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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  September 22, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> she said it so well there, too. we saved each other. a perfect description. the. eeee. a deadly fire overnight in southwest baltimore. three people are dead, including children. details, coming up. and after decades after appeals and legal maneuvers, a georgia man has been put to death. i'm sherrie johnson. coming up, more on the execution of troy davis. i'm charlie crowson. let's start your thursday as we do every day and say hello to justin burke. >> reporter: a little bit muggy and a little bit wet.
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when it comes through, it may be deceptive on the radar. i drove through cells dumping heavy rain. a lot of moisture let loose in the atmosphere. 70 in baltimore, 78 in hagerstown. we had to have heavy rain pass up north. heavy rain bands through southern maryland. we expect to have ourselves some periodic showers on and off throughout the day. we are stuck with the clouds, we can't shake those. there may be some areas of thick fog, in addition to what is falling down from the sky. we generally are looking at high temperatures pushing up in the upper 70s. let's get our first check on traffic now. >> reporter: 395 southbound, we have road work in the left lane that should be wrapped up in the next half hour. let's take a look at the beltway on the southwest side. light traffic moving well in both directions. this is a live picture on the
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road, all the work on the outer loop is gone. hardly anybody out there yet. of course that will change in the next hour or two. back to you charlie. breaking news this morning. an early morning house fire leaves three people dead. it broke out shortly after 1:30 this morning in the 600 block of pulaski street. dozens of firefighters have been on the scene as is our own linda so. >> reporter: charlie, we have told a woman and two children died in the fire. neighbors tell us the woman was pregnant, the kids were her toddlers. the fire started right down the street at 629 south pulaski. we are told when firefighters got here, they found an intense scene, smoke was just covering the whole street. we are told that that fire when it started, it was a quick moving fire. it jumped to ten surrounding
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row homes. neighbors say it was a chaotic scene. they describe it for us. they say they saw smoke, they ran down the street, they actually talked to two women who banged on doors just trying to get people out at their homes. this happened at 1:30. we are told about 100 firefighters were here trying to get that fire out. in all, it reached three alarms, 25 engines. the fire is out now, but it took a considerable amount of time to get it under control. a cadaver dog is looking through the charred remains for a fourth possible victim but right now no word on another victim that was found. again, a woman and two children died in this fire. let's listen to one of the women. >> i ran up the street to make sure it wasn't my house. and i get around the corn and this house is on fire. so i ran up to the house and it was already covered in smoke. so i went to the next house and started kicking in everybody's
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doors and getting people out and jumping over the railing, getting everybody out, trying to get them out. >> reporter: investigators are still here trying to find the cause of the fire, where exactly it started. but again, we are told that it started at 62:00. they are working trying to find out how it got started and if the home had smoke detectors. again a woman and two kids died in the fire. the woman was pregnant, the children were her own. linda so, abc2news. additional breaking news out of howard county also involving a fire in columbia. it sent three people to the hospital there. the fire broke out about an hour and a half ago inside the autumn crest apartment complex. dispatchers tell abc2news one of the three people injured is in bad shape. firefighters rescued an elderly woman and a couple with a child from the first floor. they have a crew on that scene
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and will have more information for you. abc2news will have the latest on these two breaking stories. we'll have posted photographs and video on our site as soon as we get them into the newsroom. one person in maryland is dead as a result of eating that tainted cantaloupe from colorado. abc2news's i didn't know redman is standing by. >> reporter: the cdc confirmed the death here in maryland. there was a major recall for cantaloupes from jenson farms after a listeria outbreak was discovered. the death toll has risen to eight people. four in new mexico, two in colorado and one in oklahoma. the cdc says 55 people in 14 states have gotten sick. after a trial and decades of appeals, troy davis has been put to death in georgia.
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the convicted cop killer died by lethal injection last night. abc2news's sherrie johnson has more. >> reporter: the execution was delayed four years. the united states supreme court took an unusual amount of time to delay the execution. davis was found guilty of killing georgia police officer mark mcvale in 189. many of davis' followers gathered outside the prison gates. over 100 officers in full riot gear watched them. there was no incident after that execution took place. davis maintained his innocence until the very end. meanwhile mcvale's family said they finally had justice. >> there is too much doubt for this execution to continue. >> we have put up with this stuff for 22 years. it is time for justice.
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now after that execution, davis' followers left prison quietly among heavy police presence. sherrie johnson, abc2news. here in baltimore a protest was staged and an evening -- prayer prayer vigil. it appears there is a large amount of doubt looming over his case. in texas a man convicted of the murder of james bird jr. has also been executed. the victim was dragged down a county road back in 1998. lawrence brewer said nothing before being given the lethal injection. students honored dominique fraser last night. she was stabbed to death
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outside her dorm room. fraser's room mate has been charged with that murder, alexis simpson. she is currently being held without bail. many of us were in the dark for days following hurricane irene. it weighs six and a half tons and is headed right toward us. details on how you can track the progress of the satellite on "good morning maryland," we are first and only at 4:30.
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it is a big bill for bge. the utility company spent $81 million restoring power after hurricane irene. bge had to replace 4800 electric poles, more than 700,000 feet of wire and more than 8000 fuses.
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bge says at this point shareholders are footing that bill. but it will request the public service commission raise the rates down the road to make up for some costs. justin when you look at it this way, when we talk about the cost of all of this following irene, it all flows downhill ewe have more rain which is the last thing a lot of people want here. one of the highlighted looks at salisbury. heading up toward ocean city, there is heavy rain and lightning embedded in there. that is a sign of a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. we take you to annapolis. on the other side of the island and coming in toward columbia. we have had some showers. these don't look that impressive. i'm telling you they have dumped some heavy rain already. we expect to have that continue throughout the day. a lot of moisture, letting loose
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in the atmosphere. back toward westminister. 75 by lunch time. a warm, muggy day. as we shoot for 79 this afternoon. 4:41 on the clock. once again here's tonya with traffic. a reminder the ramp from o'donnell street eastbound, to 895 southbound. it will be closed until october 2nd. light traffic on the beltway. this is a live look at the beltway at frederick road. traffic on the outer loop making its way toward the camera. very light traffic on the inner loop. harrisburg expressway southbound at warren road. all the southbound traffic is moving toward the beltway. charlie? it looks like tomorrow will be the day. sat lights are expected to fall to earth. nasa says it is too early to predict the time and the location of reentry. 26 pieces representing 1200 pounds are expected to survive. if you want to track this
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falling satellite. head to our website. we have a page showing that satellite's every move. only last month they were convicted of spying for illegally entering iran. this morning the two americans are headed home. where they are now and how soon they will be back on american soil. 19 people die every day waiting for a transplant. one group wants to change the way organs retrieved. we'll tell you why when "good morning maryland" returns. =f>
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parents you are going to want to be on alert over the weekend. in car son's run a mother saw her five-year-old son walking toward a man, they were headed toward a cornfield. the boy told his mom the man
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was asking him to find something that was lost. a teenager has been charged with reckless endanger. he is accused of pointing a green laser at a maryland state helicopter. police say they went to the home where the light appeared to come from and found the teen and the laser pointer. the baltimore city police department is getting four helicopters. the city said it would be more cost effective to buy new helicopters instead of repairing the old ones. we are going to find out today if we have to pay more in tolls in maryland. the transportation authority is expected to vote at can this morning. we'll have the results on our website the agency says the hikes are needed to pay for repairs such as the intercounty connector. two american hikers, shane
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bower and josh fatal, were released from prison after their sentences were commuted. >> we are so happy we are free and so relieved we are free. we are sincerely grateful to the government of oman, for hosting us and our families. >> they were arrested, jailed and accused of spying while hiking in iraq. 7000 patient die each year in this country waiting for a transplant. proposed revisions to the rules governing organ donations are currently being considered. 1 people die every day waiting on for an organ transplant. come from patients who are brain dead.
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some come from living donors. only 6% are donations after cardiac death or dc d. surgeons retrieve organs two minutes after a donor's heart stops or life support is removed. but the united states network for organ sharing which oversees and allocates organ donation in this country wants to change some rules. in cardiac death cases doctors would no longer have to wait the two minutes to see if the patient's heart might start beating again. the rules change would also lift the ban on allowing patients to be considered potential organ donors before their families and doctors gave up hope of trying to save their lives. critics fear the rule changes would increase the risk that dying patients will be considered merely organ banks and their care consequently compromised. supporters say the changes would strengthen the transplant program. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. the komen maryland race for
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the cure is weeks away. the race is going to be in hunt valley sunday october 23rd. the 5-k begins at 10:00 but a lot of activities are before that including the always impressive survivors walk. abc2news will broadcast that morning from 7:00 until can. if you want to register for the race head to komen five things you need to know on this thursday morning. nasa is investigating the effects of long-term space trips, and what it has as an effect on astronaut's vision. the more time spent in space the more likely they will have vision problems. teens and young adults seem more addicted to texting. many adults would rather just get a phone call. the survey found young adults
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prefer to text 110 average times a day. president obama is delivering remarks at the bridge in cincinnati, the president urging congress to pass his american jobs act. for this afternoon city officials will join the vice president in a ribbon cutting ceremony. the updated basketball court will feature a new under armor logo and a premium nba regulations hoop. finally, you may want to head downtown to baltimore's book festival. the 16th annual festival starts tomorrow and runs this thursday. it is getting more expensive to raise a child these days. no doubt it is worth every penny. new numbers show the grand total of cost to take a child from birth to high school graduation, $226,920.
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economists blame increases in the costs of day-to-day living. justin? >> reporter: all the more reason to take that morning stretch. wanted to highlight some of the cooler temperatures. 55 detroit, chicago, 40s on the other side of that upper level system we were tracking the last couple of days. one thing of note is that we were tracking where this thing might settle. and it still is a very critical part in our forecast and could have a wide variety of results. has not drifted south but will eventually do so across michigan and watching disturbances wrap their way around we have the moisture up the east coast. we could highlight the plume of moisture coming out of the central plains all trying to come into the whole central
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pattern with the disturbance coming out of the gulf of mexico and one larger disturbance right now that one poise today reach us perhaps tomorrow night in through saturday. we have a couple of rounds of heavy rain, but it depends on where the upper low settles. i showers and storms somewhere between baltimore, salisbury and ocean city. the heaviest rain on the eastern shore. continues to pump rain into the region and looks like friday afternoon it is going to be wet and we'll watch the real heavy rain maybe just off the coast or clipping ocean city. 74 is our two degree guaranteed high and showers and storms will continue overnight. how about traffic. >> reporter: 50 westbound at the bay bridge, we have a broken down car at the right lane. also a reminder, the ramp to 100 westbound will be closed until mid fall. let's take a live look at the
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beltway at frederick road. most of our traffic is the outer loop. very light traffic on the inner loop. 85 at the harbor tunnel. no incidents or issues. light traffic there as well, nos nothing in your way. a woman's hair do at a major airport had agents saying they needed to look through this woman's huge hairstyle. members of our own justice department the cost they were paying for breakfast, it will make you appreciate yours a little bit more. "good morning maryland" returns, we are first and only at 4:30.
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news around the nation this morning. hairstylists in dallas are saying security officers at
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atlanta's airport humiliated her after chasing her down an escalator just to search her hair. isis brantley had gone through security and was on her way to catch a flight when tsa caught up with her. the public search of her hair subjected her in open view of other passengers. >> i have to pat your hair down to make sure you don't have any explosives. and i said well you can't touch my hair. and he said well, if you don't allow her to touch your hair, you won't be able to catch your plane. >> the tsa has since released the statement saying brantley left the security checkpoint before they were done with her search. brantley has denied that, saying she doesn't mind being searched as long as it is done respectfully. shocking spending numbers of the justice department have some shaking their head this
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morning. you remember that $400 hammer? that is so 1990. the agency said people at a gathering in 2009 at a conference $16 muffins and $8 cups of coffee. at another conference it was served the release came out examining ten conferences to see which rules and what could be done to bring down the cost of those meetings and if it was working at all. >> justice department personnel spent total cost of for,s over a two year period $120 million. one church in new jersey is going to be doing things a bit differently this sunday. they are calling it the reverse offering. members have to show up but hold on to their offering. the pastor of the church said he is going to pass a collection around so members can take a 10, 20, 50 out if it is needed. >> a typical sunday we receive
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an offering and receive generally $30,000 in cash. this sunday we are actually doing a reverse offering, we are giving it away, putting it back in the hands of the people. the pastor says he is trusting his congregation to do the right thing with the cash they get on sunday. the church plans to donate an additional $60,000. there is much more ahead on this thursday morning and "good morning maryland" at 5:00 begins right now at 4:58. a woman and two kids are killed in a fire overnight in baltimore. i'm linda so. details, up next. >> 22 years we have been going through this and he is gone now. >> it was the outcome many fought for. police have said they are
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serious about finding people responsible for shining lasers in cock pits. the suspect not even old enough to drive. we'll explain all that coming up this thursday, september 22 believed. let's say good morning to justin burke. >> reporter: a lot of people really interested in sun fest, which may actually be the nonsun fest this weekend. we have a look at heavy rain already pushing toward ocean city and thunderstorms inland right now. looking across the bay, spotty showers centerville and churchill on the eastern shore. not much in annapolis right now but it feels muggy and just crossing 95. you see this knot here rolling its way up to 29, columbia, elliott city about to get doused with really heavy rain. overall the wide view highlights are starting to get a litt


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