out there, keeping a close eyey on those people to se who really is getting in trouble. >> reporter: it's up to the coach or parents to decide what is safe. this soccer dad wouldn't let his son play. it was 108 degrees. >> i just couldn't risk bringing my kids out here for -- to risk heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. >> reporter: when you suffer heat stroke, your body temperature reaches 104 degrees or higher. you'll begin to perspire. your heart starts to race. your muscles will cramp. and you'll feel dizzy. this summer a dozen deaths in dallas alone. mostly the elderly who don't have air conditioning. 92-year-old amy johnson wasn't
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complaining but her family was her bedroom ranged from 106 to 121 degrees. >> measures at 111. >> reporter: she got a free ac unit from the health department. this is a laser thermometer. when i point it at this helmet, i get 154 degrees. it's only been sitting under the sun for about ten minutes. just imagine how hot this helmet would get after a two-hour practice. abbie boudreau, abc news, dallas, texas. >> crazy kids are practicing in that heat. >> i would think some parents would say, junior, you're not going out untile get a little bit of relief. wait until it cools down to 96. coaches and parents need to be careful as the heat wave continues. >> absolutely. talking about the heat wave, here's a look at your weather. a soaking wet day in the southwest with downpours around albuquerque and denver. showers and thunderstotos in the dakotas. popup showers along much of the east coast including boston, new
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york and atlanta. >> 90 in miami. 86 in baltimore. 75 in boston. near 90 in the twin cities. 83 in chicago. 80 in omaha. dallas still hot, 108. phoenix even worse, 109. 77 in seattle. 82 in portland. 94 in boise. call this one our belated birth day shoutout to the nation's oldest restaurant. >> they had a big celebration yesterday in bean t tn for the union oyster house. it first opened its doors and started serving oysters way back in 1826. 185 years ago. >> wow. look at that. some workers even dressed the part as you can see there. in fact, that guy with the hat. here's the best thing about the whole party. customers got to eat a special oyster lunch for $1.85. >> hey, man. >> 185 years, getet isn't it. >> i like anniversary promos. i love raw oysters.
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>> i wonder if you like the raw oyster. consistency is kind hive. i could eat raw all day. >> lemon, horseradish, all that stuff? >> fantastic. >> it's an afro indonesia yak too.o. >> is it really? we'll be back with more "world news now."
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♪ oh child things are going to get easier ♪ >> all right, now this is for all our parents up with little ones right now. we know a lot of our viewers are new moms or dads not getting a lot of sleep. as any new mom will tell you
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finding a place to breastfeed at work or in public is sometimes hard to come by. so one city in the uk is trying to change that. >> they are looking to become the first breastfeeding-friendly city in england. chris butler has more now from leeds. >> reporter: t ts might be just as nature intended. but breastfeeding in public can take a littl courage. particularly the first time. >> people do get embarrassed. i'm sure people do. it used to be acceptable to feed a baby outnd about. like in 8ials of shshs. i've not been bothered. some people definitely are bothered, people staring. >> reporter: in leeds they're trying to make the city and its shops known as breastfeeding friendly. although some people say doing it in public man leave them feeling awkward. >> i think i would be a little offended about it. it's kind of a private thing between a mother and a child. >> ofofnded, though? >> not offended, no, i'd feel
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uncomfortable. >> reporter: however, stores and cafes are signing up. displaying a sign is only a symbol. mothers have the right to breastfeed in whatever business they choose to go into. that's a law throughout the uk. although the protection is a little more limited in northern ireland. the scheme is really designed to do is to change attitudes and make sure that motors feel welcome. >> it's huge for moms and babies. for babies it can protect them against childhood illnesses like gastro enter it's and other tummy bugs. it can prevent them developing allergies and exseem may and asthma. >> reporter: to judge whether the scheme is a success, health professionals will be looking to see if the number of mothers breastfeeding rises. >> interesting numbers to back this up as well. >> yeah, absolutely. approximately 75% of mothers start breastfeeding their babies exclusively after birth, but only 15% stick with it after six months. it's hard, it's hard. >> is it? okay. that's the whole point of this,
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a big initiative out there called healthy people 2020. they want to get it up above 80% by the year 2020. >> and a lot of people like to remind moms that it is legal. here in new york, every year a bunch of moms get on the subway and breastfeed on the subway to remind everyone. >> what day is that? i'm joking. >> get that on the calendar. coming up next, a scheme to win the lottery. >> they found a loophole and a way to cash in without breaking the law. you're watching "world news now."
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it seems to happen every year but no to me. a few co-workers chip in for a lottery ticket and bang, they hit the jackpot. thanks to luck they beat the odds. >> so jealous of these people. for a group of massachusetts phones you don't need to beat the odds when you know how to beat the system. here's abc's dan harris.
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$210,000 -- >> reporter: we've all seen high-stakes gamblers game the system in movies like "21" and "the hangover." >> he can't lose! >> reporter: we've seen them beat the odds and score big like "rain man." in a sleepy little town in western massachusetts, a real-life version played out for this guy. although in a little smaller and turns out totally legal scale. at a convenience store called jerry's place, jerry himself working with a savvy out of stater helped place orders for $300,000 in lottery tickets for a game called cash windfall. >> basically a giant office pool. just on a larger scale. >> reporter: well, it was a little more sophisticated than an office pool. somebody figured out that if they bought more than $100,000 worth of tickets, they had at least a 72% chance of making a profit. by one estimate, $100,000 is
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guaranteed to fetch you between $240,000 and $1.4 million. not bad. here's how it works. every couple of months, if nobody wins the $2 million jackpot, state officials roll down the money making all the smaller prizes much bigger. so if you buy more tickets your chances to score those smaller prizes goes up. simple. >> hoping to make a return on the investment. totally legal. >> reporter: not only totally legal. state authorities knew about the loophole for years and did nothing. which is why a whole gang of tech-savvy, high-rolling gamblers pounced, including two other teams led by computer experts from mit and northeastern university. >> this gave this select group of people an advantage to win more often and larger amounts of money. >> that was dan harris reporting that very important story. >> here's the catch as always. state officials have changed the rules so they can't do the scheme anymore.
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and the fresh scent will last until you're ready to wash again. new downy unstopables. the fresh too feisty to quit. "world news now" delivers your "morning papers." >> oh, yes. >> it is that time again. >> all right. >> sorry. >> time for your "morning papers." >> get your papers. >> out of chandler, arizona. apparently a 57-year-old man goes to the grocery store and he takes with him his fiance's pistol. i don't know why but the pistol was pink. i guess his fiance has a thing for pink guns. >> who doesn't. >> he's on his way to the store, it accidentally goes off, he literally shoots himself in the groin. yeah. goes right there and through his leg. >> really. right there. >> right there. right there. apparently he had really good
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aim. police say he's okay, the injuries were non-life threatening. >> oh my god, the agony. >> maybe he should have left the pink pistol at home. >> only bring one pistol to the market. all right, this is a crazy story. this is kind of funny. to me. pro tennis player from serb yeah i'm going to botch the name, jovanovski, something like that, there she is right there, she gets to the airport for a tennis tournament and she's waiting to her bags, late sunday night, a man comes up to her and says, what are you doing here, are you playing tennis? here? after waiting 15 minutes she called the tournament, where's my driver? i'm the only person here, how can you not see me? the tennis tournament was in carlsbad, california. her agagt booked her on a flight to carlsbad, new mexico, by accident. >> it's a good thing that her next tournament is in toronto and it's the one in canada. >> yeah, yes. that's the one. >> there are other torontos out there. i know, that is scary. >> i never heard of that happening before.
2:57 am
it makes sense but that's weird to me. poor thing. she got to the tournament 30 minutes before herermatch. >> and she played well. >> she played well, she made it. >> we've all heard the saying one man's trash is another man's treasure. here in new york city, one person's trash is actually art. yes. it turns out that a local artist in new york has come up with the brililant idea of putting a bunch of garbage inside a lucite box and selling each of those books for 50 buck arizona piece. who you might ask would actually pay for garbage? it turns out he's so far sold 1,300 of these. largely internationally. he makes special edition oness that go for 100 bucks like the one you saw there which was from obama's inauguration. there are some boxes -- they're all from specific locations. some from the yankees stadium. people are into this. >> why a a people buying trash? i mean, get a poster, a postcard. why? >> it looks lovely. there are things like metro cards and starbucks cups. >> only here in new york would people -- just too much money to spend on other people's trash.
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>> it's art, rob, it's art. ♪ [water splash] [child grasping for air] you can never know which pool safety step will save a life. until it does. no matter how safe you feel, adding multiple safety steps can mean the difference between a close call and a call to 911. simple steps save lives.
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to learn some new ones, visit
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this morning on "world news now," air anxiety. the faa's partial shut-down leaves thousands without jobs and our runways without safety inspections. >> what it means for millions of american travelers and what it's costing american taxpayers. it is thursday, august 4th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, i'll rob nelson. >> i'm tanya rivero. the faa shut-down has sidelined thousands of contractors at a time when the government says it is trying to create jobs, not take them away. it's also stopped the faa from collecting millions of dollars in airline ticket taxes. we'll explain the political roadblock that is making so many people angry. >> first the political clash
3:01 am
over the debt ceiling, now they're clashing over the faa.a. just another mess. >> if it isn't one thing, it's another. >> on vacation, man. also coming up ahead this half hour, one of the biggest recalls of its kind. 36 million pounds of ground turkey could be tainted with a vicious form of salmonella. what you can do to avoid getting sick. and later this half hour, it could be a big break in one of the fbi's coldest cases. the new clue about d.b. cooper. that's an abc news exclusive. first, members of congress may be enjoying vacations now back in their home districts but they left some unfinished business behind in d.c. >> that's right. the faa which overseas airline safety is partly shut down because lawmakers couldn't agree on funding. abc's karen travers has details. >> reporter: good morning, rob. good morning, tanya. yesterday the transportation secretary assured americans that safety would not be compromised. but this partial faa shut-down is compromising construction jobs and projects.
3:02 am
>> this is 100 airport projects across the country that have been stopped because of the fights in washington. >> reporter: that means projects ke this half-finished tower in oakland. and this one in palm spspngs. postponed because of the funding fight. >> this time everybody wants to play hardball. and hardball hurt us. >> reporter: already, 4,000 faa employees have been furloughed. more than 70,000 construction workers out of a job. also cut off, 40 airport safety inspectors. the faa asked them to keep working, without pay, citing their "professionalism." airlines are unable to collect taxes on ticket sales. so the federal government has already lost more than $200 million. that figure will increase the longer this goes on. >> don't let $1 billion at a time when we're scrambling for every dollar we can get left on the table because congress did not act. >> reporter: at the heart of the standoff, labor issues and $16.5
3:03 am
million in subsidies to rural airlines. democrats want it extended. republicans want it cut. the obama administration is pleading with congress to get this resolved. >> come back to washington. leave your vacations. just for a couple of hours. come back, congress. >> reporter: but that's unlikely to happen. and that means thousands will be out of work just as lawmakers are saying they're starting to cus on job creation. rob and tanya? >> wow. the hard part to swallow is that the safety inspectors, some of them have been let go, i think they said 40, at a time we've seen all these air traffic problems over the last couple of months. >> it's really scary. both sides are pointing fingerth at the other side. president obama's calling on boehner to put pressure on republicans to get this done. >> how did politics get this messy. the irony of the saying professionalism, come back and work for free, because everybody loves to work for free. >> we'd be here if no one were paying us. here's the kind of story no one e nts to hear with so many summer barbecues planned.
3:04 am
a major meat producer, cargill, is recalling 36 million pounds of ground turkey because of a fatal salmonella strain. now right now it is believed the possible source of the outbreak is a plant in arkansas. it's been linked to at least 76 illnesses in 26 states. a man in california has died. publbl health investigators say this strain of salmonella is especially dangerous. >> what we found in common with these cases here in sacramento same strain of salmonella, which is called salmonella hide tell burg. there are many strains. this one is very dangerous because it is resistant to antibiotics. >> the good news is even contaminated ground turkey is safe to eat if it is cooked to 165 degrees and is handled properly before cooking. both fresh and frozen turkey are recallll. it's been sold since march under a long list of brand names. in other news now, investigators will be on the scene today at the crash sitit f yet another tour bus. the bus was traveling from
3:05 am
niagara falls to trenton, new jersey, when it flipped over last night. four people were seriously hurt and at least 36 others suffered minor injuries as well. police say the bus may have been going too fast in a downpour.r. there have been at least four other serious bus accidents this year, all of them in the northeast. president obama marks a milestone birthday today, reaching the half century mark. he jump started the celebrations with a round of fund raisers in chicago last night. the president spoke via video conference to supporters gathered at more than 1,000 house parties across the country. with the budget crisis resolved, mr. obama is now challenging his cabinet to put americans back to work. here's jake tapper. >> reporter: president obama headed to chicago for a series of campaign fund-raisers. one of them an early celebration of his 50th birthday. earlier, the president met with his cabinet to emphasize what he wants them all now focused on. >> they are redoubling their efforts to focus on what matters
3:06 am
most to the american people. and that is how are we going to put people back to work? >> reporter: that pledge notwithstanding, not only is the president right now focusing on his campaign coffers, congress has left town. for a month. the halls of congress are empty. despite all the pledges that they too would immediately focus on the nation's 14 million unemployed. >> americans are talking about -- >> good-paying jobs right at home -- >> the biggest concern the american people have is -- >> jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. >> reporter: the president took his team out for burgers. but economists looking at the modest measures the president is pushing for job creation -- patent reform, trade deals, a payroll tax holiday -- might wonder, where's the beef? in many ways the president's options are limited. republicans in congress did not want to spend more money on the major job-creation programs he would otherwise propose. even smaller sts, such as spending on infrastructure, are mired in the partisan quick sand
3:07 am
of this divided congress. still, the president says he's now focusing like a laser on job accuracy. by our count the seventh such pivot since the beginning of his presidency. >> we will not rest until we are succeeding in generating the jobs. sustained and relentless focus over the next several months on accelerating the pace of job creation. >> reporter: the white house announced a presidential bus tour through the midwest, august 15th through 17th. the president, the white house said, will be talking to folks about growing the economy and creating jobs. jake tapper, abc news, the white house. >> well, turning the big 5-0. that's a big one. >> yes. the president, people love these pictures, the president has aged. there he was before taking office, there he is most recently. there you can see kind of a little more wring committeed, the hairir a lot 48er. imagine if he wins a second term what that picture will look like come 2016.
3:08 am
>> the most stressful job on the planet i think. he's earned those wrinkles. >> they always want more, bring it on. now to some medical news. new moms may have an innovative way to beat post par drum depression. there is a small but growing movement to make pills out of placen placentas. moms can take the pills in the weeks after big giving birth to fight the baby bruise. many women believe consuming the placenta is good for you but it does remain a controversial practice. >> after my second daughter blake was born i took the pills right away. i started taking them immediately and i had no baby blues. >> doctors have concerns about how the placenta is handled after it's delivered. they say if you are interested in the pills, tell your doctor beforehand so risks of infection can be decreased. >> there's this woman in denver who started a company that actually makes the pills, 225 bucks to collect the placenta to turn them into those capsules. >> good business. >> we'll see how it goes. >> lots of vitamins there. other news now, haiti is
3:09 am
bracing for the worst-case scenario this morning as tropical storm emily makes a slow approach. emily stalled just south of the dominican republic but it's already unleashing some heavy rain on both countries. as the storm blows ashore it is expected to dump up to 20 inches of rain and of course more than 600,000 haitians are still living in flimsy tents 18 months after that devastating earthquake. emily is on track to brush by the eastern tip of cuba and the bahamas after passing over hispaniola. it's expected to eventually strengthen into a hurricane but the closest it will get to the u.s. is saturday night when it passes east of miami and ft. lauderdale. forecasters say 12 then turn back out to sea. the brutal heat wave torturing millions of americans just won't quit as temperatures soared into the triple digits across the south. memphis, tennessee, hit a record 106 degrees. the heat did not stop 200 runners from kicking off a four-day, 365-mile relay run to peoria, illinois.
3:10 am
the humidity made it feel like 120 degrees, forcing som runners to stop for water after just a few mimes. now that is some dedication. >> i admire their discipline but i don't know how much sense it makes to run in that kind of heat. >> that's a little scary. >> as opposed to the treadmill in the gym with the ac going. >> some people are dedicated to their running. >> good luck, good luck. here's your thursday forecast now. thunderstorms from kansas city to st. louis and from des moines to madison. some spotty showers from much of the east coast from maine to miami. heavy rain in the west from albuquerque to cheyenne. showers and thunderstorms in the dakotas. >> 80s from fargo to indianapolis. 75 in boston. 80 here in new york. and 99 in atlanta. almost 110 dallas and phoenix. sacramento 84. boysty 94 and seattle 77. with tropical storm emily coming a little bit closer, it was a well-scheduled return to the ocean for one sea turtle. >> andre, there he is, cute little guy, was released back into the atlantic yesterday
3:11 am
after a 13-month stay in a wildlife center. he needed that time to recover from being struck by a boat prop propeller. >> abusiness return was also timed for the turtle mating season. lots to look forward to. >> you, go andre. >> that's right, get it. who knows, maybe there will be some little andres in the area sometime soon. get to work, buddy. we'll be back with more "world news now" coming up. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement nsurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to " 80% of your part b expenses.
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♪ tonight's good to be a good good night ♪ ♪ tonight's the night let's live it up ♪ >> welcome baba, everyone. and now for an abc news exclusive in the hunt for folklore hero d.b. cooper.
3:16 am
the man herein the only airline hijacking case never solved in america. >> for 40 years the fbi's been looking for clues to just who d.b. cooper is or was. abc's pierre thomas says they may have finally cracked the case. >> reporter: this woman says she holds the key to one of the fbi's great mysteries. who do you think that d.b. cooper is? >> he was my uncle, lynn doyle cooper wide receiver who we called l.d. cooper. >> reporter: the fbi has been hunting for d.b. cooper since 1971. when a man going by that name hijacked and threatened to blow up a passenger jet. the hijacker demanded $200,000 in small bills and a flight to mexico. but during the flight he took the money and jumped out of the speeding 727 into a raging storm over the pacific northwest. he disappeared despite a massive manhunt. becoming the stuff of legend. even a hollywood movie. over the decades the fbi followed many leads, always to
3:17 am
dead ends. but this cold case has now been reignited by marla cooper. she showed uss this 1972 polarod picture of her uncle. >> my father made a comment about his long-lost brother, my uncle l.d., and said that he thought he was still alive but hiding from the fbi. and i questioned why he would be hiding. he said, don't you remember, he hijacked that airplane. >> reporter: she did remember. it wasas1971. right after the hijacking. her uncle l.d. showed up for thanksgiving. >> and he was bloody and bruised and a mess. and i was horrified. >> reporter: she was told he had been in a car accident. in hindsight, she doesn't buy it. >> my two uncles were planning something very mischievous. i was a nosey little kid, i was 8 years old. >> reporter: her uncle disappeared from her life soon after. marla's mother said that vanishing act has her convinced. >> i've always had that feeling,
3:18 am
just a gut feeling, that it was l.d. >> reporter: marla was told her uncle died in 1999. and what happened to that $200,00000, nearly a deck kid after the hijacking some of it was found. bundles of $20 bill is deteriorating on a riverbed. >> it was never spent. i don't think he had the money. >> reporter: but fbi sources tell abc news they believe marla's story is credible. the reason? her uncle fits the profile they've been seeking. he has a military become-ground. he lived in the pacific northwest. he was obsessed with this 1960s comic book. the fbi has spent months looking into marla's story, chasing the most promising lead in decades in a case that still captivates the nation. pierre thomas, abc news, oklahoma city. >> apparently that picture of him with the guitar strap, she turned it over to the fbi and they're checking that for fingerprints. >> interesting. maybe that would help out too. apparently her uncle is also obsessed with this guy named dan oper who was a canadian comic
3:19 am
book hero who liked to jump out of planes. >> there you go. if that isn't the biggest clue of all. apparently he had pictures up on his wall. >> it's all adding up 40 years later. coming up, hidden risks for couch potatoes hanging out playing video games. >> there goes my social life. the new warns for children and grown-ups about this extreme medical danger. you're watching "world news community college because my mom was unable to work. so i had to pick up the slack. i found out abouthe federal udenaid ogram through my english teacher. ney, i ran downsir and i showed my ther and she was happy e started crying. my goal is to finish college and gemy degree in journalism.
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♪ >> are you a big gamer? >> back in the day of nintendo. >> you were a gamer? >> blisters on your thumb, you had to blow into that cartridge to get it to work, i'm old school, back in the day. >> pac man, mrs. pac man. for decades parents have warned kids not to sit too close to the tv saying if you do,, you'll go blind. >> researchers are saying going
3:21 am
blind isn't a concern, dying is. abc's senior medical contributor dr. tim johnson explains. >> reporter: video game addiction is not a clinical diagnosis. but playing games on a game system or the computer uninterrupted for long hours could kill you. it's not the games that pose a threat but amount of time sitting still playing them. being sededtary for extended periods, whether playing games, working on the computer, or even being stuck on a very long flight, raises the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis, dvt. that's when a blood clot forms in deep veins, generally in the lower leg or thigh. if the clot travels to the lungs andd blocks blood flow, it can cause death. that happened recently to a 20-year-old man in england after spending all night playing games on his x-box 360. obviously, video games can be engaging, fun, and entertaining. but be aware of the risks. if your kids are playing, just
3:22 am
make sure they take a break. i'm dr. timothy johnson. >> the advice here is simple. if you're playing, get up and stretch.
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>> can't wait to see you on the karaoke show. >> i've already taken my bets you're going to win. >> yes, yes. drink heavily before you listen to it. for all you batman fans out there, finally the last installment of the batman trilogy is in production and we know you can't wait for its release -- some lucky fans in pittsburgh are getting a sneak peek. they've turned steel city into gath that will city. >> reporter: check this out. we're told most of the filming's going on inside the melon institute here which i guess i can call the gotham city courthouse. take a look outside, it appears hundreds of extras there are preparing to film a a fight sce. film crews turning pittsburgh into gotham city. complete with fake snow, its finest police force, and oh yeah, about the man fighting a new villain named bane. >> whoa! >> reporter: you can say the caped crusader has been on this 4-year-old's radar.
3:27 am
>> why are the people fighting? >> reporter: noah couldn't keep his eyes away from the action. >> he's small. >> reporter: if you look hard enough you might see two batmans, or batmen, i guess. people walking on the street captured the pair on their cell phones. >> i'm just fascinated that pittsburgh is so attractive to filmmakers. i think that's really neat. >> reporter: what's not neat is the traffic on fifth avenue. fire trucks line the streets now, preparing for some pyrotechnics and other movie magic. that alone is thuf for some people to stop and get out of their cars. what would you give to be over on the other side of this barricade? >> my friend. >> i get up every morning to go to work. i was off today. i just want to make him happy. >> the movie will not be out until july 20th of next year. >> it seems already that local criminals are getting creative there. turns out somebody tried to car jack a car in pittsburgh and told the police officer, don't worry, it's just part of the filming. >> was it one of these two people?
3:28 am
look at that. >> oh my god. i think i know what i want to be for halloween this my familstruggled, and it was assumed that while would have to pay it for myself. and e knew about fedel student aid. i n't think i iterealized what l
3:29 am
actually graduating wa my name is charlie, and is imy story. need helplanng and paying for colom nratocar.u toey
3:30 am
thth morning on "world news now," double trouble. tropical storm emily bears down earthquake survivors in haiti. >> fears that the tent cities will not stand up to emily's powerful wind gusts and torrential downpours. it's thursday, august 4th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, i'm tanya rivero. >> i'm rob nelson. tropical storm emily is heading for haiti's coastline and even if it weakens, flimsy shelters will be blown away. meanwhile, a huge section of the u.s. will cope again today with relentless heat reaching well into the triple digits. mother nature's not letting up this summer. >> no relief in sight. demands for congress to
3:31 am
return to work and deal with the controversial faa shut-down. thousands of workers are laid off, runway inspections may stop, and hundreds of millions of dollars are being lost. also later this half hour, somebody stole a denver man's iphone and wallet from his gym locker. the police were able to track down his stolen property and the suspected thief. how, you're asking? guess what, there is an app for that. >> is there an app for everything now? >> everything. this one is particularly cool. that's the worst feeling in the world when you lose your iphone or something like that. stay tuned for that. all right, but we begin with tropical storm emily and the potentially catastrophic flooding it could bring to haiti. >> emily is already dumping torrential rains on haiti and the dominican republic. and it is projected to hit the bahamas too. right now haiti's earthquake survivors living in makeshift shelters are in extreme danger. abc's matt gutman was in port-au-prince ahead of the storm. >> reporter: tropical storm emily is forecast to come right over those mountains and dump
3:32 am
anywhere from 4 to 20 inches of rain on this part of haiti. refugee camps like this become giant cesspools when there's anything up to 5 inches of rain. the u.n. has been trying to dig canals, better canals in places like this, to divert some of that runoff. just six weeks ago, seven people in this camp alone died by this flash flooding that occurs here. now, the u.n. and aid organizations know these people can't afford to move out of here, so they're trying to alert them by putting up red flags telling them that floods may be coming. they're also publishing news letters like this. this is the biggest newspaper in all of haiti right now. 500,000 copies alerting people in cartoons how to avoid the danger of storms and to try to get away. for most of these people, there is simply nowhere to go. all they're telling us is that they're going to wait out this storm and pray for the best. matt gutman, abc news, port-au-prince, haiti. >> so heart-breaking. >> you think things can't get worse. i can't imagine. 600,000 people still living in tent cities from that earthquake in haiti. that devastating earthquake 18
3:33 am
months ago, back in january 2010. still more than 500,000 people in temporary housing. >> those people don't even have to be near the coastline to be in danger because the threat of mud slides is so great. >> the storm could strengthen again as it moves over the caribbean. our thoughts and prayers with those folks. a rough couple of days ahead for them. >> absolutely. the southeastern half of the country is still sweating it out today as temperatures spiked past the 100 degree mark from that is to atlanta. 14 states remain under heat advisories and the death toll now is climbing. more now from abc's steven portnoy. >> reporter: the heat has been brutal. emergency rooms are swamped. heat-related calls are pouring in. more than 100 people have died. just this week, two football players from georgia died from excessive heat exposure. 16-year-old forrest jones. >> he was such a great kid. >> reporter: and high school junior d.j. searcy. >> it's not going to be same without him. >> reporter: scary moments at philadelphia eagles training
3:34 am
camp when 27-year-old defensive tackle mike patterson suffered a zur, possibly heat-related. he's in stable condition in the hospital. scorching weather is affecting 165 million people in 18 states. 2,700 all-time heat records were broken in july. and more are being smashed this nth. temperatures have topped 100 degrees in dallas for 32 straight days. dozens, mostly elderly, have died with no air conditioning. 92-year-old amy johnson's bedroom wawasweltering. 106 to 121 degrees. the health department gave her a free air conditioning unit. the national weather service issued a heat advisory for southeast texas through thursday night. record heat is putting record demand on power grids. utilities are asking customers to cut back on electricity to avoid rolling blackouts. trains are running at reduced speeeeds this week for fear rai might buckle in the extreme heat. steven portnoy, abc news. >> to relief in sight there.
3:35 am
more weather, here your thursday forecast. a stormy day in kansas city, st. louis and des moines.' your thursday forecast. a stormy day in kansas city, st. louis and des moines your thursday forecast. a stormy day in kansas city, st. louis and des moines. widely scattered showers for much of the east coast, including boston, new york, d.c. and miami. heavy downpours in the southwest around phoenix, denver and salt lake city. >> 88 in billings and 91 in colorado springs. mostly 80s across the plains and midwest. dallas still sizzling, 108 today. meanwhile, 90s in new orleans, miami, and atlanta. >> all right, still hot there. if turkey burgers are on your menu these summer days the big meat producer cargill is recalling 36 million pounds of ground turkey because of a fatal salmonella strain. it is believed the source of the outbreak is a plant in arkansas. all the meat that's being recalled was produced from late february to this past tuesday. one death, a man in california, and at least 76 other illnesses are blamed on the outbreak. the budget crisis may be over now but lawmakers on capitol hill have left behind another mess. congress went on summer vacation
3:36 am
before resolving an issue with the faa. as a result of that, thousands of workers are laid off and some runways are going without safety inspections. how did it get to this point? with answers on that, here's abc's john karl. >> reporter: some 200 airport construction projects have been stopped. thousands of workers sent home. >> everybody wants to play hardball. hardball hurt us. >> reporter: also cut off, 40 airport safety inspectors. the folks who help keep runways safe. the faa has asked them to keep working without pay, citing their "professionalism." what about the professionalism of congress? they just went on vacatiti. the transportation secretary is practically begging them to return. >> come back to washington. leave your vacations. just for a couple of hours. come back, congress. >> reporter: what's holding everything up? a dispute over funding of 13 tiny rural airports, including the murtha airport in pennsylvania.
3:37 am
we've been there. there is nobody here. house republicans did pass a bill to fund the faa. but insisted some of those rural subsidies be cut, prompting an objection from senator jay rockefeller, the morgantown airport in his home state of west virginia would be cut. when we asked him about it, watch how the democratic leader jumps to his defense. >> you have blocked it. are you really willing to partially shut down the faa? to protect the subsidy -- >> we're not answering that question. >> reporter: their bottom line, it's all the republicans' fault. >> you know, jonathan, here's you -- and i say this respectfully -- the way that we have america going today, there's no penalty for outrageous conduct. >> reporter: the cuts republicans want would save $16 million a year. but this impasse is costing much more. $30 million every day. democrats say they just want the house to work out a compromise. good luck with that. they're already gone for the
3:38 am
rest of the summer. jonathan karl, abc news, capitol hill. investigators looking into the death of 11-year-old celina cass may be working with some new clues. they hauled away her stepfather's pickup truck from the family's home yesterday and authorities re-entered the home with warrants seeking some sort of evidence. celina disappeared ten days ago without a trace. her body was recovered from a river near the home monday. the search for a missing indiana university student has turned to a nearby landfill. it's been two months since lauren spierer was last seen alive. thousands of volunteers have combed that city of bloomington for clues with no luck. the fbi plans to search through the city's trash which is sorted at a landfill not too far away. and pardon the pun but new york yankees slugger alex rodriguez is dealing with some serious off the field issues. major league baseball is now investigating whether a-rod has been involved in some illegal poker games. the three-time mvp will be
3:39 am
interviewed about it by the commissioner's office. a-rod's publicist is denying reports he participated in poker games while in hollywood. i guess we'll see. >> we'll see, all right. well, it is happy birthday today to president obama. he is turning the big 5-0. >> and while mr. obama marks the day at the white house, they're having a special celebration at mad gam tussaud's in hollywood. >> the famous wax museum has outfitted its president obama with a new handmade tie. that light-blue number was actually created by the president's own tailor and flown in from washington. looking smooth. >> he looks nice and dapper. i think they may need to add a touch more gray to the hair there. >> and some wrinkles and other things all presidents seem to inherit over their years in office. not a bad likeness at all. happy birthday, mr. president. we'll be back with more "world news now" right after this.
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welcome back. well, the mormon religion has been the topic of a lot of conversation lately from the great white way to the campaign trail. it seems to be everywhere. >> in many cases it seems to be pretty much the butt of jokes. now the mormon church is fighting back. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: the hottest ticket on broadway right now is the tony award-winning musical "the book of mormon." ♪
3:44 am
>> reporter: on tv, there have been several hit series. from hbo's "big love" to tlc's "sister wives." out on the campaign trail -- >> thanks for helping out today. >> reporter: not one but two major candidates for president. >> i'm jon huntsman. >> reporter: both of them latter-day saints. >> we realize that with two mormons running for president, there's going to be stereotyping. >> reporter: historian craig foster is part of a group called foundation for apologetic information and research. f.a.i.r. for short. becoming a mormon rapid response team. >> we'll monitor the press to see e they get something right or not. >> reporter: the mormons know a candidate's religion can be an issue. from kennedy's catholicism to obama's embarrassment by reverend wright. last month, the mormons clarified the church itself is politically neutral. >> we have in the church, church membership, we have everyone from harry reid on the left to orrin hatch on the right.
3:45 am
and 6 million americans between. >> reporter: they're coming down hard on reports like this one. >> what country do you think hosts the garden of eden? >> reporter: on the fox affiliate in memphis. >> did you know it's in america? >> reporter: you got a lot more reaction to this than you bargained for. >> yeah, it was a pretty darn big attack on my career. >> reporter: for the record, in the 19th century brigham young did preach the garden of edede was in jackson county, missouri. >> you can't reduce the fourth largest church in the united states to a sound bite or a butcher sticker. >> reporter: in the upcoming campaign people may try to do just that. david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> in the light of day any religion if you get right down to it always looks a little wacky. you know? when you get down to the details. >> and this one comes under a lot of scrutiny. here are some of the facts, clear some things up. polygamy was banned in the late 19ththentury and is only practiced these days by a handful of extremists that don't haveveny ties to the church of latter-day saints. something to keep in mind as
3:46 am
this plays out in the presidential election and so forth the next couple of months. >> t tre are close to 6 million members of the church of latter-day saints. >> not a small faction, yeah. >> a lot of folks. coming up, over-the-top bridal showers starring kim kardashian. >> what a lucrative situation for a member of "the jersey shore" cast. stay tuned for that and more coming up next in your "skinny." fedel studenaid madeit possibleo complete her degree,for my sist college, and for me to go as well. my name is ben, andthis is my s.
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3:48 am
welcome back, everybody. time for your thursday edition of "the skinny." i made no secret since i've been on this job just over a year now, my secret crush on kim kardashian. >> no, you have not. made ate secret. >> but we do have some exclusive pictures from "ok!" magazine of her bridal shower. she's tying the knot on august 20th now to kris humphries, her adoring fiance. happened july 23rd in the backyard of her mom's place. they had the big bridal shower. >> she does look gorgeous.
3:49 am
>> she looks fantastic. this she is, the whole clan doing their thing. and so apparently, you know, gearing up for the big wedding and all this kind of thing. so things are moving quickly. >> of course it will be televised. what's the point of getting married if it's not going to be on tv? >> apparently it's going to be a two-day event on e! for the actual marriage. >> wow. >> already inviting media to the shower -- >> a two-day event? >> the kardashians, i'm shocked. usually they're so low-key and don't like the press attention. this is going to be a huge spectacle. as august moves on. >> and rob will be watching every moment. >> i will be there looking for that honeymoon tape. >> speaking of other beautiful newlyweds, kate middleton mas the cut of "vanity fair's" best-dressed list. theyeye out with their issue listing all the best-dressed. kate middleton, michelle obama, who's there with her husband, you know that guy who's the president. they made the best-dressed couples. justin timberlake, lady gaga. i guess it was that meat dress that put her over the top. there are even controversi, carey mulligan and tilda swinton who sometimes lands on the worst-dressed list. >> jumped over to the best.
3:50 am
i get the first three. gaga, most inventive, most creative, most outlandish. but best? >> you get points for that. really? >> you get points for being creative. >> that is an interesting little list there. i'm sure no one's surprised by the duchess making it. interesting story here. shaquille o'neal back in the news. apparently "star" magazine, radaronline have uncovered this lawsuit that's been filed against him by this guy name sean darling, former friend of the star. basically it's a pretty scandalous lawsuit. it accuses shaq of planting a acking device on his wife's car, then using the services of police officers and state attorneys to help him threaten and plant false evidence on sean and even trying to cover up multiple affairs. bottom line this guy knew shaq's dirt and shaq went to extreme lengths according to the lawsuit, allegedly, to try to block that information coming to the light of day. this is a scandalous lawsuit. >> so it sounds a little bit like the divorce is not going well. >> mistresses involved, a lot of dirt coming out about shaq. >> messy stuff there, messy
3:51 am
stuff. we've been talking a lot about "the jersey shore" lately. mike "the situation" sorrentino. we know he's been cashing in. here's another example of that. he just signed a six-figure deal to represent a line of tuxedos. affordable men's formal wide receiver wear. would you buy a tux that was modeled by mike "the situation"? >> he's a classy guy. wear. would you buy a tux that was modeled by mike "the situation"? >> he's a classy guyould you bu modeled by mike "the situation"? >> he's a classy guy. >> i know. i might buy the tux. >> the thing that cracks me up, it would be -- it comes back on tv tonight, mtv. 30 years, mtv has been on the air. this is its most popular show ever. you can roll your eyes and condescend about these kids. they are hugely popular, and they're laughing all the way to the bank. >> this line of formal wear is not going to be just tuxedos, it's going to be shirts cut in a modern american fit. so we can read tight. tight shirts. >> show off the abs, yeah. that would look good on the tux. again, don't laugh. "the situation" brought home 10 million bucks in 2010 from all kinds of deals on top of the show. >> laughing all the way to the bank. >> all the way to the bank,
3:52 am
jersey shore, my home state of new jersey making us proud. >> are you from new jersey? >> i'm a jersey kid by way of new orleans. [ male announcer ] if you think "heroes" are only in movies,
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these days don't we all need someone to trust...? duracell. trusted everywhere. and here are some stories to watch today on abc news. former egyptian leader hosni mubarak is back in the hospital today after appearing in court in a specially-built cage yesterday. cancer specialists were with him as his corruption trial began. also polygamous sect leader warren jeffs returns to o texas courtroom today where he's defending himself on charges he sexually assaulted underage girls. prosecutors played an audiotape for the court yesterday for an leged assault of a 12-year-old. they rested their case late yesterday. and tiger woods returns to pro golf today in a tournament in akron, ohio. he has not played since injuries to his left heel and knee sidelined him just a few months ago. and finally, are you ready?
3:56 am
warming up the elbow. our favorite story of the day. >> slow, a little slow. >> what is that? >> i don't know. >> okay, allll right. >> try it again? >> one more time. they did that on purpose that time. >> hate when that happens. >> anyone who owns a smartphone is a little paranoid about losing it. we all know this. contacts, photos, movies gone. and of course the expense. >> been there, done that. one denver man found out the hard way when his phone was stolen. he also found out if you want the cops to catch the thief, yep, there's an app for that. mike landis of kmgh has the story. >> reporter: mike was visiting the rec center on monday. as he was getting ready to leave -- >> someone broke into my locker. >> reporter: his phone, wallet, credit cards, all gone. that's when he turned into a detective. he activated a special gps tracking app on his phone. >> i saw that the thief was on foot toward the library and kind of toward boulder creek. >> reporter: he followed the
3:57 am
crook's every step on the web until he stopped at the boulder library. >> this blue dot right here is where my phone was. >> reporter: then he had to find out who exactly had that phone. >> i set the alarm off on the phone. it was in the guy's pocket. that's when my friend heard and that's when they surrounded him. >> reporter: turns out this man john milheuser had the phone. they held the homeless man down until he arrived. >> he stripped down to his underwear to try to prove to us he didn't have the phone. but it was obvious it was in his backpack. >> reporter: this is a happy ending. >> got everything back. >> reporter: this was never the way he thought he'd have to use his iphone. >> really the app wasn't for theft, it's because i'm absent-minded at times. >> i love it. there are a lot of dumb apps out there. that to me is brilliant. >> i'm downloading that one tonight. >> it's called find my phone. and it is free. even better yet. >> that's news you can use. >> that is news you can use, i'm downloading right now. more from abc coming up next, stay with us. ♪
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