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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  November 1, 2011 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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now. most of the search within a one-mile radius of the house. but stanton tells abc news police must broaden that search to a three-mile radius. having chased and cleared 1,000 tips, the police keep returning to the house on north lister avenue. jeremy irwin and deborah bradley have refused to meet with police since october 8th, three weeks, and denied every police request to talk to baby lisa's half-brothers since their only interview with authorities on october 4th. the two boys were reportedly sleeping in the same bed with baby lisa's mom when the toddler went missing. the family attorney's reneging on an interview between the boys and authorities on friday. they also postponed a dna swab.
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now, police say they are willing to search the fields around this particular intersection but say they are "hesitant to go on a wild goose chase." meantime, baby lisa's family seems to have gone underground. they've been staying at an undisclosed location for the past couple of days and haven't really been seen in public since a vigil for baby lisa last sunday. matt gutman, abc news, kansas city. >> wow. >> hard -- i think those people are really struggling with what to make of this guys and what the parents' involvement may or may not be. so many road box in the investigation. i think that kind of makes the family look more and more suspicious. >> and then they've been through all of these lawyers and the most recent one left on her own. she said she's taking herself off this case. family's mad that she was giving the media tours. we were part of those tours, got into that house, looked inside the room. you know, this story has got -- >> this is weird. >> there are a lot of questions out there still. >> and all the while this 11-month-old baby girl still not found. and no leads. it's scary. >> no leads. there are now six confirmed deaths from a weekend explosion at a grain elevator in kansas.
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the bodies of the last three victims were recovered just yesterday. grieving relatives gathered outside the plant, where a makeshift memorial was beginning to take shape. a train was being loaded with corn when that explosion took place. two inspectors and four workers are among the victims. and a california surfer has quite a story to tell this morning after he was attacked by a shark. eric tarantino walked out of the san jose hospital monday with bandages on his neck, right arm, and both hands. the neck bite barely missed tarantino's jugular vein and his artery. he's very, very lucky to be alive. >> i just want to thank everyone that supported me, all my friends on the beach. the paramedics especially who helped me in the ambulance. they did a great job. also obviously everyone at the hospital. and yeah, i just feel really lucky and grateful right now. >> and swimmers and surfers are being warned to stay out of the
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water in the area where that attack happened. a russian court has awarded the families of two girls who were switched at birth $100,000 each. the girls are now 12 years old. the maternity hospital that made the mistake has been ordered to pay their families. the girls want to stay with the parents who actually raised them. their families may use that compensation to live near each other. and china's space program took a big leap forward, or skyward this morning. it launched an unmanned spacecraft. part of what will be a decade-long effort to put a permanent space station in orbit. it will attempt to link one a module the chinese launched last month. they hope to complete work on the actual station between 2020 and 2022. a long ways away still. well, jetblue is apologizing now for its performance during last weekend's snowstorm. the company's chief operating officer posted a video online acknowledging the airline kept passengers on several of its flights longer than it should have, some cases way longer. the airline is cooperating now
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with a government investigation that could result in fines running into the millions. well, talk about going out on top. the world series champion st. louis cardinals are without a manager this morning. now that tony la russa has retired. with yesterday's announcement the 67-year-old la russa became the first manager ever to retire immediately after wing a world series. he's third on the all-time wins list and second in postseason victories. la russa says he's not sure what's next, joking that maybe he'll open a bookstore. >> go out on top. i like to see that. you know what? it will never be better than that. so why not go when the going's good, right? >> and he's big into charities in the bay area, too. active in the ballet. it will be interesting to see where he does end up. here's a look at your tuesday weather, everybody. some rain in the rockies turns to snow, and it just keeps on coming. up to a foot in some areas. clear skies straight across the middle of the country and along the west coast as well. grab an umbrella for a possible morning shower here in the northeast.
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and temperatures there and down into the mid atlantic will be in the 50s. 55 in fargo. 73 in sacramento. and 72 in kansas city. 80s in florida and 84 in honolulu. you've likely heard of those gun buyback programs where police pay to get firearms of course off the streets. well, here is a seasonal twist to that idea. >> it's all thanks to dr. randall diaz, a tampa dentist who is paying kids to give back their halloween candy. he's giving the little ones a dollar, wow, per pound of candy. >> the doctor says halloween is important for kids of course to have a little bit of fun and now their piggy banks can benefit from it too, not to mention their teeth and their waistlines. so far he's made a nickel. that's good. >> i was going to say, this is not the right time of year to teach that. when te get tired of the candy -- >> you're going to pry my skittles out of my dead cold hand, man. >> not giving that up. >> no. we'll be right back with more "world news now" after this. ♪ ♪ i want candy
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♪ vogue ♪ let your body move to the music ♪ ♪ hey, hey, hey how about this one? when plastic water bottles are recycled, you picture them becoming new bottles, you know, tossed into the bin. >> of course. >> but how about bionic yarn? >> that is the idea of using fibers collected from those recycled plastic bottles and then turning them into clothes. abc's tech contributor daniel sieberg, well, he teched it out. >> reporter: who knew that plastic could be fashionable? but that's the goal behind bionic yarn, a company that uses technology to turn discarded plastic bottles town a durable material that can be used in a variety of ways. >> bionic yarn came from a
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desire to create a product which is both meaningful and practical. so recycling plastic is something that we felt was extremely meaningful. the world needed a solution. and the practical way to apply that was to transform it into a fabric which was high quality. we have recycled to date in the last two years about 1.7 million bottles. >> reporter: 1.7 million bought snlz. >> yeah. >> reporter: plastic bottles that you'd otherwise discard somewhere in a landfill? >> the same ones you see in the garbage wins on tbins on the co. we have a variety of materials, but our focus right now is basically on a cotton equivalent. >> and you're actually wearing some of that material right now. >> yes, i am. this is one of our recent productions with timberland. we produced a few styles of jacket with them. >> reporter: for now the prices remain somewhat expensive, but the team is hoping to bring the
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costs down, and there's no shortage of plastic bottles. so just how much plastic is required to make bionic yarn? >> on average each yard of bionic yarn has seven to twelve bottles. >> reporter: seven to twelve bottles that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill -- >> exactly. >> reporter: -- or somewhere else. how do you go about collecting all of these bought snlz. >> well, there are other private companies that already work to recycle them and process them into fibers. we work with them to incorporate their fineers into our bionic yarn process. >> reporter: the main process takes place in the u.s. and china and bionic yarn works with a number of companies including timberland, cole han, and the gap to weave in the idea. any limitations in terms of what it can be used for? >> the main applications we're focusing on are outerwear apparel, denim, bags, shoes, and furniture. we believe that the real value of bionic yarn, beyond the function of recycling the bottle, is that we hope that when consumers can actually touch and feel what we've
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created that it'll open up their eyes to what can be done by being responsible and by using these materials and even expanding them to thinking about even energy, alternative forms of energy, and just sort of a different outlook on lifestyle. >> reporter: sort of a gateway to other choices. >> right. >> wow. cool story. >> yeah. and i'm looking at their website right here. it says they use this yarn for handbags and denim, footwear, home. everywhere. >> everywhere. if you want more information, you check out and rapper and entrepreneur pharrell williams is actually a part of this project. >> who knew in. >> a little star power behind it too. >> it's a good idea. coming up next, the iowa ballpark made famous by hollywood. >> yeah, who's bringing new life to the field of dreams? you're watching "world news now."
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one of the most famous baseball fields has, get this, been sold. we're not talking about wrigley field or yankee stadium. >> it's actually the field of dreams field. and the one in the middle of an iowa corn field. we all remember this from this movie. >> oh, yeah. >> so who bought that property and what are their plans for it? here's kcrg's jillian peteris. >> reporter: even on a drizzly, dreary sunday afternoon people from all over the country still stop to experience dyersville's field of dreams. >> hope they keep it open and continue to have the attraction here for people to come. people who love the movie and people who love baseball. >> reporter: after a year of negotiations don and becky lansing are ready to say good-bye to running the famous diamond, farmhouse, and all 193
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acres they sit on. >> for us we have already gotten beyond all of the nostalgia. >> reporter: handing down this slice of iowa history to a couple from chicago, illinois, denise and mike stillman. >> it's just overwhelming. i know they're going to do a good job and taking this field of dreams to the next level. >> reporter: the husband and wife team have plans to build a 12-diamond baseball and softball complex on the 193 acres surrounding the historic movie site. >> this could be a huge opportunity for the midwest. and not just the midwest but families nationwide. they travel so far for these premier tournament facilities, and we don't have one in the midwest. >> reporter: but the stillmans say keeping the integrity and the magic of the field is their first priority. >> just a wonderful idea to have the kids playing baseball and softball out in the -- beyond the original movie set. >> reporter: these plans to add on but promise to protect the history helped the stillmans slide into the hearts of the now former owners. >> the stillmans would come
2:52 am
forward and have this plan was clearly a sign that this was right. >> wow. >> you know, we were talking before the show, if you build it, they will come. if you build, it they will pay for it. >> they will do it. see, there we are. field of dreams. a very special place. and apparently, where kevin costner left his career. we'll be right back. an aarp... ed i needed medicare supplement nsurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to " 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company, not paid by medicare part b. that can save you from paying .up to thousands of dollars... out of your own pocket. these are the only medicare supplement insurance plans... exclusively endorsed by aarp. when you call now, you'll get this free information kit...
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it's super durable, and in this lab test bounty extra soft leaves this surface three times cleaner than a dishcloth. even with just one sheet. super clean. super soft. bounty extra soft. in the pink pack. and try bounty napkins. >> announcer: "world news now" delivers your morning papers. it's that time of day. hard-hitting journalism, we've got. good at its finest. >> watch out now. here we go. we're going to kick it off. from the "daily mail," this is a good one. can a crush on a celebrity improve your love life? there's this doctor -- an author, i should say. i'm calling him a doctor. i don't know that he's a doctor. he wrote a book, "i love you but i'm not in love with you." and basically, he's saying it's okay to have celebrity crushes, that it -- >> thank god. >> -- probably actually improves your love life. he encourages it. >> how, though?
2:56 am
because -- >> because everybody has fantasies. >> yes. >> the more you fantasize the better your love life, he's saying. and it's okay if you're fantasizing about someone else because the reality is that you're going home to your man or your woman and if you're thinking about other people it just might spice things up a little bit. >> so your husband says oh, i love you but when we're together i'm really thinking about blah, blah, blah, blah, you'd be really cool -- >> yes. i have a celebrity crush. so do you, i understand. >> i'm very open about that on this show. oh, there she is. >> big news flash. >> that's right. >> and guess what? she may be newly single. >> she's back on the market. yes indeed. >> my hottie, benjamin bratt. thank you very much. >> yes. that's your choice. >> pardon me right now. i have to drool. our senior producer, alison gervin. yeah, i need one of these with my man. she's got one with hugh jackman. what the heck? >> that picture was taken before the restraining order. >> she's not drooling there. she looks good. jackie fernandez, our digital news assistant. oh, i would stand in line for
2:57 am
him, too. ryan gosling. we're all over this. >> everybody has one. apparently something else in the news this morning, apparently guess what's a hot item for men these days. >> i don't know what. >> nail polish apparently. there is this new product out there, i don't know where it came from or why it's popular, but now these all these colors out there. for men now. it's the typical woman thing but now this masculine nail polish is out there. this guy has started it. and apparently it's been spotted on celebrities like johnny depp, dave navarro, david beckham, prince harry have all been spotted with these things. they come in with what they're saying are masculine colors like gray, metallic purple, gunmetal. >> and what's yours? >> amanda, our -- where am i going, which camera, guys? there we go. this color she put on me is called barefoot in barcelona. which sounds so manly. barefoot in barcelona. so yes. i don't know why dudes would want to do this. we did a story a few weeks ago about how dudes are starting to wear high heels which i don't
2:58 am
get either. >> and they were talking in this same story how david beckham, hottie of hottese, was caught wearing light pink to a show. >> i don't get it. i'm all about looking good, but come on, within the lines here. >> david beckham's going to look good in
2:59 am
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this morning on "world news now" campaign crisis. the gop's herman cain facing tough new questions about sexual harassment complaints against him. >> now the presidential hopeful who's been surging in the polls faces intense pressure. it is tuesday november 1st. good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm cecilia vega. polls taken just days ago had shown herman cain as a front-runner or neck and neck with mitt romney.
3:01 am
but now these claims of sexual harassment from two women have surfaced. they were apparently settled out of court, but cain has had a tough 24 hours answering reporters' questions. >> some meandering answers there. even a song he managed to throw into the national press club yesterday. >> who knew he sings? >> who knew? yes. also this morning, with so many insomniacs tuning in right now, we thank you. that's job security for us. we will get some expert advice this morning on getting a good night's sleep from someone whom oprah winfrey herself trusts. i'll sit down and talk to bob green about how to get some good zs. there's bob and i in bed. a nice moment. >> can't wait for that. you're making me tired watching that already. and later this half hour the elaborate and ultraexpensive celebrity wedding. we all know about it. starring kim kardashian and kris humphries p well, it's over. what led to divorce after just 72 days. >> there's a lot of conversation to be had about what's going on there. a lot of theories and people wondering was it all a publicity stunt, what's going on, how could something go that bad that
3:02 am
fast? >> 72 days. only in hollywood, right? >> only. but first, it is a major test of herman cain's new status as the republican front-runner. owes now fighting back against claims that he sexually harassed two women. >> but cain's story changed throughout the day over whether he remembered any specifics about the accusations. abc's karen travers is joining us this morning with the challenges ahead for the candidate cain. karen? >> reporter: good morning, rob. good morning, cecilia. herman cain is on the hot seat. he said yesterday that as he rises in the polls the bullseye on his back just keeps getting bigger. herman cain's been basking in the glow of his front-runner status. >> i've gotten used to what it feels like to be near the top. >> reporter: but now he's starting to feel the heat. >> as a result of today's big news story i really know what it feels like to be number one. >> reporter: that news story, first reported by wn cain was t of the national restaurant association in the 1990s at
3:03 am
least two female employees complained about his inappropriate, sexually suggestive behavior. the women said cain's conduct made them angry and uncomfortable. the former pizza ceo repeatedly and adamantly denied the reports. >> i have never sexually harassed anyone. and those accusations are totally fault false. >> reporter: according to politico, the women left the restaurant association after accepting financial settlements in exchange for their silence. cain said he was unaware of any settlement but didn't deny money was exchanged. >> i hope it wasn't for much because i didn't do anything. >> reporter: but in an interview with greta van susteren that aired on fox news tonight, cain seemed to backtrack. >> we ended up settling for what would have been a termination settlement, quite frankly, in -- >> what would that be about? >> maybe three months' salary, or something like that, just vaguely trying to recall it. >> reporter: it's been a breakout fall for mccain who's
3:04 am
burst to the top of the republican field. >> this is a moment that is going to test the ability of the cain campaign to truly run for president. >> reporter: the national restaurant association says it will not comment on personnel matters related to current or former employees. as for cain, he just calls these reports a witch hunt. rob and cecilia? >> thanks for that report, karen. lots of questions. the first big crisis of his campaign. >> yeah. and it's not the only issue that's coming out right now. we're hearing a news story out in the wisconsin papers this morning. the "milwaukee journal sentinel" saying there are some campaign finance issues coming up too, looking into whether his campaign allowed a non-profit in that state to pay for some campaign-related expenses like ipads and flights, private flights. so he's got a lot of questions to answer right now. >> a rough week for him. they're not commenting on that second situation just yet. they're saying they're going to let their own lawyer do some investigating first. we'll see where that leads. tough week. the target is on his back. >> it's campaign season. it's official. let's move on to the economy now. despite the recession the stock market made history during
3:05 am
october. the dow jones industrials rose nearly 10% last month. that was the third biggest monthly percentage gain ever. the dow also made history by gaining more than 1,000 points last month. and after five months in a row of losses that was great news for investors. now, that stellar performance did not seem to impress markets overseas. stocks in tokyo were lower on worries about whether the european debt crisis is really solved. in a brand new report out overnight tracked the economies of 30 countries and found europe may not be able to avoid slipping into a recession. well, you probably remember those russian spies who were busted last summer. they included a very attractive young woman who appeared in lots of sometimes racy photoaez around new york city. thanks to the fbi we're now seeing her and her colleagues in action before they were picked up. abc's pierre thomas has dietz. >> reporter: russian spies in
3:06 am
america conducting covert missions to steal defense secrets in broad daylight. watch as one spy meets another in a long island railway station. they make a quick hand-off. right there. the transaction, $300,000 and a computer disk. remember russian femme fatale anna chapman, the spy who clubbed at new york city's trendiest spots? watch her go to work using james bond high-tech. there's chapman hanging out in a department store. but she's using a hidden computer to transmit an encrypted message to this russian spy outside. >> these were the cream of the crop, hand picked out of the russian intelligence academy. >> reporter: the russians stole the identities of dead americans and used tactics out of a spy novel. as the fbi surveillance camera rolls, this spy digs in the forest in upstate new york. he's hunting for his payoff. $60,000 in cash. >> they played by moscow rules with a little bit of high-tech technology on top of it. >> reporter: all the russians were sent packing to the motherland. a clear reminder that spy games are still alive and well. pierre thomas, abc news,
3:07 am
washington. >> alive, well, and apparently honored as well. get, this the president of russia awarded those ten freed spies the highest honors at a ceremony at the kremlin. >> i mean, that video is just astounding, seeing people hand off briefcases in subway stairwells. that is just like straight out of a spy novel. >> a movie, right? it's crazy. and there actually was an 11th suspect as well but he apparently vanished after getting bailed out. >> which would make a good ending, right? >> exactly. let's move on to the weather. now to the aftermath of the weekend's freak snowstorm in the east. jetblue's chief operating officer posted a video apology to the passengers stranded on its planes. many of them were stuck for more than seven hours. the airline could be fined up to $27,000 per passenger for keeping them on board more than three hours. that law, incidentally, was inspired by trouble on a notorious jetblue flight in 2007. >> going forward, we plan to
3:08 am
fully participate with the department of transportation in cooperating with their investigation into the events over the weekend. and we're also going to conduct an internal evaluation so that we can learn from this event. >> and airline officials and consumer groups agree that threats of stiff fines can't prevent incidents like this. but passenger advocates say jetblue seems to have no plans for when they do happen. >> scary. this morning a million and a half homes and businesses in seven states are still without power after the storm. and those downed power lines and dark streets forced many towns tone courage families to postpone all of that halloween trick-or-treating. nbc's lindsay davis has all the details. >> reporter: frightening images from a historic storm. a massive tree slams down onto this house. tree limbs weighed down by snow on top of green leaves collapse into power lines. sparking up the night sky and knocking out power. the storm is being blamed for at least 12 deaths and 765,000
3:09 am
customers here in connecticut alone in the dark. 81-year-old jean peterson is one of them. >> this one is hanging from the edge of the garage roof. >> reporter: with power lines dangling in her back yard, she's drinking three-day-old coffee and snacking on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. >> it's colder inside than it is outside. >> yes, it is. it's very cold upstairs. it's 40 degrees upstairs. >> reporter: she's bracing for up to a week in the dark and cold. with states of emergency declared across the region, towns are make the painful decision to call off halloween. in bloomfield, new jersey automated calls went out to break the news. >> halloween trick-or-treat activities in the township of bloomfield have been canceled for this evening. halloween has been rescheduled for friday november 4th, 2011. >> reporter: still, some children would not be deterred. trick-or-treating at a new haunt. the mall. schools in this area will remain closed until thursday. halloween has tentatively been
3:10 am
rescheduled for next weekend. initially, 3 million people were without power as a result of this storm. that number is now down to about 2 million. linsey davis, nbc news, ridgefield, connecticut. >> and if you want a sense of just how bad this thing was, at one point at the height of the storm, 70% of the entire state of connecticut was without power. think about that. >> still are. and look how cold linsey looks out there. it's cold out there. >> freezing. >> let's take a look at today's forecast. showers this morning from the carolinas into new england. it will be clear across the nation's midsection. across the south and along the west coast. stormy in the central and northern rockies. rain will turn to snow. >> temperatures in that region will be slightly below normal. meanwhile, some 50s in the northwest. 87 in phoenix. a pair of 6s in hotlanta. 62 in chicago. and in the 50s from baltimore up to beantown. >> well, it's warm on the dance floor. >> yeah, always, huh? >> a special halloween-themed he episode of "dancing with the
3:11 am
stars" last night. the remaining six contestants and their partners all getting into it with their makeup and costumes. >> looking good. not only did they all do individual dances but they were separated into teams for some group dances as well. when all the scores were tallied, ricki lake was on top, followed by rob kardashian. >> good gomez he made tonight. nancy grace received the lowest scores. tonight someone is being escorted out of the ballroom. their dreams of that mirror ball trophy crushed. >> stay tuned for that. more "world news now" coming right up. ♪ o need imagine... one scooter or power chair that could improve your mobility and your life. one medicare benefit that, with private insurance, may entitle you to pay little to nothing to own it.
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while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions, such as tongue or throat swelling, occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. then get lunesta for $0 at there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta.
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welcome back, everybody. well, the stage is set today for an amazing surgery at stanford university. that is where a set of conjoined twins will be separated just a few hours from now. >> yeah, the 2-year-old girls face many challenges, but their mom and some of the world's top doctors will be by their side. here's leeann melendez from our
3:16 am
san francisco station kgo. >> reporter: angelina and angelica sabuco are conjoined twins with a lot of energy. >> they like to play. they like to color like that. and they love stickers. >> reporter: their lives will change as doctors perform surgery to separate the 2-year-olds born in the philippines. mom has tried to explain the operation to them with the help of toy dolls. >> i explained them that you are like this. soon you will be separated. they didn't understand yet. >> reporter: while they have separate hearts and lungs, their livers are fused together, making it a risky procedure. about 30 physicians and nurses will be involved in the operation. >> we think the case will take eight to nine hours. between going to sleep, getting prepared, the separation, and then reconstruction. i'm anticipating about a two-week hospital stay. >> reporter: this will be dr.
3:17 am
gary hartman's sixth time trying to separate conjoined twins. the last one was in 2007. a more complicated procedure because those twins did not have separate hearts. that operation required a staff of more than 50. angelina and angelica's operation is less complicated. >> with the team that we have here, if it can't be done here i think it can't be done. and so that's the source of my confidence, is the team and the group that we have here. >> i hope and pray that everything will be okay. and they will rekocover successfully. >> let's point out those are your peeps out there. you came to abc from kgo in san francisco. so that's family you're watching. >> and i spoke to that mother today for part of this story. i did an interview with her. and they really think that this surgery is going to be a success with these two little girls and they're really looking forward to them getting on to lives
3:18 am
individually now they've had this life together. and one of the sisters is much more dominant than the other, just kind of bossing her around, being a bossy big sister. they look forward to separating them and letting them get out on their own. >> fingers crossed for surgery. you'll have more on this on "good morning america." >> yes, definitely. coming up expert advice for our insomniac viewers. we rely on you. >> what you can do to get a good night's sleep. i'll talk to a trusted member of oprah's inner circle. stay with us.
3:19 am
well, it didn't take long, but i am learning quickly that it is hard to get enough quality sleep on this shift. and that is something millions of americans also struggle with. some of you insomniacs are watching us right now. we know it. >> that's right. to find out how you can get the perfect day or night's sleep, i met with an expert whom you may
3:20 am
recognize, who taught me some easy ways to get some good zs. >> i ain't got my feet on you, you got your feet on me. >> reporter: it's one of life's basic necessities and simplest pleasures. [ snoring ] a good night's sleep. and these days most of us just aren't getting enough of it. >> sleep has been forgotten perhaps in the last decade. the research is amazing. >> reporter: meet bob greene, a personal trainer and best-selling author, who has shot to fame in recent years through his books and with the help of his low-profile friend oprah winfrey. bob's latest book, "20 years younger," offers advice on looking and feeling younger. and sure enough, one of the key ingredients is sleep. >> it helps you function younger. it bowlessters your immune system. it's tied to everything. so getting adequate sleep is essential, and most people aren't. >> reporter: during our pillow talk bob offered some solid tips for quality shuteye. getting seven to eight hours a night is ideal. take out any unnecessary light
3:21 am
and noise from the room. and if you're having chronic problems, go see a doctor or at least take part in a sleep study to figure out the problem. and bob says make sure to get a great mattress. >> tell me this is what oprah sleeps on, and i will buy it. >> she just made a big order. so she does. >> there's tissues in our body that are damaged during the normal course of the day. either from the foods we eat or just from even the exercise. you need to repair from those things. if you're not getting that deep sleep, your body's not preparing as it should. >> reporter: of course, good sleep should go hand in hand with other health qi lifestyle habits like good nutrition. >> what you put in your body is what you get out of your body. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: exercise is also essential. >> if you exercise, especially toward the morning, you sleep better, that's known. >> reporter: and attention, you animal lovers. bob says that if you really want some good zs, fido better find his own bed. >> some people have their pets in the room. that's actually a mistake.
3:22 am
>> hey. >> reporter: clearly not all of us have bob's discipline, but we can have his book and then perhaps a better feeling when that dreaded alarm clock starts to ring. [ buzzer ] >> we all love some sleep. >> we hate that sound. >> we all hate that sound. and this is bob's book, "20 years younger." some good tips. you know, it's good enough for oprah, good enough for us. >> that was fun. good story.
3:23 am
3:24 am
3:25 am
♪ because i used to love her ♪ but it's all over now ♪ because i used to love her ♪ but it's all over now mm-hmm. >> don't cry. stop crying. >> oh, i'm not crying. >> it's all right. finally, big shocker here, the news that shocked the entertainment world and left a lot of guys thinking, so i still have a chance? >> mm. of course you don't mean me. what are you talking about?
3:26 am
we are talking about, though, the kim kardashian divorce. yeah, divorce. abc's diana alvear has the latest on this. good morning to you, diana. >> reporter: rob and cecilia, it turns out all of those rumors of marital trouble were true. although it does seem kris humphries had no idea his wife, kim kardashian, wanted out. they said it wouldn't last. and it didn't. just 72 days after saying "i do," kim kardashian officially filed for divorce from kris humphries, citing irreconcilable differences. the divorce comes less than three months after kardashian and the pro basketball player tied the knot during a $10 million wedding. captured on camera for a two-day event that aired on the e network. >> you're stuck with me. forever. >> reporter: while the couple's every tender moment has played out for an audience of millions, the ubiquitous reality star addressed the split only through a written statement. "after careful consideration i have decided to end my marriage," she said.
3:27 am
"i hope everyone understands this was not an easy decision. we remain friends and wish each other the best." the news may have blindsided humphries. he issued a statement of his own, reading, "i love my wife and am devastated to learn she filed for divorce. i'm committed to this marriage and everything this covenant represents. i'm willing to do whatever it takes to make it work." for a celebrity whose seemingly charmed life has been a hit on the small screen, kardashian seems resigned to the reality that unlike scripted shows life does not guarantee a happy ending. "i had hoped this marriage was forever, but sometimes things don't work out as planned." and while the marriage may be over, the financial fallout is just beginning. with her endorsements and her fashion line and her reality shows, kim kardashian's amassed a fortune worth millions. although it's said that kris humphries did sign a prenup. cecilia, rob? >> a prenup, i'm quite sure. and apparently the sticking point in all this was kris want
3:28 am
kim to move to his big home in minnesota. she's obviously not leaving l.a. and hollywood. >> she's not giving that up. have you called yet to put in a word -- >> there you go. if she needs a shoulder to cry on, i am there. not to be
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," remarkable recovery. the california surfer who had a brush with death now thanks his friends, paramedics, as well as his doctors. and new warnings along the coast as experts believe they may have spotted the great white shark that attacked him. it's tuesday, november 1st. good tuesday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> tuesday. >> indeed.
3:31 am
>> we're here already. i'm cecilia vega. beaches are now on alert from san diego, where sharks were just sighted to monterey where the surfer was attacked on saturday. we'll hear about -- excuse me. we will hear from doctors about how lucky this victim is. >> very lucky indeed. but a scary time along the coast and parts of california. we'll have more on that. plus another headline this morning. the testy exchange between a key witness in the conrad murray trial and a prosecutor. you'll hear the war of words that led to a $1,000 fine. things getting kind of heated as the trial winds down. >> it is. and later this half hour, the couple in hawaii hauled off to jail. this story is something else. and their daughter was put into state custody because they forgot to pay a $5 price tag for their sandwiches in a safeway supermarket. >> that story's going to have you scratching your head a little bit. what is going on here? >> a weird one. >> truly strange. but first this morning, a warning to swimmers and surfers off the san diego coast. there is a great white shark in the water.
3:32 am
>> experts say it's highly unusual to see the huge predator in this area of the pacific. further north along the central california coast a surfer is lucky to be alive after his nearly fatal encounter with a great white. could it be the same one? here's kgo's david lui. >> reporter: eric tarantino had to be treated for shark bites to his right arm, to his neck, and to his left thumb. the wound to his neck was just two millimeters from the carotid artery. if torn open, massive bleeding would have resulted with possibly deadly consequences. the 27-year-old surfer said he would make only this brief statement. >> i just want to thank everyone that supported me, all my friends on the beach, the paramedics especially who helped me in the ambulance. they did a great job. also, obviously, everyone at the hospital. and yeah, i just feel really lucky and grateful right now. >> reporter: tarantino managed to get to shore with the help of a fellow surfer. friends then applied a tourniquet to control the bleeding. the shark took a significant bite out of tarantino's surfboard.
3:33 am
doctors performed surgery on his neck and thumb. >> he's recovering from his surgery quite well. the arm has been repaired as well. and he seems to be very happy with his recovery and happy to be going back home. >> reporter: dr. klein said tarantino will be on painkillers and he's concerned about bacteria from the shark's mouth complicating recovery. >> he will be on antibiotics for a brief period to make sure that the wounds which are all closed. >> reporter: new warning signs have gone up to alert surfers and swimmers of the shark attack. this sign was posted at moss landing. as tarantino left the hospital with his girlfriend, krista herr, he left reporters with these parting words. >> feeling good. thank you. >> mm. >> that was kgo tv's david lui reporting from the san francisco bay area. he was in san jose for that story. this has got people nervous out there. >> it should be. you saw the scar against that guy's neck. ut for the duration of this week. so a few more days on edge.
3:34 am
>> and they've had a big problem with shark attacks off the australian coast too. they say the sharks are following these whale migrations down there, they're seeing a lot more attacks than they have in previous years. but they don't know why they're seeing more sharks. so interesting phenomenon going on right now. >> that's why i stay out of the water. >> i'm more of a beachgoer. >> i'll be at the swim-up bar. a team of doctors at stanford university will work together to separate a set of conjoined twins today. 2-year-old angelina and angelica sabuco are joined at the chest and abdomen. they share a liver. their hearts touch also. the operation is expected to take nine hours. doctors say the outlook for the girls is good and certainly better than the risk of them staying the way they are. >> fingers crossed for those two little girls. in other news this morning, president obama's doctors say he has finally kicked the habit. results of his annual checkup show that mr. obama is tobacco-free after years of sneaking an occasional cigarette. the report also shows he has ideal cholesterol, excellent
3:35 am
blood pressure, which is surprising considering the job. the blood pressure's actually 107 over 71. the president also is at a normal weight, about 181 pounds. their conclusion, the commander in chief is fit to serve. and another piece of the president's job bill is up for debate this week by lawmakers in the senate. democratic leader harry reid is introducing a $70 billion plan to rebuild roads, bridges, and the nation's infrastructure. it would be paid for by a tax on the rich, and of course that virtually guarantees it will be defeated just like a previous $35 billion bill designed to boost hiring. and now to the controversy swirling around the herman cain presidential campaign. the gop front-runner is denying a report that he sexually harassed two women back in the 1990s. but cain's story changed throughout the day as to whether the women got a financial settlement because of their claims. >> there was some sort of settlement or termination, and i don't even know what the contents of that was.
3:36 am
>> this is a moment that is going to test the ability of the cain campaign to truly run for president. >> reporter: in an interview later with fox news cain said he did know about that -- he did know at least some of the -- pardon me, he did know about some of the settlements. and abc news confirms that both the women got money in connection with their charges. we will learn today whether michael jackson's doctor will testify in his own defense. conrad murray told the judge in his manslaughter case that he would make his final decision after talking with his attorneys. in court yesterday some combative testimony involving the defense's star witness. abc's jim avila reports. >> you keep throwing out these kind of rehearsed lines i think. >> reporter: day 21 of court. and on the last day of the defense case the testiest of testimony. >> would the court admonish the witness? >> reporter: the prosecutor, david walgren, versus the star defense witness. paid $3,500 a day for his testimony, dr. paul white, who
3:37 am
says conrad murray may have just forgotten a detail when he did not tell emergency room doctors he was giving michael jackson propofol. >> it was obviously overlooked. he didn't -- >> well, not obviously. it could also be a lie, correct? correct? that's another option. >> if you say so, i guess, yeah. >> reporter: deputy d.a. walgren back on the attack over dr. murray's delay in dialing 911. because the jackson mansion had no landlines. >> conrad murray had a cell phone in his hands by his own statement. are you saying he was not capable of pushing 911? >> reporter: in the end the expert who helped dr. murray so much last week, explaining how jackson could have taken his own life, conceded dr. murray should never have taken the job. >> it's something that no amount of money could convince me to accept or take on as a responsibility. >> reporter: it became so combative the judge had to step in, fining dr. white $1,000 for not answering the prosecutor's questions directly. jim avila, abc news, new york.
3:38 am
>> interesting to me that even dr. white seems to on the sand admit some level of negligence on conrad murray's part. so even the defense witnesses have a hard time justifying everything the doctor did. >> they could be wrapping up soon. we're going to be hearing from one more propofol expert on the stand probably later today. >> as well as the big decision from conrad himself. whether to -- >> whether he takes the stand or not. >> should be interesting. >> yeah. operators of a power plant in suburban milwaukee say things should be back to normal today. that's saying something, considering a football field-sized section of a cliff gave way yesterday. look at that. right next to the facility. the plant is right on the side of the shore of lake michigan. a pick-up truck, some trailers, and other equipment were swept into the lake. luckily, though, no one was injured. to the story everyone's talking about this week. jetblue's top executive is now apologizing for the airline's performance during last weekend's snowstorm. six jetblue flights were diverted to bradley airport in hartford, connecticut. passengers were forced to stay on the tarmac for as long as 7 1/2 hours.
3:39 am
one jetblue pilot begged the tower for help that he acknowledged his own company did not provide. >> at jetblue you count on us for a lot more, and we promise a lot more, and we know we let some of you down over the course of this weekend. and for that we are truly sorry. >> jetblue says it is cooperating with a government investigation into the incident. the company could be fined more than $3 million for each flight on which passengers were delayed more than three hours. and power company crews are working around the clock to repair the damage from the storm. a million and a half homes and businesses in seven states are still offline. this blow comes just two months after many utilities were knocked out by hurricane irene. in some places the damage could be worse. and now the deaths of 25 people including one in canada are being blamed on this storm. wow. >> what an awful weekend. as for today's forecast, the big weather story today is in the rockies, where rain will turn to snow. areas around denver could see up to a foot of the white stuff
3:40 am
before it's all over. it will be clear across most of the south. but there will be some showers down in south florida. morning showers, meanwhile, for the northeast, clear on the west coast. >> and temperatures will be seasonable in the southwest. 67 in omaha. 72 in kansas city. and the big easy hit 74. 82 in miami. and 54 here in new york. >> get your elbow ready. because it's time for our -- boom. favorite story of the day. and what is really better this time of year than a little football? >> it's football season. it's cold out there, too, huh? football and how about a reunion? this one took place down in mississippi. brothers garrett and will griffin and their sister the cheerleader were surprised when dad showed up at the field. >> i love these stories. dad, specialist michael griffin, had been serving in iraq for a little more than a year. mom called the reunion "simply the most amazing moment ever." great for those little kids. >> you cannot top that. >> no. >> those videos. you just can't top it. look at that. i love that.
3:41 am
>> love seeing that. >> and the surprise on those kids' -- >> heroes' welcome, kids love it, can't beat it. we will be back on "world news now" right after this. ♪ you wished for i know will come your way ♪ ♪ well, surprise, surprise, surprise ♪ ♪ yeah, surprise, surprise, surprise ♪ [ female announcer ] new crest complete multi-benefit plus deep clean.
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you feel it working, so you know you're ready for whatever the day brings. compared to ordinary toothpaste,
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you feel a deeper clean. up to a two times cleaner feeling. new crest complete. feel it working. welcome back, everybody. we now turn to a very controversial story here of a couple of forgotten sandwiches worth just about five bucks that led authorities to arrest two parents and then take away their 3-year-old daughter. >> yeah, this is an odd one. it all started when the mother, who is pregnant, began feeling sick at the grocery store. dick algeier of our honolulu
3:45 am
station kitv has more. >> reporter: when nicole leszczynski and her husband went shopping with their 3-year-old daught daughter zophia at the bear canyon safeway. nicole, 30 weeks pregnant, and after walking to the store she says she felt dizzy. the couple grabbed a couple of sandwiches from the deli and ate while they shopped. they say they paid with wick vouchers and had to separate groceries to use different vouchers. their daughter was fussy. they didn't pay for the sandwiches they had eaten. >> and we walked out. we probably got about five feet. and these two guys walk up and they're like, where's the receipt for those sandwiches you ate? and i was like, oh, oh, i totally forgot to pay for them. >> reporter: they offered to pay, but after being detained several hours police came and the store manager insisted they be charged. since they both ate a sandwich, both nicole and her husband were handcuffed, arrested, and taken to the police cell block. their daughter was taken by child protective services. after their arrest for fourth
3:46 am
degree theft, the lowest form of misdemeanor, they were released. but cps kept their daughter. >> it was -- it was like a nightmare. i couldn't believe that it was happening. >> reporter: they were told their daughter could be kept for three days while cps investigated. but they say after media calls to cps little zophia was returned. >> the humiliation factor was over for me very quickly when it was evident that my daughter was going to be taken from me. and i feel like the -- this was taken way overboard. >> boy, you could say that again. >> yeah. a little -- slight overreaction about some sandwiches. you know, plus they paid for the other food. clearly they had the money to pay for their stuff. >> and they kept the price tag for the sandwiches in their cart. they clearly meant to do it. but they're hauled off in handcuffs and their little girl is taken away by child protective services for a $5 sandwich? >> police, though, they say, have been apologetic and they're sorry for what happened. but still, you know, how does it
3:47 am
get that far? weird. >> they've got a lawyer now. they're looking at whether they can maybe actually sue safeway. safeway says they're looking into this -- >> who sues these days? it's so rare. coming up, who impressed the judges last night on "dancing with the stars"? >> and then the big hollywood story. kim, kris, their elaborate wedding, and now the elaborate divorce. after just 72 days. "skinny's" next.
3:48 am
3:49 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny love that song. >> oh, yeah. everyone's favorite part of the show. we know that. >> "skinny." it's that time of the day. and it's that night. and it was that night. "dancing with the stars." >> dwts. >> fifth season. five remaining celebrities left. there we go. ricki lake right out of the gate. she's at the top right now. 27. 26. 53 points combined. she's rocking it. it was halloween night. as you can see, there's rob kardashian in the gomez outfit. they were teasing. his partner cheryl burke saying she looked more like cousin it
3:50 am
by the end of the dance. hope solo's rocking it now. 50 points with her samba. spicy. and j.r. martinez, fan favorite, right? he was rocking it to "ghostbusters." everybody danced to a different halloween song. david arquette had the cha-cha. >> and i think -- at the bottom -- hope's now at the bottom a little bit, but then ricki and j.r. they were near the top. we'll see who gets booted. >> still in last place. you know who wasn't in the audience? >> kim kardashian was not in the audience last night. and here's the reason why. i'm sure you've heard this news for now. i'm going to talk about this for a while because there's a lot to get to. >> buckling in. go ahead. it's all you. >> 72 days since they got married. kim officially filed for divorce yesterday, citing irreconcilable differences. apparently, the big sticking point was that after the wedding hype settled down he wanted to move to minnesota, she didn't want to leave l.a., so now she's called it quits. she went on twitter to confirm it after first sending out her tweet about her new clothing store that's opening and then on top of that her mom's new book hits store shelves today. so obviously some are saying this is a big publicity stunt, the marriage was never real, it
3:51 am
was all prearranged. other folks are saying this is a complete shock, we feel so bad. and now there's questions too about what will happen to the reality show. they've already taped the next season of the sisters' reality show. but of course this divorce won't be part of that footage. how do they correct the -- correct the -- the shows now that this has all happened here. he's 26. she's 31. and they just could not make it work. she says, "after careful consideration i've decided to end my marriage." how careful could it be? they dated for a few months. they were married a little over two months. how careful could it be? >> you know this wedding there is reportedly anywhere from 10 to 18 million dollars that they had. it's this special that's gone on for days and days now. they're going to start airing it again. >> oh, yeah. >> and if you divide that $10 million up by the 72 days, do you know how much this wedding cost per day they've been married? >> they've made about a quarter million dollars every day of the marriage here. the whole thing is really nuts. and they made money, not only with the tv rights. they made money off the exclusive pictures to magazines. so there are a lot of assets here. there is a prenup.
3:52 am
so all her stuff is protected. but a lot of questions about what went wrong. >> the sisters were all over the tweets today talking about you know, it was love and you've got to be supportive and -- >> i think this is a sham. >> you can call her -- >> there we are. her new man. breaking news right here on "world news now." but this is a weird story. i smell publicity stunt. i'm just saying. but we'll talk about it. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions, such as tongue or throat swelling, occur rarely and may be fatal.
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you'll get this free information kit... as with all medicare supplement plans, you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts # medicare, call this toll-free number now. ♪ school days ♪ school days ♪ welcome back, everybody. finally this half hour, teachers of course are always looking for new ways to not only teach but also to retain the attention of their students. well, a nashville teacher may be on to something. >> yeah, she's added a little hip-hop to her daily lesson plans. and it's paying off. wkrn's tiani jones has more. >> what are add -- >> reporter: math plus a class
3:56 am
of first-graders equals a whole lot of fun. now, that sentence doesn't sound right. but it's not just any class. it's miss bradford's class. kendra bradford is constantly looking for ways to hold these little guys' attention. >> if the students are not engaged in it, they're in lala land. so i have to keep it fresh. i have to keep it fun. >> reporter: and at this age you have to repeat yourself over and over again. >> one plus two equals three. >> reporter: and there's no better way to teach repetition than through music. ♪ learn a sight word ♪ learn a sight word >> music is my love. so i incorporate a lot of music into my teaching. ♪ learn a sight word >> reporter: this year's class has a hard task. they have a list of sight words to learn, mandated by metro national public schools. it's a lot of words. but miss bradford has tricked the kids, you might say, into memorizing the words. she composed a rap song with the
3:57 am
sight words, recorded each kid rapping the song, and even made them a cd to take home and rap along. >> children know music. children know commercials. children know cartoons. so i take what they know and try to bring it all together and make learning fun for them. >> reporter: miss bradford's goal is to put a spark in these little ones and hope that it will ignite a passion for learning. >> if they're bored, they're not going to be into it. and this is where the foundation starts. if i can get them excited about learning in first grade, imagine what they're going to be like in middle school. in high school. and the aspirations they're going to have for college in their life. >> very cool. if the kids are, you know, paying attention and enjoying themselves and they're learning something at the same time, hey, more power to you. >> yeah. i mean, it's a great point from a teacher. if they're bored, they're not into it. >> there you go. >> look, there you go. listen up, kids. listen up. >> would you be a tough teacher? >> i would be so mean. i would be -- you're not getting anything past me. >> tough. mrs. vega, she's so tough. all right. that is the news for this half hour. don't miss our updates on
3:58 am
facebook at >> tweets and twitter. also stay in touch online and on the air. coming up, more. >> more insomniacs get their news from "world news now" than from any other source.
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