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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  November 2, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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this is "world news." tonight, new accuser. another woman comes forward, claiming republican front-runner herman cain sexually harassed her. >> excuse me. >> stand back. on the march. an american city braces for a showdown as thousands of protesters take the streets. and this time, military veterans join the throngs. because one of their own is inspiring them to march. bucket list of terror? senior citizens including two government workers busted by the fbi for hatching a plot at a waffle house to launch chemical attacks on their neighbors and
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enemies. pep food sickness? the government racing to test the food you give your dog or cat, for your health. and sister story. two little girls, conjoined since birth, wake up to a whole new life. and we show you what conjoined twins do, seeing each other for the first time. good evening. as we come on the air tonight, the republican front-runner herman cain is facing new questions about sexual harassment and answering with a whole new tone of voice. today, a report says a third woman is coming forward, just as abc news has learned more about his two other accusers. cain is calling the whole thing a smear campaign. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross is on the story in washington and legal analyst dan abrams, right here in new york. first, brian ross. >> reporter: after two days of
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talking to reporters everywhere, cain spent today avoiding them as best he could. >> excuse me. >> gentlemen? >> excuse me. >> stand back. >> reporter: apparently following the advice of a newly hired crisis management team, now dealing with a third allegation of sexual harassment from women who once worked for him. and while they remain unnamed, at least two are well-known inside government circles. one has worked for years as a public spokesperson for federal government agencies. her case appears to be the one cain has described in his round of interviews, saying she was in communication and is short. >> and i was standing near her and i did this, saying "you're the same height as my wife." >> reporter: the second woman who complained about cain is described by former colleagues as now working as a registered lobbyist in new jersey. cain says nothing happened, but that he does recall going out for drinks with her and other employees of the restaurant association after work. >> it was never she and i alone or anything like that. >> reporter: but the incident with the young woman which took
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place at a restaurant in crystal city, virginia, was much more serious, according to a former pollster for the restaurant association. chris wilson of oklahoma, now a supporter of governor rick perry, was there, he says, and talked about it this morning on radio station ktok. >> if she talks about it then it will probably be tend of this campaign. >> reporter: cain's reck election of the incidents at the national restaurant association, then the actual settlements, changed through the week. >> i am unaware of any sort of settlement. three months salary, something like that. three to six months receive renls pay. >> reporter: today, "the new york times" reported that one settlement was a full-year-old's pay, $35,000, no small matter, according to employment lawyers. >> if you pay somebody a year of salary to resolve a case, that means the company is probably thought there was some merit to it. >> reporter: by the end of the day, the only reaction from cain was to call the new allegations part of, quote, an appalling
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smear campaign, unquote. with cain now pointing a finger at one of his own former consultants who now works for governor rick perry, something the consultant and the perry campaign both deny, diane. >> all right, brian, thank you. and we want to dig a little more deeply into this, and with us now is abc's legal analyst dan abrams. dan, you're a lawyer, you've covered these cases your whole career. what do you see or sense in this one? >> reporter: well, you have the consistency now. a number of people coming forward. which is significant when evaluating the big picture. i don't know that it's necessarily true that you can look at a settlement and say, because they settled, therefore it was a valid claim. >> but we know this is a debate around living rooms everywhere, what is sexual harassment. what does the law say? rises to the level of sexual harassment? >> reporter: creating a hostile or offensive work environment. and that can make making unwelcome sexual comments. it can be unwelcome actions. it can even be gender specific comments in the workplace.
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but it always requires evaluating the totality of the circumstance. >> but when you're talking about unwelcome, he mentioned, commenting on her height -- >> yeah, that's not going to be enough for a valid sexual harassment claim. i think that if they were going to win in court there would have been significantly more than that. >> and does the law have a list of things that constitute sexual harassment? >> reporter: there are guidelines. it lays out what are the basic rules that apply. but the case law is really what determines it. case after case, there are different lines that are drawn and that's where the lawyers start. >> case by case. okay, thank you so much, dan, good to have you here tonight. and we turn now to our next story for the evening, an american city bracing for a kind of high noon. thousands of protesters taking to the streets in oakland, california, and decrying corporate greed, part of the move thament's spread from new york to l.a., cincinnati to philadelphia. but in oakland, demonstrators
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have vowed to shut down the nation's fifth largest port and military veterans are swelling their ranks, inspired by this man, iraq war vet scott olsen, his skull fractured in a clash with police. abc's neal karlinsky spent the day on the streets of oakland. >> reporter: diane, this is the heart of the movement. all day long, hundreds of people have been streaming through here, skipping work. and in a short time, all of them will begin to march, just about a mile from here to the port of oakland which they are vowing to shut down, even as port officials vow to keep open. occupy oakland is now threatening to occupy a large chunk of the city. shuttering businesses -- >> we're closed. >> reporter: and threatening a city-wide work stockage. >> my voice isn't being heard because money has silenced our speech. >> reporter: protesters locked arms in front of citibank
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downtown, trying to keep people out. >> we're fighting to keep our schools open! >> reporter: hundreds of teachers joined in today for the first time and skipped school, leaving too few substitutes to keep some classes running. the spark that ignited such widespread discontent was this run-in with police last week. he tear gas and a police attempt to clear protesters backfired horribly, leaving iraq war veteran scott olsen hospitalized with a skull fracture. olsen, who served two tours, is still unable to talk and communicating with short written notes. today, fellow veterans have picked up the cause and outrage in oakland and as far as new york, where the movement began. >> when i saw what happened to scott olsen, i knew it was time to hit the streets. >> reporter: there is now a serious risk between oakland police and oakland's mayor.
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after ordering protesters cleared last week, the mayor says she supports the movement and gave city workers other than police the day off to join in the work stoppage. in an open letter from the police union, officers accused her of sending mixed messages. "as your police officers, we are confused. is it the city's intention to have city employees on both sides of a skirmish line?" >> i think all corporations are greedy. when do they give back to the community that makes them rich? >> reporter: again, in just a very short time, all of these people will be marching to the port of oakland. there is a lot of concern there could be confrontation when they get there. we'll be watching. diane? >> thank you, neal karlinsky. and the nation's top banker, federal reserve chairman ben bernanke, introduced gloom into the economic forecast again today, warning americans should brace for two more years of difficult unemployment numbers and that it is still an uncertain situation in europe, which threatens the recovery,
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particularly the situation in greece. well, tonight, world leaders including president obama are pouring into france. can they do something that will stabilize the world economy? abc's david muir, who is in cannes, set out to answer that question for us tonight. >> reporter: diane, good evening from france tonight, where there is a real sense of your essential. . leaders from all over the world coming here, president obama on his way tonight, to address what is quickly becoming a worldwide economic emergency. what to do to save greece from collapse. and what it's already doing to american 401(k)s back home. the mediterranean backdrop is deceiving. yachts line the docks and movie stars come every year for that famous film festival. but this trip is to prevent an economic horror show from playing out in real life. the protests already underway here in neighboring niece. just a few days ago, everyone thought there was a deal. europe would bail greece out, keeping european and american banks and every day investors from being left with the bill. thanks to that deal, the average
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american 401(k), about $107,000, recovered immediately. 12% increase in ott. a recovery of $11,340 in one month alone. but then this week, the bold move by greece's prime minister, allowing the greek people to vote on the bailout directly. there's no receiving what they'll do. and because of that uncertainty, already this week, the same american 401(k)s that just recovered some $11,000? lost $5,600, half of our october gains gone in just two days. tonight here, france's president, the german chancellor, both summoning the president of greece here early. it is widely believed they are reading him the riot act, saying putting this up for a vote now is gambling with the world wide economy. president obama here first thing in the morning to add to that pressure, knowing full well what this is already doing to 401(k)s back home. diane? >> all right, david, and since you are there, reporting on the world leaders gathering in france, i want to bring everyone up to date on a made in america
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investigation david brought you last night. how foreign entrepreneurs who want to start businesses here and create jobs here are being turned away. last night, david introduced you to amit, who came to america, studies at stanford and started a company named one of the top high tech companies to watch. but then, his visa was denied and he was forced to relocate in canada, where david caught up with him. >> reporter: does this mean you might take those jobs you created here in america elsewhere? >> i would hate to see that happen but i might be forced to, yes. >> well, made in america got action. today, washington responded. amit's case has been reopened. his visa now approved. that was fast. and he tells us he is ecstatic and thankful and plans to return here to the company that will create american jobs. a truly perplexing new face of terror tonight from the fbi, which safes they caught senior
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citizens, government workers among them, allegedly plotting to unleash a chemical attack on american cities. it was a kind of deadly bucket list, a hit list of politicians, judges and reportedly hatched in a place so familiar to so many of us. abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas has the story. >> reporter: the plot to launch the massive terror attack was allegedly hatched at a waffle house in georgia. four unlikely terrorists, senior citizens, three in their late 60s and a 73-year-old, charged with home grown terror. two had worked for the government. one in an agricultural lab. >> this wasn't just talk. they had taken real steps toward carrying out the plan. >> reporter: they called themselves the covert group. an anti-government mill lish that cell reportedly with a bucket list of murders to kill. federal agents, politicians and other officials in washington and atlanta. the weapons of choice? guns with silencers. two bombs big enough to take
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down buildings. and the deadly toxin ricin. they wanted to spray it from a car onto a busy street to contaminate as many people as possible. but the fbi infiltrated the group and secretly recorded meetings. "there is no way for us to save this country, to save georgia, without doing something that's highly, highly illegal. murder." the number of right wing militia groups has exploded since president obama took office, jumping from 149 in 2008 to more than 800 last year. >> they are just as dangerous as any other extremist threat america faces. >> reporter: today, the unusual age of the suspects was apparent in court. they had difficulty hearing. diane, to hear the judge, they had to lean forward and cuff their ears. >> boy this is a confounding case. thank you so much, pierre. good to have you in new york tonight. and still ahead on "world news," the little twin girls, once conjoined, beginning a new life apart. and salmonella contaminating
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[ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums in california, those conjoined twins, just 2 years old, are resting comfortably tonight in their separate little beds after the delicate operation to separate them, including dividing their tiny liver, the one they shared. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: it had to be precise. two tiny lives on the line. but doctors describe the surgery to separate the conjoined twins as a success. >> peek-a-boo. >> reporter: before today, angelina and angelica sabuco played games like any other 2-year-olds. but for all they share -- >> give momma the red crayon. >> reporter: they're very different. one is aggressive. the other, shy and quiet.
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which for their parents always made disciplining them a challenge. time-out, virtually impossible. the girls were joined from the middle of their chests to the middle of their abdomens. each has their own kidney and stock make, their own heart. but the life threatening challenge? their livers were tightly fused together as one. >> it's as if there were two identical livers that were stuck together. we basically went right down the middle. >> reporter: the liver is the largest organ in the body, response for more than 400 functions. most critical among them? filtering your blood. the surgeons were able to sever the girls liver, giving each her own portion. but here's the amazing thing. the liver is the only organ that can grow and repair itself, all while functioning. >> i thank god for everything. this is a dream come true. >> reporter: angelina and angelica are expected home in san jose by the end of the month. >> we really do expect them to have a normal life span and
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normal life style. our goal is to have them happy and healthy like any other 2-year-olds, running around the house. >> reporter: they'll finally be able to look at each other in a way they never could before. from afar. linsey davis, abc news. >> and this story had us wondering about about previously separated conjoined twins. and we noticed something in pictures, after they were separated, wanted to show you, too. these are the alvarez twins, they are from guatemala, from 2003, before the surgery. and now? after. discovering the joy of play, holding a sister's hand. and in 2006, in fargo, north dakota, the carlson twins, abby and belle. face to face in a conjoined replace. and after separation, abby reaching out, still yearning for the touch of her sister. and that same year in wisconsin, the shaw twins, conjoined at the spine but turned away from each
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50-mile-per-hour winds. look at this. it's time lapse video, shot by abc's clayton sandell, measuring the lightning fast accumulation of snow in his own backyard. and back east, days after the snowstorm here passed, over 1 million homes are still without power. the government tonight is racing to determine just how much salmonella is contaminating dog and cat food. the fda opened the investigation because of a growing number of outbreaks. the pets did not get salmonella, but their owners did, after feeding the pets contaminated food. sketches to take on the, wash your hands after handling food, but second, don't put the pet bowl on the counter or the kitchen sink. and the duke and duchess of cambridge, better known as william and kate spent this day appearing on behalf of the millions of starving children in east africa. they toured a unicef emergency supply center in copenhagen and
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and finally, as we told you last night, there is a woman dubbed the happiest woman in america. and tonight, we look at her secrets for more energy every day and good health. here's abc's sharyn alfonsi. >> reporter: mary claire orenic has it all. a high powered job, a son headed to college. and her husband, the doctor? cooks every night. >> i think i'm pretty darn lucky. i think i'm pretty darn happy. i don't really have anything to complain about, right? >> reporter: but her good life isn't just good luck. she's made smart decisions. this is mary claire about 15 years ago. she gave birth to her son when she was 33. turns out that's the ideal age for most women. researchers working with "usa today" found who gave birth
6:57 pm
to their children between 27 and 36 are the happiest. >> one of the things that happens is so many bright achieving young women you know burn out by working like crazy through their 30s and then try to fit in child bearing in the late 30s and early 40s and then where you are in mid life? you're exhausted! >> reporter: marly claire was. 15 years ago, she realized she was gaining weight. so, her husband stepped in. today, he makes the family a healthy dinner every night. yes, every night. and so, today, at 50 years old, mary claire is thinner than she was a decade ago. but she swears her secret to staying thin is more than just that husband. >> i can't wait to get outside. >> reporter: she plays volleyball with her son. jumps on the e lipty call in the garage or walks and vents with a neighbor every day. they spend a near ten minutes of fast walking, and it boosts your energy for two hours. 30 minutes of exercise a week
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redugss depression. which is key to this age group. a shocking 1 in 4 middle aged women are on an andy depressant. 1 in 5 say they don't have enough energy to get through the day. mary claire says she's been there. but by making small changes, she's making sure her best days are on the horizon. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> and a happy night to you. thank you for watching. we're always there at "nightline" later. and we'll see you right back here again tomorrow night. good night.
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