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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  November 2, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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about yourself this morning. we're showing you the national picture. in reference to baltimore, look back toward denver. they've got winter storm and blizzard warnings right now. a foot of snow expected. winds in the high plains could be reaching 50 miles an hour with a foot of snow. that may put a smile on some of your faces and for some of you grate telephone is not here and that is extend tock the great lakes and eventually get some clouds out of the system in a weakened form and yes, sunshine and expected 70s across the area. and how does that translate to us and a clear start this morning, and we've got some frost, frost is not a blizzard. so you feel better, don't you. 33 in bel air out to this area. and a milder 36 on the hill in westminster and warm air rises at night and sinking down below. and we have millersville at 33 degrees. a bit frosty. official sunrise at 7:36. mid-30s to a 50-degree lunch hour and sun this afternoon, with a high around 60. let's see what is happening with the traffic with tonya. >> traveling 795 southbound, out of reisterstown.
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through owings mills. to the beltway. good to go. nothing in your way. a live look at your traffic cameras. 95 southbound, at 32. and volume is building. and it is moving. no issues to report through savage. a look at 95 at 152. mountain road. looking south. and volume building here. as well. but it is also moving. no delay. we have an injury accident on 924. at 24. in abington. 95 southbound at the white marsh, doing fine. and these have the potential to change. if you have an unpaid parking ticket in howard county, your car could be getting towed soon. a new proposal on the table causing quite a reaction in that area. linda stowe is here to break it all down for us. >> reporter: if you don't pay a parking ticket within 90 days you could get, towed. but this morning if you don't like the idea we learned you can do something about it. you can write an email to the
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city council before next monday when the bill may be voted on. here is what they're looking to do. if you have an unpaid parking ticket in howard county, police could tell your tow your car after 90 days. right now more than 5200 unpaid parking tickets in the county adding up to almost a half million dollars. and the city council chairman calvin ball is behind the idea and wants to cut down on the lag time between when the ticket is issued and when it is paid. but some people are against the idea, like timmy moran who living in downtown ellicott city where parking is an issue. >> i think it is terrible. you know what i think they should do? i think they should build three story parking buildings here so people don't have such a problem and they can pay to get in and get out. >> now if you want to write an e-mail to voice your opinion to the city council, you can find that address on our web site at abc 2 news .com. get it in before next monday. closing arguments begin today in the bribery trial of state snore ulysses curry.
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charged with using his position as chairman of the budget and taxation committee to benefit shopper's food warehouse. prosecutors are expected to rest their case in a trial of a woman accused of killing a co-worker at an upscale yoga shop in bethesda. it was back in march in bethesda. the jury deliberations continue today, in a murder for hire trial, the panel will decide if a man who pulled the trigger will be sentenced to death. last week, the jury found walter bishop jr. guilty of shooting and killing william porter at a baltimore county station. and hot debate in a frederick court today. a judge must decide if a man who had severe brain damage off a heart attack should remain on life support. his mother wants him to continue using a feeding tube but his wife doesn't. 55-year-old daniel sanger lost much of speaking and mobility after a heart attack in july. we will hear from the maryland shock trauma surgeon
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and chief thomas salia who returned from a study of trauma care facilities in afghanistan and share his experiences there and they will include operating on some wounded trips and also speak about the lessons he learned along the way. police are searching for vandals ho destroyed dozens of grave markers in an historic cemetery. it happened in st. john's cemetery behind the public library on main street in westminster. for the thirst time in less than 10 months some are entering the sacred grounds and toppling tombstones breaking some markers dating back to the late 1700s and smashing them to small bits. >> they're desecrating a sacred place. they're committing a crime. which is a felony. because they're now damaged and three it costs a fortune to keep putting them back up. we have run out of money to do this. >> st. john's roman catholic church is working with westminster police trying to find the vandals. they face a number of charges. should they be found guilty, including some felony, possibly
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in that case. and meantime now, 6:04 and continuing coverage in an update, for a story we've been following now for several weeks. according to a letter from baltimore county executive kim cadman to homeowners the county has decided not to built a new 150-foot water tower because of opposition in the owings mills area and more than a thousand petitions and five other sites are currently being proposed. and do you have to patrol and keep your energy costs down. today bge will explain how a smart energy fair, they set up at the mall, and representatives will not only be on hand talking about conservation, and customers will have the opportunity to speak one on one with customer care reps and you can find more information about limited income, and energy assistance and special programs, including the bge smart energy savers program at energy choice. a mixed report card for maryland. maryland's department of education, the government released its latest standardized test results yesterday and grades are up for 4th and 8th
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grade students who appear to be better readers than two years ago. however, math are remains a challenge. and fourth graders made improvements in that subject. and 8th graders math skills they haven't changed one bit over the two-year cycle. later this morning, when you think about excitement, the lie library is not usually what comes to mind but you would be wrong especially at the ann arundel county public library and all of that is because abc 2cherie johnson is here live via skype with new technology brought on board to help readers and get people back in the library. >> reporter: that's right. i'm here at the ann arundel county library in annapolis. it is so exciting. they have about 200 brand new e readers going out to 15 locations. very exciting news. i'm joined this morning by eric edstrom he is the president of the library foundation. good morning. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> tell us a little bit about why these e readers are so important. >> well, it is an opportunity for the foundation to support the citizens of ann arundel county. and provide extra services for
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them, that they wouldn't normally have. we're excited about something that is going to get people excited about reading more. and it is a new technology. and it is something that we just wholeheartedly embrace. >> and you guys have a launch going on today. and it is all 15 branches, at 9:00. at citizens, and you can start checking out the books. and we are looking at it at 11:00 and launch it then. but at 9:00 a.m. this morning, they can start checking them out. >> and where did the library foundation decide that you want to fund this? >> as with most government expenditures right now, they're a little tight and restricted and there is a foundation that wants to be supportive and then it was something that it was over and above traditional operating expenses and something that we feel that technology and the connection of the future of reading, we need to be a part of that. and ann arundel county is a wonderful place to live and we care about our people, and the foundation wanted to help in a significant way to have an impact.
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>> i think you're right about that. i bet a lot of people can't wait to hit the doors and check them out. >> i'm excited about it. >> i like mine. >> we will check it out. i saw you. very good. thank you very much for being here this morning. we appreciate it. so once again, at 9:00, this morning, folks can go to the 15 locations and check them out. and they have their launch party at 11:00 this morning. so big things going on here. reporting live in annapolis, cherie johnson, abc 2 news. >> and barnes and noble is set to release a new tablet amid rumors they're getting ready for a new device following the e reader the nook and rival kindle fire and could be released next week in time for the holiday season. ladies, having a glass of wine could put you at a health risk. more on the new link that is being connected to alcohol and breast cancer. and loneliness could be affecting your health. why some researchers say it could keep you from getting a good night sleep. people in new york are remaining
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in the dark this morning after an early snowstorm. those stories ahead and tonya will help you with the morning commute. now we head up to new york for the latest in business news. >> good morning. topping america's money, worries about greeks, the uncertainty of the bailout is depressing stock markets worldwide. investors were surprised by the call for referendum in greece on the deal. if it is devoted, greece could de-- defeated, greece could default on the debt. bank of america got the message and scrapping the controversial debit card fee. and some were outraged and closed accounts. other banks canceled plans for similar fees. we will hear from federal reserve chairman ben bernanke about the two days of meetings and most don't expect a major policy decision but the fed will we lease an updated economic forecast. some of the wealthiest people in the country are in congress. the collective net worg of senators and representatives is now more than $2 billion, a 25% increase in just two years.
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and that's america's money. i'm rob nelson.
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new yorkers are still cleaning up from the snowstorm from the past weekend. crews have a hefty job ahead of them. moving downed trees. early snow weighed down the trees because they hadn't lost all the leaves so the trees began snapping. listen. . >> what did it sound like when the tree came down? >> the end of the world. that crack. it gets you. but we were very fortunate. and i'm going to have them cut down this one and the one in back because it is up near the chimney. and i've had them taken care of, too. it isn't as if i've neglected them. >> the power crews are working around the clock to restore the
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electricity of that area. in connecticut, hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses still are without power following the weekend's massive snowstorm and homeowners are hoping generators will help keep them warm while the power from the companies they're working to get the lights back on. but they're not exactly easy to find in stores right now. a store in ridgefield, connecticut got a new generator shipment in and people were lining up to get them. here is how one man says his family has been coping without electricity. >> cooking out on the grill. a lot of hamburgers and hot dogs. easy stuff. stuff like that. and stay warm inside, a lot of blankets. >> local power companies say they have hundreds of crews out working right now. to get people's lights back on and they say it could be several days, before the power is completely restored, this is something we've been telling you about for a number of years and justin burke, were you affected by this. and now lights are back on for you, but not so lucky in the new england area. >> three days is long enough. imagine going six days or a week or so. it is chilly out there.
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>> it is. now the snow is melted. we have the natural refrigerator. >> and widespread frost. we told you about the blizzard conditions in the denver area. not for us. we will take a look outside. in fact we will try something a little bit different this morning. and we want to take a look, you know, we had a wonderful idea to show you how it looks behind the scenes and how about we take a seat in the dark. that's not what you want to see. come over to the wall. this is annapolis. we're taking a look at yesterday. i scared her for a moment. i know i'm being called some words offcamera right now. let's look at yesterday with the band of showers in the morning. beautiful rainbow pictures that people have sent me. and now, that we looked at clear skies in the afternoon, it is staying with us overnight. and now, i want to show you annapolis from three different locations. by the way, the annapolis page on facebook started a contest yesterday. to call for the first inch of snow. hundreds of people already signed up. and we get snow out of this one,
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but we're starting to think about that this season. check it out, we have some frost, by the school, 36 degrees. the harbor school, 38 and then you get to the water, 43. we have a seven-degree spread, just in annapolis alone. and don't you love it. you go in and will is no weather. something to talk about. a quiet start this morning. and clear sky, and not only here in maryland, most of the eastern seaboard, and temperatures ranging from 55 in baltimore to roanoke, we have 33 down toward charlotte. and 40s back to atlanta and swinging across the midwest. and 50s from st. louis to chicago. here is the deal. high pressure is in control. we pushed that old storm off the coast. and wide screen viewers, you can see that circulation looking very impressive across the open waters of the atlantic and otherwise the next weather system, the leading edge of clouds, producing conditions another denver and reaching out in a diminished form and check out the wind profile here and we actually have a little kink in the armor as it passes to our
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south. and the wind forecast, an indication of the storm system that is sliding its way across the deep south and influence us on friday. until then, tomorrow, sunshine with maybe some increasing clouds, and the real clouds come in thursday night in through friday morning and most of the rain our south and we could get some showers and drop the temperatures back. we build back up today after a little frost this morning. and the sunshine and 60 this afternoon. and then back into the 30s, and again could be frost tonight. it is november. we should get that. back to 62 tomorrow and then drop into the 50s on friday with a small chance of rain showers and it is low 50s saturday, and upper 50s sunday and at least the weekend right now looking dry. 6:16. let's see if we are looking at anything new right now in traffic with tonya. >> and in abington an accident with injuries. trying to clean that up in harvard county. 195 at 175, it seems to be a steady flow of traffic in both directions. heavier northbound to the left of the screen. and down to the capital beltway,
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there is a backup. arbutus, no problems to report. drive times forbe the most part are doing okay. 95 southbound out of white marsh. six minutes, bel air to providence, six minutes. outer loop, 795 to 70. this morning's health alert, a wakeup call involving pills that could be inside your medicine cabinet. more than 40 die every year from an overdose of vicodin and oxycontin and it is an overdose from prescription meds, it is at an epidemic levels killing more americans than heroin and cocaine combined. a new study suggests a single glass of wine with dinner could put you at at higher risk of breast cancer. the study from the medical association says three to four drinks over the course of a week
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could increase the risk of breast cancer. >> women who consume a lot of alcohol, they increase their risk of breast cancer. we actually thought that a small amount of alcohol was relatively associated with breast cancer. >> it needs to be constant throughout a woman's lifetime. the increased risk was consistent. no matter what the woman drank, be it wine or liquor, or didn't take into account a woman's past history. >> well, komen maryland race for the cure is taking a mission to raise funds for breast cancer treatment to the eastern shore and the race will be held april 22 and registration already open. for more information, you can head to komen well, if you have a gluten allergy, you may want to be careful when you wear makeup. researchers say the cosmetics and most worried are lipsticks and foundation and other products that people may accidentally consume. they say unlike other products, cosmetics often don't list all ingredients and many makeup products contain substances derived from grain.
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you didn't get enough shut eye last night? you may be lonely. a new study published in the journal sleep finds people who feel isolated and others tend to experience more restlessness and the research may show in part how loneliness could be linked to problems like high blood pressure and depression. the poland airport is closed after a dramatic flight from newark. more on what is wrong and how passengers tell us about the whole ordeal. and after filing for divorce, kim kardashian off to australia and why she is jetting off and where you could hear her mother's take on the broken up marriage. details coming up. when good morning maryland continues on this wednesday, november 2. back in a bit.
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6:22. live pictures this morning, from london. wikileaks founder julian assange has lost his appeal against extradition to sweden and sent to swede ton answer the sex crimes and the allegations there. and the judgment this morning, no word yet, on when he is going to be leaving london, these are live pictures, and he is
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expected to be walking out any moment now, if we is have time to bring that to you, we will do it right here on good morning maryland. news around the world this morning, the main airport in warsaw poland remains closed and afternoon a plane flight from newark new jersey made a dramatic landing. and the boeing 767 had problems with landing gear. the polish station was there for the tv interview with the passengers once on the ground. >> we were just trying to keep thinking positive. >> everyone, it was cold. >> the dramatic image, the belly landing in warsaw, poland, no one was hurt. it could take 30 years to clean up and decommision the reactors of the defunct fukishima nuclear plant after the meltdown that occurred in the devastating march 11 earthquake and tsunami. kim kardashian has reportedly jetted off to australia to promote a new
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handbag launching along with her sister and meanwhile telling fans she never meant to hurt anyone by ending her marriage of 72 days. be sure to tune in for the view today because kim's mom kris jenner, and she may go by kardashian, i have no idea, and with the ladies at 11:00, and catch it here on abc 2 and no word if it is approved she will discuss the dorsi of her daughter. -- the divorce of her daughter. november will get hairy off for a great cause and men are starting to grow mustaches to raise money for men's health issues. men start clean shaven. first. then they start the mustache to grow throughout the month and the idea is to get donations from friends and family. expectant mom feels light-headed and grabs a sandwich and eats it but forgets to pay for it. that's her story anyway. more on her ordeal that landed her and her daughter in state custody. do you remember this
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infamous video. a father landing in hot water after letting the 9-year-old drive. more on that in just a bit.
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scientists and environmentalists gather at the national aquarium this morning and how they hope to prevent disasters like the bp gulf oil spill. some major changes for kaápblgs coming come -- catholics coming your way, it has to do with mass. and foreclosure rates, did the banks rush to the foreclosure too soon? we will look at that, wednesday, november 2. good morning, maryland. i'm charley krauseen. let's look at the forecast and say hello to our meteorologist justin burke. a little chilly out there today. >> a little chilly. we can expect temperatures a little below normal. we've already had our frost and already had our freeze. and some of us had our snow. so weir we just got a quiet morning. here we go with clear skies across maryland. and the temperatures throughout the state, in the 30s. 35 officially in baltimore. and 34 in eastham. and 38 ocean city. and 37 hagerstown. that's a little irony for you how similar they are. we have ourselves a cold morning. and we will highlight the
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temperatures during the course of the half hour and highlight the fact that we have a little frost. on average, mid-30s. 7:36 the official sunrise and we have ourselves another hour plus to go and 62 degrees the guaranteed high. if you can, enjoy the outdoors and need a jacket this morning and carry it on the way home. 6:28. let's go to the roads with tonya. >> 95 south at keith avenue, we have a report of an accident that just came in. traffic is moving around it though. but let's take a look out there and see how the roads are moving along, on the outer loop at frederick road, we have some volume through cat johnsville. and no problems on 395 inbound to the right of the screen. the ramps of 95. to the left of the screen is moving well in both directions. drive times are okay on 83. but 95 out of white marsh to the beltway, it is about 7 minutes. and the west side of the beltway, between 795 and 70, that will take you up


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