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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 23, 2011 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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police say a device exploded in the car. injuring the father and his two children. ages 11 and 13. >> the one boy said, oh, daddy, my foot keeps hurting. you know? well, he couldn't understand, i don't think, i think he was probably still in shock or whatever. >> reporter: witnesses say just before this column of smoke, they heard a big bang. and the vehicle seemed to melt away. >> by the time i got there, the car was completely engulfed. >> reporter: the father was able to get his sons out alive. members of the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms were lucky to survived.
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>> they were blessed not to have been killed. they're seriously injured. but they're still alive. and that means, that means everything. >> reporter: the driver is a 42-year-old attorney who primarily handles business litigation in ohio and michigan and also practices family law and is known to handle messy divorce cases. investigators are trying to determine if the victims were targeted or if the attack was random. >> hard to believe this wasn't targeted. >> right. police in fact at this point are really looking into some of his clients to see what could have led to something so horrific as this. i found it particularly interesting when the father called 911 he was very calm. >> calm, yeah. >> i don't think if i would have been able to do that, my children and me in the car. good for him. he was clear, able to express himself. >> said he handled messy divorce cases. a clue as to who would have motivation to do something.
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we'll see what dichlevelops. a florida marlin pitcher has been going by an assume name, on the roster as leo nunez, a closer, 36 saves. nunez isn't his real name. he is actually a year older than listed in the marlins guide. he is back in the dominican republic and not expected back this season. strange story. there are some hopeful signs about the recovery of ryan stowe, the san francisco giants fan who was sa rearly beaten outside dodgers stadium on opening day. his family now says this week he has been speaking and asked to seep his kids. they say progress is slow but given stow was una coma for months any progress of course is great. health officials in colorado are asking, tobacco come pans to stop selling dissolvable tobacco in the state. they fear it is looking like candy and will get children addicted. companies point out the product is not candy and clearly labeled
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as tobacco. two main your league baseball teams are discouraging players from using energy drinks. "usa today" says houston astros and arizona diamondbacks stopped providing drinks like red bull in their clubhouses and raising some safety concerns across the board. here's abc's dr. tim johnson. >> reporter: a panel of canadian health experts are calling for stricter controls of red bull, monster, rock star, and a host of energy drinks. these high caffeinated drinks classified as natural health product. the panel says they are not foods they're drug products that should only be sold on drugstore shelves under the supervision of a pharmacist. in fact the specialists say energy drink is a misnomer. they suggest the products be renamed stimulant drug containing drinks. they also want canada to take the lead internationally by requiring warning labels on the cans about serious adverse effects of the drinks. the panel stressed that the
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health risks associated with the beverages outwei benefits. a report was actually presented to the government almost a year ago, details are only now becoming public as the government debates adopting tighter controls. both the beverage industry and the energy drink makers reject the panel's research and recommendations. i'm dr. timothy johnson. >> they can be dangerous. people thrive off of them. it is not good for you. a look at your weather now for this friday. the east coast ushers in the first full day of fall believe it or not with a washout. expect flooding downpours from the carolinas up to maine. also pop-up showers from new orleans down to jacksonville. cool and wet around the great lakes. >> 60s from omaha to detroit. 80s, dallas to atlanta. 75 degrees in new york. 78 in seattle. 88 in colorado springs. phoenix heats up to 103 degrees. sacramento, 94. that kind of weather makes you think of vacation.
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here is a a good -- say aloha to the latest disney resort now open in the 50th state. am i saying this right -- alhani. pretty. located on a lagoon along the coast there. how do you say that? it opened with an island themed celebration. >> the resort celebrates hawaii's history and culture with the disney magic dust. pixie dust mixed with sand one visitor described it. of course disney is our parent company. i would say that either way. that would be, i would be interested to going to disney in hawaii. any excuse. >> think you just got that bonus. ha-ha. we'll be right back with more "world news now." after this. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ i'm on the right track baby i was born this way ♪ >> welcome back, lady gaga is nonto spe known to speak her mind. when she does her fans listen. >> she is reaching out to them and the world hoping to put a stop to a trend, one where teens are committing suicide after being bullied for being gay. abc's josh elliott reports. >> i am just here to tell you that it does get better. >> reporter: it didn't for 14-year-old, four month as go he posted this message to the it gets better project, a support group for gay and lesbian youth. his final thoughts reflect the anguish of years of bullying for being gay. >> they taunt me in the
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hallways. and i felt like i can never escape it. >> reporter: jamie took his own life saturday. buffalo police said they're exploring whether they can bring charges against his tormenters. jam jamie's suicide comes as victims gather in the nation's capital to attend a nationwide bullying prevention summit. >> my son justin was 15 years old when he died, of suicide. i found out after he died he had been harassed because he was gay. >> reporter: in the last year for which there are statistics almost 40% of american sixth graders reported being bullied. those percentages shrank through one's high school years. but the number of gay and lesbian youth who are bullied remain constant. >> general, generic, anti-bullying laws, just say no one should be bullied don't have an impact on the most persistent forms of bullying. superstar singer lady gaga, well known for both her anti-bullying and gay rights advocacy, sent messages to her almost 14
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million twitter followers, mourning the death of jamie. a loyal gaga fan. including this one. jamey rodemeyer, 14 years old. took his life because of bullying. gaga vowed to take up the cause with president obama. and jamey's mother says he will be laid to rest, wearing a shirt emblazoned with a shirt born this way. the heartbreak of those parents is absolutely devastating. in such cases experts suggest to parents that they focus on open and trusting relationship withes with their children rather than spying on their social media accounts. and as ever, encourage their@risk kids to share their stories. josh elliott, abc news, new york. >> it was one year ago this past thursday that rutger student tyler clemente jumped to his death after his roommate, streamed video of him and his
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interaction with another male. of course his death set off a flurry of laws and awareness. >> here we go again. heartbreaking. part of the it gets better campaign. it ended this way. a major issue. a bullying summit. hopefully some real action comes out of it. so we don't have to see the stories again. our thoughts and prayers with the family of course. we'll be right back after this.
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whatever that was. thank you for that graphic. and muse tubing my ears. that only can mean football and our own competition. week three of the season is upon us. >> i sat in monday morning. got to see it then. and i get to see the recap. now i get to see how it work
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fries day. first we'll do the recap. >> bit of a log jam at the top, me, tanya, david, of course, fireman bob, all locked at 5-3. so far. bringing up the rear is jack. he gambled and lost last week. he now stands at 3-5. he its the "world news now" sports expert. pretty sad. >> this week's games, undefeated teams, new england/buffalo. last year's nfc game, packers/bears. got their butts kicked last week. then dirty birds, falcons in tampa. steelers/colts without peyton manning. it is showing. while i'm ate my picks for this weekend. i got new england, both bays, green, tampa, along with the steelers. >> since i'm in for tanya, i get to announce her picks. the patriots along with da-bears, da-bucks and, the pittsburgh steelers.
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>> david takes the pack, champion packers, dirty birds from atlanta and steelers. >> fireman bob told us he gave this more thought this week than any other time. he has got new england, the packers, atlanta, pittsburgh. >> and jack, who is in last place, how sad, makes it a sweep. all picking the patriots. last place, jack's picks sound like fireman bobs, green bay, dirty birds and the steelers. now many of you out there may be wondering who fireman bob is. what a perfect opportunity to introduce you to the man, the legend, the myth. why we call you fireman bob. tell the good folks why we do that? >> i am a volunteer fire fighter in new jersey. >> also a very quiet, shy member of the "world news now." >> it's been a long road to get here. i am glad i'm here. >> you were upset last year. >> very upset. >> more subdued bob. than we usually see.
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you will win, that's your goal? >> i just find it amazing how, jack goes with all the picks last week, taking a gamble. now he is back picking the same way with us. >> wearing the eagles jersey. >> like to talk the trash. we love our competition. papers is next.
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all right. welcome back. friday papers here. the story comes to us from the daily mail here. we have all been in the situation you are calling somebody, a company they put you on hold forever. they're saying that can be bad for your health. >> not only annoying. >> unhealthy. if you wait longer than six minutes. people report anxiety. stress. your blood pressure goes up which can lead to stomach and bowel upsets. breakdown of relationships. after six minutes. people begin to flip out. it can take a toll on your health. hang up before 5:30 before you
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shoot somebody. >> another health story. i don't know how healthy. people blog about anything. this guy has a blog, don't have a cow man. he is living off his wife's breast milk. his wife has an ample supply, pumped every two hours, managed to fill up a freezer which they purchase ford all her excess milk. some people are saying, you know what, you need to be donating this milk, why are you drinking it? people are upset. you are upset. >> he exists off, all he consumes is the wife's breast milk. >> probably has some other stuff. he says it helps with digestive issues. he is the poster guy forgot milk. >> he got milk. he got nature's milk. dude, i don't understand the psychology. do the right thing. make white russians with it. otherwise it is nasty. ♪ politics and foreign wars all the weather all the scores
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this morning on "world news now" -- free fall. that satellite plunging out of orbit could hit earth in just a matter of hours. >> scientists say it is anyone's best guess where the space junk will make impact. it's friday, september 23rd. good morning, everybody. happy friday. i'm rob nelson. >> indeed. i'm linsey davis. tanya has the day off. we should say welcome to fall. it starts today. >> yes it does. cold weather. here we go again. >> hope it is not at all this time. >> let's hope not.
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i hate the cold weather. to the news, the six-ton satellite sent into space in 1991 to monitor climate conditions. today this huge piece of space junk, the size of a school bus, is expected to break apart and pose a big danger some where on the planet. we'll get a live update from houston coming up. >> another big story this morning, the sharp drop on the stock markets and a plunge felt worldwide. we'll explain what triggered it, how it impacts savings and what we can expect today. >> year's worth of gains lost. do not open the 401(k) envelope without tissues. the latest changes on facebook, the buzz this week all year. all the changes getting really mix read views especially when there are 800 million users involved. you have been expressing your opinions, more accurately your outrage on our facebook fan page. we'll have details coming up as well. are you a big facebooker? >> i'm really not. like once a month.
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not sure that i know the changes. they'll send me alerts. hey, you have 20 new messages. >> delete. exactly. i'm an addict. i was fired up. while north america appears to be off the hook, which is good, scientists are scrambling to pinpoint where and when that satellite will come back to the planet. >> since most of the earth is covered in water experts say it will likely be a splashdown far away from people. we are joined live this morning with the latest predictions. gina? >> reporter: good morning, rob, linsey. nasa says they really don't think north america, north america is going to be threatened by this at all. its orbit just won't be anywhere near north america when it really starts to descend. but as the satellite enters the atmosphere everything changes. bit by bit pieces will cross the threshold, 50 miles up, enter the atmosphere and drop like stones traveling at several
3:03 am
hundred miles an hour depending on their shape. the chunks will fall at different points along the satellite path. meaning debris when it does hit will come about 500 miles. this may be in the ocean. any one in the area may see a streak of fire for less than two minutes. eyewitnesses will be critical, radar will no longer be able to see the satellite. once it is in free fall. they're thinking ab ing ing abo late this afternoon. no one knows for sure. >> gunnina. we have been threatened by space junk in the past? >> 150 tons of space junk falls back to earth every day. natural stuff, meteorites. in 50 years of space flight no one has been killed or really seriously injured by space junk. >> gina, why is it so difficult to predict where the satellite will land, the cone of uncertainty is pretty wide still at this point?
3:04 am
>> well it depends. it depends exactly where it drops out of orbit. this is a tumbling satellite. so it depends itch f it reenter with the broadside out or skinny side out, that changes the trajectory, how fast, the angle it plunges through earth's atmosphere. >> thank you, gina. reporting live from houston. grab your hard hat today. >> keep an eye on the sky to make sure. and now, to politics and the latest republican presidential debate. the nine candidates did their best to break away from the pack with attacks on president obama and on each other. mitt romney and rick perry accused the other of flip-flopping on social security and health care. romney and michele bachmann disagreed on getting rid of the education department. >> i would go over off to the department of education, turn out the lights, i would lock the door and send all of the money back to the states. >> i think the secretary of edge station, arne dunn cannes is
3:05 am
doi -- duch is doing a good thing. >> bachmann told one questioner, you should get to keep every dollar you earn. then, quickly back pedaled with "obviously we have to give money back to the government so we can run the government." >> interesting die cot ko dicho answers. the president made his jobs' pitch personal yesterday with the visit to the backyard of his top two congressional adversaries. >> he chose a bridge connecting ohio and kentucky. details from washington. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, linsey, rob. president obama brought his jobs pitch to the home turf of congressional rivals. he told supporters in john boehner's home state of ohio that his plan to stimulate the job market if backed by the gop would put more construction workers back on the job.
3:06 am
>> there is no reason for republicans and congress to stand in the way of more construction projects. there is no reason to stand in the way of more jobs. mr. boehner, mr. mcconnell, help us rebuild this bridge. >> reporter: the bridge that spans boehner's district to senate mcconnell's home state was at the center of the president's pitch. president obama says construction projects like this bridge would create jobs under this plan itch the plan passes congress. boehner and mcconnell wasted no time sharing their criticism saying the bridge would not be fixed under the president's proposal. >> if a bridge needs fixing, by all means, let's fix it. but don't tell us we need to pass a half trillion dollar stimulus bill and accept job killing tax hikes to do it. >> i long supported replacing the bridge. i am pleased the president is bringing attention to this much needed project.
3:07 am
but, you know, now, is not the time for the president to go into campaign mode. >> critics call the president's trip a political stunt. voters are waiting for both parties to build a political bridge and find common ground to deal with the country's long term unemployment. harder to fix the political bridge for sure. the iranian president is spewing more anti-american rhetoric, stopping just short of blaming the u.s. for 9/11. after provoking a walkout at the u.n. general assembly, a scene we have seen before, mahmoud ahmadinejad told the associated press that two jet liners could not have brought down the twin towers. he says some kind of planned explosion must have taken place. despite good will generated by the release of the two jailed hikers in iran this week. during his speech, ahmadinejad railed against the u.s. as both greedy and arrogant. >> no surprise there. now to the stocks and anxiety so many americans are feeling as they watch their 401(k) balances
3:08 am
go down, down, down. the news isn't much better on the asian markets this morning. >> stocks overseas are selling off as they have done here in the u.s. since wednesday. the reasons behind this latest free-for-all, we're joined by t.j. winick. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good morning, rob, linsey. the biggest two day point drop on the dow since november 2008. wall street and markets across the world took a plunge thursday as worries about the global economy persist. part of the worry was caused by the fed's move wednesday to radically reduce interest rates. it is called operation twist, because of its strategy. raising short term rates to lower long term ones. >> the fed did not deliver this time around. in fact the fed what they did do was basically try to alter existing format for stimulus. what it really didn't do was move the interest rates all that much. >> reporter: in washington house speaker john boehner tried to calm fears after the house wednesday rejected a funding bill. >> there is no threat of
3:09 am
government shutdown. >> reporter: also warnings the global the economy entered a dangerous phase and heavy debt burdens in the u.s. and europe could suffocate a recovery. >> the world is in a danger zone. in 2008. many people said they did not see the turbulence coming. leaders have no such excuse now. >> a new report on leading economic indicators released thursday was actually better than expected but not good enough to overwhelm the neg tift setift -- negative sentiment. >> stock index lost nearly 5%. hong kong, nearly 2%. >> the problem is so much bigger. a global economic crisis. such a domino effect between the countries. not a good time. feel look a broken record. all right. to lighter news, adventures of a brazen baby bear have been caught on camera out unnew mexi mexico -- in new mexico. this bear tale does not have a happily ever after.
3:10 am
seen in a busy street. strolling through the store, no mu mans were hurt. unfortunately the bear did not fare as well. actually was killed by wildlife officials. saying the cub was dangerous and not exhibiting good bear behavior. >> some types you get the bear. some times the bear gets you. >> cycle of life. >> your friday forecast, everybody. a wet start to the fall along the east coast. heavy rain in new england, new york, d.c., carolinas. showers from new orleans to tallahassee. light rain, rio grande, texas, great lakes. 60s. fargo, detroit. indianapolis. 75 in new york. 81, atlanta. 90, miami. phoenix hits a scorching 103. sacramento, 94. boise 89. >> no matter what soldier reunion stories never get old. always good to see. that's why this is one of our favorite stories of the day today. >> takes into the ballpark. we missed it.
3:11 am
>> a little late. our fault. >> baltimore park in st. louis where sergeant todd parker was hiding out wednesday night. and just returned from nine months in afghanistan. >> the cardinals told his wife jessica they were saluting military spouses there on the field. that's when parker gave her the surprise of her life. the couple treated to front row seats and nice dinner by the team. >> so nice. look at that. >> her face says it all. love to see that. more "world news now" coming up right after the break. ♪ i'm going home to a place where i belong ♪
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♪ working on night moves >> working on the night. you can relate to the song. your third tour of duty. >> the night shift.
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remember that song? >> absolutely. if you uh see a few people walking around like this today or the next few hours they're probably looking for the falling satellite we were talking about a few minutes ago. >> just one of the many stories making headlines this week. for a look back at them all, here now is the week in quotes. >> it is wrong that in the united states of america a teacher or nurse or construction worker whose earns $50,000 should pay higher tax rates than somebody pulling in $50 >> if he is feeling guilty about it i think he should send in a check. >> when we said we will release them, we will release them. as a humanitarian gesture. >> we are so happy we are free and so relieved we are free. >> two years in prison is too long. >> peace will not come through statements and resolutions at the united nations. if it was that easy it would have been accomplished now. >> this administration encouraged the palestinians to shun direct talks.
3:17 am
>> the odds of any one person, out of 7 billion on the planet being struck by one of these 26 piece is on the order of one in 3,200. >> i am gay. i have always been. i have known since forever. >> i did the best i could. i had a great time doing it. i think it was entertaining. >> he didn't know that people stood up and applauded for him. >> i know this is a very sad day for all of us. >> speak for yourself. >> i want to take a moment to get -- something off my chest, and say a few words to everybody here from "two and a half men." from the bottom of my heart, i wish you nothing but the best for this upcoming season. >> i am sorry if my statement suggested anything other than an expression of my love for my country, my hope for humanity, and my desire for peace throughout the world.
3:18 am
>> you would not think that george's suits would fit me. yes, yes. >> grover. took a swipe at our colleague, george stephanopoulos. that was good. fascinating week. always amazed what goes down in the course of a week. >> it makes it seem historic when you are looking back. though it happened yesterday. >> tuesday. coming up next, the privacy concerns for all you facebook users. >> the website's big changes and what you need to know. you are watching "world news now." omanra ycar.yota i yecto a i oman yr wa atoe.skip omanra ycar.yota i yecto a
3:19 am
and e docr y.omanrar nawao the you might have noticed a big overhaul on facebook. if there were a dislike button to rate it i and millions of others would look to:00 it. >> what comes with newt face book, diana alvear explains.
3:20 am
>> reporter: good morning. talk about a game changer. facebook is revolutionizing the way it works. depending on your perspective it could be the facebook ever or could be enough to drive you away. here we go again. another facebook overhaul. but make no mistake, these are not superficial changes a convention, face book founder mark zuckerburg, unveiled the time line. the time line is the story of your life. it has three pieces. all of your stories, awful your apps, in a new way to express who you are. >> reporter: with a few clicks your friends can travel through your time line. see your pictures over the years. different events you have attended. status updates you have written. pretty much everything you have ever done and shared on facebook. >> it is a great way to discover, all of the stuff that people have done their whole life. >> reporter: which begs the question when it comes to sharing how much is too much?
3:21 am
>> if you are afraid of having that information fall into the wrong hands or worried what something like timeline might do to your sense of privacy then don't do it. >> reporter: everything is up for scrutiny. from your summer reading list. >> discover what your friends are reading. >> reporter: to the song you happen to be listening to that at moment. >> now i am listening to the song with my friend. my music is synced with theirs. >> reporter: these changes could drive users into the arms of competitors. >> innovations are stimulated by more choice. facebook is not the only popular, noted social network. >> reporter: facebook plans to roll out the new features over the next few weeks and betting their 800 million users will embrace them. whether that happens, well, check your news feed. and as expected the web is buzzing with criticism about the new features. and it remans to be seen whether this turns out to be a netflix moment where users say they have had enough of facebook.
3:22 am
rob, linsey. >> you don't like it. >> the time line thing sounds cool. wonder if we are getting to the point it is too complicated too much. enough, keep it simple, stupid. >> in undated. >> we'll see. see how much it works out. insomniac theater is next. do don't go far.
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3:25 am
>> finally, we just did that in sync. finally this half-hour, time for insomniac theater twuc. two big movies. linsey will preview killer elite. and i will start with baseball, brad pitt, he plays a high school baseball star, turned into a major league washout, became the gm of oakland as.
3:26 am
had to turn the team around with a little money flouting conventional baseball wisdom to make this thing work. based on a true story, highly successful book about the success of the team in billy bean era. take a listen. >> i asked you to do three. >> yeah. >> evaluate three players. >> yeah. >> how many did you do? >> 47. >> okay. >> actually 51. i don't know why i lied. >> oscar buzz already for this. new york critics pick. 93% on rotten tomatoes. partially written by allen sorken. calling it the social network. went on to get eight. this one is going to do well. one of brad pitt's best performances ever. >> killer elite, wish i could say it has gotten these reviews. according to the orlando
3:27 am
sentinel, it is a guy's movie. makes no bones about it. old school, chaser movie, an ex-cia agent. it is described as a match up made in tough guy heaven. starring in "killer elite" two of the world's leading operatives against the cunning leader of a military society, dangerous game of cat-and-mouse. let's take a listen. looks awesome. >> yeah, exactly right. i like the scripting. your movie, 93%. this one, 25% on rotten tomatoes. "the new york times," hails it as a pileup of act, set pieces,
3:28 am
and sad laughs and cliches. >> they're not smelling oscar. >> don't think so. >> the choice is clear. that
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- political showdown. the republicans running for president trying to highlight their differences and a winning edge in last night's debate. >> as front-runner rick perry and challenger mitt romney did their best to expose each other's weaknesses in a political primetime drama. it's friday, september 23rd. good morning, everyone. i'm linsey davis. tanya rivero is off this morning. >> happy friday, everybody. i'm rob nelson. we'll bring you the latest polls on the republican race, and show you why michele bachmann had to do a little back
3:31 am
pedaling last night after what she said about taxes. and you'll also see how florida's jewish voters are doing their best to reach out to front-runner rick perry. >> also this morning, the old satellite, the size of a bus that is making a beeline for earth, today, it is falling out of orbit and could pose a danger to an area 500 miles long. but it looks like north america may be in the clear. >> yes. >> later this half-hour, starbuck's barista who sang about his work place pet peeves and then posted the song online. his bosses didn't like what they heard. you and i might get quite a kick out of it. >> note to self, let's not do the same thing. >> brave guy. >> well, we begin with last night's gop debate in florida where the big field of candidates did what they could on stage to set themselves apart. >> conservative front-runner, rick perry and moderate mitt romney were quick to point out their differences by sharing weaknesses.
3:32 am
good morning, brad. >> reporter: good morning, rob, linsey. the debate hosted by fox and google took place in a part of florida that traditionally votes republican. with a stage full of republican hopefuls in orlando, the night belonged to former governor rick perry and former massachusetts governor mitt romney. romney wasted no time questioning perry on social security. >> there is a rick perry out there that said, almost, quote, it says -- that the federal government shouldn't be in the pension business, it is unconstitutional. unconstitutional and should be returned to the states. so you better find that rick perry and get him to stop saying that. now -- >> reporter: perry fired back on health care and what romney published in his book. >> your hard copy book you said it was exactly what the american people needed to have, that romney care given to them, as you had in massachusetts. then in your paperback, you took that line out. so, speaking of not getting it straight in your book, sir, that
3:33 am
would be a one. >> reporter: the latest quinnipiac poll shows perry ahead of romney by a comfortable margin in florida. but, when up against obama, it shows romney beating obama in the sunshine state. if perry won the gop nomination, the presidential race in florida would be neck and neck. michele bachmann trailing in the polls, maintained her conservative message on jobs, and the economy. >> you earned every dollar. you should got to keep every dollar that you earned. >> reporter: she later back pedalled saying taxes must be paid. as the focus shifts to perry, florida's jewish voters are paying attention to him. a supporter tossed him a custom made personalized yamaka at orlando's faith and freedom forum, a symbolic gesture before the debate. they found common ground last night, they support scaling back the department of education, bachmann even said she would shut it down and lock the door. rob, linsey? >> interesting side note to that idea about mitt romney's book "no apology" when it went to
3:34 am
paperback version, there was a line that in fact was taken out that read -- we can accomplish the same thing for everyone in the country speaking of health care reform and the mandate issue. his camp came out and defended it. says always revisions are made from hard cover to paperback. certainly there had to be political consideration behind it after the president's health care plan. >> wasn't very helpful that perry pointed that out. >> of course he did. >> a jab for a jab there. >> they keep going at it. i wonder how everyone else on stage feels, a two-man race at this point. >> exactly. >> basically, you don't count. you are not a threat to me. turning the page, president obama focuses on education today offering states a way to get around the no child left behind law. yesterday mr. obama was in the home state of house speaker john ll.hner, pounding away again on posing in the shadow of a decaying bridge, mr. obama urged boehner to pass the bill and put construction workers back to work. >> well a family affair in the closing moments of former president's bill clinton global initiative in new york. secretary of state hillary clinton was interviewed by her
3:35 am
daughter chelsea. >> as your daughter, i remember when i helped you send your first text message. >> yes. that wasn't very long ago. i have to tell you. both bill and i, if you don't tell anybody. i will tell you. we are primitive. >> my father still refers to the internet as the worldwide web. >> thank you, mom. i am once again -- i am grateful that you are my mom and my secretary of state. >> thank you, thank you all. >> you can see why i don't win many arguments at home. >> i imagine bill clinton does not win many arguments. >> he is still such a natural -- he comes out. just got the pizzazz. >> that smooth thing going on. bill clinton always has. amazing to, when he got into the white house, chelsea was a little girl. that awkward teenage stage. how she flourished. cool family moment there last night. >> very nice. in the words of led zeppelin, the song remains the same for stocks this morning.
3:36 am
asian markets sold off in friday trading following wall street's lead. since wednesday u.s. traders sent the does to the biggest two day drop since 2008. fears about the global economy, the possibility of another recession, and widening debts are all to blame. >> the world is in a danger zone. in 2008 many people said they did not see the turbulence coming. leaders have no such excuse now. >> the dow lost 391 points yesterday. at one point it was down more than 500 points. more broadly for each stock on the new york stock exchange that actually gained value yesterday, another 19 fell. >> think about it this way, having the discussion, all the gains we made this year, are now gone. we are back to where we were pre-january. it is amazing selloff at this point. other news, north america is apparently in the clear this morning as the world of course waits to see where a six-ton satellite will break apart and come back to earth.
3:37 am
>> experts say it will likely crash on earth in 100 or more pieces sometime this afternoon or evening. abc's john hendren has an eye on the sky he is watching. good morning, john. >> good morning, rob, linsey. your odds of getting hit by space junk got slimmer. scientists now say if you are somewhere in north america you are almost certainly safe. it is a big change from a day or so ago. scientists were saying two dozens fast moving hunks of space junk will come hurdling out of the sky and strike ground in texas or michigan or florida or they'll plunge harmlessly into the atlantic ocean. >> it is just, not under control at all. that makes it very difficult to predict where it is going to come down. >> reporter: don't panic. that was then. now scientists say it's clear the bus-sized 6 1/2-ton satellite will crash north of australia or near the coast of chile maybe. as this simulation shows, most of it is expected to burn as it enters the atmosphere. two dozen pieces are expected to fall to earth as far as 500
3:38 am
miles apart. the odds of anyone getting hit are long, one in 3,200 according to an early estimate. but it happens. >> the chance of getting in a car wreck today is one in 16. this isn't much to worry about. >> reporter: ask this woman. she was on a walk in tulsa when she was struck in the back by a fragment of a delta rocket. the only known victim of falling space junk has advice. >> my advice is to be outside if you see it coming run. mm-hmm. >> reporter: to put it in perspective. odds of getting struck by lightning in a given year are one in a million. but it happened to tom burnett, three times, so when it comes to getting hit by a satellite. >> everybody stay away from me. i am bad luck. >> reporter: this satellite is the largest nasa spacecraft to fall uncontrolled in 32 years. but the chances of it hitting anybody, still pretty slim. rob, linsey.
3:39 am
>> thanks, john. >> if you are outside and see it, run, mm-hmm. >> mm-hmm. >> don't forget the mm-hmm. my favorite sound bite of the week. mm-hmm. >> ha-ha. >> yeah. >> that's pretty funny. that is funny stuff. >> good advice. mm-hmm. >> a look at your forecaskasfor. drev drevening -- drenching rain from maine to the carolinas. the gulf coast. atlanta, jacksonville. mm-hmm. showers, detroit and around chicago. heating up in the rockies. >> it its near 90 in billings, boise, colorado springs. 78 in seattle. 103 in phoenix, that's hot, mm-hmm. 62, minneapolis. 71, kansas city. 82 in dallas. 70s in the northeast. that's pretty pleasant, mm-hmm. >> you can tell it is friday. >> can you tell? can you tell? oh, man. >> we should mention autumn begins this morning after 5:00 a.m. eastern. they started marking its arrival yesterday at a mayan ruin in mexico. >> the site, 1,500, the temple
3:40 am
of the seven dolls. twice a year at the beginning of spring and the beginning of fall, the sun shines straight through the main gate. cool looking site there. mayan tradition says. >> the sun god makes an announcement about the upcoming harvest on the autumn equinox. see what he has to say. >> very cool picture there. fall is here. code, cold weather is coming back. get your boots out and scarves. mm-hmm. we'll be back with more "world news now" after this. don't go far, uh-huh. ♪ equinox meet me halfway the sun is perched at its highest peak in the middle of the day ♪ ♪ equinox meet me halfway the sun is perched at its highest peak in the middle of the day ♪
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as we do every friday at this time, let's take a look back at the trends burning up the yahoo! search engines. some we're digging up for information on pumpkins. >> getting towards that time of year. others were looking up charlie sheen. yahoo! web life editor heather cabot joins us to explain why on earth why good morning, heather. >> good morning. the first day of fall. people are turning to the web to get prepared and stay healthy. the topic this week is the start of cold and flu season. yahoo! users are looking for home remedies where to get flu shots and the side effects. of the immunization. half queries are coming from senior citizens. not surprisingly, florida with the high number of retirees, tops the list of states looking for a list of flu symptoms. a notable jump this year for
3:45 am
searches for natural cold and flu remedies more so than the last two years. herbal, folk cures are on the rise this month. and while people are concerned with warding off sneezes and coughs, they seem to be relishing the cooler air. searches for the first day of fall are up more than 5,000% right now. seeing a jump in lookups for how to roast pumpkin seeds, fall nail polish, apple cider, donut and crock pot recipes. pumpkin searches up 120% at the moment. with the days getting shorter more people are turning on the tube. the fall tv schedule is a hot topic this week. charlie sheen may have been killed off "two and a half men" but the buzz over his comedy central roast, garnered twice the searches for sheen over his replacement ashton kucher. and season 13, "dancing with the stars" brooke burke, chaz bono, and ricki lake. and the trainer on the biggest loser is also spiking. there is lots of interest in
3:46 am
daytime tv too. anderson cooper's interview with his mother, gloria vanderbilt is hot and the end of "all my children" burning up the yahoo! search engine. with the soap finale airing later today, fans are seeking out recaps, spoilers, a family tree and the details about the long-time cast that made pine valley their home for 42 years. have a great weekend, guys. back to you. >> all the soap fans not happy. and "all my children" bids adieu. how many decades on the air? 30, 40. >> as long as i can remember. erica kane is no more. and "all my insomniacs." >> look at that. i'm any definitely making a point there. >> you look mad. >> talking about. why did we, you want to see minka kelly. >> i did have a crush. >> look at you. staring at you. >> i'm looking at that girl, boy. mm-hmm. i love it. i love it. good luck to that cast. after many decades of success. end of an era.
3:47 am
coming up next, arnold schwarzenegger gets ready to tell all. >> kirstie alley, before and after. wait till you see the after. >> looking good. after. wait till you see the after. >> looking good.
3:48 am
3:49 am
♪ skinny so skinny >> and now, it is time, favorite time of the day. >> friday's "the skinny." hit it. kirstie alley. have you seen her? >> rebecca is back. >> can we take a look at the cover. people magazine hits newsstands today. chris brown's song, look at me now. that is her new theme song. once she weighed 232 pounds. she dropped 100 pounds. and reveals her best body ever. she was on dancing with the stars. she lost 70 pounds. she continued to dance two hours a day, six days a week, all while raising her kids, balancing several projects now. look at her. looking great. >> the "people" magazine comes out, today.
3:50 am
>> today on newsstands today. >> she really looks good. people made fun of her on the show. she was heavier. she is like back in shape. and dancing. and great. >> now she lost weight, looking to find love. have to say, one quote, i didn't like the way i looked. i didn't want to have fat sex. >> i don't fault her for that. some people will get hurt. >> big autobiography coming out, the next few months, the one and only, arnold schwarzenegger is coming out with his highly anticipated, autobiography here. apparently he goes into quite a bit in terms of his life in politics, life in the movies, journey to the u.s. still unclear how much into the whole infidelity. break up with marie yeaa, the i on his family. simon and schuster will publish, title right now is total recall my unbelievably true life story. the title could change. tentatively what it will be. coming out october next year.
3:51 am
stay tuned for the arnold memoir. >> look who is turning 30? britney spears. >> make me feel old. >> remember she initially hit the scene in her pig tails and high socks. school girl. she is turning 30 years old. she says she is looking for ward to it. the u.s. pop star on the south american leg of her femme fatal world tour and celebrates december 2. she says you know i don't have anything to prove at this point. i just do out for fun, see what happens. >> she had a rough fall from grace. hopefully she gets back up there. the planet did love the girl when she came out singing in the late 90s. doesn't that make you feel old a little bit? you know. i don't know. feeling really old now. last thing here, hugh jackman apparently on wwe "raw" this wrestling show. there is word that during the event he broke another wrestler's jaw. but there are skeptics out there saying wait a minute. this is, there is the punch. all this is choreographed.
3:52 am
we know wrestling is fake. not to ruin the surprise. >> it is? >> isn't it shocking? i was a huge wrestling fan as a kid. any way, he has a new movie coming out, could be superficial promo for the film. hugh jackman breaking the guy's jaw. maybe. >> we'll be right back. back. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
3:53 am
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as with all medicare supplement plans, you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts # medicare, call this toll-free number now. here are some stories to watch today on abc news -- preliminary federal report on the reno air show disaster a week ago is due to be released today. the crash killed 11 people. early this morning, the house passed a spending bill to keep the government in business past next friday. the $3.7 billion measure now goes on to the senate. finally, we all complain about our jobs, well not me. typically people don't do it in a song and post it on the internet. >> that's what a starbuck's barista did, it brewed up so much controversy it was ground for dismissal. kfsns, carlos saucedo has more.
3:56 am
♪ just so you know i loved my job ♪ ♪ i loved my boss and coffee too ♪ >> reporter: christopher criswell posted the song to the web tuesday, the same day he was canned from starbuck's. the company let him go after corporate managers watched this video of him dressed in his underwear and green apron making disparaging remarks about customers. ♪ welcome to star buck's >> reporter: since he recorded the song in july, the song has gone viral and christopher has received supportive comments on this face book. the 25-year-old never imagined his music would get this much attention. >> i'm surprised people are enjoying it so much. i really made the video just for my fellow co-workers and closest friends. >> reporter: starbuck's found it anything but funny. in a statement the company said that, quote --
3:57 am
>> if starbuck's can't laugh at themselves, then, they're way too serious. >> reporter: many people we showed the clip to thought it was creative and funny but not surprised of the end result. >> it is a good song. there is no way he could publish that song and think he is not going to get fired over it. >> reporter: though christopher doesn't regret posting the video he does regret one thing. >> all these people have seen me in my skivvies that's the weirdest part whoa, all these people have seen me in my underwear. >> reporter: chris has not received any job offers yet but may pursue a music career if he catch is a break which may not be too far in the future. >> people have to blow off steam. oh, yeah. the guy, steven slater, jetblue guy that went nuts. >> yeah. >> linsey before she joined abc. >> yes. >> i can make a mean hot chocolate. >> latte. >> more from abc when we come
3:58 am
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