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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  October 13, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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murdered-side her apartment. sherrie johnson is is here with more. this is on the website. >> reporter: that's right in the slide show. we have been in touch with montgomery county police and the lead investigators on the case are telling us they issued an amber alert look for william mcquain. last night detectives went to brier cliff terrace apartment in germantown as part of a missing person report. when they entered the apartment they found jane mcqain dead in her bedroom. they are treating this as a homicide and they say she suffered trauma to her body. there was no sign of the victim's son who as not been seen since september 30th. william is is described as a light skinned black male about 5 feet tall and weighs 85 pounds. now a vehicle registered to jane mcquain is missing and william could be with it. authorities are look for a black 2011 honda crv have tag 5ag9405. and overnight, you can see here
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there's been postings all night with information about that amber alert. when i was driving in, i could see the alert posted. but you can log onto for the latest and most updated information. that is in the slide show. and if you have any information about william, call montgomery county major crimes division at 240-773-5070. reporting hive in the interactive news center, sherrie johnson. patricia modell wife of art modell passed away at the age of 80. she battled illness for sometime and news of her passing was not a surprise. and accomplished actress she performed at the new york stage motion pictures and television during a 22-year acting career. in addition to ties to football, she and her husband art were also philanthropist giving to numerous organization and steak the modell performing arts center.
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>> is that what you want pad patty and she says yes that's my life and the stage was my life, and he said you got it and she said when we went to talk about it she said i. [audio not understandable] this is the most important is what's there. >> pat modell is survived by art their two sons and six grandchildren. she is dead at the age of 80. she had a bright future a senior at chesapeake high school and a good student with a lot offriends. this morning they are mourning her death. linda so is live in millersville at county police headquarters with more on the heart breaking story. what happened. >> reporter: well, there was suppose to be another regular cool day -- school day but everything changed in a blink of a eye. 17-year-old kala austin was on her way to school driving her volkswagen jetta when she lost control of the car and crashed. all day, her friends came back to the crash scene on mountain road in pasadena. police say the car ran into an abandoned house and she died at
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a nearby hospital. people who work in the area say it's dangerous stretch of road with a couple accidents every month. friends of kala say she was a happy and successful high school senior at chesapeake high a. cheerlead erin ran track. the sudden loss was devastating for classmates. all they could do is leave flowers in the parking space where she used to park. when the principal announced that she died, everyone was stunned. students do have a special vigil planned this friday after the homecoming game friday night. police here at headquarters say they believe speed and the wet road may have been a factor in this crash. live in millersville, linda so, abc2 news. police are trying to figure out how a 17-year-old died the body was found on the side of the road in the 2100 block of sandy mount road in finksburg and there were no obvious signs of trauma many she was last
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seen leaving a friend's how and if you have information call police as quickly as possible. police need help to find a baltimore county man missing for more than a week. michael diffen derffer was seen october 5th and he left a note for his wife saying that he would be back around dinner time. >> he would not run out like that or he would call me and tell me that, you know, he is late and he will be late. >> his wife says he suffers from depression and is is on medication somebody is believed to be driving a silver 2005 acura mdx. if you have information, call police. for thed in aa brother's pizza will be open after they spent the day cleaning up after a car crash. a car driven by a elderly woman crashed into the store near the 6300 block of york road. woman and passenger were not injured nor anyone inside the restaurant. itth health department says
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a person is dead from legionnaires disease after staying at popular ocean city hotel. the plim plaza hotel end their season early after three people were hospitalized. three more people have been diagnose and one now dead. water pested -- tested positive for the disease and if you are feeling sick and stayed there contact your doctor immediately. the death toll is rising from the listeria canteloupe outbreak. 116 have become sick and 23 have died from it. this is the deadliest outbreak of food born illness in more than 25 years a man died after eating fruit from and the far that grew the melons issued a recall last month. the area codes coming to maryland. be prepared to put numbers that start with 667 in your contact list. the state is running out of phone numbers and public service commission is adding another area code and 8 million
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new number combinations to work. it will be assigned to people in central maryland including baltimore city, baltimore county and anne arundel and hawford and -- harford and anne arundel counties. this is the time of year when we see them everywhere. pink ribbons to raise awareness about breast cancer. what local groups are doing forming a living ribbon in the spirit to save more lives. and if you forgot something, you can possibly blame it on sex. who knew -- blame it on sex? who knew? that's what researchers are saying. you are watching "good morning maryland" what's new now and next to get your thursday started off right. we will be right back.
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october's breast cancer awareness month and instead of wearing a pink ribbon pin workers at pool and kent corporation construction worker and employees at johns hopkins hospital wore perching hard hats and formed a ribbon shaped. they want to be a visible call to action to remind women of the importance of screening. we will invite you to join us
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and abc2 partnering for the race for the cure. this 5k race and 1 mile walk will take place sunday october 23rd and it's not too late to register. go to pink as special part of the web side designated to breast cancer awareness and a place to get new information about events supporting komen and find inspirational story in the ongoing fight against the horrible disease. let's look at temperatures and it looks mild by the numbers. 63 degrees in baltimore. and 65 dover to ocean city and it is dam out there. the radar is not doing a great job showing a low level moisture because the droplets are so fine for some of us there's lot of the droplets up 95, 83, 79 5, 70, 96 it's damp but maryland's most powerful doppler radar highlighting moderate to steady heavy rain. that's where we are looking at
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the mainline is swinging in our direction. but otherwise as we watch the main view here, it is about the mist and drizzle and fog and that band of rain that tries to ride through the north. we will have about everything again, misty, drizzle. fog, light rain and even pockets of heavy rain this morning. temperatures for the most part in the low 60s. 67 by lunchtime and 72 this afternoon. and scattered embedded thunderstorms and more of that rain continues tonight. wait until you see the weekend outlook in to next week wyle weil talk about in moment. here tanya with the traffic. >> reporter: we have an incident at perring parkway and another at dulaney valley road. no information on which loop it is on. it's not rush hour yet. things are smoothly with the wet weather. this is the beltway at old court road south of 795. traffic building in both directions but no issues or incidents to report through pikesville. also the jfx at cold spring very light traffic a few cars running southbound from northern parkway and beltway. we don't have issues to report there making are way downtown.
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this is the view from the 41st street overpass southbound traffic was the oncoming traffic. all the headlights going downtown. but no issues. 11 minutes after the hour. you know the talk about the birds and bees can never be fun for parents. but it cements your teen may be listening to at least part of it -- it seems your teens may be listening to at least part of it. 80% of boys who took part in the survey say they used a condom first time they had sex up nearly 10% from 2002. and a lot of us are practicing safer sex as the number of babies being born is dropping. in 20 a -- 2007, 4.3 million babies were born but last year the number was down slightly to 4 million. the likely cause for the drop is the economy as the drop in births coensides with the recession and financial challenges. here's something to keep in mind when you head to the bedroom. sex can be forgettable or maybe
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mind blowing for some. according to a new study, sex can make you forgetful. researchers say it's rare condition where a person's memory suddenly disappears after sex. but they are not exactly sure why it happens. it's called transient global amnesia. it has no side effects and in most cases, the person suffers from it, the memory returns in a short amount of time. mud slides, flooding and evacuations because of hurricane jova. it caused major damage to a beach resort in mexico. how things are looking there this morning is straight ahead. plus time for birthdays and this is braiden's stewart whose parents want to witch him a happy birthday e got nervous when he met the quarterback for the first time. so we want to wish you a happy birthday. there's a picture of me on spiderman's lap and i have the same look on my face. morning show at if you
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want to share photographs with us. more to come in a bit. thanks for waking up with us on this thursday morning.
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now "good morning maryland." hurricane jova slammed into the pacific coast of hex coas category 2 early yesterday morning. mudslide killed two people and injured 6 before dropping to tropical storm force. it caused extensive flooding that left dozens of people trapped on the rooftop. navy person neal used trucks to get -- personnel used trucks to get the people out. we have rain of our own not nearly as severe. >> we have a couple days of rain to deal with. but exactly we are not dealing with too much of a tropical influence. there's warm air up across the carolinas. outer banks at 74. there's the moistture that rides up -- moisture that rides up off the eastern seaboard. upper level wind sheer pattern. the second one will be the bigger punch and have the biggestium pact leading towards
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the weekend -- biggest impact leading towards the weekend. we have piled so much moisture in the sky and in the atmosphere that it can't hold it anymore. that's why we have some mist and areas of fog to deal w it's wet and damp and rain coming down to the west that will move through during the commute. next batch of rain tries to reach us tonight through tomorrow. and behind this frontal boundary, we will start to clear it out into the weekend. until we get to that we have a moist pattern in place. highlighting band of rain to the west that will swing through heading to in a even though it's not on the radar it's damp. plan accordingly. i was trying to tell parents how to dress kids for school last night. and i would suggest jeans or pants, a t-shirt and rain jacket. that should handle them. we will be warmer this afternoon but there will be periods of rain and maybe thunderstorms on and off today through tonight. tomorrow we will watch heavy rain in new york and new england. that will get the tropical feed
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into the system. we will get moderate to heavy rain swinging through with storms in the afternoon. and then take this pattern out of here going into somebody but that's the race time saturday that is and it will be windy behind the system. we have the early fog and drizzle and mist and showers and thunderstorms 72 will do it today. tonight back to 60 or more but the wet weather we deal with it tomorrow near 70 and clear it out by saturday morning. race time is 8:00 and we shoulding going through the 50s in the morning. winds 15 miles per hour or stronger. that's the best news for marathon runners but we are back with dry weather in the upper 60s through sunday. >> reporter: we are surprisingly doing pretty well. best advice is leave enough braking distance and slow down. let's look and see how things are moving along. this is 95 at 175. we have most of the traffic running southbound at this time. but you've smooth ride between elk ridge and laurel. jfx at north avenue we have a few cars running southbound as well. heading downtown you have no incidents in your way.
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charley. when you think about hybrids, trucks and suvs are not the first thing that comes to mend but it's now all about the alter rain vehicles this week the hybrid electric and high efficiency trucks. that forum is going on in baltimore and corinne redman is live with what to expect. we are not talking about the f- 150 or silverado but big rigs? >> reporter: yes this truck behind me and commercial trucks. when you think of trx you think of the noisy -- trucks you think of noisy gas guzelers but this week there's -- guzzlers but this week it's a showcase of high bride electric trucks. mike is with bae. thanks for joining us this morning. but tell us what role does your company have in this new hybrid electric invasion with trucks. >> ba systems is a developer and supplier of heavy duty
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truck industry. so we invest in developing thevarious technologies to propoll the vehicles effectively and reduce emissions and consumming summation of fuel and provide a -- provide a path to go independent from foreign oil for our country and fossil fuels. >> reporter: what kind of trucks did you bring out? >> we have three trucks that are available for people to ride and drive. two class 8 construction vehicles you see behind us here. another class a vehicle that's refuge collection and a class 7 a pickup and deliveriy. >> reporter: how important is it to get on board with the hybrid electric truck changeover? >> we believe that this is the future. again, for multiple reasons, the benefits go as to everybody from the nation level to the end user reduces the life cycle cost and consumption of fuel and emissions and better for
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the environment and makes us more independent from fossil fuels. so i believe that it is the path towards a greener cleaner and again lower cost operational environment for everybody. >> and people can't see it but there's a course set out behind the truck. what will you do with the course. >> again the three trucks will be available for people to ride and drive and see the benefits of the technology and smoothdrivability and quiet operation of the truck, and all of the benefits of the technology. so, we are going show the actual benefits to everybody so they can touch and see them. >> reporter: it will be showing off the latest invasions. thanks so much for joining us. so, again, this convention that's in town is to hopefully showcase the latest invention -- invasions with the electric and hybrid trucks and hopefully see a production. because we know that's good for the environment. reporting live from westport
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corinne redman, abc2 news. a group says they save lives and we know which ones are the best. new research on booster seats this morning. and getting around baltimore for free is getting easier. the new route that will be available on the charm city circulateor. you are watching "good morning maryland" thanks for starting your thursday off with us. back in a bit. at usaa, we believe honor is not
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exclusive to the military. and commitment is not limited to one's military oath. the same set of values that drive our nation's military are the ones we used to build usaa bank. from free checking to credit cards to loans, our commitment to the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. ♪
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visit us online to learn what makes our bank so different. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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now "good morning maryland." the circulateor section panning. it will be offering a third route connecting johns hopkins hospital to downtown. the new green route brings you easy access to a city hall, fells point and the johns hopkins medical campus and the route will be in operation on november 1st. abc2 is working to keep your child safe in the car. car accidents kill more kids between 3 and 14 than anything else. however, new statistics show that states with strong child restate laws including booster seats are saving more children. out of 83 booster seats
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evaluated a record 31 seats were listed as best bets meaning they were safe and effective. the fit is key and the lap belts should be flat across the upper fleiss thighs and shoulder belt across the shoulder. the list of the seats can be found at insurance institute for highway safety website. and you will be thinking of maybe speak up in class and you think that would be applauded. a college instuckor is in -- instructor is in trouble for asking a student not to talk because of a disability. a bus monitor loses it and attacks a child on a bus. was it self-defense or did the monitor lose self-control? we will show you video and let you decide. now up to new york for this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites the blackberry problems are spreading. users in the u.s. and canada are now seeing outages of e- mail messaging and internet service. subscribers have been having
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problems for several days and research in motion says the problem has been fixed but a huge backlog of messages is clogging the system. sony is recalling 1.6 million television that is could melt or catch fire. the effected models are braivia -- b-ravia 40 inch tvs. so far no problems with the tvs in the u.s. but there's been 11 incidents in japan. and apple reportedly is getting ready to offer movies in the cloud. the l.a. times says consumers will be able to buy movies through itunes and access them on any apple device but only ael devices. both major studios are work on cloud services. those are your tech bites i am tanya rivero.
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