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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 4, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman and you're watching the "rtm" countdown. talk about an unfair fight. a brawl breaks out in a new jersey restaurant. see how one guy gets the upper hand by pulling a machete. a new york man wants his wedding photographs retaken. the twist? the couple is now divorced. hear about the crazy lawsuit that made the "countdown." a blonde, a tanning bed and a prank that are livening up the internet. wait until you see her revenge. >> her prank was so much better than his one. fire up your jet pack. we'll go to the place where the future is now. and, an 86-year-old 86s her car in a pool. >> mary kept her wits and came up for air. now see where she lands on
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today's rtm "countdown." >> it's friday, and that means we're bringing you the top 20 videos of the day. >> counting down the best videos and stories. >> of all the videos we've been finding, only 20 make the list. the friday "rtm" "countdown," the best of the best. >> there are 20 and that's where we start with, number 20 and steven's got it for us. >> fast food places are a bad place to hang out late at night, am i right? let's go to surveillance footage from a chicken joint in patterson, new jersey. about 4:00 a.m. you see a couple guys here. three suspects, they're talking. watch what this guy in the red pulls out. and cocs, that's a gun. and now watch what he pulls out second, a machete. these three guys start to attack this guy, completely unprovoked.
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and the struggle goes out to the street. when they come back in the store, a second victim is attacked by these guys, here comes the guy with the machete. he's swinging the machete. >> this is disturbing. >> a disregard for human life in this video is sickening. >> the police say he made 14 strikes with this machete going after the guy. the guy was actually okay. the only strike from the machete that connected, that made any damage on any of these people, the guy hurt his friend. the guy almost cut his friend's hand off. the machete must have been kind of dull or something to not get cut severely. >> police were able to follow the blood trail and that night, they arrested 22-year-old omar viota and his friend, 20-year-old gomez. the third suspect was still on the loose this was the guy who was flinging the machete. patterson police department's cease-fire unit posted this video on their facebook page.
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just a few days after, 22-year-old tyrese segers turned himself into police. this he were charged with aggravated assault, weapons position and conspiracy and the patterson police department said they'll continue to use social networking sites like facebook to find criminals like these. >> you can run, but you can't hide from facebook. the crazy doesn't end with the machete attack in new jersey. just across the hudson, over in new york, there's a little bit of wedding insanity going on. and that takes us to number 19. >> it's a special day in your life, oftentimes, it's your wedding day, right? you always have pictures from the day, videos from the day so you can go back and remember the day. well, a man in new york named todd j. ramos is suing his photographer for not taking pictures and video of the last
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15 minutes of his wedding, which included the bouquet toss and included the last dance. back in 2003. >> is there a statute of limitations on that or what? >> he filed a suit just weeks before the statute of limitations ran out. which he filed the suit back in 2009, six years after the wedding had taken place. we found this story in "the new york times." to make the story a little more interesting, the man who is suing over his wedding photos, not only demanded that he get his $4100 back. but he's also demanding $48,000 to fly everybody that was involved in the wedding back to new york so they can recreate the last 15 minutes of his wedding. >> it gets even stranger. todd j. ramos is divorced from the woman he married. the photographer is a little bit confused by it. because the woman that he divorced has moved back to her home country of latvia.
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>> i would be shocked if he got anywhere with this thing. >> well, listen to this, the judge disnised most of the grounds for the lawsuit. but he has allowed the case to proceed to determine whether there was indeed some kind of breach of contract. >> you're the only one married here. how often have you gone back and looked at these photos? >> i am incredibly embarrassed to say that we never even got our album. >> maybe this is some weird way for him to try to get his bride back. >> i think he wants to get these pictures redone so he doesn't have to wear that ugly bow tie and vest again. that's ugly. our number 18 is a battle between two technology heavyweights and a bit of a toy education for me. for those of us who have heard of furbys, except beth -- >> i never heard of a furby. i never heard of a furby.
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is this weird? >> very weird. you never heard of a furby before? >> because i'm 34. >> the furby is the most annoying children's toy on the planet. and apparently, siri thinks it's annoying or at least not understandable. [ furby noises ] >> i don't see her in your adfurby noises ] >> what is this weird thing? >> the furby is like, you could teach it how to talk, it could react to emotion, you could pet it. [ furby noises ] >> sorry, i don't see eric in your contacts. >> how does that trance laslate
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burp into the name eric? have you noticed the transformation of beth? once it started talking, she was like, what is that thing? it looks cute as long as you don't turn him on. kind of like nick. >> ahhhh. [ furby noises ] next on the "rtm" "countdown," a freak accident with a happy ending and christian found this one. >> in august, there was an accident involving a 75-year-old driver who lost control of her suv and it slammed against one of the walls at a church in kansas. the story comes to us from nbc on the other side of that wall, were five chicken fires full of oil. and working on those fryers was
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27-year-old gary fuentes, who suffered burns on 60% of his body. >> a freak accident. >> i love life and thank god every day for the life that i have. >> since then, gary has had several surgeries. yesterday they reopened the church's chicken and happily, gary was able to come back. this is gary walking back into the church's chicken to greet some of his friends. and you can see his hands are covered with bandages. part 69 reason why he went back to the church's chicken was to say thank you, to all the people, his friends and co-workers who helped him get money and funds to pay for some of the medical services that he received. >> so they raised money for him to seek the treatments that he needed from the burns. >> they've raised about $17, 900 for him so far. there is a fund that if people want to continue donating to, they can. >> i just think that it's wonderful that he's up and about
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weeks later, because some people have to go through dozens and dozens of surgeries, once something major like that happens. still to come on the "rtm countdown" her boyfriend pranked her in the tanning bed. but is this viral video real or fake. oh, the nba lockout. it's getting the best of us. see the tantrum that just screamed "countdown," we're right there with you, little guy. and this monkey does more than just entertain on youtube. >> and without my help, she probably would not have made it. >> now see how she is returning the favor.
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welcome back to the "rtm countdown," everybody, we're at number 16 of our top 20 videos and stories. and it's a dramatic powerful film aimed at convincing us to
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stop polluting our oceans. >> midway atoll is an island out in the middle of the south pacific. about 2,000 miles from the nearest continent. and midway island is home to hundreds of thousands of albatross. chris jordan put this film together called midway. documenting the breeding grounds at midway atoll. it's the film of beauty and horror. >> oh. >> thousands upon thousands of baby albatross and grown albatross are feeding on plastic that is part of the giant pacific garbage patch. estimated to be two times the size. they eat and regurgitate into their chicks' mouth and they're passing the plastic along and killing their babies. >> he's finding these carcasses and showing what's on the inside. >> yeah. this is just one species that's being affected by how we consume and how we dispose of our trash. >> the ocean currents swirl around our planet. however the trash gets into the
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ocean. it all collects. >> the albatross only land on certain parts of our globe. so this goes to show you how polluted our oceans are, because that's the only place that they really feed. >> i don't think he's cutting them open. i think they're decomposing and the plastic stays behind. the bird decays, but what killed it, doesn't deca d whatthat bird. >toeehem in this kind of state is incredibly heartbreaking. >> the film called "midway" is by chris jordan. can you find information and links to the trailer at we're at number 15, now is it real or is it fake? it's called the tanning bed prank. you decide for yourself and then we'll hear from the bronzed blonde herself. >> so lately we've heard a lot of reports on how tanning is really bad for your health, right? so the guy in this video, will, is trying to really deliver the message to his girlfriend.
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>> set audiotape little surprise for her. >> oh! >> sew her what happens if you tan too long. >> so he set up a dummy inside a tanning bed that his girlfriend was later going to get into. a little while later, we finally see the victim, lindsay. >> quite golden, already. [ scream ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> what happens when somebody pranks you? you prank them right back. >> this is charlotte, my friend who is going to help me scare my boyfriend. >> she set up a spider in their living room.
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there's the itsy-bitsy spider! [ scream ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> she totally outdid him. her prank is way better than his one. >> we have lindsay "right this minute" from pittsburgh, pennsylvania. were these pranks set up without you or him knowing they would happen. >> we prank each other all the time. so i'm sure after he did it to me, he was going to expect something. >> were you happy with his reaction? he jumped around like a girl >> he really did, it was hilarious, i did not expect that at all. so i loved it. >> okay. we're inside the top 15 now. and there's still no season in
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sight for the nba, it's enough to make a real fan cry. and here's the proof. >> i think when i was little i might have had a tantrum or two about missing cartoons, but this guy -- he has a tantrum about not being able to watch the nba. >> i want to watch the nba! i want to watch the nba! >> i'm bored, i want to watch real basketball! i want to wash 2011, not 1980. >> he's talking about the nba lockout. you can watch classics on tv, right? >> but it gets boring after a while and i'm sure that so many people are right there with this kid. >> i agree with him. when they're wearing the
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short-shorts. >> what's going on? >> i want the nba back. but it doesn't come back! >> you're a big lakers fan. so do you react the same way! knowing that you're not going to see kobe this year. >> real basketball. so right now. not back in the '80s. that's what i want to watch. okay, all you skiing enthusiasts, there may not be a whole lot of snow on the ground yet. but that's okay. we'll show you a new way to ski. >> you definitely wouldn't need a jacket. >> the video that's hitting the slopes and a spot on our countdown. and a driver goes head-on into a cop car. >> not the smartest move here. >> the story of why this driver drifted, when the "rtm countdown" continues. he
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should go -- me load! welcome back to "right this minute," we're at number 13. i know a lot of you are waiting for the first big snowfall so you can go snow-skiing. number 13 video shows us you don't need snow and steven has the story. >> all of you winter sports enthusiasts keep your fingers crossed for a huge blizzard, need to check this out. >> oh. nice. >> this is tom, he is skiing in
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the grand sand dunes national park, in colorado. what i think is cool about this, is that he's skiing on sand, he's got a go pro camera attached to his ski, not on his head. we're really on the ground level. >> i wonder how fast he's going to go, skiing on sand. >> i wonder if they do it when it's 110 degrees out. >> you definitely wouldn't need a jacket. >> you have to make sure you're wearing goggles, think about all the sand. >> and just like on the snow, you have different ski routes. >> imagine getting a mouth full of sand. a mouth full of snow is not bad. but a mouth full of snow is bad. >> you guys are taking all the fun of something that could be fun to do in the middle of the spring when you're in the desert. >> the best part of skiing though, is falling. >> no, it's not.
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>> that's not your kind of skiing? >> no, it's not. that takes us to number 12. and gayle has this video for us, it's an animal doing an extraordinary thing. get rideady for major cuteness r something good. >> so i was tumbling around the internet and i found the website, baby monkey cam, the website of baby nala videos. here she is, taking her vitamins. >> time to take my vitamins. >> these are cute. you could watch these videos all day. >> i'm enthralled by the fact that this little monkey is eating its breakfast off a high chair. it's a cute little monkey and a black-capped ka puch in. she is used to helping two kids with autism. i want to know how she came into your possession as a rescue
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monkey. >> her mother had an unfortunate incident with another monkey and dogs and without my help, she probably would not have made it. when we were trying to communicate with her vet, to put the videos on youtube for him to see every day. and that's how the videos came to be. >> how did you figure out that she could help kids with autism? >> i actually have two boys with autism. so we started doing things with nala in regards to the boys. and they took to her so quickly. what she can do, if our kids need help turning on lights, grabbing things that are up high. >> how old are your kids? >> i have a 9-year-old and a 5-year-old and they're both boys. >> i find it amazing that she hasn't run out of the room yet. >> she's still a baby. she's only six months old. i'm like her mom. wherever i go, she pretty much goes. >> for people who see these videos and think what a great pet, i'd love to have one. >> it's a lot of work and if you
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don't have the time to stay at home with them, 24/7, pretty much, like a baby, then it's not something you should have. especially if you have no experience with them. >> how often do you have to change her type centre. >> like a baby would, probably a good four or five, six times a day. >> what kind of feedback do you get on your website? >> everyone loves her and we're finding that whenever people are having a down day, they go and watch her and it cheers them up. i can't decide if the guys in this video are fear-mongers? >> an energy crisis. >> meteors, comets, global warming. >> or if they're really smart entrepreneurs. >> there's this instability, we don't know what's going to happen. ♪ >> the guy playing the instrument is edward paiden. >> we're here in the kansas countryside underground in a nuclear missile base. >> he lives inside an old
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nuclear missile base. >> it's like a 14-story building underground. >> the guy got fearful of what the world might become and he bought an old missile silo. >> this is a survival condo project. >> these guys are building multimillion-dollar condos inside of these old watch sites. >> we have closed 55 sales. >> they're multilevel, they have indoor jacuzzis, indoor pools, elevators. they're run off of solar panels, four bedrooms. luxury underground, basically. >> cities could easily turn into jungles. >> this thing is like something you see in a movie or in a cartoon, you know? >> i would never live in one, but i think it's kind of neat. >> are we going to end up like everybody is going to perish in these cities? wow. i really wish i had bought one of those bunkers.
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>> this whole thing is just weird. >> i love it. >> it's so weird. >> love is the only engine of survival. the only hope. it's a different kind of high-speed chase. >> that must have been moving. >> this man was not alone, find out what happened to his friend. it was itsy-bitsy, teenie weenie pink bikini. yes, it's creepy and of course it made our countdown.
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he shot up an i-hop. >> freeze! >> now new surveillance video catches the crazed gunman going after a woman in the parking lot. you'll hear what saved her life.
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two guys on a train fight for space and spark an internet debate. >> why didn't he just get up and let the guy move? >> why didn't the guy just sit there like an adult and keep his mouth shut and ride the damn train. baby spiders climb our "countdown" when they mistake a stuffed animal for mama spider. see how the family was reunited. and a new video takes us inside jet pack school. >> why is there jet pack school. it's not like jet packs are skateboards. it's not like everybody has a jet pack. >> good point, but we still want to see how far he flies up the "rtm countdown." >> we're back at the "rtm countdown." now at number 10, some terrible images of a murderer during his killing spree. this video was just released. >> back in september in carson city, nevada, a gunman opened
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fire in an i-hop. about 9:00 a.m. it resulted in the death of four people, three of whom were national guard members. the reason we're talking about this today is surveillance video was just released of the gunman after he left. i want to warn you, found this video disturbing. >> freeze! >> you can see the gunman coming out with what looks like a machine gun. i mean it's an assault rifle. this is not a regular handgun, he fires 0 ut a car window. you see him fire at a motorcycle. >> people were shot inside the i-hop. >> at the very end of the video, you see four surveillance screens, can you see the gunfire happening inside the i-hop. >> the gunman was 32-year-old eduardo senseon. he did later that day turn the gun on himself. >> do we know why he did this?
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>> we do now know possibly why this happened. he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. in the parking lot, he did shoot a woman in the head as she was trying to escape on her motorcycle. her helmet saved her life. >> i think that's the woman that he shot in the head. because i think you kind of see something falling after he shoots. and she falls over the front. >> this video of him in the parking lot is as he's leaving the i-hop. he said that the terror inside the restaurant happened for about 85 seconds. >> mark you're in the parking lot of an i-hop and you're starting to go home and somebody comes by with an assault rival. dash cam video, what are they? >> this is a police car, pulled over on the side of the road. and you think he's stopping? >> what? >> watch him take out the car. >> not the smartest move here.
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>> based on the title of the video, we're left to believe that the driver is sleeping and hit head-on with a police car. >> the weirdest thing about this video is that what are the odds, right? that this person who fell asleep is going to run right into a cop? >> i want to make fun of this driver really bad. but when you're behind the wheel, you think i'll take a nap at this red light for just a second. >> that's when you pull over. >> and you're like this bridge is great. >> wrap yourself around. >> the police officer and the driver did suffer some injuries, but miraculously, they both survived. at numbers eight and seven, our favorite adventure videos of the day. so hang on and let the dangerous fun begin. it's inan incredible close call. you see the steep slope they're going down, right?
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and they're going down slowly doing this. zip zag. check about right here. he looks up and he pulls a little bit off to the side and you're like, why is he going off to the side, right? oh. >> whoa! >> it's an avalanche. that's why he's going off to the side. can you see the snow crashing down and he's capturing it all on camera. pretty cool. >> it's scary, i'm sure for him. >> that's a real narrow chute, too. >> imagine if he was still out there trying to get down. >> i'm glad he realized it was coming and made others move out of the way. >> remember his buddy who was down below him. >> check out where he's at? >> see the guy right there in the middle of the screen in the red holding onto the tree? that's his buddy. he gives him a thumb's up, he's okay, we're both okay. >> they got really lucky.
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>> this video is from diagonal in the uk. you'll see eric scott one of the world's best jet pack pilots, he's flown over canyons, he's been in air shows and he holds the world record for the fastest jet pack. and this guy, stewart ross from the uk is a rookie rocketer and he wants to become the next jet pack pilot so eric scott invited him to his jet pack school for three days to learn his craft. >> i've given up trying to learn to fly one of these machines. >> i'm going to say, i would like to go to jet pack school. >> how cool is that. >> i never would have thought of this. >> i missed space camp. i want to do this. >> why is there a jet pack school? it's not like jet packs are like skateboards. like not everybody has a jet pack. >> and the school is bring your own jet pack. >> byoj. new jet packs run between
4:37 pm
$100,000 and $200,000. >> for that? you could buy a plane. he has sort of training wheels, can you see the tether that comes down that has -- >> and then he tries some more skilled jet pack flying. >> he falls over a couple of times. kudos to eric for being the best jet packer guy in the world. i think he started this school as like a joke. he got to see someone signed up for jet pack school, like can you believe it. >> i've always dreamed of having something like this. >> you know you build a box in your back when you were a kid and run around and wish you could fly. >> in my naj nation, i would wish to fly and not get two feet off the ground like this one. >> how do you train to fly a jet pack? >> you go to jet pack school. it's anoringment between
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these two guys that leads to an "rtm" argument. >> i'll take that guy's side. >> i'll take that guy's side. >> whose side will you take? >> he knocks the spider off of his camera. and that in turn knocks hundreds of baby spiders all over his house. >> these creepy crawlers are creeping up our countdown. find out the strange way they made it @ @
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welcome back to the "rtm countdown," everybody. now we're almost to our top five videos of the day. but coming in at number six, laptop guy versus newspaper guy. you'll understand once you see the video. >> this is a class a bum that makes my brain boil. you have to passengers next to each other on a train. one is sitting there with his laptop. laptop asks newspaper guy to give him some elbow room so he could work. apparently newspaper guy says -- gives him, and i quote, desk book. and the gentleman says, okay. fine, he's putting the laptop
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away and elbows, newspaper guy. he yells back, will you move your elbow. but really mad. so this journalism student is sitting right in front of them. and decides to hit record on his smartphone. >> excuse me. [ bleep ]. >> laptop guy is asking newspaper y, oka meout. newspaper guy is like no, i'm going it stay right where i am. >> and newspaper guy is kind of a jerk. >> the guy is passive-aggressive. >> i'll be the guy to take that guy. >> i'm going with newspaper. >> so this little whiney guy starts crying like a little crabby baby because he doesn't have enough room. >> why didn't he get up and let the guy move. >> why didn't the guy sit there like an adult and keep his mouth shut and ride the damn train. >> why is he so pushy.
4:43 pm
>> there he is. >> his mouth wasn't shut was because this guy was not giving him any space. >> there's a classic space of what, steven? >> laptop guy versus newspaper guy. okay, folks, a spider has never made it into the "rtm countdown," never. until now. sympathy for a spider, that's at number five. i'm hoping that those little wolf spiders will find their mom. >> i have a nature video that's going to make you that's going to make you want to wipe stuff off of you. >> or get a can of raid. >> take a look at this. >> it's a wolf spider and a sizeable wolf spider. we've seen wolf spiders on our show before and you know that the female wolf spider carries its babies on her back. this wolf spider and its many,
4:44 pm
many babies ended up on a man's camera. he knocked the spider off of his camera and that in turn knocked hundreds of baby spiders all over his house. >> but he doesn't just let these little baby spiders go crawl off. he gets some tupperware and starts scooping autumn of these tiny wolf spiders into the tupperware container. >> is he a spider enthusiast. >> that's a good question. this guy calls himself a pet commando. this is his youtube channel, pet commando. the stuffed spider that's black and fuzzy. gets all the baby spiders thought it was mama spider. >> you're kidding! >> and they climbed up on the stuffed animal spider. >> i don't believe this. >> thousand did they, how could they mistake? >> that has to be 100 times bigger than their mother. >> it looks nothing like its actual mother. >> i'm just going based on the fact that the pet commando left
4:45 pm
me. >> he tried to get all the baby spiders to crawl towards their mom onto the tupperware container. and the baby spiders start collecting on, back on to their mom's back. >> i like this guy, i think he did a good thing. although it's hard to love that spider because it does give you the heebie-jeebies. if a spider can crack the top five there's nothing to stop a dancing shoplifter from making it to number four. see for yourself. >> this is a case where one shoplifter might be caught because of his signature dance moves. which is the big k-mart in new jersey where a guy went into the k-mart and started dancing while he was allegedly shoplifting some dresses. not expensive dresses, when you see the great price they have on these. he stuffed them in his clothing.
4:46 pm
security saw them. he dropped them on the ground near the door and ran. police in the township are using social media to try to track this guy down. they have a facebook page where they post the video and they've got it on youtube. gloucester township police have caught three people this way using social media. >> this dancing fool will turn up. i'm sure. >> people do weird things. remember when winona ryder ended up stealing thousands of goods worth from a store? >> and you wonder why they do it? for the thrill? >> he had to have been doing it for the thrill. because the dress was $9.98. >> for that price, was it worth the jail time he has to do for this? this guy isn't headed to the pool house, but he may end up in the big house. we reveal where this revealing video lands on our countdown.
4:47 pm
>> old people can be cute. >> the -- cute thing this old lady did that put her under water. will this video sink or swim, next on the "rtm countdown."
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4:49 pm
what are some of the disguises that thieves use when they break into a place to steal something? >> panti hose. >> a mask.
4:50 pm
>> check out with this guy wore. he's in a woman's pink bikini. this is 43-year-old robert brenneman and he broke into a day care in indianapolis. he claims to have brought this bathing suit we see in there. he keeps one on and walks through the day care, jumps over the counter and sets off the alarm. once he realizes that has happened, he leaves. he's a registered sex offender and he has several sex-related convictions in iowa and florida. in court yesterday, he pleaded not guilty, he did admit to the judge that he was the man in the video. he was charged with criminal trespassing and resisting law enforcement. >> why do you take a bikini into a day care unless you are really, really sick? >> there's a very good chance that he's got some mental problems. >> he did tell the judge when he was in court yesterday that he was on antidepressants. so there's definitely something going on. >> i have a fetish for women's clothing. >> a good time for this guy, is
4:51 pm
to wear a woman's bikini, and break into a day care after hours and just run around. just hop the counter, run around. that's fun time. >> and if all of that wasn't enough, as he was being led into court, he said -- i'm sorry, mom. i'm sorry, everybody. old people can be cute. you know? like little old 86-year-old mary lee fine in texas. she had her retirement home. she said, i'm going to go shopping. i'm going to drive the car there. this is where little mary lee fine ended up. oh -- >> she drove the car into the pool. >> is she okay? >> she is fine. fortunately she's fine. she was trying to get in the car and the driver's door was blocked in by another car. so she crawled through the passenger window, hit the gearshift on the way in. listen to this, the car went into drive, reversed and hit a vehicle and then it sped through the parking area. then it hit a fence, then it
4:52 pm
landed as we saw in the swimming pool. >> so there was all kinds of action before it finally ended up in the pool? >> the surveillance video coming to us, we saw mary's story on kxan in texas. somebody from the retirement village there was able to help mary, she's one pretty tough, bad-ass 86-year-old. >> when it started coming up, i thought, oh, hell, i'm going to drown. okay, i pushed myself to get over. i hit the key or hit the gearshift. i don't know what happened. but the car backed up, boom, i couldn't get, nothing would work on the windows or anything. i water got up to about here. >> she's got all of her faculties. it's not like you're thinking that woman shouldn't be driving. >> she is a spry old lady. >> you get to be 84 -- no, 86, but and i'm a tough old lady.
4:53 pm
>> i love her. she deserves the gold star of "rtm" loves this kind of award. >> thumbs up, mary fine. we're coming down to it on the "rtm countdown," when we saw this video, we all said, that's number one. but, is it? we show other
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side of that river very quickly. you're going to be waiting a while. >> it could be a problem. we finally made it, we're at the number one video of the day. now we've had a few whale stories on our show in the past. this one, i think tops them all. and nick, you have the story for us. >> whale watching is a huge tourist attraction off the coast of california. this is just off the coast of santa cruz, in monterey bay, you see a couple of kayakers and a paddleboarder. the birds are flying overhead, that usually means there's smaller fish in the water.
4:58 pm
two humpback whales lunge feeding, that means a school of fish is just below the surface of the water and the humpbacks just lunge up and take a big mouthful of fish. their hearts must be pounding out of their chest. we found this on youtube entitled woman almost swallowed by a whale. >> the warning is stay away from the whales, they're starting to issue fines because it is so dangerous. >> some of the fines can be up to $32,000. and you're absolutely right. this kind of close call isn't as rare as you may think. >> it gives you perspective on the sheer size. >> let's take one last look at our number one video. i don't think you can see this one too many times. ♪ one too many times. ♪ ♪ -- captions by vitac --
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that will do it for the "rtm countdown." thanks so much for joining us, we hope you have a fantastic weekend and we'll see you next week. ♪ ♪ now, abc 2 news at 5. >> parents and players are overjoyed with the decision. a deadly fire in hartford county claims the life inside an old abandoned farm house. we'll tell you who found the victim. and an arrest is maid. who turned in the 17 year old suspect. we'll get to that story in a moment. we start with continuing coverage of a story many are


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