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tv   News  ABC  November 4, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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now "good morning maryland." glimim corinne redman live in parkville. why credit unions like this are he can sighted about national transfer day. >> matthew vandyke has an incredible story and soon we will have a chance to hear it. new reaction from his mother and what she says about her son and what he did to help the libyan people. and we have heard from herman cain and today we could hear from one of the women who is claiming to be the accuser.
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that's straight ahead on this friday november 4th. good morning i am charley crowson. it's purple friday. big game coming up this weekend. ravens and steelers up at heinz field. i am not going to call it what justin did what you did you call pittsburgh. >> pittsburgh. >> that's what it was. yeah. >> pittsburgh. i said something in my mouth. >> it's pittsburgh. >> you know what, i been working hard. it's a quiet morning so i spent my time building graphics and i got something i can't wait to show you. stick around a few more minutes. it might be worth it. check out my artistic talents. and some informative, you know, details to passe long as well. 49 -- pass along as well. cloud cover and yeah looks impressive and a storm system is to the south with a lot of rain through southern virginia. really heavy stuff towards richmond and eastern north carolinaa. but that may clip the corner.
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lower eastern shore and cambridge to salisbury and they get the rain we don't we get clouds. and temperatures mid-40s with the official sunrise at 6:-- 7:37. this will he -- there's something about that that, relates to my graphic a little and males is cool. 58 and sunshine and cool, this weekend will be cool. how about the traffic. >> reporter: 95 southbound 279 we have an accident there. be aware of that. something caught in my throat a live look at traffic cameras. 95 south at 32 is moving well. top side at harford road, light volume as well. no ish us -- issues to report. drive times are doing fine due to the light traffic. you're fine on 38 southbound from shawan to the beltway. no issues on 95. follow us at maryland traffic for the latest. back to you. you don't want to pay 5 bucks if you -- you don't have to pay 5 bucks if you use bank
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of america but people are heading to communities banks. corinne redman joins with us more on what's hailed bank fraster day that takes place tomorrow -- transfer day and it takes place tomorrow. >> reporter: we are live in parkville where they are expecting a surge in business due to national transfer day. many banks were telling customers they would have to pay the $5 debit card fee and they backed off. joining me is jennifer who is with the trade association for credit unions from maryland and dc. so tell me what does the movement mean for credit unions. >> we are actually getting the word out that credit iewpions are a viable -- unions a viable great alternative for financial products and services. >> reporter: even though the big banks went ahead and backed off the fee, do you expect a big surge? you expect new customers to come through? >> absolutely. i think that consumers have found the pain point and now they are looking for a way to get their product and services and handle their financial
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transactions in a fee friendly environment. >> reporter: now what kind of response do you expect to get today for a national transfer day. expect a lot of people coming out? >> most of the credit unions in maryland are geared up for it. they have switched kits making it easey to transfer your accounts to credit union. they are geared up. we have seen about a 30% uptick in new members across the state of maryland. >> reporter: and is that because of customers are getting sick of the fees that come along with big banks? >> that's it. that's it in a nutshell. they are looking to save money and credit unions are the way to go. >> reporter: okay. thanks so much for joik thus morning. -- joining us this morning. it's open until 5 and we will wait and see how successful national bank transfer day will be. corinne redman, abc2 news. now other top stories. occupy baltimore protesters are without power but they say they are staying put in the park.
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square rather excuse me. the mayor's office turned off power because the group didn't have a permit to use the sit yea outlets. -- city's outlets. the bribee case of senatorcurrie they say he used the power of his office to make sure shopper food warehouse got benefits. and report says the company that runs the grand prix race baltimore racing developments is having money problems. lawsuits are starting to pile with up companies trying to collect on money from unpaid bills. the racing development has not released the report on the financial impact of this year's race on the city of baltimore. news around the nation. the purr -- it doesn't involve the usual suspects it's a highway patrol trooper trying to pull over a miami police officer. the trooper says lopez was going up to 120 miles an hour off duty in a squad car. it took more than 5 minutes for lopez to pull over. he was heading to another job.
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two workers had to be rescued from church steeple when the construction basket was stuck in morristown new jersey. they were 8 stories up with the bucket hit the side of the steeple. the impact shut off the lift's power. poir fighters tried to get them down but ladders couldn't reach that high and officials had to get another construction crane to come in -- firefighters tried to get them down but ladders couldn't reach that high and officials had to get another construction crane to come in. katy couric and lady gaga will have a special interview. keith urban will have to be silent because he is about to undergo surgery. now a check of this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, google is considering jumping into the cable tv business. it is a move sure to shake things up. the google service would distribute station directly over high speed fiber optic
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lines and might include phone service make google a direct competitor with big cable providers like comcast. and there's a new tablet geared towards mobile professionals. the think pad combines the latest android with some of the most popular notebook features. usa today thinks it's a solid option for mobile professionals. >> overall it's a very nice tablet. again, for mixing business and pleasure. it's not for everybody. but if you want to take advantage of a pen or a keyboard with accessories that is nice way to go. >> reporter: and it starts at $500. those are your tech bites, i am cecilia vega.
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now "good morning maryland." i currently hold the guinness world record for the fastest time to jump over three cars. >> do not try this at home. a wisconsin man jumps over speeding cars. he started jumping in september and has worked up to three. he says a bruce lee film inspired him to jump and flip when he was 5. everybody who sees this in the studio for the first time linda is laughing and justin says he needs to do it over a 18-wheeler. >> that's a little bit silly. leaning more towards ford explorer. you know a mid profile vehicle. it's purple try on this 4th of november. we expect 40 degrees. 61 in the afternoon. below normal and cooler temperatures through the weekend. look at record spread on this day. we can be as low as 22 in 1951.
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7:37 sunrise is important. this is it. this is my animation. are you ready for it? are you ready for it? daylight savings time my friends is coming to an end. this weekend, now if you are up at 2 in the morning on sunday, turn the clocks back one hour. reminder to check the batteries in the smoke detectors and your flashlights. tanya was ready to throw the clock at the wall. she needs a new one. >> reporter: i can't wait. i will use that extra hour no problem. i am getting at 2 a.m. we are doing okay on the roads for the most part. no major accidents in our area. at least not right in the city in terms of make incidents. -- accidents. 95 at 175, south of the city through howard county, light traffic moving pretty well at this point. checking in elkton. 95 south near 279 traffic is moving okay. this is the northbound traffic moving away from the camera. we have an accident with injuries on the southbound side
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south of the point traffic is moving well no issues to report. you can follow us on twitter at maryland traffic we spell out maryland for all the latest traffic information. back to you. >> after you've eaten turkey and caught the football game for thanksgiving, spend an evening with lady gaga. yeah. the pop star sits down with katie couric for a holiday special called a gaga thanksgiving. the special promises an intimate look inside the private life of the pop sensation who will perform 8 songs in front of her friends and family. the 90 -- 90 minute special is here thanksgiving night beginning at 9:30. singer keith urban is going to have throat cancer later this month. doctors found a polyp on his vocal cords. he is expected to perform next week at the country music awards. that's right here on abc2 wednesday beginning at 8. the surgery is considered minor but the country star is rescheduled a -- rescheduling a series of appearance he has until the end of the year. he is caught on camera
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beating his dot wear belt, but this judge -- daughter with a belt, but this judge will not face charges. we will tell you why ahead. linda. >> reporter: the baltimore journalist in prison in libya is coming home. i am linda so. when he is due to arrive.
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now "good morning maryland." matthew vandyke the baltimore journalist imprisoned in libya and remained to fight along rebels is coming home. linda so joins us with when he's due to arrive. >> reporter: we are track latest on his flight back -- tracking the latest on his flight back home. he will arrive at bwi tomorrow night at 7. he leaves saturday morning and will fly to new york before arriving here at bwi. ways imprisoned for six months in libya when he was released he decided to stay to fight with rebels against qaddafich the baltimore journalist went there to document what was going on there for a book he he plans to write and spoke with his mother when we spoke to his mother yesterday show said her son didn't come home right away because he wanted to fight for his friends who have been oppressed by qaddafi.
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>> libya has always been his heart and soul in terms of all of the middle eastern countries. libya is the one he talked about the most that he always hopedthat qaddafi would be gone at some point and he could go backand his friends could freely leave and there would be more freedoms there. >> reporter: and sharon says she will be at bwi tomorrow night to welcome her son back home. linda so, abc2 news. now to developing story out of texas a judge his daughter will not face criminal charges. a district attorney in that state says too much time has passed for charges to be filed. hillary adams was 16 when she recorded video of her hour beating her but waited until she was 23 to mack it public. >> -- to make it public. >> i released it now after seven years because i finally snapped. it was not any carefully planned orchestration or anything like that, and i
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didn't really mean for anything huge to come of it. >> family court judge william adams admits he is man in the beating but says he was disciplining a child he caught stealing and says it looks worse than it was. he tem pear carely -- temporary resigned his post. we could be hearing later today from one of the women who accused herman cain in the 1990s a web video from the pro cain group independent of the campaign portray as sexual harassment story as racially motivated. the campaign clans it rayed more than 1.2 million dollars almost half as much as it did since july, august and september combined. >> the only thing we have seen this week is that people are doubling their commitment and getting more involved because they are so angry at the national press. >> lawyer for one of cain's accusers asked the restaurant association to allow her to release a statement giving her
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side of the story and a decision about that could come today. senator cardin will announce he is running for a second termfor the senate this weekend. he will make the announcement sunday one year before the general election. he served 10 terms in congress before beating republican michael steel in 2006 to win the first term in the u.s. senate. happening right now, live pictures from saudi arabia this morning. muslims and around the world descend on holy city for the pilgrimage many with prayers for peaceful resolution for the wave of uprisings. 2 1/2 million people are expected to take part in the five-day event that begins tomorrow. pilgrimage focus on mecca islam's holiest site and the birthplace of prophet muhammad. under armour is pulling 540,000 chin straps.
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the metal snap has sharp edges that could cut other playersch the company received 6 reports of injuries so far. the straps are sold at sporting good stores and underarmour outlet stores from january 2008 through september of this year. if you have one, immediately stop using it and contact under armour for a replacement. a renowned artist and hugh may society are going -- humane society are going to the dogs. this weekend he is coming together with barks for commit to a pit. the art show fun raiser highlights some of his newest works and helps barks pit crew. the event saturday evening begins at 7 and mcclintock gallery in fells point and for information go to robert the pride of baltimore 2 is returning to charm site. it's been gone promoit moating maryland's contribution to the war of 1812 and writing of the star-spangled banner during thebat of baltimore at fort
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meek hip hnry. it will a-- mchenry. it will be a free deck tour throughout the course of the weekend. we are looking at temperatures this morning and we have got 48 now in baltimore. temperatures are holding up because of cloud cover. cloud cover because of the storm. a storm that's passing to the south that will giving us much more than the cloud cover itself. you got that straight? 48, compared to 50 in roanoke and 55 in hatteras. toes are places getting rain out of the storm and it looks impressive. this circulation diving its way from eastern sections of kentucky and now crossing the mountains. jumping the heavier rain out to the east and you can see this along i-95 from southern sections of virginia and on in through eastern carolina. they are getting heavy rain this morning. but that cuts off through maryland and now extreme southern maryland lower eastern shore could get rain out of this as it crosses to the east and out to sea. but behind it, while we have
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cloud cover, distinctive clearing trend will be building in as cool high pressure develops behind the system. we will take the wind out of the north behind that system and actually help to cool us down leading into the weekend. again a. closer look here as you can see the heavy rain. you see it trying to turn the corner and what we will notice is the clouds hanging tight for the morning hours. and that threat of rain lower eastern shore butts the the chowed will depart heading into afternoon. wanted to show outwind field. wind pick up and storm strengthens off the coast and it's a northerly flow across the chesapeake and we could be seeing 20-mile-per-hour gusts this evening. the northerly direction brings in the cool air. high pressure will settle the wind down not too bad heading towards the weekend but a kink out of the northeast a sign of chillier weather building in and lighter winds on sunday shaping up to be a nice day. 58 today, the morning clouds and afternoon clearing and tonight we are down to around freezing which means near 40 by the bay. and tomorrow's high temperature even cooler about 10 degrees
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below normal. 50 to 5 # degrees. lows near freezing 56 sunday -- 54 degrees. and lows near freezing 56 sunday. >> reporter: middleberg in carroll county is shut down due to a overturned tractor trailer. 194 is the alternate. starting out with 95 at 175, slow traffic in both directions but no issues between the beltways. all lane are open. 95 at 395, we have a steady flow in all directions here as well. taking inbound 395, no issues to report. pretty light right there. our drive times are doing fine. 95 south out of white marsh to the beltway 6 minutes although volume is building. top side outer loop between bel air and providence that will take you 6 minutes as well. charley. it's now in the hand of the jury. it will decide if dr. murray is to blame for michael jackson's death. what was said before jurors went to deliberate.
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dramatic developments in greece financial instability. what happens today with how it could have a impact on rest of the world. the story coming up when "good morning maryland" continues on this friday, november 4th. hey guys, what can i get for you?
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well it's now up to a 7-man 5-woman jury to decide the fate of conrad murray and whether he is to blame for the michael jackson's death. prosecutor painted his as wreckless and greedy and defense argued jackson caused his death. he could face 4 years in prison if convicted. called defending the american dream summit in dc and all eyes will be on two major contender in the race for the white house for 2012. mitt romney and herman cain will deliver speeches at the conservative convention. the labor department release the jobs report and economists expect the number to be mediocre around 9.1%. september saw 10 #,000 new jobs -- 103,000 new jobs and if the number holds october is the second consecutive month of a unemployment rate of at least 9%. more turmoil for the
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country of greece. today, there will be a vote of confident for the prime minister who shocked financial leaders this week by calling for voter approval for deep spending cuts demanding exchange for international aid. yesterday he said there will be no referendum which caused markets to climb. you might care about the discounts, but financial world is paying attention. they groupon -- today groupon goes public and offers deals online but won't on the stock market. 20 dollars per share price would bring the total offering around $700 million. how many times have you started eating or drinking something at a grocery store while shopping? one woman did it and got arrested. we will tell you why and what that sparked with so much attention. and a thief with a creative escape only to end up taking him longer and how he did it. this story has video to prove it. plus, one man's millionaire all thanks to a cashier's error. we will have story for you coming in the next half-hour when "good morning maryland" continues on this friday, november 4th.
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